DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s05e04 Episode Script

Slay Anything

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Some of the most evil souls in all of history - have been raised from hell.
- Nate, Zari.
Zari, Nate.
Your sister is the secret woman from the hologram message.
I know Behrad's been lying to my parents.
I know who you are.
It's time they finally heard the truth.
Guys, meet Zari.
She's my sister.
Help! Freddy Meyers, you stand convicted of seven counts of murder, all occurring on June 2, 1989.
You have been sentenced to death by a jury of your peers.
The state will now proceed with your sentence.
Do you have anything to say before your sentence is carried out? Only That I love my mother.
Freddy, Freddy! They took my Freddy! Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Mmm, heaven is a place on earth They say in heaven, love comes first Who made heaven a place on earth? The hell was that? What the Oh! Ah! Who's there? Going somewhere? Spare me the sendoff, Lance.
I'm leaving before you and your band of botherers can suck me into another world-saving sing-along.
Actually, I was just gonna say we're still waiting for you to move out.
There's a box in the library labeled "arcana" that's been sitting there for months.
I'd avoid touching that if I was you.
Yeah, Behrad already tried to move it and now he thinks he's being haunted by a forlorn mariner.
And he's right, but I can't stick around to help the bloke.
I'm off to research a more lasting solution to your encore problem.
Did someone say encore? I also said no musical numbers, so please don't start.
Listen, I might have a solution to your problem.
I can't take you with me on this one, squire.
Where I'm going, I need to walk alone.
With Gary.
Okay, but look we're on a timeship.
And let's be honest, we're a little past the whole "should we change history" debate, right? So what if we go back to when the encores were kids and reform them before they break bad? Ray, we're dealing with the villains of history fresh out of hell.
They can't just be reformed like you're Ray, where are you? Like your fairy god-girlfriend.
Speaking of which, I think that your services are required, squire.
Well, look who's finally off the clock.
Oh, no, not again.
Oh, yes, oh, yes.
It's the same thing every time.
Kid gets a fairy godmother, what do they wish for? You get a pony and you get a pony.
Everyone gets a damn pony.
Well, maybe next time, you should say, "neigh".
Well, right now it's all about what you want.
What I want is to be done with this gig.
I know, but look at least with this job, you have the opportunity to make people's lives better.
How am I supposed to help kids in need when these kids don't even know what they need? Because trust me no one has ever become a better person with a pony.
Probably true.
But look, I'm setting the mood.
Gideon, dim the lights, and play "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago.
And now, it's whatever you wish, Nora Gideon, don't play Chicago.
I wasn't going to, Dr.
You sure being here doesn't bring back some fond memories? If I had fond memories of this place, I'd book a lobotomy.
Okay, whatever you people do here, just show me the exit.
I'm due for a content drop.
Oh, and also to tell Mâmân and Bâbâ you're not really in business school.
But before you do that, let's make sure you can't do that.
- Look over here.
- Ooh, is that a camera? Wait! Ugh, I don't want my picture with him.
You can't wipe her memory, all right? There's a timeline where she was here, okay? So maybe her being here, she'll remember what we did and who she was.
Look, I know Zari.
And there's no way she was ever anyone but her.
Hey, what's with the Wi-Fi? I need to clap back at Blue Ivy on CatChat.
CatChat's the chat app that lets you clap back I didn't say tell me.
Tarazi and Mr.
Heywood, you're needed on the bridge.
Look, no one wants you out of here more than I do, but I need you to stay put until we finish this job.
Wait, are you are you taking me prisoner? I have a sneaker drop and I'm supposed to be releasing a new fragrance for Dragoness today.
We have been working on this launch for months.
This is high stakes! A serial killer has been freed from hell and is on the loose in 2004.
And somehow, the scariest thing about this mission is going back to the early 2000s.
A coroner was found dead while transporting the body of a famed serial killer.
Oh, my God.
It's Freddy Meyers, the Prom Night Slasher.
Come on, guys.
I ranked him #5 killer of all time on Stab Cast.
My podcast about serial killers babe? Oh.
As I was going to say, Freddy killed seven of his peers before At his high school prom in 1989.
He used a kitchen knife and he wore a creepy mask.
I actually did a whole series on it.
So none of you open my emails, clearly? And following the murders He spent 15 years on death row before he was executed in 2004.
Which is when the timeline changed, starting with the death of the coroner and the disappearance of Freddy's body.
I don't even want to think about what a serial killer would do with his second act.
Tiffany! She was the final girl.
The one target That survived Freddy's attack! It's informative and entertaining.
It's good.
See? Thank you.
Guys, check this out.
"The Central City High class of '89 "is planning to memorialize their fallen peers at their 15-year reunion this Friday night".
We have to go.
That's where Freddy will be to finish the job.
Well then, babe, grab your autograph book, because we're gonna go catch a serial killer.
Gideon, take us to 2004.
And order one of these mattresses using promo code "LACERATION".
We're heading in.
You guys keep an eye out for a crazy masked killer.
The only thing killing it out here is my wardrobe.
I can't believe I'm here.
Seriously oh, my God, oh, my God.
This is the lobby where he stalked his victims.
You guys he made his first kill in this cafeteria! Babe! - What, what? - Babe! That's the trophy that Tiffany fashioned into a makeshift weapon.
Why didn't you tell me we were coming back to my old school? - You went to school here? - What? Mick, this is why you need to come to team meetings.
Do you remember anything about Freddy? Yeah.
He was a loser.
Oh, come on.
Frickin' Mick Rory.
Allie, remember? Is that you, or No.
Are you sure? 'Cause you look, like, exactly like Mick.
Mick Rory.
My name's Dick.
Tellin' ya, Dick.
meetings work wonders.
It's her! It's Tiffany.
Tiffany Harper.
It's really you.
Who are you? I'm Lisa and this is Kelly and you wouldn't remember us 'cause we were losers.
Total zeroes.
I don't.
Isn't time weird? So weird.
- Well, see you inside.
- Thank you.
And go Cavaliers! - Oh, my God! - Okay, go, keep going.
Hope you're enjoying your reunion out there.
Keep on dancing, class of '89.
No sign of Freddy.
But I got eyes on crudités.
Ooh, save me some raw broccoli.
I never thought I'd say this, but I think I've lost my appetite for broccoli.
- Whoa.
- Guys, Freddy's on the scene.
He's got his first victim.
We're ready for him.
Uh, hello! Hello, everyone.
Welcome back.
It means so much to see all of you here tonight.
And here to unveil our memorial to our fallen peers is our very own survivor, Tiffany Harper.
Has anyone seen Tiffany? Something's wrong.
Of course she makes a dramatic entrance.
We didn't cover this in rehearsal, Tiffany.
All right, that's it.
I'm unveiling it myself.
All right, everybody! Just stay calm.
Okay, he's here.
We need backup.
It's him.
Guys, watch out.
You're stuck in the school with the Prom Night Slasher.
Master, I'm sorry I'm so late.
I tried a teleportation spell to get here ASAP and now I'm stuck walking backwards.
Damn it, Gary.
Pull yourself together, will you? We've got work to do.
And the answers we need lie behind this door.
What is this place? I can't say I've ever had anything as comfy as a home, but I lived here once.
And not a soul has stepped foot inside since I left.
What the bloody hell? Oi, what are you doing in my house? Hey, go on! Get off my stairs.
All right, who's responsible for this? And lo, and I thought I was the one with the magic touch.
All right, everybody out.
Any of you wanna party you do it somewhere else, all right? How did you even find this place, Charlie? You told me about it when you were wasted once.
You found your way here, you can find your way out.
What is with him, huh? What are you doing here? Do the Constantine trick again.
- All right, everyone.
- Stay sharp.
The killer could be anywhere.
We gotta get everyone out of here.
Thanks for the heart attack! Sorry, Swiss Army Knife usually solves a jam in a jiff, but these doors are telekinetically sealed.
No way in or out.
This place always felt like a prison.
Telekinesis, it makes perfect sense.
Killers often act out of feeling powerless and now he has the ultimate power.
I need to adjust my rankings.
Yeah, and we need to save Allie.
I mean, the class of '89.
All right, immortal killer how do we stop it? We can't from in here but maybe you guys can.
Look, Ray, it's time to put your crazy plan to the test.
We gotta go back and fix Freddy.
All right.
Let's find our future encore.
Freddy! Hey, Freddy! Heard you couldn't find a prom date.
Guess your mom turned you down.
Nice one, Brad! - Losers.
- Brad's such a jerk.
Oh, it's okay.
You don't have to do it, it's all right.
I got it, thank you.
Actually, I wanted to ask you something.
Turns out I don't have a date to prom tonight and I was thinking would you go with me? Me go with you to prom? Exactly.
Meet me in front of the school at 8:00.
Don't be late.
Oy vey, this is bad.
Why would the most popular girl need a last-minute date, let alone ask him? She's working with those boys.
This could be what sets him off.
Okay, we gotta talk this kid out of his dream date.
Let's rap, Freddy.
Who are who are you guys? New teachers.
Cool new teachers.
And, uh, judging by your test scores here, maybe you should skip the prom and hit the books.
Turn this A into an A+.
Or maybe go to the movies.
1989's a great movie summer.
"Last Crusade", "Ghostbusters II" Yeah, I gotta go, so Hey, no running in the hallway.
We're not just your teachers, we're your pals! Picture a dark hallway.
It feels like the killer's there with you.
Shafts of moonlight claw at the floor.
Glowing exit sign you may never reach.
Come out here, Freddy! We know you're there.
Yeah, come on out! There are gaps in your psychological profile that you need to answer for.
And we're gonna send you back to hell.
Yeah! Did you find a way out? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Get back in the gym.
There! Whoa.
- Freddy ran off on us.
- We need his address.
I got you.
Nora? Nora, what's wrong? I can hear them, their their voices.
Fairy godmothers have sort of a special radar that tunes into kids' wishes, and prom night is a minefield of teenage need, so when it locks onto the kid with the deepest need I just go straight to oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's happening.
Where the hell did you come from, huh? Oh, Freddy.
Uh - Huh? - I am your fairy godmother.
So Please don't kill me? You're a fairy godmother? My fairy godmother? - Uh-huh.
- Prove it.
You think I'd be wearing this if I really had the choice? Huh? So anything I ask for you have to do it.
So you should really think about what you want, especially the consequences.
I already know what I want.
Prom's tonight and Freddy, honey! Hide no! Hey, Freddy.
Ready, Freddy, for movie night? - I got the Jiffy Pop going.
- Uh, actually, Mom Ray, I'm with Freddy.
Nora! Good, that's great.
How is that great? I'm a serial killer's fairy godmother.
This is perfect.
Old Freddy didn't have a fairy godmother.
So if you give him the prom every kid dreams of maybe he won't hurt anyone.
Except this kid's dream is for everyone to be dead.
Oh! - Mm, prom? - Mm-hmm.
Wow, Freddy.
Uh, do you need a ride, or I could help you with your tie.
Oh you know, I got it.
But, um, I love you, okay? I just gotta go.
- Oh.
- Okay.
Now, back to my wish.
I'm gonna make it so those kids never make fun of me again, because I wish for a suit.
A suit? Yeah, if I'm gonna take Tiffany I gotta look good, so I want a cool suit.
Can you do that? - Yeah, I can do that.
- Okay.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Check it out.
Oh, my okay, okay.
Now I gotta show up in style.
I want a pony.
Seriously, kid? I've fallen in love And there's no turning back Hey.
Ready? Hey, Tiffany.
Cool suit.
You're like a heart attack - Thank you.
- Should we, uh - Yes.
- Okay.
You open my eyes Looks like your plan just might work.
Well, only thanks to you.
Hey, Palmer.
Will you go to prom with me? Aw, shucks.
All right.
The way you make me feel inside Whoa, whoa, hey.
Cool it.
I knew it.
You stole our family's totem.
It's not like that, I I needed to take it.
I mean, you could've just asked for it.
Mâmân and Bâbâ would've given it to you.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Oh, you really don't know? You're never around, you don't do any work, and they still treat you like you're some kind of hero.
If you only knew what I've done, what I've survived, without getting any credit.
Not that you'd understand, 'cause you only care about yourself.
Whatever, don't tell me.
But wait till they see you've turned it into a stupid stoner bracelet hey! What up, Z-listers? Turns out even a sacred totem couldn't reverse the sucking void that is my soul.
Hey, screw you.
I'm not a void.
I'm a business.
Not like it works here anyway.
Everybody, stay calm.
Once the power's back we'll get help.
Where do you think you're going? I'm gonna find a way out of this school.
Look at them, just waiting to be picked off.
Never fit in with them when I went here and I'm sure as hell not gonna die with them.
I like the way you think.
There's an old vent in the wood shop I used to sneak out of.
I knew it.
Mick frickin' Rory.
Come on, let's get the hell out of this school.
You have a husband? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Eh.
No one's waiting at home for me.
Still haven't quite gotten that together.
And you? Um, it's behind here.
Do you ever wonder where we'd be if, you know, that prom had gone differently, like if we'd You'd better be fixing this in '89.
So this is prom.
- I know it's lame, but - No, no, no, no.
Actually I think I kinda get the whole nostalgia thing for once.
And we're gonna slow it down for the next one.
So everyone, grab your sweeties and get on the dance floor.
Down this lonely road, you walk away Oh, I love this song.
Yeah, me too.
You know, you're a really good dancer.
Thanks, I I watch a lot of music videos.
Aww, they look so happy.
Yeah, but they don't.
So that's the prank.
She leads him to the center of the dance floor and they drop trash on his head.
Classic "Carrie".
Bet these bullies don't know how that ended.
Well, we gotta keep them from walking in the drop zone.
I think it's gonna be okay.
And I'll wait It's a little crowded over there.
- Is this good? - Yeah.
There's just one thing I know I'll never let go Hey, Freddy.
Nice suit.
It would suck if it got ruined.
- Brad, wait.
- Come on, Tiff! This is how the prank was supposed to go, right? Prank? What are you talking about? He still doesn't get it.
You think she actually wanted to go out with you? It was a setup, butt lump.
Tiffany, is that true? No I mean not anymore, Freddy.
No, Freddy.
Freddy, it's gonna be okay.
We just went from John Hughes to John Carpenter.
I take it back.
High school sucks.
- Come out here and face me, you bastard.
- Rory, are you trying to get yourself killed? He killed Allie.
He's gonna pay! She wasn't just some girl, was she? She was my prom date.
We went to the same school together and we kind of had a thing.
Then I went to juvie but we still wrote letters to one another.
I was gonna break out and take her to the stupid dance, but then I blew her off.
- Rory.
- What? I was young, stupid.
Mick, look, I'm sorry, okay? But if this plan works then Freddy never becomes an encore.
Maybe everything that happened can be undone.
Maybe we can still save Allie.
- Freddy, wait.
- Leave me alone.
What? You don't want to be alone right now.
How would you know that? How would you know what I want? I spent years wanting these kids to be my friend and I couldn't even make it happen with a fairy godmother! I cannot wait to be done with this stupid place and I hope they all get what they deserve.
No, you don't mean that.
- Yeah, I do.
- No, you don't.
Look, I get it.
I have given in to my demons.
I know what it's like to want to make the world feel your pain, but that is not who you are.
I see so much more in you.
God, being yourself That is a magic stronger than any wish.
Being truly okay with myself, scars and all, is how the right people truly found me.
Now, if you had one more wish To show all of them who you really are, what'll it be? Uh, how concerned should we be? I say medium.
Medium concerned.
We're J.
Fad and we're here to rock Rhymes like ours could never be stopped Hit it! Supersonic Supersonic motivating rhymes are creating We know you like us girls so you better get stirl' 'Cause we are the home chicks That are rockin' your world Supersonic is a word when people start to listen Especially bigger people, they pay close attention You might not believe it, you might not even buy it But when it comes to our lady Beatbox! You might even try it Supersonic What the S-s-so you better listen good to what we have to say 'Cause when it comes to J.
Fad You can't get no play Supersonic Computer, just tell me h How many CatChat followers have I lost since I've been stuck in this dump? I can't do that, Miss Tarazi.
It's probably best I don't know.
Wait, does this computer get internet? It's a computer program I designed to hack it.
How did you bypass my encrypted security protocol? Oh, just by being a businesswoman, makeup guru, bad bitch, and overall genius.
Now call me a ride, computer.
You were really good out there, Freddy.
Takes some real confidence to bust out backup dancers at prom.
So this gets to be, like, your job, making things better for kids? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Look, there's gotta be a bunch of kids out there that could probably use your help, and I think I'm gonna be okay.
Thank you, though.
For everything.
Oh, there's my ride.
Ugh, vintage.
Well, at least the computer knows I like to travel in style.
That was fun.
Yeah, and the night's just getting started.
I know.
Well, you can take my limo wherever we want to go.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Ugh, she booked me a shared ride.
Guys, they fixed it.
Ray's plan actually worked? Apparently, Freddy's a really solid dancer.
And he's not gonna go on a killing spree at prom.
Then who is that? Die, you bastard! Mick! Hey.
No, no.
Sara, look.
Kathy Meyers? She must be the encore.
They wanted to take my Freddy away from me.
But when that girl asked him to prom, I knew I had to kill her and all of his new friends.
Now I get to finish what I started.
Hey, are you guys getting any service? Oh, I know what you guys are thinking.
Yes, it's me.
The Dragon Girl.
Wait, why aren't we moving? Driver, what's going on? Close it! Close the door, close it! You killed our friend.
You killed those kids.
But you're not gonna get away with it this time.
I won't let anyone stand between me and my boy.
And you're next.
Sara! - Close the door! - Close the door! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Before you kill me, there's just something I don't understand, huh? How did you get here? Come on, every killer has a story.
Why don't you tell me yours, yeah? After I killed those brats, my Freddy took the fall.
He wanted to protect me, but I knew I couldn't live without him.
And I was right, because he's not the only one who died the night of his execution.
I had a heart attack right there in Iron Heights.
I died with him! But then, I was sent back from hell.
Given a second chance, a chance to bring Freddy home where he belongs.
A chance to finish the job I started.
And no one can ever take us away from each other.
Babe, it's happening.
We're final girls! That's right! Feel the burn of Dragoness, you psycho! Mom? What are you doing? Freddy, I'm doing this for you.
For us.
I can't lose you, Freddy.
I can't live without you.
Let me do this, Freddy.
I can't move.
You don't need them, you need me.
We could get away with this together.
No, no.
I-I know who I am now and I'm not gonna lock myself away.
Then this is for your own good.
They did it! Behrad? It's all right.
You okay? I totally get why you stole that.
Fair enough.
Wow, this is a lot.
I know she needs help, but she was all I had.
And they took her away.
So what do I do? Survive.
Freddy, my upbringing was only dysfunction.
But dysfunction doesn't get to choose who you are.
You do.
You hear me? Yeah, okay.
We should, uh, head back and check on the team and make sure everything's back to normal.
I know you're gonna be okay, kid.
Gideon treating you right? Pretty cool, huh? So this is what you do? Travel around time and save people using wind? That's I wouldn't say cool, exactly, but no wonder you're the favorite.
The favorite? Mâmân and Bâbâ only treat me how they do 'cause they're worried about me.
I mean, I've been in business school for five years.
You were a self-made millionaire by the age of 19.
You're right, I am very impressive.
Like, how did you jailbreak your way out of here anyway? I was poking around your weird little screens and suddenly I knew how to hack my way out.
Yeah, time travel always has these weird side effects.
Well, hopefully it wears off because I was thinking of sticking around for a while.
I weirdly wouldn't hate that.
Hey, guys.
We're still in 2004.
- Where the hell are you? - You coming? How about this for a reunion? Hey! And, uh, what's your sister doing here? Probably CatChatting.
No judgment here.
- Yes.
- Wait.
Where's Mick? Mick? Mick Rory? Allie.
Heaven is a place on earth They say in heaven, love comes first Hey, Freddy.
Hey, Tiffany.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth Nora, may I have this dance? Ah, but of course.
I cannot believe I got to get an exclusive scoop for Stab Cast and I got to be the final girl.
Well, technically, I never died, so.
Technically, you've died more than three times, so just give me this one, babe.
You are my final girl.
Hey, guys.
Photo booth.
Whoo! Do we look okay? When you walk into the room You pull me close, now we start to move Wait! Where's Mick? Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, heaven is a place on earth They say in heaven, love comes first Wow, Mick.
That's my gun.
I thought I told you to piss off.
Gary just filled me in on that business with Astra.
So why are you drowning your sorrows instead of doing something about it? What happened here, John? I used to run with a bunch back in the day.
Became known as the Newcastle Crew, spent most of our misbegotten youth in this place.
One of them was a powerful witch.
I'm back here to consult with her.
She's through there.
So what are you waiting for? Come on, get off your ass and go and do it.
Because it's not that easy, all right, Charlie? That witch is Astra's dead mother.
Her spirit is waiting on the other side of that door and none too happy with me.
There are things in my past that I haven't told anyone.
So I get the whole wanting to do it on your own.
But if there was some door that I could walk through to solve all my problems, I sure as hell would take that chance.
I call upon Hecate, lady of keys and guardian of crossroads.
Sever this seal.
By my blood, be open.
Don't look back, Johno.
You got this.
Let's hope you're right, love.

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