Drop Dead Diva s02e07 Episode Script

A Mother's Secret

See that aspiring model there? That was me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
Good morning, Linda.
Randy, I got you a bear claw.
Justine, dig in.
Thank you.
What are you doing? Ingratiating myself with my coworkers by handing out high-carb breakfast treats.
Oh, I got you a cheese Danish.
Although personally, I don't think cheese and pastries are a good mix, but whatever.
Uh, Jane Yes? Um, your mother is in your office.
Elaine? No.
Um, I-I wasn't clear.
Not Jane's mother.
Deb's mother.
What? Why? I-I have no idea.
Now, remember, she belongs in the past, okay? She's no longer "mom.
" Okay! Here.
Take the box.
My mom is here.
She's she's not mom.
She's Bobbi Dobkins! Oh, hey, Larry.
That was my cheese Danish.
Hello, Bobbi.
What a nice surprise.
I hope you don't mind.
I don't have an appointment.
Oh, no.
You can drop by anytime.
I'm sorry.
Sit down.
Uh Is is everything okay? With me, yes.
Um I still miss Deb more than But I'm fine.
When we met during my divorce I just felt like we connected.
And I'm hoping that you can help me with a legal matter.
Of course.
A family friend has been arrested.
Really? Who? Well, you wouldn't know her.
No, I might.
You never know.
Her name is Samantha Colby? Samantha Colby? She's been charged with stealing from her company, and it's serious.
Bobbi, I'm so happy to help you.
ButWhy me instead of Grayson? I mean, I-I know you two are close.
I think that you're the right person to handle the case.
In fact, can we just keep this between us? Absolutely.
Uh, why are you not at your desk? The reception calls me so I can make sure your coffee is fresh.
Good answer.
Uh, Kim, there's a walk-in.
I put him in your office.
I don't do walk-ins.
They're not.
I know.
I'm sorry.
But he seemed like a nice guy.
I'll take care of it.
Kim Kaswell.
I'm, uh, Mike Barry.
I really need your help.
I appreciate you coming in, but whats that? His name's Sonny.
Can you excuse me for a second? Fred.
I tried to tell you.
If this ever happens again I know.
I'm fired.
How do you work for that woman? Joke's on her.
Client was asking for Jane, and I redirected.
I've never been more proud of you.
I'm sorry, it's just Monkeys kind of freak me out.
Well, you're in luck, then, because Sonny's a chimp.
Barry, I don't think I'm the right lawyer for this.
Sonny was a research chimp.
After he outgrew his usefulness, he was given to a rescue organization where my wife and I adopted him.
We recently went through a divorce, and we agreed to share custody.
That seems fair.
Yeah, but she met another guy.
Now she wants go to Florida, and she wants to take Sonny with her.
Sonny? Sonny! Uh, Mike? That her.
That's my wife, Faye! Morning.
Oh, that's him! Officers, that's Sonny.
How's my baby? When you called about the kidnapping, you were talking about that? This is my week.
My ex-husband took him without my consent.
Yeah, 'cause you were gonna take him to Florida.
Control, be advised, this is 2r13.
We're code 4.
It's not an amber alert.
It's a monkey.
He's a chimp.
He's a chimp.
All parties have been advised this is a civil matter.
Folks, work this out.
Let's go.
I want him back.
Not a chance.
I have a lawyer now, Faye.
We're gonna see you in court.
Who the hell are you? Samantha, my name is Bobbi Dobkins.
And this is Jane Bingum.
She is a lawyer.
I have a public defender.
Did he quit or something? No.
But we are we are here to help you.
My lawyer told me not to speak with anyone unless he was present.
Yes, I understand go away.
Bobbi What's going on? Okay, she is not a family friend.
Yeah, I kind of figured that out.
But she's family.
She doesn't know it, but she's my daughter.
So right after after high school Way before I had ever met Deb's father.
He was just a boy that I really liked, and I was just stupid.
Giving her up for adoption that was the hardest thing I'd ever done.
So, how did you find her? You know, after Deb died, she was really all I could think about.
So I called the adoption agency, and they gave me her name.
Did you ever contact her? I wanted to, but I didn't.
I just sort of watched from the sidelines.
I read her Facebook page and her tweets.
So you cyber-stalked her? Yeah.
I know.
It just felt selfish to disrupt her life.
I mean, how do you tell a complete stranger that you're family? I understand.
The defendant is charged with theft of a hard drive owned by Freemont labs, where she worked as a lab technician.
I didn't do it.
The hard drive contained proprietary information, including the formula for the lab's newest product, rainbow nail polish.
I'm not a thief.
They searched my home, and they didn't find anything.
Miss Colby, your outbursts are not helping your case.
The formula is quite valuable, as it allows the nail polish to change color when exposed to high-intensity light.
Totally cool.
Deb would have loved that.
In addition to the theft, the only other copy of the rainbow formula was deleted from the corporate server.
We allege that the defendant is also responsible.
Now, given the value of this property, in addition to the defendant's prior conviction for possession of a schedule-one narcotic I had a bad back.
My roommate gave me some Percocet.
The next time you move your lips, I will be holding you in contempt.
We argue that bail be denied, pending trial.
Jane, do something.
Uh, your honor, section 502 of the comprehensive computer access and fraud act requires unauthorized access.
He just said that she was an employee.
And you are? Oh.
My name is Jane Bingum, and I work for the firm of Harrison & Parker.
Given the public defender's case load and his apparent lack of interest in this matter, I am offering to take over her defense pro Bono.
nevins, I assume you and your client are good with that? If miss Colby would prefer alternate counsel, I'm willing to step aside.
Young lady.
I guess.
So ordered.
Thank you.
I'll pay the bail.
Whatever it takes.
I'm authorized to post bail, should your honor choose to set a reasonable amount.
Bail is ordered in the amount of $100,000.
The defendant will be remanded to custody until the bond is paid.
Yes, me too.
I'm looking forward to it.
I'll see you tonight.
Bye, Vanessa.
Was that Vanessa Hemmings? I heard she was your co-counsel in your last case.
You know her? No, but I once argued a case in front of judge Hemmings, her father total hard-ass.
Yeah, well, hopefully, he won't be at dinner.
You know the family's loaded, right? They donated the entire pediatric wing of St.
So, is it a date? It's dinner second attempt.
We were headed to a restaurant last week, but she got called away on a discovery motion.
Well, I hear she's beautiful.
Good for you.
Can I help you with something? You know how you love to watch animal planet? Yeah? You made fun of me for it.
Well, I'm representing a guy who's trying to keep his chimp from being taken out of the state by his ex-wife.
Don't laugh! I'm on my way to an expedited hearing.
Did you know that, other than humans, chimps are the only animals that make tools? Which I'm confident you learned from animal planet, therefore qualifying you as my second chair.
Mike and I adopted Sonny about five years ago.
We had just gotten engaged, and a friend of ours told us about the rescue organization.
Hey! Oh, it's his instinct to groom.
It just means that he likes you.
He's picky.
Really? Sorry, your honor.
Sonny and I were having a misunderstanding, but We're good.
Who actually purchased the chimp, miss Nuland? I did.
I have credit-card receipts and his animal license to prove it.
It's only because she happened to have her credit card with her.
Otherwise I'd like to introduce the credit-card receipts as exhibit "a," the license, exhibit "b.
" Your honor, because Sonny was purchased prior to their wedding, he's not community property.
Therefore, we ask that you declare my client Sonny's rightful owner.
You're right.
Paperwork's in order, counselor.
I hereby rule that hold on, your honor.
You can't look at Sonny like he's property.
Faye and Mike are de facto parents.
They potty-trained him.
They taught him to play catch.
They even arranged for daycare.
Our laws don't recognize chimp rights.
But other countries are extending certain protections.
In 2008, Spain's parliament explicitly acknowledged the legal rights of chimps.
You're citing Spanish parliamentary law? I'm arguing that a chimp has feelings, and this court should take them into consideration.
Is this a joke? No, it's not.
Speaking of jokes, does your honor know that chimps are the only animals, other than humans, that laugh? No, I didn't.
Can you make him laugh? No problem, your honor.
Ooh, ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh-ooh! Who's my buddy? Who's my buddy, Sonny? Ooh! Ooh-ooh! My colleagues may harass me for this one, but I'm going to allow a brief evidentiary hearing It's an animal! To determine whether or not the chimp can be treated like a person for the purposes of custody.
I spoke to the clerk.
She should be out in just a few minutes.
Oh, good.
Thank you.
Bobbi, I-if I can ask, how did you afford that bond? I put my house up for collateral.
I mean, you wouldn't even buy Deb a car.
What? Oh.
Grayson mentioned once that Deb really wanted a car, and you made her earn every single cent Which was a really good lesson, by the way.
But, you know, Samantha's gonna wonder why a complete stranger posted her bail.
And I think you need to come clean.
Oh, here she comes.
Thank you for your help.
And for bailing me out.
You're my birth mother, aren't you? Yes.
I always imagined what it would be like to meet you.
This isn't How it went down.
I've thought about you every day of your entire life, Samantha.
" Look, lady You gave birth to me, and you gave me away.
That's it.
No, that's not "it," Sam.
This "lady" she put up her home to post your bail.
I need a shower and something to eat, so if you'll excuse me Samantha.
Take your shower.
And then come to my office.
We need to start on your case immediately.
I'll, uh, get us all dinner.
I'll accept your help And your money, but I need to be clear.
My real mom died six years ago.
So after this case, we go our separate ways.
I can't believe you had a sister.
This is huge.
"Half" sister.
And what's huge is that my mom kept it a secret from me.
Aw, sweetie.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, tell me all about her.
Does she look like you? Talk like you? Does she use colorful accessories to break up a neutral palette like you? Actually, she seems Angry And kind of cold.
Well, she was just arrested.
It's just, she's not anything like me.
I mean, the old me.
Well, how's Bobbi dealing with all this? Oh, she went and got dinner.
Chinese chicken salad from chin chin.
Ohh! That was your favorite.
You loved that peanut sauce.
Well, now she's hoping Sam's gonna like it, too, or something.
Oh, my God.
You're jealous of this woman.
That's ridiculous.
Your mom gets a chance with a new daughter, but you don't get another chance with your mom.
At least not as Deb.
Suddenly you're Dr.
I think I'm more like a blond Tyra.
Stacy, Sam wants nothing to do with my mother.
So I can't be jealous of a relationship that doesn't exist! Ooh, there she is.
I want to meet her.
Hey, Sam.
I'm Stacy.
Love the jumper! So retro, yet so today.
Thanks, I think.
Oh, sweetie.
Rough hands.
A three-minute olive-oil soak will soften 'em up like that.
Thanks, stace.
It's time for me to go.
Nice to meet you, Sam.
Want to come with me? You know, that olive-oil-soak thing really works.
Feel my super-soft hand.
You're joking, right? Stacy says never joke about skin care, panty lines, or Brangelina which, I believe, is a high-fiber cereal.
Hey, babe, how's it going? "Babe"? Yeah.
I was trying something.
Not at the office.
Fair enough.
How's your monkey case? The case is a big, fat loser, but Grayson threw a hail Mary.
Grayson? I asked him to second chair.
He was incredible, actually.
Just as the judge was about to rule against us, he stands up with a "chimps are people, too" argument.
One chimp Two lawyers seems excessive.
Why don't you hand the whole case off to him? What's going on? It'sA small case.
I'm looking out for you.
Sorry to interrupt, but there's a reporter on the phone.
He wants to talk to an attorney about the chimp case.
That big enough for you? Big enough that I'll be taking that call.
So, when the hard drive went missing, the company blamed me.
Why you? I don't know.
I'm just a tech easy person to blame, I guess.
Well, they must have something, Sam.
On the night it went missing, I was the last employee to clock out.
But that doesn't prove anything.
Can u pass the peanut sauce? It's really delicious.
My daughter used to say the same thing.
"Used to"? She died in a car accident.
I'm really sorry, Bobbi.
I recommend the crab legs.
The recipe was published in "bon appétit.
" Oh.
Don't eat crab.
The sound of the shell cracking makes me nauseous.
How's the steak? UmI'm sure it's delicious.
But this is a seafood restaurant.
So, Vanessa, when did you decide you wanted to be a lawyer? Well, I'm still not sure.
I mean, I'm good at it, but who knows? You know, tomorrow I might wake up and decide that I want to be a pastry chef.
Oh, come on.
With your father, I'm sure it was predestined.
I never mentioned my father to you.
Well, his face is on the cover of "California Lawyer.
" You didn't have to.
It's just I'm sorry the last lawyer I dated was more interested in him than me.
But that guy isn't me.
Yeah, that was unfair.
I'm I'm I'm sorry.
Um, hey, so, h-have you have you ever been to the la Phil? Friday night, Dudamel opened with mahler's first and closed with Bernstein's second.
It was magnificent.
You ever make it out to dodger stadium? Friday night, Dodgers down 5-2, Manny hits a grand slam.
Now, that was magnificent.
That splash of color you ordered finally arrived.
What do you think? They're okay.
I know that voice.
What's wrong? The world is too small, and it just keeps getting smaller.
I know this is gonna sound crazy, but this life is not the life that I am supposed to be living.
It just messes with my head sometimes.
Does someone need a shot of ez cheese? Yeah, I'll be fine, teri.
Once you start thinking that you have to take a certain path in life, you set yourself up for disappointment.
Like when I was 10, I wanted to be a firefighter.
And when I was 12, I wanted to be president.
And at 16, a bank robber.
But now I am perfectly content being your assistant.
Really? And I still got plenty of time to rob banks.
Jane, you got a sec? Yeah.
I was just leaving.
I heard Bobbi was here.
Is everything okay? Oh.
I'd like to know what's going on.
I promised confidentiality.
Look, if she's here on official business, I'll read the new client memo, but I'd rather hear it from you.
Take a seat.
It turns out that Bobbi had a daughter before Deb, and she gave her up for adoption.
I'm representing her.
Why are you smiling? I literally, I thought you would be shocked.
Deb always wanted a sister.
Maybe so, but I'm sure not like this.
Oh, she would have loved the drama.
She'd have welcomed her with open arms.
Changing the subject.
Uh, what's going on with you and Vanessa? I heard about your date.
Well, that may be over before it starts.
Well We're from two different worlds.
I respect her, she's beautiful, but she's upper crust, and I'm Not.
So, wait.
You think she's out of your league? I didn't say I mean, you and Deb weren't exactly from the same worlds Um, from what I've heard.
I mean, Stacy told me That that you knew nothing about dance and Deb introduced you to the ballet.
Right? She took me to "the nutcracker.
" And you brought her into your world, too I-I would assume.
I got her to love the Lakers.
Because anything that brought you that much joy, she wanted to be a part of.
I mean, look, Grayson, it sounds like Vanessa just isn't the right woman.
Don't sell yourself short.
Thanks, Jane.
Barry, you know a lot about chimps, don't you? Of course.
Before adopting Sonny, I read everything I could.
Tell me about their DNA.
Well, recent research has proven that human beings and chimps share 98.
5% of the same DNA.
Do they experience cognitive activity? Yes, and, uh, they have a very rich emotional life.
They experience grief, jealousy, remorse, even empathy.
Thank you.
Is 98.
5% the same as 100%? Uh, no.
Last march, did Sonny escape from your house and damage a neighbor's garage door? Yeah, he's like a child that way.
Are you aware that a chimp recently attacked a trainer, almost killing her? After that incident, do you really feel confortable comparing a wild animal to a child? Well, now, that was a very tragic event, but no further questions.
In the referenced chimp attack, were there special circumstances? Yes, that chimp suffered from lyme disease, which affected his brain chemistry.
And does Sonny have lyme disease? No.
No, and I will make sure that he remains healthy and safe.
If, hypothetically, this court decides to treat Sonny as a human, how do you know he wants to stay in California? He told me so.
He told you? Yeah, I-I taught Sonny sign language.
This has gone from ridiculous to absurd.
I never thought I'd say these words, but I want to hear from the chimp.
Excuse me, miss Bingum.
Can I help you? I'm Nick Coleman, c.
Of Freemont labs.
I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
A heads-up.
I spoke with the A.
, and if your client returns the hard drive to us before the trial begins, the A.
will drop all charges.
I already told you, I didn't take anything.
Sorry, Mr.
Coleman, but thanks for the heads-up.
Miss Simpson, you hired the defendant.
Is that correct? Yes, several years ago.
She reports to me.
Could you explain to the court why the rainbow nail-polish formula is so important to your company? Freemont recently struck an exclusive multimillion-dollar deal to manufacture rainbow-branded nail polish for Trilling cosmetics.
The deal is now in jeopardy.
Why not just re-create the formula? That could take months, and Mr.
Trilling fears that another cosmetics company could get their hands on the formula in the meantime.
At this point, the state would like to introduce exhibit "a" security footage of Samantha Colby leaving Freemont labs with the hard drive.
We had no notice of a videotape.
Well, we informed prior counsel and offered to provide a copy upon receipt of a blank DVD.
As we never got one, the tape wasn't produced.
Well, prior counsel was an overworked public defender and never mentioned the video.
Not the court's problem.
You can see from the time stamp, it's 11:49 P.
Samantha Colby is headed towards the rear exit.
The, uh, crime lab enhanced the object in her left hand.
Simpson, is that the missing hard drive? Yes.
You can see the lab's logo, as well as a tracking number.
Bingum, do you have any questions for the witness? Um No, your honor.
Not at this time.
Why did you lie to us, Sam? Look, Samantha, we're going to help you no matter what.
But we need you to be honest with us.
It's not what it seems.
We saw the video.
My first lawyer said nobody'd believe the truth.
Try me.
I didn't steal the formula from Freemont labs.
They stole it from me.
What? I have a degree in chemical engineering.
That's true.
I follow you on Facebook, and you graduated with honors! I tried to get a job as an engineer, but nobody would hire me because of my record.
Bad back.
It's pain medication.
I'm up to speed.
So I took this job as a technician.
And I spent my nights developing rainbow polish.
And about a month ago, I pitched the project to Anne Simpson, my boss.
She stole your idea? Yeah.
And then she sold it to Ryan Trilling, the president of Trilling cosmetics.
He said rainbow polish is the biggest thing since waterproof mascara.
And the worst part Is that Trilling was the inspiration for the product.
Four years ago, he spoke to my engineering class and told us that we should follow our passion.
Nail polish is your passion? No.
Jane, my passion is science! Oh.
He said we would find success if we could figure out a way to use science to improve an everyday product.
And that's what I did.
Does it really work? I mean, does it really change colors? I have a prototype.
I can show you.
Okay, I'll start by asking him some simple questions.
Where is Sonny? Okay.
Where is Faye? So, he taught the chimp a bunch of tricks.
Can we please put an end to this nonsense? My goldfish comes to the surface when I feed it.
Doesn't make him Einstein.
I'm inclined to agree.
We're communicating.
Just watch.
Sonny I love you.
And he loves me.
Sonny Do you want To live with me or With Faye? Sonny.
Where do you want to live? All right.
As much as I've enjoyed this case, and as moved as I am by Sonny's obvious connection with Mr.
Berry, I can't make new law.
The chimp is property, and it belongs to miss Nuland.
Thank you.
Sonny, come on.
I'm sorry, buddy.
I tried.
Come here.
I love you, buddy.
You be good, little guy.
Let me get this straight.
The polish you created can really change colors? You bet.
This perfect- for-the-daytime pink Changes to an out-on-the-town red When I do this.
Wow! And if you want to change it back to pink, just flash them again.
I have four different color combos.
Ah! Let me try.
This is amazing, Sam! How does this work? Light photons activate special color pigments causing the molecules to form free radicals that absorb and reflect different-colored wavelengths.
Oh! I'm impressed.
So am I.
I'm confused.
If you created the formula, why didn't you just tell the judge? Because I can't prove anything.
I gave Anne everything that I had.
What a bitch.
You're growing on me.
Mm! Okay, forget the judge.
What about, um That Trilling guy? He'd probably like to know that her boss is a big, fat liar.
Stacy, you're absolutely right.
If Sam can plead her case to Trilling, then he can sway the A.
to dig a little deeper.
But how do we get Sam and Trilling together? He puts everything on his Twitter account.
Oh! I'm on it.
Searching Searching Oh! I got it.
He's attending a charity event tonight at the van Nuys airport.
Ladies, let's get dressed.
We're going out.
Vanessa! Grayson.
Um, what are you doing here? Your office said your case was adjourned early.
I was hoping we could have dinner.
After last night, I wasn't so sure there'd be a second date.
Ah, first dates are always awkward.
Um, I can have my assistant make us reservations.
No need.
I brought fried chicken salad and fries.
It's a warm night.
How about a picnic? That soundsDifferent.
And delightful.
My favorite bench is over here.
Lead the way.
Oh, look! Shrimp cocktail! Mmm.
No, Stacy.
We're here on business.
There's Ryan Trilling in the white dinner jacket.
And there's Travis, his cute nephew.
I saw his picture on Facebook.
Nice work.
Okay, Stacy, go distract the nephew.
And, Sam, go plead your case.
I can do it.
Come on.
Do I know you from somewhere? I don't think so.
Can I get you a drink? How about some shrimp? Sure.
Trilling? Yes? You don't know me.
Uh, my name's Samantha Colby.
Sam! What are you doing here? Security! Mr.
Trilling, if you would just hear me out.
This woman stole the rainbow nail-polish formula.
And this is her attorney.
Nice to meet you.
Would you please escort Ms.
Colby and Ms.
Bingum out? They're not welcome here at this event.
Got it.
Just wait.
She just needs a moment.
It's ju ow.
This way.
Ooh, cute dress.
Let's go.
Um, will you excuse me for, uh, just a moment? Hi.
What? All right.
So, you're wearing the polish.
You need to talk to Mr.
All right.
I'll try.
All right.
Excuse me, Mr.
I realize that this sounds strange, but would you take a look at my fingernails, please? They're very nice.
Well, look Now.
You're wearing rainbow polish.
How is that possible? If you want to know the truth about the deal that you made with Freemont labs, come to court tomorrow.
Trust me.
Okay, we should go.
Trilling isn't here.
This is bad.
I know.
Your honor, I object.
Bingum already had an opportunity to cross Ms.
I only have a few questions, and in the interest of justice, I ask that you allow me to proceed.
Well, then, by all means.
Thank you.
Um Okay.
Just one second.
Bingum The witness is over here.
Simpson You you you hired, uh, Samantha Colby, correct? Yes.
I already said that I did.
Get to the point, or sit down.
Simpson Can you tell me why you chose the name "rainbow" for your nail polish? Um, sure.
The color changes when it's exposed to light, and the rainbow represents a spectrum of colors.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Your honor, the defense would like to call Samantha Colby to the stand.
Samantha, who came up with the name "rainbow polish"? I did.
I was a student at Santa Monica tech when Mr.
Trilling spoke to our class about using science to improve an everyday product.
What was the name of the auditorium where he spoke? He spoke at rainbow hall.
I named the product "rainbow" because it was inspired by that talk.
In the business plan used to sell rainbow toTrilling cosmetics, there were four versions of the polish.
What were they called? Creativity, tenacity, inspiration, and passion.
And why those names? Because those are Mr.
Trilling's four pillars of success.
So why did you take the hard drive from the lab? Because the formula was mine.
I created it.
I gave Ms.
Simpson my complete business plan, and she claimed it as her own.
Look, I'm sorry that I caused all of this commotion, but I'm telling the truth.
Even if she were, the defendant is accused of wiping a corporate server and stealing a hard drive that did not belong to her.
We ask that her testimony be stricken from the record as irrelevant.
Counselor, he's right.
The jury will disregard.
Your honor Ms.
Bingum If your client was wronged, there were other ways for her to handle her grievances.
The state asks for a short recess.
Yes, I think we can all use a break.
The judge was right.
There were other ways I could've handled this.
I screwed up.
You were just trying to protect yourself.
And regardless of what that judge said, the jury still heard that you created the formula.
The jury has to disregard the testimony, but that's okay.
You were performing for an audience of one.
Here he comes.
Excuse me, ladies.
Would you join me for a moment? Ryan, this woman's not only a thief, she's a liar.
And we're suggesting that the A.
add perjury to her charges.
Nick, we're back in business.
Full speed ahead.
That's great news.
On two conditions.
First, I want you to inform the A.
that nothing was stolen from your company, and then I want you to hire Ms.
Colby to supervise production of rainbow polish.
Ryan, she's a tech.
You have to believe me.
Anne, if this nail polish is your creation, how did you select the names of the four different color combinations? I've heard your speech.
And like she said, it was a tribute to you And the four pillars of success.
What's the fifth pillar? Excuse me? If you've heard that speech, you'd know there's another pillar.
This is ridiculous.
Sam, what's the fifth pillar? Honesty.
Never over-promise, and never sell yourself short.
Anne, you're fired.
Sam, welcome back.
Thank you.
How's it going? You haven't said a word to me since we lost our case.
You all right? I'm fine.
I just don't like to lose.
You know, what really gets me is that Sonny belongs with our client, and there's no law that says so.
It just Makes me feel so Helpless? Yeah.
What you said.
Excuse me.
Nuland, what are you doing here? No matter how hard I try, I can't make Sonny laugh.
I never could.
Well, how can we help you? I had to argue that Sonny was property, and that felt wrong.
Well, it was wrong.
The receipt and Sonny's license.
I'd like to spend one more day with h, but Mike can pick him up first thing in the morning.
You're Giving him to Mike? It's in Sonny's best interest.
Isn't that the standard a judge applies when deciding where a child belongs? Yeah, that's right.
I gotta get back to work.
Go on.
Hey, goofy grin! What's up? Oh, we lt the chimp case, but Sonny still ended up with our client.
I'm happy for him.
For the chimp or for the client? Both.
Oh, by the way, I owe you a big thank you.
For what? For encouraging me to give Vanessa another chance.
What? Yeah, you put things in perspective.
We had dinner last night.
A picnic.
We had a great time.
We sat on a bench.
We ate fast food.
It was If she can live in my world, I can live in hers.
Well, then, I guess I give great advice.
All right.
I heard the chimp ended up with your client.
Gotta love a happy ending, right? You know, I've been thinking, you and Grayson are both excellent lawyers.
In the future, I'm not sure it's prudent to have you two work on the same case purely from a business perspective.
Well, we come from different perspectives, but we bounce really well off of each other.
Still, I have to manage the firm's assets, and I'm not sure we get enough bang for that bounce.
If you don't want me working with Grayson, just say so.
No, I'm not making it a rule, but the firm is best served if no, I get it.
I used to date him.
Now I date you.
Is that what this is about? Of course not.
Because, um, you not being jealous Is really cute.
I've got to Get to a client dinner.
Have a good night "Babe.
" Looking for color in a shade of gray looking for love in a drop of rain everything I do just feels the same I just want to be closer to you I just want to be closer how you holding up? Great.
We won our case, and Sam and Bobbi are on good terms.
Everything is great.
Well, that's great.
Now, how do you really feel? I'm sad.
Sam and Bobbi are out celebrating right now.
They're bonding over Chinese chicken salad or or something else that I probably enjoyed.
Yeah, they're mother and daughter.
I'm just Jane, the hired help.
I don't think so.
What else would I be? Why don't you ask them? Jane? Oh, I'm so glad we caught you.
We thought you might've left.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
We're going out to celebrate.
Please say you'll join us? Oh.
Um To be closer I just want to be I'd love to.
I just want to be closer Okay.
Oh, I am yours.
you can have all of me, anything, everything
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