Date A Live (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Date to Date

1 I'm actually a lolicon.
I go to the grade school in my neighborhood and check out the schoolgirls daily.
My Sandalphon was about to rampage on their innocent bodies.
Man, grade schoolers truly are the best.
Is that so? Good.
What!? That isn't everything.
To tell the truth, I had a serious mother complex.
I would kiss a picture of Mom each morning before I went to school, and when I went home, I put on baby clothes and babbled like a spoiled baby.
With a pacifier and a rattle, of course.
Is that so? I was actually a siscon, too.
Kotori always let me sleep with her.
When Kotori wasn't home, I snuck into her room and sniffed her towelket and wouldn't leave until I found her underwear and then put it on my face.
That's the important part.
It was critical! Is that so? And I was an unbelievable playboy.
I've had about ten girlfriends so far.
I went to places inappropriate for kids in the night, where go-go girls were dancing twist and lambada.
They were vigorously pouring champagne.
Do you know it? It's lambada, lambada.
Their aim is to dominate all girls in Tenguu! She reacted! If you exterminate them all then there's no problem.
What are you going to do? Listen, what are you going to do? What's with this frame of mind? Is she the ruler of the end of the century? What should I do about it!? Don't start to cry now.
Your date has only just started.
That's right.
I felt extremely uneasy, but that was our date.
A pervert.
That is someone who likes it when the bud of rose blossoms, or when a butterfly moves its wings at night.
孤独は止められない。 Who knew that I was like this? A dry wind blows Dare mo ga utsumuku machi (Dead or Alive) through the streets of a forsaken town.
Kawaita kaze fukinuketeku My eyes seek the light Hikari motometa hitomi (Dead or Alive) Utsuru no wa zetsubou dake yet only see despair.
I scream out into nothingness.
Dare ni mo todokanai sakebi Please find me and make it stop! Sagasu sono te de tomete In this broken world, Nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de Wake mo wakaranai mama ni I can't tell black from white, so I'm still wary of the kindness you show me.
Fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute I wonder if your love will fill this gap in my heart Ana no aita kokoro no sukima umetekureru hito wa kimi nano Make your choice—Date A Live.
Erande Date A Live Episode 13 Check this out, Shido! A cell phone! I learned that's what it's called.
Kotori gave it to me! Good for you.
She put your number in! Can I call you? Yeah, of course.
Nice! Hey, where are you going? I'll call you from a distance.
I want to walk with you around town tomorrow.
So you're basically saying It's a date.
Uh Sorry, but tomorrow is a little It's only natural that a lover would agree.
I know, right.
At 10 AM.
I'll be waiting in front of the Obujo at West Tenguu Park.
Shido! How do I make a call? Oh, sorry.
Hello, Onii-chan.
Origami asked me out on a date.
Kotori? Just ignore it.
But it was me who made her get the wrong idea that I love her.
And I can't keep toying with her feelings.
Guess we have no other choice, then: why don't you make her hate you? What do you think of the clothes I gave you for the date? Yeah.
They're the worst.
There's only a little more than an hour left until the date.
Got it.
The change in the AI setup has completed.
Today, we're going to direct you through the worst date possible.
Just leave it to us.
I'm counting on you.
You sent Tohka on an errand, right? Yeah.
I asked her to go shopping for dinner.
1Kg pork, please.
I'm monitoring her just in case, so no need to worry about bumping into her.
It's just about time for her to arrive.
Y-Yo! Thank God.
I thought something may have happened to you.
What are you doing!? You aren't going to hurt her heart if you act like this.
You're right.
Uh, um What do you think? Oh, you mean yours? They look good on you Why are you complimenting her!? not.
They don't look good on you at all.
What kind of clothes should I wear? ████████████████████████ 1.
Micro bikini and a maid apron 2.
Sailor blouse on top and bloomers down ████████████████████ █████████████████████ 3.
School swimsuit with dog ears and tail Everyone, make your choice! █████████████████ 3.
School swimsuit with dog ears and tail I guess it'd be your school swimsuit with dog ears and tail.
She'll hit me.
Or not? Huh? No way!! Where on Earth did you get those clothes? There's a shop for that close to here.
I had no idea.
What has this city become? It's about time.
Tenguu Shopping District Let's go to town! █████ To town? Why isn't her impression of him worsening? ████████████████████████████████ 1.
Huh? For a mongrel to walk on two feet like us great humans is just ridiculous.
Crawl on all fours! ███████████████████████████████ 2.
Eeew I'm ti-red of walk-ing! Pig-gy-back! ██████████████████████████████ 3.
Uh, seriously, could you just walk by a distance from me? You're gross.
██████████████████████████ Not half-bad.
Each of them are annoying.
Make your choice! Shido, go with the first one.
For a mongrel to walk on two feet like us great humans is just ridiculous.
Crawl on all four! Huh!? What the—!? Woof.
Eeew! Is that couple really doing that? Um, they must be on a shoot or something.
Mom, is that a dog? Don't look at them.
Don't point at them either.
I'm sorry! Woof.
Just like this, the coming out plan failed as well.
That's an impossibly difficult issue.
I'm going to the bathroom.
██████████████████ 1.
Oh, going for the big one? ██████████████████ 2.
All right! Let's go and piss together.
████████████████████ 3.
I-I won't let you go.
███████████ 1.
Oh, going for the big one? 2.
All right! Let's go and piss together.
████████████████████████ 3.
I-I won't let you go.
Shido, third choice.
Don't you feel pity for her? Do it already.
You want to settle this today, don't you? I-I won't let you go.
I said I won't let you go.
So you're saying I should do it here? Stop it! Do you want to get it poured on you? Or maybe ? She She's a pervert! Look who's talking! I'll go and buy something to drink from a vending machine.
Please wait for me here.
She's a real monster.
I wish I could check her brain.
I'm at my limit.
I know.
We'll have to take the final measure.
Shido, become her real lover.
Huh? Once she assumes you're going out, tell her you're ditching her.
Oh, so that's what you meant.
If she doesn't punch me after that, then there will be no end to our relationship.
It's your one-shot game.
Practice the line at once.
I got it.
All that's left is a bullhead.
Now, aren't I doing quite well on my first time running an errand? Shido must stroke my head for it.
Only one more left.
Sata andagi.
What's that? It sounds like a strong name.
I wish I asked Shido about it.
Oh, right! Times like these are when you use that.
Cell phone! If I recall, I need to look it up from the address book.
Let's separate.
I don't like you anymore.
R-Really? Yeah.
I'd like to end it between us.
I wouldn't want that by any means! Please understand it.
Do you hate me now? That's right.
I hate you now.
Shido Who's there? This voice Don't tell me! It's her! It's Tohka.
Her mental state dropped instantly.
She's so scared the flow of her Spirit Mana has reversed.
Then that voice I heard just now was? The phone we gave to Tohka can establish a call with you in emergency situations.
If she calls you, you'll be connected to the line.
Huh? No one told me about that! There's no time to sweat it now.
She's in the shopping district, in the West Tenguu Park.
Go there at once! Shido, where are you now? Origami, I'm sorry but please wait a little bit.
Tohka! Sh-Shido The things I said in that call were lies.
Really? Yeah.
You don't hate me now? Of course I don't.
There's no way I could hate you.
So we don't need to get separated? Of course we don't.
Can we stay together forever? We'll stay together forever.
Is that so? I figure it is.
How's this? I bought it all.
Oh, you're amazing.
Oh O-Origami? Together forever.
Huh? Leave him alone, you bitch! He said it to me ! There's no way he would do that.
It's a certainty that he said it to me.
What happened? Did Origami hear all of what I was saying just now, too? Tobiichi Origami's enjoyment level has just topped out at maximum.
That's my first time seeing a switch like that.
Congrats, Shido.
Tobiichi Origami, you idiot! I feel a little refreshed.
Just a little !? After all you did!? Is it okay for her to do this? If you have time for worrying, then go and escort Tohka.
Your date has only just started.
Today is the same as ever; our dates continue.
What are you doing, Tobiichi Origami!? I'm just together with Shido.
Don't mess around! Don't get in my way.
You're the one who's getting in my way.
The one who's getting in the way isn't me, but you.
What did you say!? Quit spouting nonsense! You're the one who's in the way.
Th-That's Oh, you noticed? Isn't it cute? It's the rainbow seal, Ottore.
I got it yesterday in the game center.
So you bought it yesterday? What did you say? It's impossible! I never heard about them.
I can't let you off lightly for saying that! I only told the truth.
But then This animal series is very popular in JK.
There are all kinds of animals you can choose from.
Oh, I guess I'd like this one.
Oh, Pandalone the dream panda, huh? Oh, sorry.
Just go on.
Talk with her as much as you want.
I'll take the opportunity to talk to my girlfriend, too.
What's the matter, Kotori? What're you doing, you hazy moron!? Tohka's mood meter is plummeting.
Huh? Don't "huh" me.
Did you forget what we were planning? If her mental condition becomes unstable, there will be a danger that the spirit powers sealed in you will flow backward.
It would probably be a good idea to let out her stress.
Let out her stress But how? Certainly.
The quickest and easiest way would be Tobiichi Origami, you twit! All right, next.
Tobiichi Origami, you hyper-moron! Brain-dead! Flat-chested.
Female wolf! Hey, that's not okay! Game centers are so nice, Shido! Let's deal with it quickly.
Move those hands.
Just replace it with a brand new one.
Are these people from Ratatoskr? Of course, we arranged it with the shop.
This is most intriguing.
What happened? Tohka's mood has been getting better and better, but her unease stats remained high.
It's possible she's worrying about something.
Well, whatever.
Let's just let her play a bit more and watch what happens.
What's this? Why not? Take a cute photo with her.
Simply put, it's a machine you can take funny photos with.
Ph-Photos? What's wrong? Hah, I'm not very good with photos.
Is that so? Then let's do something else.
Wait! Shido, do you want a photo of me? Well, why not? But only this time Only this time It's a special treat.
Hey, let's take it togeth— Don't come in! Wait a little more, you big dummy! What got her? I never saw someone who was camera-shy.
Well, she had her picture taken during the medical checkup.
Oh, so that's what she thought? What is it? Don't check it here.
I heard there was some couple here crashing the consoles.
And it was the girl who broke them.
Gross! No more coins.
I'll try it again later.
You hear me? Make sure you check it when you're alone! I get it.
Oh, these? I'll get you one if you want.
You can't.
It's pointless if I don't get it myself.
You've played crane games countless times.
You should be able to get that.
All right! I did it, Shido! How clever of you! Oh? Did it get stuck halfway? I'll call an employee.
Shall we go home, Shido? Yeah.
All right, replacement completed.
I can do it.
I'm giving it to you.
Huh? Why? You know, uh You know, right? How should I put it? Please don't hate me.
Huh? What do you mean? Tobiichi Origami told me about it in the school.
It's not possible for humans to accept Spirits who are perishing the world.
In other words, Shido loathes Spirits as well.
So that was it Is it really true? Of course not.
For real? For real.
Really for real? Really for real.
Really for really for real? Really for really for really for real.
At least if it's someone I hate, I wouldn't Um I wouldn't go on a date with her.
I see.
It was the same for me.
You should keep it.
It will remind you of today.
I'll do so.
75 points.
Shall we call it a success? Tohka-chan, you're quite lively today! Yup.
Shido took me to a fun place yesterday.
Oh, not bad for Itsuka.
There was hitting and I was in an ecstasy It felt so good! Itsuka-kun!? Just what kind of hobby could that shop possible serve!? You're misunderstanding it! The place we were at is a— What's that!? Gross! Here, I'll give it back.
I put it in my pocket and it seems like I forgot it there.
Huh!? Why did you bring it with yourself!? Why are you naked!? Reine told me I need to strip naked when I'm taking a photo.
What a pervert! You're misunderstanding it! I'm telling you that you've misunderstanding it! Good morning.
I'll give it to you.
No, um Don't mind me.
I'll give it to you.
Thank you.
They match up.
Hey, Shido! Don't just leave my photo there! Huh? They match up! Rinkai ni sonzai suru Special Disaster-causing Organisms tokushu saigai shitei seimeitai.
residing between worlds.
Hassei genin, Origin sonzai riyuu and reason for existence tomo ni fumei.
are both unknown.
Kochira no sekai ni arawareru sai, Upon appearing in this world, kuukanshin wo hassei sase, they trigger spacequakes, shuui ni jindai na higai wo oyobosu.
causing immense damage in the area.
Taishohou Countermeasure: buryoku wo motte extermination with weapons.
kore wo senmetsu suru.
Tadashi, However, hijou ni takai sentou nouryoku wo motsu tame this is extremely difficult due to their tassei ha konnan.
advanced combat capabilities.
Girls' dormant hearts onnanoko no nemureru haato sono kisu de Wake up me o samasu By a kiss nandome datte Countless times hatsukoi no senmei ni The vividness of the first love utareru no Strikes kiken mo shouchi daikoubutsu na Danger and knowledge is their favorite dokidoki no mori no naka In the forest of excitement makka na manto kanojo datte The girl with the crimson mantle ookami ni May turn into kawaru kamo A wolf donna ko ga taipu nan desu ka? What girl is your type? koisuru hoshi wa utsukushii The planet of love is beautiful If people understand each other, there will be peace wakariaetara heiwa ni naru ai o motte sekaijuu o Cover the world koishi aishi de umetsukuisou With love and romance seigyo funou wa suki yue no What you can't control is The strange misconduct of love kyodou fushin na godousa desu kyuukyoku no romansu Search for the ultimate sagashite Romance susume hatsukoi winding road Go forward, first love, winding road suki? kirai? Love? Hate?