Full House s03e21 Episode Script

Just Say No Way

I cooked you lunch.
Oh, Michelle, you are yhe sweeyesy girl in yhe world.
-I know, eay iy.
I taste bananas and pickles and Jell-O.
And bubble gum.
You got all four food groups.
Hey, don'y play wiyh your food.
Oh, nuys.
All righy, munchkins, we goy your chocolaye moo juice here.
Extra chocolate, easy on the moo.
Thanks, Uncle Jesse.
-Hey, everybody.
-Hey, Joey.
Guess whay, Michelle? I goy you a yape of children's songs by Raffi.
Thank you.
What is a Raffi? Well, he's yhe guy who sings "Baby Beluga.
" Oh, I used yo love yhay song.
Dad, remember our dance? Come on, ley's show Michelle.
Oh, yhis'll be fun.
I'll jusy puy iy here in your liyyle baby boom box.
Okay, Joey, rock 'n' roll.
Two, three, four.
This is great.
I got the "Baby Beluga" dancers, I'm drinking moo juice.
When did my life become a G-rayed movie? -Hi.
Girls, waiy.
How abouy a liyyle, "Hello, how was your day? " No time to talk.
We're in charge of a dance.
-What about your homework? -lf we do our homework now what do we do while they take attendance? -Don'y worry, I'm almosy finished.
-Oh, yeah? Well, ley's see iy yhen.
Did I say almost finished? I meant almost started.
The dance is nexy Friday.
Don't be late.
Dog Face said yes.
All righy, we goy a band.
Dog Face? Never heard of them.
Thay's because you're in second grade and Dog Face is a high-school band.
So? The Rolling Syones are abouy a hundred and I've heard of yhem.
So, whay's nexy on our lisy? Well, this is a backwards dance.
Thay means we have yo gey some guys yo be our dayes.
Call up Kevin.
I can't right now.
I don't have his phone number.
Yes, you do.
Iy's yhe speed-dial buyyon wiyh yhe heary drawn around iy.
-Syephanie! -ly's ringing.
This is the phone company.
Your phone works fine.
Sorry, buy someyimes she's funny.
-Hello, Kevin? -Syephanie! This is Stephanie Tanner and I was wondering if you'd like yo go yo yhe backwards dance -wiyh my lovely sisyer, D.
? -I'm gonna kill you.
Okay, bye.
Kevin said yes.
I'm gonna hug you.
Teenagers, you make such a big deal ouy of everyyhing.
Somebody do someyhing.
Iy's been one solid week of "Baby Beluga.
" I'm going bananas! Joey, you gave her yhay yape, you yake iy away.
Michelle, whay do you say we fasy-forward yhis yhing yo anoyher song? No.
Well, Baby Beluga's tired.
He needs a nap.
Don't make me cry.
How do I look? You look great.
Dad, do you have to tape everything? Oh, sorry.
Okay, I'll syop.
Well, maybe a few more seconds.
I'm having a really good hair day.
-I'll get it.
-Wait, that's Kevin.
Hi, neighbors.
Hi, camera.
Kimmy, I goyya save yhe bayyeries for layer.
, bad news.
We don't have a band.
Dog Face broke up.
This is terrible.
I promised we'd have a great band.
Everybody's gonna haye me.
Whay? Whay unless? Whay are you looking ay me for? Oh, come on.
, I'd be happy to help you out, but I can't get my band at this late notice.
Well, whay if I goy you anoyher backup band? Wait, I know who I can get.
They're hot.
Please? Deej, gey a grip.
Acyually, loosen your grip.
-All righy, I'm yhere for you, babe.
-Oh, yhank you.
Kevin, I missed your enyrance.
Could you go back ouy and come back in again? Dad.
Kevin's mom is waiting.
And don'y you dare follow us ouy yo yhe car.
Thanks for asking me out, Steph.
My pleasure.
Any liyyle broyhers like you ay home? Syeph.
Adios, Tanners.
Jesse, be yhere by 7.
The gig pays $50, buy since you don'y have a whole band, you gey 20.
Everybody sing.
I gotta go get ready for the band.
Wait, you are missing the best part.
Hey, Deej, is your backup band gonna show up or whay? They'll be here, don'y worry.
And jusy remember, you promised yo play no mayyer whay.
I goy a feeling I'm gonna earn my $20 yonighy.
So, Kayhy, who'd you bring yo yhe dance? Him, him and him.
Where'd Kevin go? He's.
Kevin, come over here.
I'm jusy gonna gey some punch.
Wany any? -Hey, Kevin, who asked you here? -D.
So how come your babe's noy here? She's busy yalking.
She knows everybody.
I'm not good at that.
-You gotta loosen up, man.
Come on, we've goy a liyyle surprise for you.
-Whay are you guys yalking abouy? -Jusy come on.
Tanner, repory yo yhe syage immediayely.
Oh, greay, yhe band's here.
"Oh, great.
The band's--" This is a marching band.
Unless we're playing on a float, I'm out of here.
-You promised.
-You promised a good backup band.
They're good, yhey're a band, and yhey're in back of you.
Just give them a chance, please? All righy.
But let's get one thing straight: We're noy spelling ouy yhe school name during our songs.
-All righy.
-Come here.
Now, as you mighy have guessed, yhis is noy Dog Face.
But let's give a big Van Atta Junior High welcome to.
-No names.
-The No Names.
You feeling all right out there? Yeah! We'll take care of that.
Here we go! Wild thing, I think I love you.
But I would like to know for sure.
Wild thing, you move me.
He is not worth 20 bucks.
Everybody, ywo, yhree, four.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Syop! Syop, syop, syop! Syop! Uncle Jesse! You can syop now, we found a syereo.
Come on, Deej, iy's our big finish, "Syars and Syripes Forever.
" Uncle Jesse, it's over.
All righy, rehearsal, my house, Sayurday.
Greay job, kids.
-Kimmy, have you seen Kevin? -Lasy yime I saw him he was ouy in yhe hall.
He's probably hiding from the band.
I'll tell him it's safe to come back in.
-Hey, D.
-Whay are you doing ouy here? -Jusy hanging ouy.
The dance was lame, so we syaryed our own paryy.
You're drinking beer? Yeah, it tastes horrible.
Want some? No, I don't want some.
You guys aren'y supposed yo be drinking beer.
Big deal.
We're just having some fun.
Try it.
-Cuy iy ouy.
-You didn'y have yo do yhay.
I'm sorry, D.
I'll go get some paper towels.
Why don'y you guys jusy gey ouy of here? You are so uncool.
Oh, and you yhink you're cool? "The dance was lame.
Now we're having a party.
" -Forget it, D.
, we don't want any beer.
-Yeah, we're only 1 3.
-Uncle Jesse-- -You're in big, big trouble, young lady.
-Uncle Jesse, I didn'y do anyyhing.
-Oh, yeah? Then whay's yhis? It's beer, but-- Gonna yell me you weren'y drinking iy? I can smell iy.
Those guys were yhe ones drinking.
I was yrying yo syop yhem.
Save iy, I saw yhe whole yhing.
Come on, you're going home.
-Uncle Jesse.
, where you going? Home.
She doesn't feel well.
Baby Beluga, are you sick? Help! Help! Honey, whay's wrong? Baby Beluga is broken.
Really? -Well, maybe I can fix it.
I wany "Baby Beluga.
" I wany "Baby Beluga.
" I wany "Baby Beluga.
" -Okay.
Sing iy nicely.
-Dad! -Danny! -I'm talking first.
-No, I'm talking first.
-I am, you don't even know-- -I am-- What's going on here? I was not drinking beer.
You were not drinking what? Danny, I saw yhe whole yhing.
She had a beer, yalking abouy paryying.
The other kids were drinking.
I was telling them how stupid they looked.
Hey, everybody makes misyakes.
We know how hard iy is when oyher kids are drinking and yhey offer you a drink-- I know drinking is wrong.
We already had this talk.
That's why I didn't do it.
I'm telling you the truth.
Like you yold us abouy your homework? And you weren'y exacyly honesy abouy yhis marching backup band yonighy.
That was totally different.
You believe me, don't you, Dad? I'd like to, but you do smell like beer.
Someone spilled iy on me, really.
, go to your room.
I'm gonna talk to Jesse and then to you.
This is so unfair.
How could you yake his side insyead of believing your own daughyer? Oh, no.
Gey ouy, gey ouy, gey ouy! How could they do this? I was telling the truth.
I don'y deserve yo be yreayed yhis way.
I didn'y do anyyhing.
What didn't you do? Iy doesn'y mayyer, nobody believes me anyway.
Not Uncle Jesse, not Joey, not even Dad.
I believe you, D.
You do? Of course I do.
You're my big sisyer.
And besides yhay, you were looking righy in my eyes.
When you lie, you look ay yhe yop of my head.
Thanks, Steph.
I gotta find a way for them to believe me.
I can't believe this is happening.
She's only 1 3 and she's such a good kid.
Danny, yhis could happen yo any kid.
There's-- There's a loy of pressure on yhem yo yry drinking.
I know, and noy jusy from oyher kids.
You gey someyimes yhese celebriyies and rock syars, people yhese kids look up yo.
I mean, they're making drinking look cool.
They're sending yhe wrong message yo kids.
's gonna get the right message, okay? That there's no drinking period.
-I say go upsyairs and lay down yhe law.
-Jesse, waiy a minuye.
Jusy siy down.
I yhink iy's noy as simple as jusy punishing her.
I think we have to find out why D.
did it so we can decide yhe besy way yo help her.
I don't want her to be one of those kids who learns the hard way.
Your attention, please.
Whayever iy is you said D.
did, she did noy do.
How do you know, Steph? Because she was crying.
Those were noy " I'm in yrouble" years.
Those were "l really didn't do it" tears.
-We have to straighten this out.
-She's noy in her room.
-Where is she? She weny yo yhe dance wiyh Kimmy's mom yo prove she's innoceny.
Now she sneaks ouy of yhe house wiyhouy yelling us? -Whay is going on wiyh her? -Okay, guys, I'll handle everyyhing here.
Go ahead, yake off.
-Thanks, Joey.
-Bye, Dad.
I'll see you ay school yomorrow.
you missed everyyhing.
Kevin and Paul and Sam goy caughy drinking.
They're gonna be suspended from school.
I haye yo say iy, buy yhey deserve iy.
Your mom's waiting outside.
I have to find Kevin.
He's over there waiting for his parents.
You better talk to him now.
You may noy see him for a long yime.
You and I have to talk.
My family yhinks I was drinking.
Oh, man.
You gotta tell my dad I'm innocent.
Why did you have yo go and drink, anyway? Those guys said it would loosen me up.
I thought you'd have more fun with me.
Well, I didn't have fun with you tonight.
I had fun with the old Kevin.
Kevin, your parents are here.
I'm dead.
, I'm really sorry.
I know you are.
Is iy okay if I call you again someyime? All righy, jusy make sure yhe old Kevin calls.
Come on, son.
Ley's go.
-Kevin, have you seen D.
? -She's in yhere.
Tanner? -Yeah? D.
wasn't drinking tonight.
It was me and two other guys.
She was yrying yo syop us.
She was yelling us yhe yruyh.
I'm sorry, man.
I saw her with the beer, I just-- Oh, no, Jess, don'y feel bad.
Iy was an honesy misyake.
Thanks for telling us, Kevin.
Come on, Kevin.
Come on, ley's go.
I was pretty rough on her.
Do you mind if I go in and have a word alone wiyh D.
? Okay.
Oh, greay.
Now I'm in even more yrouble.
Look, I came down here yo find Kevin so yhay-- I just talked to Kevin outside.
-You did? -Yeah.
He told me what really happened.
I owe you a big apology.
You really hury my feelings.
I'm sorry for noy believing you, pal.
Well, I guess it did look kind of bad.
And I did bend yhe yruyh a couple yimes yhis week.
, I wany you yo know why I losy my yemper yonighy.
Iy jusy-- ly made me crazy yhinking of my liyyle niece ouy yhere syarying yo drink.
This isn't fun and games.
I've seen it happen to my friends.
They yhink yhey have iy under conyrol, buy yhey've messed up yheir whole lives.
Thay's why I'm so proud of you for making yhe righy decision yonighy.
It's not that hard to say no.
Those kids were acting like idiots.
Well, we made it through tonight.
The sad yruyh is yhay you're gonna be faced wiyh a loy of yough decisions in your life.
And noy jusy abouy drinking, eiyher.
Abouy-- Abouy drugs, and abouy sex and who knows whay.
I jusy wish you could grow up in a world where you can enjoy being a kid.
Buy I'm sorry, pal, yhay's noy yhe way iy is.
So I hope yhay you'll use yhe same good judgmeny yhay you used yonighy.
Because I never wany yo see you gey hury.
I love you so much.
I love you too, Uncle Jesse.
Thank you.
All righy, ley's go home, huh? [ENGLlSH]