Everyone Else Burns (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I'm so pleased we started
making our dates biweekly.
They're so blissful
I just lose track of time.
We finish in 15 minutes.
This is just perfect.
There's nothing I'd change
about you,
or our relationship, or me.
No? You wouldn't change yourself
to be more empathetic
or self-aware or a better listener?
Sorry, darling, I didn't catch
any of that.
Couple's photo?
This is my trusty
point and shoot.
I videoed the Bush vs Gore debates
on this thing.
What, were you just filming
the TV screen?
How long's the timer?
Oh, it's recording, my love.
Capturing every moment.
Remember, God is always
watching. Not in a creepy way.
Can we talk here?
Are they listening?
That just lets you hear the sermon
while you're shitting.
It's a good system.
I've had my most prayerful
experiences in that cubicle.
It doesn't feel secure.
So, fill me in on
your night of passion.
He, um made me a birthday cake.
Did he burst out of it?
Eat it off you? Were you the plate?
No, we just
..had it together.
That is incredible gossip.
Do you mind if I smoke?
I get cravings when I'm bored.
It It was sweet.
You're disappointed.
No I thought you were a
pleasureless chastity droid,
but you're just a bag of ugly
chemicals like everyone else.
This is your fault. You made me
believe he was going to kiss me,
and instead
..he just said we were friends.
He probably only said that cos
you're so buttoned up.
If I were to free associate a Rachel
word cloud, it'd be stuff like
petrified, puritan,
sexually repressed,
sexless, no sex. Yeah, OK.
Look, you're a woman with a human
right to pursue love, liberty,
and dick, or at least hands stuff.
If you're so worried about it,
you could just ask him out.
Shit. I've blown your actual mind.
Just don't get caught and exiled
from your whole family.
The thought that this could
ruin my entire future
makes this a lot less exciting.
You and me are really different.
Oh, my goodness.
Andrew looks Oh, the Lewises!
Totally ridiculous. I know.
Forgive the Lycra.
It's the official colours
of the '96 British rowing team.
I've heard it all now.
So you're a wannabe?
An aquatic wannabe?
Quite right, David.
I was selected but didn't compete.
Selected? What, at county level?
County, national, and Olympic.
Ah, I see you're admiring
Mary's tree. Who's Mary?
Andrew's wife, David.
Right. Andrew's dead wife.
She's from a fragile Japanese
seed stock.
Ordinary soil could kill her.
But now I've boxed her in an
enriched loam, she is thriving.
Excessively thriving. That tree has
grown into my airspace.
It needs pruning. David
Mary was so full of life, it's no
wonder she's sprouting so strongly.
I suppose I could cut it back
a tiny
Size her down or I will.
I don't care whose soul is inside.
You're ten minutes late, Rachel.
Yours is cold on the table.
If I'd kept it warm in the oven,
you'd never learn.
Sister Angeli and I were
reading Psalms and
..got lost in the poetry
of the language.
It can happen.
Aaron, didn't we say you'd stop
drawing people being purged?
We said no family.
These are other kids.
Huh, weird.
They look uncannily like boys
from your school.
Rob and Tom, yeah.
Look closely. You can see Tom's
screen reflected back in Rob's eye.
Maybe you should take a break
from drawing, Aaron.
Art is about feelings, Dad.
If I don't draw, I'll bottle
them all up.
Yes, good. Bottle them up.
Can I ask a question?
Please, let's talk about a less
weighty topic.
If I was excluded,
would you shun me?
Could you do that
to your own daughter?
David, a word.
Do you not have an answer?
We do. I just want to make sure your
father knows what it is.
David, this feels like an important
parenting moment.
Mm. Like when she asked why a loving
God would create nits.
Would we really be able
to cut her off?
Simple. We say we would shun her,
then she'll never step out of line
and we won't ever have to.
Oh, that's smart, Fiona.
OK, let's let her know
in a sensitive way.
Rachel, to answer your question,
of course we'd shun you.
We'd shun you every day of the week.
And thanks for bearing with me.
This is the first meeting
I've ever chaired.
Yes, it showed.
What was that, David?
Please do share.
I said Andrew's inexperience
as a novice really showed.
Now, there's a reason we've been
discussing adultery today.
Unfortunately, Sister Levi
has had an annulment.
Oh, dear.
FYI, an annulment is not divorce.
The chapter's divorce rate
remains at zero.
And your annulment rate?
That's classified.
Elder Samson likes to keep a tight
lid on information.
It took me a whole year just to
learn his real first name. Abijah
The mysterious Bartholomew Samson
Annulment means the union
never took place.
Sister Levi was never married,
and that man and his boyfriend
were never in the Order.
Hey, it's not your fault
he wanted to be one flesh with his
personal trainer.
Garden of Gethsemane!
Please be sensitive, David.
Gone are the days of
overtly homophobic
Order pamphlets preaching damnation.
So you're OK with LGBTQ+ people?
Totally. Yes. No.
We're not OK with them.
Well, he says that, but he's
liberalising. Yesterday, he had
some rainbow Skittles. He wouldn't
have done that two years ago.
Let's use this as a reminder
to listen to each other.
I don't need a reminder
to listen to my wife, Andrew.
David, could you lower your voice,
please? Sweetie, David's talking.
Communication can prevent problems
such as adulterous images.
I should never have got him
that subscription to Men's Health.
It's not cheating to look
at an image.
Adultery is if you hold hands
or kiss lips, right, Samson?
No. Desiring an image is adultery.
Right, well, we'll leave David
to ponder whatever is he's done.
Let's wrap up.
So if she never married,
are her kids the result of
extramarital sex?
We're wrapping up.
Lemon squash, please. Make it
a stiff one.
I've got a lot on my mind.
Sister, can I trust
you with a personal secret?
Yes, of course. Yeah.
You see, the Elders have been asking
when I plan to remarry.
How do you feel about that?
I still miss Mary a lot. I sometimes
haul my rowing machine outside
just to exercise
by her memorial tree.
As the wind hits the branches, I can
almost hear her critiquing my form.
"Glutes and thighs, Andrew.
"Glutes and thighs."
I've been wearing her wedding ring
on this chain
for the last five years.
I think it may be time.
Could I perhaps entrust you to keep
it safe for me temporarily?
It's just a discreet favour.
It's not a big deal.
Not a big deal. Oh.
Yeah. Sorry.
Just, um, our little secret.
Nice and cloudy.
4:1 - that's the David ratio.
Now, remember,
kids, this is watercolour.
Really wet that canvas.
Run it under a tap if you have to.
Respectfully, Miss Simmonds,
are you qualified to teach Art?
Of course not, Aaron.
I'm not qualified to teach Maths
or History either, but here we are.
Oh, wow.
This is
Jesus and John the Baptist.
My parents asked for less violence,
so I drew them enjoying the
rejuvenating waters of the Jordan.
Yeah. Yeah, they're really
enjoying them.
This is really impressive, Aaron,
and I'm proud of you for being
so brave.
I just want to let you decide
whether or not we display it
to the class,
just cos kids can be so cruel.
I've already put my test sketches
up over there.
So the whole class
has already seen it.
Hey, what's up?
I was hoping to have
a chill one today,
but apparently I'm about to be
served a court document
Josh, we need to talk.
I like you, but the rules say
what we're doing is wrong,
and my parents will shun me
if I don't follow those rules.
Right. But maybe if they'd shun me,
that means they don't really care
about me and I should make my
own choices. Uh-huh
But the rules are there to protect
us from moral hazards, so Right.
I need to think more.
We were just going to watch a film.
That was really weird.
Got down on one knee? Wow.
For you, that's like getting
a full dick pic.
Oh, sh! There's nothing between us.
I'm very happy
with my husband, Andrew.
That was a mistake.
Obviously, I meant to say Andrew.
Oh, relax, Fiona. I know
it's not easy
being married to
a mushroom-headed clot.
Speak of the mushroom
and it will appear.
You unleash your womanhood.
I'm off to get a spray tan.
Next time you see me, I'll be
the colour of an Oompa Loompa,
the problematic ones from the '70s.
Um, David, we need to talk.
Believe me, Fiona, I know.
I have something to confess.
OK. Well, can we speak about
my things first?
A dark, disturbing confession.
Yesterday's session
made me realise
..I've not been faithful.
This is my Tupperware of sin.
Pop the lid off, and if you can
still bear to look at me,
let's talk.
Well, you're still here.
That's something. David,
what the hell am I looking at?
I'll excuse the blasphemy.
I know I've hurt you.
I've got no idea what this is.
The buxom woman in the sun bonnet
holding the grape-laden tray?
I fantasised about us together.
You mean
I imagined us lying in bed
while she
..stroked my hair and told me
about the drying process,
how grapes become raisins.
But the rabbit hole goes
still deeper.
This is from a perfume ad.
I couldn't even tell you her name.
David, this barely even
sounds sexual.
I've broken our marriage vows!
No, you haven't.
Promise me you won't make a big deal
out of this.
I've called a crisis meeting
with the Elders.
I know it might seem
Yes. Mm-hm.
But to find happiness,
we must cleave to the rules.
So, this is it - judgment for
the worst thing I've ever done.
I'm sorry there's so few of us.
It's difficult to get a full quorum
for such a minor infraction.
I'm human trash. I'd like
to make it clear
I don't think this is necessary.
She's being polite.
I know she's deeply offended
by what I did.
No, I'm not.
She's distraught!
You do seem distraught, Fiona.
Yes, I'm distraught this is
happening. Please make it stop.
Request has been made.
The meeting must be held.
Well, can we keep it very quick?
I do not want our neighbour Andrew
finding out about this.
Morning! Andrew's actually leading
the meeting.
So, David sent the church this box.
I'm told it contains pornography.
That's correct.
Is the porn hidden
under the raisin packets?
Don't you see? I coveted the women
in these pictures.
But you never made use of online
pornographic resources?
Excuse me?
Pornhub? YouPorn?
As a teenager, I succumbed
to these temptations.
I can admit that here among friends.
What are you writing there, Elder?
I'm extending your probation
by six months.
But I was just
Would you prefer nine?
Are you saying this doesn't
constitute adultery?
They're not naked, David. I can say
with confidence
that David has never seen
any woman other than me naked.
And even then, not for some time.
She might as well be naked with that
coquettish smile.
Fiona, I don't think you should
really take that Hello?
I don't think this warrants
further action, David.
You haven't even accessed online
pornography. And by the sounds
of it, you wouldn't even know how.
Aaron's in trouble at school.
Well, it seems I am to conduct
my own penance. I'm sorry
that from your high towers
you can't see
how truly depraved I am.
This will remain private, right?
You can make the minutes public
record. I won't hide my shame.
Would you like a hug, Fiona?
Yes, please.
What kind of school is this? You've
got kids ganging up on my son.
You're teaching
there were dinosaurs.
You're not on board with dinosaurs?
Pretty sure if there was such
a thing as a triceratops,
it would have come up in Genesis.
Let me reassure you, David,
The boys who did this to Aaron
will, of course, be suspended.
And the dinosaurs?
The boys will be suspended. Good.
Make it like they never existed.
Just like your so called
I believe they were bullying Aaron
because of a picture he drew.
Oh, he probably sketched them
being disembowelled or something.
I knew this was going to cause
Hm. Apparently,
they're his Bible heroes.
Impressively detailed. Yes.
So many details.
Obviously, young kids can be
very intolerant. Intolerant?
What are you implying?
Do I need to imply?
I'm going to take my son home now.
And I'm taking the drawing.
To hang it up?
To unpack its meaning.
What have you got there, Dad?
A raisin packet.
Which I'm enjoying for the fruit
it contains. For the right reasons.
It's been a long day.
The powers that be refused to accept
that I cheated on your mother.
Right. When you find someone you
love, you have to fight for them.
Let no obstacle stand in your way.
Even if you do hear the siren call
of a certain cardboard maiden.
Thanks, Dad.
For the advice.
Heading out?
See you in a couple of weeks.
I've got a whole plan, Rachel.
I know I've wronged you,
but I have the solution.
You're going to finally listen
to what I have to say.
I'm going on penance
to my uncle's holiday home.
What? That dilapidated trailer
isn't a holiday home, David.
The water supply is contaminated
by agricultural runoff.
It'll just be me,
the plywood walls and my sins.
And Aaron.
I'm taking Aaron with me. OK.
There's a deeper issue here.
A long-term issue.
Long-term, yes.
I've been amassing that Tupperware
for years.
You're just not listening to me!
I will be heard! I WILL BE!
What is that?!
Oh, yes. For you. 4K.
If the man in the store
is to be believed,
Mary's visions of Gabriel
didn't look this good.
But if you wanted to talk more
Do what you need to do. Thank you.
That's very mature.
My son and heir.
Are you concerned about what I drew?
No, Aaron.
No, I'm concerned
that you're unhappy,
that I haven't been there for you.
I want to rectify that.
So, here's the plan.
We go away to an isolated trailer.
That's it? That's it, Aaron.
The Stairway to Heaven is real.
And her name is the M64.
Hey. You came back.
That would have been one of the
weirdest farewells of all time.
Felt like you were
trying to break-up with me.
Well, that's not technically
Seeing as we're not exactly
I don't get it.
If he just told her about his ex,
none of this would be happening.
You haven't learned romcom
shorthand yet.
Soon the plot holes will
wash over you like soothing rain.
He's going to start kissing her
in ten seconds.
Don't think so, Josh.
There's a storm
and she's yelling at him,
and now she's pushing him. And
OK. You win.
Please don't go back
to Delaware.
Josh, um
I don't think we should kiss
unless we're going out.
Do you want to go out?
OK, do you wanna pick some music?
Have you got Worship Songs Volume 3?
Erm got Volume 4.
Volume 4's trash.
There's this tape left by the
previous owners, but those people
hung novelty dice from the mirror.
They were gamblers.
Big fluffy gamblers.
Let's try it. OK.
Steal your soul, Aaron.
I'm opening Pandora's box.
Build Me Up Buttercup
Why do you build me up
Build me up
Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down
Let me down
And mess me around
And then worst of all
Worst of all
You never call, baby
When you say you will
Say you will
But I love you still
I need you I need you
More than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have
from the start
So build me up Build me up
don't break my heart ♪
This track never gets old, Aaron.
It's our song now. You and me.
An enduring symbol
of our unbreakable bond.
Why do you build me up
Build me up
Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down
Let me down
And mess me around
And then worst of all
Worst of all
You never call, baby
When you say you will
Say you will
But I love you still
I need you I need you
More than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have
from the start ♪
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