Glee s03e22 Episode Script


thank the Lord And I said to myself, sit down Said to myself, sit down Sit down, you're rockin' the boat Sit down I said to myself, sit down Said to myself, sit down Sit down, you're rockin' the boat And the Devil will drag you under By the scarf in back of your checkered coat Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down Sit down, you're rockin' the boat Sit down, you're rockin', sit down, sit down, sit down You're rockin' the boat Sit down, you're rockin', sit down, sit down, sit down You're rockin' the boat Sit down You're rocking The boat! That was the most ghetto number I have ever seen.
Then just call me George Jefferson, because we went from the ghetto to the penthouse.
National champs, baby! This week's assignment is easy.
Graduation is just a few days away.
There's nothing left to prepare for.
Our work here is done, so there's only one thing left to do: Say goodbye.
Underclassmen, pick some songs to say goodbye to the seniors; seniors, pick a song to say goodbye to us.
A part of me wants to lock these doors and stay in here with everyone forever.
We can use the wastebasket for the toilet, and then we could eat Joe for the food, since she's been here the shortest, so we know her the least.
I really hope you're about to rap.
No such luck.
I'm leading by example here.
This one is for you guys.
Ooh May the good Lord be with you Down every road you roam And may sunshine and happiness surround you When you're far from home Be courageous and be brave And in my heart, you'll always stay Forever young Forever young May good fortune be with you May your guiding light be strong Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond And may you never love in vain And in my heart, you'll always remain Forever young Forever young For ever young For ever Young.
When I first got to McKinley, I was afraid to make eye contact.
I didn't talk about my politics, I didn't share what was in my heart I oh, let's just call the Cadillac pink and be done with it.
I was in the closet.
And most days, I was also in the Dumpster.
But McKinley has made me a stronger, more socially conscious, fashion-forward person.
And perhaps I played some small part in making it possible for tadpole gays all over Lima to be themselves in public.
Not a bad legacy for someone who once pretended to be in lust with Rachel Berry so I wouldn't have to date Mercedes Jones.
Now if can just get through the next few days without turning into a hot mess teary train wreck.
Ted why on earth did you want to meet me in here? Oh, my God- my NYDADA letter came, didn't it? Not yet.
Sit down.
I want to give you your graduation present.
Is Elaine Stritch here? I don't know who that is.
See, this is the problem with getting you gifts- I can't make heads or tails about what it is your like.
Dad, I'm easy.
Just get me something from Tom Ford's Vanities in Vanity Fair.
Good to know.
So somewhere around your seventh birthday, I lost you.
Before that, you were a normal kid.
I mean, a kid who liked to dust, but You know, I read you to bed, I put cartoons on TV when you were bored.
I taught you how to ride a bike the normal stuff.
And then you turned seven or eight, and you start to become this.
And, uh, it was like I was living with an alien.
I mean, I tried to keep up, but, uh, you know, once your mom passed, I I really I didn't stand a chance.
You did good, Dad.
I am proud of what you and I did together.
I'm proud of us, too.
Do you remember when it started? When we turned a corner and started walking towards each other, rather than in opposite directions? Tell me.
Aw, screw that, I'm gonna show you.
It was in the basement of our old house.
You were wearing a unitard.
Oh, God, Dad, please don't do this- Sit down and accept your present.
Hit it! All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies Now put your hands up Up in a club, we just broke up I'm doing my own little thing You decided to dip, and now you wanna trip 'Cause another brother noticed me I'm up on him, he up on me Don't pay him any attention Just cried my tears, for three good years You can't be mad at me 'Cause if you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it Don't be mad once you see that he want it If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it Uh, oh-oh, oh, uh-uh Oh-oh, oh, uh-uh-uh Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh, uh Uh, oh-oh, oh, uh-uh Uh-oh.
It was the best graduation gift ever.
What about those monogrammed towels I got for you? Oh, you didn't have to get me a gift, silly.
Um we've been putting this off for far too long, but don't you think we should have the talk? Can't we just have two final days of denial? No, no, we cannot.
This is happening right now, Kurt.
It's not some far-off thing in the future.
You're graduating, I'm not.
You know how hard long-distance relationships can be.
We both saw The Notebook.
Do you want to know how I picture the end of my life? Just like in The Notebook, I'm sitting in a nursing home, talking endlessly about my high school sweetheart- my first love- going on and on about every little detail, as if they matter.
Only, in my version, he's there with me, telling me to shut up so he can finish watching the American Cinematheque salute to J-Lo.
So we're going to be all right? Yes, we're gonna be all right.
I told you I'm never saying goodbye to you.
We'll figure out this whole long-distance relationship thing.
I promise.
So have you decided how you're going to say goodbye to everyone else? I wanted to dedicate my goodbye song to all of you, but I wanted to mostly thank the men in the room who have truly inspired me and never saw me for the things that made us different.
You only saw me for the ways that we're the same.
Because, in this room it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight what matters is that we're friends.
Say goodbye to not knowing when The truth in my whole life began Say goodbye To not knowing how to cry You taught me that And I'll remember The love that you gave me Now that I'm standing on my own I'll remember The way that you changed me I'll remember I learned To let go Of the illusion That we can possess I learned To let go I travel in stillness And I'll remember The love that you gave me Now that I'm standing on my own I'll remember The way that you changed me I'll remember No, I've never been afraid to cry And I finally have a reason why I'll remember I'll remember No, I've never been afraid to cry And I finally have a reason why I'll remember.
Oh, thank goodness you guys are here.
Okay, so I called Pace and NYADA and they sent out out acceptance letters this week.
Oh, my God, that's so exciting.
And, like, totally terrifying.
We need to make a pact.
When we get our letters, we open them together, in the choir room.
These letters, you know, they're, like our future so I want to open mine with my two most important people.
Deal? Deal.
Pinkie swear? Yeah.
All right.
What is this crap? Oh, didn't you hear? Mercedes got a recording contract.
She's moving to Hollywood and she's going to be a superstar by Christmas, guaranteed.
He's exaggerating.
You remember that video that he posted of me on YouTube, singing "Disco Inferno"? Well, this music producer in L.
saw it and he wants to sign her.
As a backup singer on an indie label.
I'm going to be taking extension classes at UCLA.
If this was happening to anyone else, I would be extremely jealous.
This is really cool.
Thank you.
And I couldn't have done it without you.
Oh, did you hear about Mike? I was all set to go to Alvin Ailey, and then Joffrey in Chicago offered me a scholarship.
Oh, Mike, that's amazing.
You must be so excited to ditch that Cheerios! uniform and put on the one for University of Louisville.
Yeah, I I can't wait.
This is embarrassing.
I'm a star, so what am I doing heading to Kentucky? I'm just as talented as Mercedes, Boy Chang, Berry or Lady Hummel.
Thank God for Mom.
She'll know what to do.
When Santana finally said, "Mami, papi, I'm gay," all I could think of was, I should have known.
When she was eight, she went trick-or-treating as Uncle Jesse on Full House.
Spent two years growing out that hair.
"Business in the front" "Party in the back.
" Ew.
So, you just really didn't care? I care that my baby's happy.
I wish abuela felt the same.
I know.
It sucks, mija.
But you don't want a person in your life that doesn't support your dreams.
I don't want to go to that cheerleading program at the University of Louisville.
I want to go to New York.
Go to college, Santana.
Do what I never got the chance to do.
New York will still be there after you've earned your college degree.
Brittany, I understand you got into Purdue University? Not the university; the poultry farm.
Plucker is a steady profession.
But I can't go to either 'cause I'm not graduating.
What? Yeah.
I was kind of glad when I found out that I was flunking because it'll give me a chance to do my senior year all over again.
And way better.
I'll show up to my classes this time.
Plus, I'll get to be a two-term senior class president.
Why are you pretending that this is okay? And why didn't you tell me? What did you think was going to happen to me? I have a 0.
0 grade point average.
Well, maybe if Brittany's staying in Lima, then I should stay, too.
And now the seniors of McKinley High School, class of 2012, are going to sing for you.
This is your glee club.
Take care of it.
It'll take care of you.
One! Two! One, two, three, yeah! Hey! Oh! Hey! Wake up, kids We've got the dreamer's disease Age 14, we got you down on your knees So polite, we're busy still saying please But when the night is falling You cannot find the light Light You feel your dreams are dying Hold tight You've got the music in you Don't let go You've got the music in you One dance left This world is gonna pull through Don't give up You've got a reason to live Can't forget We only get what we give This whole damn world can fall apart You'll be okay, follow your heart You're in harm's way I'm right behind Now say you're mine You've got the music in you Don't let go You've got the music in you One dance left This world is gonna pull through Don't give up You've got a reason to live Can't forget We only get what we give Don't let go I feel the music in you Don't let go Yeah Health insurance, rip-off, lying FDA, big bankers buying Fake computer crashes, dying Cloning while they're multiplying Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson You're all fakes, run to your mansions Come around, we'll kick you down, yeah Don't let go, you've got the music in you Don't give up You've got the music in you Ooh You've got the music in you.
I don't know.
I mean, when you're looking at both of them, it's really hard to not just want to go with the Chiavari.
There's $20 difference between each of those chairs.
That's, like, hundreds of dollars or something.
We can't afford that.
Look, I compromised on the food, I compromised on the location, I compromised on the flowers.
Does my butt really have to compromise on what it sits on? Maybe what you're really upset about is that you're compromising on your husband.
Please, that is the one thing that I don't have any doubts about.
Really? 'Cause you've been kind of giving me a weird vibe lately.
You're just projecting, all right? You're nervous about finding out about school, and you're putting it on me.
Besides, when did you become the one that I was settling for? Look, I don't care who gets in where, all right? I'm marrying you, and nothing makes me happier.
Even if we have to sit in these ugly fold-out chairs.
Okay? Okay.
: I remember the first day of school this year.
I had no idea what I wanted to do, who I was.
It wasn't the past I was scared of.
I'd call my high school career a total success.
I mean, not in terms of grades and stuff, but I won a state title in football, a national championship in Glee Club.
I never hurt anyone real bad, and it turns out I never actually accidentally got anyone pregnant.
It was the future I was terrified of.
But not anymore.
I'm getting married to a great girl.
I'm moving to New York to chase my dreams with her and my gay stepbrother.
And how do I know? InsauditionActors Studio with the main dude himself.
You're Finn Hudson, and you want to be an actor.
I was very moved by your letter and application, Finn.
You're no doubt aware that you would be an exceptional case, should we accept you.
Why don't we start with your, uh, dramatic monologue? Okay.
Yep, fear is no longer in my vocabulary.
Just finishing up.
Lay it on me.
"Dear Finn, great knowing you.
Will Schuester.
" Are you kidding me? I'm, like, the best man at your wedding.
It's not that bad.
And you can't dictate what I write in your yearbook.
Yes, I can.
I want a little emotion in there.
Some "son I never had" or "little brother" garbage or something.
Look, I-I wanted to.
I I started ten times, and I couldn't get two words out without falling apart.
Well, I don't need a bunch of "blah, blah" in a book to remember you anyway.
Finn, wait.
I- I need to tell you something.
Something I would rather not have written down anywhere.
Please, have a seat.
Um, when I first took over the glee club, we needed a male lead.
I heard you singing in the shower in the locker room.
I'm getting closer Than I ever thought I might REO Speedwagon.
Yeah, you were really good.
So I planted the pot in your locker and blackmailed you into joining the glee club.
It was wrong.
Although I can't argue with the results, I've always hated myself for doing it.
I'm very sorry, Finn.
But I-I wanted you to know the truth before you left, so You are so much cooler than I ever thought you were.
Get out of here.
I'm going to go.
Your graduation gown with the extra long sleeves just arrived.
You know, you can have that thing if you want.
It's probably the only thing that'll fit in your tiny little New York apartment, but it's yours to have.
I can't help thinking I let him down, you know? I feel like I-I could have spent more time writing that letter to the Army, or I could have wrote 50 letters to the Army, or I could have started one of those letter-writing campaigns, like like they had for Friday Night Lights or something.
You did everything you could do.
Your dad made his choices, and the Army has rules, and there's nothing you could have done about either one of those things.
I can't help feeling like something's not right.
I did a lot of reseah, trying to get that honorable discharge status, and-and he did a lot of really great things in Kuwait, you know? He pulled two soldiers out of a burning truck.
He saved their lives.
They have kids now my age.
He's a hero.
And how is becoming an actor how is that redemption for a man who did all that? Everything seems like it's fallen into place.
Everything but him.
Okay, seniors, the underclassmen have something they'd like to say to you.
Come on.
With all the dedications being thrown around McKinley this week, there was one that we wanted to make sure didn't get missed.
Right now, you're something I never thought possible when I first rolled down these halls.
You're my friend- our friend.
Even before Glee Club was kind of cool, you had our backs.
You were on the football team.
You were one of the most popular kids in school.
You had a lot to lose, and people forget the sacrifices you made.
We wanted to thank you.
There are places I remember All my life Though some have changed Some forever, not for better Some have gone And some remain All these places have their moments With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living In my life I loved them all But of all these friends and lovers There is no one Compares with you And these memories lose their meaning When I think of love As something new Though I know I'll never lose affection For people and things that went before I know I'll often stop and think about them In my life I love you more In my life I love you more.
Yay! Who would have thought I'd end my McKinley days where I started back on top? I got into the school of my dreams and we won nationals.
Plus I'm feeling stronger every day.
Everyone else is so emotional.
But I don't feel that way.
I guess I've cried enough tears for three graduations.
Or maybe it's just hard to feel weepy when I look at my friends.
They've grown into such incredible people.
Nothing's gonna stop any of them.
Well, maybe one of them.
Countries of Central America.
Uh, Costa Rica, Honduras Crap, I'm blanking.
Come on! This ain't beach towel night at Three Rivers.
This school has given us all so many gifts, me especially.
And I want my last week here to be about giving back a little of what I got.
This freshman just gave me a hug and told me to never change.
Poor thing is too young to realize that change can be so good.
Think if we hadn't changed, we would have never been friends.
Still so weird having you call me a friend.
What's this? A Metro North pass from New York to New Haven.
I got one for me into New York.
Everybody keeps talking about staying in touch, and I want to make sure that we do.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's so sweet.
Although I'm still not 100% sure that I'm for teen weddings, I'm really happy that you and Finn are together.
You guys were meant to be.
Thank you.
You know, it's weird 'cause that's how I always felt about you and Puck.
Ancient history.
But you know what I mean.
When you two were together, he was really at his best.
Indian Ocean, show me.
It's no use.
My brain is like a Roach Motel, once the info checks in, it never checks out.
I'm out of here.
Don't worry.
You still get your Brownie patch for trying to help a loser learn something.
I'm not here for a patch.
I'm here because I love you.
You're my first.
I kind of screwed up that experience, huh? No regrets.
'Cause I always felt kind of bad about it.
Feel bad about a lot of things, but I was an ass for most of high school.
I really care about you, Puck.
You know what? I know that after Beth was born, we weren't really close.
But when two people go though what we've been through, you're bonded for life.
If you ever need me, you know where to find me right here in Lima repeating my senior year forever.
I would have never given my virginity to this guy.
The Puck I fell in love with had swagger.
And you know what questions Miss Duesenberry's gonna ask you, so you just need to get your confidence back so you can get all that stuff out of the Roach Motel.
And how am I supposed to do that? Like this.
No, no, wait.
I'm not worth it.
Save it for some Yale guy who deserves your help.
There's nobody that deserves it more.
You just have to remember the guy you were when we first met.
You're the guy who caught the winning touchdown the only game the football team won sophomore year.
You're the guy that ate that shaker of pepper on a dare.
Didn't even puke.
Will you let me kiss you? I guess I'd be kind of rude if I refused.
You know, Puckerman you got this.
Funny thing about a kiss.
If it comes at the right time from the right girl, it can be like magic.
It can bring you back to life like CPR, but with tongues.
It can take away the doubt and the fear.
It can change you, even if it's just back into what you always were: an all-original, grade-A, badass.
Get ready test.
I'm about to make Puckerman your daddy.
Well, you stink of chlorine, Roz Washington, which means one of two things: either you just returned from the peroxide factory where you spent the afternoon having your hair helmet revarnished, or you've given up trying to steal my Cheerios! and you're back in the pool where you belong.
I got to hand it to you, Sue.
National championships for both the Glee Club and the Cheerios! That's quite an accomplishment for a pregnant woman who's ass is so old she went to high school with Moses.
Well, Roz, if you came here to find out once and for all who the celebrity father of my unborn child is, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for the graphic birth photos that grace the cover of the People magazine exclusive that hits newsstands in September.
You and I are never gonna like each other, Sue Sylvester, but you and I, we got something in common.
We both hate the fact that this school has an idiot for a principal.
That's why I propose we join forces and take him down.
Well, you think that over, Sue Sylvester, while you nurse your thousand-year-old vampire baby.
You just be sure to bottle-feed it because that baby's gonna use those sharp-ass teeth to bite holes in those saggy old boobs.
Hey, Coach.
It's my Cheerios! uniform, dry-cleaned and pressed.
You were kind enough to let me wear it again, and I figured it was only right to return it in case you wanted to pass it on.
Maybe some underclassman who's about to be the new team captain.
You keep it.
I'm retiring this uniform.
You know, when I first laid eyes on you, Q, I thought you reminded me of a young Sue Sylvester, but looking at this amazing woman sitting across from me right now, I realize I was wrong.
You're nothing like me.
You're better.
Sure, I'm as smart as you are and every bit as pretty, but somehow you're slightly less evil.
And I admire that.
I admire you, Quinn Fabray.
I admire your perseverance.
You're gonna go so far, kiddo.
And I'm gonna have the best time watching you do it.
And I'm gonna get to say, "Hey, I remember her from way back when.
" Way back when she was getting Ryan Seacrest tattoos and lying about who the father of her unborn child was.
I'm gonna miss you! I don't see how that's possible, but thank you.
What's going on? Waiting for Mrs.
Duesenberry to finish grading my test.
If I don't pass, it's open season on all faculty tires! What's it say? C- ! It's a Puckerman A+! I'm graduating! I'm so proud of you.
Yeah, come on Whoo! I had a friend, was a big baseball player Michael Chang, Jr.
Back in high school He could throw that speedball by you Make you look like a fool, boy Quinn Fabray.
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar I was walking in, he was walking out We went back inside, sat down, had a few drinks But all he kept talking about Glory days, well, they'll pass you by, glory days Mercedes Jones.
In the wink of a young girl's eye Glory days, glory days Yeah, all right, boys, watch me work it now.
Noah Puckerman.
Thank you.
Whoo! Santana Lopez.
Think I'm going down to the well tonight Going to drink my fill And I hope when I get old I don't sit around Thinking about it, but I probably will Thanks.
Kurt Hummel.
Just sitting back trying to recapture A little of the glory of Well, time slips away And leaves you with nothing, mister But boring stories of glory days Whoo! Glory days Finn Hudson.
In a young girl's eyes, glory days Glory days Well, they'll pass you by, glory days Rachel Berry.
In a young girl's eyes, glory days, glory days What about this? Well, all right! All right Come on now Oh, yeah Well, all right All right Come on now Oh, yeah Whoo-ooh Ladies and gentlemen, I present you William McKinley High's class of 2012! Glory days.
I'm seriously having trouble breathing right now.
Are you guys ready? I kind of want to wait.
For how long? Forever.
Just a couple more seconds, but this is the last moment before we know.
After we open those envelopes, it's-it's gonna change our entire lives no matter what's in it either way.
I just kind of want another minute with you guys here like this.
So, who's first? I'll go first.
I got a good feeling about it.
Look, no matter what happens, we're all here for each other.
I didn't get it.
It's okay.
Please, somebody else just open theirs.
Come on.
I'll go next.
I didn't get in.
I didn't get in.
Kurt, I'm so sorry.
Your turn, Rachel.
I got in.
Okay, so you have my dress and my shoes, and I have my makeup and my epic love for you.
Let's get married.
My dads are still being kind of weird about the wedding.
I brought it up last night and they were really quiet, but it's fine.
Are you sure that we're going the right way? We're here.
Are you joking? 'Cause it's not funny.
We're gonna be late.
You're on the Your dads are gonna meet you there and they're gonna, they're gonna help you look at dorms at the new school.
You're gonna spend four years of your life there and you've never even set foot in the place, so But I I have all year to go and look at it.
You're gonna go there in the fall.
All right? You're not deferring.
We're not getting married.
You don't want to marry me? I want to marry you so badly I can't go through with it.
Yeah, but the thought of you being stuck here for another year because of me, it makes me sick.
Then come with me.
Okay? We can get married in New York and live in a little shoebox apartment together.
It'll be romantic.
Do you love me? Of course I do.
Then tell me the truth and not just something you think I want to hear.
Are you 100% sure you want to marry me? N- No-no one is I am.
I am that sure you're something special.
That this is just the beginning for you.
Okay? Th-That you're gonna do amazing things.
But to get there, you got to have these experiences on your own Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Listen to me.
You got to have these experiences on your own.
Wait a minute.
I can't have to be there with you.
Wait a minute.
Are you breaking up with me? I'm setting you free.
Oh, my God.
Look, d-do you know how hard this is for me? How many times I've cried about this? No, I'm not going.
I'm not going, not without you.
You don't have a choice; I can't come with you.
Well, then I'll stay here! I'll go wherever it is that you're going! Fort Benning, Georgia? Look, I-I need a chance to try and redeem my father, okay? I- I Oh, my God! Oh, my God, wait a minute.
You're joining the Army? Are you insane? I can't believe that this is happening right now.
It's also one of the places I knew you couldn't follow me.
Look, you're-you're gonna get on that train.
Okay? And you're gonna go to New York, and you're gonna be a star.
Without me.
That's how much I love you.
You know what we're gonna do? Surrender.
I know how hard that is for you because of how hard you hold on to stuff.
But-but we're just gonna, we're gonna sit here and we're just gonna let go.
Okay, and-and let the universe do it's thing.
And if we're meant to be together, then we're gonna be together.
W- Whether it's in a little shoebox apartment in New York or on the other side of the world.
Okay? Will you do that with me? Will you surrender? I love you so much.
I love you.
Hey, hey, hey So many things to do and say But I can't seem to find the way But I want to know how I know I'm meant for something else But first, I got to find myself But I don't know how Oh, why do I reach for the stars When I don't have wings To carry me that far? I got to have roots before branches To know who I am Before I know who I want to be And faith to take chances To live like I see A place in this world for me Oh, oh, oh Sometimes I don't want to feel And forget the pain is real Put my head in the clouds Oh, start to run and then I fall Thinking I can't get it all Without my feet on the ground There's always a seed before there's a rose The more that it rains, the more I will grow Got to have roots before branches To know who I am Before I know who I want to be And faith to take chances To live like I see A place in this world for me Oh, oh Whatever comes, I know how to take it Learn to be strong, I won't have to fake it Oh, you're understanding Oh, the wind can come and do its best Roaming north and south, east and west But I'll still be standing I'm standing If I have roots before branches To know who I am Before I know who I'm gonna be And faith, oh, to take chances To live like I see A place in this world Got to have roots before branches To know who I am Before I know who I want to be And faith to take chances And live like I see A place in this world For me I got to have roots before branches, oh, yeah.

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