Doctor Who s08e85 Episode Script

The Last Day (The Day of the Doctor Minisode)

Don't try to speak.
If you can hear me, nod.
When the head-cam's attached for the first time, Your speech centres get a bit confused.
You'll be fine in a bit.
Do you want to try standing ? That's it.
It'll feel better any second.
What I'm doing now is fusing the grid to your neuro-receptors.
From now on, the head-cam is donwloading directly into your memory.
A tiny part of your brain is now a hard drive.
Takes up hardly any space.
You won't feel a thing.
No, at the beginning, sometimes, this has side effects.
Run ! Everybody just run ! I know what the guys have been telling you But trust me, they're not premonitions, okay ? Just side effects.
Take a look in the mirror.
I'm gonna show you how the fittings work.
It's an hallucination.
It's okay.
It's not real.
It's not a premonition.
Were you listening to me ? Okay, this is the official stuff.
In the event of your death, Your head-cam memories will be stripped from your cerebral cortex And uploaded to your family drives.
Anything gruesome or unsuitable for children, Like actually dying, for instance, will be tinted red.
There's a language filter, so it'll cut any time you say Edogar, this is the new guy.
Don't scare him.
-Do you know why you're safe up here ? -Don't do the speech.
-You said "don't scare him".
-The speech is what scares people.
Almost nothing in the universe can get trough a Sky Trench.
Nothing in history has ever gotten through too.
Up there, they've got 400 of them.
Welcome to Arcadia.
Safest place on Gallifrey.
That's no lie.
You take that one.
I'll take this one.
He was right.
Nothing can get past a Sky Trench.
But if just one Dalek made it through, it could destroy this entire city.
That's all it would take, one Dalek.
One Dalek, acting alone, and we're finished.
So you scan everything, clear ? Everything you see, you scan it.
See that little speck over there, a bird or something ? Pretend it's a Dalek.
Zoom right in on that, all the way in.
Use the vision stabilisers.
Turn up the enhancers to ten-plus.
Initialise the image lock.
That's That's not actually possible.
Lock onto it.
Lock on That's not an hallucination.
That's real.
That's real ! Track it.
Track it wherever it goes ! One Dalek, incoming ! I repeat, one Dalek incoming ! Maximum alert ! Daleks incoming.
Dalek attack ! Alert ! Alert !