Drop Dead Diva s02e06 Episode Script

Begin Again

See that aspiring model there? That was me - deb - until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, But there was a bit of a mix-up And I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm jane, A super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, And the only people who really know what's going on with me Are my girlfriend stacy and my guardian angel, fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
* you're feeling stuck in a routine * * waking up, just to fall right back to sleep * Jane.
Jane! There better be a fire.
Your assistant can't get you on your cell, So she called me on mine.
Teri? What did she want? You have a new client, Someone in show biz, Someone big.
Julia roberts big or "jersey shore" big? She said they're in music.
Oh, my god.
That means it might be - J.
Lo! J.
Lo! Okay, I have to get dressed! Teri called me, too.
Stacy got so excited, she hung up.
Apparently, the case is grayson's, But he's requested you as second chair.
Oh, my god.
Okay, now, we have worked together, But he's never specifically requested me.
Aah! This is awesome! Okay, important question - What are you gonna wear? UhOh.
This? A michael rs cowl-neck sweater? No, no, no, no, no.
Of course.
Lo prefers a swooping neck line.
I don't know what I would do without you.
How do I look? Where's j.
Lo? It's not j.
How do I look? Miley? Colbie? Britney? Confetti.
Who? They're a sister act.
Check 'em out.
* how could you look away when I said to stay? * * how'd you leave so easily? * * won't you tell me * They're sweet.
Like a dtic.
Stacy said you said it was someone big.
This video is the second most downloaded video on youtube.
The only one bigger is a bull trying to do it with a chicken.
I love that video.
Jane, thanks for helping me out.
Oh, yeah.
I'm happy to second chair.
Um, just curious.
I mean, why me? Someone's fishg for a compliment.
You remember that playlist you made for al's retirement party? You know your pop music.
Yes, I do.
For example, did you know That madonna's bra from the blonde ambition tour Sold for $20,000? I did not.
And I'm not sure that will be helpful to our case.
Anyways, dewey & pierce are repping jessica.
You guys have tina, the one in pink.
Arraignment's at 11:00.
* if we could begin again * So what'd they do anyway, trash a hotel suite Or shoplift from barney's? Jane, they're accused of murder.
* let's start tomorrow today * * we're in this together * Should we have taken separate elevators? No one is paying attention.
Good morning, mr.
Parker, ms.
You both arrived at the exact same time again.
Inside voice, fred.
Oh, um mr.
Parker, sir, A francine waters is in your office.
She's upset.
Francine runs an amazing bed and breakfast In santa barbara.
Kaswell, why don't you join me? I'd be happy to, mr.
"from check-in to check-out, "the hideaway inn was bleak and depressing.
"a good waterboarding would've been more relaxing Than my weekend.
" It gets worse from there.
I don't understand.
Your place is spectacular.
Since the review came out on hiptripz, Occupancy is down 75%.
If I don't recover by the end of summer, I'll be forced to sell.
Net is an online travel guide.
It's the industry leader.
I've seen bad reviews before.
This is brutal.
It's vindictive.
A few months ago, I refused to buy ad space on their website.
Have you been in touch with the reviewer? Hiptripz is like the michelin guide.
There's 26 contributing writers, But the individual reviews are anonymous.
This is clear defamation.
Kim will file an action on your behalf.
We'll demand that they take down the review And issue a full apology.
This doesn't make any sense.
Chris was our manager.
He got me and jess a record deal, And now the cops think we killed him? Tina, do you have any idea why they suspect you? No.
I mean, we had disagreements, but chris was a friend.
You told the police that you have an alibi.
I was at the movies Jessica! Are you okay? I'm totally freaked.
Me too.
Uh, mr.
Kent, vanessa hemmings with dewey & pierce.
Nice to meet you.
And this is my second chair Jane.
Jane bingum.
It's a pleasure.
Listen, even though our clients require separate representation, How would you feel about a joint strategy Given their mutual alibi? United front.
Couldn't agree more.
Me too.
Docket ending 627 and 628, Tina and jessica orlando.
The charge is first-degree murder.
The state contends that the defendants, Believing they had been cheated by their manager, chris fabrikant, Acted together to cause his death by bludgeoning.
The state requests that each defendant be held without bail.
Counselors? Your honor - your honor - Go ahead.
These young women have never had so much as a traffic ticket, And they both have deep roots in the community.
Not to mention, they are both gainfully employed.
They have studio time and tour dates booked.
Now, we're not asking that they be released on their own recognizance But we are asking that you consider a bond.
In what amount? $100,000, your honor.
So ordered.
Well, that went well.
Not bad.
Vanessa's a good lawyer.
You think? And pretty.
Ah, didn't notice.
Come on, grayson.
You loosened your tie like three times, And that's your thing.
Whenever you find someone - what? I don't have a thing.
Hey, nice work in there.
We were just saying the same.
So, uh, we've got a mountain of discovery.
What do you say we jump in and discuss strategy over dinner? Sounds great.
Your conference room or mine? Why don't you come over to harrison & parker.
We'll order chinese.
Looking forward to it.
Me too.
I can't wait.
Mm, that is a lot of blood.
Mm, head wounds will do that.
The a.
's gonna prejudice the jury With the violence of the crime.
Pass the chow fun? Time of death - sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 p.
Well, that's good for our girls.
Their movie started at 8:45.
Yeah, but the theater was only a couple of miles away From where the victim was killed, So theoretically, they could've gone back and forth.
If the prosecution makes that claim, We'll argue that someone would've seen them.
Okay, so let's talk motive.
They'll argue that our clients Were unhappy with their contract.
A two-record deal for half a million dollars? What's to be unhappy about? It's the music business.
A half-a-mil is meaningless.
Every expense gets charged against it.
Girls like this don't chase money, they chase fame.
I mean, look at the murder weapon.
It's a A "mallie"? It's their mallie.
A 2010.
It's the annual award For the most popular shopping mall touring act, Which means they were performing for free.
Anyway, my point is, These girls had been working their asses off, And killing their manager would not improve their contract.
And my point is The prosecution is going full barrel after murder one, Which means they must know something that we don't.
And to be honest, I don't have a good feeling about this.
Yeah, neither do I.
* if we could begin again * * I'd change yesterday * Hey, you're listening to my client.
I know! Fred told me.
I can't believe my best friend is representing a confetti girl! I cannot believe that you have heard of confetti.
I tried to see them at the galleria, But people lined up the night before, And I couldn't get into the mall.
Wait, when was that? Like two months ago.
Where was I? Working, like always.
What do you mean "always"? I'm not always working.
And I'm not always wearing butt-toning sneakers.
So, are you representing the skinny one or the other one? They're like a size 0 and a size 2.
Right, so which one? Tina, the size 0.
You know, she used to be bigger, But her manager made her lose like 20 pounds Before their first mall tour.
Maybe that's her motive.
yeah, completely.
You know, you are so funny.
No, you're so funny.
No, you are so funny.
No, you are! Fred? I miss your cute little face.
Jane, can you get tina's autograph for me? Uh, yeah, I'll see what I can do.
thank you.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, a french movie.
That's perfect.
Oh, and then maybe we can go to mulholland afterwards And I'll show you the lights.
There's no one on that phone, is there? What? Of course there is.
Hold on a second, honey.
Give me the phone.
The fake girlfriend to make stacy jealous? Fred, really? I needed stacy to notice me, And on tv they say that sexual jealousy is a strong motivator.
Oh, so you're taking relationship advice From "the real housewives"? Animal planet.
Did you know that a female zebra pays more attention to a male Ife's taken? Fred, stacy's not a zebra.
And she's not gonna fall For the "invisible girlfriend on the phone" bit.
Good morning.
Have you saved the hideaway inn yet? I have a settlement meeting in a few minutes.
You know, I've scoured their records And since our client purchased the hotel, There have been a total of three complaints, And two of them were from a guest Who is "allergic to yellow.
" Like I said, it's a magnificent place.
And like I said, I've gone through all their records, So anything you want to tell me, parker? Don't know what you're getting at.
All those Friday afternoon depositions When you were "unreachable," You were getting a shiatsu massage On the santa barbara coast.
And the occasional body scrub.
Keep it to yourself.
Keep me posted.
Let's start with the food.
According to the reviews, "the potatoes in the vichyssoise were rotten.
" Our vegetables are picked daily from our on-site gardens.
Our kitchen's been nominated for three silver spoon awards.
Award certificate.
The most recent restaurant inspector report.
Let's move on to the beds.
Kaswell - per your review, "a good night's sleep at the hideaway is an oxymoron.
The sheets are like sandpaper.
" We use the finest 900-thread count egyptian cotton.
Receipts for the linens.
We don't need receipts.
We stand by our reviewer, Whose opinion is legally protected.
Let's cut to the chase.
When my client refused to buy ad space on your website, You went ahead and trashed her inn.
It's extortion.
I have the most trusted travel review site on the web.
Do you think I would mortgage my credibility For a few dollars in ad revenue? If you're so confident in the review, Why all the secrecy? Our reviewers stay anonymous to protect our integrity.
We're done here.
Can I ask you something? You just did.
This private investigator's degree.
Is it for real or did it come out of a cereal box? Always nice talking to you.
Have a good day.
I'm sorry.
That came out wrong.
I know you've done some investigative work for jane, And I was wondering if you could help me out.
Well, gee, since you asked so nicely.
Teri, I have this client - sweet woman, Much nicer than I am, And she's about to be run out of business By a travel website That trashed her beautiful bed and breakfast.
I'm listening.
I need the name of the anonymous reviewer And anything you can dig up on the woman who owns the site.
What? That's how much that degree cost me.
Plus, I had to pass a two-hour multiple-choice exam.
And, yes, I'll do it.
Thank you.
In the lab, I was able to lift several latent prints Off the murder weapon.
And were you able to match any of those prints To the defendants? Yes.
To both of them.
Fingerprints can last a long time, right? Sure.
So it is possible that the prints that were lifted off the mallie Date back to when tina and jessica received the award? It's possible.
I rent a space next door to chris.
I heard singing.
It was that confetti song - " begin again.
" When the singing stopped, there was a loud thud.
What did you do? I went over there.
The back door was open.
Chris was in a pool of blood.
I called 911.
You're also a talent manager, correct? I am.
About a year ago, Did you approach confetti and try to represent them? Yes.
And at the time, did you tell tina and jessica That they would never get a record deal without you? Objection.
Relevance? He had a grudge against the defendants and the victim.
The jury should be aware of his bias.
The witness will answer.
I say that to all potential clients.
Two weeks later, they signed with chris.
Isn't that right? You win some, you lose some.
At a grammy party, Did you throw chris up against a wall And accuse him of stealing them from you? I guess.
I was mad, but - No more questions.
Scheduling, the booking slips, promotions I handle everything for chris.
Well, I did.
The night before the murder, You were there when jessica and tina showed up, right? And they were upset, weren't they? Yes.
A little.
Any idea why? Chris told the record label He wasurning their duo into a trio.
He thought they'd be more marketable.
And they were angry.
They threatened to leave him, but chris shrugged it off, Said he owned them.
Marjorie, this is your statement to the police The day after the murder.
Would you please read the highlighted portion? "as they left the studio, tina threatened chris.
" And what exactly did she say? She told chris he better watch his back.
Thank you.
watch your back It's just trash talk.
Well, to a jury it sounds like a threat.
I'm not stupid.
I never would have said it if I was gonna Kill him? Okay, tina, why didn't you tell us About the fight with chris? We were mad.
We felt betrayed.
But I didn't think it was relevant Because we didn't kill him.
Look, it's always been me and jessica.
I don't care what the contract says.
You can't force a ranger into a sister act, And chris s supposed to protect us.
Uh, guys, the a.
Is here, And he's got that face that says " let's make a deal.
" Tina, would you wait in my office with teri? Yeah.
So here's my offer - 10 years.
She's out in 8.
If tina testifies against her sister? That's right.
I've got a good case, but I need the slam dunk.
We'll take it to our client.
Thanks for dropping by.
Now let's go tell tina why she's not gonna take the deal.
Really? So you're just gonna reject it out of hand? You're not even gonna ask my opinion? We've been out of court for two hours, And vanessa's firm is cser to the courthouse.
Trust me.
He went to jessicairst.
And she already turned him down Or else he wouldn't have shown up here.
Well, my opinion Is that I agree with you.
It's like m second-chairing th, And it's goingn forever.
It's like m second-chairing th, mm.
Are you sure grayson sees vanessa that way? Yeah, he looks at her the same way he used to look at me.
Well, deb me.
Mm, the way we look at pizza after swim aerobics.
You know, it's a starter house, but I call it home.
It's comfy.
And eventually I'll move up to something bigger.
Hey, fred.
Oh, hey, guys.
I didn't even see you there.
Who's your friend? This - oh, well, this, uh, jane, stacy - This is kiley, my girlfriend.
Nice to meet you.
We're actually on our way out for the night.
Fred's taking me to the theater.
Yep, dinner and a show.
The whole package.
That is what you get when you date me.
fred Can I talk to you for a moment? Sure.
Seriously, fred, who is that? My girlfriend.
You don't have a girlfriend.
Yes, I do.
Since when? This morning.
I met her online.
What? Okay, look, um, she wants a boyfriend, And I need a real girlfriend to make stacy jealous.
Ah! Hi.
Fred, stacy said she can get us into chez amour for dinner! That's great.
It's no problem.
I'm dating the maître d'.
Really? Well, dating isn't exactly the right word for it.
Well, that's good.
That's good.
You got to be careful who you date these days.
I mean, you should probably get to know somebody - Well, it's mostly just physical.
But use my name at the door, and he'll get you right in.
Oh, and tell him to call me.
The hiptripz staff is composed Of highly trained, carefully screened professionals.
Why not just take down the review And avoid this litigation? Because we'd loseall cr.
So you continue to stand by the hideaway review? Absolutely.
Your witness.
Bratman, publishing a negative review For the sake of lining your own pocketbook, That wouldn't be right, would it? I would never do that.
Have you heard of the hotel oblique? Sure, it's across the street from the hideaway inn.
And isn't it true that you and your husband Are investors in that hotel And that you're using your website to take out the competition? Due to my husband's job, Our assets are managed by a blind trust, So I had no idea I was an investor in that hotel.
And I'm happy to have our financial adviser Testify to just that.
No further questions at this time.
Hey, fred, how was your date? Ugh.
Stacy's maître d' is a total loser.
He's got one of those soul patches - Makes it look like a hairy caterpillar died on his chin And his biceps are disproportionately large for his body.
It's unappealing.
Yeah, I was talking about kiley.
I'm sure she had a lovely time.
And what if she starts falling for you? Are you just gonna break her heart? IHadn't really thought about that.
Suppose it's possible.
Sometimes, without even trying, I can beIrresistible.
You are using her, fred.
No, I'm not.
I'm platforming her interest As a way of getting stacy to see me in a new light.
Oh, wow.
I'm using her.
End it before she gets hurt.
Tina, did you kill chris fabrikant? No.
Tina, can you tell this jury Exactly where you were the night your manager was killed? I was at the movies.
Jess and I were seeing the director's cut of "twilight" At the santa monica imax.
It was opening weekend.
Thank you.
You didn't, by chance, save your ticket stubs, did you? I wish we had.
Did you buy your tickets online? No, at the box office.
Did you get a credit-card receipt then? We paid cash.
You paid cash for the 8:45 p.
Showing At the imax santa monica? Yeah.
Because according to their records, There were no tickets available At the box office for sale that night.
That showing sold out online.
You weren't at the movies that night, were you? No.
Jessica, I'm so sorry.
A brief recess, your honor? Good idea, ms.
You lied about your alibi? I´m sorry, okay? No, it's not okay.
Where were you, tina? I was home alone all night.
Then why lie about the movie? It was jessica's idea.
I promised her.
The night chriwas killed, Jess was driving up the coast, alone, in her convertible.
She called me as soon as she heard the news.
She'd been bad-mouthing chris all over town, And she was flipped out.
Scared she'd be accused of the murder? That we both would be.
And that's exactly what happened.
I swear, I didn't kill chris.
Did jessica do it? I don't think so.
I don't know for sure.
We need to see if that deal is still on the table right now.
I can't turn on my sister.
You either make a deal for yourself Or you are both going to prison for the rest of your lives! I'm sorry about the whole blind trust thing.
It's my fault.
I overestimated you.
Be nice.
I'm about to make it up to you.
I'm listening.
I tracked down the name of your "anonymous" reviewer.
What? How? I found a disgruntled ex-employee of hiptripz.
And you have a rapport with the disgruntled.
May I see? First, apologize for saying you overestimated me.
I'm sorry.
And? Thank you? You're welcome.
So, 10 years was his opening offer yesterday.
We try and get it down, And we don't leave without a deal.
What the You just ran from the courtroom to the a.
's office.
Well, apparently, I was just a few steps ahead of you.
And, hey, it was your client who lied on the stand.
To protect her sister.
She won't be doing that anymore.
Listen, there was one deal to be had And you just made it.
And I'm sorry for the surprise, But we're all just trying to do our job.
All right, here's the heads-up.
Tomorrow, jessica will testify That the night of the murder - We know.
That she was driving up the coast alone.
That's what she told tina, but She was actually with buckley graham, Tina's ex-boyfriend.
She didn't want to tell tina the truth Because she knew that it would upset her.
How do you know she's telling you the truth? Buckley will appear in court tomorrow, Ready to take the stand.
I think my client was protecting yours, And I think you might want to talk to her About what really happened that night.
You okay, fred? You've barely touched your soup.
Yeah, no, there's - There's something that I need to say, But I'm not really sure how to say it.
Maybe just blurt it out.
That's what I do.
Okay, kiley.
Um, I think you're you're terrific.
And I've really enjoyed our time together.
Me too.
I know it's only been 48 hours, but it feels like a week.
Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and blurt it - glenn: Kiley.
What are you doing here? Your roommate told me You were here on a date with some dork.
I mean, I figured she was exaggerating, but - Hi, I-I'm fred.
We're kind of in the middle of something.
You broke up with me, glenn.
I can date whoever I want.
Kiley, I miss you.
I really miss you.
Me too.
You know, my - my soup is getting cold.
It's gazpacho.
Hey, how about we get out of here.
There's an in-n-out down the street.
Ooh, I love in-n-out.
It's Go.
I'll be outside, okay? I'm sorry.
Glenn's kind of - the love of your life? You should go.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, sweetie! This is a nice surprise.
I've been working on your case.
O- kay.
What do you mean? See, I really, really wanted to help you Prove tina was innocent But? I think she did it.
And I've got props.
Okay, first, I went back to the night of the murder.
I checked out tmz, instaparty, And a whole bunch of celebrity twitter feeds.
And do you know what I found out? No, not a clue.
Who's she? Not a who, a what.
Labella's a new club in hollywood.
It opened that night.
Everyone was there.
Everyone except jessica and tina.
Jessica has an alibi, And tina already told me that she was home that night, alone.
That's the point.
Okay, so, the whole party was stocked with paparazzi, And she's gonna stay home and miss it? No way.
Everyone else in Twitter-instaparty-facebook universe was there.
The only place that that girl would be On that Saturday night Is at that club.
Then she was definitely committing murder.
I wish the poster told a different story, But it's pretty compelling stuff, don't you think? I think That I need to talk to tina.
Kim, why am I here? I have a very busy afternoon.
Oh, it won't take long.
I promise.
It's a tricky cross-examination of a hostile witness, And, uh, I could use your support And insight.
Well, it is nice to be needed.
Court is back in session.
Kaswell, call your next witness.
Your honor, pursuant to my subpoena, The plaintiff would like to call jill morrell.
Oh, god no.
Kaswell, I gotta go.
Sit down, boss.
I'm about to win this case for you.
Morrell, you reviewed the hideaway inn For hiptripz, right? The reviews are anonymous.
Morrell, hiptripz can't be compelled To reveal your identity.
But when you're in my courtroom, there is no anonymity.
I wrote the review.
Is it fair to say that one's experience at a hotel Could be colored by her state of mind During the time of the visit? I don't understand the question.
A fine meal could taste a little bland If your dinner companion is boring.
I suppose.
A glorious sunset, a little less dazzling When you hear a friend is sick? I guess.
Kaswell, make your point.
Context affects experience.
When you were reviewing the hideaway, Were you staying there alone? Ms.
Morrell, you're under oath.
Is your traveling companion in this room? Point of fact, You were staying at the hideaway with jay parker, That man sitting right there, weren't you? Yes.
And, point of fact, you only stayed one night, Even though you were booked for two.
Correct? Yes.
Why did you leave? I mean, did something happen That may have colored your experience? Tell the court.
It was during dinner.
I told him I loved him.
Do you recall his response? The word was "oops.
" "oops"? It was the most humiliating moment of my life.
Till now.
Given how you felt, Can you imagine enjoying your meal Or appreciating your accommodations? Probably not.
Nothing further.
Jessica was out with buckley that night? Why wouldn't she tell me? She didn't want to hurt your feelings.
I wouldn't have cared.
I'm so over that guy.
Tina You don't have an alibi, The motive is really convincing, And your own sister is about to bury you.
Now, I don't think she wants to - But I didn't do it! And you don't believe me.
Why did you miss the opening of labella The night of the murder? That is like anna wintour skipping fashion week Or beyoncé bailing on the grammys.
Now, had you been there, You would have the perfect alibi.
Instead I couldn't go! Because you were killing chris? Because I was home.
That's not good enough.
I was home because I was Trying to lose weight, okay? I don't follow.
I had to lose five pounds.
I was afraid chris was hiring the third girl Because I was gaining weight.
It's so embarrassi But I was ons the citrus cleanse diet.
I wanted to go to the party, but I didn't feel well.
It was day three.
Oh, my god.
I know day three.
There is no way you could have left the house.
Jane, I don't want to go to jail.
Then I'd better make sure you don't.
A retraction, an apology, and a new review? By a truly impartial reviewer.
I couldn't ask for anything more.
Well, you could ask him Not to break up with anyone else in your hotel.
Not a problem.
Come back anytime.
Next visit's on the house.
So, what do you say? You and me, two nights at the hideaway? I like the idea.
Not so sure about the location.
Why? You realize that for the last few days I've scoured the registration records? Sure.
So? You've been there 11 times in two years.
And your point? With how many different women? Come on, you know who I am.
Yeah, well, maybe I'm not interested In being number 12.
How about we find our own place? Unless that scares you.
Nothing scares me, ms.
Just you wait.
Wednesday night in the property room.
You know how to show a guy a good time.
This is every piece of evidence From the murder scene and the victim's files.
Yes, I know.
Why are we here? Like I explained on the phone - I believe our client is innocent, But tomorrow's testimony will bury her.
On the phone, you said "citrus cleanse" and hung up.
So I know she's innocent.
The cops jumped to a conclusion, And they missed something, and we have to find it.
I'll start with the box over here.
* you move so fast, makes me feel lazy * * let's join forces * * we've got our guns and horsies * * I know you've been burned * * but every fire is a lesson learned * * but I wish I could feel it all for you * * I'd do it all for you * * I would, I would, I would, I would * Grayson, I got something weird.
Weird? Every cd case is marked with the name of a demo song, And every cd has the associated artist's name on it.
So, this cd says "begin again.
" Yeah, that's confetti.
But the case is empty.
The guy who found the body Said he heard "begin again" coming from the studio Right before chris was killed.
Maybe the girls weren't singing But he was actually listening to the cd.
Five bucks says this cd is in that player.
What? It's "begin again, " but it's not confetti.
See if you recognize the voice.
Young woman: * I was confused * * I was empty and alone * * I never knew if you were real ever since you said hello * * how could you look away when I said to stay? * * how'd you leave so easily? * * won't you tell me how it's gonna be? * * if we could begin again, I'd change yesterday * * there won't be secrets, 'cause we're not hiding * So, that's your demo, isn't it? Yes.
Why were you playing it? How long have you taken voice lessons, ms.
Little? Since seventh grade.
And where did you go to college? The berklee college of music.
You have a beautiful voice.
In my opinion, you should be singing for a living Instead of bookkeeping.
Thank you.
You know, Sometimes I feel like I'm not living my dreams.
Do you ever feel that way? Objection.
The witness may answer.
I think a lot of people feel that way.
So, when chris wanted to add a third member to confetti, Did you think it should be you? W- why not? You heard my voice.
On the night he was killed, did chris listen to your demo? I don't know.
Your demo was in his cd player.
So, you gave him your demo, And you told him you wanted your chance, didn't you? I just asked him - You asked him to submit you to the record label for consideration.
What did he say? He told me I wasn't a good fit.
So you worked for the man for 11 years.
That's all he said? he laughed at me.
He said they'd never put my face on an album cover.
I'm sorry for what I did But he just laughe Hey, tina! I can't believe it's over.
Thank you, jane.
You rock.
Jessica! Jessica! I am so sorry.
I didn't know what to do.
I was so scared.
Me too.
I never should have made that deal.
You were just trying to protect yourself.
I- I would have done the same thing.
I swear nothing comes between us again.
Ever again.
Oh, my god! That could be the name of our next song! Jessica! Very impressive lawyering.
Well, it was a team effort.
How about a victory celebration, my treat? Someplace great.
Thanks, but, uh, you two go ahead.
You sure? Yeah.
Yeah, it's been a long week, And I just - I'm gonna head home.
All right.
Let's go.
There she is, the woman who saved confetti! Actually, if it wasn't for you and your amazing poster, I never would have gotten the truth out of tina.
Thank you.
Oh, it was nothing.
Just eyelash glue and glitter.
So, are we gonna go celebrate? Yes.
I am going to take a long, hot bath.
What? What's with the "oh.
" Nothing.
It's just - it's Friday night, And I know you had a long week, but But we used to go out on Friday nights.
You're tired.
I get it.
This is why I miss out on new bands like confetti.
It's okay, sweetie.
I understand.
So, where would we go? Oh, uh, nowhere in particular Unless somebody had two v.
Tickets To the party at labella.
So, what do you think? Are we going to labella tonight? I wouldn't miss it for the world.
* if we could begin again * * I'd change yesterday * * there won't be secrets, 'cause we're not hiding * * let's start tomorrow today *
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