Doom Patrol (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Jane Patrol

1 JANE: Previously on Doom Patrol NILES: I believe you can find people who will love you just as you are.
BERTRAND: When did Kay Challis become Jane? VON FUCHS: You are one of many personalities, trapped within a single body.
CLIFF: Holy shit.
The Underground is vast.
What do you know about the Underground? CLIFF: Not a lot.
Maybe I can help you.
- DADDY: Sweet, sweet baby.
- [GROANS] Please don't keep me waiting.
Come, join me! RITA: Karen.
She's by far the worst of the 64.
CLIFF: Jane, are you in there? Let go of me, you motherfucker! [SCREAMING] CLIFF: Hey, Jane.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] Come give Daddy a kiss.
I haven't finished my puzzle yet.
Kay Olivia.
You know Daddy doesn't like to wait.
You've had your fun.
[SPITS] [KAREN LAUGHING] Oh, Polly, Pretty Polly - Come and go with me - Shut up.
Oh, Polly, Pretty Polly - You guessed it just right - I said shut up! I dug on your grave [SCREAMS] - HAMMERHEAD: That's enough, Polly.
- POLLY: She started it! KAREN: Fuck all you do-nothing, hater bitches! At least I found true love.
[GRUNTS] [KAREN GRUNTING] Where are you taking her? HAMMERHEAD: You know.
Hey, sweetheart.
Why aren't you up there? Why aren't you up there, Polly? LUCY FUGUE: Someone needs to be on the surface, Jane.
You're creating disharmony.
Well, the position's open, Lucy, have at it.
You can get us all on the same wavelength you care so much about.
Jane, hon.
We all know how this works here, right? There are rules, right? You're the primary, which means you're the one on top.
Which keeps an equilibrium down here in the Underground.
An equilibrium that must be maintained.
Yeah, 'cause we're all besties.
Loved your friendship bracelet, Secretary.
This a joke to you? Just do your job.
The fuck you know about my job, Polly? When's the last time you were up there? Oh, that's right, never.
- Fuck you.
- Polly.
THE SECRETARY: Jane, each of us has a purpose.
A reason for being.
We just want you to respect that.
I know.
LUCY FUGUE: The more things remain out of balance, the more all of us are vulnerable.
[SIGHS] Okay, I'll go up.
I feel like shit.
You ever think about going up to the surface? Me? No.
I'm happy with my job.
You're lucky.
Can't say there haven't been a few times where I stared out at the end of the line.
Stared at that light and thought, "What if?" But, you know, it passes.
Everybody wants me there.
"It's your job.
We all have a purpose.
" Like it's easy being up there, like it's a cakewalk.
Shit's hard as fuck.
- And even then, it can't fix everything.
- I hear you.
- And what's the point, really? - Who knows? All I know is this train.
- You ever use that? - Emergency brake? Never had a reason to.
I run a pretty clean railroad.
What happens if someone pulls it? I would imagine it would fuck up the train.
- Huh.
- Until I fixed it.
How long would that take? How much time do you need? RITA: Jane, are you listening? We really, really, really, need you to come out.
LARRY: [GROANS] Didn't work the first ten times you tried it, but sure, why not? At least I'm doing something.
I've never seen her like this before.
Has anybody seen her like this before? This is all my fault, I never should have pushed us into therapy.
Don't flatter yourself, Cliff, therapy was the rat's idea.
Jane, sweetie, blink if you can hear me.
Jesus, Rita, will you give it a rest? RITA: I'll do no such thing.
CLIFF: I can't believe I lost Jane.
LARRY: You didn't lose her.
She's not a pet.
Okay, now Larry hates me, too.
Of course, I deserve this.
This is good.
- [SENSOR BEEPING] - VIC: There's absolutely nothing wrong with her.
Her brain activity's off the charts and yet nothing.
LARRY: Jane's in there, somewhere.
CLIFF: So how do we pull her out? VIC: I don't know.
Part of me wishes that we could just shrink ourselves, Magic School Bus style, and get inside her head.
What? I'm just marveling at your embrace of the weird and utterly impossible.
Can someone tell me what the Hey! Hello? Uh [KNOCKING] Hey! Jane? [CHUCKLES] Hello? I'm not Jane.
What? I'm Driver 8.
- Who are you? - Cliff Steele.
[GASPS] I thought you were a robot.
I was.
Well, I mean, I am.
I'm sorry Are you sure you're not Jane? I'm not Jane.
Where am I? The Underground.
I'm in the Under [SIGHING] I'm in Jane's brain? I'm in her head? Bad news is it's off limits.
You're not supposed to be here.
- How did you - Magic School Bus.
[CLIFF CHUCKLING] Um, the Negative Spirit is touching my brain right now as well as Jane's brain at the same time and [BUZZES] here I am.
I don't understand it either.
So, you're one of the personalities? I am.
Some of us look like Jane, some don't.
As you say, I don't understand it all either.
Can you help me find Jane? I'm here to bring her back.
Oh, I wouldn't know where to look.
This is a big place down here.
Lots of places to get lost.
And I don't leave the train.
You sure there isn't anybody who could help? Let me make some calls.
[WHISTLING] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [CONTINUES WHISTLING] [SIGHS] [STOPS WHISTLING] Jane? What are you doing here? Oh, d'you hear? Someone pulled the emergency brake on the train.
- You're kidding.
- Hardly.
The train's completely out of commission.
No one can surface until Driver 8 fixes it.
That's crazy.
You know, I've always assumed I was the only one that knew about this memory.
Like it was my own Secret Garden.
But I don't mind the company.
Not at all.
Rather like it, actually.
Whose memory is this? I don't know.
Never given it a second thought.
I know this much It's my favorite place in the Underground.
I always leave completely chuffed without fail.
It doesn't bother you that you don't know who this belongs to? Memories belong to everyone.
That's how it works here.
Everyone knows that.
Some of the others are saying you don't want to go back up.
Do you ever feel like you're spiraling out of control? When I get like that I come here.
And what happens when that doesn't work anymore? You're leaving? Where are you going? Jane? To find answers.
[WHISTLING] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Hey, shit-for-brains.
Yeah, Einstein.
[LAUGHING] I never thought that I'd be happy to see you.
[GROANING] You're not supposed to be here, Cliff.
I'm looking for Jane.
- Driver 8 said you'd help - Shut up! Excuse me, who the fuck are you? [GROANS] Driller Bill, asshole.
[GROANS] I'm trying to help her.
Well, that just got fucked sideways, didn't it? Heh [GRUNTS] All right.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Watch the coat.
[DOOR CREAKS] SISTER 1: So nice of you to join us, Jane.
- SISTER 2: Quite nice indeed.
- SISTER 3: To seek counsel.
[PANTING] [GRUNTING] [KEYS JANGLE] You can't do this.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You're making a big mistake, Hammerhead.
- Hey! - [DOOR CLOSES] Ooh.
She's harmless.
Karen? Cliffie? You're human now? Don't ask me to explain it.
I think it works kind of.
What happened to you? Oh, well.
[CHUCKLES] Turns out weddings aren't really a thing around here.
Actually, what the all-fuck are you doing here? I'm here for Jane.
- Really? - Mmm-hmm.
Is this like some grand romantic gesture or something? You're really going the extra mile here, Cliffie.
You're in her head.
That's deep.
Oh, no.
I'm here for Jane.
She's in a lot of trouble.
She needs my help.
This isn't you trying to win her back? No, this is - me trying to fix a big, dumb mistake that I made.
- [SIGHS] You know she's never going to give you what you want, right? She'll never give you what Dougie and I have.
What do you and Doug have? Everyone's afraid to be normal.
All these bitches.
But they don't know.
They don't know.
SISTER 2: No need for the unease, my dear.
We are all sisters here.
I'm sensing you feel lost.
And this feeling makes it hard for you to return to the surface.
SISTER 1: We cannot help you SISTER 2: But we can guide you, however SISTER 3: You must do the work You need to replenish.
You need to go deeper.
Go to the Well.
- SISTER 3: The Well - is the answer.
- SISTER 3: That is all.
- SISTER 2: Go.
- Deeper.
- SISTER 3: To the Well.
But I [DOOR CREAKS OPEN] You're following me? I was in the neighborhood.
- I swear.
- JANE: Whatever.
They She Whatever that thing is in there, it's nutters.
Goodbye, Penny.
The Well? Seriously? Was Russian Roulette not an option? What do you want? Why are you here? Fuck it, why do you care? If you don't go up, it's only a matter of time before they ask someone like me.
And? What's the problem? Look at you! You're not exactly a bleeding endorsement.
'Cause it sucks up there.
It's chaotic.
You don't know who to believe, or what to believe, or when to believe it.
So, take a break.
Go back to the lake.
But don't go to the Well.
- Miranda was looking for answers, too.
- I'm not Miranda.
Point is, they told her the same thing.
The Sisters want everyone to go to the Well.
It's a bad idea.
So come with me.
Strength in numbers.
You know I can't do that.
I stay clear of danger.
I run.
That's my job.
So, fuck off.
Hey, you can't keep me here.
You cooled off? Come with me.
- Where are you taking her? - Up your ass, maybe.
[LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY] I meant what I said, Cliff.
She's not worth it.
You're wrong.
Hey! Why does she get to leave? I'm the one whose actually trying to help here, Hammerhead.
Jane, are you still mad at me? [CRYING] I'm sorry.
I really am.
It was stupid.
[YELPS] Hello, Cliff.
It's me, Penny.
Penny Farthing.
Hey, what happened to your, your - Stammer? - Yeah.
Only when I'm on the surface.
Comes with my [GRUNTS] general anxiety.
Listen, Jane's in trouble.
Or rather, she will be if we don't get to her in time.
She's right there.
- Sorry? - Turn around.
Oh, that's not Jane.
Well, it is, but it isn't.
That's a memory.
They're everywhere down here.
I'll be surprised if you haven't walked through a few already.
[SIGHS] Yeah, I know.
I'll explain.
Anyway, the real Jane is going to the Well - and we've got to stop her - [BOTH GRUNT] before she does something completely stupid.
[GRUNTING] - Ow! - [SIGHS] What are you waiting for? Come on.
[LAUGHS] - Oh.
- [BARKING] I get you, dog.
I get you.
This is getting old, Jane.
[JANE SIGHS] Is it? 'Cause I kinda like it.
[PUPPY GROWLS] All right, let's go.
Let's go.
Come to me.
[BELL RINGS] PENNY: The fastest way to get around in the Underground is through memories like this one.
They're everywhere.
Deeper you go, darker they get.
Sometimes the darker memories are stuck to the nicer ones.
You never know.
The mind is a crazy thing.
TEACHER: To review, class, the primary cause of the Civil War was Abraham Lincoln.
Faced with such a godless leader, the poor southern farmers were forced to band together to keep their farms from nationalization.
That does not sound right.
Is that Jane? Not exactly.
TEACHER: Kay Challis.
Care to join the rest of the class? [STUDENTS LAUGHING] I'm not Kay.
My name is Miranda.
Who's Miranda? She was a primary.
Like Jane.
TEACHER: Now, Kay, we've been over this time and again.
My name is Miranda.
Shut the door.
Shut the door.
Shut the door.
I need you to close your eyes.
Why? Because behind this door is what's left of Miranda's station.
Where she used to live.
Shut the door.
Shut the door.
Is that supposed to mean something to me because I didn't even know that there was a Miranda until five seconds ago.
Trust me.
[SIGHS] Shut the door.
Shut the door.
Shut the door.
Shut the door! CLIFF: Ugh.
Told you not to look.
What happened to Miranda? She threw herself in the Well.
What's the Well? "What's the Well?" Only the last place in the Underground Jane should go.
Which is why we have to stop her.
If the Well is so dangerous, why does Jane wanna go there? Because The Sisters sent her.
It's where they send everyone bloody fool enough to go looking for answers.
[GASPS] It's why I don't look for answers.
JANE: Jane.
- JANE: The Robotman.
- [CLIFF CHUCKLES] Hammerhead told me you met.
She tell you she grabbed my junk? [LAUGHS] JANE: Hammerhead doesn't kiss and tell.
I don't get it.
Why is this memory buried so deep? - This is good.
For us, it was the beginning of everything going sideways.
I don't understand.
You gave her hope.
NILES: You're going to find people who will see you and accept you, people who will love you just as you are.
JANE: And what if I can't? Then I'll be a father to you just the same.
You don't wanna be my father.
Why not? You're nothing like my father.
What was he like? [SIGHS] No.
Don't shut the door on all the good work we've done Fuck your door! NILES: I'm trying to help you.
Jesus Christ, Cliff, really? Jane, I'm sorry.
I told you to fuck off, Penny, remember? Hey, Jane.
- Wait.
- Stop touching me.
- I didn't ask you to be here.
- Just hear me out.
All of this is my fault.
I never should've pushed therapy on you.
Rita said that it probably wasn't even my idea.
There was a rat in my nutrient tank.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, come back, you're scaring us.
Thank you.
I've been waiting for you to say that.
[CHUCKLES] I really, really needed that.
- Really? - Fuck, no! Get out of my head, asshole.
You need me.
Fuck you.
I mean that.
Fuck you.
Seriously? Is this you being serious? So this is it? You're just gonna chuck everything away? I'm trying to help you.
DADDY: [WHISPERING] Sweet, sweet baby Kay.
Please don't keep me waiting.
Where did you go? You don't belong here, Cliff.
I know about the Well.
I know about Miranda.
These aren't your secrets to share.
They belong to the Underground.
I can bloody well share what I want.
If you're really my friend, leave.
You're on a table in the Chief's lab.
All of us are worried sick about you.
Come back.
- I can't.
- Why? Because I don't see the point in going back.
[SIGHS] I know you wanna be the hero.
But you're in my head where you don't belong, and I am begging you.
You wanna help me? Yes.
Go home.
[SIGHING] Oh [MACHINE WHIRRING] DADDY: [WHISPERING] Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet baby.
Sweet, sweet baby Kay.
BLACK ANNIS: Who comes this way? [LOW GROWL] Jane.
BLACK ANNIS: Jane? I know of no Jane.
Come closer.
[GROWLING] The Sisters sent me.
The Sisters.
[SNIFFS] The Sisters.
Goodbye, Jane.
You may pass.
[CACKLES] DADDY: [WHISPERING] Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet baby.
Please don't keep me waiting.
[CREAKING] I don't understand you, Cliff.
Why let her go if you were just gonna follow her anyway? What was I supposed to do? Pick her up and carry her? I tried that, didn't go well.
So I'm giving her space.
Isn't that what you all want? What? This is as far as I go.
I don't go looking for the darkness.
That is not my job.
And there's nothing but darkness ahead.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CREAKS] [JANE ECHOING] Whose memory is this? [GASPS] Oh.
This is where it began, isn't it? Kay, I don't know who you need me to be.
I don't know if I'm supposed to feel happy.
And you You're perfect.
I know you're a memory, but I don't know where to turn.
Or who I can trust or if I can.
I'm trying, [VOICE BREAKING] but I don't know if I want to try anymore.
There you are.
I haven't finished my puzzle yet.
DADDY: Finish it later.
Come, my sweet baby, before Mother returns.
That's my good girl.
BLACK ANNIS: I smell a man.
No man can pass.
CLIFF: Hello? What's your name? I'm here for Jane.
Ahhh! Oh! [GROANS] Damn it.
- No man can pass.
- [CLIFF SCREAMS] No! I'm here for Jane.
No man can pass.
Hi, Daddy.
I'm not a man.
[DISTORTED] I don't know what happened.
I'm gonna be better.
Oh, God.
What did I do? I'm a monster.
JANE: Cliff, you're a fucking monster.
CLIFF: Are you a ghost? I'm not a fucking man.
All I want to do is cry.
My brain is free from release.
I'm so angry.
You're not my family.
I'm a brain.
It's not my fucking life! [INDISTINCT VOICES] I'm not a man.
I used to be.
I was a different person then.
A lesser person.
[LOW GROWL] [SCRAPING] [CLINKS] You are no man.
This no man can pass.
[DOOR CLOSES] JANE: No one to tell.
Nowhere to turn.
No one tells.
Tell no one.
Jane? DADDY: Sweet baby.
JANE: No one tells.
DADDY: Sweet JANE: Tell no one [DADDY'S DISTORTED VOICE] Sweet, sweet baby.
Tell no one.
JANE: Nowhere to turn.
No one to tell.
Nowhere to turn.
No one tells.
No one No one tells.
No one.
- No one.
- Jane? Come on, let's go home.
[RUMBLING] Jane! Whoa! [DADDY'S DISTORTED VOICE] Sweet, sweet baby.
Come join me.
Jane, what the hell is that? DADDY: She's mine.
You can't fight Daddy.
Nobody can.
He's too strong.
Oh, shit! That's your father.
DADDY: Sweet, sweet baby.
Listen to me.
That's not him.
This is you.
That's not your father.
This isn't even real.
It's all in your head.
- DADDY: No! - Fuck you! Jane, wake up! Jane, wake [SCREAMS] [ROBOTMAN] Jane, run.
Oh, no! [SCREAMS] Whoa! [SCREAMS] [GROANING] Jane, save yourself.
Just run! No, stop it! Not him.
Stop it! Stop it! You destroy everything! I will not let you destroy him! I hate you! I hate you, you filthy disgusting man! I am not afraid of you! I am not afraid of you! I am not afraid! [RUMBLING] DADDY: Sweet, sweet [SCREAMS] No! [SOBS] [GASPS] RITA: Welcome back, Jane.
Give her some room.
ROBOTMAN: What the hell happened here? BOTH: Long story.
What happened in there? That's not my story to tell.
The good thing is she's back.
And I think she's better.
[SIGHS] DADDY: Sweet, sweet baby.
[GASPS] MAN: Greg, move your head.