Date A Live (2013) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Five years ago, that Spirit called down a fire on the Nanko district of Tengu City, burning my parents to ashes in front of my eyes.
That flame Spirit I saw was the one responsible.
I might have done something during the incident five years ago as well.
I definitely could've Both Kotori and I have no memory of the incident, and we don't know what really happened.
But Kotori will probably only last another two days before she succumbs to her Spirit powers.
Right now the only one who can save Kotori is me.
The little sister Spirit is here, the AST is here, and now Shido is here.
In the streets of a forsaken town, 誰もが俯く街 dare mo ga utsumuku machi (Dead or alive) kawaita kaze fukinuketeku A dry wind blows through, Eyes which search for the light hikari motometa hitomi (Dead or alive) utsuru no wa zetsubou dake Show nothing but despair.
dare ni mo todokanai sakebi Screams which reach no one.
sagasu sono te de tomete Find themselves within my hands! nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de In this world where everything is broken, wake mo wakaranai mama ni わけも分からないままに Where I can no longer tell what is happening, fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute I am still scared of the kindness you touched me with.
ana no aita kokoro no sukima 穴の開いた 心の隙間 Will you be the one to fill the gap that has opened in my heart? 埋めてくれる人は君なの? umete kureru hito ha kimi nano? erande Date A Live Choose a Date A Live Episode 11 Countdown Isn't that great news? I heard you can leave the hospital tomorrow.
We've been so busy lately, so I don't mind if you take another day off.
Your school's closed for the time being, too.
You should rest while you can.
Ah right.
An interesting piece of equipment is going to be delivered the day after tomorrow.
It's not something you see every day, so look forward to it.
Ocean Park? It's that amusement park with a pool, right? That's right.
Everyone believes that it's the best possible location for your date with Kotori in two days.
Of course! Now's the only age where her glamorous swimsuit appearance combines both youthful and adult charms.
This is the perfect chance to get an eye full! Would you mind not saying that out loud? Shin, one more thing.
Your pre-date training has been prepared.
Training? I'll do it.
I'll do anything to save Kotori.
Why is my training to go buy swimsuits with Tohka and Yoshino? It's so your eyes won't be drawn away from Kotori, no matter what swimsuit you see.
It'll be a problem if you start staring at other girls while you're on a date with Kotori.
Kotori's fate is at stake.
No matter what I see, I wouldn't I do believe you're forgetting that we're monitoring your pulse over here.
I'll do my best.
This is amazing, Shido! Are these all what you call "swimsuits"? Yeah, that's right.
So Shido What is this exactly? Oh, you don't know? That's a- Military Zapped Ultimate Grind Instrument A.
A MiZUGI! It's a newly developed piece of anti-Spirit equipment.
When activated, the embedded realizers begin expanding their barrier.
The suit splits into atom sized missiles, which can easily pass through an Astral dress, causing irrecoverable damage and tearing the target to shreds.
Origami! I knew it.
Y-You Why are you here? Shido, was what she said about these weapons true? No way, that's- It's true.
He brought you two here because he knew about the existence of MiZUGI.
I'm sure he was planning on attacking you while your guard was down.
Don't lie! Shido would never do something like that.
I-I think so too Isn't that right, Shido? No, it's just as Origami says.
I was just thinking about when I should kill you two.
How can this be Shido!? How gullible can you be? Damn you, Tobiichi Origami.
You tricked me! Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
Quite a coincidence to run into you here though.
Are you feeling better now? I'm fine now, but this isn't a coincidence.
I'm happy to see you here, Shido, but today I have something to talk to Yatogami Tohka about.
What do you want? Do you still remember the flame Spirit that descended from the sky yesterday? You must have seen it.
I want you to tell me everything you remember.
Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you anything.
Pretty please? Would you stop that? What are you after? I want you to tell me about that flame Spirit.
Pretty please.
Fine, I get it! Can you raise your head? You're creeping me out.
The flame Spirit, right? I certainly did see it.
It was, you know red.
Is that it? Um, that's right, it was strong.
That's it? Um it felt like dwah! Useless.
What did you say? Is that how you talk to someone who's doing you a favour? By the way, Shido, I only have the school issued competitive swim wear.
If I had to go to a pool or the sea, I'd be in a lot of trouble.
Yea I guess so.
Since you came all the way to the swimsuit section, what if you- Choosing a swimsuit requires more than my own judgement.
I need to know what other people think.
Opinions from males are good for reference.
Huh? Opinions from males are good for reference.
Um Good for reference.
I guess if you just want my feedback, it's okay.
Listen up, Tobiichi Origami, whichever one of us gets Shido more excited wins the right to go on a date with Shido! The result is obvious.
I'd never allow you a chance at a date with Shido.
How did this suddenly turn into a competition? I think it's fine.
It'll give you better training.
Isn't Itsuka-kun? What's he doing in the girl's swimsuit section? Gross.
No reason.
Well whatever, let's try on a few more.
What about a school swimsuit? Gross.
Shin, we have a new record.
At this rate, they're going to be the ones to win a date with you.
Are you kidding me? Sorry to keep you waiting, Shido! This is fantastic! Thanks to the simple design, Tohka's elegance stands out.
This is a splendid choice! What do you think, Shido? Is your heart pounding? Yeah.
Great! I'm going to put even more effort into this! Shido.
What devastating power! The black of the swimsuit accentuates her pale skin, and she's tied up her hair to work with the design and completely expose the nape of her neck.
What do you think? Oh, I think it looks great on you.
Damn you! How's this one Shido? This is it! These healthy proportions and her slight sense of embarrassment win the hearts of men everywhere! Shido.
Oh? What's up with this one? Have you given up? Huh? Flip up my skirt.
What!? What are you trying to do? What's this? What's this? By hiding insteading of showing off her swimsuit, the moe factor is off the charts! This is the art of slight exposure! She's outsmarted her opponent! Not yet, it's not over yet! S-Shido-san Shido-san, help me please! Yoshino!? I'm coming in! Are you okay!? I-I can't put it on properly with only one hand.
Looks like we have a winner for the right to a date.
That was terrible.
I had fun as the commentator, but you did see all those girls in swimsuits, so I'm sure there'll be some benefit to your training.
I guess so.
I have to save Kotori.
I cannot fail tomorrow.
But I wish I could remember what happened five years ago.
I have no memory of how I managed to seal her powers back then.
I'm not sure if this will be of any help, but do you want to take a look at the records we have of the Great Fire? You have some? The fire is intense! I can feel the heat from up here! This is footage from a news station that Ratatoskr seized before it aired.
We're almost there.
That's Kotori and me.
Let's keep going.
Stop please.
What's wrong? I don't see anything that would catch your eye.
Who are you? Just what are you? Who? What are you talking about? He's right there! Why do I know that this video noise is a person? S-Shido-kun? Shido-kun!? I'm sorry, Shido-kun.
I just wanted to help yesterday, but I ended up making things worse.
Don't worry about it.
What you showed me bothers me, but now's not the time to be thinking about it.
I guess you're right.
We'll support you as best we can from here.
Have some confidence.
You're an awesome playboy who's captured the hearts of many Spirits.
Shin, we've sent Kotori down.
She should be there soon.
We're counting on you.
Okay! Hey Kotori! Oh, sorry to keep you waiting.
Do you not have anything to say to a girl who's dressed up for a date? I thought that was the first thing I taught you to do.
So you dressed up for this? Well, yeah.
We are going on a date after all.
I tried to create some chances for you to take the initiative.
I wouldn't mind getting a compliment or two from you either.
Let's get our date started.
Okay! Of course! Yes! Wow, I'm so excited! Why are you all here? Oh, I forgot to tell you, but those two are coming along on your date.
I figured it would be for the best in this particular case.
I see Quite the bold one aren't you, Shido? I'm looking forward to seeing what you might do.
Look, Shido! I brought the swimsuit you bought me yesterday! Me too.
Oh? How kind of you, Shido.
This is awesome.
I can't believe there are lakes and mountains indoors! There's so much water! This is so exciting! Shido, can I go into that lake over there? Sure.
Let's go, Yoshino! Yes! They sure are energetic.
What's wrong with you? Getting aroused over your sister? As if that could happen! What do you think you're doing, Shin? She's wearing that for your date.
What? That swimsuit looks really good on you.
I think you look really cute.
Why thank you.
Did Reine or Kannazuki tell you to praise me? No no, that was from the heart.
Oh really? I'm flattered.
So, what specific part of me do you find cute? Everything! Kotori, you look cute no matter what you wear! It looks simple at a glance, but the design is quite elaborate.
The swimsuit looks great on you! Sure.
I can't get enough of your growing chest.
It's time for us to show what we've got! Everyone, vote! I see.
As predicted.
She probably won't get upset if she hears option 1.
Option 2 bothers me, because it sounds like he only cares about her swimsuit.
Option 3 is out of the question.
I see.
I guess you're right.
Option 3! Huh!? Sure.
I can't get enough for your growing chest.
What the hell are you saying!? Ah no.
I didn't mean- What's wrong with you? Why are you all so upset? What's wrong with a growing chest? I can't believe you just did that.
She's going to make you go dig up another hot spring.
Shido, let's go on a ride on that! The water slide? Yup! I'm sure it'll be great fun if we all go! I'll pass.
I might lose Yoshinon.
Count me out too, I'm not a kid.
Oh Then, Shido, let's go with just the two of us! Uh Hold on a second.
I think I want to go with you after all.
Good job, Tohka.
Even though this is supposed to be a date, I didn't think Kotori would be honest and embrace her excitement.
I don't mind going down the slide together, but this position is a little All right, let's go! That was awesome, Shido! Onii-chan Kotori, what's wrong? My ribbons Go get my ribbons.
And we went sliding with a whoosh, and flew through the air with a swoosh! Then we hit the water with a boom, and the water went splash! Wow You really overdo things sometimes.
Hey Kotori.
Why are you wearing your black ribbons today? What? Do you have something against them? No, that's not what I mean.
I have to wear them.
The me when I wear my white ribbons is the weak me.
I have to be the strong me, in black.
This is delicious, Shido! It's great.
That's good to hear.
I'm glad you like it.
Reine-san, how are Kotori's mood and affection values? The numbers aren't falling, but there's no increase either.
No change whatsoever.
I guess that means she's completely unimpressed.
I won't be able to seal her powers at this rate.
Are you okay? It just went down the wrong way.
Where are you going? Asking any lady, besides me, where she's going when she stands up at a table would get get you killed.
What's wrong? I was just thinking that you're finally acting like your usual self.
Did you have a fight with Kotori-san? You relaxed the second she left the table.
You're so easy to read, Shido-kun.
Is it that obvious? Yes.
I'm going to the toilet too.
Reine-san, am I really that uptight? I want you to tell me the data you're collecting on my mental state.
Oh, Shido-kun.
Analytics Officer Murasame just stepped away from her seat.
Oh, I see.
Shido-kun, stop.
Are you okay, Kotori? Yeah, just about, but that was close.
I already gave you fifty times the normal dose this morning.
Anything more than this As a Spirit, I wouldn't die from drugs.
Please, I'm on a date with Shido with Onii-chan! Please, this might be my last chance.
If this doesn't work, I'll never be myself again.
Before that happens, I want to enjoy this date with Onii-chan to the very end.
Reine-san, how long as Kotori been in that condition? Since she regained her Spirit powers.
Then why? This is Kotori's wish.
She told us to keep it a secret from you.
She didn't want you to date her out of pity.
So please, pretend you didn't see any of that.
It's for Kotori's sake as well.
I understand.
Shido? Where did those two go? Kotori, get changed.
We're going to the amusement park area.
Did you get instructions from the Fraxinus? Change of plans to go to the amusement park area because the pool isn't working out? I don't mind either way.
Shido? I like amusement parks more than swimming pools.
What? Don't worry about Tohka and Yoshino.
They're enjoying the jungle cruise.
Let's have fun.
It's the first time we've been to an amusement park in a long time.
I hope you're ready, Kotori.
Is this what you meant by something interesting? Yup.
It's the EW-029 prototype annihilation armament, White Licorice.
It's an incredible unit that gives one person the firepower equivalent of an entire AST squad.
Is it possible to defeat Ifrit with this unit? Judging from the specifications, it's theoretically possible to defeat a Spirit, but you can't use it.
For technological and political reasons.
A specialist wizard at DEM corporation fell into a vegetative state after running this unit at full power for thirty minutes.
But why are you brining up Ifrit? Oh, I see.
The Spirit that showed up in the video the other day was Ifrit? If I remember correctly, it had control of fire Video? Itsuka Kotori monokuro na watashi no hibi モノクロな私の日々、 In my monochrome days, totsuzen kimi ga araware 突ç„君が現れ You appeared suddenly.
tsumetaku fuiteita kaze ga kawaru 冷たく吹いていた風が変わる The gusting cold wind changed.
kenmei ni kimi ga hanasu 懸命に君が話す You tried your best to talk to me.
kotoba no imi yori zutto 言葉の意味よりずっと And more than the meaning of your words, tsutawattekuru mono kore ha nandarou 伝わってくるものこれは何だろう What is this that you have conveyed to me? You are different from everyone I've met before, 今まで出会ってきた人たちと違っている ima made deatte kita hitotachi to chigatteiru kokoro wo ubaunjyanaku shiro to shiteiru 心を奪うんじゃなく白としている You don't try to steal my heart, but you wipe it clean.
Feel me moshikashite kimi dake ga もしかして君だけが Perhaps you are the only one, watashi no nemuri samasu hito 私の眠り覚ます人 Who can wake me from my sleep.
kodomo no koroi ni sukidatta ehon no purinsu mitai 子供の頃に好きだった絵本のプリンス見たい Just like a prince in the picture books I loved as a child.
Touch me yokan dakedo kinishika 予感だけど気にしか It's only a feeling, but furerarenai tobira ga aru 触れられない扉がある there's a door that can't be touched.
so no te de sotto nokku shite その手でそっとノックして Knock on it gently, kagi wo hazushi 鍵を外し And unlock it.
onegai Save My Heart お願い Save My Heart Please save my heart.
Episode 12 Something which cannot be given up