Drop Dead Diva s02e10 Episode Script

Will & Grayson

That was me -- deb - until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, But there was a bit of a mix-up And I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm jane, A super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, And the only people who really know what's going on with me Are my girlfriend stacy and my guardian angel, fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
Jane! What are you doing? Not Online shoe shopping.
Oh, please.
You've got a credit card in your hand And a post-retail glow.
Denim espadrilles and free shipping.
And don't you ever knock anymore? You've got to go home and get dressed.
For what? Don't you read your calendar anymore? Yes.
I have a pedicure at 6:00.
It has been on there forever in giant red letters -- "p-e-d-I.
" It doesn't stand for "pedicure.
" It doesn't? Well, good.
'cause it seemed hostile.
I mean, the red letters - like you have a problem With my toes or something.
It's the police endowment for district 1 banquet.
You're one of the honorees.
I'm really getting an award? Yeah.
It's for the pro bono work you did for the police department before you were shot.
Parker bought a table.
Parker's going with kim.
Grayson's going with vanessa.
Fred just asked stacy.
And you are going with someone totally amazing.
I have a date? Yes.
An awesome date -- me.
Now, go home, put on something nice, And practice your speech.
Um, I don't have a speech.
But I remember an audition I once did For a commercial agent -- Fruity o's are not only tasty, But they're fortified with vitamins and minerals Needed to start your day! Jane, you can go over your speech While you're getting ready.
You know what? Maybe I should start with a joke.
You don't tell jokes.
Last time you tried, let's just say, What I wouldn't give for some amnesia.
I appreciate you coming to jane's event tonight.
Are you kidding me? Any excuse to buy a new dress.
You look great, by the way.
Um, sondra? I- I'm sorry to interrupt.
I don't know who else to talk to, And your office said that you were here.
No, no, no, no.
That's okay.
Um, sondra, this is grayson.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, will's firing everyone and moving the factory to mexico.
What?! When? In two weeks.
We just got the news.
Um, sondra is the floor manager at metalworks, A company in fullerton that my firm represents.
Will casey is the c.
I don't know what I'll do.
My husband's out of work.
We're behind on bills.
Sondra, does the factory have more than 100 employees? Yeah.
Why? Under california law, management has to give you 60 days' notice.
You know what? He's right.
yeah, well, two weeks or 60 days, I'm still out of a job - unless you can help us? My -- my firm represents will, So that would be a conflict of -- I can represent you.
I don't know if I can stop the plant from closing, But I'll file for an injunction, slow things down, See if I can give, uh, will some time to rethink.
That would be Amazing.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Thank you.
Both of you.
I like him.
Full disclosure -- Um, will casey, the c.
-- He's an ex.
An exPlorer? expatriate.
That's how I know sondra.
When we were together, I spent some time at the factory.
Can you tell me anything about will That might be relevant to the case.
I can tell you that he doesn't like to lose.
Guess what.
Neither do I.
Sure is something strange about that woman.
Well, thanks for the tip.
See you.
I didn't think you were coming.
I didn't think you were coming.
Why not? I ain't late.
No, I guess not.
No, I guess you're not.
But then I got here a little early.
I must have been overanxious.
But you weren't, though, were you? I stopped along the way for a couple of drinks.
Why are we talking to old black-and-white movies? I'm honing my craft.
It is so much less expensive than acting class.
Plus, these old black-and-white movies Are great for my enunciation.
Oh, I see.
Where did you get all those movies? They were in the storage unit where we put old jane stuff.
I found them behind your seventh-grade science-fair project.
Second place.
Oh, well, thank you.
Okay, now, help me pick an outfit.
This lavender-colored a-line with a plunging v-neck Ooh, that one says, "look at me! I'm getting a fancy lawyer award!" Or this lovely three-quarter-sleeve power suit? Which says, "I'm so bored I forgot to yawn.
" Sweetie, she is being honored as a pillar of the community.
True, and I'm proud of her, But she doesn't have to look like a pillar.
Ooh, champagne.
It's ginger ale.
You're the first honoree, Which means your speech is in 20 minutes.
I still don't have my opening joke.
And everyone here thanks you.
Tiny corn.
I feel like a giant.
Hmm, if I eat the shrimp and the bacon, Then can't eat the main course.
And if I eat the main course, then I can forget about dessert.
It's like buffet calculus.
Do I have some tiny corn in mteeth? Nope.
You're good.
May I refill your flute? Absolutely.
Hmm? Hi.
Have you met vanessa? Nope.
Only heard stuff.
Good stuff.
Love the dress.
Thank you.
I'll get us so drinks.
So, vanessa, you d grayson -- Hot and heavy or warm and light? I met you like two seconds ago.
And I feel a connection.
Um, well, stacy, you first.
You seeing anyone special? Not at the moment.
I've made a decision -- No boys until I get my career in gear.
Excuse me.
Everyone please find your seats.
No boys unthe program's about to begin.
Big night.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
In youspeech, when you thank me by name, Ask me to stand.
I'lleign modesty while you sing my praises.
Got it? Ooh.
Stuffed mushrooms.
Jane, I love these shoes.
Really? Thanks, kim.
I wore the same ones last year.
When she's not looking, I'll spill my cosmo in her clutch.
And for her tireless work On behalf of the police officers of district 1, I present this year' citizens award to jane bingum.
Thank you.
Looking out at all the police officers in the audience, It reminds me of a joke.
A cop walks into a bar -- "ouch!" You get it? He walks into a bar.
it's just like Why? I can't tell you what this honor means to me.
I mean, I don't know if I deserve an award, but You're right.
You don't.
Excuse me? You don't deserve an award.
You stole my husband and ruined my life! To paint you with a scarlet "a" whis hope prentiss.
Seat She's an administrative assistant In the detective bureau.
Never met her.
And I'd rather not discuss it.
But apparently you do know her husband -- Detective todd prentiss? What is she doing here? I've asked kim to evaluate the firm's exposure.
If detective prentiss is not only a client But also your Lover.
It exposes the firm to liability Under california rule 3-120.
And yet sleeping with the boss - perfectly acceptable.
Careful, bingum.
Excuse me, jane.
You have a visitor - the woman you allegedly scorned -- Hope prentiss.
I said "allegedly.
" Mrs.
May I call you hope? Ms.
Bingum, may I call you a home wrecker? Um, last night, I tried to talk to you, But security pulled you out so quickly.
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
Really? How do you explain these photos? Um, well, that - that's definitely m-me And T-todd o-outside of a motel room.
But it just - it still doesn't prove Why don't we all sit down? Okay.
What is it that you want, mrs.
Prentiss? We were married for 10 years, most of them good.
About eight months ago, he started acting strangely.
I thought maybe he was cheating, so I hired a p.
When I got these photos, I decided to confront todd.
What did he say? He disappeared before I got the chance.
He left me a note saying we were over, That he was leaving town, that he was sorry.
And when I saw you, I remembered your face from the photos, And I just snapped.
It's been eight months, and you haven't heard from him? He wires money into our checking account every month.
Well, that's an odd number.
Our son has polycystic kidney disease.
That's the cost of his treatment, after insurance.
I am so sorry.
I don't want your pity.
I want you to giveodd a message.
Honestly, I don't know where he is.
Honestly, I don't believe you.
Tell todd that he can go to hell.
Tell him to quit wiring the money into our account.
Billy and I are fine without him.
Kent, this is a business matter, not a legal one.
You violated the notice requirement of the warn act.
So it is a legal matter, and we have an expedited court date.
Given the "faltering company" exception, The two-week notice is within our rights.
Casey, I'm hoping we can figure out A way to save these jobs.
I've heard you're a fair boss and a decent guy.
I guess you have an advantage.
'cause I've heard nothing about you.
Look, do you really think that I want to move the plant? I think you want to make more money, And you've figured out a way to do so By throwing your employees under the bus.
I'm not that guy.
Sondra, you remember the truckers' strike? We had to stop production, but everyone got a paycheck.
Out of my own pocket.
It's true.
My business model no longer works.
I have a competitor in bakersfield who undercuts me.
So I either go to mexico or I go out of business.
Let's just be honest.
Moving to mexico is an anti-union maneuver Qualifying as an unfair labor practice.
And that's what we'll argue in court.
Good luck getting a judge to agree.
That shouldn't be a problem.
Judge kellard caught this case.
His track record is pro-labor.
Guess I do have the advantage.
What is it, fred? I need to ask you something.
Yes, everyone says that jane Was having an affair with a married man.
She didn't seem like the type.
But what am I supposed to do about it? Um, I'm not here about you.
I'm here about me.
Oh, okay.
What? How do you jump-start an acting career? you want to be an actor? No.
Um, I'm asking for stacy.
She's not gonna start dating until her career's in gear.
And I want to help with that.
That's either really sweet or really creepy.
Either way, I can't deal right now.
I'm preoccupied.
The adultery.
How are you processing all that? I feel bad for hope.
And if I was having an affair with her husband, Then I'm disappointed in old jane.
Ah, nobody's perfect.
I know, but Jane, if you want to know what happened, go find out.
Really? I thought you'd say I should live my life going forward, Not dwell on the past.
You're jane now.
You have a past.
You need to own it.
It's great to see you again.
It's been awhile.
Uh, yes, it has.
He called you "mrs.
" I heard.
So I have been doing my taxes, And I misplaced some paperwork.
Could I get a copy of my receipts? Not a problem.
Why do you want the receipts? Because if we ordered turkey clubs from room service, That says one thing.
Champagne and strawberries, something else.
Here you go, mrs.
Uh, no room-service charges? No room service.
We're not the four seasons.
But I do see a note here.
It looks like housekeeping found something in your room.
Ooh! Native gonzo sunglasses.
Ooh, they're prescription.
Cam-action hinges.
Okay, these glasses tell us, "a," Todd's an active outdoor guy, And, "b," he's missing a pair.
So he might have needed a replacement And would have called Fredericks opticians in van nuys.
Putting it all together, Jane was cheating with a nearsighted, outdoorsy cop Who took her to a motel with no room service.
Hey, sexy.
This is a nice surprise.
Um I owe you an apology.
That case that I roped you into, I don't think it's going anywhere.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
We'll be in court with a pro-labor judge.
No, you won't.
Kellard's out.
What? Yeah, he recused himself.
Will's lawyers -- my firm -- Just hired kellard's son as a paralegal.
Intentionally creating a conflict to bump kellard.
You got judge railsback - anti-labor, pro-business.
Wait, how did you hear before me? Um, will called me.
Well, that's a little weird, isn't it? Not really.
I mean, he knows that I found sondra a lawyer.
Does he know about us? About me? Yes.
Of course.
I told him a few weeks ago.
Why? Your ex played dumb at our settlement conference.
Said he never heard of me.
Tell me this isn't gonna turn into a dogfight.
Really, it's not about you and him.
No, but maybe it's about him and you.
Your engagement - who broke it off? I did.
Do you think will still has feelings for you? Wait, it -- it doesn't matter.
I should get back to work.
'cause I have a case to win.
Are you sure this is the address you got from the optician? Yes, his new glasses were mailed to 1601 benfield, Apartment 200.
So have you checked your breath and adjusted the girls? What? Oh, please.
You're about to be reunited with your lover.
We do not know that for sure.
I want a full report.
I never thought I'd see you again.
I -- anyone else hoknow you're here?, jane? Todd, you're making me really nervous.
Can we just talk? Okay.
Start talking.
Okay, look, let's just take a giant step back.
Eight months ago, I was shot.
I know.
Did you also know that I suffered memory loss? Like, total.
Are you serious? Yes.
So I'm a little afraid to ask, But what was going on between us? About a year ago I noticed a discrepancy Between cash that was confiscated from crime scenes And that that was vouchered in the evidence log.
Anything? No.
I planted a microphone in the locker room, Hoping that these dirty cops would incriminate themselves.
My hunch paid off, I came to you, And that's when I gave you the recording.
So you just came to me for legal help? Yeah.
That's it -- just legal help? Yeah.
So why were we meeting at the bayshore motel? Because we needed to keep it quiet.
of course.
Jane, is any of this coming back to you at all? No.
Not really.
Now, what happened to the recording? I gave it to you.
We were supposed to set up a meeting with internal affairs, But you didn't show up.
I figured you'd got cold feet.
On my way home, that's when I heard you got shot.
That had nothing to do with you.
Oh, I know that now, but that evening I get a phone call from a friend of mine in I.
Saying that I'm the one Who's being accused of stealing the cash.
And I had two choices -- Get out of town or face the charges.
Now, jane, without that recording, I didn't have a defense.
I called you like a hundred times.
You didn't even answer your damn phone.
Wait, what number did you call? I never received any messages.
I called you on the disposable phone.
The one I got you.
Looks like this.
Okay, why didn't you tell your wife where you were going? I had to break it off or she'd come looking for me.
And I couldn't risk it.
It's been a living hell.
But at least they're okay.
They're okay, right? They're fine.
Hope thinks that you and I are having an affair.
She had a p.
Follow us to the motel.
Oh, god.
We got to fix this.
You still have the recording, right? Did I tell you where I put it? Yeah, you said you'd put it somewhere safe.
Then I'm sure I'll find it.
Okay, good.
Hey, boss, do you have a minute? If I can bill someone, sure.
"proposal for a harrison & parker recruitment video"? You want to make a recruitment video? Why? The top 15% of all law firms have one.
Still haven't answered my question.
You know barnes in corporate? Penelope, his assistant, is redesigning the firm logo.
Barnes is getting all the credit.
And you want to prove you're just as ambitious as penelope.
It's all about making you look good.
What do you say? Knock yourself out, spielberg.
Todd, make yourself comfortable.
I'll be right in.
Just my type -- tall, dark, and cop.
Who's married and was not having an affair with me.
I know.
You told me like three times on the phone.
Any luck with the missing recording? Still missing.
I checked everywhere.
Teri, do I trust anyone in the d.
's office? There's marissa block.
You helped get her the job.
Oh, good.
Bring her up to speed.
She owes me.
Stacy? Are you okay? It's just so sad.
They killed his brother.
What? Who? terry malloy.
He had these -- these dreams about being a prizefighter.
but he thinks he's just a bum.
"on the waterfront.
" why are you home in the middle of the day? I need your help on a project.
Oh, I love projects.
Should I get my poster board and glue gun? It involves acting.
Please keep talking.
If my project is a success, It will be seen all over the country, year after year.
Like "titanic"? Why not? I am making a recruitment video for harrison -- Ford! Oh! Harrison ford is recruiting?! Harrison & parker, the law firm.
Shouldn't you use real lawyers? Did they use real dockworkers in "on the waterfront"? No sirree.
They used actors.
And you are the best damn actor I know.
So will you do it? How does a lawyer say "yes, yes, absolutely, yes"? UmWith a hug? Yay! Have you found the recording? Not yet.
But I'm going to get everything I own out of storage.
And in the meantime, I'll request protective custody for your whole family.
We have a situation.
When I called your friend at the d.
's, She said there's an outstanding arrest warrant for todd, And she's legally required to act on it.
What? No.
Reception just called.
Two uniformed cops are on their way up.
Stall them.
Todd, lock the door and close the blinds.
What are you doing? We need a judge to help us.
And I know just the one.
Not ringing any bells.
Could you describe this todd prentiss? Ma'am, we're not playing games.
Where is he? Yes, boss.
Teri -- screen share now! On it.
Please hold.
Hey, jane.
How are you? You're lucky to find me here.
I'm about to run into court.
It's important -- life and death.
Really? Who's dying? My client if he gets arrested by the police.
All right, you got two minutes.
Talk fast.
Detective todd prentiss is accused of stealing money, But he's really being set up by dirty cops, Like what that creepy s.
Guy did to kevin james In "paul blart: Mall cop.
" Don't judge.
It's really good.
Anyway, now the police are here to arrest him.
I feel for you.
You see this face? He's not guilty.
Okay, well, what do you want me to do? Arraign him now and release him.
You know I can't do that until he's arrested.
I don't have the power.
But you do have the power to accept his surrender.
I surrender.
There you go.
Well, there you go.
Anything else you need? An order for the police officers Who are about to kick in my office door? Detective prentiss has been released per my order.
Everybody go home.
Help yourself to a cold drink on your way out.
Thank you for calling.
Where is he? Hope, uh I'm so sorry.
Can you forgive me? I see no anti-union animus in metalworks's decision To move to mexico.
I thought you might say that, your honor, So I'd like to amend our complaint And enter additional probative evidence.
go ahead, counselor.
I move to admit This dog, those books And that garbage into evidence.
You have 30 seconds.
I call betty fenniger, city manager of fullerton, To the stand.
Fenniger, please tell me what will happen To the contents of this bag when metalworks is gone.
The garbage? It'll end up on the streets, just like the stray dog.
And the library? Closed.
Without the plant, our tax base will be decimated, And we won't be able to pay city workers.
Objection -- relevance.
It's called equitable estoppel.
When metalworks set up shop in fullerton, They made promises to the city.
Isn't that right? Yes.
And in turn we provided tax breaks And expanded city services.
So would you agree that there was an implicit contract -- If you expanded city services, they would remain in your city? Yes.
That was the deal we made.
Thank you.
Fenniger, do you have that deal in writing? No.
Nothing further.
Detective mckay, You are aware of the charges against detective prentiss.
What first drew your attention to him? It pains me to testify against a fellow cop, But detective prentiss was acting suspiciously.
The theft was discovered on a Tuesday.
And Wednesday morning, prentiss disappeared.
Cash was taken from several different files.
The only thing they had in common -- Detective prentiss was the last guy to sign in.
Sergeant contorsi, you are the custodian of evidence, Correct? Yeah, that's my job.
So according to your log, The same day detective prentiss was in the evidence room, Detectives remar and mckay were also viewing evidence.
Sure, but they were viewing different files.
Once an officer signs into the evidence room, Isn't it possible he could go to any file? Not on my watch.
Isn't it true that detective remar And detective mckay could have stolen the money And you forged my client's signature in your log? Objection, your honor.
Counsel's throwing mud.
Bingum, if you have nothing further, we're at recess.
Nothing further.
At the moment.
I have to find the recording.
Travel scrabble.
And a lake cachuma fishing license, 2002.
And a red disposable cellphone That todd gave me.
I lovehe color.
We're getting closer to finding the recording.
I can feel it.
Perhaps what we need is a brief evidentiary hearing! Whoa, what was that? I'm practicing.
I'm playing a lawyer in fred's movie.
Didn't you notice my costume? Yes.
It's a business suit.
I move that you recuse yourself.
Counsel is testifying, your honor! Get me some hemoglobin, stat! Ooh, that last line was medical.
Really, you're going to criticize me While I'm raw and in character? Sorry.
It's okay.
Fred's got a real vision.
I think this could be a classic like " on the waterfront.
" Oh, my god.
I know.
It's exciting, right? Yeah, stacy, where are jane's dvds -- The ones that were in these boxes? I put them on the bookshelf.
And I put the books in the garage.
It's not like we read.
Wait, what's going on, sweetie? You're getting all wacky.
Maybe jane put the recording in one of these dvd cases.
Mm, I don't think so.
I watched all of them.
Well, not the ones on the upper shelf -- documentaries.
"richard nixon -- a biography.
" Oh! Richard milhous nixon, the 37th president.
He resigned from office in the wake of the watergate scandal.
Milhous is a funny name.
Stacy, nixon taped everything.
So if jane was being clever -- And I think she was that kind of girl -- Then she might have put it in here.
We found it.
We got to step it up.
A little at a time.
Just like we agreed.
As long as it's just the three of us, it's enough.
When do we settle up? Tomorrow night.
At the barn.
Irrefutable proof, your honor, that my client is innocent.
If the recording were real.
If? What do you mean, "if"? I made this recording, your honor.
I'll testify under oath.
Which should suffice for authentication.
The defendant will testify to anything to save himself.
He has a point, ms.
I mean, do you have any other evidence To support the legitimacy of this recording? Um We ask that you preclude the recording as evidence.
Under evidence code 1401, I find that the defense Has failed to authenticate the recording.
It's inadmissible.
Motion granted.
Thank you.
What are you drinking? I'm not.
My office said you had an offer.
I'll double the severance for every employee.
Not good enough.
She's still gonna like you if you settle.
excuse me? You want to beat the ex-boyfriend.
I'd want the same.
Look, I'm sorry vanessa broke up with you, But she has nothing to do with how I'm handling the case.
She said she broke up with me? Yeah.
Well, you have my offer.
Take it to your client.
When do we settle up? Tomorrow night.
At the barn.
Why are we listening to this again? The judge threw it out.
Because maybe it'll point us to something that she'll let in.
Like something you might hear at the barn.
It's a downtown cop bar.
And you know this because? Because cops get lonely.
Okay, so someone needs to head over to this barn And see if they can get one of the dirty cops to talk.
I wish I could, but they all know me there.
Plus, they won't talk to just anyone.
They like a certain trashy type.
Come on.
What kind of law interests you? Labor law? We'll put you to work.
Contracts? Sign on the dotted line.
Free speech? Oh.
We all like to talk.
At harrison & parker, you will meet fascinating clients.
Like the prizefighter whose dreams are being dashed By a mean union boss.
I went a little off-book there.
I didn't even notice.
It looks great.
And there's no shortage of friendly and helpful assistants.
Like that one over there.
AndCut! I heard there was an offer.
Let me guess -- will called.
It bothers you.
Did you really break up with him? Why? W- w-what did he say? Doesn't matter what he said.
I care what you tell me.
Look, we were together for three years.
And I loved him.
But I wasn't in love with him.
And he knew it.
So, yes, technically, he ended it, But I should have.
Are you upset? Only that I haven't found a way to win this case.
What's this? Schofield manufacturing? The company in bakersfield.
Will's competition.
If they can make a profit while remaining in california, Why can't will? Hmm.
Come here.
What? Come over here.
I feel bad for will.
It can't be easy seeing you with someone new.
Ooh, stop perving.
Look, I'm fine wearing a wire, But I'm not wearing this stupid hat or those capris.
Look, I know that the pants are stacy's, But I really think you could squeeze in.
Wear that hat, and you will be arrested for glittering.
A tube top and a press-on american-flag tattoo.
I'm wearing my own clothes.
Just tell me who I'm looking for.
Detective mckay -- 37, married.
Detective remar -- 28, single.
Ooh, and sergeant lou contorsi.
Always drinks jack, straight up.
Sits at a corner table almost every night.
But still looking, and he likes blondes.
Wire me up.
It's good, right? Tequila.
Añejo if you have it.
Yeah, I been shot a couple of times.
Didn't kill me.
You're kidding me.
Where? That's for me to know.
And a jack, straight up.
Can I frisk you first? yeah.
Contorsi, right? We're talking here.
Oh, his wife sent me over with a message.
She thinks she's pregnant again.
Dude! You don't know my wife.
But I do know detective mckay.
He said you could help me.
Well, what do you need? My brother got busted for possession.
The cops raided his place.
They took his cash, some jewelry.
There was a ring that used to belong to my grandmother.
What do you think I can do? Get the ring back.
Why would I do that? It's a family heirloom.
And I'll pay.
We're due back in court in an hour.
Why did you call me here? Do you recognize this, will? It's our part.
It's used in prefab steel shelving units.
Been making them for years.
So? Schofield manufacturing of bakersfield Makes an identical bolt.
Theirs is used in unmanned drones for the military.
What's your point? This bolt is how schofield is undercutting you.
They qualify as a trusted foundry Under d.
's trusted access program.
They get across-the-board government rebates.
You make the same bolt, Which means you're eligible for the same savings.
You just have to fill out the application.
Yeah? Assuming he's right The factory stays.
Thank god.
I'll go let everybody know.
Thank you so much.
So, you beat the ex-boyfriend.
Eh, I don't know.
I think we both won here.
Well, thank you.
And seriously, good luck with vanessa.
Why would I do that? It's a family heirloom.
And I'll pay.
We don't do that anymore.
Not since we almost got caught.
And besides, mckay and I never touched jewelry -- Only cash.
Kaswell, as an officer of the court, Is it your testimony that you made this tape And the voice is sergeant contorsi, Who is sitting right there? Yes.
In light of this new evidence, Sergeant contorsi has agreed to authenticate The prior recording made by my client -- The one that proves him innocent.
In that case, the charges against detective prentiss Are hereby dismissed.
Oh, one more thing, your honor.
May I direct the court's attention to the officers From the major crimes unit? What's going on? We'll see you at your trial, detectives.
Okay, so just keep in mind that this is a rough cut.
You know what? Maybe we should wait.
Fred, be quiet.
Let's start the show.
Welcome to harrison & parker.
Let me show you around.
Imagine never having to set foot outside the office When you need to forage for the major food groups.
We provide them all.
And fruit.
Mmm! That is so good, it shouldn't even be legal.
Get it? "legal"? like lawyers.
Need to clear your head from drawing up writs of coram nobis? Ahh! Smell that clean l.
City air.
You can take as many breaks as you need, So long as you're thinking of legal stuff.
I love you, harrison & parker! This is supposed to recruit law students to harrison & parker? I- I'd want to work there.
Okay, that Does not see the light of day.
I- I'm -- I'm sorry, stacy.
It's a masterpiece.
What does kim know? She's just a lawyer.
A real one.
thank you.
See you at home.
Excuse me.
Am I interrupting? of course not.
Ah, hope and I wanted to introduce you to our son, billy.
It's nice to meet you, billy.
Mom says you're the one who got dad back.
Oh! Well, she helped too.
As far as I'm concerned, both your parents are real heroes.
I know.
They rock.
Except when I don't do my math homework.
Then they take away my playstation.
Can you guys give us a moment? There's cookies in the kitchen.
Awesome! Dad, let's go! All right.
Jane, you've given me my life back.
How can I thank you? It was nothing.
I'm so sorry for ruining your big night.
Hope, I understand.
He'sA good man.
And I am really happy for you.
For both of you.
I have an idea, mr.
Couldn't we have him reborn? Nothing doing.
I'm not gonna go through that again.
Jordan: Oh, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Ooh! Am I late for movie night? Sorry, sweetie.
It's an old one.
But you might like it, jane.
It has a quirky plot about a man who dies in a terrible accident And then gets put into another person's body.
Jordan: This complicates everything.
Messenger 7013: I have an idea, mr.
Well, make room.
Nothing doing.
I'm not gonna go through that again.
Jordan: Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Well, I see I'll have to take personal charge of this.
Now, you're talking, mr.
You got to get busy and do something.
I intend to.
Come along, joseph.
Wait a minute.
Where to? I'm taking you back.
Yeah, but you can't.
Didn't we just tell you? I haven't got a body anymore.
Well, what of it? I'll get you another body.
You'll do what? Another body? Well, that's what I said.
Come along, joseph.
No, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What kind of a deal is this? You can't go shoving just anybody's body off on me.
No, not on your life.
Pendleton, please.
If mr.
Jordan says he'll get you another body, He'll get you another body -- Every bit as good as your own, if not better.

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