Engrenages (2005) s06e02 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 2

1 Yes, that's right.
It's for Mercier.
Yes, Laurent.
- Weren't you given overshoes? - No.
Which department did he work for? Thank you.
Okay, thanks.
He was a colleague, a police officer.
We found his pay slips.
Which police station? Tintin is trying to find out from police headquarters.
The blood spatters suggest he was killed here.
Then he was dragged into the bathroom and dismembered.
Are the limbs in there? No, only the head.
The killer must have been interrupted.
They didn't have time to get rid of it.
I've sent JP and Nico to interview the neighbours.
A dead police officer is a case for the crime squad, or the IPCC.
- Or both.
- This case is ours.
We've got the victim and the crime scene.
It's not your decision.
We had a deal.
The case was ours if we identified the victim.
Yes, but this is a special case.
We stand by a colleague, especially one subjected to this.
I spoke to HQ.
Mercier was stationed in Cléry-sous-Bois.
- With Herville? - Herville, your former boss? I'll call him.
Watch your step.
Excuse me, do you have a small We've hit the jackpot again, boss-wise.
The fact that it's a cop is neither here nor there to him.
We'll find a way to keep the case.
You can't park here.
There's a car park further on.
I'm a colleague.
- Sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
We're from CID.
We're here to see Mr Herville.
I'll let him know you're here.
There he is.
Jesus! I came here to get away from you lot.
- Good to see you, Escoffier.
- You, too.
Keep the noise down, madam, please.
- Boss.
- How are you, Berthaud? Aren't you a mother now? - Don't you start.
- Right, come with me.
Here, crime-fighting means emptying an ocean of shit with a teaspoon.
Human misery, poverty, educational failure, radicalisation.
We've got the lot.
You wanted Seine-Saint-Denis, you got it.
The good thing is, the bosses leave me alone.
And no one's after my job.
Commander Roussel, he runs the department with me.
- Commander Berthaud.
- Escoffier.
He knew Mercier better than I did.
- This must be hard for you.
- Everyone loved Laurent.
We haven't announced it yet.
It's going to be a shock for them.
When did you last see him? He was signed off sick two weeks ago.
- For what reason? - Work-related stress.
We get sent the youngest police officers, the least experienced.
With the recent terror attacks, the guys are struggling.
Can we check his locker? If you like, but discreetly.
As I said, no one knows.
We'll see you there.
Want to see my ministerial office? - You've still got the trout.
- Of course.
I need to tell you something.
What is it? Mercier's team was the target of an IPCC investigation.
No one here knows, except me.
- Why? - A dealer, a guy called Momo claims they nicked his bum bag with 800 euros in it.
My predecessor alerted them.
What do you think? You get bent coppers everywhere, but they're in the minority.
This team has brought in some good cases.
I have nothing to reproach them.
Do you want a coffee? Yes, please.
These guys risk their lives every day to catch rogues whose favourite sport is taking the piss out of the police.
When the case rests on the word of a dealer they've nabbed, no wonder I'm sceptical.
Sugar? No, thanks.
- It's being investigated.
- By whom? Roban.
What's wrong? Isn't Roban a mate of yours? He won't work with me any more.
I'll make him change his mind.
He was healthy, sporty.
Eager to learn.
- How long had he been here? - Six months.
He did three months in Aulnay before that.
"Age 12-14.
" That wasn't his.
No, he didn't wear that sort of thing.
- Did he smoke? - No, he didn't.
We'll get forensics to make an inventory.
Judge Roban? Laure.
I just wanted to thank you for your messages when I was in hospital.
It's good to see you.
How is the baby? I don't even know its name.
It's a girl.
After the actress? After my mother.
I'm afraid I've got a hearing.
It's about to start.
- Can you come back? - This won't take long.
It's about the dismembered man.
That's why you wanted to see me? It's an interesting case.
I made myself clear to Captain Fromentin.
- If you'd just let me fill you in - Please don't insist.
So your name is Steeven Lefranc.
You were born on 7 May, 1993, in Vannes, and you are studying at Sciences Po.
- Is that right? - It is.
You shared a flat with Nicolas Bodin on Rue Vieille du Temple.
Can you describe the nature of your relationship? We were close.
We met at primary school.
How close? Were you a couple? Yes.
I mean, no.
Not any more.
We went out after we left school, but when we moved to Paris, we realised we were more friends than lovers.
There were more temptations than in Rouen.
Nicolas' mother knew he was gay? She thinks Elton John is straight.
The flat you lived in with Nicolas cost you 2,000 euros a month, plus bills.
I found no proof that your incomes would have been sufficient to cover that.
Can you enlighten me? We received help.
From your parents? From benefactors.
What sort of benefactors? The sort who wanted to be shown a good time.
That they paid for? In our language, we call that "prostitution".
Why didn't you tell the police? They never asked.
Did Nicolas offer special services? Such as? - Bondage, S&M, handcuffs.
- Not to everyone.
Only sexual partners he trusted and knew well.
Is that linked to his death? On 5th March, you were in Lille.
Was Nicolas with a client that night? I don't know.
He didn't say.
Will you tell me what he died of? Didier, note down that we are playing Mr Lefranc the phone call to emergency services.
Tell me if you recognise this voice.
This is the emergency services.
What is your emergency? I I'm with a friend who is unwell.
Can I have your address, please? Your address, please, sir.
4 Rue Vieille du Temple.
Top floor, on the right.
Come quickly.
It doesn't ring any bells.
I don't know all his clients.
Do you think he came across a weirdo? - Do your benefactors have names? - False names.
These are married men with kids.
They prefer discretion.
We even made a copy of the key.
Some hate waiting on the doorstep for us.
Where is the spare key? You never mentioned that, either.
Hidden on the landing.
I didn't think it was important.
- Shall I ask the police to check? - No, we'll go there ourselves.
Mr Lefranc, would you be so good as to accompany us? I don't understand.
It's usually here.
- On that hook? - Yes, on that hook.
Didier, please note that I am breaking the seals at 10:25 a.
and entering the premises.
Your key, please.
Thank you.
This is Nico's room.
I'm interested in the key, not his room.
Can you see it anywhere? There it is.
- Which one is it? - Which one do you think? Great.
That means it was used by a client who knew the hiding place.
The same guy who called the emergency services, for example.
Judge Roban? Are you all right? I'm fine.
- I'llget you a glass of water.
- No need.
Yes, yes.
MEDICAL IMAGING SERVICE This is the neurology department at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.
Hold the line while we transfer your call.
I saw you come in.
Can I have a word? - Here? - It's of a personal nature.
I'm an old friend of Mrs Bodin, the mother of Nicolas.
You know, the young man found dead in his flat.
- Such a tragedy.
- Indeed.
The preliminary inquiry was inconclusive.
- Do you know the cause of death? - You'll be informed in due course.
My dear boy, don't be so rigid.
ljust wanted to reassure a friend.
She's very anxious.
I don't give a damn.
- Have you got the number? - The results are due later.
I'm meeting the prosecutor at 2:00 p.
to find out who he's appointing.
Any news on Mercier? Now's the time.
We're building up a profile.
He graduated from the police academy in 2011.
He was transferred to Cléry six months ago.
Motivated, good grades.
Never in trouble.
His last text messages date back to a fortnight ago.
They're to someone called "Bambi".
"Where are you?" "Call me.
" No reply from Bambi, whereas, normally, he or she had a request to make.
"Can I come and sleep at yours?" "Come and get me.
" Did you check who the number was assigned to? The contract was in Mercier's name.
He paid the bills.
Apart from this mysterious Bambi, was this boy allalone? He had an ex.
We're trying to contact her.
Plus, a few colleagues, but that's about it.
- No parents? No family? - No family.
He was taken into care.
No one took any notice of him until now in this office.
And the crime scene? Do we have DNA? Fingerprints? We're still waiting to hear.
But we think he knew his attacker.
There was no sign of a break-in.
The autopsy results for the head will be in shortly.
They'll tell us how he was killed.
For sure.
I'lldo my best to keep the case, but I can't promise anything.
He's shitting himself.
He won't lift a finger for us.
Well, I'm off to interview some colleagues at Cléry.
The victim is a police officer.
This is no ordinary investigation.
If he was killed in connection with his job, you'll be in the spotlight.
I don't know if you realise that.
Absolutely, sir.
That's why I wanted to talk to you.
Who's in charge? - Commander Berthaud.
- I know her.
She's uncontrollable.
But I must admit, she gets results.
Plus, she knows Commissioner Herville.
- That's a bonus, right? - I agree.
But evidence suggests it will be a complex case.
No witnesses, no motive, no suspects.
And CID is already very busy with a series of robberies in the east.
It might be preferable to refer it to number 36.
They have the means to mobilise severalgroups.
If you're worried your shoulders aren't broad enough, just say so.
Not at all, sir.
I shalldefer to your judgement.
Get the paperwork ready.
I'll refer it to the crime squad.
Thank you.
- Do you remember what to say? - That Thomas wanted for nothing.
Get that message across.
The prosecution will try to prove he had his father killed for money.
We're going to prove that the motive doesn't hold up.
He just wanted to teach him a lesson.
What if I don't manage it? Do you think your son is innocent? Of course.
Then you'll manage.
Go ahead.
I'lljoin you.
It's good to see you wearing black.
It's the colour that suits you best.
Is the mum solid? She'll be put through the mill.
- It's okay.
I've prepared her.
- Are you sure? Shall I talk to her? We've got five days in court.
You can't chaperone me all week.
I can try.
Did you see what your client just did? It's a superstition.
The closest is seen as the guiltiest.
- Just ignore it.
- I wish.
Ladies and gentlemen, all rise.
This court is now in session.
Please be seated.
Should I ask for a private hearing? Stop it.
Words fail me to say what I have to say, even after 30 years in the force.
I've just heard that our colleague Laurent Mercier has died.
He was killed in appalling circumstances.
Laurent Mercier was a good police officer.
He was hard-working and well-respected.
He was proud of his job here.
This place was the making of him.
In his honour, I ask you not to jump to conclusions.
As yet, we have no proof that this crime was linked to his job.
I want you to know that we are here for you.
Our door is open to you.
Police psychologists will be here this afternoon for anyone who needs them.
I am aware that anything you see or do today will seem pointless.
But remember that life must go on.
People need us.
At times like this, our job is to keep going.
If there are any questions, I'llattempt to answer them.
Thank you.
Jolers and Calvi were Mercier's teammates.
Shall I introduce you? Guardian Calvi.
- Brigadier Jolers.
- Hi.
What was Laurent like to work with? Reliable and efficient.
But too nice.
He wanted to talk to young people and explain things.
Some things can't be explained.
Do you have any idea who might have done it? I guess you can't say.
What about you? Anything suspect during a police check or a watch? Even if it seems irrelevant.
Everything here is suspect.
We come under fire whenever we intervene.
I know.
I started out at Aubervilliers, so - Doing the job we do? - Yes.
No offence, but times have changed.
Today's 15-year-olds are 1.
90 metres tall.
They're armed, better equipped than we are.
- How do you find the job? - I was born here, to Italian parents.
On the Cité des Fleurs estate.
I was friends with some of them at school.
Now, theyjust insult me.
I'm a cop, so I've sided with the enemy.
The truth is, people hate the police.
Unless you belong to an elite group, one of the special forces units.
As for us, we can't put a foot right.
So, yes, the squad is our family.
And Laurent was our brother.
Let's drink to Laurent.
To Laurent.
Pour us something stronger, will you? Did Thomas ask his father for a scooter for Christmas? Yes, he bought the most expensive model.
The previous summer, did Thomas spend two months in the US, all expenses paid? Yes, whenever he needed anything, his father paid.
Thomas has been presented to you as a money-grabbing boy who had his father killed for a pittance.
You must see that doesn't hold water.
I have further questions, Your Honour.
My colleague had her say.
I ask that she respect proceedings.
You'll have your say in a moment, Ms Karlsson.
The defence has omitted to say that Thomas stood to benefit from the victim's life insurance.
It amounts to 450,000 euros.
That's hardly a pittance.
It represents his freedom, not having to beg from his father.
Thomas didn't know about the insurance.
He didn't know about it? But you did? Yes.
May I ask how? Look at me, madam, not your lawyers.
Who told you? Not your ex or his family.
You broke ties with everyone.
I don't remember.
Let me jog your memory.
It was your son who told you.
That's the only possibility.
So he did know about the life insurance.
Mr Weber, did you know about it or not? I I can't remember.
What did the prosecutor say? He's referring it to the crime squad.
It's protocol.
I know it's hard.
The death of a colleague is It's terrible.
We're all in shock.
You're crazy.
Thanks for your support, sir.
This is getting tiresome.
I assume it's about the dismembered police officer.
We've been taken off the case, but we want it badly.
We owe it to our colleague.
Your loyalty does you credit.
Pity it's reserved for the police.
You're stillangry about the search conducted on Djibril Merini's garage.
I give you my word, I wasn't to blame.
Your word can no longer be trusted.
Mercier was on the team at Cléry that the IPCC is investigating.
I know allabout it.
Say I find a link between the two cases.
Would you take it on, then? Maybe, but why would I appoint you? - Sir - The crime squad is just as capable.
Listen, I'll think about it.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Isn't it working? I don't understand.
It usually comes spurting out.
- Is Noémie here? - Not tonight.
I'm doing her shift.
How many times did you pump milk yesterday? I don't know.
Three? I'm back at work, so I'm a bit busy.
Aren't there enough bottles in reserve? If you don't pump every three hours, your milk levels willdrop.
May I? Yes, that's what's happening to you.
Are you drinking enough water? Yes, two litres a day.
A baby is more important than work, no? That little cutie needs you.
How's it going? I've bought the ingredients for tuna briks.
I hope you like them.
You'll be eating them every day once we live together.
- Are you okay? - No.
They pulled us off the case.
The one about the cop.
Why? This is going to sound stupid, but the guy reminds me of me when I started out.
He had no one in his life.
The police was his only family.
What's this? - That's mine.
Leave it.
- I asked you not to approach Djibril.
- I didn't approach Djibril.
- So what's that? Did you go to see him in prison? Well? Answer me.
Hey! Don't talk to me like that, okay? I went to Kader.
Are you happy now? Stop acting like a cop.
I did it because it's my money, and I want us to live in that flat.
You can make your own bloody dinner.
Hey, stop it.
What? I thought you trusted me.
I'm sorry.
It's the murder Berthaud was talking about.
The victim was a police officer at Cléry-sous-Bois.
He was on the team you instructed the IPCC to investigate.
Didier, I'm not senile yet.
You're talking to me as if I've got Alzheimer's.
I'm sorry.
Commissioner Etcheverry from the IPCC called.
After four months of phone tapping, he wonders if it's worth continuing.
Of course it's worth continuing.
Prepare the report on the phone tapping, please.
- And get me the file.
- Any pages in particular? All of it, please.
Yann, weren't you due to interview a guy at Fresnes? I'm on my way now.
- Do me a favour.
- What? Ask if a Cindy Ledoux has requested a visit with Djibril Merini.
- Shall I write that down? - No, no.
- I'll take care of it.
- Right.
Is there any news on the Mercier case? Gilou, the crime squad is coming for the case notes later? - Yeah? - Yeah.
Laure? - Can I keep his badge? - That's great.
Hang on.
I'll put you on speaker.
It's a mate from forensics.
Go on.
We're listening.
As I was saying, we found something in one of the victim's pockets.
A memory card.
- What does it contain? - Seemingly photographs.
Shall I email you the file? Yes! Yes, please.
I'll send it.
Can you send it to us right away? Great.
Thanks a lot.
Shut the door.
It's okay.
I've got it.
These are surveillance photos.
Who are those two guys? Check the dates.
Mercier took them when he was on sick leave.
What was he thinking? Why did he take them? It smacks of an unofficial investigation.
It's the crime squad's problem now.
Let's keep this to ourselves.
Don't put it in the file.
Forensics take two days to report.
That gives us ample time.
If we can identify those guys, Roban might take the case after all.
- Are you on board? - Suits me.
- Okay.
- Let's go, then.
- And not a word to Beckriche.
- This is off the record.
We detected a serious brain injury coupled with a fractured skull.
Fluid was leaking into the brain with a lot of discharge.
Could this fracture have been caused by a fallagainst the mantelpiece? Certainly.
So it's compatible with the defence's theory? - A fight that went wrong? - Yes, that's right.
Ms Gendillard, any questions? Are you absolutely certain the fracture was accidental? No.
The paramedics moved the body.
We can't be sure how he fell.
Could this fracture have been caused by a hammer? It depends on the shape, but it's possible.
Doctor, in your report, you state that the fracture was caused by a poker found at the scene.
There's a big difference between a poker and a hammer, no? I said it was a poker, but it could also have been a hammer.
Any compatible blunt instrument could have caused the fracture.
Could the fracture have been caused by a tombstone? - I'm sorry? - We're not at the theatre, Mr Edelman.
I'm sorry, Your Honour.
My colleague mentioned an imaginary hammer no one has seen.
Why not something else? Where is this hammer? - Do you know? - No.
Nor do I.
It was on a till receipt in the bin in Thomas' room at his mother's flat.
Are we going to convict these boys because of a receipt? - Be serious, Your Honour! - Please, Mr Edelman! Mr Weber, stand up.
You bought this hammer.
What did you do with it? - Well? We're listening.
- I lost it.
I thought you gave it to your father.
Now, you say you lost it.
I did give it to him.
Thomas, it was a long time ago.
If you've forgotten, just say so.
I'm sure I gave it to my dad.
He asked me to buy a hammer.
Which the police never found.
Do you think it's trivial, the loss of this hammer? I didn't say that.
ljust don't know where it is.
The court is adjourned.
I knew the hammer was going to be an issue.
The judge did that deliberately to drive the point home to the jury.
You just didn't brief your client properly.
We're heading for disaster with these memory lapses.
You came to watch this fiasco? You did a good job, given the circumstances.
You know, I've been thinking.
What I said about criminallaw was idiotic.
I didn't mean it.
I'm sure we can find a way to work together, you and I.
We do different jobs.
I defend human beings.
You defend buildings and companies.
Then we'll never have to tread on each other's toes.
No, I've given it a lot of thought.
Life in a big chambers is not for me.
Having to be accountable stifles me.
I need to be free.
Can we have another chat about it? I won't change my mind.
There will come a point when Edelman tries to screw you.
Be careful.
Turn right at the end, and then right again.
That's the building in the photo.
Rue Gabriel Péri.
- There.
- Here? Turn right here.
The building should be just up here.
- On the right there? - Yes, on the right.
- It's a building site.
- It's definitely there? Look, it's a building site.
These are those buildings there.
- That is it.
- What's going on? What the hellare they doing? Excuse me.
Hey! - Hello.
- Wait, wait, wait.
What was here before? Three buildings that were unfit for habitation.
- Do you know what was in them? - Squatters, families.
They were evicted.
Do you know where they were rehoused? No, I don't.
- Right, thanks.
- Thanks.
Go ahead.
- Well? What's happening? - It was destroyed.
That's what.
Apparently, the buildings were unfit for habitation, so they destroyed them.
- Are you sure it's here? - Yes, it's here.
There's no doubt about it.
It's infuriating.
Yes, those are our stars, the Camara brothers.
- Camara? - Yes, Camara.
That's Drissa, the big brother.
He used to deal, but he's gone straight.
Now, he runs a successful boxing club.
His brother, Bakary, has a police record five pages long.
For bag snatching and a hold-up.
Nothing, though, for a few years.
He runs a tutoring service for schoolkids.
The Mayor showers them with grants to help keep the peace.
Everyone gets off in it, calling it local politics.
What was that demolished building? Mercier kept photographing it.
Wasn't the council served a dangerous structure notice on it? That's right.
They're building social housing to pre-empt it.
- Nothing else? - No.
- And the people who lived in it? - You're asking a lot.
They'll have been rehoused in a hotel or caravan and waved off with three food vouches in their pockets.
Still, I'll make some inquiries.
Thanks, boss.
I'll be in touch.
- Right.
- Thanks.
He's getting a bit mixed up, but put yourself in his shoes.
The judge treated him as if she's already condemned him.
Then your son needs to try harder to convince her otherwise.
What's wrong with him? Doesn't he realise he's on trial? He gives nothing away.
It doesn't mean he doesn't care.
He doesn't seem to.
He's just taking it all in.
In Primary 1, he wrote a poem for Father's Day.
Roland tore it up because it had spelling mistakes.
He made Thomas do it again.
And he kept tearing it up until there were no more mistakes.
Thomas didn't even cry.
But his father meant well.
It was his way of encouraging him.
He used to say to him, "You must be strong in life.
" You don't understand.
I understand perfectly.
My father said the same to me.
Do you remember anything else that might have hurt him? Done him any harm? Hello.
I'd like to talk to my client, Thomas Weber.
Follow me.
- Can you give us a moment? - Very well.
Thomas? Right, listen to me.
We haven't got much time.
No one believes your story about a burglary that went wrong.
The jury doesn't believe it.
The judge doesn't believe it.
And I don't believe it, either.
Thomas, I know the truth.
ljust spoke to your mother.
Your father was a bastard who spent his life humiliating you.
You suffered in silence out of fear.
But deep down, you dreamed of killing him.
I know it.
I know it.
Because I dreamed of killing my father, too.
I devised ways to get rid of him, but I never had the guts.
So I became a barrister to defend those who did.
Thomas, tell me you did it, and I'll fight your corner.
Ms Karlsson? It's time.
Just a second, please.
It was Rudy's idea.
My father was always yelling at me, judging me, taking the piss out of me.
I'd had enough.
I wanted him to shut up.
One day, I said I wished he was dead.
Rudy said he'd do it for 3,000 euros.
Hence the hammer? Yes.
So where is the hammer now? It's in a bag with the watches Rudy stole.
I threw it down the lift shaft at Mum's flat before I got arrested.
Rudy's prison mates beat me up to stop me from talking.
I'll have you put in solitary confinement.
Meanwhile, say nothing.
You need to prepare a confession.
Let's go.
Excuse me, which caravan are Mrs Rénier and Ms Volof in? - It's just on the left there.
- First left.
Can we have a word? - I can't get up.
I'm pregnant.
- No problem.
Have you lived here long? Less than a month.
And before this, you were in a flat in Cléry? Yeah.
It was a dump, but at least it was home.
The council promised to rehouse us.
But we wanted a home, not three nights in a hotel.
We waited, but nothing happened.
My wife and I are on benefits.
It's a struggle.
One day, two thugs turned up with baseball bats.
They smashed the place up and robbed us.
Said they'd set fire to it if we didn't leave.
And what did these thugs look like? They were black.
Were they from the council? No, no.
Do you recognise these two? Yes, that's them.
I'm sure of it.
Look, Lorraine.
- Yeah.
- Are you sure? - You're certain? - Quite certain.
And does he look familiar? Never seen him before.
That will be all.
We won't disturb you any longer.
- Okay, thanks.
Have a good day.
- Bye, Lorraine.
Hey, Gilou.
I got your info.
Cindy Ledoux did request a visit.
It was refused since she's a plaintiff.
But this might interest you.
Djibril Merini was granted leave.
- When? - The weekend of the 4th.
He was re-admitted without any bother.
We've got a surveillance van for the Camara brothers' house.
- Coming? - I'll be right there.
So the two brothers live together.
The house is in their name.
They had it built.
- Do they have kids? - Just the eldest, Drissa.
His wife is Senegalese.
Who are these clowns? They make out they're clean, but they go around with baseball bats? - There! - There's movement.
It's the youngest, Bakary.
Go on.
About time.
- There's the other one.
- That's the big brother.
5:30 p.
, putting out the bins.
Good-looking bastard.
So you like black men? Are they going back in? We waited for four hours to see them put the bins out? Great! Yes, we watch them.
We don't let them get away.
We follow them and try to find out why Mercier was after them.
Under whose jurisdiction? We're not meant to be here, remember? What if I were to call Roban? He'd tell you to stop harassing him.
Got a better idea? Go on, then.
Call him.
- It's Roban! - No way! What do I say? We've got nothing.
Judge Roban.
I'm calling you back about the murdered police officer.
Any news? We discovered by chance that Mercier was onto two brothers from Cléry, the Camaras.
They're violent thugs who engage in rackets and bully vulnerable locals.
They may be involved in Mercier's murder.
Where are these individuals now? We have reason to believe they're planning their escape.
A reliable source heard they were getting fake passports.
We can't risk letting them get away.
We should grab them before they disappear.
Have you told the crime squad? Yes, but they haven't responded.
They're showed under.
I'll try and get the case back.
I'll keep you posted.
Thank you, sir.
Well? It seemed to work.
He said he'd see what he could do.
That's great.
- Do we want this case? - Yes.
Still, we're getting over it.
- Why is it so busy? - Excuse me.
It's the internships conference.
Even your partner is here.
Do you want a drink? Thomas Weber has just confessed the truth to me.
He plotted his father's murder, and your client carried it out.
We have no choice.
We need a new strategy.
Well? Thomas must confess.
Very funny.
Then we both lose.
Plotting to murder carries a stiffer sentence.
We'll beg for leniency.
It wasn't a foul murder.
He did it to stop his father humiliating him, not for money.
Your client may get leniency, but mine won't.
Rudy has a police record as long as his arm.
He'llget 20 years for murder.
I don't think you understand.
I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you.
You screwed me over with Vern.
I won't let you do it again.
I'm not your pupil.
Don't patronise me.
If you were my pupil, I'd tell you not to be so stupid.
Otherwise, it will be every man for himself.
Then let it be every man for himself.
Mr Machard? I've decided I will keep you posted about the Nicolas Bodin investigation.
You were right.
We're old friends.
We should co-operate.
I'm most grateful.
You must let me return the favour.
Actually, I do have a favour to ask of you.
I'm all ears.
I want to conduct a judicial inquiry into the death of Laurent Mercier.
You know, the police officer.
I'm on duty, and the case interests me.
It's a bit late.
At the request of the crime squad, I have appointed another magistrate.
Then call them.
And while you're at it, let them know that I'm referring the case to CID.
They're familiar with the case, having found the body.
Roban, I'm sure you are aware, a prosecutor doesn't take orders from an examining magistrate.
No, and an examining magistrate doesn't inform a prosecutor about an ongoing case.
Forgive me, madam.
I've come to see your clerk.
He wanted a photocopy of my ID card.
I thought it best to hand-deliver it.
Tell me, do you know anyone at the law courts? No.
Why? No reason.
Give it to me.
I'll see he gets it.
I'm with a friend who is unwell.
Can I have your address, please? Your address, please, sir? 4 Rue Vieille du Temple.
Top floor, on the right.
Come quickly.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
See you tomorrow.
Have you been waiting long? Where were you last Sunday? At Roxane's.
Why? I know you're lying and you saw Djibril.
I can't do this any more.
Stop it.
Stop throwing a jealous fit.
- I saw Djibril to get my money.
- Oh, yeah? If I'd asked, would you have let me go? I need that money.
I told you, I'd take care of the rent and the deposit.
Firstly, you didn't.
- And the money's for my mum.
- I thought you'd fallen out.
She's got Alzheimer's.
She's in a care home in Amiens.
It costs a fortune.
I have to pay 3,000 euros a month.
Who do you take me for? Where would you get 3,000 euros? Look, Djibril was paying for it, okay? I haven't paid them for two months.
They want to send her to hospital.
That's no place to end your days.
Why didn't you tell me? I want to manage on my own.
This training course is hopeless, anyway.
I'm going to drop it and find a job.
Come on.
But don't lie to me.
There you go.
Thanks for the lift.
No problem.
I've got no one to go home to.
Are you finding it hard? It's hard not seeing the kids.
Come on.
It's good to have you back.
Gilou doesn't really do tenderness.
Plus, when I'm not there, nothing gets done.
We didn't do too badly.
Keep your kids close.
Divorce needn't cut you off from them.
And you take care of your baby.
That's what I'm doing.
Hello? Ruben? Hi, it's Dad.
Can you put Mum on? I'll talk to you afterwards.
Mum, it's Dad.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
Okay, never mind.
How are you liking La Baule? It's dead.
Is it still okay for the holidays? Yes, of course.
When is it again? - Next week.
- Really? Next week? Mum sent you the train times.
Yes, yes, yes.
It's fine.
I've got them.
All right, okay.
We're about to eat.
I'd better go.
Bye, Dad.
Bye, son.
See you next week.
Did it work? No, I can't do it any more.
There was hardly any yesterday.
Do you want to try skin-to-skin? It can stimulate the flow of milk.
- Do you think? - We could always try.
Hey, Sabrina.
- Will you help me? - Sure.
- It's for a skin-to-skin.
- Right.
Aren't you a happy girl? I'llgo the other side.
If there's one thing you recognise, it's Mummy's heartbeat.
Have a seat in the armchair.
We'll bring her to you.
Pull your blouse down a bit.
And sit comfortably, facing forwards.
You can undo another button.
You'll be fine.
- Tell me when you're ready, Sabrina.
- That should do it.
- Is she unplugged? - Yes.
- It's okay, we'll keep an eye on her.
- How is she breathing? She's breathing on her own.
There, look.
- Here.
- Give me your hands.
Don't worry.
We'll see to the wires.
There, poppet.
Let's cover you up a bit.
- There.
- Are you okay? - Yes, great.
- We'll be next door.
We'll leave you to enjoy her.
- Excuse me? - Yes? - Can you shut the door? - Yes, of course.
Yes? - Judge Roban.
- Commissioner Beckriche? I've been put in charge of the case of the dismembered police officer.
I've chosen your department to lead the investigation.
I thought the crime squad were supposed to be They were, but not any more.
I'd appreciate the cooperation of Commander Berthaud on this case.
Can I count on you? Of course, sir.
Thank you.
Goodbye, sir.
Right, Judge Roban will be investigating Mercier's death.
I got him to refer the case back to CID.
It's all yours, Commander.
Thanks, boss.
I knew we could count on you.
I could see the case was close to your hearts.
You can retrieve the file.
The crime squad haven't opened it yet.
You do know it wasn't down to him? - It's okay.
I know who to thank.
- Two-faced bastard.
- Bravo.
- Thanks, Loulou.
Right, let's go, guys.
The Camaras are ours.
- Stay down, don't move.
- Police! Get up! Easy! There are children.
Get on the sofa.
Get on the sofa now.
- Get down! - Sit! - Calm down! - Okay.
Get down on your knees.
Don't worry about them.
Shut up! - Shut it! - I haven't done anything.
- Let me go! - Fuck! I haven't done anything.
Go easy! He's just a kid.
All clear upstairs! - Get up! - Bakary, don't resist! - It's not worth it.
- No talking.
- I'll check downstairs.
- You are under arrest as of 9:15 a.
You have the right to a lawyer.
- You know the score.
- Why? Tom, take the kids out.
- What's this about? - I'll tell you.
- Why are we under arrest? - I'll tell you.
Sit down.
Okay, all clear downstairs! - Why are we under arrest? - You want your kids to hear? Just tell me why.
Murder? CallCamus.
Do you have his number? Call our lawyer.
- Hey, calm down - Go on.
Call him.
- Sit down.
- Sit.
Gilou? What have you got down there? It's all clear down here.