Emily in Paris (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Cancel Couture

I've been in Rome I've been in Paris I've been in a cell And I've been infatuated… I love fashion, but God, I hate Paris Fashion Week.
- We haven't ordered yet! - I'm not loving it either.
Pierre Cadault is still spiraling.
He won't let us into the atelier.
How do I promote a show if I can't see the clothes? Ugh.
I'm sorry, Em.
Do you wanna hear some good work news? Mm.
Remember the drag club I sang at? - Mm-hmm.
- They offered me a job emceeing.
It's just two nights a week, but they want me to sing.
Mindy, that's fantastic! Wait, they know that you're not a drag queen, right? I mean, I think so.
I'm kidding.
I just need the Duponts to give me the nights off, but I can't tell them why.
They're so conservative.
Sorry, it's Mathieu Cadault.
Hope this means it's good news about Pierre.
Uh, I hope this means you're gonna kiss him again.
- I tell you too much.
- I love it.
Wait, are you leaving? I'm still sitting here! You said a drink.
And I meant it.
Oh! So is a boat ride on the Seine your go-to move to impress a girl? I get on the boat whenever I have a problem.
It gives me a fresh perspective.
What's the problem? Is it Pierre? He's still reeling from Grey Space.
He won't show me or anyone the new collection.
You haven't seen it yet either? But the show's in three days! - Ugh! Oh, my God, this is all my fault! - Hey.
He's being dramatic.
That's his job.
- Come, I wanna show you something.
- What? My actual go-to move to impress a girl.
Okay, I can see why this is your move.
Is it working? I can't believe you live here.
This view is so beautiful.
I couldn't agree more.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- No.
Ah, mais oui.
Mais oui.
What is it? It's the landline.
Nobody has the number except for Pierre.
- Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry.
- No, no.
Of… Of course.
Allô? What? No.
I'm on my way.
I'm on my way.
Don't move.
I'm on my way.
What happened? He wants to cancel his show at the Fashion Week.
- What? Oh, my God! - I have to go down there.
Hopefully, I can talk him out of it.
I'll call you when I know more? To be continued? Lock up on your way out, please.
Well, yes.
It's gonna be perfect at the front row of Pierre Cadault's.
Thank you.
Oh, Emily.
I'm so glad to see you.
- You are? - Yes.
I got your e-mail with the list of influencers to invite to Pierre's show, and I agree it's time to shake things up.
- Yes, um, about that.
I - Ladies.
Could I see you privately? Please? - Good.
Everyone's here? - Yes.
We can begin.
Hey, your new account manager says it's time to start the meeting.
Just one minute.
The Zimmer Paris will open in just two weeks, and with it, the Maison Lavaux boutique, featuring the hotel's signature scent.
Are we ever going to talk? We're talking now.
Listen to Luc.
He's very talented.
Emily? Could we pay attention to the presentation? S'il vous plaît.
Oh, my God.
Excuse me.
I am speaking.
No, this is an emergency.
Women's Wear Daily just tweeted that Pierre Cadault is canceling his show! What? No, that's not possible.
Are you sure? Last night, Matt said he could talk him out of it.
"Matt"? What were you doing with Mathieu Cadault last night? Why didn't you tell me this the moment you found out? Is that Matt? Give me the phone.
Oh, God.
- Allô? Mathieu? - Sylvie! Please wait.
You will never believe this.
- Pierre forfeited the venue.
- Et pourquoi? The new collection's ready.
He won't show it.
We tried a run-through this morning, and he just screamed, "Ringarde! Ringarde!" at every single piece.
Ringarde? Okay, well, please tell me if there's any change, and take good care of your uncle, Mathieu.
Do you have any idea of what you have done? Me? You convinced Pierre to donate a dress that got destroyed, which shook his confidence so badly that now he won't show at Paris Fashion Week for the first time in three decades.
And if that wasn't enough, you slept with his nephew, Matt.
That last part isn't exactly true.
So now we have a fashion designer without a fashion show, which is almost as meaningless as an American who doesn't speak French at a Parisian marketing firm.
Sylvie, let me just talk to him.
You are fired.
Get out of my office.
Clear out your desk.
Don't show your face here ever again.
Are you okay? No.
Sylvie just fired me.
Oh, is that all? We thought someone died.
Just my career.
No, it's impossible to fire someone in France.
- What? - Oui.
The bureaucracy takes months.
Simply abandon your self-respect, come in once or twice a week to move papers around your desk, and don't make eye contact with Sylvie.
My friend got fired from a law firm.
He was so angry that he threw his phone into the Seine.
They couldn't reach him for weeks to complete his termination.
And then, they relaxed.
He's a partner now.
We can throw your phone in the Seine, if it helps.
Please don't.
Thank you, guys.
I wouldn't have lasted here a week without you.
Emily, we will never desert you.
All I do is think about you.
I thought it would make you happy! You're so selfish! No, you're being selfish, Camille! How can you say such a thing? - I have to work.
- That's all you're good for.
Bonsoir, Emily.
Hi, Camille.
Is everything okay? Well, not really.
Well, what happened? Can I help? - Gabriel found a restaurant he can afford.
- Isn't that good news? The restaurant isn't in Paris, Emily.
- It's in Normandy, where he's from.
- What? He… - He's moving to Normandy? - Yes.
Next week.
Next week! Wh Uh, why are we just finding out about this? - He just told me.
- I don't believe it.
I mean, I'm shocked.
Not more shocked than you, obviously.
- You must be très shocked.
- I'm actually really pissed off.
Ah, me too! For you, I mean, it… What is he thinking? I don't know.
Either he expects me to move across the country and leave my whole life behind, or this is his way of breaking up with me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm just gonna go to my parents' house and, um… I need to think about all this, you know? I understand.
And I'm here if you need anything.
- I know.
- Yeah.
I know.
Thank you, Emily.
You're such a good friend.
So were you ever gonna tell me? Or just leave me a note? "Hey, going to Normandy.
Have a nice life.
" The deal came together quickly.
And you never discussed it with Camille? She was always going to say no to Normandy, or to anywhere after I declined her mother's loan.
But, you know, I grew up there, and it's a great opportunity.
I always dreamed of a restaurant in Paris, but Sometimes your dream is somewhere you didn't expect it to be.
I get it.
I mean, I thought Chicago was it for me, and now here I am, saying goodbye to one of my first friends in Paris.
I just can't imagine this city without you living downstairs.
And without your omelets.
I'm really gonna miss your omelets.
They will miss you too.
I am excited for you.
- You have a picture of the new place? - Of course.
It's next to a restaurant with two Michelin stars that is very popular.
Too popular, so I thought, whenever people can't get in - They come to the place next door.
- "The place next door.
" I should call it that.
Here, take a look.
It is humble but quite charming.
Seems like the perfect fit for you.
Uh, and this is the dining room.
I want to take out the bar.
And, well, the kitchen is a bit small, but once everything's in place… So long now Since time stopped turning Slowing down With edges gone… - Bonjour.
- Bonjour.
What are you doing here? Do I need to fire you again? No.
Um… But I have outstanding clients, and until the paperwork is filed, I still have a duty to them and to Savoir.
Julien, would you please bring me a copy of the paperwork so I can close this matter? - Mais oui, Sylvie.
- Thank you.
I'll handle your clients' needs.
But if you insist on coming here, just get out of the way, hmm? Sylvie! I need to talk to you about Maison Lavaux.
I do not think it is the right fit.
Why not? Me and Antoine? You know how is it when you put two alpha males together.
Somebody's going to get killed.
- Um, I… I'd be happy to help.
- But you no longer work here.
Maybe just until we find a better solution? Fine.
It'll keep you busy until the termination is complete.
You're welcome.
This just came for you, and I think you should see it.
Did you open this? You are very indignant for someone who does not work here.
Grey Space took over Pierre's old venue.
What a slap in the face.
Matt, I just got an invitation from Grey Space.
- Pierre got one as well.
- Really? They're dancing on his grave and inviting him to watch? - That's so insulting.
- It's despicable.
He is manic.
Oh, and he wants to see you, now.
Um… Tell Pierre I can make it to the atelier in 20 minutes if I hurry.
Excuse me? You're not going anywhere.
You've done quite enough to ruin Pierre Cadault's career.
He requested me personally.
Well, I'm coming with you.
Ah! Gossip Girl! - Elle est arrivée! - Bonjour, Pierre.
Comment ça va? Mm.
 Très bien.
I have something you must see.
Emily, I was about to show a stale, lifeless collection.
I have been sleepwalking for too long.
And now… I wake up! Pierre! Oh, it's amazing! But you inspired it! Yeah, it's very original, Pierre.
- The future of Cadault.
- Oh.
And I want the world to see this immediately! But the show is canceled, so that presents a bit of a problem.
I love the idea, but we can't stage a show with one dress.
I shall make a dozen.
Right now! You forfeited the venue yourself.
Then find me another one! I've got an idea! If it's one-tenth as brilliant as this dress, you'll be the toast of Fashion Week.
You work on the clothes, we'll work on the venue.
Merci, Emily.
And now, everyone out! So what's your grand idea? Well, I haven't thought of it yet.
God, you're insane! And so is he.
That explains everything.
Well… - There must be something we can do.
- Yeah, sure.
We can call back everyone we disinvited and tell them to come and look at one dress in a venue we can book in a day! - See? Easy.
- Ugh.
No designer will ever want to work at Savoir after this disaster.
Look at this! Grey Space is hijacking Pierre's venue.
More empty stunts.
That's all anyone cares about anymore.
We need to look at things from a different perspective.
Yeah, but there's no way we can find a venue.
I think we might already have one.
- Hey, Min, what's up? - Hey, did you get my texts? No, I didn't.
I've been buried in work since I got home.
Oh, good.
You're here.
You don't have an elevator, do you? No, what… what's going on? Could you help me with the rest of my bags first? Sure.
Oh, okay.
So I did what you said.
I took the job, told them I would make myself available on Tuesdays and Friday nights, and then avoided the question of gender expression - with a coquettish laugh.
- Okay.
- I was kidding about that.
- And the Duponts fired me! I thought it was really hard to fire people in France.
It's a lot easier if you've overstayed your visa illegally.
- I don't know.
- Well… You can stay here as long as you need.
You are the best, Em.
I cannot thank you enough.
I'm gonna buy you so much wine.
- Mm! - Wait, this is gonna be so much fun.
Oh, you know, um, can I - I'm just gonna change in there.
- Okay.
Can I just claim a drawer? There… There's just one drawer.
Cute! Uh, okay.
- Hi.
- Um, I brought you a going-away present.
I think I'm supposed to get you one of those.
Oh, uh, right.
Well, I thought you might like to have this.
Really? Thank you.
And also, if you're not doing anything tomorrow night, it's my last night at the restaurant.
Tomorrow? Wh Why so soon? You know, why wait to start my new life? And you and Camille…? We want different things right now.
And, uh… we need to be free to do them.
What does that mean? Well, she's not coming to Normandy, and I'm not staying in Paris, so we will just go our own ways.
- In America, that's called a breakup.
- Yeah.
We… We call it that here too.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's just, uh… life.
All right.
Um… Thank you for the pan.
I promise I'll never clean it.
Um, I'll see you at the restaurant.
If you can.
Hot chef is leaving Paris? And he's single? You heard all that from the bathroom? These walls are made of straw and horsehair.
It'd be harder not to listen.
What happened? He's buying a restaurant in Normandy, and Camille doesn't wanna move, so he's going alone.
That's it? Em, you've been mooning over each other since you got here.
You have to I have a lot of work tonight, okay? Got it.
I'll be super quiet.
How did Grey Space get such a turnout? - Nervous? - Too scared to be nervous.
It's gonna work.
It has to.
Pierre! Pierre! Why did you cancel your show? Pierre! Pierre! Are you here to see Grey Space? No.
You're here to see Pierre Cadault! Oh, my God! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Ooh.
Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Pierre Cadault! Santé! - À la tienne.
- Bravo.
Paris Match: "Pierre Cadault takes over Fashion Week.
" - Whoo! - Yeah! Daily Mail: "The old guard is back.
The new guard is ringarde.
" Yes! Daily Mail is appalling.
But I will frame that.
Thank you for being patient.
We've never been this busy.
Well, I tagged the restaurant on Pierre's Instagram stories when we got here.
Sorry for the avalanche.
What? Oh, merde.
Catherine, Antoine! What brings you here? Well, I follow Pierre Cadault on Instagram.
So when I showed Antoine this restaurant, he said, "Well, I know that place.
" So here we are.
Well, you're right on time.
It's the chef's final night in Paris.
He's moving to Normandy.
Are you serious? Incroyable! What luck! Antoine has been promising to take me here for weeks now.
- Huh, chéri? - Oh, he's full of promises, isn't he? Oh, excuse me.
So sorry.
So, Emily, I heard that you're in charge of Maison Lavaux now.
It seems so.
I'm so pleased.
I think you will be a much better fit for my husband.
- Right.
Uh, professionally.
- Whatever you wanna call it.
- I approve.
- Uh, chérie.
Our table is ready.
Lovely to see you.
 Au revoir.
- Au revoir.
Bonne soirée.
- Bonne soirée.
I can't believe how happy Pierre looked.
You are a genius.
Pierre is a genius.
I just pulled off a publicity stunt.
Regardless, I would like to celebrate with you properly.
Have you ever been to… say, Saint-Tropez? Never.
What about this weekend? I'd love to.
See you soon.
- Merci.
Au revoir.
- Merci.
Drive carefully.
The most promising chef in the city's leaving? Paris was not what you dreamed? Not exactly.
I… I love Paris.
And I love this restaurant.
Actually, the owner wants to sell, but… …it's too expensive.
That's what investors are for.
I had an offer, actually.
My girlfriend… - Ex-girlfriend's family.
- Mm-hmm.
- But it was too… - Compliqué? My wife's family invested in my business when I began, so… I understand.
You leave your girlfriend, you lose your restaurant.
I don't think there's anything left for me in Paris, anyway.
Pierre decided to call it a night? Of course not.
I just put him in a car, and he is going to crash a Grey Space event at Caviar Kaspia.
I told him we'd meet him there.
Ah, the chef! Dinner was excellent.
And congratulations on your new place.
Um, are you leaving? One more party before we put Fashion Week to bed.
Sounds, uh, fun.
Actually, I was thinking I'm probably just gonna go home.
- Oh.
- Okay? Of course.
We have all weekend to celebrate.
Well, uh… …thank you… for making my last night in Paris so… memorable.
I was just returning the favor.
Well… um… good night, Gabriel.
And good luck.
Au revoir.
I know how to dive into another body Know how to rest into a car wreck I know How to one-two my knuckles bloody Know how to blow through stacks Of dead presidents And I know It doesn't have to be this way There's a voice in my head Saying, "Please, please, please" And I know It doesn't have to be this way But I'm not listening I burst into flames So brilliantly Yes, I do it so well… Gabriel! Hello? Gabriel! Wants to see I burst into flames… Emily? I burst into flames… I… I just, I… I didn't want that to be the last time that we saw each other, and I'm I'm gonna miss you so much, and I, uh To remember me Ashes to ashes Dust to dust You'll never have me more than once Ashes to ashes, dust to dust You'll never have me more than once You'll never have me More than once I've thought about this so many times.
I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it too.
And… it was incredible.
But you're leaving.
It's just Normandy.
No, I know, I know.
It's… It's not that I can never see you again.
It's just… I don't think I should… ever see you again.
And… what if I wanna see you again? Well, then we'd both be hurting someone that we care about a lot.
We never really had a chance.
But at least, now, we have this one perfect thing.
And I feel like I'm dreaming and I'm about to wake up.
Well… let's not wake up just yet.
Bonjour, Sylvie.
I just talked to Pierre's publicist.
He's doing an interview with French Vogue.
- I was thinking - Please, for once, just listen.
About our conversation the other day, I've decided not to file your termination paperwork.
Really? You have potential, but you lack polish.
So if you are to remain at Savoir, I won't be so easy on you going forward.
Understood? Understood.
Emily! - Hi.
- Hi… Hi! Wow.
You must have really enjoyed your meal last night.
I'm here for business.
- You? - Oh, I just live right down there.
- That's convenient.
- Excuse me? Hey.
Oh! Uh, I… I thought you were leaving this morning.
Uh, so did I.
So, uh, what's the champagne for? - Your last hurrah? - Quite the opposite.
I could not bear to see Paris lose its most promising young chef.
Antoine wants to back me in the restaurant.
In… In Paris? Of course.
Gabriel belongs here.
He's too talented to be banished to Normandy.
My wife.
Excuse me.
- So you're staying in Paris? - Yes.
Oh, don't worry.
You can keep the omelet pan.
I'll go get another glass.

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