Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e41 Episode Script

Barf-michi's Big Fight

Oh, no!
I'm sorry!
I got too absorbed in training and forgot.
I'm fine here. Don't worry
about me and keep training.
Oh. Okay, thanks.
See you later!
Aoki, Kimura.
I entered you in the A-Class Tournament.
Thank you, sir.
All right, I'm gonna do it this year!
Excuse me, but what is
this A-Class Tournament?
It's a tournament for eight-round boxers
with A-Class licenses.
The most powerful challengers,
including those with first ranking
are competing in it,
so it's really high-level.
And Aoki-san and Kimura-san
are taking part in this tournament?
Yeah! Isn't it amazing?
-Kid, you're taking part as well!
I entered you
thinking you wouldn't refuse.
Me? In the A-Class Tournament?
The match intervals are short,
and you have to fight
before you can shake off the damage.
However, if you keep winning
as you just suggested,
you will be given priority
challenging rights to the Japan title.
Priority challenging rights
to the Japan title.
-I'll do it!
-Yes. And you.
-Take the next certification exam.
Certification exam?
If you use everything
you've learned so far,
there shouldn't be a problem.
Certification exam.
Hey, don't start getting scared now.
You fool! Who do you think
trained you anyway? Us!
That's right! I know you'll be fine,
All right, let's aim for mutual victory
and Barf-michi passing the exam.
Actually, I have happy news
to add to that.
A TV show is going to be doing
a report on our gym.
What? A TV show, sir?
And the interviewer
is none other than Kumiko Morita.
Kumiko-chan, the idol?
What'll I do? I'm a fan of hers!
You'll be interviewed on how you box
and about your hopes and aspirations.
Apparently, it won't take much time,
so play along.
An interview with Kumiko-chan
It's good to be a boxer.
Kumiko Morita, huh?
I can't afford to be doing roadwork
at a time like this.
-Since when?
I want you guys to stay in the background.
I'm the only one
who gets to show off to Kumiko.
What? That's unfair!
Everyone should be given a fair chance.
I can't hear anything.
I won't back down this time!
Your tyranny will be displayed
on television!
Shut up! Want me to fix you up
so you can't appear on TV at all?
You're giving us material to use.
We'll have to split her equally
three ways.
Three ways? They've excluded you, Sempai.
Hello, everyone! I'm Kumiko Morita.
Today I will introduce boys
who stake their youths on boxing.
Actually, my heart is racing right now.
Maybe I'm a little afraid
to open the door.
But I'll give it my best.
I'm going to throw myself
into today's interview.
-She's here!
-It's the real thing!
Is this no holds barred?
What are you thinking?
I want your autograph!
Sign this here.
Me, too, please. I'll frame it!
That's not really what we expected.
Maybe we should have chosen another gym.
Hey, camera guy. Get a shot of this.
I'll make your trip worthwhile.
This is the greatest punch in the world!
That's the Japan Middleweight
champion, Takamura-san
The heavy sandbag is shaking like a leaf.
Kumiko-chan, look over here.
This is called "mouth boxing."
Punches stop before they hit,
but it's important training
to nurture our feel for a match.
They're being all giddy.
It's kind of sloppy.
No, this is definitely
a gym full of high-ranking boxers.
Even with all their nonsense,
their moves are impressive.
-Avoid his face.
This is definitely
the realm of fighting men.
I can feel the heat from every corner.
I want to do something, too.
Something that would
appeal to Kumiko-chan.
No! I'm getting stupid.
My goal is to fight Date-san.
I have to forget
about the camera and practice.
I'm not jealous.
I can't get sucked into their pace.
I'm starting to go along with them
to become The Idiotic Four!
-Excuse me, Makunouchi?
-Uh, yes?
Can I get you to do a little sparring?
Sparring, sir?
I'm not going to just be watching,
I'm going to experience sparring for real.
My opponent is ranked fifth
in Featherweight,
the rising hope getting all the buzz,
boxer Makunouchi.
Why does it have to be Ippo?
Damn it!
Wow, I've never seen
such a cute fighting pose before.
You can do it lightly,
but I want you to throw pretend punches.
Huh? Yes, sir!
Eek! That looks so dangerous!
I know it's only pretend,
but I can't aim for her face.
For now, I'm going to try for a body blow.
She'll be able to dodge something
like this, right?
I got hit.
You thug! You went right for it!
It hit here! It hit here, right?
Your angle is bad!
Hit her from below! Use a combination!
Go, Ippo, go!
Don't listen! You'll get sucked
into his pace!
Those have a lot of kick.
I shouldn't underestimate her.
Sempai, what's wrong with you?
Ippo, you bastard! Tag me in!
God damn it!
I'd kill him if it weren't for the camera.
Finish it already, Ippo.
The first round hasn't ended yet.
We'll take turns killing him.
We'll settle it
by rock-paper-scissors, okay?
Thanks for your time, everyone!
Thanks for coming!
Come back again sometime!
You're starting to act like them, Sempai.
Oh, it's started.
Ooh, it's Kamogawa Gym!
Yeah, but it's kind of embarrassing
to watch yourself on TV, eh?
That's true. It's nothing
like having your fight broadcast.
And now let's ask everyone
at Kamogawa Gym about their goals.
My goal? Naturally,
to become the strongest man in the world.
As for my goals, I guess
I want to get higher in the ranking.
Wow, you all got interviewed.
You're up, Ippo.
My goal?
Well, I'm committing myself
to fight and win matches one
at a time, but actually
Damn, you get on my nerves.
Spit it out already!
Not now.
I want to fight
the Japan champion Eiji Date-san.
That's my only goal right now.
Whew! Thank goodness
I didn't say anything weird.
What's wrong?
Do you understand
the meaning of what you just said?
You just challenged Eiji Date
on national television.
What? I was only telling her
about my current goal.
Well, now, I wonder
how the old guy will react?
He's so strong, he can't even find
an opponent for a defense fight.
Now that you've challenged him,
there's the possibility
he may reverse-nominate you
for his next defense fight.
His next? Out of the question!
That's way too fast!
I hope the old guy agrees with you.
Now I'm nervous. I think I'll practice.
Hey, they're showing another gym.
Oh, so ours wasn't the only gym
they filmed?
This is Otowa Gym.
There is a fighter here who came
from a faraway land to realize his dream.
This fighter is ranked third
in the Japan Featherweight class.
This is Alexander Volg Zangeif
from Russia.
Russia is in the process
of taking over the amateur boxing world
in nearly every weight class.
I believe that our current level
is good enough for professional boxing.
I came to Japan
staking the pride of my motherland.
It is my mission to become
a professional world champion.
For that goal, I will start out
by using the Japan title as a step.
My current goal
is to take Eiji Date's belt!
-I think this guy is last year's
-Amateur World Champ.
Is he gonna be in
the A-Class Tournament too?
That's probable.
Russia, huh? We got one more challenge
from somewhere really unexpected.
It's kind of nerve-wracking
being his only escort.
Takamura-san and the others said
they'd probably come and didn't.
I've got to get my act together
as his mentor.
I know Yamada-kun won't have a problem
with the written test,
but sparring is another matter.
It's common to get too nervous
to do your best.
I was a wreck when I took it.
I got into the ring
And the lights were so bright
And Mashiba-san was there
It's been two years since then.
The written test is over.
He's not there.
Don't forget to punch left,
shake your head
I thought so.
Like this and this
I thought I'd rehearse it.
It's all right. Just do it as usual.
You've been running and sparring
with Japan rankers for a long time now.
That's true. There's no way
any of the other applicants
are stronger than you
or the guys at the gym.
That's the way. Okay, let's go!
Take deep breaths. You have to relax.
Take a deep breath
I forgot we were in the bathroom!
Yamada-kun is next.
Maybe they're with someone
from another gym.
What was that supposed to be?
And he actually practiced?
They don't have to say that so loudly.
Next, Number 16 and Number 17!
Yes, sir!
-What a schmuck.
-He put on too much resin and tripped.
-Are you all right?
Just calm down and show them
what you learned at your gym.
You can do it.
Aw, you have to shake your head!
We did that in practice!
What a loser!
There's no need to laugh at him.
Yeah! That's the jab!
He's so slow.
The gym that produced him has no shame.
You have no idea how hard
he worked to accomplish that.
You can do it, Yamada-kun!
Ref, stop them!
It's painful to watch!
What's with you?
Why are you laughing at him?
He's an applicant!
He's supposed to be awkward!
You want something?
He's clumsy, so he has no choice
but to pummel on,
even if it looks bad.
Do you even know how it feels
to be in his position?
What's your problem?
Are you picking a fight with us?
No You're wr
He got a knockdown.
Number 16, that's good.
You tried very hard.
-Now go wait for the results.
-Yes, sir.
Sempai, how did I do? Did I do my best?
Even though I got a knockdown,
it could be disallowed.
I took hits, so I was getting anxious.
Was it not good, Sempai?
Yamada-kun, you tried really hard.
Heh! Get a room, you two losers.
Barf-michi passed the test, right?
We made a boxer out of him.
By the way, who are you calling shameless?
You guys enjoy the moment.
-Good work!
You did good, Barf-michi.
You passed the test for sure.
Hey, you guys congratulate him, too!
It was a brilliant sparring session.
Because he's from
the fabulous Kamogawa Gym.
It's those hecklers.
Don't sit there and let them
badmouth one of ours.
You stood up to them a little,
so we'll let you off lightly this time.
It'll never happen again.
I see, so you passed.
You did it! Congratulations.
Thank you for all your help.
-Yagi-chan, the printout.
What's this?
Entry chart for the A-Class Tournament.
All right! Who am I up against?
Are both Sendo-san
and Mashiba-san not entered?
Sendo-kun is taking a personal route
in the Kansai region.
As for Mashiba-kun
Mashiba's entered
in the Junior Light class!
This isn't funny.
I don't want to fight
that freaky monster of a guy.
Mashiba-kun raised his weight class
due to weight reduction trouble.
Are there eight guys in the Light class?
You're lucky. Featherweight looks easy.
It only has four fighters.
You'll have your victory in two fights.
I wouldn't call it easy.
The truth is, the moment Volg entered,
three of the seven Featherweight fighters
who originally entered cancelled.
They cooked up
convenient excuses and fled.
Japan rankers fled?
That's how much of a threat Volg is.
Man, it's so hot.
Why the gloomy faces?
The entry charts
for the A-Class Tournament came in.
So that's why everybody's nervous.
Man, it must be rough being a small fry!
What? Don't take it so seriously.
Fine. I'll whip you shaky bozos
into shape with my superior skills.
The season is just right,
so let's go for our annual training camp.
Training camp, huh?
Sounds good.
That's what enabled you
to make rapid progress.
Uh, right!
You come, too!
If you can withstand training camp,
you'll catch up to those two in no time.
What's this? Are you guys
still in fifth ranking?
Yes! I'd love to take part in it!
You don't have to try so hard!
I wish you failed the certification exam!
But why?
I'm home!
Mom! Huh? What's wrong?
I fell asleep for a bit.
Hey, listen. Yamada-kun
passed the certification exam.
And now there's talk of me and Aoki-san
and Kimura-san going to training camp
to be at our best
in the A-Class Tournament.
So, would it be okay
if I took a week off work?
You're going to fight strong people,
aren't you?
You don't want to lose, so go ahead.
-Can I?
Thanks, Mom!
Training camp!
I was able to win and keep on fighting,
all thanks to training camp.
The A-Class Tournament.
I need the right amount of confidence
and preparation to fight in it.
If I go to training camp
I can't wait!
You depart in two days.
I want you five
to get into the proper spirit.
-Yes, sir!
This time around I will accompany you
from Day One.
-What is it?
Oh, nothing.
It's over.
He sure is fired up.
Of course he is.
If he wins the A-Class Tournament,
he'll finally be up for the title match.
He's really enthusiastic
about training camp.
I haven't forgotten the vow
we made under last year's fireworks.
Our goal is to win the Tournament
and the champion belt.
You're all amazing.
We just got a call from the hospital.
It's your mother.
I don't have any details,
but apparently your mother collapsed.
She's sleeping right now,
hooked up to an IV.
She needs to be hospitalized
for about a month.
They said she collapsed
after getting off a boat.
She's anemic from overwork.
Her fatigue has accumulated,
so we have to allow her to rest slowly.
I'm sorry.
I didn't help you when you were so tired
that you collapsed.
Don't worry about me and keep training.
Go ahead.
All I did was think about myself.
Getting excited about training camp
I I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
Fighting pose.
A pose made while boxing.
Something that is acquired
through daily training.
But it can't be helped
if I lose everything I've trained for,
down to the basics
of my two years of training.
I can't possibly keep boxing
if it makes Mom work too hard for me.
Next time, "Sharing a Dream."
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