Date A Live (2013) s02e04 Episode Script


1 Port side territory down to 20%! Hull damage is minimal, but Looks like someone fired at us.
How strange Only our Realizers should be able to go invisible.
I'm detecting a heat signature! Another shot incoming! Disengage invisibility and Avoid systems.
Direct all energy from the Basic Realizer to the protective territory.
R-Roger! I love it.
If they're attacking this aggressively, they must be very confident about their ship! I'm getting the chills! Come, give me more! We won't last much longer! Oh, Shiizaki? What's wrong? Is Kannazuki choosing all the wrong lines? No! We're being attacked! Please, Commander! We need your help! We won't last! Oh, really? You'll be fine.
After all, you've got Kannazuki with you.
It won't turn on.
Hey! What's up with you, huh? Episode 04 Manifestation You've always been like this! Every time something happens, you try to fix it all by yourself! Rebuttal: I'll gift-wrap those exact words you said in exquisite paper and send them right back to you! Why are you doing this?! Don't you two love each other?! Watch out, Shido.
We aren't alone.
What the hell?! Model number DD-007: Bandersnatch.
Ellen-san?! Deploy a protective territory at one o'clock.
Parameters: Coordinates: 132, 50, 39; Size: 255, 246.
I was waiting for you to get away from everyone else, Tohka-san.
I'm quite surprised.
I never thought those two would be Spirits, let alone the Berserker.
Who the hell are you? Are you part of the AST? You were aware of the JSDF Anti-Spirit Team? I'm sorry, but I am not affiliated with them.
Are you all right, Shido? Tohka! I knew that was you, Princess.
Tohka-san, would you care to come with me? I promise that we'll take extra good care of you.
Liar! Tohka! Don't use your Sandalphon against an unarmed person! No! I hadn't realized until now.
This woman is dangerous.
She's like the AST, but much, much stronger.
That's an interesting way to put it.
Bandersnatches, stay back for the time being.
I'd like to see for myself how strong this famous "Princess" is.
Prepare yourself! Hull integrity is at 100%! If we concentrate our protective territory into a small area, its strength increases by orders of magnitude.
That's what we're doing.
B-But that leaves everywhere else unprotected! What if they try to hit somewhere— Keep the same coordinates.
Size: 50, 69.
But that's tiny! You'd better hurry if you don't want to die.
Oh, but mortal pain is certainly something that I'd like to Size: 50, 69! Deploy! I-It's perfect! The beam was stronger than before.
That's why you minimized the area? After all, you've got Kannazuki with you.
Is this all you've got, Princess? I came all the way here with my Pendragon.
What a disappointment.
Let's end this.
Tohka! Tohka! Stop! Hey! What a letdown.
Put her to sleep and take her to the Arbatel.
Tohka! Let her go! Get out of my way! Tohka! Tohka! Is there nothing I can do? Just like that time I'll never let that happen! Tohka! Hull integrity maintaining at 100%! We did it again! I'd prefer that they attacked more aggressively, but Commander Itsuka's World Tree has been through enough.
Convergent Magic Cannon, Misteltein! Prepare to fire! Those Those mongrels! Bring all fifty Ashcroft βs to maximum output! Full speed ahead! Take the enemy's territory down! Shido Why do you have Sandalphon? Who are you, Itsuka Shido? A human I think.
I've changed my mind.
You're both coming with me.
Resistance is not recommended.
They dodged the Misteltein! Oh my, did we miss? I'm just too used to getting hit! The enemy is headed this way! Ah, they're planning to rip our territory off by force.
Run all Basic Realizers in parallel.
Dedicate all power to our territory.
AR-008 numbers one through ten are all operating in parallel! Oh, take all but one Control Realizer and dedicate them to magic generation.
Roger! What?! We'll lose control of the power! That's fine.
This has got it covered.
Enemy territory is increasing in power! Are they preparing to fight back? To the Arbatel? Territories are about to collide! Limit our territory area! Concentrate it to the area of contact! We'll plow through them! Roger! Limiting territory area! Our territories have nearly the same strength, but our concentrated field is much stronger.
I've got you now! You lose, Ratatoskr airship! Bandersnatches, capture that man at once.
If he fights back, you may break a limb or two.
Shido! What the— Damage to the starboard side! Something's hit us! What?! Is it an enemy? Captain! Section B-2 has been damaged! The control room is on fire! Then put it out! Wh-What? The Bandersnatches are malfunctioning.
What's going on? The control room was hit?! What's going on?! Battling an airship?! I never ordered you to— Let's go, Tohka! After them! What are you doing?! Wh-Why I am the greatest wiz— Oh yeah, remember that one hole we dug that nobody ended up falling into? Maybe people don't use that path very often.
Gross Th-The enemy is retreating.
Wh-What was that? That's You created a territory from the Yggdra-Folium's Realizer And detonated it like a missile?! All while doing the work of seven Control Realizers! Kaguya! Yuzuru! Stop fighting! Both of you might make it out alive! I know I can use this to get their attention! Dammit! Dammit! Can't I do anything? Come on, please! Look at me! Kaguya! Yuzuru! I envy those two.
You care so much about them.
Tohka What should I do? Your wish created that Sandalphon.
It's up to you to make that come true.
Me? But Tohka? Calm yourself down and remember What is it that you want to do? What is it that you wish for? Nothing else matters now.
There is one thing to do: Embrace your wish and swing the sword.
The angel will surely answer to you.
Panic: What is this? Kaguya! Yuzuru! Please, stop fighting! You really think we would? You're not a part of this anymore.
Agreement: Stay out of this.
I never said I'd quit being your judge! I'll choose who the true Yamai is! I choose both of you! You're crazy.
You think that's funny? Disgust: How extremely childish of you.
You think I have a choice?! Each of you have so many good things that give worth to your existences! Kaguya! You care about Yuzuru a million times more than she does about herself! Yuzuru! You care about Kaguya way more than she does about herself! You have the right to choose your future.
Choose! One: Yuzuru absorbs Kaguya to become the true Yamai.
Two: Kaguya absorbs Yuzuru to become the true Yamai.
I'd never— Three: Give up your Spiritual powers and you both survive! I've had three choices for a lot of things, and two is unreasonable! What the eff? Doubt: How could that be possible? Please! Believe me! I won't ask you again.
Give me a chance to save both of you! Shut up! A human can't do that! Did you forget who just split your winds in half?! If I fail, go ahead and kill me.
Please Shido! What do you say, Yuzuru? Disbelief: A human could never have such a power.
Right? Shido's giving us so much trouble.
This is the second time he's butted into our duel.
Agreement: And I was just going to beat you and die.
That's not gonna happen.
I'm going to win, and you're going to survive.
H-Hey, Yuzuru Reply: Yes? If Just if Shido was telling the truth, what would you do? Reply: It would be wonderful.
Really? You're more of a dreamer than I thought.
Shame: What about you, then? Surprisingly enough, I'm the same.
Inquiry: If we both survive, what do you want to do? Me? Hm, let's see Oh, I'd like to try that "soy flour roll" that Tohka was screaming about.
She said it tastes like heaven itself.
Agreement: That sounds truly delicious.
What do you want to do? Reply: I want to attend a school.
That sounds cool! I bet the guys will be all over you! Denial: That wouldn't happen.
They'll be all over you.
I'm going to school, too? Confirmation: This is just my dream.
Oh, right.
Well, do you wanna go around town after school? Agreement: I'd like to go to a café.
Yeah, I know.
But we're paying fifty-fifty! That's unfair! You eat so much more than I do.
I totally don't! Doubt: Are you sure? Yuzuru Reply: Yes? Sorry I lied to you.
I I don't wanna die.
I wanna live, and and be with you! Reply: So do I.
I don't want to disappear.
I want to live with you! Yuzuru! Kaguya! Captain! Our altitude is dropping dangerously low! The residents of the island may see us! Silence! The only way to compensate for our failure is with a much greater success! Deploy every Bandersnatch we have on board! We're going to catch the Princess and the Berserkers! What is that? Agreement: They really had to crash the scene, didn't they? Hey, Yuzuru Wanna go? Confirmation: Let's go.
Raphael: Ell Kanaph! Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Fin Are you feeling all right? Sensei Where is the puppet? It suddenly stopped moving after you were knocked out.
You saved me out there.
Thank you.
But Shido You shouldn't be moving.
He'll be back soon enough.
I want to be stronger.
I want to protect Shido! Shido, so, uh Thanks for everything.
Gratitude: Thank you so much for stopping us.
No, it's all right.
And, well, we don't have much to give back, but Request: Please close your eyes.
Huh? O-Okay.
Wh-What the hell?! I told you.
We're returning the favor.
Apology: Was it not necessary? Confusion: You pervert! H-Hold on a sec! That was actually what lets me seal your powers, and— Shido? I just saw something— Wh-What are you doing?! Tohka?! I swear I didn't do anything! Shido ripped our clothes off.
Lament: He's taken my chastity.
I swear I didn't! Shido! I have confirmed with my own eyes that Yatogami Tohka is the Princess.
That's still a big step for us.
Good work.
You may return now.
Sir, may I ask a question? Go ahead.
Is it possible for a human to possess a Spirit's powers? Sorewa sorewa hatenai tabi This is the tale of a long, long journey Of a hero who left home to save you Kimi wo sukuu yuusha no monogatari Aru otogi no kuni tabidatsu wa yuusha From a land of fairy tales, a hero set off on a journey Sougen kakenuke mezasu wa ohimesama Passing through the grassy plains to find his princess Makkura na doukutsu kaze fuki areru yama koeteku Overcoming pitch black caves and stormy mountains His sword held high Tsurugi wo kazashite The flame of courage burns in his eyes Hitomi ni utsuru yuuki no honoo Yami no te wo furi harai kimi no te wo nigiru "I'll cast off the clutches of darkness and take your hand in mine" Ima datte yume datte tsurugi wo te ni "Always with my sword in hand" Kimi no koto mitsukeruyo yami wo saite "I'll break through the darkness to find you" Taoretatte tsurakutatte makenai kara "No matter how hard it is, I won't ever give up" Kono te wo gyutto tsukamaete "So come and take my hand" Kienai yuuki no honoo ga (Dead or Alive) The eternal flame of courage (Dead or Alive) Sekai terashite iru Fills the world with light I received word a moment ago that your brother summoned an angel.
I see.
Already We may be required to take action soon.
Otherwise, the Spirits that we sealed will once again face disaster.
I understand.
I'm sorry that I'm putting you through all of this.
I am the only one who can do this.
If there is no other choice I will kill Shido myself.
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