El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

You can rest easy now.
The deed is done.
Peligros, you're an upstanding man.
My husband made no mistakes choosing you.
This is my family, ma'am.
We may not share the same last name, but we share the same Garza heart, right? You said it yourself.
You know? I'm very happy to have you here, in this house.
If you could call this a house.
I'm happy to be with everybody.
Have you gotten used to Mexico City? I haven't, not going to lie.
Not us, right? We're cut from a different cloth.
Truth is I miss life at the ranch and Mr.
Lamberto, God rest his soul.
And the old way of doing things.
How is Miguel as a boss? He's a Garza, but different.
Sometimes I don't even get what he's doing.
I'm getting the impression my husband did the right thing leaving him in charge.
Look after him.
You can rest assured that I'll stick to him like glue.
But young Miguel doesn't need looking after.
Don't be so sure.
We all have our weak spots.
Even Miguel.
Maybe coming here to hand you my resignation letter was a bit hasty.
Still, I'd do it again without a second thought.
So, tell me.
Who is better at this? Adela or me? Leave Adela out of this.
I bet that guy has never been kissed like that! - He must have wanted it so bad! - He stood there, dead quiet.
- That never happens at school.
- He's a jerk.
I was a jerk, too, because of what happened the other night.
Can you forgive me? - Is that why you kissed me? - Of course not.
- That's another lie.
- No, Jorge! I kissed you because Hey, why do I need any reasons to kiss you? Well, as far as I know, you and Pilar Pilar.
Even though I haven't been with a woman before, I'm not dumb, all right? Look, Jorge.
Pilar and I have sort of a more open relationship.
More modern.
That's all? What do you mean? I don't know, I feel there's something you're hiding from me.
Kenia, you can trust me.
Crap! Look at the time.
I have to run, but we'll catch up later, all right? Thanks for the beer.
Want to come to my place? I have a meeting.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, it's very important.
Jimena, if you think this Miguel.
I know.
You already told me you're not looking for a formal thing and I agree.
And I promise that I won't mix our personal affairs with business.
Don't worry.
I want to ask you a question.
Who was the man who bribed you? He didn't tell me his name, for obvious reasons, but he had, like short hair, graying and he had a very deep voice.
- Like a country guy.
- Was he alone? No, he came with a thug.
Very tacky, by the way.
Why do you say that? His boots were, like pointy and yellowish.
That's all I need to know.
What, you already know who he is? Yes.
His name is Epigmenio Moncada.
I heard there was a shootout between the Pachecos and the Garzas.
I'm glad Miguel got rid of those animals.
They were far too rabid to be on the loose.
Yeah, but they also got handed to him on a silver platter.
- Did you have anything to do with that? - Me? No.
I know Miguel is untouchable for you.
Yes, he is.
I'm raking in big cash thanks to him.
And for you, he's weeding out the area.
It's good for both of us, you see.
Saving that ranch was near impossible.
I can't deny this Jap is very smart.
Well, at least things are going according to plan for us.
Let's drink to that.
Well, since we're here among friends, there's a question I'd like to ask.
Once that piggy bank is full who gets to break him open? Patience, Epigmenio.
When the moment comes, Miguel will be all yours.
- Can I have your word on that? - Of course.
I don't like Miguel Garza at all.
But, for the moment, my assets are growing.
That's fair.
Then I'll just hold back.
Who in their right mind would prefer caviar to enchiladas? - Could you stop talking nonsense, please? - No, really! I mean, as nice as fishing may be, it's still just salty, cold fish roe.
Enchiladas, on the other hand Green and red sauce, with cheese, however you want! Hey, and aren't you nervous about the ceremony? What ceremony? The one we're hosting for the launching of the Jin Foundation.
- You're all invited.
- Wow! So cute, thank you very much.
But look, with Adela, I think you'll have more than enough entertainment to last you the night.
- I am nobody's clown.
- Please.
- She'll be the head of the foundation.
- I've caught up with all my reading! So, you did find the binder! Adela is getting into the world of caviar! Look at you! Did you know you're more unbearable than ever? Did you know you're more vulgar than ever? No, please.
No, I'm not in the mood to take anybody's crap.
- That's good, because - All right, Chisca, enough! Stop, Chisca! I don't have to put up with anybody, excuse me.
Now we can have dinner, right? Enjoy your meal.
I've been doing good in college.
So And now? What's wrong? Pilar, what would happen if Jorge finds out about my past? I think you're overthinking it.
No, he could dig something up.
Kenia, it's not that easy.
Look, your records don't exist anymore.
And don't you think Flaco researched you before calling you? No, because he knew me beforehand.
Well, when he first met you.
And besides, Jorge is very good.
If he wants to find something, he will.
All right.
Let me see if I get this.
What you're saying is that Jorge is better than Flaco.
No, Kenia! - You're overthinking it.
Please, relax.
- Wow, it's so easy for you! You know if anybody finds out, I'm toast, right? So you're really going to do this? - You forget my neck is also on the line.
- I didn't mean it like that, okay? I'm just very anxious and I'm scared because I've done everything right.
Well, then stay away from Jorge! No, I can't do that either, I like him a lot.
And also, how could I stay away from him if we work together? Well, you'll have to give up something, right? It's either that or lying to him.
No way out.
Pilar, I haven't felt like this about someone in a long time.
You know the worst part? I knew this would happen to you eventually.
Grandpa! Who are you? Mom, Dad! Mom! Grandpa! Mom! Dad! Mom! No, child! I had no idea Jorge had those nightmares.
I went to talk to Chisca about that.
She said Jorge has those dreams every day.
And he also says a lot of stuff.
What kind of stuff? Well, he says stuff about his parents.
Something about what happened and something about his grandpa.
- Miguel cannot - I don't understand! Miguel cannot know! I swear it.
He'll never find out.
I know they suffered a tragedy as children, but do you know what all of this is about? No idea.
Because all of that was in the past when I met Lamberto.
But when you first came to the ranch, he was a small boy, right? Yes.
Such a small boy.
And nobody ever noticed he was having nightmares? Well, he had some dreams, but nothing noteworthy.
And I've kept my eye on him throughout the years.
Poor boy.
How odd, isn't it? Yeah, poor boy.
I'll talk to him.
I'm heading out.
I have to pick up Miguel.
- Thanks, see you later.
- Go ahead.
Chisca? Come in.
Hey, do you know anything about Jorge's nightmares? Adela told me.
I can't stand that nosy broad.
What does he dream about? I don't know.
Not even he knows.
It's just words.
It's I don't know.
Weird images.
So the thing about the nightmares is true.
Yeah, since forever.
And has he ever told you anything about his dreams? - Have you talked to him? - Sure.
Chisca, it's important that you remember.
It obviously has something to do with our parents' death.
With the attack.
But anything more than that, he never told me.
He doesn't remember.
He was a kid.
Wait, why? Nothing.
I wanted to make sure everybody is clear on what we have to do.
I've checked in with everyone and we're ready.
Except you.
I know everything like the back of my hand.
Right, Adela, but it's not just about memorizing it.
You need to actually understand the content.
We won't have any trouble with Adela.
People, get ready.
There's no time to lose.
Don't worry.
You'll impress them.
- I hope to make a good impression.
- Of course.
Jorge and Kenia will be responsible for all communication.
I want everything to project the same idea: Benevolence.
Jimena will be in charge of showing the future construction that the foundation will do.
She'll bring Jin's incredible plans to the public eye.
BUILDING 5,000 HOMES 1,000 PRIMARY CARE CENTERS, ETC Security will be in the hands of Flaco and Peligros.
Four men at the front gate.
Two in the hall.
Two in the parking lot.
Check the restrooms, all right? I want no mistakes.
Meanwhile, Trejo will handle the guest list.
Actors, athletes and entrepreneurs from all around.
Everybody must be invited.
The only requirement is that they must be legit and honorable people.
This is for you, sir.
DAYS LATER You're going too far, Chisca.
You can't call Valentín's wife! She's not his wife.
- Do you have some more? - Not yet.
And slow down, okay? - Hey, and she is his wife, too! - She's not his wife! The only thing I care about - What are you doing? - My phone! - Don't - I have her on my phone, okay? The only thing I care about is finding him! What if he's with her? He said he wanted to be with me all this time! No, give it to me, Chisca.
Give me the phone, I said! You'll get in trouble! MADRID, SPAIN - Yes? - Good afternoon, this is from Trento's headquarters.
- Trento? - We're a company your husband is working with right now.
We wanted to know if he's there with you.
Well, he's not here at the moment.
So, he's not there at the moment.
But will he be back? Later? - He's not here right now.
I just told you.
- Yes, Mrs.
This is an emergency.
- It's important we get in touch with him.
- Call back later, then.
I just want to know if he's with you or not! Who are you? What happened? Where are you going? Chisca, where are you going? - I'm going to find Valentín.
- What? No.
Hey, wait! Don't leave me alone here, Chisca! Hey! This is not a joke.
What I need is to put that Pegasus program back on Valentín's phone! I won't do it, Chisca.
I'll repeat it because you didn't listen.
I'm Miguel's sister, all right? Your boss.
We're the ones calling the shots in this place.
Miguel call the shots in this place.
Whatever you say is a side note.
Hey, Flaco, want me to send someone to your house? - A little visit.
- Oh, Chisca.
If I touch this button, your brother will learn about all the stupid things you're saying.
Are you recording me? - You're too uptight.
- Don't touch me.
This isn't over.
Give me a second, I'll let you talk to him.
Héctor! It's the court clerk.
He says he has information about the Desiré.
Hello, Mr.
Clerk? - Mr.
Bernal? - Yes, speaking.
- Do you have any new information for me? - Yes.
To be honest, I shouldn't have called you.
I'm risking my position.
Clerk, I beg you to give me any information you have.
Romualdo Acuña is here.
The owner of Desiré discotheque.
We lost track of him a long time ago.
He surely must have left the country.
Look he's back to sell the premises.
If you want to find out more about the case, this is the best time to come.
I know he'll be at the location tomorrow, first thing in the morning.
All right, I'll head that way then.
Thank you for your information.
I'm going to Ciudad Jiménez.
- When? - Tomorrow.
How? What about the Jin Foundation event? Héctor, everybody will be there! Carlos Duarte too, probably! You'll have to cover the news yourself.
Héctor, you're the one who knows Miguel Garza, not me.
- You should come with me.
- Hey, are you listening? What I'm going to do is more important than that.
Well, I know, but Carlos Duarte It's about the owner of Desiré discotheque.
The person that may know what happened to my sister! - Do you understand? - Yes, I do.
I have to fly to Ciudad Jiménez, Claudia.
I don't know when I'll have the chance to talk to the owner of Desiré discotheque.
He was there.
He probably saw when my sister was killed.
Do you understand? I have to go.
This is why there are two of us, right? - Will you call me? - Yes.
As soon as I land, I'll call you.
And, hey, clean the office for me, all right? I look bad, don't I? - Yeah, I knew it! I don't like it either! - You look perfect for this event.
- Really? - Yes.
Well, then! Let's go, shall we? Let's go.
Gosh, I'm actually very anxious.
I'm sure you'll do an excellent job.
Now I'm even more anxious.
- Should we get going? - Let's go.
Thank you, Miss Ambassador.
Jesús Montero, good evening.
Claudia Reyes, from Sucesos.
- Can I have a moment, please? - Of course.
Good evening.
How is your candidacy for governor? Everything is going great.
We're taking it easy for the time being, since my priorities are my duties as a congressman.
But the campaign has had a great start.
- Thank you.
- Very well.
And do you have any comments on Excuse me, I'm in a bit of a hurry right now.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Secretary Carlos Duarte, excuse me.
There's been talk about some theories speculating that part of your office has absolved criminals with ties to the government.
Do you have any comments on that? Yes, of course, I have a comment.
People who waste their time on conspiracy theories do it because they don't have anything better to do.
Now, if you excuse me, tonight we should all be focused on supporting a new cause, like this non-profit charity is doing.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
All right, fellas.
There was some sketchy guy around the parking lot.
Find him.
Don't lose sight of him.
And the rest of the team? - Welcome.
- Miguel, good evening.
- Greetings, how are you? - This is Mr.
- This is my wife.
- Welcome.
Please, go ahead.
If you'll excuse us, we'll see you in a bit.
- Secretary.
- Miguel.
- Trejo.
- Welcome.
Come in, sir.
See you later.
These hypocrites are politicians to the bone.
New guest.
Investigate the blond man next to your brother.
I'm on it.
All right.
He's Enrique Burgos, the gastronomic entrepreneur.
Miguel, Blondie at your two o'clock.
Enrique Burgos, gastronomic entrepreneur.
- Mr.
- Miguel, good evening.
- It's a pleasure to have you.
- Thank you.
My wife, Romelia.
His restaurant, Romelia, just got its third star from the Michelin Guide.
It specializes in candied duck on toast.
I knew sharing your name with the most exquisite restaurant in the city couldn't be a coincidence.
- Thank you.
- Enrique, you must give me that recipe for your candied duck on toast, it's delicious.
Thank you so much, but, Miguel, you know a recipe is a family secret.
You're right.
Please, come inside, have a seat.
- Thank you so much.
- Welcome.
Just what I needed.
Hello, you've reached the voicemail of Valentín Soria.
I can't answer the phone at the moment.
Leave your message after the beep.
Valentín, where are you? - Ángel? - Chisca! I need to see you.
Welcome, doctor.
I'm so thankful for having you here with us tonight.
I trust your wife will feel better soon.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
Good evening.
So you did study.
What a relief.
- Carlos Duarte is here.
- Secretary of the Interior.
Well, if you didn't know who Carlos Duarte is, we'd be in trouble.
Jimena, I'll go talk to him.
If I need you to come closer, I'll give you a sign.
To Ciudad Jiménez? After everything that's happened, that's the worst place you could go.
Ana! All right, listen to me carefully.
It's my only chance to find out who killed Helena.
And I understand that, but think about it.
That place is lawless, there's no safety.
Life is worthless there.
It'll be a quick trip.
I'll go, interview that man and that's it.
I'll be back.
Are you going alone? Why are you asking that, Ana? So, you're going with Claudia? Ana, for goodness' sake! I can't believe we're constantly having this same argument! No, I'm going alone! And it's getting late.
My flight leaves in less than two hours.
So, you won't even say goodbye to my parents? - Really? - No, hey, Ana.
I'm exposing you enough already just by coming to see you.
Bye, dear.
I love you, baby.
Well, yes.
A non-profit civil society is a good strategy.
Helping those who need it the most is always a good proposition.
Yes, of course.
Especially because of the fiscal benefits in this country, am I right? I'm just another philanthropist.
So am I.
Let's make a toast.
- A toast.
- Thank you.
Here's to helping those who need it the most.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You know? I like what you're doing.
The way you've been growing.
- It's admirable.
- When I grow, we all grow together, don't we? That's the idea.
That's the idea.
What do you want? To see you.
That's it.
"That's it.
" After everything you told me last time? Chill.
It's not like we've never argued before.
Argued? No, Chisca.
No, you're overreacting.
What's up with you? What? You're high as hell.
So what? What is it to you? All right, Chisca.
Okay, explain this to me, please.
How does this work? You go after the Euro-trash, he won't see you, so you come back.
You know what? I came to have fun.
But if this is what's going to happen, go back to playing your video games.
You want to have fun? - Yes! - Yes? A lot? I'll take you out to have some fun.
A lot.
You'll see.
- How's everything going? - Fine.
You haven't said anything inappropriate or out of place? Everything in order? I only say that kind of stuff to Miguel.
And he loves it.
According to our schedule, the presentation should begin in 15 minutes.
Are you nervous? Normally, I would be very nervous.
These kinds of events make me very uncomfortable, to be honest.
You don't say! I could have sworn these kinds of events were just your cup of tea.
Well, yes and no.
I can handle myself around polite society, but I can't help getting anxious around all these powerful people.
After all, the people amongst us are the ones who run the world.
In the sports scene, the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, entertainment A speech in front of all of these people is no easy task.
You need to be focused.
I have a foolproof tactic for that.
It makes me so relaxed.
Having sex on the previous night.
Like me and Miguel.
I mean, it won't do you any good right now, but maybe next time.
You've already slept with Miguel? So odd, he didn't introduce you to everybody as his partner.
You must be like all those other women I've driven to his hotel rooms.
I'll give you the list later, so you can brag to them, too.
Thank you for your advice.
I'll keep it in mind.
The Birds? Play by Aristophanes.
Eros was born from an egg laid at night.
Where are we? Relax.
Put on your cloaks and masks.
Put your jewelry and personal effects inside the bags.
Come through here, please.
- Where did you bring me? - Don't take off your mask! It's all right! Trust me.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- Are you scared? - No.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Look, the rules are clear, all right? If you ever feel uncomfortable or anything, all you have to do is press the red button.
There's a red button in every room.
When you press it, everyone else will stop.
Okay? And security will show up.
They will.
- This is so intense! - Do you like it? I love it.
Good evening.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Adela Cruz, I'm the head of Jin Foundation.
On behalf of our foundation, our associates and affiliates, I want to thank you for joining us tonight.
Our goal tonight is to formally introduce you to the mission and vision of this non-profit organization.
And, of course, invite you to collaborate with us.
Come on! Truth is, I don't want to be so formal.
The only thing I want to do tonight is to raise awareness, with your help.
I want to tell you my ideas to help all those people who need it the most.
Those who have the least.
We can't forget about all those places in our state where government aid won't reach.
I'd also like to ask you to let me slip my hand into your wallets.
I will now show you a short video, so you won't grow bored with my voice.
Do you see now why she was the one to manage the foundation? The projects of the Jin Foundation.
This is a non-profit foundation.
Our mission and objective - Here's what you asked for.
- Thanks, Peligros.
Video is set to go.
Lights on.
The Jin Foundation.
Bravo! Who is he? Hans Pritken.
Pharmaceutical entrepreneur, very powerful.
This German is a potential investor.
Miguel, you've got Hans Pritken at five o'clock.
Adela is about to finish her speech in case you want use that time.
I'm so happy you've enjoyed this video.
Well, this is just a glimpse of all the things we have in store.
Nice one, Kenia.
Of course, if we want to achieve our goals.
we are going to need your help, of course.
Have you been a good girl lately, Chisca? Not so much.
Not so much, huh? Well, I'd say that you've been very naughty.
Very naughty.
Especially with me.
You've given me a hard time.
Don't you think you deserve some punishment? - Nice to meet you, Mr.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
Would you look at that? Who would have thought that in such a short time you'd be the one introducing me to the important people? Luckily, I've had room to move around freely.
And, yes, we are growing at a steady rate.
Yes, it is a really good cause.
And let me congratulate you, Miguel.
Lamberto would be immensely happy and proud of you.
Thank you, Jesús.
You'll see, I'm pretty worried because I'm about to run for governor, and we've realized our money won't be enough to afford a lot, so it's tough.
One thing can be assured.
I can assure you that this very foundation can grow a lot and help a lot of people.
But this can only be possible if we, the right people, are in a politically influential position.
You are right, you have my support.
Cheers! I also toast to your grandfather because he always supported me in everything and I never betrayed his trust.
If you do it, I'll never betray you either.
I know you're trustworthy.
And, as I said, you have my word.
The Garza family has your back.
If you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.
Okay, go ahead.
Nice to meet you.
Pritken, good evening.
Garza, right? PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEUR - Pleased to meet you.
- Your German accent is very good.
I had an Austrian teacher.
She had difficulty with some pronunciation, but anything can be learned properly if you practice day and night.
- Thank you for coming.
- On the contrary.
I'd love to invite you to see my pharmaceutical laboratory.
- Whenever you have the chance.
- I'm sure something could be arranged.
I think together we can do very good business.
If half the things I've heard about you are true, I'm sure that will be the case.
People, congratulations and thank you.
The ceremony was a huge success and we raised a lot of money.
- Cheers! - Cheers! Boss, right now I'm requesting the loan for Jin.
How come? He just said we raised a lot of money.
As a civil society, Jin is exempt from paying interest.
We just have to deposit the donations and the money for laundering into the foundation's account.
Adela, where would you like to begin? I was thinking of opening first-aid rooms in the poorest neighborhoods.
That's a good idea.
That way, we could hire our own contractors to build the clinics.
- Figueroa Contractors and Metal Tubes.
- Let's do it.
Hired! I don't get the joke.
Those are shell companies, Adela.
In other words, they don't exist.
They belong to us and the only thing we'll do is move the money for laundering.
In any case, Flaco, redirect an important sum towards the foundation, so that it can open the clinics.
- Delicious! - Isn't it? You know, I inherited my cooking sense from my grandma.
Peligros, I need something! "Good morning, Rosario? Enjoy your meal, Peligros.
" Can I talk to you privately? - Sure.
- In that case, I'll take my good manners somewhere else.
I need you to go fetch me a package from Ciudad Jiménez, okay? A package? - Yeah.
You know.
- No, I don't.
You know! The thing we sell, right? Look, miss, I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you playing dumb with me? If you want me to go to Ciudad Jiménez to fetch you those things that harm you, you'll need to talk with the boss.
Sure, now the hunted become the hunters, don't they? I'm doing this for your own good.
And now you are telling me what's good for me.
Well, the only one who gets to give orders here is young Miguel.
Let me see if I got things right.
So, for you to fetch me something, the order must come directly from Miguel? That's right.
He must either give the order or lift your ban.
My ban? Neither me, my men nor any of our associates can fetch you anything until the boss Miguel allows it.
- Young Miguel said that? - He sure did.
I'll see if that's true.
I'll see.
This young lady! She'll ruin us all someday, I'm telling you.
Let me have a bite.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello! Good morning.
Romualdo Acuña? How can I help you? How are you? I'm Héctor Bernal.
I'm a journalist from the journal Sucesos.
Look, I already spoke to the media and the police a long time ago.
I don't have anything else to say.
That's okay.
I'm sorry for insisting, but I'm not here to talk to you as a journalist.
My sister passed away.
She was one of the victims at this place.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Who was your sister? Helena Bernal.
I've been told that she came here that night to party with some friends.
A toast to Helena, who's going to Europe for her master's degree! Cheers! - Good evening! - Good evening! - The doctor.
- Exactly.
All right, man! We're leaving! Let's go, boys.
Let's get going.
What a shame, really.
I'm sorry.
Look, I only came back to sell the place.
I've already settled with my family in the United States.
I understand you must be worried about your family's safety.
Look, I don't mean to get you into any trouble.
I'm looking for answers.
I need to bring closure to that period in my life.
What I tell you has to stay between us.
You can't publish a thing.
And if you do, you can't use my name.
All right, you have my word.
What do you want to know? I know that what happened here was a shootout among criminal gangs.
What I'm not quite sure about is who started it.
I want to know who is behind all this violence.
The one who started it all was Epigmenio Moncada from El Salado.
He is the real culprit of your sister's death.