Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989) s01e20 Episode Script

Use a Slurpy, Go to Jail

That'll be four Italian hoagies Two bags of chips, two cherry slurpees, and a carton of Cho-Cho bars.
That'll be $624.
Huh? I thought you knew how to use the register.
I thought I did, too.
Read the manual.
Gentlemen, that'll be $21.
Hey, doog, welcome to art's minimart, where your every need is met with a smile.
How's the new assistant manager? I haven't gotten that promotion yet.
You've been here three days, delpino.
It took me assistant manager.
And you're sharp as a tack.
Look, I'm leaving early.
Think you can close up? Just stick the key in the lock.
Perfect example of why cousins shouldn't mate.
Pretty nice setup, huh? You got your TV, stereo system, junk food, and every dirty magazine a guy could wish for.
That's how we pictured heaven.
In three months I'll buy that camcorder, and I'm gone.
Red vine? Yeah, thanks.
You want a ride home? No.
My folks are still away.
I got my dad's caddy parked in the back.
Uh Can I help you? Yeah.
Give me the money.
Now! Whoa.
Just don't shoot.
You! Over there! I can't believe this is happening.
Open the register, man! Just do what he says.
Just be patient.
I'm new on this thing.
Oops? Oops! Come on, Vinnie.
Come on, man! Let's go! In two seconds, cuz.
Come on, man! Damn.
Damn! Damn! Get on the floor now! Raymond, this is captain Adams of the l.
The store is surrounded.
Set down your weapon and come out.
No way, PacMan.
The name is z-man! All right.
Do yourself a favor.
Let's end this thing right.
This ends when I say it ends! This is reeper territory now! Z-man's in control here! Ain't nobody leaving till I say so! Look, z-man.
The cops are right.
There's no way out.
Shut up! Nobody's talking to you.
All right, o.
, but what can you do? I said shut up! Get that! Good evening, art's minimart, where your Who am I speaking to? Vincent delpino.
Put z-man on.
It's for you.
Yo, z-man! It's John Lucas.
You got to come out before this gets ugly.
You know me.
I've always been straight with you.
These people aren't playing.
I know where you're at.
You're scared.
I ain't scared.
Who you calling scared? Don't be telling me what to do! I'm making the demands.
Listen close.
I want a car, some money, and a helicopter to the airport, and I want this on the news! I don't have the authority.
Just do it! That's right.
Z-man's calling the shots now.
Make my homeboys proud.
Did you hear that? TV.
We're talking major exposure here.
This could be a movie of the week.
Damn it, Vinnie, this isn't a game.
That's right.
This the real thing.
They'll talk me up in the hood tonight.
Hey, don't kid yourself, man.
They'll never give you that stuff.
This won't make you famous.
Someone's going to get shot.
Hey, man, we all got to go someday.
You think I'm afraid of dying? When you're a gang-banger, you expect to die.
Just the way it is.
You don't really believe that.
No? How many of your friends you ever seen die? None.
I seen four of my homeboys die this year.
Oldest one was 19.
See, where I live, there's somebody dying every day.
But, hey, man, that's life on the street.
Myself? I'll be surprised if I see the age of 21.
Our last communication with them was over an hour ago.
We haven't made contact since then.
Look, I know this kid.
He doesn't want to hurt your son.
Doctor, Mrs.
howser, i know how you're feeling, but the longer this goes, the more likely it will end without incident.
Have there been any demands? Yes, but we've chosen not to give in to them now.
My god.
Why not? My son and his friend are in there.
Why wait? Please, trust us.
We're doing everything we can.
That's not good enough.
How can this happen? We should be safe here.
If he hurts my son Kathy.
Honey The last similar incident in an affluent westside neighborhood was the gang-related Westwood shooting in November of '88.
Again, the standoff here in a west Los Angeles convenience store begins its third hour.
Police are still withholding the names of the gunman and his hostages.
What? Withholding our names? They're messing with my air time! They can't get away with this.
The people have a right to know.
I'm calling the station.
Z-man, face the facts.
They won't give in.
Best thing for you to do is walk out.
They'll charge you as a juvenile.
You don't understand nothing.
No, unless you have prior convictions What are you, a lawyer? Well, actually I'm a doctor.
Do you think I'm a chump? It's true, I'm a doctor.
I graduated from medical school when I was 14.
That's d-e-l.
PNot t, p As in Pacino.
I-n-o, delpino.
Well, well, well.
What are they gonna come up with next? A black man can't even get a job most places.
Now they're making rich white boys doctors.
I wasn't made a doctor.
I worked hard.
Nobody gave me anything.
Man, open your eyes! You live in a house without bars on the windows.
You got food on the table every night.
You live on a street without a drug dealer on every corner.
You got plenty, doc.
I live with that every day.
No chance of me becoming a doctor soon.
You go to school.
You can go to college.
I joined the reepers just to get to school without getting beat up.
But the teachers are too scared to teach.
Will your dad pay for me going to college? There are regular jobs.
People have them.
Well, they ain't me.
Don't think you know me.
You think we're all the same.
We walk down your street, you move to the other side.
Police pull us over just because we're black.
I watch TV, i see all kinds of white people Businessmen, lawyers, doctors.
You only see me on the 6:00 news being dragged off to jail.
See? I'm your worst nightmare.
You're scared to death of me.
Why shouldn't I be? You come in here hiding behind shades, waving a gun at us.
How the hell should I feel? There.
How you see me now? What are you doing? Let's get out of here.
Be careful with that thing.
Look, uh, z-man, we're leaving now, o.
? Is that right? How? Just don't Don't come near me.
Vin, this is crazy.
What are you going to do, shoot me? Here I am.
The standoff in brentwood continues into its fifth hour.
Unconfirmed sources tell us that the suspect's name is Raymond Alexander, age 16, from Compton.
His hostages are two brentwood teenagers, Douglas howser and Vincent delflorio.
Delflorio? Delflorio? I can't believe this.
I even spelled it for them.
Relax, Vinnie.
Oh, sure, relax.
They didn't get your name wrong.
They didn't get his name wrong.
They've got a thing against short Italian guys.
Is he always like this? Pretty much.
You may be crazier than me, man.
Yeah? That will be $1.
Keep the change.
We need some sounds.
Come on, come on! Play hard to get, females get jealous okay, smarty, go to a party girls are scantily clad and show a body a chick walks by, you wish you could sex her purchasing another wall like you was poindexter next day's function, high-class luncheon food is served in your stone-cold dungeon music comes on, people start to dance but then you ate so much, you nearly split your pants a girl starts walkin', guys start gawkin' sits down next to you and starts talkin' says she want to dance 'cause she likes the groove so come on, fatso, and just bust a move uh, uh yeah, huh huh, huh yeah, huh just bust a move huh, hey huh, yeah uh, huh yeah, huh you're on a mission and you're wishin' someone could deal with your lonely contrition lookin' for love in all the wrong places no fine girls, just ugly faces from frustration your first inclination is to become a monk and leave the situation but every dark tunnel has a light of hope so don't hang yourself with a celibate rope Not bad for a couple of white guys.
What the hell is going on in there? I think they're dancing.
Not bad for a black guy.
Raymond! Raymond, can you hear me? Raymond, I want you to come out of there.
I don't want to see nobody get hurt.
What are you doing here, mama? Go home! I want you to listen to me, Raymond.
These men say they won't hurt you.
Just let them boys go and come out here.
Just stay out of this, mama! I can't do that.
You're my responsibility.
I don't want to lose another son.
Mama, I am not coming out! You can't make me! I'm sorry! That boy is so stubborn.
He just don't listen anymore.
Raymond, maybe it's time to go home.
I'll tell you when it's time to go.
Come on.
What do you want? What are we still doing here? You want to know what I want? I want some respect.
I want a future.
I want a home for my mama where she don't feel like a prisoner.
I want my brother back.
He was a wanna-be.
He used to follow us around, him and his little friends acting like big, tough gang-bangers.
Used to sneak out and put on his colors.
Mama didn't know.
One day, somebody drives by and guns him down Right there in the street.
He was just standing there, man, eating an ice-cream cone.
Look, Raymond, it doesn't have to be this way.
We can help you.
Maybe I can find you a job at the hospital.
Hey, man, don't fool yourself.
The minute you get out of here, you'll forget all about me.
That's not true.
Trust me, Raymond.
We're never going to forget you.
Lucas, pick up the phone, man! I want to talk! Yeah.
I want to make a deal.
Forget the other stuff.
Promise me they'll try me as a juvenile.
I can't do that, Raymond.
Come out and take your chances.
That's the offer.
Take it or leave it.
We'll get you a good lawyer.
I know what's going to happen to me.
You don't.
I can't do no time in the state pen.
I'm 16.
Look, this is Douglas howser.
You've got to listen to him.
He's really getting upset.
I don't know what he might Yeah? You got a deal.
They went for it.
Yes! Yes! Thanks, homes.
Go ahead.
Get out.
It's over.
I said go.
We're coming out, all right? He's put down the gun.
Hold your fire! Come on! Over here! All right, Raymond, come on out! Down on the ground! Spread 'em! Go! Go! Get in there! On your feet.
We just wanted to see how you were doing.
I'm o.
How about you guys? We're fine.
Exhausted, but fine.
Doogie, your mother and i Well, uh Well, when you were inside that store, the thought that we might lose you I know, dad.
Me, too.
Hey, doog, you know you're out of floss! His mom and dad are still out of town.
He kind of wanted to stay.
Why don't you two try to get some sleep? We're here if you need us.
Thanks, mom.
I didn't think you'd mind.
What a night, huh? Yeah.
Vinnie, do you have any black friends? Yeah, sure.
Really? I mean guys you hang with, not just guys you know.
I don't really hang with them, but I know lots of them.
Me, too.
But I don't really have any black friends.
So? So I wonder why I don't.
Maybe Raymond was right about us.
Maybe we are prejudiced.
Just because we don't have black friends? I don't think that's true.
What do you think? I don't know.
I never really thought about it.