Emily in Paris (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

An American Auction in Paris

The Cubs have done it! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! - So that's your plan for her champagne? - Yep.
I shipped a box of Champère to my favorite bar in Chicago, and people went bananas.
Like apes.
We market Champère as a spray.
Champagne showers don't just have to be for pro athletes after a big win.
They can be for everyone.
We're making extravagance accessible.
And very American, to be so wasteful.
Actually, the tradition began in France with Formula 1 drivers in the '60s.
But now we use it to make bikinis wet.
Well, thank you, Luc.
So when do we meet these clients? Well, Camille invited us to an art opening at her gallery in the Marais tonight, and there will be lots of champagne.
I'll wear a raincoat.
Well, um… Sylvie, Antoine called again.
I think he's calling about the scent for the Zimmer hotel.
Unavailable! Oh, and, uh, Judith Robertson from the American Friends of the Louvre called for you.
For me? Any idea what she wants? A new friend, I suppose.
Thank you so much for meeting me, hon.
Hey, are you familiar with the American Friends of the Louvre? Googled it.
But to be honest, it's just so nice to sit down with an American friend of anything.
Oh, don't I know.
Sometimes I just long to hear that r sound.
Oh, I know.
It's like the French r can't be bothered to come out of their mouths.
Try having a name like Robertson.
Every French person dry heaves just trying to pronounce it.
Judith Robertson.
My name sounds like an airline.
Emily Coop-air.
Fly me.
Well, that's the price we pay.
I'll get down to brass tacks.
I know that you work for Pierre Cadault.
I've been following you on Insta.
Do you think that Pierre would donate a dress to be auctioned for the AFL? Well, first of all, Pierre is wonderful and… and very charitable, but, um, well, he's also very particular about his image.
Oh, of course.
I mean, it's gonna be a big to-do.
It'll be a whole lot of press coverage.
Well, wow.
Um, from a marketing point of view, I don't see how that couldn't be good for his brand, so I'll definitely ask him.
Très bien.
Let's order.
It's all in English.
Oh, honey, this is Ralph Lauren's place.
They're not even allowed to speak French here.
What a relief.
Look, a cheeseburger.
Do you mind? It just looks so good.
The irony of how a french fry can make you feel so at home.
Mm! - Emily from Savoir, how are you? - I am good, thanks, Mathieu.
I was wondering if I could come by the atelier to discuss something with you and Pierre.
He's working nonstop with Fashion Week so close.
But I can meet you for a drink tonight, if you'd like.
Oh, I'm going to a gallery opening with some friends.
Text me the address, and I'll see you there.
I'm so excited to meet this scary boss you always talk about.
Oh, I've met her.
She's not so bad.
Ooh, she scares most French people.
There she is.
Sylvie, Luc! You came.
- This is Camille.
- Oh! - Enchantée.
Very nice to meet you.
- Enchantée.
- A pleasure.
- Ah, thank you.
Yeah, we are really looking forward to representing your family's champagne.
Oh, Mathieu Cadault, honoring us with his presence.
Emily asked me to meet her here.
She can't stop working, can she? So, guys, let's see some art.
Follow me.
So this is a new artist we just signed.
- Hmm.
- I find this very sexual.
- Really? - Yeah, he's right.
The artist told me this piece was, uh, all about her last love affair, so… Of course.
Look at this slit.
Obviously, it represents her vagina.
And the four colors chosen were very intentional.
Red is blood.
The yellow is urine.
And… and so on.
So what does the white represent? She's been pitching an entire beverage campaign based on ejaculation, and she doesn't know what the white is.
It's the spray, Emily.
Oh, Mathieu, I'm so honored to work with Pierre.
Please tell me everything about his new collection.
What's going on between you two? - Who? - You and Mathieu.
- What? Nothing.
- Don't you see the way he looks at you? He's a client.
Who cares if he's a client? He's, um, handsome, wealthy, and he's the heir of Pierre Cadault.
- How do you know all this? - How do you not? I mean, he's in Voici and Paris Match all the time dating some celebrities.
God, really? Yes, Emily.
He's perfect for you.
Oh, because he's rich and he dates celebrities? Because he's successful, and he's got his life on track.
A track paved with money he hasn't had to work for.
Oh mon Dieu, Gabriel.
Struggling isn't the only way.
Guys, this conversation is ridiculous.
- He's a client, not a boyfriend.
- Mm-hmm.
Lovely gallery, but I'd better get out of here before I buy something.
Shall we have dinner? Uh, there is a wonderful bistro just around the corner.
Anywhere quiet where we can discuss business is good.
Mm, this is so good.
It's my favorite crepe stand in Paris.
It's funny how every culture has its pancake.
Uh… You can't compare our crepes to your pancakes.
I mean, no contest.
We win.
- Well, you haven't tried mine.
- You'll have to make them for me sometime.
Oh, look, I've read about this.
It's Grey Space, the designers.
They're releasing this limited edition hoodie.
It's 900 euros.
Oh, the streetwear guys from the States.
- They have a show at Fashion Week? - Yeah.
And they're doing this whole thing, not releasing the location of their show, and, of course, it's making everyone wanna go.
- They're good at getting noticed.
- I can see that.
So, um, how's Pierre's collection coming along? Hmm, it's always a challenging time of year, but at this point, I know how to manage the moods.
- How long have you worked together? - Since university.
But I moved in with him in London when I was 13.
It wasn't the most stable childhood.
But every day was something new.
- You and I are so different.
- Oh, is that so? Yeah, I grew up in the suburbs, in the same town as my parents, and went to high school where my mom was the math teacher.
Every day was the same.
I didn't get on a plane until I was 12 and hadn't been to Europe until now.
Ugh, God, you must think that I am so boring.
Oh, I'm not bored at all.
Are you? - No.
- Ah.
Okay, so, the American Friends of the Louvre are hosting this big charity event and asked if Pierre would donate a dress.
Is that how it works? We pay you, and you come in and ask for favors? Oh, all right.
Come by the atelier tomorrow, and we'll see if there's a dress that works.
Oh, thank you.
I really appreciate it.
- All right.
- Okay, well, I should be heading home.
All right.
Well, good night, Emily.
- We'll talk soon.
- Yep.
That was strange to see you last night with Mathieu Cadault.
Why? Well, if I recall, your corporate commandments were very specific about not mixing business with pleasure.
We were just meeting at the gallery to discuss Pierre.
He's donating a dress to the AFL auction.
- AFL? - American Friends of the Louvre.
Oh, God, the last thing the Louvre needs is more friends from America.
It's gonna be a big event.
There'll be a lot of press.
We're all invited.
Sylvie, this just arrived for you.
Send it back.
What was that about? Antoine.
- Ooh, can you translate this? I don't - It's a cliché in any language.
He wants her back, and she is… Unavailable.
Did they break up? Can they break up? Open it.
- No.
- What's going on? Antoine sent a gift to Sylvie, and she won't open it.
Ah, give it to me.
Luc, what are you doing? Wow.
Mm! Beautiful earrings.
Nah, not for the ear.
For the nipple.
What? No.
No! No.
You think you know Sylvie, yeah? But, no, but… but those are really earrings, though, right? Hi, Judith.
What a great turnout.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
We have a lot of Louvre lovers here.
And they're all gonna have their eyes on that Pierre Cadault.
Oh, Sylvie, this is Judith Robertson.
Judith, this is Sylvie Grateau, my boss.
Enchantée, Judith.
Oh, it's so nice to meet you, Sylvie.
Thank you so much for lending us this one.
Oh, well, you can have her for your permanent collection.
Why are there exterminators here? Oh, it's Paris, there's always a rat somewhere.
No, they're not exterminators.
They're a designer duo called Grey Space.
- American and very avant-garde.
- Oh.
That's another word for ugly.
I'll leave you two.
You know, I am usually the one that sticks out like a sore thumb here.
I always go to the market in my yoga pants and my favorite Cowboys sweatshirt, but, honey, this look takes the cake! - Well, thank you.
- Let me guess.
Ghostbusters? - Oof.
- No, workwear.
It's our spring collection.
- Well, I think it's cute.
- Oh.
Is this your event? Well, it wouldn't have happened without this lady.
Honey, she has hooked us up with the pièce de résistance.
Pierre Cadault.
That's why we're here.
Oh, cool.
I work for the firm that reps Pierre.
Have you guys ever considered taking on a team? You're growing so fast, I imagine you're not as hands-on as you'd like.
Well, we do our marketing in-house.
And we manage to stay pretty hands-on, but thanks.
Oh, damn, we have a problem.
- Oh, what… what is it? - There are thunderstorms in Dallas.
Why is that a problem? Well, Amanda and Frank Carrouth's plane got delayed.
She was supposed to wear the dress, and her oil-billionaire husband promised he'd bid on it.
Oh, merde.
- Well, that doesn't sound too good.
- Oh, no, everything's fine.
We just kind of lost our model.
- Oh, Judith, this is Mathieu Cadault.
- Oh, I know who he is.
Pleasure, hon.
Oh, you must have a dozen models on speed dial we could ask for a last-minute favor.
What's going on? We need someone to wear Pierre's dress for the auction.
I have the perfect person.
And now we're going to sell a private tour of Château Margaux.
And I'll begin with 5,000 euros.
5,000, on my left, at 5,000.
Thank you, madam.
At 8,000.
It's against you, madam, now.
8,000 euros, last chance.
I shall sell it now for 8,000 euros.
Sold! Thank you so much.
And now, we're going to come to the last lot of this evening's auction.
We are going to sell a dress made by the great, great Pierre Cadault, who happens to be here tonight.
She looks beautiful, doesn't she? Of course she does.
She's wearing Pierre Cadault.
Oh, honey, Amanda Carrouth could have never squeezed into that dress.
Who? And we will start the bidding at 10,000 euros.
Yes, 10,000 euros.
New bidder at 22,000 euros.
- At 22,000.
- That's bizarre.
- Those designers are bidding on my dress.
- You should feel flattered.
They're fans.
Oh, my God, and they're driving it up.
It's at 35,000! Oh, man! I am getting goosebumps.
Oh, I trust you.
It's your bid, sir.
At 38,000 euros.
Sold! Thank you very much.
Congratulations! Congratulations, guys.
I'm so excited.
What have they done to my dress? Publicity stunt.
Um… I went to the market earlier this morning, and I always grab a paper.
Oh, God, is there no other news? Seems like it was a pretty big deal.
Do you want me to translate the article for you? No, I lived it.
I really, really don't wanna go into work today.
Skip a day.
Stay here.
I wish I could.
Me too.
Well, thanks for checking in on me.
Of course.
I, um… I hope the rest of your day doesn't make the news.
You guys just kiss so much here.
This is bad.
Nothing I've read has been negative towards Pierre.
They're all saying the same thing, that it's the old guard versus the new.
Oh, 'cause you think being referred to as "old" is positive? Well, there is a way to spin this.
Pierre's account had a ton of new follower notifications today, and we've already acquired 100,000 of Grey Space's 7.
2 million followers overnight.
Pierre's part of the conversation more than ever.
But what is the conversation? If we lose this client, even Chicago will want to get rid of you.
Let's go to work Let's go to work… Hey, guys.
Remember me? The person you covered in paint yesterday? The girl in the dress.
We'd hoped you'd see that as performance art.
I mean, that was the intention.
Oh, yeah.
No, it felt more like I was being punked by a couple of jackasses.
- We're sorry.
- We really are fans of Pierre's.
I don't think he sees it like that, but there is something you can do to change his mind.
God visits All lost souls To survey… Entrez.
- We noticed a bonfire… - Ah, Emily, dear.
How are you? Come in.
Alexa, vous arrêtez! I'm so sorry for what happened at the auction, Pierre.
You do not need to apologize.
We both took it in the face last night.
Would you like a crème brûlée? Ah, oh, no.
No, thank you.
No, no, not to eat.
You just, uh… Try it.
It's very satisfying.
That's fun.
Um, but… but what I think might actually help us is… is if we shift our perspective.
Emily, I know why this happened.
I used to see my clothes on the most beautiful women in Paris, and now I dress old ladies.
And they're all dying.
My audience is getting smaller and smaller.
- That's why they mock me.
- That's the thing.
They're not mocking you.
They're celebrating you.
- Voilà! - Why is my logo on that piece of shit? It's a collaboration.
Grey Space wants to do a sweatshirt with your logo on it.
They wanna take Pierre Cadault into the world of streetwear.
Well, he doesn't want to go.
Pierre, I'm telling you, everyone will want this hoodie.
Who is everyone? I don't even understand this.
Grey Space think of fashion as a concept.
The idea that who we are is constantly evolving.
So they take something that already exists and they add to it.
And people like them because they don't follow the rules.
They're fearless, and they're taking down the barriers to fashion.
Fearless is starting from zero and making something that is all your own.
Fashion is not about a concept.
It's about looking beautiful.
Any woman who wears this looks awful.
The world's gone crazy.
Huh! This is the revenge of la ringarde.
Fashion respects the people who wear it.
This is disrespectful! You are completely right.
And I should not be here, telling you what fashion is.
But… But Grey Space admire your work.
They wish that they could do what you do.
You are the original.
Maybe I've been a copy of myself for too long.
And now… I find myself at my darkest hour.
You may go.
How did it go? I think I made it worse.
He said he was at his darkest hour.
Oh, my God, the man thinks he's Churchill.
I'm so sorry, Mathieu.
What can I do? Hey.
Do you know what the French do when things are at their darkest? When the bombs were falling during World War II, know what they did? Hid? - No.
They made love.
- I don't clean I don't sleep 'Cause I know that never can stop… I'm not sure I'm that French.
I'm still… Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have a fashion show to produce.
Bad dreams
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