Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e42 Episode Script

Sharing a Dream

-So, you're our captain today, huh?
What happened to your mother?
Oh, she's a little under the weather.
Is she all right?
Well, sure.
I think she'll be taking time off work
for a while to rest up, though.
I see. I guess that means
you'll be our captain for a while.
Yes, sir!
You're dependable.
I wish I had a son like you
who always does his mother proud.
Please, I'm not a dependable son.
You don't have to be so modest.
Your mother always sounds really happy
when she talks about you.
Well, today was a wash.
We normally get more bites than that.
I'm sorry! It's my fault for not knowing
the good fishing spots.
Oh, sorry. You can't help it
because you're new at it.
Find us a good spot to fish
for the next time, okay?
Yes, sir.
I have to learn where to fish,
and quickly.
When I get home,
I'll unthaw the frozen bait
and organize payment slips.
I think there's a group booking
for the morning.
I'll have to start carrying
in the boxes at 4:00 A.M.
What a schedule!
It's so sudden, it makes my head spin.
Did Mom do all this every day
and cook meals as well?
I can't wimp out!
It's up to me to do it. Me!
About the points
This place is good in the morning,
but does it differ a lot at other times?
There? They stop biting there
once night approaches.
I showed you the spot
near the lighthouse the other day.
Take care!
And then he lost the big fish
he worked so hard for.
And then
I'm sorry about this.
It's all my fault
for letting this happen to me.
If things had gone right,
you'd be at training camp about now.
You have a match coming up,
so you can close up shop for a while.
I can't do that!
If we take a vacation,
our clients will go elsewhere.
You worked so hard to make it what it is.
I thought it might come to this,
so I put an ad in the classifieds,
but nobody responded to it.
I'm fine, really!
Maybe I should just up and quit
the fishing boat business.
Think about it.
It doesn't bring in a lot of money.
But what about the boat?
That's the boat Dad left us.
Don't worry, okay?
I'm handling both work and training,
and it's not that difficult.
It'll be fine.
Aw, it's started to rain.
Yeah. Damn.
We can't even
go to the beach at this rate.
It's your fault, you rain man!
It has to be him!
We didn't get a single day of rain
when we brought Ippo.
Knock it off, you bozos!
With the old man here,
it's all the same, rain or shine.
You have a point.
I wonder how Sempai is doing.
I overslept!
It's light enough to take out the boat.
Ippo, huh?
According to Yagi-san,
he hasn't shown up at the gym since then.
What does that mean?
Whew, I got it ready on time somehow.
But I wasn't able to do roadwork.
Actually, he might quit boxing.
You can't make a living
off fight money alone.
In this world, there are plenty of cases
of gifted boxers disappearing
due to family circumstances.
No way.
It's too late to say it,
but I haven't trained enough.
That's for sure.
I can't possibly fight
in the tournament now.
Both work and boxing
are too much to handle.
I'm seeing my limits.
Which means I have to choose one.
Work or boxing.
I don't have to give that decision
a second thought.
I won't let my mother
go through that again.
I have to help her out from now on.
I've gotten this far. It's good enough!
Takamura-san, what does it mean
to be strong?
How does it feel?
It's not enough.
I started boxing because I wanted
to know what it was like to be strong.
Date-san might know the answer.
I might get my answer if I fight him.
I can't quit boxing.
Mom, how are you feeling?
Oh, you're early today.
What are you doing?
As you can see, I'm going home.
Going home? What are you talking about?
You still have to rest.
I can't sleep properly worrying
about you being alone and the business.
And besides, I bet work
is keeping you so busy,
you haven't had time to train.
After all, the most important thing
to you right now is boxing practice.
I was naïve.
Even if Mom gets better
and is released from the hospital,
she'll strain herself again for sure.
It'll go on as long as I continue boxing.
Because of me!
Well, I'm all set.
Actually, I've been wavering
on whether to quit boxing or not.
But like you said,
boxing is most important to me,
and I love it, so I can't give it up.
I have to give it up.
Since I haven't trained enough
to be in the tournament anyway,
I can resume training
for real once you recover.
Give it up.
Are you really okay with that?
So I want you to rest until then. Okay?
I won't let my mother
strain herself ever again.
Even if I'm not a pro,
I can always continue boxing as a hobby.
That's good enough. That's enough.
What a haul!
And it's all thanks
to the skill of our captain.
You're starting to fill out that uniform.
I enjoyed myself thoroughly today.
See you later.
Oh, thank you so much!
I'm filling out the uniform, huh?
"Dear Makunouchi-kun."
"I am sending you five matches' worth
of Saeki's fights on video tape."
"Please study them."
"As a boxing fan,
I truly hope Ippo Makunouchi
will continue professional boxing."
Fujii-san, thank you.
But I've already made my decision.
-What's your problem? Keep it down.
-I'm sorry.
Can't you sleep?
I'm too worried about Sempai.
Your worrying won't help his situation,
you know.
That's true, but
Still, it is something to worry about.
You really think he'll quit?
Think of something else.
Tomorrow, we get to go to the beach
on our own.
Oh, that's right!
The chief is going out tomorrow.
That means we'll be able to enjoy
the beach in the sunniest mood.
All right, then.
Tomorrow let's paint the beach red.
Due to the approaching typhoon,
gale force warnings
are in effect today
from the southeast to the Izu area.
Furthermore, there is a danger
of high waves near the seaside,
so please exercise caution.
-It's you, you rain man!
You are the harbinger of death!
The harbinger of poverty!
You just had to bring both
the old man and a typhoon this year!
That's ridiculous!
Don't make excuses! Take responsibility!
I I can't breathe.
Let's see. This is the money earned,
and this is the money spent.
What a gale.
Is anybody home?
Coming! I'll be right there.
Um, who might you be?
What are you talking about? It's me, me!
Oh! Umezawa-kun.
So what brings you here all of a sudden?
Actually, I have a huge favor to ask you.
Would you Would you let me work
at "Fishing Boat Rental Makunouchi"?
Huh? But why?
I heard the rumor that your mom got sick
and you haven't been to the gym.
Well, yeah.
Don't be such a stranger.
Why didn't you ask me,
your friend, for help?
Wait just a moment.
-Didn't you join the workforce?
-I quit.
You quit? Why?
Actually, I decided to stake myself
on my dream.
-Anyway, have a look.
These are good!
Did you draw these, Umezawa-kun?
I had no idea that you were so gifted.
Hey, is your dream
to become a manga artist?
That's incredible! What genre
are you going for?
Boxing manga, about you
until you become champ.
What? You don't have to wig out like that.
But it's so sudden.
And me? The champ?
Besides, I'm sorry,
but I'm quitting boxing
I know.
That's where I come in.
If I help you with the business,
you'll get the time you need to train
and I'll get material for my manga.
It's like two birds with one stone,
don't you think?
That's true, but
It's also for the good of my manga.
I want you to continue
with professional boxing.
Please, Ippo! I'm begging you!
All right, please carry that.
Whoa, this is heavy.
How can Ippo carry
five or six of these things?
That explains how
he got his punching strength.
Are you okay?
Sure. I'm beyond okay.
I've already learned something.
-Watch your feet, okay?
-Yeah, I know.
This thing really sways. That makes sense.
His lower body strength and good balance
were trained into him
by the swaying of this boat.
Now, this is the luggage
of the night fishing clients.
It's a lot, but do your best.
Sure, leave it to me.
Umezawa-kun, hurry!
Is this for real?
Does Ippo really do all this
every single day?
Hey, buddy, you look kind of green.
You okay?
I'm great.
Umezawa-kun is really working hard.
If he keeps it up,
I really might be able to start training.
Hey, buddy!
I'm sorry about what happened today.
Yeah. You should go home
and get some rest.
See you again tomorrow.
He probably won't come back.
This work makes my head spin
and I'm used to it.
It can't be helped.
I'll have to do my best on my own again.
I can't take it anymore.
I don't plan to cop out,
but I'm going to die at this rate.
I'm so sorry.
It looks like I'll be a half-assed
juvenile delinquent forever.
The real reason I quit was
because I hated my superior harping at me.
I don't know who I am anymore.
Hey, you're late.
This is the last of the baggage.
-Go do your roadwork!
-No, I'll help.
-Just go!
If you can't box,
it means my manga won't get anywhere.
So get going!
I didn't think you'd come.
I'm sorry! I thought
I thought I'd never see you again.
Once I finish my manga,
I'll show it to you first.
I'll make you say it's good for sure.
Yeesh. Camp is over,
so what's with the doom and gloom?
Thinking about Ippo again?
If you're that worried,
let's drop by his place later.
Well, I'll be!
What is it?
Oh, welcome back.
Sempai! I thought
you stopped coming to the gym.
What about the store?
Actually, a friend of mine
is being a real help,
so I was able to free up a lot of time,
so I'm resuming training from today.
Then you're not quitting boxing?
If that's settled,
get your butt into the ring.
Let's see how you are.
Why are you backing away?
You're completely out of shape!
Takamura-san, you're overdoing it!
Shut up and watch.
That's a "welcome home" in his style.
This pain I'm home!
What are you grinning about?
Snap out of it!
-Are you okay, Ippo?
You overdid it.
Oh, quit chattering!
I made sure to ease up.
It's nothing serious, right? Get up, you.
Huh? Maybe it really got to him.
I thought he was grinning.
I'm sorry. I
I'm home.
I'm home.
I'm home!
Outboxer. A boxer
who uses footwork to his favor
to fight at a distance from his opponent.
Their creed is speed.
If an outboxer can't catch you,
they have no means of winning.
I don't want to lose!
I want to give back
to those who care so much about me.
I haven't had enough training,
but I must do something
to capture him
to bring the fight into close-range.
Next time, "The Speed Star."
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