Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e16 Episode Script

Anticipating a Fierce Fight

I'm home!
Welcome home.
What are you going to do for dinner today?
I'll be late, so I don't need any.
Got to go. Bye!
Boxing I wonder
what's so exciting about it.
-Hmm, let's see.
-Hey, I'm over here.
You are early, aren't you?
Well, this is the first time I'll get
to see him since he became a pro,
so I didn't want to be late.
All right, then.
Why don't we go right in
and grab some empty seats?
-Hey, that's Takamura.
-It sure is.
He looks big close up.
Should I ask him to shake hands with me?
He is indeed Takamura-san. He is famous.
Hey, look at that boy.
Looks like some people
are nice enough to remember me!
The KO time for the match which just ended
was three rounds, one minute, 50 seconds.
-It's next, isn't it?
-Yes, it's about to start at last.
Thank you.
She's the girl on the bicycle!
What are you doing?!
-Is she your type?
-No, not at all.
Don't be so embarrassed.
I see. Ippo is a man after all.
I'm telling you, that's not it.
-Excuse me.
Is E-18 around here?
Number 18 is right here.
You were using a little trick
to try and impress her.
-You deny it.
But you were actually taking
a thorough approach, weren't you?
That's not what it was!
I wonder if my zipper has been open
like this for a long time.
-Hey, look at that boy.
So they were talking about this?
She does smell good.
How long are you going to
remain distracted? The match will start.
I'm sorry.
I've been waiting for you, genius!
I've been keeping my eyes on him
since his debut.
Give it your best!
Ah! Miyata-kun!
Make sure you don't get punched
in the face!
It's impressive.
He already has this many fans.
I wonder if this girl
is a fan of his as well.
In the red corner,
of Kawahara Gym, 125 and a half pounds
Ichiro Miyata.
It's been a while since I saw him last.
The muscles around
his shoulders are different.
Yes, his entire body
has become one size larger.
In the blue corner,
of Maeda Gym, 125 pounds sharp.
Teruhiko Takada!
It'll get tricky for you
if he uses his legs.
-Stop his legs by hitting his stomach.
-All right.
His boxing style is a bit rough.
Don't drop your guard.
Okay, Dad.
For your information,
this is a second-round match
in the Eastern Japan
Rookie Championship Tournament.
Takada is a fighting boxer just like you.
Yes. Chief told me to watch him carefully.
Well, he'll be lucky
if his punch connects even once.
What? His feet aren't moving!
He's taking me lightly.
So he thinks he doesn't
need to use his feet against me!
Damn you!
He's throwing his shoulder at him!
How about this?! Since we're
this close, you can't dodge me.
-Exchange punches deliberately?
Well, if that's what you want!
Why? Miyata could have dealt with
such punches easily with his footwork!
What's going on? This is
like a match between in-fighters.
He is out-hitting him.
He's leading him on?!
What was that?
I didn't see anything.
This guy is indeed a genius!
He's on a different level!
Counter! Besides, his speed
and destructive power
is much better than before!
Good job.
Not at all. I got hit
with a few good ones.
That could be a fatal mistake
against some opponents.
Looks like it's not just
his body which has gotten tougher.
But why did he try
the game of hitting-each-other?
I guess he was afraid of making
some foolish boxer
feel overconfident if he couldn't knock
down an opponent of that level.
In addition to close-range
and rough fighting techniques
his counterpunches have become sharper.
He has fewer shortcomings.
That could happen to me
the way he is now.
I wonder why he wants
to do such a thing as boxing?
Miyata has won, though. Isn't she his fan?
Miyata is doing a great job,
so you should
While I'm talking seriously to you,
what's your nose doing?
You're tearing it up! Tearing it up!
It's hot!
Yagi-san! Let's buy an A/C!
You guys are both being lazy.
You both made it to the eight-round level.
Why don't you emulate
your junior's behavior?
My junior?
He is indeed tough, isn't he?
Have no choice,
I guess. Let's get started.
Hey, Ippo. We're going to spar!
Yes! Thank you!
Hey, your sides are wide open!
Hey, move your head
from side to side. Head!
-It's your turn.
-Here I come.
I'm ready!
Oh, they seem to be working hard.
Yes, Ippo is being a good stimulant
and we're getting fired up.
It's hot.
It's hot!
Can't you do anything about his match?
Uh, wellI've been negotiating
with many different venues, though.
Thank you so much!
-No problem.
Hey, you guys are working hard.
Oh, Fujii-san!
Oh, Mashiba won, too.
The opponent was covered with blood.
It was a horrific knockout.
Seeded fighters are winning as expected.
The third-seeded Yoshida
will win for sure.
Back when he was an amateur,
he had an impressive record.
But an upheaval took place.
An unheard-of boxer, Kobashi, won.
Do you want to watch?
He'll be your next opponent.
In the red corner,
126 pounds, of Ishin Gym
Mitsuo Yoshida!
Whoa. He looks strong.
Yoshida is not merely what he looks like.
Yoshida won second in the Interscholastic
Athletic Meet two years in a row.
So, that Kobashi guy who won
against him, he must be pretty tough.
In the blue corner,
124 pounds and a half, of Ohtaki Gym
Kenta Kobashi!
Well, your appearance isn't necessarily
proportionate to your strength.
He's good!
Good! It's a chance!
Hey! Why are you clinching now?
Oh, his jab just connected,
but not working.
Such punches won't connect.
Put your weight into it! More!
-Right on!
-That's it!
Huh? He can't be serious.
At any rate, his jab looks light.
Yoshida looks like
nothing's bothering him.
Clinching again?
Did he really win? Are you sure?
Repeating jab and clinch.
It's a monotonous game,
but I'm sure a climax is
coming up, right?
It's over
with no climax at all.
Hmm so he won by points.
Hey, congratulations!
Good for you.
Your next match will be easy.
Don't say such a thing.
His rhythm was thrown off by
the opponent's jabs and clinches.
If you lose sight of
your own boxing style, you will lose.
But I suppose it's impressive not
to let the seeded boxer fight his way.
That's right, sure.
It was a waste of time.
What is it?!
What the heck?
What's that?! He's coming through,
pushing the girls aside!
You, who the heck are you?!
This is the match of another seeded boxer.
What?! Then he is
the fourth-seeded boxer, Hayami.
A robe for a four-round match?
Five million years too soon!
He looks as if he thinks he has
the right to be surrounded by girls.
This is the type of guy
I can't forgive at all!
Come on over to middleweight.
I'll treat you real good.
I can't see!
I'm I'm sorry.
Tsk. How unlike me, I got carried away.
I can't forgive him after all.
Because of Hayami, Yoshida was
always number two throughout high school.
If the number two was like that, it's easy
to guess how pitiful number one is.
Wow. His opponent is
showing a pretty good fighting spirit.
Of course he is.
Stare him down, harder!
Damn! How much
more hateful is he going to get?
Right on! Beat up Hayami!
Punch right into his face!
He's fast!
Right here! Don't take
your eyes off of Hayami's arms.
His arms?
How many punches do you think he threw
in before the referee stopped him?
Twenty-seven punches.
With his fast barrage of punches,
Hayami conquered
the Interscholastic Tournament.
It's called "the shotgun."
The shotgun.
His sense of boxing is extraordinary.
Based on his given talent only,
Hayami might exceed Miyata.
Exceeding Miyata-kun?
In speed and reflexes,
he might be as good as Miyata.
No, in speed, he is beyond Miyata.
I'm going back to my practice.
Was it too much for him?
His goal is to fight
against Miyata in the final.
So it was a good stimulant
to boost his spirit.
But he's up against another big wall.
The shotgun.
Now there is a bakery here.
Good evening!
It's late, so they are all leftovers.
Excuse me.
These are all freshly baked
and they are all tasty.
She is that girl!
There's no way
she remembers somebody like me.
The total is 450 yen.
Thank you!
Excuse me?
Uh yes.
Are you all right?
Uh well you don't have to help me
Here you go. Is this all that you dropped?
You're welcome.
I guess she doesn't remember me.
I only picked up her ticket.
Excuse me.
-This is a free gift for you.
We are about to close
and I don't want to waste them.
If they are good, please come back.
Thank you so much.
I wonder if she'll come
see a boxing match again.
She might happen to see my match.
Well, that'd be too good to be true.
No. That's possible.
They say good things come in threes.
Gee. It's burning hot today again.
Huh? Where is Ippo?
He is out for roadwork.
Oh, really?
-He's as fired up as usual.
But don't you think it's a bit too much?
Ippo, too much of
a workout has an adverse effect.
Make sure you take breaks.
Hey, something strange
is going on with him.
What's up? Is there something wrong?
Please take a look at him.
Ah! That nose!
What's going on?
When his nose is puffed up like that
Then what?
He is getting excited about a woman!
No, that's not it!
I've been thinking
he has been unusually fired up.
That's what this is all about?!
Truly, that's not it! Please believe me!
I'm telling you the truth.
Well, if you insist.
If you indulge yourself in women,
you can't survive in this world.
That's exactly right.
Those who make an effort
when others are having fun
can laugh in the end.
Boxing is such a hungry sport.
Those who give themselves up for
women have their energy taken away and
Are you guys jealous?
Oh, my, how ugly
it is for guys to be jealous.
Damn! That's right.
I want to be surrounded by girls too.
Wait and see! Someday,
I will have my own
women only cheering squad!
Oh, cute girls!
My fighting style will capture
young ladies' hearts nice and secure!
I'll create my own harem,
and it'll be exciting and naughty
My heart and body are in heaven,
and with my ultimate technique,
we'll go all the way!
What on earth is going on with Aoki-san?
Don't worry too much.
But I'll give you one piece of advice.
When it comes to women, you'd
better not take what Aoki says seriously.
Why is that?
These are what he calls "the cute girls."
What? The cute girls?
The guy's got some sort
of weird fetish for dogfaces.
Imagine getting that cheering squad.
I think he'll be back soon.
I'm home!
Oh, he's back.
A phone call from Takamura-kun.
My title match has been decided!
We're going to have
a training camp for a week in Izu!
The old man can't come,
but Aoki and Kimura will.
You come too!
What? This is such short notice.
Don't make excuses!
Hurry up and pack your stuff!
But I have to help my mother.
I'm coming! Please take me with you!
All right!
This is going to be
a tough camp. Be prepared!
A training camp. All right!
What? What are you doing?!
I told you not to blow up
my dear dolphin yet!
Well, I can hardly wait.
Takamura-san, is this
enough sun tan lotion?
Yeah, that'll be enough.
The beach without the old man.
It's going to be hard.
Shift weight. In-fighter's
sharp footwork to follow the opponent.
Brilliant footwork of the out-fighters.
The source of sharp moves
which excite the audience.
These are all built up
through disciplined efforts.
My very first training camp.
No matter how hard it may be,
I will keep up for sure.
If I can't do that, I won't possibly
be able to win a match in the future.
Next time, "Ippo on the Beach."
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