Drop Dead Diva s02e09 Episode Script

Last Year's Model

See that aspiring model there? That was me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
Ooh! New lipstick? Smoke red, Tom Ford.
Private blend! I splurged.
So jealous.
What's the occasion? I'm becoming a rainmaker.
Isn't that a lawn sprinkler? At work it's someone who brings in a lot of money.
I just landed a great new client.
Her boss demoted her for being too old.
Ugh! There should be a law against that.
There is.
And she works for a company with deep pockets.
Deep pockets so late '90s.
Different kind of pockets.
I know.
I'm just messing with you.
Anyway The client saw one of my cases online and called me.
I'm getting a reputation.
What's with the new lipstick? Jane's getting a reputation.
The good kind.
I got to go make rain.
Good luck, sweetie.
Ah, Fred, how many times have I told you "inStyle" magazine is not a coaster? Sorry.
Uh, this was in the mailbox.
Still? Uhh.
It came a couple days ago, and I left it there, hoping that the mailman would take it back.
It's from your credit card company.
Says "final notice," all capital letters.
I know.
They ruined the color pink forever.
How did this happen? Well, I was all set to make the minimum payment of $150.
And? Marc Jacobs ankle boots.
You got to let me help.
Can I loan you the money? No, I can't take your money.
Good, 'cause I don't have Oh.
What if we ask Jane? I can't ask Jane Again.
Maybe you could mail the shoes to the credit card company.
They were 60% off! Cream, two sugars, right? How did you know I was here? Reflection in the microwave.
Very Jason Bourne.
I like it.
I'm former CIA.
Don't tell.
Oh, you have a little something on your tie, Mr.
Don't worry.
No one saw.
I checked the microwave.
Kaswell, please be ready to update us on the Hobbs divorce at the staff meeting.
Absolutely, Mr.
Parker, sir.
I'm on top of it.
Good day.
The Hobbs divorce.
Good morning.
Code red Donald Hobbs is waiting on us to pull the trigger on his divorce.
Get an expedited process server to bring his wife divorce papers.
Expedited? That's 175 bucks.
I don't care.
I was supposed to do this days ago.
How could I forget an entire case? Oh, that's easy.
You're in a new relationship.
Your brain is soaking in a stew of endorphins which never get a chance to dissipate because the object of your affection is a co-worker.
The question was rhetorical.
Hey, Stacy.
How would you like to make 175 bucks? It's our first house.
We bought it from the bank.
It was a foreclosure.
We thought it was a good deal.
But now you want out of it? We can't go back there.
It's haunted.
"Haunted"? Well, there were issues from the day we moved in Uh, weird sounds, flickering lights.
And then two weeks ago I woke up and I saw a ghost standing by our bed.
Tracy screamed.
I woke up.
But, by then, whatever was there had, uh, disappeared.
It happened the next three nights.
We've been at a motel ever since.
Are you guys putting me on? Is this some sort of practical joke? You don't have to believe us.
You just have to help us.
Let's move on to new business.
This isn't civics class, Bingum.
I'm sorry.
I'm just so excited.
I have an age-discrimination suit.
I like it.
Keep talking.
She was a drug rep for Clasky pharmaceuticals.
They're fortune 500.
I am falling in love with it.
She was arbitrarily demoted to a desk job and replaced by a 24-year-old.
I see a seven-figure judgment.
We are on the right side of the issue.
So it's a win-win.
I like to win-win.
Kaswell, take the lead.
Bingum, make the introductions.
What? No.
No, this is my case.
You're excited about the case.
I get it.
I'm sure Kim will be happy to have you as second chair.
Moving on, uh, who else has pending litigation? How does this happen? Please, I've been your second chair plenty of times.
The client's waiting in your office.
What's she doing here? She is meeting her client.
Parker made her first chair.
Teri, please tell me that that is not my client.
That's your age discrimination? How old is she? And if she's over 50, who did her work? She's 34.
A 34-year-old suing for age discrimination.
Is this your way of sandbagging me? Yes.
I knew that you were going to steal my case, so I cleverly arranged for my client to be 30 years younger than I thought she'd be.
I'm a diabolical genius.
That would be so cool if you were.
I know.
Right? Well, after you, first chair.
Clasky recruited me right out of college to sell heart medications.
Within three years, I covered half of L.
So, what happened? I got older.
Once I hit 30, they started handing off parts of my territory and most of my commission To younger salespeople? Clasky wants their reps to be young and cute.
Like most drug companies, they recruit a lot of cheerleaders and pageant girls.
But they haven't fired you? No, they exiled me to customer service.
My family Depends on my income, which is down 50% since they put me on a desk.
Can you think of any other reason you might have been demoted? I know they were unhappy I cut back on their extracurricular functions.
What kind of extracurriculars? Booze cruises, happy hours, trips to Vegas.
I have kids.
I need to be home nights and weekends.
Plus, I was making my numbers without doing jell-o shots with the doctors.
Charlotte, you need to know that discrimination laws were designed to protect people your age.
So, I'm too old to sell, but too young to Sue? I didn't mean it like that.
I just wanted you to realize that We will do everything we can to fix this.
Okay, not that I'm complaining, but What are you wearing? Duh.
It's my swiss alps Oktoberfest barmaid outfit.
Why? Last time I delivered a singing telegram, it was a big hit.
I got tips.
This is not a singing telegram, Stacy.
Um, these are legal documents, uh, that initiate a divorce.
You need to hand them to Mrs.
Hobbs and say, "you've been served.
" You've been served.
That's right.
You've been served.
That's good, too.
You've been served.
I see why you got tips.
Ghosts? I can't believe that you can sit there with a straight face and tell me The house is sold.
Escrow's closed.
I thought you might be open to a discussion.
There's nothing to discuss.
What about the fact that the house is haunted? I saw the ghost.
It does appear there are problems with Our inspectors did a thorough examination of the property, which your clients signed off on.
There's nothing wrong with We have proof.
We do? The international bureau of paranormal investigations, based in Trenton, new Jersey.
They analyzed the aura over the phone and concluded that there is a supernatural presence in the house and a strong possibility that the house is a portal.
A portal? Well, why didn't you say that before? Well, here, let me open up my checkbook and write you a Are you kidding? No need to be sarcastic.
Tell me something, Mr.
Do you believe there are ghosts in your clients' house? Look, with all the foreclosures, is it possible the bank has a different property we can roll the Prescotts' mortgage into? Here's my offer.
The Prescotts continue to pay the mortgage, I don't have them evicted and torch their credit rating.
Deal? Don't forget proactive and peremptory.
If it feels right, I'll use it.
Now shh! I'm first chair.
Your honor, we move for immediate dismissal.
California's fair employment and housing act grants no age protection to people under 40.
We understand that.
But Clasky pharmaceuticals' unnatural obsession with youth amounts to De facto age discrimination.
Counsel saying it doesn't make it so.
Our country is increasingly youth-oriented.
We have sports figures who are over the hill at 30, a president in his 40s.
Let's not forget Ashton Kutcher.
Three careers and a stepfather to teenagers by the time he was 27-years-old.
Shh! The law needs to recognize that while we're living longer, we're being aged out sooner.
Your honor, Charlotte Perkins is an at-will employee.
She can be demoted or even fired at our discretion.
I will take the matter under advisement.
Your honor, this is proactive and peremptory discrimination.
They purposefully demoted Charlotte before she turned 40 to avoid a lawsuit.
Is that it? Or is somebody else going to jump up and yell at me? No, that's it.
You've been served.
You've been served.
You've been served.
Just a second.
You've been welcome home.
What? You're not Donald.
Just delivering something.
I'm so embarrassed.
My husband is due back from a business trip today, and, well, we're newlyweds.
Ohh! It's beautiful.
I know.
You know, I've never been one of those girls who dreamed of wedding rings.
But then I saw this, and Uh, how long have you been married? Six weeks on Saturday.
Donald's been gone for three days, but it feels like forever.
You know, it's true what they say about marriage.
Mm, what's that? It's a slumber party every night.
I'm sorry.
Did you need me to sign something? You know what? I think I have the wrong house.
Hi, Jane.
Bye, Jane.
Want to talk about it? She shushed me.
What? Kim shushed me.
She wouldn't even listen to my ideas and You brought in the case.
No, I don't even care about that.
I care about Charlotte.
And now I'm just supposed to sit on my hands and let Kim muck it up? I mean, how could Parker give her my case? I wouldn't take it personally.
How else am I supposed to take it? Well, I'm sure Parker's not thinking straight.
I mean, you know how it is.
His his brain is soaking in a stew of endorphins.
They cloud the judgment.
What are you talking about? Well, I wasn't gonna say anything before because it wasn't relevant, but Oh, wow, look at me.
I sound like a lawyer.
But I should probably tell you.
Parker is in a new relationship.
A relationship with whom? It's possible I've said too much.
Son of a bitch.
I know what you're doing.
What am I doing? You're sleeping with Kim.
And that's why you gave her my case.
Maybe you want to shut the door.
Oh, why? Are you afraid everyone will hear the truth? Fine, leave it open.
I did not give anyone your case.
I simply made you second chair.
Before you say another word, think about what you're alleging.
Oh, I've thought about it.
And I can even cite the code section for you if you'd like.
I have no doubt.
Bingum, this firm is my legacy.
Do you really think I'd let my personal life get in the way of my business judgment? I think you already have.
Were you aware that Kim has the firm's best record with employment discrimination suits? I'll take that as a "no.
" But at least you'd acknowledge that I've previously given you cases that Kim brought in.
Yes, I guess that's true, but So before you storm into my office again, please be kind enough to get your facts straight.
Not that it matters in this case.
Why? Judge Daniels just dismissed your suit.
If you were in your office doing your job, you'd know that.
It doesn't excuse the fact I know where the lines are, Bingum.
I haven't crossed any.
Have a good day.
Somewhere else.
Stacy! What are you doing he? With the papers you were supposed to serve today, there was a little A little bump in the road.
Did you find the house? Mm-hmm.
And she was there? Yeah.
I see no bump.
Fred, she showed me her ring.
What? She is, like, the happiest married person in America.
You should have seen her little face.
Stacy no, I know what's in this envelope.
And I couldn't be responsible for destroying her happiness.
I am not a love assassin.
You're just the messenger.
You said this would be easy.
It is easy.
All you have to do is hand her the papers and say I'm sorry.
Maybe it's for the best.
I mean, age discrimination she's only 34.
It wasn't a great case.
But it was my case, not Kim's.
I promised Charlotte.
Did you know about Parker and Kim? I suspected.
I don't get it.
I mean, what is he doing with her? I guess he's into dirty blondes, emphasis on the dirty.
I mean, he's managing partner.
He has an obligation to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.
A boss sets a tone, and that impacts how the employees feel.
And this employee feels like another round.
Are you in? Oh, my God.
What? Am I gonna have to hold your hair while you're throwing up? 'Cause you should know I'm a sympathetic puker.
I have an idea.
We're suing the boss for sexual harassment.
You're gonna Sue Parker? No.
Charlotte is going to Sue her boss.
Forget age discrimination.
Clasky pharmaceuticals created a hostile work environment.
Okay, we have to get back upstairs to the office And prepare a new filing.
I don't know.
This goes against my "never drink and draft" policy.
Tonight, we're making an exception.
I don't believe you.
You filed something with the court in my name? Well, you're first cir, so you should have thought of it first.
This isn't 31 flavors.
We don't get to sample every cause of action until we find one we like.
And sexual harassment? How exactly do you plan to argue that? Well, in case you've forgotten, there are two types of sexual harassment.
There's quid pro quo, where someone gets special treatment for sleeping with her boss.
And then this is the second type Hostile workplace sexual harassment.
You heard Charlotte talk about her office.
It's all cheerleaders d and pageant finalists, who are basically required to flirt d dress provocatively.
So we can argue that it meets the standard of severe and pervasive harassment.
So we can argue that it I'm not so sure.
Rd just saw the filing hostile workplace.
Brilliant move, Kaswell.
And you, too, Jane.
I can't believe I let you talk me into canceling dinner with Vanessa for this.
Well, I can't believe you were gonna drop the Prescott case without even visiting the haunted house.
Teri Don't "Teri"e.
I have lived in two haunted homes and one very poltergeist-y college dorm.
What are you doing? In my haunted dorm, the ghost smelled like burnt molasses.
Although, that could have been my roommate.
What was that? The floor.
And that? A light bulb.
They do that.
We are not leaving until we see a ghost.
I'm gonna look upstairs.
I'm going to see if I can salvage my dinner plans.
Boo! Knock it off.
Look at you.
Hard at work in a haunted house.
Deb? Were you expecting some other girl? But how can this Wanted to say hi.
Let you know that I'm a-okay.
The afterlife kind of rocks.
How are you doing? How am I doing? You look good.
Are you seeing anyone? No.
Of course not.
Grayson? Are you all right? You were talking to the wall.
Uh, yeah.
I-I just saw What? I just saw a ghost.
We were always told that clasky wasn't just a job, it was a lifestyle.
But after my girls were born, my lifestyle changed.
I-I cut back on the outside socializing and started dressing my age.
And what happened? Well, it started with nasty looks, rude comments from management.
Then they pulled me off the road, gave me a headset, and stuck me on a desk in the annex.
What type of drugs does clasky pharmaceuticals produce? Primarily heart medications.
Is it true that 9 out of 10 cardiologists are men? Yes.
That's why they hire female sales reps who appeal to those men.
Management calls us their "bond girls.
" Uh, your honor, is it all right if I head off to my co-counsel before her head explodes? By all means.
So, this is your company handbook.
Could you please read e highlighted portion? "Skirts shall be no longer.
Heels shall be at least three inches.
" Charlotte, why did you decide to file this suit? Because I'm good at my job.
I understand these drugs.
I know how to sell them.
I just don't want to do it with my cleavage.
Perkins, you understand that your lawyers are arguing that your work environment was hostile, right? Yes.
Have you ever been subject to unwanted sexual advances while employed by clasky? No.
Has pornography ever been on display at the office? No.
Have you ever had to endure crude or vulgar jokes? No.
The harassment was more subtle than that.
So subtle, it didn't exist.
Molly Hobbs? You're early.
I am? You're by yourself? UmYeah.
Well, you must be stronger than you look.
Um, I cleared a wall for you.
And I really want it to be a surprise, so I'm hoping you can install it quickly.
What am I installing? The 60-inch plasma TV.
It's a a gift for my husband.
You bought your husband a 60-inch, high-definition flat-screen? I know he really wanted one, so what the hell.
I pulled a couple of extra shifts.
He's gonna love it, right? So, where is it, in the truck? UmYeah.
Let me let me just go make sure I've got the right one.
My favorite restaurant in the city? Mm, Lawry's.
And why do I need to know that? Because you're gonna want to buy me dinner.
Look at what I found.
net? It's a website that catalogs Southern California haunted houses.
The Prescotts' house is on a haunted-house registry? And it has been for years.
And according to Stambovsky vs.
Ackley, a 1991 New York supreme court decision, non-disclosure of a house's reputation for being haunted Entitles the buyer to a refund.
You know your ghost law.
Eh, it's kind of my thing.
Your clients want the purchase agreement voided.
On what grounds? You're gonna love this.
The house in question is reputed to be possessed by poltergeists.
That last part again, counselor? Ghosts, your honor.
And the bank knew it Or should have.
Here's the part where we ask that you dismiss this case, with prejudice, and award sanctions.
These are reprints from a website spookymaps.
Note that the Prescotts' house has been listed since 2004, which means that either the bank knew it and failed to disclose, which is fraudulent misrepresentation, or should have known about it, in which case it's negligence.
There's a third option.
My client didn't know the house was listed on some crackpot website and shouldn't be expected to, because unlike opposing counsel, they have better things to do with their time than go googling for ghosts! I'm inclined to agree.
Do you have any other evidence, counselor? Yes.
I saw one.
You saw one what? A ghost in the house.
Case dismissed.
Kent, seek help.
You make me believe in something better wellThat's done.
You gave her the papers? How did it go? Tell me everything.
I-it was, uh I-I-I-it was a it was a piece of Was it awful? Was Mrs.
Hobbs devastated? Did she collapse onto the floor from the weight of her broken heart? Did tears well up in her eyes? No! Stop! I couldn't do it either.
Ah-ha! I knew it! She bought him a 60-inch, flat-screen TV just for being him.
She loves him.
Kim is gonna kill me.
I will speak at your funeral.
What am I doing? Couldn't stay away, huh? Deb.
You know, I think I've stopped aging.
And my skin is glowing.
That was a joke.
What's wrong, Grayson? Deb, I never lied to you before.
I don't want to start now.
You asked me if I was seeing anyone.
I am.
I had a feeling.
What are you Teri told me you were here.
I, uh, heard about your day in court.
Well, actually, everyone did.
Yeah, tell a judge that you see dead people, watch how fast word travels.
So Tell me about your ghost.
It's okay.
You don't have to humor me.
She was, uh A young woman.
She stood right about where you are now.
Right here? She disappeared, then I saw that.
It looks likeA face.
Hey, are you sure that your clients aren't moving back here? Absolutely.
Well, in that case Whoa.
Uh, what are you doing? Yeah.
See that? Right there? Toxic mold.
My brother buys old houses.
Taught me all about this stuff.
Um, it grows behind walls, interferes with the structure of the house, the electrical system.
Flickering lights.
Creaky floorboards, peeling wallpaper.
And get this Exposure is also known to cause hallucinations.
Really? Hallucinations.
Looks like your clients may have found some new grounds.
Where is the depo transcript? Oh.
How's it going, team? Awesome.
You want some dinner? Too busy.
No, thanks.
All right, then.
Back at it.
What? What? What? I didn't say anything.
You looked like you wanted to.
Maybe I always look like this.
So, when Parker offered dinner, was that offer for both of us or just for you? That's it.
What? What did I say? I'm dating Parker.
Get over it.
I'm sick of your passive-aggressive comments.
What comments? I haven't said anything.
Oh, please, every time you speak, I can hear that tone in your voice.
And the way you've been looking at me ever since I got this case? Go ahead.
Say it.
You think I'm sleeping my way through the firm.
I think you're sleeping your way through the firm.
I can't believe you just said that.
Really? First Grayson and now Parker.
I mean, who's next, Carl with the sideburns in payroll? I've dated two men in the last year.
And, yes, they both happen to work here.
Do you know why? Because this is where my life is.
You of all people should understand that.
Date any lawyers lately? Yeah.
I didn't work for Tony.
So I wasn't sleeping with him to get ahead.
I was sleeping with him for fun.
I'm not dating Parker to get ahead.
And for the record, I really liked Grayson at the time, but he's still in love with that dead girlfriend of his.
I couldn't compete.
Anything else you'd like to know about my personal life, send me an e-mail.
I'm going home.
clasky, do I have this right? You admit to recruiting cheerleaders to fill out your workforce? Yes, "Businessweek," sales journals, they've all published studies that show cheerleaders and other athletes do better in business than their counterparts.
It's all about focus and commitment.
Your witness.
Why did you demote my client? Her performance hadn't declined.
Oh, I knew it would.
Are you psychic? No, I've just been doing my job for the past two decades.
I knew when Charlotte stopped attending the weekly social functions, let her gym membership lapse, started dressing more like a A mom? Less sexy.
Once people opt out of the clasky lifestyle, their numbers start going down.
And maybe not right away, but eventually.
So you believe that dressing sexy is a bona fide occupational requirement? Absolutely.
And there's nothing wrong with hiring matchmakers to coach your staff on seduction techniques? My business strategy is legitimate.
And any reasonable person would agree.
Nothing further.
Are we ready for summation? Yes, your honor.
Not yet, your honor.
What? We have to call another witness.
Who? I don't know yet.
That is not an acceptable answer.
Kim, we are losing this case, and Charlotte is about to get nothing.
Counselors, we're waiting.
Uh, we have a rebuttal witness.
Who? Um Um Um Um Her.
Uh, miss? You with the sandwich.
Could you please give your name to the court? UmLaura Curtis.
And and what do you do for a living, Laura? Executive assistant.
I'm on my lunch break.
It was too hot to eat outside.
That's perfect.
How is that perfect? Your honor! Sidebar.
This is nuts.
She's not on the witness list.
This is a stall tactic.
clasky said that any reasonable person would agree with his business strategy.
But according to the 9th circuit The proper standard for hostile-workplace claims is what a reasonable woman finds offensive.
Not person, woman.
Curtis has a reasonable job, she's wearing reasonable clothes, and she came out of the heat, a reasonable thing to do.
She is our average, reasonable woman.
Your honor, you have to agree this is absurd.
Actually, I don't.
It sounds reasonable to me.
Curtis, do you think going to the gym is a reasonable job requirement? Not unless you're a laker.
What about dressing provocatively? Maybe if you're a stripper.
Would you feel comfortable if your boss made you flirt with clients? Um, no.
It would beAwkward Embarrassing.
Would you call it hostile? Of course.
I found stachybotrys chartarum, commonly known as toxic black mold.
I'd say the colony's been present for over a year and still growing.
How could the bank miss this? Easy.
They never checked.
What do you mean? Well, I've been through the documentation.
There's an electrical report, a seismic, a structural, but no environmental.
It's not uncommon during foreclosure sales when banks are trying to save a few bucks.
Thanks for your time.
Ronnie's ready to testify, and I have to say, I find him very credible.
What do you think? I think we at southwestern mutual see no reason to return to court.
I'm sure your clients will find this to be more than generous.
Not enough.
You didn't even look at it.
Not enough.
I believe we have a deal.
So, thanks again for coming in.
No problem.
So, hey, I was wondering How quickly does toxic mold affect people? I mean, could someone walk into a house with mold and just have a hallucination right there on the spot? Some people are more sensitive.
Usually takes weeks or months of exposure.
That long? 'Course anything's possible, right? What's the deal with Molly Hobbs? What do you mean? I should have heard from her attorney right after she got served.
I don't get it.
That is odd.
Well, the client's coming in today.
Confirm with the process server that everything went smoothly.
That was, uh, some maneuver this morning.
It worked.
I know that.
I saw how the jury reacted.
We have an offer.
Your old job and back pay.
Her old job, back pay, and a settlement large enough to let people know that internal policy is going to change.
And how big of a settlement is that? I don't know.
Charlotte, what are you thinking? I'm thinking stock options.
Lots of stock options.
Donald Hobbs here to see Kim Kaswell.
Uh, Mr.
Hobbs? Hi.
I'm Ms.
Kaswell's assistant.
How was your business trip? Between us, I didn't go anywhere.
I've been crashing on my buddy's couch.
Molly has no idea I'm meeting a lawyer.
You don't say.
That's Hey, uh, can I ask you something? Yeah.
Why would you get divorced after only six weeks? I thought I was ready A wife, a mortgage, someday kids.
But as soon as it became real, I knew I'd made a huge mistake.
I'd wake up in the morning, and I couldn't breathe.
There's there's a reason that you asked Molly to marry you in the first place, right? I guess.
I-I think it's this.
You know that you only get one chance in life.
And you want to spend it with someone you can't wait to come home to, someone who makes your heart race whenever she enters the room in her fuzzy bunny slippers, you know, someone who, even when she's yelling at you for using her "inStyle" magazine as a coaster, still makes you feel like she's the reason you're here on earth.
That wasSome speech.
So, this perfect woman Yeah? You know where I can meet her? If your boss does her job right, I'll be single by the end of the week.
Excuse me, um I have to make a delivery.
Dinner? I'm thinking Japanese.
I need you to be honest with me.
Did you give me this case because we're sleeping together? Excuse me? You heard me.
Of course I didn't.
Because if you did, we're done.
I don't need Jane Bingum or anyone else thinking I'm getting special treatment because of this.
Oh, come on.
You too? That's not the way I run my I'm not the kind of boss It doesn't look like you're getting special treatment.
I guess Maybe it does.
How did I not see it? It happens.
Well, to make sure it doesn't happen again, starting immediately, I'm going to remove myself from all discussions of your assignments, compensation, and partnership tracking.
How's that sound? Like the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me.
You again? Mrs.
Hobbs, this isn't gonna be easy, but Just give me the papers.
Excuse me? You're here to serve me with divorce papers, right? On with it.
How did you I've known the whole time.
So, the whole thing about the big-screen TV My husband is a jackass.
And, you know, he doesn't deserve me.
So I've been trying to make this as difficult on him as possible.
Molly Hobbs, you're gonna be all right.
Well She has been served.
Oh, my God.
How was it? Uh Easier than you'd think.
This is for you.
Oh, I don't deserve that.
No, no, no.
I-I hired you.
And besides, the check is made out in your name.
Really? Thank you so much.
$150 is going straight to the credit-card company.
And the rest? Mm, just enough for dinner.
Well Enjoy.
What? No.
I meant with you.
Did you just invite me to dinner? Absolutely.
As long as we don't spend more than $25.
Congratulations on your big win.
I was only second chair.
Maybe, but calling the average, reasonable woman? That was genius.
Everyone in the courthouse is talking about you.
Well, when they are not talking about you.
See, you impress people.
I get mocked.
You still won.
And Teri said you were awesome, by the way.
So What about this ghost? Ah.
You're gonna think I'm crazy.
It was Deb.
You're laughing.
See? You do think I'm crazy.
I just I don't know what you saw.
I wasn't there.
I do know that the brain can play tricks on you.
And sometimes you just see what you want to see.
Yeah, you're probably right.
It was wishful thinking.
There's nothing wrong with that.
I don't know why Deb would be hanging around some moldy house anyway.
Unless she got lost on the way to Bloomies.
Well, if I believed in ghosts and I'm not saying I do I'd like to think Deb would have found a way to stay close to me.
Yeah, it'd be nice to think so.

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