Date A Live (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Things You Can't Give Up

1 Itsuka Kotori! H-Hey, Shido, are you sure about this? Here it comes, Kotori! In our daily lives, thoughts often clash.
The red flame who has forgotten the truth, and the white flame who has learned the truth.
As the world is wrapped in their flames, it will be reduced to ashes.
dare mo ga utsumuku machi 誰もが俯く街 In the streets of a forsaken town, (Dead or alive) kawaita kaze fukinuketeku A dry wind blows through, Eyes which search for the light hikari motometa hitomi (Dead or alive) utsuru no wa zetsubou dake Show nothing but despair.
dare ni mo todokanai sakebi Screams which reach no one.
sagasu sono te de tomete Find themselves within my hands! nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de In this world where everything is broken, Where I can no longer tell what is happening, わけも分からないままに wake mo wakaranai mama ni fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute I am still scared of the kindness you touched me with.
ana no aita kokoro no sukima 穴の開いた 心の隙間 Will you be the one to fill the gap umete kureru hito ha kimi nano? 埋めてくれる人は君なの? that has opened in my heart? erande Date A Live Choose a Date A Live Episode 12 Something which cannot be given up Your tricked me into getting on Hmm Is Shido-kun going to be all right? I think so.
For Kotori, this approach is probably better.
Shin is surprisingly capable.
I might have interfered a little too much.
I hope you're right.
House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror House of Terror Come on, Kotori.
Give me your hand.
What? Would you mind not treating me like a kid? Or perhaps you're afraid, Shido? That's right, so please hold my hand.
What the heck!? That's gross.
Sob, Kotori, sob! Fine, I get it already! Ah, what a waste, Shido-kun! If you'd just hugged her, you could've got a free feel of her soft body, and maybe, she might even finish you off by marking your face with the hard sole of her shoe.
Gah! Why are you riding together? Clearly you're supposed to let the captain ride the go-kart and you should be running! Then she would sadistically chase after you in the go-kart as you ran for your life.
When she finally closes the distance, if you fall over, the bumpers will dig deep into your shoulders as she crashes straight into you! Ah, Captain! Mercy! Ah, mercy! Mercy! I guess Shido-kun made the right decision in throwing the communicator away.
Yup, this jungle cruise is as great as Shido said it would be.
This is fun, isn't it? We can really relax.
I think it would be even more fun if Shido and Kotori were with us too.
Why aren't they here? All right! I guess I really should go find them.
You can't, Tohka-san.
Why not? We should be enjoying the trip together.
That's not what I mean.
I didn't hear everything, but Kotori's a Spirit? Shido-san is trying to seal away Kotori's Spirit powers, like he did for us.
I also heard that if he fails, they don't know what'll happen to Kotori-chan.
I don't think we should get in their way.
Is that so? Is there anything we can do? I owe Kotori a lot.
I want to help save her too.
And Kotori How do I put it? She smells like Shido.
That's because they use the same shampoo.
Right now, all we can do is leave it to Shido-san.
Emergency alert! Unit DW-029 has gone missing! Attempts to trace it have failed.
The White Licorice unit, along with a large amount ammunition, has gone missing.
We discovered the unit was missing when we returned from break after the incoming inspection.
Is it possible to defeat Ifrit with this unit? Origami I really underestimated amusement parks.
I didn't know they could be this much fun! Hmph! That's because you're still a kid.
It'd be nice if you could finally be rid of your diaper by the time you graduate from high school.
I don't want to hear that from someone who was so excited over the splash roller coaster.
What did you say? Whatever, I'll let it go, since I'm tired.
In any case, well, it wasn't boring That's good to hear.
I wonder when we last went to an amusement park.
The last time we went as a family was Five years ago.
Has it been that long? My parents, five years ago Five years ago, I became a Spirit.
What? Huh? Could it be Kotori! S-Shido I know it's about time, but can we at least go somewhere with less people? Why? Why would you ask me that? Aren't we fine here? So Kotori.
What is it? I have something I want to ask you.
Don't be so blunt about wanting to kiss! Eh? N-Never mind! What do you want to ask me? Just ask already! Right So Kotori, five years ago, you Kotori! Shido, it's dangerous here.
Get away.
Origami? Origami, do you know what you just did? I killed Itsuka Kotori.
Killed me you say? You sound awfully proud of that.
Tobiichi Origami, I thought you were smarter.
No spacequake warning has been issued, the people haven't been evacuated, and yet you fire missiles at me.
I didn't think you were so crazy.
Kotori! Elohim Gibor! Carmael! I've found you! Finally! Kotori! Origami! Stop it! Stop it! Please! This feeling Don't tell me that's Kotori! W-What are you doing, Yoshino? You can't go, Tohka-chan.
Your Spirit powers are sealed within Shido-kun right now.
Their enemy is quite powerful, judging from the sound of the explosions.
There's no guarantee you'll survive if you go! Thank you for the warning, but I can't just leave Shido alone.
If Shido is doing his best to save Kotori, then I have to do my best to protect him.
Yoshinon, can I go too? If you decided on your own, there's no way I'll stop you.
That's quite an obscene weapon you have there.
Territory deploy! Coordinates locked on! Not bad.
I've never seen that unit before.
New model? I used too much power.
Kotori! Cleaveleaf deploy! Territory deploy! Eradicate her! Blasterk! Kotori! Defensive territory deploy! Oh dear, what happened to all that killing intent you had just now? Weren't you going to defeat me? Weren't you going to shoot me? Weren't you going to kill me? Then fly faster.
Point your guns and your sword at me.
If you don't, you'll be the one to die first.
Kotori! Stop it! Oh? Is it over already? How disappointing.
Carmael! Megiddo.
If you can't fight, then I have no more use for you.
Kotori, stop it! Ifrit! I don't like that name.
Where did you learn about it? Did you use that to kill them too? Five years ago, did you use that to kill my father and my mother? What? What are you saying? Five years ago, a fire Spirit killed my parents.
Their blood is on your hands! Did you think that I'd forget? I will never forget.
That's why I'll kill you.
I will kill you.
I will kill you, Ifrit! No way I I won't miss this time! Kotori! I can only move my territory.
White Licorice, limit operation.
Origami, stop it, please! Shido, don't get in my way.
As if I could listen to that! I told you before.
My life up to this moment has been to avenge my parents.
To kill Ifrit, Itsuka Kotori, is my raison d'etre! No! You can't kill her! There's no turning back if you pull that trigger! I'm already used to this.
I don't want to see you become like that.
I don't care, if it means I can kill Ifrit with my own hands.
Origami, answer one thing for me.
You want revenge on Ifrit, right? Not my little sister, Itsuka Kotori, right? It's the fire Spirit, Ifrit, right? What are you saying? Just answer me! You want revenge on the fire Spirit, not my human little sister, right? What you're saying doesn't make sense.
The subject of my revenge is indeed the fire Spirit, Ifrit, but Itsuka Kotori is a Spirit.
What you're saying doesn't make sense.
Get out of my way, Shido.
No! Give me some time, Origami.
I'm afraid I can't.
This is my best chance to kill Ifrit.
Please! Call me naïve, but I can't just stand by and let my cute little sister die, nor can I just stand by and watch my friend sink into the depths of despair! Even so, I must.
Origami! Tohka! Yoshino! Are you two all right? Oh man, talk about arriving in the nick of time! You can thank us later.
But for now Get out of my way! Shido, leave this to us and run! Tohka! Yoshino! It's fine, just hurry! We won't be able to hold out for very long.
Sorry! I don't have time to waste on you.
Just stop it, Tobiichi Origami! Killing Kotori won't solve anything! What the hell do you know!? I know! Of course I know! Did you forget? Did you forget what you did to Shido? When that happened, I was filled with hate! It was painful! I was so sad! I'm sure you felt the same way when you lost your parents! Do you intend to put Shido through all of that? I'm not going to let you.
I don't want Shido to feel that way! I don't want you killing such good people! Shido It's all right! I'll sort this out somehow.
Kotori! Yes! There's no way for me to check Kotori's affection level, since I can't get in touch with Reine-san.
If I can't seal her powers Ifrit! Kotori! Kotori! Kotori! You're my cute little sister! You're my little sister, who I'm so proud of! I love you so much that I can't help myself! I love you! Kotori! Do you love me? I-I can't answer that out of the blue! Kotori! I do! I love you too! Onii-chan, I love you! I love you more than anything in the world! That just now I remember now At that time, there was Shido! What was that? Origami, just now you said your revenge was meant for the fire Spirit, Ifrit, not with the human Kotori.
Kotori is no longer a Spirit.
She's a human.
So shoot me instead! I am Ifrit now.
What the hell? I've finally remembered what happened five years ago.
I finally remember what Kotori and I were doing.
Ifrit killed my parents! Ifrit was definitely the cause of the disaster, but Kotori didn't kill anyone! That can't be true.
I know I saw a Spirit.
That's because there was a Spirit.
A Spirit that put Kotori through everything she's gone through.
Are you telling me to believe that? Yes.
I want to believe you, but I just can't! If you can't believe me, then shoot me.
I am Ifrit.
Origami, you said so, didn't you? I won't let anyone else go through what I did.
I'm at the limits of operation I can't fail here.
Please, don't take Kotori from me! She saved me.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her! Please! Believe me! This is still not enough.
I'm sorry, Shin.
Today's events were completely due to my misjudgement.
Are you talking about having Tohka and Yoshino come along on the date? I actually thought that was okay.
You two shouldn't have gone on a date in the first place.
The safest course of action would have been for you to seal her powers immediately after you woke up yesterday, but Kotori was looking forward to today's date too much.
What? How does that work? I thought a seal was impossible if I don't raise her affection levels first.
What is this? This shows the changes in Kotori's affection levels throughout all of yesterday's events.
That's right.
There were no changes whatsoever.
Kotori's affection levels were always at the maximum possible level.
She said so herself at the end, didn't she? Kotori loves her brother very much.
What? Clearly there's some sort of error in the data, or a problem with the measurement! That's not possible.
The numbers are correct.
Ten Rapsel Limited Milk Cream Puffs.
Sorry, Shin.
I think there was something wrong with the measurement system.
If you say so Are you feeling all right now? Shouldn't you stay in bed? I don't have time for that.
I need to get working on the reports.
I finally remembered what happened with the Spirit five years ago.
As long as the possibility exists that our memories may be erased again, we need to write down what the both of us remember.
I see.
Don't overdo it.
I"ll be careful.
By the way, Shido, about what you said before you sealed away my Spirit powers Is it really true? Of course it's true.
I love you, Kotori.
Um, I As my little sister, of course.
Is that what you meant? Kotori! What do you want? Those ribbons look great on you.
Thank you, Onii-chan.
sekai ga owaru mae ni Before the world ends, KILL or KISS matta toi no ko no jumon shiranai no ni Even though I don't know the magic word, for this question I have, aa, doushite tutorial mo naku jinsei Ah, why am I facing my life without a tutorial? kimochi dake flying shite saizensen I'm flying to the front line with nothing but my feelings, Thanks for coming to help me.
If you and Yoshino hadn't come, I don't know what would've happened to Origami and Kotori.
kuuru na kimi hajikare panikku You bounce me away, panic! koukando no nami ni furimawasarete I am at the mercy of the waves of your affection.
I just responded to your feelings.
I'm sure Yoshino felt the same way.
asobareteru omocha mo jya sore ika I'm a toy to be played with or even worse.
Shido, please, I want you to continue saving Spirits, if they appear.
Just like you did for Yoshino, Kotori, and I.
It's no way! hate shinasugiru There's just no end, Sure.
I promise you.
But no kissing.
kimi e no michinori wo to the road leading to you.
I don't know why, zensokuryoku de hashiritsuzu keru yo I keep running at full speed, but I get a bad feeling whenever I see you kiss someone else, Will I see you again? mata aemasuka? so That might be a little hard shinjite kuremasuka? Will you believe me? Then kiss me right now.
koi ni nite hinarumono de With something that's isn't quite love, What the heck? Shido you can't? SAVE THE WORLD sekai ga owaru mae ni Before the world ends, Ooh, not bad, Shido.
KILL or KISS If you laugh for me, kimi ga waratte kuretara Please don't mind us and keep going.
ureshii no desu I'll be happy.
Why are you spying on us? Shido! Come on.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! To be continued! Eventually! Season 2 Production Confirmed!