El Recluso (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES That's when you say, "Fuck.
" Nothing is free in life.
Even Jesus thought that at the cross.
"I risked my life for this bunch of assholes.
" But by then, it was too late.
That's why you gotta kill one every now and then.
Even if it's Christ.
Instead of killing a bunch of assholes playing saints.
- You get me, right? - Yes.
Doesn't seem like it.
Take that! Take that! Who did you say you'd fuck up, you son of a fucking bitch? We got rid of your competition, man.
Don't get comfy.
Because in here the only person I wait for each week is my woman.
Santito! Fuck.
Clean this up.
Get rid of the bulk.
Wash yourself, godfather.
So, Diente? Want some brain tacos? Heard that? Dude.
This fucker's breathing.
Come closer.
Come closer.
From the small one, sucker! Breathe it in.
He's got a huge rack, huh? Fucking Foca.
Fucking fatass Foca, man.
Giddy-up, Foca! Giddy-up, Foca! Giddy-up, old Foca! Don't freak, don't freak! It's a joke.
Foca would've liked it.
- Let's find something to wrap him in.
- Over there.
Hurry! This'll work.
Goddamn it.
- What happened? - Nothing, I dropped a can of oil, man.
- Hold this, dude.
- Look.
We have to tie him up, dude.
- Make a knot.
- Do it.
We can put him in that freezer.
Okay, take this.
Let me see if he fits.
Yeah, he will.
Though maybe not his butt.
No fucking way, no I was aware this prison contained the best of the best.
But Santito? Top-notch report, Julián.
Your patient is rehabilitated.
The inmate has shown great progress in his therapy.
Way to go.
Tell me one thing.
Where does it say that it's necessary to tell a patient confidential information? - Excuse me.
- Come on.
Are we going to be straight with each other? So I can accuse you of telling Santito that Frida doesn't agree with his parole and you can act offended, yeah? Because I'm accusing you.
You'll hide behind your ethics and say you know nothing.
- Pardon, sir.
- I don't want to have this talk.
Let me tell you something, if I get in trouble 'cause of your screw ups, I don't give a fuck how many saints you pray to, you'll be fucking screwed.
Get out.
Excuse me.
Good afternoon.
This is Frida Villareal, Department of Human Rights of north prison number 42.
Look, there's an inmate here named Dante Pardo, and his file says he was once your prisoner.
Look, I was hoping to schedule a meeting to speak about him.
As you wish.
It can be in person or by phone, if you like.
Of course.
I understand.
Don't worry.
Goddamn it.
In all seriousness, isn't it logical that there would be consequences? Yes.
I know, I know.
That bitch is the problem.
Why does she hate me? Why? Besides, it was you You told me to set limits.
Sit down, Santito.
Limits are established through dialogue.
And if I, for the sake of your therapy, share information I shouldn't tell you, it's because I trust you.
Got it.
And I know you trust me, too.
That's why you must promise you won't do anything crazy.
Nothing crazy, no, no.
I'd do crazy stuff if I was crazy.
And you've done a good job with me.
Besides, I've learned from you.
I learned that I can do anything.
Anything, Santito.
But nothing crazy.
Of course not.
That's not allowed.
Crazy things are forbidden.
- We're done.
- Great.
Until next time.
- Cool.
- Have a good day.
What's up? What's up? Let go.
Do you like me or what? Rascal, you're watching porn.
Don't tell me you miss fucking Foca.
Something here doesn't add up.
The chick said he was fat and ugly, and we called him Walrus 'cause of that.
'Cause he was fat, ugly and really fucking slow, so it's weird that he'd gotten away.
Why'd he care about where we keep the gringa? - You don't trust him.
- No.
Kill first, ask later.
Life's short anyhow.
Didn't he have diabetes? We kept him from losing a leg and going through that shit.
- Look.
- What? This guy with the cap knows where the camera is.
And La Foca would never be that smart in any life.
You see who he bumped against? Let's go chat with Cuau.
- Kill first, ask later.
- Don't fuck it up.
Only one body fits in the freezer.
We need to break many eggs to make what you're cooking, dude.
I know that better than anyone because I'm slaving away to maintain the family.
Good for you, Porfirio.
We all have our roles.
Tell Morris about our progress, but that I'm still looking at alternatives for the rescue.
You know, I'm starting to get sick of this.
That they keep taking advantage of you.
I understand completely that you feel like you owe that guy for life because of what he did for Camila, but we're talking about a fucking millionaire gringo who should be paying.
I know what you're doing.
Morris won't fix your money problems.
Look elsewhere.
I've been thinking about an important matter.
Go on.
It's odd that someone like him hasn't involved law enforcement.
- Goddamn it, enough.
- Fine, fine.
It's one thing that you abandoned your roots in order to defend those fucking gringos.
It's another that you choose to abandon your family and your own son just to protect the ass of a fucking millionaire monolingual gringo.
You're unbelievable, Dante.
Don't ever bring these here again.
It's very dangerous, dude.
Seems Elegante is leaving us, bro.
How are you? How do you feel? Down, but alive.
- All right.
- Start packing.
I gave most away.
It'll be of more use to you than me.
You're getting only new stuff, with that new life of yours, bro.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll buy a new family.
Elegante, congratulations.
I don't get why they like to chuck the shit back outside.
I'd love to give you a heated send-off, just like in the old days.
Remember? But thanks to Human Rights and those gossipy psychologists we can't do that anymore.
But you'll get out and fuck up.
And I'll be waiting for you here, ready to shove my club up your ass.
What the fuck are you doing? What? Stop fucking with him, asshole.
That's disrespect, bastard.
You think you're some big-baller.
You're fucked, bastard.
Meet me at the ring so I can kick your ass.
I'm not going anywhere, even if you want me to.
Then we have a date.
Go on, I'll be seeing you.
- What's that fucker's problem? - Fuck off.
- What's with that pussy? - Fucker.
- Fucking pig.
- Go fuck yourself.
What's up, dude? Look, you won a lotto ticket, bro, and you may be the winner.
You just need to answer some questions, fag.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, dude.
That's not the right answer, bud, and we butcher the ones who get it wrong.
Why were you acting so fucking weird yesterday while you were in the hallway, fucker? Who'd you run into? Besides common, you're fucking stupid.
I don't know what you're fucking talking about.
Don't play dumb.
Why were you in the old jail? Answer, fucker.
Don't do anything stupid, you son of a fucking bitch.
What do you want, man? Come here.
Fucker, you're screwed.
Fucking asshole, doesn't even know what else to pull.
They're acting like scared old men.
That's why La Unión will take over, fuckers.
Drop your knife, son of a whore, or there will be blood.
- Stop, idiots! - Go fuck yourself! - Stop! - Stop, asshole! That's enough, asshole, enough.
We're cool, bud.
I spoke to your sister, and she's willing to take you in.
What do you say? And her husband? Everyone agreed.
To be honest, I'm scared of leaving.
People will freak out when they find out where I come from.
Look, I came here when I was a kid, and everyone I used to know outside have either stopped visiting me or died already.
No, no one remembers me.
All my friends are here.
But your sister wants to see you, and I'm outside, too.
Remember we can keep in contact.
I can keep helping you with whatever you need.
And who'll employ me, doctor? No one wants an old man, much less a delinquent.
My sister stopped speaking to me once she got married.
But people's lives change and yours is about to, so don't hold any grudges.
- You ready, Elegante? - Well, we'll continue - in our next session.
- Of course.
Don't worry.
This is for you.
It's lovely.
Thank you very much, Elegante.
Everything'll be okay.
It'll be okay.
Thank you, son.
Thanks for what? For saving him from you, maybe.
I don't know.
I saw you speaking to your lawyer.
- Is everything all right? - Besides what he charges.
I mean, he's a lawyer.
But are you satisfied with his work? What about your process? Any complaints? This is the best criminal processing I've ever had.
If your sentence isn't shortened, it'll be the only one.
All right, where should we start? Well? What happened to you, dude? I fell, like an idiot.
Same idiot Tavares' gang is looking for? One that was in the old jail.
Look, I like you because you play fair with everyone.
Tavares' gang gave you a task, but you're not one of Tavares' men.
Keep it that way and we'll deal with you right.
Thanks, Cuauhtémoc.
Have a shot of tequila, and then pour another on the wound.
That'll help it heal.
Breakfast is ready.
I swore it'd be more complicated, but it was incredible.
You should've at least gone to the outlet and bought something for Pablito and me.
Since you were already there.
Honey, I didn't 'cause there wasn't time, but I'll head back soon.
When will that gringo give you the money? He didn't say, but it won't take more than a couple of days.
- Pablín, come here already.
- Pablo.
Come on, Pablito.
Once he gives me the money, we'll go on vacation.
- Time to eat.
- As long as you are calm and Pablito too, - I'll be right as rain.
- Relax, this is about patience.
Let's see what mess your father's gotten himself into.
Honey Hi, Julián.
I wanted to ask you a favor.
How can I help? It concerns an inmate.
He's about to leave, and he's acting odd.
I'm worried.
Could he talk to you? Darn, my week's full, I can't get him an opening.
Well, maybe not a full session, just a minute to talk.
I'm worried.
Forgive me.
If it's not in my schedule, I can't do it.
All right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
In this administration, we always aim to follow the highest sanitary, quality, and security standards.
The stats back us up.
There's only been one death in three years, see what I mean? We can explain René's case as we wish.
There's just one tiny detail.
Which one? It's two deaths already.
How? La Foca.
He had an accident in the workshop.
Goddamn it.
It just happened.
The hood fell over him while the engine was running.
Foca, what a fucking tragedy.
Right when he stopped being useful to you.
Where'd you leave him? We fixed it as best we could and put the body in the fridge.
We just need to be careful to not let him rot.
We also need to think how we'll afford to pay the light bill.
Give me 60% of the ransom.
- What? - 60% or I'll stop supporting you, and you know how much I insist that.
You don't get tired of robbing me, right, bastard? Very well.
55% so you see I've a good heart.
We need to get the gringa out.
We can have a checkup at any moment.
I'm already set.
And we'll deal with the poor, poor Foca later.
Just don't fuck it up with the move.
I've more than enough with two skeletons in our closet.
Don't worry, bud.
I know how to do my job right.
You know it.
Where's daddy? Fine.
Just one, dude? Who are you calling "dude"? Now you've done it, I'm gonna kick your ass.
Fuck off! Go to hell, fucker! That's more like it! Yeah! Who vouched for you, huh? Who? Who? - You did.
- Your pal Santito.
- What's new? - I need a favor.
What is it? You want some advice on how to kick that faggot Marcial's ass? - That's impossible.
It's a challenge.
- No, man.
Floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee.
- Santito! Hear me out.
- What's up? It's important, man.
I'm short on cash, dude, and my lawyer insists he needs more money to speed up my case.
- So.
- So? If you hear about a job, anything, - you'd be helping me out a lot.
- Totally.
Yeah? - We'll talk with my godfather.
- All right.
- Deal.
- Cool.
That's what we're for, bud.
You know what they say, yeah? - What? - What do you mean? Every saint has its offering.
Let's go.
I've always been known for my generosity with those who are loyal.
That's why everyone wants to work with me, because I give them a chance to grow.
- Really? - Yes.
When Cumbias arrived, he looked like fucking Balín.
Now check out this monster.
That's why everyone wants to work with me, because they can have a good life, even if they're behind bars.
Whatever you need, I won't fail you.
Look, Dante.
I've got a job where you can join us.
If everything goes right, you'd get around 180,000 in cash.
- What do you say? - Sounds good.
See? I love being generous.
All right, bud.
Here's the deal.
We need to move some merchandise from the prison to a ranch.
Road takes about two hours.
It's risky, like everything.
- But let's hope everything goes well.
- Understood.
It's very delicate merchandise.
You must be very careful.
What kind of merchandise? Imported merchandise.
Exactly! More importantly, if you want to be a part of this job, you'll have to fight well against Marcial.
Everyone's betting against you, dude.
And if you're hospitalized, we lose a lot of money, and you won't be good for shit.
So start training, dude! - Get ready, pussy! - Go on, man! Go on, son of a fucking bitch! Enough, motherfuckers.
With three blows, that asshole will go to shit.
Just don't overdo it 'cause I've had an awful week.
Don't leave him comatose, with seizures, or anything.
- Well, if he doesn't think fast - I'm serious, Marcial.
Human Rights will bill me like he actually mattered.
I'm guessing you're betting in my favor.
It'd be best for you.
Not sure.
I'd have to think about it 'cause that Dante has beaten quite a few.
- He's got a taste for this.
- Taste.
He'll only taste blood once I'm done with him.
When have I lost a fight, sir? Been a while since I made you minced meat, honey.
Yes, darling, but look at us.
Here we are, as usual.
Enjoying ourselves, with nothing to bother us and eating tacos.
Darling, you're the best.
You know who this is for.
Tell the gringo to stop fucking around and hand over the cash.
- We're on it.
What else? - Your threats need to be more convincing.
Need a little push.
Goddamn it.
You gonna start with that shit? Goddamn it.
Honey, sweetie, light of my life, what did I just give you? Okay.
I won't say any more.
I just gave you loads of dough so you get off my case.
What I've not given you are some kisses.
- Come here.
Come here.
- I'm not that happy.
How'd it taste? Badass.
I visited Quico, and he sends his regards.
Tell him to get smart so he can get out like I do.
How is your brother? Fine, but it's as usual.
He juggles many girlfriends at once and then they try to bite his head off.
You know how Quico is.
Fucking Quico.
It's really funny that Santito's so unlike his father.
Completely different.
I think that when Santito falls in love, he'll be very devoted and loyal like you.
He seems more like your son.
You've got lipstick, honey.
What's up, Dante? You coming to the party, homie? What party? What do you mean by that, dawg? It's Elegante's going away party, homie.
Yeah, of course I'll go.
I'll go by storage and bring something.
Sounds good, homie.
You'll do good for yourself.
- Thank you very much.
- It's nothing.
You're not as shitty as Foca.
Where's that guy, by the way? I haven't seen him.
- Congratulations! - Bravo! Thank you.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
Today's the day.
You're getting out.
I'm almost out.
Just don't go missing us or it'll be a little too late, old man.
- Boss.
- What? Here's a small gift from La Unión.
- No, no.
- Yes, please.
- Please, take it.
- No.
It'll help you outside.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- We also got you a gift.
- Here it is.
We hope it fits you.
I think it does.
Thank you.
Let's see.
A sweater! Put it on! Put it on! Put it on! That's it.
- How does it look? - Good.
Give all of us here a quick word.
- Come on.
- Yes.
Okay I just want to thank you for your kindness and also for being good to me all these years.
Because here I had the friendship and support that I didn't find in the streets.
You are my family, and I wish that you look after yourselves so when you get out, we can meet because I'll miss you.
We'll miss you, too.
- They're going to cry! - Thank you.
Thank you all for everything.
It's time to celebrate! Time to eat! Blondie.
Eat, blondie.
It sounds lovely when you speak Spanish.
You are good.
I don't trust you anymore.
You've played me twice by stealing my phone and with the visit.
What do you take me for? Who was here? Whatever, I don't care.
What's done is done.
What? You wish.
From English to Spanish.
Why are you in jail? Don't be nosy.
Why are you sometimes violent and sometimes kind with me? Because you're pretty, but you're cabrona.
If my dad doesn't pay, what are you going to do to me? Game's over, missy.
Hurry up and eat.
Hurry up.
To be honest, you surprised me with those moves.
I learned to dance rock and roll before walking, son.
What's up, fucking oldie? Did they perform last rites? What you got in there? Thongs and all.
Don't you feel bad that I'm kicking this shrimp's ass because of you? Toréador, en garde! Careful, that guy's dirty.
Get close to him 'cause his arms are too long.
Aim for the liver.
Hit the liver and the head will fall on its own.
- Son of a fucking bitch.
- Fuck off, asshole! Kick his ass.
Come on, Marcial.
Give him your all.
- Go, man.
- Come on, Marcial.
Give it your best! Attack now, Diente.
Do it now.
Don't give him time! Fight, fags! Come on.
Go, Dante! Asshole! Come on, let's go! Go, Dante! Is he stupid or what? Holy shit.
- Holy shit.
- No! Get up! Get up, Diente! Stand up, man.
I'm betting 6,000 more.
In Marcial's favor.
Take that! Did you see that, godfather? Don't fuck up, Marcial.
- Don't fuck up.
- Go, sweetie! He didn't fuck up, just got distracted.
Good, good.
There he is.
Fight, fuckers! Goddamn it.
Hit him, damn it.
No, get up.
Get up, please.
- Come on, Marcial.
Don't fuck up.
- He's losing focus.
He's losing focus.
- No fucking way.
- No, no, no.
- No! - God fucking damn it.
- No! - Get up! Fuckers! That's it, motherfucker.
- Oh, yeah, daddy! - Goddamn it.
There goes our salary.
- Fight's over.
Back to your damn posts.
- Bye, squirrels.
Fuck yeah, godfather! Fuck yeah! Guess who's a bit poorer now.
And guess who made me a bit richer, man? That was fixed.
How'd he fall so easy? How much did you pay him? How can you think I bribed him? No way.
That was clean.
You know how the fights here work, son of a bitch? No way.
You fixed it, asshole.
I want a rematch.
I wouldn't trust a guy like him with my safety.
But since you trust him so much It's your turn to say it, boss, say it.
- Say what? - That I won! That Dante won.
Come on.
It was bought.
He bribed Marcial.
Marcial took their money so he would lose.
Please, there's always a first time.
What first time? Let's celebrate, Diente.
You kicked ass, homie.
I told you, godfather.
Fuck yeah! How much did you bet? Ten-thousand.
- Ten-thousand.
- Ten-thousand.
Oh! Well Boss, I'll go now 'cause there are many squirrels here.
I hope to see my money soon.
You're not even gonna ask me out for breakfast or dinner? I'll think about it, I will.
Well, shit.
What's up, Porfis? What are you doing here? Guess.
You smoke? I'll take one, buddy.
Don't struggle.
Don't struggle, Porfirio.
Don't struggle! Calm down, Porfirio.
Goddamn it, don't struggle.
If you struggle, you breathe faster and you get screwed over quick, motherfucker.
Calm down.
If you relax, you might live more, Porfis.
- I'm calm.
- Oh, yeah? You are? Then let's see if you've learned the lesson.
Let's see, let's see.
Calm down, Porfirio.
- I'm calm! - I said calm down.
- I'll pay.
- You're stubborn.
- I'll pay.
- Calm down.
Damn it, why don't you just relax? You're getting on my nerves, man.
Goddamn it, you gotta relax.
Or you're gonna get fucked, man.
- I'll pay.
- Oh, yeah? - We'll see.
- I met a gringo, man.
Stop, I met a gringo that's rolling in dough.
I already got the cash.
Loads of it.
Give me a few days, please.
Just because I'm in a good mood.
You have eight hours, Porfirio.
Eight hours.
No more.
No fucking surprises.
Come at me if you're so strong, you son of a bitch.
Stop screwing around, asshole.
- Yeah? - Hey, can I ask you something? - What's up? - Have you seen Foca? He hasn't come for two days.
Something happened to him.
What if he escaped and we hadn't noticed yet? - You just came to tell on him.
- No, no way.
He loves me.
Something happened to him.
He would've told me.
I haven't heard a thing.
I'm sorry.
Maybe he's with someone else.
Maybe he's fucking your bitch mother, asshole.
Go fuck yourself.
Toréador Toréador Holy shit! God.
Subtitle translation by María José Martínez Delfín