Everybody Loves Raymond s02e04 Episode Script


at the last green, the 72nd hole of this championship.
Golf again? I could walk through here naked, you wouldn't even notice.
You're not Tiger Woods.
Twenty-one years old.
You know, he started when he was three.
I should have been out there when I was three.
What the hell was I thinking? - Unbelievable.
- It's amazing.
- Oh, man.
- Three wins already this year? - That's four.
- Where's he going? Where he always goes, to hug his father, you idiot.
All right.
Take it easy.
- Check the car.
- Yeah.
- Do you want a soda? - Yeah.
Hi, I'm Ray, and I live here in Long Island with my wife, Debra my 6-year-old daughter and twin 2-year old boys.
My parents live across the street.
That's right.
And my brother lives with them.
Now, not every family would defy gravity for you but mine would because Everybody loves Raymond.
Hey, you didn't - Ray, did you check MichaeI's diaper? - I think he's okay.
Man, I don't even think I could pass that test.
Man, it's hard to watch golf, because I just want to get out there and play.
I know, me, too.
Let's go.
Let's go tomorrow.
I can't tell Debra I want to go golfing now.
I just got back from five days on the road.
- Just see what she says, Ray.
- No.
I'll get in trouble just for asking.
I'm not even going to try.
You know what we could do? If you ask me in front of her as if you're asking me for the first time, right? And then I'll turn you down.
She'll think that I'm "being thoughtfuI," you know? And then we just hope Santa takes the cookies.
I like it.
Let's try it.
- As soon as she comes down, we'll do it.
- Okay.
Look normaI.
Don't do anything.
- Will you put your foot up? - I don't have to.
- No, you put your foot up.
- I'm up.
Put the popcorn here.
As soon as she comes down.
You want me to make a noise? What do you mean, make a noise? She's not geese.
Just relax.
Supposed to be nice tomorrow, Ray.
Oh, yeah? I heard.
Hey, we should golfing.
Yeah, tomorrow? No, I just got back from the road.
I want to be home.
Good to be home.
We'll go to Westchester.
They just resodded.
- Did they? Did they resod that? - New grass.
Oh, man, sounds great, but I can't.
I can't go golfing.
- No.
I'm reading that.
- Oh, sorry.
So I can't, Kevin.
Maybe some other time.
Some other time, we might not get out for free.
Free? My buddy Mike, he works down at the pro shop.
He can comp us.
You know, save us $100.
It's not about the money.
I've been gone for a week.
No, I can't.
- I think you should go, Ray.
- No.
Yeah? I just got back from the road.
I want to Yeah? Yeah, I mean, if you guys can save $100, then yeah, go.
But then maybe you could lay off the golf for a while, okay? - Okay.
- And I mean you know, playing golf, golf on TV, computer golf.
Dorf on Golf Of course.
I don't Kevin.
- We're in.
- Why did you say it's for free? Ray, it wasn't working.
I had to add a little sauce.
- What's the difference? We're going golfing.
- We are.
Told you it would work.
No, I told you.
You're choking me.
I got to take a shower.
I smell like the winner.
- I didn't have my best game out there.
- Yeah, well, that happens.
You know, Robbie, you can't curse that loud on a golf course.
Yep, you're right.
It's just a game.
Yeah, it's just Come on! Sorry.
- Hey, you guys want to play another nine? - I'm ready.
- Let's go.
- Don't you have to go home? Oh, I should.
Debra's waiting.
But you know what? We're so early, if we hurry up, we stop talking we can get nine more in, and she won't know the difference.
- I'm gonna need some tees.
- Just need five more balls.
Stop taking them from my bag.
I'll give them to you.
- I'm feeling like flush all of a sudden.
- No, let's go.
- No, I mean I'm a little jumpy here.
- Me, too.
Let's go.
Wait a minute.
I'm not feeling right here.
- What is it, Raymond? - I don't know.
Something's going on here.
You have any tingling in your left arm or chest pains? Well, it's not a heart attack.
All right.
Let's get going then.
Back up a little, will you? Back up.
Come on.
Give me room.
- How far do you want us to go? - I'm feeling crowded here.
- Relax.
You just got to relax.
- Sit down.
- Would you shut up for a second? - Get him some water.
Make it a ginger ale! I'm going to need $1.
How are you doing? I'm fine.
I'm sorry about that You know what it could have been? - What? - Tick bite.
From a deer tick.
A deer tick bite.
This wasn't a bite.
This was something internaI.
Maybe you have a fear of public speaking.
- Maybe this whole thing is from guilt.
- Guilt? - From what? - From that trick we pulled on Debra.
That was not a trick on Debra.
We put on a little play for her, that's all.
- It was harmless, right? - Yeah.
Tell Bill I'll be in X-ray in 10 minutes.
- Tell the doctor to do a tick check.
- Right.
Hey, Ray.
Have a seat.
Oh, boy, what's that supposed to mean? It means you're welcome to sit.
Let's see your EKG's fine, blood pressure is fine.
Did I see your brother Robert in the waiting room? Yeah.
How are his feet doing? Have they cleared up yet? It's been a while since I've seen his feet, really.
I'll tell you, that was an uphill battle.
Anyway, Ray, from what I see here, you're in good health.
I think it was nothing more than a little anxiety.
Oh, man, is that it? What did I have, an anxiety attack? I prefer to call it an episode.
Robert's feet was an attack.
Your mind is like, for lack of a better word, a donkey.
You can only throw so many bags on its back before it lies down and won't get up.
So you've got to relieve some of that stress.
Do things that relax you.
What do you enjoy doing? Well, I like to golf.
Well, then, by all means, get out there and play as much golf as you can.
Well, wait a minute.
That's where this episode happened.
Oh, that could have happened anywhere.
You've been on the road a lot.
You got a wife, three kids parents across the street.
This was a long time coming.
Play some golf.
So I have to go home, and tell my wife that I need to play more golf? Doctor's orders.
Let me ask you, would I see a podiatrist or a proctologist to get a foot removed from my ass? What the hell? Who's throwing chicken bones in here? Holy crap.
Oh, time-out for Grandpa.
- Frank, do you have to curse? - Do you want it fixed? Bastard chicken bones.
I need my frigging needle-nose.
Bones in the garbage.
So, it must have been a good game.
You're two hours late.
Yeah, well, something strange happened.
Really, what? After golfing we were in the locker room, and I got this weird feeling.
Ray, you are not gay.
No, I know.
You told me, but this was something else.
You know, we had finished golfing Raymond, are you okay? Your brother told me what happened.
- What happened? - Tell me what Dr.
Sundram said.
Wait a minute.
Doctor? I went to the doctor on the way home.
He said I'm fine.
He said it was nothing more than stress.
That's all.
I need some room to work here.
Will you clear out? Raymond had an attack today.
Stop, it was nothing.
It was anxiety.
That's all.
An anxiety attack? Give me a break.
Everyone's having those nowadays.
It's hip.
That's not funny, Frank.
Our son has mentaI problems.
Listen, can I just talk to Ray, please? - Hey, tell Debra about the doctor yet? - Yeah, Robert.
You tell her what he recommended for you? - What? - Nothing.
The doctor said I need to relax.
That's all.
Could you go? Could you guys go, really? All right, I'm hungry anyway.
Come on, Marie.
No, feed yourself.
My son needs me.
Cut the cord.
Mom, please, just go.
Go with dad.
It's okay.
I'm fine.
All right, only if you promise me to do exactly what the doctor said.
- I will.
Please go.
- Okay.
Okay, so what did the doctor say? What are you supposed to - Robert, are you staying with us for dinner? - No.
Amy's taking me out.
- Someplace called Jozu.
- That Japanese place.
Japanese? - They make you take your shoes off? - Yes.
I've got to make a call.
So he told you to relax? Are you going to listen to him? I think so.
So what did he tell you to do? Like you're supposed to take time off from work, or No.
He actually said what he thought would help me was if I played more golf.
Sundram said play more golf? I have a note.
He wrote you a note? I knew you wouldn't believe it, so I went back, asked him to write it down.
"More golf.
" It's very relaxing.
I mean, I could get a second opinion I think that's what you should do.
- You do? - Yeah.
I mean, you know, it is really stressfuI around here.
And if playing golf makes you feeI better, then play golf.
You're being very nice.
Well, honey, gosh, I want you to be okay.
I'll just take care of the kids, all right? You sit here before dinner and take it easy.
And guess what? I made you some lemon chicken.
- Hi, Debra.
- Hi, Marie.
The kids in schooI? Yeah, I got, like, half an hour to get everything done before I have to go pick them up.
Where's Ray? - He's out golfing.
- That's good.
I'm worried about you, though.
Are you okay, honey? I mean, you look a little drained.
You know, I'm just a little tired, that's all.
- Why don't you sit down? - I really can't.
- I've got a lot to do before - You can sit right down here for just a second.
Just for a minute.
There you go.
Listen, I know this has been hard on you, honey.
And you're doing everything you can for Raymond.
But maybe the way you can help him relax is very simple.
What do you mean? Well, I couldn't help wondering, dear are you making yourself available to him? - You know what I'm talking about? - Please, Marie! Listen, you know Raymond doesn't like to ask for things.
- Do we have to talk about this? - I'm just trying to help.
I didn't say anything when you told me how Ray liked his underwear folded, but this is over the line.
I'm sorry, but Raymond needs your help.
Debra, you Have a glass of wine first.
Come on, Ray, you didn't lose a bet, you paid for a lesson.
Hey, way to go, Robert.
You didn't curse once today.
Yeah, I'm getting better.
Loser! - Let's play nine more.
- I'm in.
- No, I don't want to.
- What do you mean? - I don't feeI like playing.
- Oh, no.
You're freaking out again? Look, I had that anxiety attack because I tricked Debra, okay? And now I'm getting this free ride out of it that I don't deserve.
- I'm going home.
- Just nine more.
Don't you see me out there? I'm not enjoying the game.
You're not keeping your head down.
It's enough already.
I have to talk to Debra.
- You want to play, just you and me? - Okay, but you got to give me more strokes.
- Why, you tired? - No, I think my hand's broken.
Deb, I'm home.
Deb, where are you? I'm up here.
In the bedroom.
- Where are the kids? - They're at Linda's house.
Come down, will you? I want to talk to you.
I think you might want to come up.
It's 3:00.
This can't be sex.
Come down, will you? All right, but I'll have to put clothes on.
Coming up.
That was really, really nice.
So, yeah, it wasn't a bad day for you? This and golf.
Oh, yeah, golf.
Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about before.
Okay, so tell me now.
You know, the other day, when I had that episode? - Yes, you poor baby.
- Yeah.
I don't think it was because I needed to play more golf.
I think it was because I was feeling guilty about tricking you into letting me play golf.
What are you talking about? I told you to go.
No, you only thought that you did.
- Ray, come on, I was there when I said it.
- Yeah, it was kind of a con job.
- What? - It was funny.
Yeah, the whole Kevin asking me in front of you me turning him down.
We kind of played you.
So, what about the doctor's? You know, where he tells you to play golf forever.
That was reaI.
So, when you told the doctor that you tricked me into letting you play golf he recommended more golf? I might have left out the tricking part.
Really? I was going to tell him, but then when he prescribed golf I kind of forgot.
You forgot? You lied to me and then because you feeI bad about it I have to make sure that you relax.
- I never meant for that to happen.
- You have some nerve.
I know.
Don't get too overworked, Ray.
"Let Ray relax.
He just had an episode.
" - Look, I never thought that - Oh, my God! What about me, Ray? When do I get to have an episode? I think I deserve an episode.
When do I get to have my little Wait a minute, all right? - You're making fun of an illness.
- What else was a trick? Your mother coming over here to tell me to have sex with you? What? Yep.
This is what I have to put up with while you're off playing golf.
Your mother coming over here and telling me it'll help you relax if I make myself "available" to you.
Oh, my God.
Did you just have sex with me because my mother told you to? - How sick is that? - Very.
I'm thinking of my mother now.
- How could you listen to her? - Because I love you.
I care about you.
I'm not the one running off to play golf to get away from me.
You don't think I care about you? Why do you think I'm confessing? Don't you see? I feeI guilty.
That means love.
- I had to come home and confess.
- But you waited untiI after we had sex.
You're very good looking.
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm never going to play golf again.
- Yes, you will.
- I know I will.
Not as much.
I promise.
And only if I know it doesn't take anything away from us.
I mean it.
I'm sorry.
I know.
If you ever need to take time for yourself, I want you to do it.
You know, what we should do is find something fun to do together.
- There you go.
- You know, we should play golf together.
That would be relaxing.
- You're set, right? - Yeah.
Come on, Ray.
We only got two hours till tee time.
You know it's going to rain today, don't you? Oh, yeah?
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