Doctor Who s08e86 Episode Script

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide

1 I think I have everything! We're still going, yeah? We're still going to have our proper holiday? OK, you're worrying me now.
Stop worrying me.
- Doctor? - Who am I? Where am I? And who are you? You've actually done it, haven't you? Last thing you said to me before I went out, "I've got to "remember to repair the interface or I'll completely wipe my memory.
" I don't remember saying that! I don't remember saying anything! In fact, here's a theory - don't laugh.
Promise me you won't laugh.
(I think, whoever I am, I've lost my memory.
) All 1,200 years? That sounds like a lot.
Is that a lot? That sounds like a lot.
- First things first, what's my name? - I don't know, nobody knows.
- Well, that's a good start! - You call yourself the Doctor.
- Oh, I like it.
Doctor Who.
Ha! Yes! Nobody knows! That's the thing! - Wait a second.
- OK.
Be cool - You showed me this once.
- Right.
- It might help.
All your life, everything you've ever done, all written in here.
The Doctor, is he a good person? Who are his friends? Who are his enemies? Open it, find out.
Oh OK So, Doctorwho are you? Doctor Who, the British science fiction phenomenon, is about to celebrate 50 years on our screens.
After nearly 800 episodes, 11 incarnations and thousands of adventures, it's the longest-running sci-fi show of all time.
Guess who! Ha! Tonight, we're going to take you on a journey across the Whoniverse You want moves, I'll give you moves.
charting the history of the time-travelling Doctor and his many faces.
- I have to face my fear.
- From companions - Don't steal that one, steal this one.
- .
to chameleon circuits.
Bad girl! - From the Master to the monsters - You are the destroyer of the world! .
we'll be covering it all, in Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide.
Come with me.
So all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will.
Where do you want to start? How about we start at the very beginning? Doctor Who has been going for 50 years.
What makes it so special? The special thing about Doctor Who is almost indefinable.
It's just a great idea.
This is the story of a man with a box that's bigger on the inside than the out, that can go anywhere in time and space.
I'm definitely a madman with a box.
It's called the TARDIS, this thing.
It's simply about his adventures.
But adventures in time.
It's a series where anything is possible.
Very hard to describe, because it sounds mental.
That's not fair.
- The fears are primal.
- Doctor! But the victories aretotal.
Redemption is possible.
Take it! Take it all, baby! It's got a special place in the heart of Britain, I think.
It's a cultural phenomenon.
It's a tradition.
And it is going to be .
I grew up with Doctor Who being kind of passed down From generations and generations.
- Is it always this dangerous? - Yeah.
And I think that everyone kind of connects to that aspect of the show where you get invited to go on all these adventures.
- Come with me.
- Where? Wherever you like.
To the eyes of a four-year-old child, it was magical.
There is a wish fulfilment.
You could fall through those magic doors into that adventure.
Who are you? Where am I? I used to sit in the bath fantasising I'd be Doctor Who, and then a girl from my school would be my companion.
You're utterly mad! There's gadgets .
there's baddies assistantsand there's, like, a dog that's electric.
I'm into that.
K-9! There's a lot more sci-fi geeks in the world than people think.
- Good.
- I can't imagine UK television without Doctor Who.
I mean, it would just be weird.
It would be like a big void.
We still want to be scared, we still want to be inspired, but in the same way that we were as kids.
When you talk of the Earththen make sure that you tell them this.
Itisdefended! We want a hero.
That's what we want.
Yes, and we've already witnessed the reign of 11 of these time-travelling heroes.
Let's give ourselves a quick reminder of who they are.
Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davison, Baker, McCoy, McGann.
Eccleston, Tennant, Smith.
Nailed it! So, that's our first 11, but what is the Doctor actually like, then? - They call me the Doctor.
- Doctor what? - There is no name.
DoctorJohn Smith, isn't it? He looks quite like me.
I'm the Doctor! I'm a Time Lord.
Yes, about 450 years old.
I'd say he's 900 years old.
- You're 900 years old? - I've no idea what age he is now.
I'm 1,200 years old now.
Wow, he ages quickly.
My mum was right, that is one hell of an age gap.
The Doctor is from the planet Gallifrey.
- Are you from another planet? - Yeah.
He's a Time Lord.
- He was president of the Time Lords at one point.
- He's a time-traveller.
He stole the TARDIS.
He looks human, but he has two hearts.
- I say, I don't think that can be right.
- The more hearts, the better.
He can give twice the loving.
Know what I mean? - No.
- He's an explorer.
He is a man in love with the universe.
MECHANICAL: The Doctor will destroy the universe.
No, no.
No, you've got it wrong.
- Stubborn.
- Courageous.
You need to leave this planet.
Yes, OK, OK.
- He's a scientist.
- Of course! You fool! It's antimatter! He's a vegetarian.
The steak looks nice.
He's not a vegetarian.
Steak and chips.
He's a lapsed vegetarian.
In the nicest possible way, he's a weirdo.
Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit weird? They never really stop.
And I like weirdos.
The Doctor isn't a self-conscious hero.
He doesn't go around looking for problems to solve, but he is massively compassionate and massively empathetic and has a tremendous sense of justice and goodness.
But how much do we really know about the Doctor? Are there darker sides to the Time Lord than we ever thought? Get out of my head! He knows what evil is.
He wouldn't be the hero he is if he didn't.
I think the audience always knows the Doctor is a hero but they also know that there are consequences sometimes to someone taking such a big role in the universe.
That there can be downsides.
Really tragic events happen.
Look after our baby.
Why doesn't he stop her? He may not be the hero that we believe he is.
We learn more about the character and maybe learn more about the dark side.
It was kind of the natural progression or a natural thing to bring that sort of dark complexity.
Sometimes we allude to, or there is a suggestion of some upset in his past.
Because he rarely, if ever, talks about it.
I'm not sure exactly where he's come from.
And with the climax of the latest series of Doctor Who we find our beloved Time Lord in uncharted territory.
Trenzalore is where I'm buried.
Welcome .
to the tomb of the Doctor.
Having landed on Trenzalore, the Doctor comes face-to-face with a mysterious figure.
- Who's that? - It's me.
He's the one who broke the promise.
What I did, I did without choice.
And it seems as the reign of the 11th Doctor approaches its end, his world is becoming increasingly complicated.
What that man is and why the Doctor chose to reject him and to delete him from his own past is going to be the story told in the 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor.
But for now, on Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, we're going to take a look at the genesis of this unconventional hero of sci-fi and his many faces.
Nothing stays the same.
But before we start travelling across time and space, we're going to need a vehicle of some sort.
Anyone got any ideas? It's blue.
THEY MIMIC "METALLIC THRUMMING" It's got "Police" written on it.
HE MIMICS "METALLIC THRUMMING" With a genius inside it.
HE MIMICS "METALLIC THRUMMING" - I think it's just, like, immense.
- It's a metaphor for the human soul.
HARSH BREATHING It's probably the most iconic spacecraft ever created.
You know, it feels like it's alive.
That's right, we're going to begin our journey across the Whoniverse with a look at the love of the Doctor's life.
I should like to see this TARDIS.
- The what?! - The TARDIS.
That's not even a proper word! But what does TARDIS actually mean? T-A-R-D-I-S.
- Time.
- Relative.
Time And Relative Dimension In Space.
The TARDIS was developed in the Doctor's home world of Gallifrey, in order to allow Time Lords to travel through space and time.
The Doctor, being the impatient maverick he is, decided he had to steal one for himself.
- Doctor? - Yes, what is it? With a little help from Clara.
Don't steal that one, steal this one.
The navigation system's knackered, but you'll have much more fun.
During its travels, the Doctor's TARDIS became known for its iconic exterior.
- What's a police public call box? - It's a telephone box, from the 1950s.
It's a disguise.
Yes, it's got a complex system called a chameleon circuit, which allows the TARDIS to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.
But unfortunately, it doesn't actually work.
How do we get in? The mechanism for its disguise is just knackered.
It's like watching a man with his car.
It's his pride and joy and it's wonderful to watch.
Although the Doctor is constantly trying to fix it, it seems that we're stuck with the good old blue police box but, for newcomers to the TARDIS, there's one feature that never ceases to amaze and confuse.
- Bigger on the inside.
- It's bigger on the inside.
The TARDIS is a sort of Narnia wardrobe.
- The inside is bigger than the outside? - Yes.
It is bigger on the inside than on the out.
That's amazing.
That's poetry.
It is very small outside, it's just in here it's big.
Oh, come off it! Goodbye.
Thinking about how it works could drive you bonkers.
It's a lot to take in, isn't it? Tiny box, huge room inside.
Let me explain.
- It's another dimension? - Is basically another dimension.
What? But impossible as it sounds, the mystery was actually explained years ago by fourth Doctor Tom Baker.
- Which box is larger? - That one.
There's a scene where the Doctor tries to explain to Leela how the TARDIS works, and he says, "Basically, part of it is further away, "which means it's in the distance.
" - Now which is larger? - That one! - But it looks smaller.
- That's because it's further away.
- Exactly.
It's to do with perspective.
If you could keep that exactly that distance away and have it here, the large one would fit inside the small one.
That's basically it, they've found a way of compressing the perspective.
- Which - I - always found convincing! - That's silly.
But I was about eight, so leave me alone.
It doesn't make any sense.
That's transdimensional engineering.
Recently, the Doctor's relationship with the TARDIS has developed into something a little more intimate.
I've just had a new idea about kissing.
Come here! The TARDIS is this kind of quite eccentric, flaky woman.
I just really love that idea.
In the episode The Doctor's Wife, the Doctor comes face-to-face with Idris, a human embodiment of the TARDIS.
It's me! - I'm the TARDIS.
- No, you're not! You're a bitey mad lady.
The TARDIS is up and downy stuff in a big blue box.
Yes, that's me.
I really liked it because you kind of got to see the Doctor's - relationship with the TARDIS in more of a romantic way.
- In human terms.
Yeah, more human and, like, because Matt Smith is quite flirty.
The first time you touched my console I said you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever known.
And then you stole me.
And I stole you.
From then on, it's already in your mind that he has this kind of affection for the TARDIS.
It's not just his vehicle, but it's a companion and a partner for him.
- Sorry, do you have a name? - 700 years, finally, he asks! What do I call you? I think you call mesexy.
- Only when we're alone.
- We are alone.
Right Come on, sexy.
The TARDIS - Doctor Who, that's the first thing people think.
Doctor Who would be walking along a street and the blue box would be there and he'd beckon and you'd go running off to space and time.
It is sheer magic.
WOMAN SCREAMS CRASH I think the TARDIS is not just a vehicle, it's another character.
It's the spaceship! Everybody loves the spaceship in anything sci-fi.
And the TARDIS is so cool because it feels like a character of its own.
OK, so that's the TARDIS.
Now it's time to have a look at the first lucky man to land it on Earth.
We are at the very beginning! Meet the first Doctor, William Hartnell.
In 1963 he landed on our screens and changed British television for ever.
But why do you have to destroy? Hm Well, we are in a pickle, aren't we? OLD MAN'S VOICE: Don't mess with me, young man! A new birthof a sun and its planets! I watched the very first episode of Doctor Who.
I'd come in that Saturday from somewhere.
I leaned on the door when I came in because it was just starting, and I was still leaning there 25 minutes later when it finished.
It was new, it was different, it appealed to the young men that we were.
The character at that stage, we didn't know where he'd come from, we didn't know what his back story was.
So there's a lot of mystery about him.
- Your arrogance is nearly as great as your ignorance.
- Open the door! We are the masters of the Earth! Not for long.
The show was unlike anything seen on our screens before and the character of the Doctor immediately became a TV icon.
Yes, indeed.
'The look of him, the sound of him,' the aura, was naturally authoritative.
The Doctor started out as a kind of cool, trendy grandfather that was really clever and could teach you a thing or two about science.
I should say originally it was some pliable metal held together by a magnetic field.
So the curiosity was enormous.
Hm! Well, yes, quite fascinating.
Hm In the modern era, we are used to seeing the Doctor being very off-the-cuff Bada-boom! .
spontaneous You only live once.
you know, thinking on his feet.
Run! With Hartnell, everything he seemed to do and everything that went right for him seemed to be because of his experience.
That city down there is a magnificent subject for study and I don't intend to leave here until I've thoroughly investigated it.
And as we got to know this elderly alien with his unconventional time machine, it became clear that the Doctor was far from your typical small-screen hero.
He was kind of grumpy, he was mysterious.
Oh, child, if only you'd think as an adult sometimes.
He also seemed difficult.
Geniuses can be a bit rude and a bit blunt.
William Hartnell definitely had a bit of that in him.
Please stop bothering me.
- Yes, the first Doctor was rude - Mind your own business.
- .
patronising - I can see by your face that you don't understand.
I knew you wouldn't.
Never mind.
and despite looking like a pensioner, he could certainly handle himself.
OLD MAN'S VOICE: Oh, you want to fight, do you? Come on, then! I'll just unravel my cravat.
Yes, the first Doc was no day at the beach.
Don't call me Doc.
Now, do I make myself clear? But over time, he began to mellow and went on to time-travel with a host of new friends, or companions, over the years.
- Are you going to come with us? - If you'll have me.
HE CHUCKLES He began to develop a softer side, and when granddaughter Susan grew up and fell in love Oh, David, I do love you! I do! I do! .
he sent her off with a memorable and emotional farewell speech.
There must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties.
Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.
And soon the first Doctor was saying his own goodbyes, leaving as a changed character.
He enters almost as the villain, and leaves as the eccentric, compassionate hero.
You know, became this hugely popular figure in popular culture, and if he has a legacy, it's that the show is still running today and that's got to be down to him.
By the end of his spell in the TARDIS, the Doctor had laid the foundations for the next 50 years of time-travelling adventures.
And far from being the end, the demise of the first Doctor was only the beginning.
WILLIAM HARTNELL IN DALEK VOICE: I fooled them all! I am the master! HE CHUCKLES Whether the regeneration from the off, in 1963, was part of the plan I've love to think it was in some because it's a masterstroke.
Yes, over 50 glorious years, the Doctor's light has never faded, thanks to the ingenious concept of regeneration.
It's far from being all over.
It means I'm going to change.
The Doctor doesn't die.
It's the body that dies and he then switches his body and he turns into somebody totally new.
It's the end! Regeneration is, to me, the most genius plot device ever.
Don't die! The thing that has made Doctor Who endure is the fact that the Doctor regenerates.
It's time to say goodbye.
- Doctor! - Stay away! I don't want to go.
It's a very neat trick, I suppose, and it's proved to be unbelievable successful.
I'm sorry.
If you can have a different person playing the same character, it's just going to go on and on.
Regeneration is what has enabled us to have this conversation.
It's enabled the 50th anniversary to happen.
It's absolutely brilliant, and the constant in Doctor Who is change, and that's the clever part.
Every new regeneration is a new aspect of his personality.
Am Iginger? No, you're just sort of brown.
I want to be ginger! I've never been ginger.
You're always curious to find out what is new about him.
What is new about this regeneration? What is new about this character? What side of the Doctor are we going to see now? Older regenerations could involve anything from a Bohemian Rhapsody-style video effect to a cosmic facemask.
Nowadays, regeneration is a more hi-tech affair.
All of the modern regenerations have been incredibly memorable.
And they've sort of settled down now to this thing where the orange energy comes out of them and all that stuff.
- Eccleston, when he changes to David, was like - MAKES WHOOSHING SOUND All this stuff comes out and there's light and things going on.
That was, like, whoa! Hello.
I HE GULPS New teeth, that's weird.
I've still got legs! Good! He's got all of these different guises and, with each successive Doctor, they bring something new to the role that keeps you interested.
They are one and the same.
They may look different, but they are really just incarnations of the same thing.
- That's important.
- And that's just how it should be.
That is the perpetual Doctor Who cycle.
No-one is bigger than the character, because Doctor Who is Doctor Who.
HE LAUGHS So, after the first Doctor's demise, the second arrived with a whole new take on the Time Lord.
Patrick Troughton had the hard job.
Patrick Troughton was the actor who established that the Doctor can change.
It wasn't somebody pretending to do what William Hartnell did, he completely reinvented the character.
And he took hold of that part, flipped it on its side, wiggled its legs in the air and he became this wonderful, loving cosmic hobo, who was disarming and charming.
EXPLOSIONS AND SHOUTING I loved Patrick Troughton's Doctor.
Just so subtle and clever and quick-changing.
Funny and so characterful.
Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority.
Yes, we are in trouble, aren't we? Why? What's all this about? I don't know, but we've got to be careful.
We've got to be very, very careful.
Patrick was a proper character actor.
How can I be a traitor when I don't even know where I am? Where am I? He was a bit clown-like.
SHE SCREAMS I'm sure we can talk this over.
He invents how the Doctor is going to be from then on, so he's not just the hero, he's the comedy hero.
Sausages! Patrick Troughton's Doctor is sort of more recognisable to modern audiences, I think.
He's more the centre of the action.
If not for Patrick Troughton, there wouldn't be a Matt Smith today.
Oh, you've redecorated! I don't like it.
You've had this place redecorated, haven't you? Don't like it.
But Troughton wasn't just a clown, he was musical.
TOOTING - Sort of.
And he was the first to use - This is a sonic screwdriver.
Now, where can I demonstrate it? His three-year reign came to an abrupt end when he was captured by his fellow Time Lords.
And it was only then that we found out more about who this mysterious time-traveller actually was.
You have repeatedly broken our most important law of non-interference in the affairs of other planets.
What have you to say? Do you admit these actions? I not only admit them, I am proud of them.
We start to learn more about the fact that the Doctor is a Time Lord, and we learn more about their code.
All these evils I have fought while you have done nothing but observe.
You can observe the affairs of the universe, but you can't intervene, you can't join in.
But the Doctor naturally feels that you should, and we learn a lot more about his moral code.
True, I AM guilty of interference, just as you are guilty of failing to use your great powers to help those in need! By way of punishment, his TARDIS was grounded.
And we also saw the beginnings of the Doctor's love affair with our fair planet.
We have noted your particular interest in the planet Earth.
Earth seems more vulnerable than others, yes.
For that reason, you will be sent back to that planet, in exile.
No! No! And so ended the story of the second Doctor.
He's the one who sort of nails exactly how it's going to be, so his legacy to the part is huge.
If he hadn't been so brilliant, the show could have just gone by the wayside.
The audience stuck and that very act of re-creation has allowed the series to live on.
Our lives are different to anybody else's.
That's the exciting thing.
There's nobody in the universe can do what we're doing.
He is the actor to whom all the subsequent Doctors look for inspiration.
In particular Matt Smith.
And so the nation's love affair with the eccentric Time Lord grew.
But where there's a good guy, there's got to be a baddie.
They are my oldest and deadliest enemy.
You cannot trust them.
I wonder who that could be.
Exterminate! You will obey! No power in this universe can stop the Daleks! There's still that fearful excitement.
Completely resourceful, a ruthless enemy, that looked ridiculous.
The Daleks are the ultimate enemy of the Doctor.
- Kill him! - He is an enemy of the Daleks! Exterminate! It's a robot with anger problems.
It's a tank that rants at you.
They are both vocally and physically simply quite unique.
So, apart from their hatred of the Doctor, what are the elements that make up a Dalek? They're evil The Earth will die screaming! .
they have no mercy If you have any compassion in your hearts HE SCREAMS .
and they have slimy little things in them.
The true Dalek form.
They'll turn on their own What it is to want to mess up.
and they can even make a mean cuppa.
Would you care for some tea? That would be very nice, thank you.
No matter how hard he tries, the Doctor just can't seem to get rid of the Daleks.
It doesn't matter how you get rid of the Dalek, whether it's in a vortex or whether it's in a black hole, or whether you disintegrate them Impossible.
Exterminate! .
they always come back.
There's always a new generation.
If I were the Doctor now, I'd be wondering what the point is.
He got rid of the Daleks and they've reappeared.
It's like he can't win.
They keep evolving and the more series that go on, you keep seeing a new version and an upgrade.
But the biggest war the Daleks have fought has been their battle withthe staircase.
The stairs! Time was when Daleks didn't go upstairs.
And people always used to joke, "How are the Daleks ever going to conquer the universe? "They can't even get up the stairs.
" Well, Remembrance Of The Daleks sought to put that right.
I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky.
That was a very important moment.
It was great fun and I'm so pleased to have been part of it.
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Of course they've got to hover.
They've conquered time and space! Elevate! Like all enduring enemies of the Doctor, the Daleks have had to move with the times.
Even Daleks have regenerated themselves and given themselves a bit of a makeover.
A bit of an upgrade.
Maximum efficiency! And in recent years, they've even developed emotions.
I am in pain.
Rose, no! SIZZLING Just for those fleeting moments, a vulnerable Dalek.
We almost have sympathy for it.
An emotional Dalek.
I hate it.
Getting in touch with your feelings, whether you're a Dalek or a grown man, it's good these days to moisturise and cry.
But despite developing their emotional capabilities, the Daleks remain the number one enemy of the Doctor.
I thought you'd run out of ways to make me sick, but hello again.
Corny as it is, corny as it sounds, you can't beat the Daleks.
They're the other villain in the Time War.
It's like Superman and Lex Luthor.
We have grown stronger in fear of you.
I know.
They are the Doctor's longest enemy, so they have to be around.
Now, if there was one man who knew how to take out a Dalek in style, it's Doctor number three, all-round man of action, Jon Pertwee.
Probably the most flamboyant Doctor of the lot, number three became known as a bit of a dandy.
Do you mean me? - Enormously flamboyant.
- It's an excellent vintage.
It's really a completely different phase.
There was a bit of espionage about him.
Nobody sends me anywhere, I'm a free agent.
Verymajestic and powerful.
I am a Time Lord.
When Pertwee takes over the Doctor, he establishes the eccentric, amusing scientist.
What Jon Pertwee brings to it, for the first time, is the action hero.
With his frilly shirts, bravado and showmanship, this bombastic Time Lord was Liberace meets Bruce Lee.
Yes, being a master of Venusian aikido, the third Doctor was not a man to mess with.
He basically said, "Aaiieee!" And took everybody out.
Aaaiieee! He's a very square-jawed, straight-down-the-line, heroic type.
He's like your grandad, but he can do karate.
That's cool.
Ha! A 4th Dan black belt grandpa.
This was a straight-talking, no-nonsense Time Lord, who didn't suffer fools gladly, even when they were on his side.
- I'm your new assistant.
- Oh, no.
Ham-fisted bun vendor! Hamfisted bun vendor.
Bun vendor? He may have had a harsh manner, but this Doctor certainly had a keen eye for detail.
Good grief! It's a stegosaurus! When the threats appeared, Jon Pertwee's Doctor knew exactly what to do and he did this great look, like that.
His reactions when the monsters appeared were superb.
Doctor! Sonic screwdriver, like that.
BEEPING WARBLING SCREAM Imprisoned on Earth and with his TARDIS grounded by his fellow Time Lords, the Doctor's adventures were now very much based in the modern world.
That's interesting.
He even had a proper job, working for UNIT, where his new companions included Liz Shaw That's impossible.
Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith We need somebody to make the coffee.
and favourite sparring partner, the Brigadier - The Brigadier is an idiot.
- .
with whom he rarely saw eye to eye.
- I wouldn't like to have to order you.
- I wouldn't advise you to try.
It's this great voice, with this fiery energy behind it.
If you cannot reverse the energy drain, the fabric of the entire universe could be torn apart.
Though he never managed to fix this knackered TARDIS, the Doctor more than made up for it with his fleet of vehicles.
The third Doctor was every inch the action man.
He was a real adventurer in real life.
And so any time there was a motorbike or anything, we were there, we were playing.
It was fun.
A bit more of a James Bond than we'd seen before.
Yes, from motorbikes to Jet Skis.
I remember he had a hover car.
He had it all, including his trademark bright yellow Edwardian roadster, Bessie.
Soon, even Bessie was left in the garage and he upgraded to his own specially created pimp wagon, the Whomobile.
This new car of mine is exactly what I need.
Pertwee spent five years as the Doctor, featuring in over 100 episodes.
But the all-action third Doctor eventually succumbed to his inevitable demise at the hands of a huge and not entirely convincing spider.
HIDEOUS SCREECHING Doctor! The Planet Of The Spiders.
It was very sad.
I didn't want him to go.
Pleasedon't die.
A tear, Sarah Jane? A tear Sarah Jane? Don't cry, don't cry.
And then this regeneration happened.
Wellhere we go again.
And so third generated to fourth and the role of the Doctor was never the same again.
Once Jon Pertwee lays down those tracks, the other Doctors run on it.
They're always a little bit action-y after that.
- .
Need a car.
- Don't worry, I commandeered a vehicle.
SIREN WAILS Have this wonderful comfort, that no matter how dreadful the aliens were, Jon Pertwee's Doctor would protect you and you were OK, and you just sort of travelled in his wake.
He didn't pretend to be anything other than the cleverest man in the room.
So far, on Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, we've taken in a tour of the transdimensional TARDIS - Tiny box, huge room inside.
- .
met the first three Doctors I am a Time Lord.
I don't like it.
I knew you wouldn't.
Never mind.
and seen the rigours of regeneration.
He's having a change.
Still to come, there's eight more Doctors - You only live once.
- .
sexy companions old and new I'm a kissagram! .
and more dastardly villains than you can shake a perigosto stick at.
ROARING Travelling through time and different universes can make the TARDIS a lonely place for the Doctor.
His race has been wiped out, he's out there on his own.
I think that's why he likes companions.
He likes some company.
I belong to you, you belong to me My sweetheart.
The story is the companions' story.
As each new person steps on the TARDIS they begin the most important journey in their lives.
It's a travelling companion, a sounding board.
Just as people have their favourite Doctor, people have their favourite companion.
The companion, I suppose, is the audience's access point.
Kind of reacting to situations in the way that you would.
I mean, she's asking questions and everything but she also brings something to it as well.
The companion today plays an integral role in the story of the Doctor.
Whether by falling in love saving the universe by power of their memory OK, kid, this is where it gets complicated.
jumping into the Doctor's timeline Doctor! .
or even becoming half Time Lord themselves.
Half Doctor, half girl! The emotional life of the companion has been developed.
I feel like the companion role is getting very complex.
Apart from being more involved in the stories, the modern companion is feisty Oi, watch it, spaceman! .
forward You're getting married in the morning! .
and can be ferocious.
You can put that stuff down or run for your lives.
ZAPPING Do you like my plan? Initially, the companion's role was a little more straightforward - they were there to ask questions - What is an SD? - Ask Captain Yates.
- .
scream - SHE SCREAMS Stop! We're friends! .
and occasionally need saving.
Then one lady came along who changed it all.
I thought all this might give me a good story.
I'm a journalist.
Sarah Jane Smith.
Sarah Jane Smith was almost like a blueprint for a lot of the later companions.
In a way, she was really the first companion, certainly who I remember, who had a career and who had a really, really strong, defined character of her own.
And so rather than just screaming and running away from monsters, which she also did pretty brilliantly SHE SCREAMS .
she also would come up with stuff of her own volition.
She was so popular that in 2006, she made a return to our screens.
- Hello, Sarah Jane.
- It's you! Everyone was so excited she was back.
- Who's she? - Rose, Sarah Jane.
Sarah Jane, Rose.
Well, almost everyone.
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but who exactly are you? - Sarah Jane Smith.
I used to travel with the Doctor.
- Oh! - He's never mentioned ya.
- Oh, I must have done.
- Sarah Jane, I mention her all the time.
- Hold on.
Sorry Never.
What, not even once? He didn't mention me once? Oh, mate, the missus and the ex, welcome to every man's worst nightmare.
Even though she came back, Sarah Jane will mainly be remembered for the time she spent as Tom Baker's assistant.
No, hang on, who was? Hang on No, he had Leela as well, didn't he? How could we forget? The next companion was more likely to get into a scrap than the Doctor.
Meet the all action companion, Leela.
Hello, did I startle you? "Shall I kill him now, Doctor?" I got the eye of the tiger.
Do I really look like that? K-9: Affirmative.
Leela is a sort of you know, from a tribe, what you'd call a primitive person from some planet where they're all daggers and they wear skins.
I am a warrior of the Sevateem.
I know the different sounds of death.
Leela is feisty, intelligent Going to hear me roar Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh .
It was cool that Leela was almost like the Doctor's bodyguard, a bit of role reversal.
The alpha female instead of the alpha male.
- That was a prodigious throw.
- Prodigious?! - Well, it was an amazing throw.
Our next companion, Peri Brown, was also fond of a skimpy outfit.
- # They say, "Hey, sexy" - Hey, sexy - When I'm dancing in the club They say, "Hey sexy" - Hey sexy I suppose that people would say that particularly Peri was a sex symbol.
They're loving me so much It was the '80s when we were doing the series.
And Nicola Bryant suffered sometimes with being costumed as older men thought dolly birds ought to be costumed.
He sounds confident.
I don't want to know.
It wasn't something I thought about while I was playing the part, other than the fact that it was probably quite hard to forget that you are wearing a leotard and a pair of shorts and getting frostbite when you were filming.
Things warmed up with the seventh Doctor and his fully-clothed sidekick, Dorothy, better known as Ace.
It's my party I'll do, do what I want Do, do what I want Ace was a kind of street kid.
Quite the little expert with explosives, I hear.
- Yeah, so what if I am? - Excellent.
She was feisty, she was cheeky.
Ace was an odd kind of hybrid, really, because she felt quite contemporary, but then spoke the Queen's English.
Oh, go on, Professor, let me come too.
- Well I don't see why not.
- Ace! I mean, I have never met anyone like that.
When people find out that I was in Doctor Who, they always say, "Oh, which one were you?" And I always say, very proudly as I puff out my chest, "I was the one who beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat!" Well, I'm 45 years old.
So my favourite Doctor is Tom Baker.
HE WHISTLES Would you like a jelly baby? I've no choice about that.
Spending seven years in the TARDIS, Tom Baker's Doctor was the longest serving and the most unpredictable.
You simply don't know what's going to come out of that man's mouth or what is going on behind those remarkable eyes.
All change at Venus for the Brighton line.
SHE SIGHS HEAVILY, BANG Was that bang big enough for you, Brigadier? Nicely done, Doctor.
- Tom Baker was eccentric, flamboyant.
- You mustn't believe all they say.
- His eyes! - Keep looking into my eyes! And sort of walking around like that.
Casting a very big shadow.
He was quite sort of imposing, quite sort of grand.
AS TOM BAKER: Oh, my God, it's, like, all kicking off and that.
- This is, like, so well bad, I'm going to have to totally, like, sort this out and that.
- You stay here.
With his playful nature and trademark flowing scarf, it didn't take long for the fourth Doctor to capture the public's imagination.
Enormous zest.
Bigger than the screen in which he was appearing, and yet it worked.
He embodies, in all its weirdness, what the Doctor is, what the Doctor means.
AS TOM BAKER: Home sapiens - puny, defenceless bipeds.
They are indomitable! He bases a lot of his scenes on being four years old.
Do you think I might attract attention? It is just possible.
And probably offer you a jelly baby.
Would you like a jelly baby? Do you care for a jelly baby? Would you like a jelly baby? Shut up! It was kind of acceptable back in the day.
You'd be like, "Would you like a sweet?" Someone would be like, "That's a really lovely gesture.
" If you give someone a sweet now, they'd be like, "No, get away from me, you weirdo.
"That's clearly got something in it.
" A simple "no, thank you" would have been sufficient.
After the third Doctor's exile on Earth, this Doctor brought with him a new sense of adventure.
I can't waste any more time.
Things to do, places to go.
He took us on a journey of dark tales in otherworldly universes which gave his era a Hammer horror feel.
Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! By the end of Tom Baker's era, he'd defeated more villains and travelled to more places in time than any other Doctor before him.
And if that wasn't enough, he was even crowned President of the Time Lords.
I invest you Lord President of the Supreme Council.
In the end, the fourth Doctor succumbed to his regeneration in a suitably heroic fashion - saving the Earth from his evil nemesis, the Master.
Leaving behind the legacy of creating arguably the most iconic Doctor of all time.
I think whenever the Doctor's a bit quirky and eccentric, it makes them more human and more warm and lovable, and I think Tom Baker definitely had a lot of that about him.
He was completely mesmerising.
Full stop, Tom Baker.
It's the end.
We've already taken a look at the Daleks, but there's another group of bad guys that have been battling the Doctor since his first incarnation.
What was that? I don't know.
A robot.
It's not a robot.
Cyberman! Get down! That's right, it's the Cybermen, the part steel, part human bad guys.
I've seen them before.
They're relentless, they're ruthless, and they know how to make an entrance.
Most of all, Cybermen are just plain scary.
I was always scared of Cybermen when I was a kid.
The emotionless, facial expression.
I guess it was the face that I was scared of.
Terrified of that weird, blank expression that they have in their face.
You are never quite sure what's going on behind that mask.
What happens in there? The Cybermen were originally human beings, but gradually they replaced their weak mortal flesh with metal and plastic.
They decided the way to go - stainless steel, you know? It is nonporous, it cleans easily.
OK, it scratches.
But you just get a Brillo Pad.
Give it a rub, it's as good as new.
- Excellent! - In the process, they lost their compassion.
Don't give me those blank looks.
- Along with all other emotions.
- We feel nothing.
Nevertheless, they managed to maintain a pretty strong yearning for world domination.
Destroy them.
Destroy them at once.
Close enough to us for their differences to be utterly chilling.
Despite their relentlessness, the Cybermen were by no means invincible if you knew what you were doing.
The Cybermen had this fatal flaw, they were severely allergic to gold.
- Bullets are a waste of time with this lot.
- Bullets won't stop them.
What you need is a well-aimed ray gun, a spear-chucking alien, - or even a good old-fashioned bow and arrow.
- A hit.
And if all else fails, just knock his block off.
I don't think I can take much more of this.
But as we all know, every Doctor Who baddie needs a catchphrase.
- And the Cybermen's is certainly easy to remember.
- We are the Cybermen.
- No, not that one.
- You will be deleted.
- Ah, that's better.
Clearly they had "exterminate" for the Daleks.
And then they were like, "What's another word for exterminate?" - You will be deleted.
- "Erase?" - Delete.
- Delete.
- Very easy to remember.
- I'm glad they went for "delete" over "back space".
Time now for a bit of a sporting departure.
Peter Davison was a part-time cricketer.
I say, I don't like cricket - Did he actually like cricket? - I love cricket.
I love it There seems to be something distinctly wrong.
OK, sorry, apart from loving cricket, he was also the fifth Doctor.
It was a real pleasant surprise when the floppy-haired Peter Davison emerged.
Peter Davison, I feel like he's my Doctor.
My earliest memories of Doctor Who are Peter Davison.
He's so soft and warm.
He'd saved all the animals in another life as a vet.
And he's reckless and innocent, and he has qualities of youth about him, which we'd never, ever seen in the Doctor before.
These things are irrelevant.
For some people, small, beautiful events is what life is all about! Peter Davison's Doctor, very energetic, slightly breathy, hands in pockets, running away.
Part of the reason I was cast, I think, was because the producer wanted someone who could move a bit quicker.
And I was very proud of the fact that I ran down corridors faster than my predecessors.
I'm Lord President, am I not? You will obey my commands.
And off he runs.
Great energy with Peter's Doctor.
Hold tight.
He was a breath of fresh air.
It rejuvenated the TARDIS.
It felt like a very good, pure Doctor.
Yeah, I think it is fair.
Yeah, I was a very nice chap.
Still am.
Well, kind of.
Your mum would like him if you brought him home.
They'd be like, "Ah, he's so sweet.
" This nice-guy fifth Doctor was certainly a departure from the fourth.
I enjoyed the contrast of his Doctor to the sort of confidence of Tom Baker's doctor.
Are you all right? Just a twinge of cosmic angst.
I think I wanted to introduce a bit of self-doubt into the character.
He'd been a bit too assured, too absolutely self-confident he could just everything was going to be sorted out.
And I just felt, partly because it was a nice thing to play as an actor, that I wanted to make my character a little fallible.
There can't be much time left.
What can we do? Abandon methodical procedure for blind instinct.
At times it felt like almost a lack of confidence in himself as the Doctor, and that made him very interesting and quite, you know, human.
I give you my word.
Just as you keep your word to Tegan? That's not fair.
The fifth Doctor's reign came to an heroic end when he saved companion Peri's life.
Open your mouth.
You must drink this.
Never fall away From my experience, particularly as Peri, he's a heroic Doctor, because for Peri's sake, he is prepared to go through regeneration, so he quite literally dies for the sake of his companion, whom he hasn't known very long.
- Where is it? - What? - The bat's milk! Finished.
Only enough for you.
It was certainly a moving end to the reign of the fifth Doctor, but it will always be remembered for a couple of reasons.
Peter Davison, no doubt if you're speaking to him, he will say that he has an overriding memory of the scene that he was upstaged by part of my anatomy.
You kind of You try to be in a moment, but in the end, you're basically just looking at Peri's chest.
Nicola Bryant's cleavage.
Which I thought somewhat took away from the great performance I was giving about a foot and a half below the cleavage.
She's got me spinning HE LAUGHS And you would sort ofI guess feel a bit sorry for Peter Davison who is giving, arguably, the performance of his career.
And the majority of the audience, I think, are just sort of going, "Oh, Peri.
" I'm going soon.
It's time to say goodbye.
Don't give up.
You can't leave me now.
I might regenerate.
So apart from a memorable farewell, what was the legacy of the fifth Doctor? I'd like people to think of the fifth Doctor as introducing an element of humanness to the Doctor.
He brings the idea of the Doctor as a young, reckless genius.
And, really, it lays down a new path for the show when he takes it over.
So I'd like to think that I started that trend that others followed later.
Look at you! The hat, the coat, the crickety cricket stuff, the stick of celery.
Brave choice, celery.
But fair play to you, not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable.
Shut up! Yeah! So the fifth Doctor wasn't always such a nice guy, but he couldn't hold a candle to our next villain, one of the baddest of the bad guys.
The Master.
There's been a few Masters.
Menacing, evil.
Pretty naughty, really.
The Master - the Doctor's nemesis.
- He's crazy.
- Crazy.
He's brilliant.
- And he's ruthless.
- Kill him! But, in fact, he's a little bit like the Doctor.
Well, the Master, in lots of ways, - is who the Doctor could be if he choose to be.
- Sweet.
If Doctor Who is a Yin then the Master is a Yang.
And like all good Doctor Who villains, the Master is still intent on causing disaster.
Oh, all right, then, it's me.
Ta-da! John Simm was very lucky, cos he was obviously told to chew the furniture and go for it with his portrayal of the Master.
And did.
Here come the drums! In typical Master fashion, he had his eye on world domination.
- But a row with the missus soon put an end to that.
- Always the women.
As we all know, you can't keep a good Master down, and he was soon back for another try.
But this time, he wasn't alone.
You're crafting your thoughts inside them, is that it? Oh, that's way too easy.
No, no, no.
They're not going to think like me.
They're going to BECOME me! What does John Simm do? He turns the entire world into John Simm.
Which is great.
For John Simm.
What have you done, you monster? Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking to me? Or to me? Or to me? I am everyone.
And everyone in the world is me! I love John Simm, but you know, I don't want to be waking up next to him.
There is no human race, there is only the Master race! You know, I want to spoon, but I don't want to be spooning John.
Sorry, John.
I like you.
Despite the Master's evil mind, the Doctor never gave up on him.
You could be so much more.
You could be beautiful.
It allows us to see the Doctor in a different light.
And also gives him an equal to fight against.
With a mind like that, we could travel the stars.
It would be my honour.
But it wasn't enough to halt his lust for power.
And before we knew it, there was a tear-up of biblical proportions, with the Doctor on one side and the Time Lords and the Master on the other.
Get out of the way.
Finally, there was a crack in the Master's armour and he showed that even the baddest of the bad guys can mend their ways as he helped the Doctor to defeat the Time Lords.
You made me! And then, like the enigma that he is, he vanished.
It's the moral ambiguity of a guy that's supposed to be a villain, but then does something that was good at the end.
He's the toss of the coin - what a Time Lord could decide to do.
That's what makes Time Lords interesting.
The Doctor, in lots of ways, is the Master.
He's just He's just the other way round.
The Doctor is interested in justice and in equality and in liberty.
And the Master is interested in ruling the universe.
- Doctor? - You're expecting someone else? When the sixth incarnation of the Doctor burst onto our screens, almost straightaway we knew what we were going to get.
- What's happened? - Change, my dear.
Change, my dear.
And it seems not a moment too soon.
The changeover from fifth to sixth hadn't been an easy one for our beloved Doctor.
Instead of having a normal, quite comfortable regeneration, he was going to go through this sort of trauma.
- You still seem a little stable.
- Unstable? Unstable?! UNSTABLE?! He was going to be psychologically damaged for a while by his regeneration.
You're bonkers.
That's debatable.
For the first time, we began to see a side of the Doctor that wasn't so easy to like.
Colin Baker allows the Doctor to finally express his own ego.
I'm a Time Lord! A man of science, temperament.
I've never seen this side of you before.
People did not like the sixth Doctor.
Wait a minute.
The shock of Colin Baker after Peter Davison was quite marked, actually.
It feels like if that was happening today, to me, I would have been moaning about it on Twitter.
I'm pretty sure.
Yes, the era of the nice-guy fifth Doctor was now truly over, and in a now famous scene, our new Time Lord asks for a bit of patience from the haters.
And I would suggest, Peri, that you wait a little before you start criticising my new persona.
You may well find it isn't quite as disagreeable as you think.
Well, I hope so.
Whatever else happens, I AM the Doctor.
Whether you like it or not.
You tell 'em, Doc.
OK, the sixth Doctor had his faults, but at least he looked cool, right? Multicoloured monstrosity of a coat.
I've been moaning about my outfit for 30 years.
- I suddenly feel conspicuous.
- I'm not surprised in that coat(!) They asked me what I'd like to wear as the Doctor.
And what I described was pretty much what Chris Eccleston got.
I'm not convinced he could have pulled off cool.
Joseph and his Technicolor explosion.
It was spectacular.
- I mean, dreadful.
- You can't go out dressed like that.
- Why ever not? - You look dreadful! The perfect marriage of awful and really good.
Yes, the sixth Doctor was certainly a departure from the previous five, as he blazed a darker trail that later Doctors went on to follow.
The Doctor's ego becomes rampant in the form of the sixth Doctor.
Let's exercise the grey cells for once, shall we? Rather than the muscles.
It did strike me that a man who is 900 years old and has two hearts, comes from a planet of Time Lords called Gallifrey, might behave a little differently from a bloke who lives in Surbiton and commutes to the City every day, and that some of his actions might be hard for us to understand.
HE YELLS Forgive me if I don't join you.
My last appearance was getting into the TARDIS, saying "carrot juice" and disappearing into oblivion.
'Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice' I understand that some impostor called Sylvester McCoy swaddled himself in my clothes, with a blonde wig on pretending to be me.
And there you have it, the sixth Doctor, defiant to the last.
I AM the Doctor.
Whether you like it or not.
So far on Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, we've met six very different incarnations of the Doctor.
Do you care for a jelly baby? Shut up! We've seen the Cybermen, the Daleks and the Master.
It's me.
Ta-da! And we've looked into the world of the companion.
Do you like my gun? Still to come - we countdown more Doctors Look at the women in the Doctor's life And the men.
Sit still.
Shut up.
The seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy was, on the face of it, a bit of a clown.
I know that woman from somewhere.
I guess my favourite doctor is Sylvester McCoy.
Look at me.
I can see.
My doctor was much lighter, Buster Keaton-esque, Chaplin-esque.
- Sylvester started off in a borrowed coat from Colin Baker.
- Where am I? Who am I? And who are you? He may have started in a borrowed coat, but he soon developed his own unique identity.
His wardrobe was off the scale.
Thank goodness in this regeneration I have we gained my impeccable sense of haute couture.
Like, I loved his hat and his swagger.
HE SIGHS I think that's quite a good sentence.
He worked with props so well, so like his hat.
And his umbrella.
He plays the spoons, which he always does in everything.
Oh! McCoy is a brilliant comedic actor.
His Doctor was a kind of trickstery, magician.
- Things don't just vanish.
- No.
But it soon became apparent that under this playful exterior lay a more complex character.
He had a specific transformation within his character.
The more I know me, the less I like me.
I realised when I was playing the role that there was so much more to this character.
On the surface he's a comical little man, but underneath that, he's actually one of the coldest and most manipulative of the Doctors.
If you wait until the second series, and I think my Doctor became, started to become more mysterious.
Look me in the eye, pull the trigger.
End my life.
Yes, the seventh Doctor was certainly manipulative.
And in the story The Curse Of Fenric, he even used his sidekick Ace as a pawn in the psychological game of chess.
Time for the one final game.
Suddenly, you realise, hang on a minute, - he's actually using her for his own ends.
- She's an emotional cripple.
I wouldn't waste my time on her, unless I had to use her somehow.
No! MAN LAUGHS My Doctor did play chess a lot.
There's reasons, but he did stitch her up.
He would be making moves, sometimes hoping, or driving the opposition into making the moves that would destroy them.
His betrayal of her helps him defeat his foe and eventually Ace forgives and learns to trust him again.
Where to now, Ace? - Home.
- Home? - The TARDIS.
- Yes, the TARDIS.
The mystery had gone as far as I was concerned, I wanted to bring that back.
That was very important.
I wanted the "Who" to be, you know, the question mark again, "who is this person?" The sad clown, McCoy embodied that.
You know, and it works.
It will always work.
Sylvester McCoy.
A wonderful, magical, wizard-like clowning Doctor.
Yeah, terrific.
So the Doctors had a dog Goodbye, Master.
- .
aliens - Goodness me, I'm tired.
And, of course, women for his companions.
It almost feels like there's someone left out.
Of course, it's the boys.
Sit still.
Shut up.
Nice to see you again.
- Oh, my God! - What are you getting at, Doctor? How could you forget them? We all know that guys, when they get together, they're like all a bit more, "Oi, oi" THEY LAUGH One of the Doctor's shortest-lasting companions ever was boy genius, Adam Mitchell.
- Oh, my God! - The Doctor accepted Adam as a companion at Rose's request.
On your own head.
I think Adam had the potential to be a great companion.
But it wasn't to be.
Adam was a bit of a naughty boy, and the Doctor soon decides to send him home after he tries to take future technology back to his own time.
See ya! A lot of people always ask me whether, you know, I would come back in the show.
But I think Adam's two-episode stint was great.
You can't just go, in my head I've got a chip Type II.
My head opens.
Stop it! But someone who's stuck around a little bit longer was Mickey.
Doctor! Things started out wheelie bad for Mickey.
I'm a loser, baby He was just very scaredy cat, very, sort of, scared of his own shadow.
That thing down there, the liquid, Rose, it can talk! And then you see Mickey starting to change, drastically.
- Nice to see ya.
- Come and have a go! Just stay where you are, mister.
The name's Mickey.
Mickey Smith.
Defending the Earth.
Next up, a man who also saved the world once or twice - time-travelling sex symbol, Captain Jack Harkness.
Bend me, shape me anyway you want me - Captain Jack Harkness.
- Stop it.
- Maybe later, Blue.
Jack's time seemed to have come to an end when he was destroyed by Dalek.
Exterminate! I kind of figured that.
But thanks to a possessed and very scary looking Rose I bring life.
Captain Jack was restored to his former glory.
- What happened? - Rose.
And as a bonus, he was given the gift of immortality.
I'm the man who can never die.
He's dead.
HE GASPS, SHE SCREAMS No, he's going to fry! And the good thing is, he's not dead for long.
I get to kill again.
If you're going to play a character where you're going to be this immortal gung ho, cool, American guy.
Who's going to say no to that? One man who Amy Pond couldn't say no to was our most recent male companion, Rory Williams.
- This is Rory, he's a friend.
- Boyfriend.
When Amy vanished the night before the wedding, Rory obviously had his suspicions about his fiancee's new best friend.
But you're human! You're Amy, you're getting married in the morning! Between Amy, the Doctor and Rory it's like a love triangle.
Tell you what, you're a lucky man, she's a great kisser.
GLASS SMASHES Got my spaceship, got my boys.
- My work here is done! - Pfft! Er, we are not her boys.
Yeah, we are.
I think essentially it became the most dysfunctional family in all of time and space.
But as their journey went on, Rory showed Amy he could be a hero.
- Heil! - Heil! - Can you ride a motorbike? - I expect so.
It's that sort of day.
And to prove how he heroic he was, he only ever died once - Looks aren't everything.
- Twice.
GUNSHOT RINGS OU Well, quite a few times, actually.
But I suppose it is kind of hard to compete with someone when their boyfriend Rory keeps coming back to life.
That's pretty cool.
He proved himself more than a worthy participant in this three-way relationship, and cemented his place in Amy's heart by waiting nearly 2,000 years to see her.
Wow, that's proper love for you.
How could I leave her? Why did you have to be so .
human? And finally, of course, Rory got his girl.
Mr Pond! No.
I'm not Mr Pond.
That is not how it works.
Yes, it is.
Yeah, it is.
The seventh Doctor's journey came to an end on the streets of San Francisco.
But after some ill-advised, dodgy double open-heart surgery, the eighth Doctor materialised.
Paul McGann's Doctor, I think, created a wonderful intriguing mystique, that that sense of when a Doctor is freshly regenerated and the early hours of behaviour is very erratic, very confused.
He spends the first 10 minutes going, "Who am I?" And that was an opportunity, of course, to find the costume.
I said, "OK I'll put that on, but I don't want to wear the scarf.
" He was elegant.
He looked Byron-esque.
A great alien quality as well.
A meteor storm.
The sky above us was dancing with light! Purple, green, red and yellow.
Yes! I think he was quite sweet.
A sweet Doctor.
These shoes - they fit perfect.
Like the fourth Doctor before, the eighth had a love for Jelly babies.
And with his sugar levels shooting through the roof, the ladies certainly saw him as a bit of eye candy.
Here we go again! You're nobody till somebody loves you Paul McGann is the first, but not the last of the romantic Doctors.
He's a dashing, great looking guy.
In a way, one of the first sex symbols and the women went, "Whoa, this Doctor is absolutely gorgeous.
" Yes, this space-travelling stud was going to take us to a place we'd never been before.
Quite radical at the time.
But my goodness, they've all been at it ever since.
Are you really good at? But not everyone was impressed by the Doctor's new-found sexual appetite.
It turned a bit soapy Soppy, and soapy.
Grace says that you have a big secret.
I had no conception at all that this chaste kiss was going to cause any bother.
He's an alien.
What's he messing around with human women for? For heaven's sake.
But, of course, nor did we realise, in a little way we might be pioneers.
You know, Doctor Who had been very successful for nearly 30 years without a canoodle anywhere.
Cos now I just think that now everybody has a kiss, don't they? There's always snog in Doctor Who, isn't there? Isn't there? We got there first.
Ground-breaking smooch aside, he was still the Doctor, and wherever the Doctor may be, trouble is never far behind.
Once the regeneration has happened, and then realises the Master is also there, he has to save the day.
He's planning to take my body so that he will live and I will die! But will he make it? We don't know, the clock is ticking.
- And to make things worse, it's New Year's Eve.
- Champagne? Grace? Cos it's a race against time, literally.
Midnight is going to mean the end of everything.
He's got him where he wants him.
He keeps him trapped at one point.
Tortures him.
It's the perils of the Doctor.
He becomes a fantastic hero has who saves the universe yet again.
And with the Master sent packing, it was time for the Doctor to get on his way.
And for us to join him on an incredible journey.
Oh, no, that was it.
The eighth Doctor just about made it into the pantheons of Doctors.
You know what they called me? The longest and the shortest.
I was the Doctor for the longest, just by default.
But I wear the name with pride.
The eighth Doctor's struggle with the Master was just one of hundreds of battles against alien foes over the years.
Many of which have had us hiding behind the sofa.
Doctor Who would be nothing without all the monsters that he fights.
Harvest the humans! The fascination with Doctor Who is what monster will it be this week? From the Autons to the Zygons From the Ood to the Judoon I would say that my favourite part of Doctor Who is the villains.
The baddies are bad and they're scary.
Yes, they are, they're very scary.
Have you met monsters before? - Yeah.
- You scared of them? No, they're scared of me.
My favourite episode is Blink with the Weeping Angels which was so, so, scary.
Yes, you'd be blinking mad to mess with the Weeping Angels.
These far from angelic statues can send you back in time, just make sure you keep your eyes open.
My favourite monsters of all time are the Weeping Angels because they are the scariest.
They just are.
Don't look away.
And don't blink! It was a totally new monster, totally new threat.
Anddon't blink? Scary.
I actually went like that as I watched, as they kind of did that jump cut.
And their normal method of killing is to send you back in time and let you live to death.
I can't go past that sort of statue now without taking a side glance.
Can you guess who our next Doctor Who villains are? Quiet please.
It's the Silence.
I remember.
Some freakythings, man.
Very frightening.
The Silence are the scariest villains ever.
I need to know about the Silence.
A religious order.
Great power and discretion.
The Silence are enemies from the Doctor's future and people have travelled back in time in order to kill the Doctor before he gets there.
That's all he knows about the Silence.
You've been interfering in human issues for thousands of years, yes, people have suffered and died, but what's the point in two hearts if you can't be a bit forgiving now and then.
They've got really long fingers and when you look away from them you forget that you've seen them.
Oh, man.
They can be there and then you turn away and they're like, "Oh, I'm fine now.
" Argh! Out of all the monsters and villains the Doctor has battled throughout his journeys, there is one You will be punished for this.
calculating You have the audacity to interrupt one of my experiments.
tyrannical mastermind who has left his mark on the Doctor's universe.
You have confounded me for the last time! Davros! Freaky.
He's like the guy with the cat in James Bond.
Davros is the creator of the Daleks.
A scientist from the planet Skaro who believes that alongside his creations, he can become the supreme power in the universe.
Welcome to my new empire, Doctor.
He first appeared in our screens in the 1975 adventure Genesis Of The Daleks.
What was brilliant about him when he first appeared is it put this human face to the Daleks, that they weren't just a thing that had plopped out of nowhere, that they had come from somewhere.
I will go on! You are insane, Davros! I think Michael Wisher was the first to play Davros, and even as a kid you knew he was in a mask and in clothes, and he was very still and very chilling and in that sort of pimped out mobility scooter that looked like the bottom half of a Dalek, he was really properly frightening and other-worldly, and evil.
Over the last four decades like the proverbial bad penny that he is, Davros has continuingly reappeared spouting his dogma of universal conquest again and again and again.
You did this! I name you for ever.
You are the destroyer of the worlds! Argh! Davros may never become one of the good guys, but in the modern world of the Doctor, things aren't so black and white.
The bad guys can often turn out to be not so bad.
It's always been the case in Doctor Who that the Doctor finds good in everything and some of the creatures he meets are on his side, and it's not always cut and dried, there are Ice Warriors who have been on the Doctor's side that he's allied himself with.
He's very good friends with Strax these days.
Sir, permission to express my opposition to your current apathy.
Permission granted.
I think that's created a subculture of very particular characters, I don't think that means every Sontaran is going to be a good guy.
I think that's just elaborating the texture of the Doctor Who universe.
He's very good friends with Madame Vastra who is a Silur and he's had to fight them before.
Nice to see you off your cloud and engaging again.
I'm not engaging again, I'm under attack.
There are lots and lots of creatures out there and whole races of creatures are bound to throw up everything along the moral spectrum.
Apart from Daleks, they're all bad.
Be exterminated! Hello.
The Doctor's brand-new, rebooted, 9th incarnation in the shape of Christopher Eccleston was the ultimate tough guy Time Lord.
He looked like he would have sorted out a couple of nightclub bouncers on a Friday if you need help.
Leather jacket, short hair.
He made it relevant.
It was just cool.
The Doctor was suddenly cool.
MUSIC: "Underdog" by Kasabian Suddenly here was somebody who looked like a bloke.
Somebody who blended into the background.
So that for a start I thought was wonderful.
No scarves or bow ties here, just a leather jacket and a come-and-have-a-go attitude.
Are you going to witter on all night? It wasn't important that he was liked, I liked that.
He looked like a gangster.
You know.
NORTHERN ACCENT: I'm not wearing that scarf.
I'm not wearing that twiddle bow tie.
I'm wearing black leather and a T-shirt.
They decided to make it regional, give him a working class accent.
He's northern, so you just feel a bit more scared of him.
He's just got that edge.
Swagger, slightly angry.
Sort of had it up to here with aliens.
I'm busy trying to save the life of every stupid ape blundering about on top of this planet, all right? - All right.
- Yes, it is! We'd almost got to the point where we'd forgotten that there was a real person inside all those comic book excesses.
What? But here was a very serious, slightly gloomy hero again, and he brought genuine proper gravitas and drama to the part of the Doctor.
And most of that drama came from the Doctor's dark secret.
I just wanted to say how sorry I am.
You did think, "What on earth has happened to him?" The Doctor was traumatised by his role in The Last Great Time War.
A battle that had wiped out the Daleks, or so he thought.
Doc ter.
THE Doctor? Exterminate! Exterminate! - Let me out! - Exterminate! Sir, it's going to kill him.
It's talking! You are an enemy of the Daleks! In one of the most memorable scenes of the series, it soon becomes apparent that this Dalek is a dud.
It's not working.
Oh, fantastic! Powerless.
Look at you.
The great space dustbin.
How does it feel? Get back.
What for? What are you going to do to me? If you can't kill, what you good for, eh, Dalek? Dalek.
What's the point of you? I was there on set when Chris was doing this scene and it's kind of a hard thing to do, do you know what I mean? To talk to an inanimate object and have a sort of duologue with it.
But I think that just shows what an actor Chris is, that he pulled it off.
Your race is dead.
You all burn, all of you.
Ten million ships on fire.
The entire Dalek race wiped out in one second.
The emotional power that he conveys talking to a Dalek, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as strong as that.
You lie! I watched it happen.
I made it happen! You destroyed us? But this Doctor wasn't all grim, northern grit MUSIC: "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke This is fantastic.
Yes, he had several reasons to be cheerful - apart from a brand-new, all singing, all dancing TARDIS, he also introduced us to psychic paper.
Look, I've got an invitation.
There, you see it? It's fine.
"The Doctor plus one.
" I'm the Doctor.
This is Rose Tyler, she's my plus one.
Is that all right? The psychic paper is awesome.
That is something which would be the coolest thing to have in real life.
Shows them whatever I want them to see.
Saves a lot of time.
As a teenager, the damage I would have done with that.
And of course he had his upgraded, slimline sonic screwdriver.
But the most important addition to the ninth Doctor's weaponry was his new companion Rose.
I think when Billie Piper came in, that kind of changed things, you know.
You look beautiful.
Cos she was pretty to look at, but she was, ah .
she was mean.
Rose was a great companion.
A very modern companion.
Rose was the companion that it needed to be for the new age.
You see, I'm prepared for anything.
She was just every girl, Jane Bloggs, you know.
I want chips.
Me too.
That street kidbut got a job on the TARDIS.
I'm a chav! See you later, I got a job on the TARDIS, yeah.
But Rose came with baggage.
Not a lot of good you were.
And when she was forced to pick between him and the Doctor it was a no brainer.
The moment the Doctor appeared, Mickey never stood a chance.
I think a lot of women maybe would love to be swept off their feet by a mysterious guy maybe not in a blue box That would be weird.
Did I mention it also travels in time.
Poor Mickey, man, in his Ford Focus.
It's no match for a time machine.
The time machine.
Rose and the Doctor battled farting aliens FARTS Blimey! .
Victorian ghosts and paid a visit to the end of the world.
But wherever they went there were two words that kept cropping up.
Blaidd Drwg.
What's it mean? Bad Wolf.
But I've heard that before.
Bad Wolf.
I've heard that lots of times.
The Bad Wolf storyline, that was very confusing.
Yes, if we're going to talk about the ninth Doctor, then we have to talk about the Bad Wolf.
The big bad wolf.
You know, all those messages, but we'll come back to that.
So, where were we? When uber-baddies the Daleks turn up, it appears that nothing can stop them this time.
So the Doctor sends Rose off in the TARDIS to keep her out of harm's way while he threatens to go kamikaze and blow everyone to smithereens.
I'll do it! Then prove yourself, Doctor! What are you - coward or killer? Well, I guess he wasn't such a tough guy after all.
Meanwhile back on Earth, Rose is starting to realise that maybe this Bad Wolf thing is something to do with her.
It's a link between me and the Doctor.
Bad Wolf here, Bad Wolf there.
Rose knows about the power locked beneath the TARDIS console, so she and Mickey break it open.
She then looks into the space time vortex which gives her amazing powers enabling her to save Captain Jack.
And not before she destroys the Daleks and saves the world.
Rose, you've done it.
Now stop.
It also gives her the power to leave all those messages through her past to lead her to become the Bad Wolf.
Like I said before It's a message.
it's a pre-destination paradox.
Ah, it's simple really.
Anyway, it turns out that looking into the time vortex is really bad for you.
You've got the entire vortex running through your head.
You're going to burn.
But the Doctor won't let Rose die, oh, no.
I think you need a Doctor.
He cheekily nabs himself a kiss from a rose which also incidentally saves her life.
He is saving her, but it's obviously a part of him .
where he actually just wants to you know, wants to get some lip on lip action.
Who wouldn't? It's Billie Piper.
Love Billie Piper.
Tell me what's going on.
I absorbed all the energy from the time vortex and no-one's meant to do that.
Yes, in true heroic fashion, our fearless Time Lord swallows up the vortex and kicks off his regeneration.
I'm going to regenerate now.
Let's have it.
By the time I got to the end of that series, I was well in there, I was hooked on Christopher Eccleston.
He brought it back with huge success.
It's a great legacy that he carries.
Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was amazing.
He's exactly what the show needed to make it work.
He owned it.
He owned it.
So far in Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide we've seen nine of the 11 Doctors in action.
- They've been intelligent - It's antimatter.
courageous, sometimes a little grumpy Mind your own business.
but always entertaining.
Still to come, our look back at the Doctors has brought us - slap-bang into the modern era.
- New teeth.
And as we near the end of our journey across the Whoniverse, we're down to out last two Doctors.
And things begin to get a little darker.
My favourite Doctor .
it has to be Mr Tennant.
MUSIC: "Yeah Yeah" by Willy Moon The tenth Doctor came crashing down to Earth with a bang and a whole new appearance.
Here we are then.
It was awesome.
It was amazing.
He just came in and was like so different.
Good different or bad different? He's a lot more manic.
Even in the serious moments.
Ba-da boom! Someone who looks a certain way and wears soft shoes and a tight suit and larks around a bit.
Very quirky.
Pulled a lot of sort of faces.
New teeth.
That's weird.
New teeth.
He was a very joyous, very happy Doctor.
Very energetic Doctor.
But you're also trying to undercut that with the fact that he's actually 900 years old.
There's steel in there.
I need you to shut up! Oh, he hasn't changed that much, has he? Despite his crash landing, the tenth Doctor took a while - to actually start doing the usual Doctory stuff.
- Help us.
Please, Doctor.
Help us.
I spent a lot of the Christmas Invasion asleep.
We didn't even get to see what his Doctor was like until the critical moment came.
But then I get to show off, I don't stop speaking for about five pages.
Did you miss me? Yes, still in his PJs, he sprang into action and took on the evil leader of the Sycorax.
I fight an alien on the wing of a spacecraft.
Had my hand chopped off and save the day.
You cut my hand off.
It's an entrance worth waiting for.
Witchcraft! Want to know the best bit? This new hand is a fighting hand! The Doc then defeated his sharp-toothed opponent and offered him an ultimatum.
I'll spare your life if you'll take this champion's command.
Leave this planet.
And never return.
What do you say? Yes.
Swear on the blood of your species! I swear.
There we are then.
Thanks for that.
Cheers, big fella.
Bravo! But as well know, you never turn your back on a Sycorax.
Not bad for a man in his jim jams.
And it became clear he wasn't going to be a Time Lord to mess with.
No second chances.
I'm that sort of a man.
He may be apparently affable, but you shouldn't underestimate what lies beneath.
Am I funny? When he wasn't being ruthless, the tenth Doctor liked a bit of a laugh.
You are the best because you are so sick.
It's French for let's go.
David's a true fan.
I'm brilliant.
And it was genuine.
His own personal joy just to be You knew he loved being there.
He wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.
You're stone-cold brilliant.
But the tenth Doctor's reign more than any previous Doctor was defined by his relationship with the ladies.
He loves playing with Earth girls.
This isvery unfairly levelled at the tenth Doctor, That he was chasing lots of women.
He absolutely wasn't.
We make quite a couple.
Any kisses that he may have had in the series, none of them are romantic.
Oh, yeah? Women may have fallen for him, but it didn't work the other way around.
He was scrupulous.
Hold on a minute.
There was Lady Christina, Madame de Pompadour and uh You must be Malcolm.
Even Malcolm.
Oh, I love you.
He deserves a bit of love in his life.
I love you.
But most importantly there was Rose.
The Doctor and Rose was a love story really without any sexual element.
Because that would be wrong, they were clearly devoted to each other.
I always think the Doctors and their companions end up closer when they've seen him regenerate.
It's almost like they know him in an intimate way.
And Rose just got to him and they had a very unconventional love story certainly, but I think that's what it was.
The whole story of David Tennant's Doctor with Rose was just so moving and wasn't it like suddenly the Doctor just came out of nowhere, fell in love with his companion and they started snogging.
It was really beautifully done.
Like all good love stories, it ends in desperate tragedy.
When Rose was thrust into a different universe, the Doctor makes the journey over, allowing Rose to say the words she'd long to say.
They get to say the goodbye they were robbed of .
when they parted.
So in the end there was a tearful farewell and the chance to express their feelings.
I love you.
Quite right too.
Rose tells him that she loves him.
But the Doctor doesn't quite manage to say it back.
And I suppose .
it's my last chance to say it.
Rose Tyler After the heartache of the departure of Rose, it took the Doctor ages to find some Fancy going out? - Oh, no, it didn't.
- OK.
Medical student Martha Jones was the next to fall for the Doctor's charms.
And not before long she was finding the good looking Gallifreyan irresistible.
And if you will wear a tight suit Now, don't! .
and then travel all the way across the universe - just to ask me on a date - Stop it.
But with a new girl there's one thing you never do There's something I'm missing, Martha.
Someone really close.
Rose would know.
mention the ex.
I felt a bit sorry for Martha cos she was so into him and he'd just bang on about Rose.
My friend of mine, Rose, right now, she'd tell you exactly the right thing.
Can't you see how she's in front of your eyes? With Martha we got to see in a way the fact that he couldn't understand what she was looking for, that sort of alienness.
It didn't happen.
Never mind.
Yes, alas, although he had two hearts, there was no room in either of them for his new companion.
But things were complicated and Doctor yearned for something more simple I just want a mate.
a friend without benefits.
You just want to mate? I just want a mate! You're not mating with me, sunshine.
A MATE! I want a mate! Well, just as well because I'm not having any of that nonsense.
With Donna, who just was his kind of mate and they rolled about the universe together having a laugh.
And that was so clever because it was completely different kind of companion you got with the character of Donna.
Yes, Donna Noble abandoned her nuptials for a life in the TARDIS.
And it was clear from the start that this was one girl who wouldn't be giving the Doctor an easy ride.
Why are you dressed like that for? I'm going ten pin bowling.
Why do you think, dumbo?! Before long the self-proclaimed best temp in Chiswick found herself battling giant insects and even brained the odd Sontaran.
Back of the neck.
That button there.
But in her finest hour she defeated Davros and saved the universe.
Bio electric dampening field with a retrogressive arc inversion.
Exterminate her! Oh, yes.
That was a two-way biological Meta-Crisis.
Half Doctor.
Half Donna.
Doctor Donna.
For Donna to turn into Doctor Donna right at the end and her have the whole explosion of her brain, she suddenly sees the universe as the Doctor sees it and it is great.
- Ha! - Someone going to tell us what's going on? He poured all his regeneration energy into his spare hand.
I touched the hand.
He grew out of that, but that fed back into me.
But it just lay dormant in my head till the synapses got that little extra spark kicking them into life.
A Time Lord's brain isn't for mere mortals however, and Donna began to malfunction.
Shall we go and see Charlie Chaplin? Shall we? Charlie Chester.
Charlie Brown.
No, he's fiction.
The Doctor realised that it was the end of the road for this relationship.
Donna's farewell, I felt was more upsetting, it was more devastating.
Oh, Donna, I am so sorry.
The fact that she's gone on this journey and she's seen so many things.
But we had the best of times.
She's grown as a person.
No! And so the Doctor was forced to wipe Donna's memory.
I'm just going.
Yeah, see ya.
And Doctor Donna became plain old Donna from Chiswick again.
But he had plenty of other stuff to keep himself occupied.
During his time-travels, he fought old foes, the Cybermen.
Davros and the Daleks.
Tangled with Professor Lazarus.
Battled some mouth-watering Martians.
And there was an encounter with the Weeping Angels you simply couldn't take your eyes off.
In one episode he even joined forces with legendary former companion Sarah Jane Smith and K-9.
But in the history of Doctor's downfalls, the story of the demise of the tenth is a hard one to beat.
It stretches back to a prophecy foretold by those handsome chaps the Ood.
I think your song must end soon.
Meaning? Every song must end.
Your song is ending, sir.
The next bearer of bad news was a psychic that - the Doctor met on a bus.
- He will knock four times.
So by the time he next caught up with Donna's grandfather Wilf, the Doctor was feeling pretty grim about his future.
I'm going to die.
He will knock four times.
That was the prophecy.
It appeared that the four knocks were the handiwork of his fellow Time Lords on Gallifrey.
The heartbeat of a Time Lord.
The Time Lords retrospectively placed this beat in the Master's head and they used that as a beacon to pull themselves out of the Time War.
You sticking with this? Never ever stop, so the drumming, Doctor, the constant drumming And after a ferocious battle with the Time Lords and the Master, the Doctor was the last man standing.
I'm still alive.
Turns out that the four knocks are Wilf asking to be let out of a radiation box.
Something much more mundane but of course for the Doctor, much more tragic.
I can do so much more.
So much more! David Tennant's exit was a classic Doctor Who exit, he sacrificed himself.
But then who wouldn't sacrifice themselves to save Bernard Cribbins? It's my honour I think that is the epitome of the Doctor to do that.
Better be quick.
Three, two, one.
But before the tenth Doctor could regenerate, he had a few goodbyes to say.
Somehow he's managed to extend his dying moments to give himself a quick tour of the galaxy.
We see him seeing Donna again.
We see him seeing Martha and Mickey and Captain Jack.
Sarah Jane.
All the people that have been important to him in this era of his life.
And finishing with Rose, who of course had meant to much to him.
- You all right, mate? - Yeah.
Too much to drink? Yeah, talks to her on the .
on New Year's Eve, 2004 into 2005.
Which of course is the year she's going to meet the Doctor and everything's going to change.
I bet you're going to have a really great year.
Yeah? And so the tenth Doctor's time was up.
David, I think, it was the first time you saw his two hearts.
It's the battle between the good side and bad side, but I think that's the internal battle of the Doctor.
He quite outrageously sort of made this sexy, cool, cheeky Doctor, almost the ladies' man and he was properly cool.
Female population of the world "Oh, Doctor Who.
" It shone and what's more it inspired everybody else.
And that was such a radical departure for the old Time Lord.
Ten regenerations, countless villains, adventures and companions later, yes, it's time to meet the present owner of the TARDIS.
It's the 11th Doctor.
My favourite Doctor is Matt Smith.
When I heard that they were going to get a 12-year-old to play Doctor Who, I was like, "No, you can't go for young!" But then when Matt came alonghe was terrific.
What kind of things? Interesting things.
I love things.
Ask anyone.
I love that energy.
It's youthful of course.
He's like a boffin and an action hero at the same time.
I think he captures the character perfectly.
You only live once.
I think he was just born to play that role.
So what's the 11th Doctor actually like then? Spontaneous, I would say.
I'd say he's one of the sillier versions of the character.
Christmas Eve on a rooftop, saw a chimney, my whole brain just went, "What the hell?" I love the sheer brilliance of his physical comedy.
Reminds me of a silent screen comedian.
I love how he does this He definitely played up the alien aspect.
Time isn't a straight line, it's all bumpy-wumpy.
There's loads of boring stuff like Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons.
He's just sonot of Earth.
The 11th Doctor has also become known for having an interesting sense of fashion.
Bow ties are cool.
Bow ties are cool.
Yeah? Nice bow tie.
Bow ties are cool.
He is somewhere on the bow tie axis between Indiana Jones and Stan Laurel.
- You look a bit like Matt Smith.
- I think that's why I like him, I think, "Ooh, I could be this Doctor.
" Glasses are cool, see.
Matt Smith and his quiff.
Yeah, he's got a bit of a quiff.
It's a wicked fashion sense.
Fez, I wear a fez now.
Fezzes are cool.
Fezzes are cool.
I can buy a fez.
The Doctor who genuinely believes he's cool and is utterly wrong.
Who da man? Oh So, never saying that again.
The 11th Doctor has faced a fraught time in the TARDIS, and has been taken to darker places than any previous Doctor before him.
Argh! But with his time in the TARDIS shortly to come to an end, where did it all start? Well, it all began with a little girl called Amy Pond.
The Doctor literally crashed into Amy's life.
I mean, he was in a spaceship that fell out of the sky and crashed into her back garden when she was a little girl, only seven years old.
For any seven-year-old, that's going to be the best thing that's ever happened.
I'm the Doctor.
Do everything I tell you, don't ask stupid questions, and don't wander off.
The Doctor has just regenerated, which always leaves him a bit mad, a bit manic.
They had a really lovely time together, and they ate fish fingers and custard at the same time.
I needfish fingers and custard.
Fish fingers and custard actually does sound like a nice meal.
I'd eat that.
But no sooner had he turned up, the Doctor was gone again, leaving Amy wondering where her raggedy man had disappeared to.
And then he went away for five minutes and came back, like 14, 15 years later.
Which is going to have an effect on a person and how they turn out.
- You're a police woman? - I'm a kissagram.
- You're Amelia.
- You're late.
- Amelia Pond, you're the little girl? I'm Amelia and you're late.
With our hero back on Earth Amy and the Doctor didn't waste any time, and got straight to the business of fighting aliens.
And in his first extraterrestrial encounter, the 11th Doctor showed us that he's not a Time Lord to be trifled with.
The Doctor's competition with the Atraxi is sort of the moment where he's finally got his mojo back.
I'm the Doctor.
'And that's when he's properly arrived.
' Run.
So, once he's scared off the aliens and got the key to his TARDIS, there was only one thing left to do.
Get himself a companion.
And Amy seemed to fit the bill.
Amy was a kick-ass companion.
I mean, I hope - is it bad to say that myself? She certainly was.
She had to fiercely do battle with vampires Weeping Angels and, of course, the Daleks.
My friend reckons you're dangerous.
Is it true? I wouldn't say she was totally fearless, but she certainly dealt with her fears really well.
Yes, this was one fiery redhead who certainly knew the meaning of swashbuckling.
Amy, what are you doing? Saving your life.
OK with that, are you? Put down the sword, a sword could kill us all, girl.
Yeah, thanks, that's actually why I'm pointing it at you.
But through Amy's adventures we discover an ugly side to the Doctor, when he leaves an older version of Amy behind to save her younger self.
So, he's very silly and funny, but at the same time, there's a sort of dark side.
I trusted you! We learn more about the character, and learn more about the dark side.
Nobody talk to me.
Nobody human has anything to say to me today! I mean, if you've been round the block as much as the Doctor has, and you've encountered as much evil as he has, it may have rubbed off on you.
Then, in The Pandorica Opens, a legion of his enemies conspire to lock him away for eternity.
The Pandorica.
More than just a fairy tale.
The Pandorica is the greatest prison in all of the universe, and it was actually created especially to put the Doctor in.
In The Pandorica Opens, as it works out, all the Doctor's enemies have got together and realised that the end of the universe is coming, and it's going to be caused by the Doctor.
We will save the universefrom you! Seal the Pandorica.
No! Please, listen to me! Listen to me! But then, the Doctor being the Doctor, manages to get himself out of the situation and ends up putting Amy in as a form of protection.
Little young Amy, played by my cousin, Caitlin, manages to open the Pandorica, and then finds her older self inside.
And it was a cool moment.
OK, kid.
This is where it gets complicated.
Speaking of complicated, the other important figure in the 11th Doctor's story was River Song.
Who's River Song? She's a time-traveller who kicks arse.
Tip for you all .
never shoot a girl while she's regenerating.
When the Doctor first meets River Song, she's someone from his future.
- What is it, though? - Her diary.
Our diary.
Her past, myfuture.
She's extremely flirtatious with him.
She knows his name.
And she behaves like she owns him, and it's very hard to resist the impression that what you're meeting is, at some level, the Doctor's wife.
You may kiss the bride.
I'll make it a good one.
But not only was she the time-traveller's wife, she had another bombshell to drop.
Rory and Amy are her parents.
I'm your daughter.
And when the Doctor found her grave, he still found time for a smooch with River's ghost.
I guess that's a timey-wimey relationship for you.
Since nobody else can see you, God knows how that looked.
So, the 11th Doctor certainly loved his wife.
But he also had a vengeful side.
Give 'em hell, Danny boy.
I want people to call you Colonel Runaway.
I want children laughing outside your door, cos they've found the house of Colonel Runaway.
And when people come to you and ask if trying to get to me through the people I love He's a man of immense power if he chooses to use it.
Look, I'm angry, that's new.
I'm really not sure what's going to happen, now.
And there are times when his great rage and his impatience can overtake him.
Take it! Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all! River always says, "You can't be on your own, you need someone to limit you.
" You make them so afraid.
When you began, all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you'd become this? Realising that there were a lot of people out to get him, he conjured up a plan to fake his own death.
Amy! Stay back! A master of escapology he may have been, but one of the things he wasn't so good at was being on his own, as we found out when his companions' journey came to an end.
Amy and Rory had the saddest farewell from the Doctor.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory have a huge battle with the Weeping Angels in New York, and then when they think that it's all done, at the last moment, a Weeping Angel gets Rory.
I hear the angels talking talking, talking Doctor?! Amy is left with a choice, she can essentially commit suicide or have herself zapped back in time to be with her husband.
Just come back into the TARDIS.
Or she could stay with the Doctor, and she chooses Rory, her husband, and sacrifices herself to a Weeping Angel.
In a moment, in a heartbeat, they're dead and gone, then it's just utterly wretched for him again.
He knows, because he's such a long-lived time-traveller, that all friendship is deferred bereavement, as far as he's concerned.
It's going to happen, he's going to lose them.
He moves and moves and moves, cos if he stopped, it would He would be very, very upset about all the things that he's All the people he's lost along the way.
The Doctor shouldn't be alone.
The Doctor can't be alone.
And he wasn't alone for long before he had a new travelling companion.
Doctor Who? The Doctor first met Clara after she'd been turned into a Dalek, but she died.
Then, as a Victorian nanny, again, she died.
She died, both times.
The same woman! So, by the third time, the Doctor was desperate not to make it a hat-trick.
When he meets her again and gets a third chance to save her, he knows there's a mystery to solve here.
How can he have met the same person three times? Right then, Clara Oswald.
Time to find out who you are.
Clara is, on the surface, very, very sweet.
Doctor Bit of a control freak.
You're the boss.
Am I? No.
No! And when she confronts the 11th Doctor, she finds someone she can manipulate quite easily.
We don't walk away.
She doesn't want to be on the Doctor's arm and just running around the universe with him being a sidekick.
I would like to see What I would like to see is .
something awesome.
But their Doctor-companion relationship developed, and it was with Clara that the Doctor found himself facing his ultimate fate.
His friends are lost for evermore unless he goes to Trenzalore.
It's his grave, the one place he must never go in the universe is his own grave.
Welcome to the tomb of the Doctor.
Genuinely freaked and frightened by it.
This a man who travels into the past and the future all the time, but on this occasion, he's travelling into the furthest recess of his own future.
It turns out that that clever-clogs, the Great Intelligence, was planning to wipe the Doctor from history, by jumping into his timeline.
But Clara had other ideas.
When she sees the Doctor's timeline and realises the only way to save the Doctor is to go into the timeline and repair it Clara I don't know where I am.
Clara! I just know I'm running.
I love the bit where Clara jumped into the timeline, because she's another feisty, brave young character, you know? I love her, she's brilliant.
And it's here we start to realise just how important Clara is.
This is the point at which she will shatter into many different versions of herself and become the girl that keeps saving him throughout his life, helping him choose the TARDIS, helping him survive at every point.
Always I'm running to save the Doctor, again and again and again.
And, hidden in his timeline, Clara finds the Doctor's deepest, darkest secret.
He has to keep something back.
We've always thought we've seen every moment of his life, seen every face that he's had.
There's a place thateven his closest companions can't go there.
But at the end of The Name Of The Doctor, we realise there's one more Doctor he simply doesn't talk about, who somehow doesn't even count as the Doctor, and that version of himself is played by John Hurt.
And, in The Day Of The Doctor, we're going to find out exactly what it all means.
So, we've come to the end of our journey across 50 years of Doctor Who.
And we've seen the many faces of our time-travelling hero.
From the action man to the joker.
Am I funny? From the boffin to the dandy.
From the lothario to the tough guy.
I am a Time Lord.
We've got to know this complex and unique hero of science fiction a little better.
Would you care for a jelly baby? Don't I know you? Come on then! Absolutely fantastic.
That's absolutely splendid.
Wait a minute You did this! Gotcha.
And whatever the future holds for our beloved Doctor, we can only hope it's going to be as mesmerising and full of wonderment as the last 50 years.
I'll just be off, then.
I remember now.
I remember everything.
It's like seeing it all for the first time.
Seeing me, me The Doctor.
11 faces, hundreds, thousands of years of space and time.
And now it's all back in there again.
Ready for our proper holiday? I don't know if I deserve a holiday - you know, I don't know if I deserve anything.
Not knowing was good.
It was a relief.
So much death, so many .
friends I've lost.
I mean, how do I carry on? Because Because you've saved billions of lives, and every time you go to a place and there's something wrong, you could turn and run, but you don't.
You never do.
You stay.
You help.
Wouldn't ANYONE stay and help? No! And because you don't know that, and because you'll never understand it, - that, my friend, is what makes you the Doctor.
- Ooh.
And that's why you'll never stop.
- You've made me feel better.
- You make everything better.
Now, listen.
Don't get soppy, I will not have soppiness in the TARDIS, young lady.
Right! OK Let's go on holiday, shall we? - Hold tight.
- Woo!