Glitch Techs (2020) s02e04 Episode Script


-[Zahra and Bergy] Glitch Techs
-[Five and Miko] Go!
Did somebody call for Tech Support?
This looks like a job for
-Boosh! [chuckles]
-[all whining] Mitch
Not thinking about hogging all that
juicy XP for yourselves, I hope.
[Five] Of course not.
We got a high-level Glitch in there that's
gonna take a whole team to take out.
So, let's party up, guildies! Whoo!
Hang on.
As the highest-level Glitch Tech here,
I will, of course, be leading the team.
-Wow, okay, great, Mitch.
-[Miko groans]
-Uh, so what's your strategy?
We're dealing with a copycat Glitch here.
Its sole purpose is to spawn Glitch clones
of anything it touches,
so we need to be careful.
Careful, got it. Good strategy. [groans]
So, do you have a plan or not?
[whispering] Huddle up and I'll give
you newbs a lesson you'll not soon forget.
Okay, what do we do?
Stay here and be quiet
while I take a closer look. [chuckles]
-Wait, that's your strategy?
-What kind of lesson is that?
Relax, just sit tight
until I give you the all clear.
Yes, sir!
Well, he is number one
on the Glitch Tech leaderboards.
[scoffs] Yeah, but he acts
like a number two.
But, hey, the sooner we're done here,
the sooner we can get back to HQ,
'cause guess who scored a used copy
of Pixel Panic for game night?
Um, Mitch said to maintain
muted chat channels, guys!
[whispers] You're endangering the mission.
[yelps] What is happening?
[Mitch grunting]
-[Miko] What's he doing in there?
-[Zahra] Probably hogging all the XP.
Ah, come on, you guys.
I know Mitch is full of himself,
but I don't think he'd be that selfish.
He used to have
the highest-rated gamer feed on Tweeker.
That goblinoid had his own Tweeker feed?
I gotta see this.
[Five] Okay, check this out.
Hey, friends, MitchFTW here!
Today, we're playing Atom Blast.
Isn't that right, Mrs. Boosh? [giggles]
Mrs. Boosh? [laughing]
[Five giggles] Yeah.
[Mitch] In Atom Blast, you encounter
pretty high-level mutants early on.
See that one right there?
So you really want to level up
your melee right away, guys.
Huh, reasonably solid tippage.
I learned tons
from these old gameplay videos.
So, what happened to the guy?
His feed went dark after that episode.
I guess once Mitch started working
for Hinobi and became a Glitch Tech,
he just kinda changed.
Mitch for the win!
[Glitch growling]
[chuckling] Now, come on.
Act like a boss,
not a trash mob.
[Miko sighs]
All clear!
Great, so, um, what do you need
the rest of us to do?
Nothing anymore. [chuckles]
You said you were gonna teach us a lesson.
And that it'd be one you'd never forget.
And you won't, will you?
No. You don't get to say something
and just walk away this time.
You walk around like you're heavy,
but really you're just a selfish punk
who's too afraid to work with us
instead of against us.
[scoffs] Please.
This is Glitch Techs, not Mitch Techs.
We're a team, so if you're not willing
to be a team player,
then we're better off without you.
Whoa! You really told him off, partner!
Huh? Yeah, I guess I did.
He didn't even have a comeback!
Uh, I mean, Mitch always has a comeback!
I gotta go post this to every Tech I know!
Well, after all that drama, I think
you've earned yourself a little game time.
Let's co-op till we drop. [chuckles]
[both cheer]
[Bergy] Wait, wait, wait,
but before he left,
did Mitch happen to say
if we could move or talk now?
MitchFTW here, offline edition.
Bringing you stunningly handsome
reflections on the day's events.
[imitating Five] "This is Glitch Techs,
not Mitch Techs."
One Mitch Williams
is worth ten of those newbies.
-[electricity crackling]
-Wait, what?
[Hinobi] Glitch signature detected.
[Mitch] Really
[door creaks]
[Mitch screams]
[man] Who knows what really happens
when a video game starts to glitch?
Here come the Glitch Techs
They know what to do ♪
They got the tech
They got the moves ♪
Glitch Techs
They're the wrecking crew ♪
They'll solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
When a Glitch is loose ♪
They'll wipe them out
Old school or new ♪
Glitch Techs always coming through
To solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
Whoa-oh! ♪
Glitch Techs
Yeah! ♪
[automated voice] Game over.
What the nerds, Five?
We're barely through the first wave!
Head in the game, my friend!
[sighs] Sorry. Just so done with Mitch.
Dude, no emotions.
Be the pixel, not the panic.
[game beeping]
Hey, hey, hey!
Ooh! Is that the original Pixel Panic?
I love this game! May I hop on?
You want to co-op? With us?
Wearing a hat?
Oh, um, the truth is, I thought about
the things you said to me today, Five.
And look, man, you were right.
I was?
[all] He was?
I can be selfish, mean
and as phoney as my hair extensions.
I guess when Glitch Techs
turned my life into a video game,
I kinda became some obnoxious
video game character.
Does that makes sense?
I guess games do allow us all
to become our alternate selves.
Yeah! Mine is a wood elf herbologist
named Dark Christa.
Good for you, Bergy.
Whatever the case, I'd like to make up
for having been so selfish
by throwing you all a party!
[all] What?
A party?
How does that make up for anything?
Okay, okay.
So, as an act of good faith,
I'm transferring my XP points
back to you guys.
Not just for today, but for the week.
[all] Whoa.
You're really not bluffing this time?
I'm done being afraid.
If you let me,
I wanna be part of the team.
What do you say?
Hey, Mitch.
Bathroom door is stuck again.
You know the rules.
You stick it, you fix it. So
Phil, bud, I was just in there
and the place is clean as a whistle!
Whistles are filthy.
Oh, Phil.
You've put up with my bad attitude
for years.
What what's happening?
But I can make that up to you, bud,
with a party here tonight
that will bring us all together!
But, Phil, this could
really bolster team morale.
[Phil] No.
Okay, that was creepy and weird.
Wow. He really listened to me.
Look, you guys all know Phil.
There is no way he's going to let Mitch
throw a party here tonight.
Mitch is throwing a party here tonight!
Do we get to bring a plus Five?
I mean, a plus one. I said plus one.
Dark Christa of the BloodBriar Clan
accepts your invitation.
Is this like a roleplay party?
Ooh, I call wizard!
Alert! My auto-detection system detects
a sudden peak in Glitch--
Tech enthusiasm? Well detected, my friend.
-Come along with me.
-[B.I.T.T. straining]
[Phil] I'll update you on the situation.
Uh, so about our game night
You want to bail on Pixel Panic
for Mitch's weird party thing.
Ugh, fine.
But there's something I'm not buying
about this whole
Mitch-becoming-a-nice-guy act.
[Mitch] Whoever wants to make
friendship bracelets, raise your hands!
[techno music playing]
[Five] Oh, come on.
Don't you think there's a chance
the guy has actually changed?
Some dudes, maybe, but Mitch?
So, are you guys buying Mitch's fake,
"let's suddenly be besties" act?
Real or fake,
he's buying the party snacks.
Hey, all I know is he ordered
all-you-can-eat submarine sandwiches
from Sub Hub.
At least I know that love is real.
Blessings of nature be upon you, humans.
This is my first party.
Greetings, buds!
My bud, High Five, has shown me
we are indeed a team
who can learn from each other,
so let's mix, mingle
and play a hot single!
Well, my name is B.I.T.T.
My moves are so legit ♪
I drop a beat so fresh
Humans can't handle it ♪
-[dance music playing]
-[crowd cheering]
Hey, awesome party!
Was that your first time
using the word "awesome" in a sentence?
Yeah, something is definitely giving me
the creeps about this, Five.
Hey, man, just wanted to say thank you
for listening to what I had to say.
No, thank you for your honesty, bud.
I'm just happy to be part of the team.
-Hiya, Miko!
Please, help yourself to munchies.
-Hey, hands off my sub.
-Hey, I, uh, I think you mean my sub?
[both grunt]
Sorry, sub's all yours, bud.
Thanks, but "buds before subs"
is what I always say.
[Mitch] Bud! Come on, let MitchFTW
share a few pro tips with you.
Mitch, I've gotta go home!
My ears are a little sensitive
to all the beats being dropped.
And, confession, I'm scared of dancing.
Ah, you can't you can't leave.
We're a team!
Five, excuse us a sec?
I think Bergy here could use a pep talk.
Oh, yeah, sure!
[Bergy screams]
-Hey, Miko! So, where's your partner?
-Off with his new bud, Mitch.
Speaking of Five
Are you and he, like, partners,
or are you, like, partners partners?
[Five] What's up, partner?
Oh! Hey, yeah, what's up?
Um, I can't stay to talk.
I left my car in my wallet.
"Car in your wallet"?
[groans] What is your glitch, Zahra?
Just go and talk to the dude.
[gasps and yelps]
Look, I've been thinking.
What if Mitch just wants everyone
to think he's changed,
so really he can lull us all
into a false sense of security,
and then, when we least expect it--
Ah, come on!
Can't you just believe something I said
made him change?
People don't just suddenly change, Five!
[Bergy] Clear the floor!
This one's for all my elves out there.
B.I.T.T., give me a beat!
[heavy dance beat playing]
[crowd cheering]
See? Bergy gets it. [chuckles]
Look, I know you're annoyed I bailed
on the video games for this party, but--
Whatever, man!
I'm gonna go play Pixel Panic.
You can stay out here
with your bud, Mitch.
Miko out!
Hey, bud!
Mitch has shown me we're all buds,
and there's no reason not to just say what
I really mean, so
I like how your eyes dart back and forth
when you do math in your head.
Oh. Thank you.
[Phil] Have some fun! Make some friends!
Or you're fired!
That creepazoid
is definitely up to something.
[Mitch] You know,
we don't talk enough, Venkman.
Tell me about yourself.
Enjoying the party?
Okay, Williams.
Five may be buying into the epic return
of his hero, MitchFTW,
but if you break that trusting heart of
his, you're going to have me to deal with.
[chuckles] You know, you and Five
always have each other's back.
Sometimes, I think I'm so awful
to you both because I just
I know I'll never have
that kind of bond with anyone.
Well, that is the saddest thing
I've ever heard.
But I'm still not buying it.
That's okay.
If I can't change your mind,
I'll just have to change you.
I knew you were up to something shady!
I knew it.
I knew it. I knew it. I knew it!
Oh, dango.
I hate being right!
[upbeat electronic music playing]
Uh, have you guys seen Mitch around?
Trust in Mitch
Unlock all
the hidden achievements
That your life's quest path
has to offer.
Yeah, okay, cool.
So, uh, anyone seen Miko?
Don't worry about Miko!
She's not your bud.
-She doesn't even have a hat like ours!
-[all] Yeah!
[Five] Yeah, I was gonna
ask you guys about those.
Think I'll just go see if
I can find her one. [chuckles nervously]
-Hi, Five!
Oh! Miko!
I want to say I was sorry.
I think you're right. Something might be
a little off about this party.
No, Five. You were right.
Mitch really has changed.
We all have!
But you said people don't just
Uh, where'd you get that hat?
What hat?
This hat!
Ew, uh Here, put it back on!
-[Glitches hissing]
-[Five screaming]
Come on, Five. Let's be buds!
[all] Let's be buds!
[Five screaming]
[automated voice] Danger! Glitch
corruption has reached critical levels.
You think?
[all chanting] Let's be buds!
Five! Come on, bud!
People can suddenly change.
And you can, too!
[automated voice] Glitch corruption
source located.
Oh, fun.
[Five] Okay, take a scan and locate
in the Glitch Reference Library!
What game is this thing from, anyway?
[automated voice] Game located.
Burrowing Underground Doppelganger Squad.
Okay, things are getting a little
M for Mature up in here right now.
Relax, Five! It's me, Mitch Williams!
[Five] Yeah, more like Glitch Williams!
I can't believe
I just said that right now.
Mitch Techs, Glitch Techs.
I am the Mitch you remember!
Clones are just backups restored from
the memories of the original hosts!
We bring out the best in everyone,
so finally we can all be buds!
Ugh. You plug into people's brains?
Not cool, bro. Really not cool.
Admit it.
You like this version better, don't you?
This Mitch can be a teacher.
This Mitch can be a team player.
This Mitch can be a best bud.
[Five sighs]
Sorry, Glitch.
I already have a best bud.
Feeling's mutual, Cap!
[Glitch growls]
-Hey, Miko, I I'm really sorry, I--
-Yup, all's forgiven.
There's so many!
We can't bring them all down
with two gauntlets!
So let's get some more!
Let's party!
-[Glitch growling]
Oh, no.
They're reforming!
[Miko yelps] Whoa! Whoa!
-[Miko yelps]
-[Mitch] Stop, stop, stop!
I'm not a clone! I'm not a clone!
Just listen to me!
Try to locate the original copycat Glitch!
Why, so you can handle it yourself
like last time?
That's how we ended up in this mess!
You're right, this was all my fault.
I couldn't do it alone, okay?
We're better off without him.
Follow my lead!
Alpha squad, cover me!
I need some time to locate
the original copycat Glitch!
-Hold it together, guys!
[Five] Hit them with stasis beams!
[Miko groans] These shields won't hold
much longer, Five!
[Five] Come on, come on!
Come on!
[Zahra gasps]
[Mitch grunts]
[Five] There it is!
[Miko] It's working!
It's working!
Let's wreck that Glitch!
-Welcome to the team, Mitch.
-Yeah, nice working with you.
[Phil grunts]
[Glitch shrieking]
[automated voice] Glitch contained.
The Boosh is back, baby!
[all groan]
I mean, uh Go, team!
These pixel waves are coming so fast,
I can't even feel my thumbs!
We need something to take them out!
Don't panic! Panicking is exactly what
Pixel Panic wants you to do!
Don't panic, don't panic!
I'm panicking!
-What the--
[both] Yeah!
[Five chuckles] Maybe I was
wrong about you.
No, you were right.
I guess sometimes I really am afraid
of having all of you squeaking
scrublords as my teammates!
Ugh, that guy is such a griefer.
But I guess he's our griefer.
[automated voice] Game over.
[8-bit music playing]
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