Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

El castigo

In the port of Aca, the sun comes up for everyone, even if some of us would rather stay in the shade some days.
Let me sleep.
Get up this instant and get ready for school.
I don't want to go to school!
I don't want to leave this room, and I don't want anyone to see me.
All I want is to go somewhere far away, where no one can ever find me again.
I've been very clear, dear. You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's wrong.
That's not up for discussion.
Fine, Mom. You win.
I will get up and go to school against my will.
But I'm holding you responsible for my unhappiness.
Can you believe she came?
Ugh, so awkward.
Facing ugly rumors isn't something we learned to do in school. Or at least not in class. Right, Barbie?
Hey, girls. (Hi, Jenny!)
What are you doing here?
You know what? Nevermind, I'm leaving.
Wait, Jenny. Sit down.
You can't even handle your own dirty affairs.
You're not in any position to manipulate others.
You realize who you're talking to, right?
To who? The puritanical bitch who judges everyone else?
Pregnant hypocrite.
I don't need to be giving explanations, but I'm not pregnant.
Nico must be thrilled.
Max, too.
The boyfriend and the best friend?
You're so modern!
Consider yourself dethroned and dismissed.
I'll probably never forgive you for telling Nico about Max.
But if you go with them, I promise I'll ruin you.
You and what army?
The Queen of Harold's wasn't crowned overnight.
But she's overthrown if it's discovered that she woke up with her boyfriend's best friend.
Hello. How are you? Good morning.
I'm serious.
Of course I didn't. Why?
That's strange. Because I only told you, but someone told your sister.
Yeah, but it wasn't me.
I promised you I wouldn't say anything. I hope you trust my word.
How can I be sure?
Because I love you. Is that enough?
What did you just say?
I don't know. Did I think it or say it?
You said it.
We have to go to class!
There's time.
Time for what? We have a test! Don't you remember?
Let's go.
[But The judgement! The storming off! Why didn't this Daniel exist in NYC?!]
Sucks that they hacked your phone.
That's why I got a new one.
I need to talk to you.
Get in line.
I just came to congratulate you, Max.
You deserve a round of applause.
None of that is my fault.
You were begging me for it.
I have no one left. Just you.
No, actually. You don't even have me.
Let me make this as clear as possible, so you get it.
I liked you because you were pure and untouchable.
And now? You're just like any other girl.
Objectively speaking, you're of no use to me.
So you can just
I need to update my new phone, and you know what?
That's more important than you.
Before seeking comfort, we should think hard about whose shoulder we're crying on.
Never waste your tears on the wrong person. Each drop's as valuable as a diamond.
Are you alright?
No, Mom, I'm not fine. I told you I wanted to leave.
Please take me away from here. I can finish school anywhere.
Boston, Madrid, Paris. Wherever you want, so long as it's far from here.
Sweetie, now I'm really worried.
Please don't question me. Let's just go far away.
Alright, just take a deep breath.
I promise I'll be good, no matter where I go.
I'll make some calls, get things ready so you can leave today. Sound good?
Thank you, Mom.
This is a surprise! What're you doing here?
You're mean, leaving after school without waiting for me.
I tried calling you, but I couldn't get through.
That's because I threw it in the trash.
That's not my fault, then. What did the cellphone do to you?
You could've just changed the password, drama queen.
You and I still have to have a talk, you know.
Oh, do we?
And what's that?
At school earlier, you told me you loved me.
Why do you think you love me?
You have no idea how you make me feel.
You're beautiful, intelligent
I love when you smile flirtatiously, like you are right now.
And that face you make, when you're trying to hide something.
But what I like most about you is that you can date someone like me
I don't think we're friends anymore.
Why not?
She went crazy on me, swearing you told Jenny about her and Max.
She must need you more than ever. Why don't you talk to her?
Because neither of us have cellphones?
I just don't know if I want to beg.
Don't beg, just support her.
This is why I love you.
Oh, is this the only reason?
[OMG. Who is this Daniel? How can he be who he be?]
For this, and many other reasons.
But I'll tell you about them later, because I need to get my friend back.
Good luck with that.
You really don't want me to go with you?
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Dora can stay with you a few days.
I mean, while you're settling in.
That's okay, it's not the first time I've traveled a long distance.
Besides, I'm used to being alone.
I know I haven't been the best mother, that I've always left you alone because of work.
But that doesn't mean I don't need you, sweetie.
If I've been harsh, it's only because I want the best for you.
That's why I've insisted you watch your weight, your health, your grades.
I'm not leaving because of you, I swear.
Really, my life's a chaos right now. I feel awful, and I don't want to see anyone.
I want you to know that I'm here for you.
You can trust your mother.
I don't want you leaving me like your father did.
I'm not leaving forever, just a little while.
Looks like I'm not the only one who wants you to stay.
I'll leave you two alone.
What do you want?
Dora told me you're leaving.
Well, she's a gossip.
Don't do it. I left without saying goodbye once, and I know exactly how it feels.
Of course I care. You're my best friend.
Please don't go. Don't let a scandal send you running, like it did me.
I'm ruined. My life is falling apart.
Then rebuild it! You're a Fuenmayor. No one tells you what to do.
You impose your will on others.
Come on, Barbie. Stay and fight! I'll fight with you.
But I feel so ashamed, so
So what? Start over.
I'll help you.
You promise?
Yes, I promise. Just don't leave.
Besides, if you stay? I'll take you to buy a new cellphone.
C'mon! We'll both buy new ones, whaddaya say?
New phone, new life. Okay?
Let's go to Iusacell. Come.
Money may come and go, but the only thing that comes and goes amongst the elite is the tide.
Hey. How are you?
Yeah, everything's fine. Don't worry about it.
No, my friends are helping me out.
No, I don't need it. The money you gave me is enough.
Yeah, it's all good. Thanks.
I love you, too.
Who's going to the brunch at Vermont?
Me! (Me!)
How about you, Jenny?
I still have some books to return.
No problem. Pamelita can take them for you. Right, P?
Yeah, of course! My pleasure, Jenny. I can take them.
But I can take them. Why would Pamelita do it?
It's not a question of 'can' you. You're not an invalid. It's 'should' you?
Let me know if you need anything else, okay?
Look how well Barbarita trained you. You coming?
The dead are rising again, huh?
I thought the preppies had eaten you right up.
Not even. School's just kicking my ass right now.
But with the waves, I'll forget all about the bad vibes at Harold's.
And you came just in time. There's an offshore wind that's making a tube wave. Totally levels you out.
But it won't last all day. So are you joining or just watching?
I'll be right there bro.
Daniel took off his silk suit and came surfing with us.
What's up? Are you all bitter or something?
We say it because we missed you.
This is my passion.
When I met you, you had a lot of them.
Now it seems like you just have one, very blonde one.
I don't have the luxury of getting bad grades. You know that.
You used to come every day, and you were still a nerd.
By the way, why aren't you at school?
There are exams today, but I was exempt.
I guess it pays off, studying all the time.
And you? Already got the hang of the 360 or still eating seafoam?
No, I still don't have it. But I'll manage it, you'll see.
What about you?
Do you have the hang of anything other than suicide blondes?
I don't know. If I remember, you were blonde when we met.
You had quite a scare with the pregnancy thing, huh?
Are you gonna keep going?
If you keep trying to fit in with the yuppies, you're going to become one of them.
That's not gonna happen. You know me.
I know you, that's why I'm telling you.
You haven't come to the beach in ages. You changed a lot, Daniel.
Imagine yourself with a neckerchief, like that Zaga kid!
Like any one of those idiots.
You don't miss a single shot, Vanessa.
Hey, might you be Gossip Girl?
How amazing would that be? Ruining the lives of those assholes.
So are you going to keep chastising me, or go catch some waves?
I just got back from that.
But if you need help, that's what friends are for.
Stand down. C'mon, catch a few with me.
Then hurry up.
Yeah, but you agree he had no reason to do it?
True, but however awful Max is in other respects, he does know technology.
Okay, let's not talk about him anymore.
Let me say, he's gonna be so jealous when he sees he's not the only one with [product placement].
We have to do this the next time we see him.
You're ridiculous!
Will you come with me to get a present for Daniel?
No. No way. That sounds terrible.
Why not? Don't be lame!
I'm not lame, I just don't feel like walking around town right now.
But you can't lock yourself up forever, you know.
Hey, girls.
[Let's greet each other hatefully.]
I love your new phone.
Yeah, it's great. But why are you all alone?
Totally. You should be showing it off. I mean, I love showing off my shoes and purses
And my dad's buying me a phone just like yours.
I think he might've forgotten with all his work trips.
That's why I speak directly to my dad's assistant.
Good idea!
Do you wanna have breakfast with us?
Thanks, you're so sweet. But why don't you sit with us instead?
No, thanks. We don't want to get indigestion.
Bon apetit, Sof!
Do you get what I'm talking about now?
Especially Pamelita. What is she even doing here, am I right?
I know. But you know them, they'll get over it.
Besides, you made them.
Yeah, but I don't feel like dealing with them now.
I wanna leave.
What do you mean, you wanna leave? We haven't eaten yet!
Well, they took away my appetite.
But I wanna go, Sof.
Oh, I could strangle you!
I am hungry, you jerk.
[OMG, why is she still here?! Cheat already!]
I don't know how you can stand this place.
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Marcelo, I'm bored. I have nothing to do.
You can go running, get some exercise
I don't know, there's a ton of things to do. It's Acapulco.
It's not the city. It's that I need to feel useful, busy. Like I'm doing something.
Don't get worked up, please.
The floor materials are about to arrive, which means we can open.
I hope it's soon, because I'm going crazy.
We're the new best friends around with, with our new phones and numbers.
How pathetic.
Does anyone want anything else?
You? You only had coffee.
I already ate at home, so I'm not hungry. Thanks.
The check.
Girls, I'm sorry. I stupidly left my wallet at home.
Don't worry about it, I'll pay for the coffee.
Really? I promise I'll bring it tomorrow, I just --
Don't be ridiculous, it's a coffee. It's on me.
Why don't we go swimming at my place?
I can't. No swimsuit.
Me, either.
New excuse to go shopping!
Oh, that's right, you don't have your wallet.
I'll buy it, and you can pay me after.
Okay, thanks.
[Can I say Minion #1 is my favorite actress here? Does anyone know her name?]
[And OMG! Eric's got a secret love! Wonder who?]
Hey, who's he?
(I don't know, but I think--) It's probably Paolo.
Girls, shall we change?
Thanks a lot.
[Hmm, he was just texting]
You've already met my brother, Paolo?
I haven't met you before.
It's a pleasure. I'm Paolo.
You do design?
I try.
I love fashion.
It's my passion.
Well, you're not half bad.
Is it cool if I ask you out, so we can talk? Just the two of us?
Love at first sight is so romantic, that sometimes we lose sight of what we're really looking at.
No matter how hard I try, Father, I can't keep my impure thoughts at bay.
I swear I'm not a bad person, but you don't know how badly I want to strangle those bitches!
Forgive me, Father.
Can't we just trade forgiveness for something else?
Of course we can't, my child.
I'm ready to accept my penance.
That's it?
Yes. Is that wrong?
No, it's just that you usually have so much more to say. I'm a little surprised.
Right. Well, do three Our Fathers.
Just that?
Hmm. Maybe I should have just called you, then.
Okay, thank you, Father! See ya!
Go with God, child.
Hey, what's up?
I'm so glad to see you, Eric. I need your help.
What can I do for you?
I met someone, and I'm going out with him tonight.
I want to look gorgeous, so I need your advice. Please say yes!
Please, please, please!
Let me see, because my schedule's really full, Jenny.
It is! (Please?)
Alright. I'll see you at your home this afternoon?
You're a sweetheart. Thank you.
What's up?
Hey, Nico. How are you? How's everything?
Fine. Well, ok.
That's good. I haven't seen you around.
I've been dealing with family issues, but I'll be around again.
I've been looking for her.
I had a problem with my account, and I can't get money out, but
No problem. I don't have much, but I can lend you 200 pesos?
Thanks. I'll pay you back.
No worries, whenever you can.
Sure, I'll tell her.
[Okay, I know 200 doesn't help Nico at all, but aww! YOU GUYS.]
Hey, I've thought about it, and I accept your offer.
So I'll see you tonight?
Sounds good.
[We're obsessed with this song, aren't we?]
Yes, I like this one a lot.
You made it?
Well done!
Now we just need a purse.
Purse I have this one, which I love. What do you think?
No, Jenny. If you want to look good, don't take that one.
You can tell it's fake.
Are you on drugs? You are, aren't you? This isn't fake!
I have a better idea.
Desperation pushes us to find our more social side. Status isn't something we can afford to lose.
This took forever.
Relax. You made it. You wanna make bank, right?
Wow, this atmosphere is really thick.
Don't worry, you're with me. So did you bring it?
Yeah, it's here. But I can't lose it, Poncho.
My grandfather gave it to me, and they don't sell it anywhere.
Relax, Nico. We'll make a lot of money with this, c'mon.
Marco! Our guest is here.
What's that?
That's the real thing. Bet you've never held one of those in your hands.
That watch is worth more than any amount you can win here.
How much does your watch cost?
It's not mine, that's why the owner's here.
Give us six stacks.
And who's going to pay, you or rich boy here?
I'll give you four.
How can you give me four when this watch is worth more than six?
Hey, it's fine. Let's just go.
I don't trust your friend.
Since when do you treat me this way?
If you don't trust me, I'll go.
Hey, Poncho! I'll give you four.
Don't mess with me. Take it or leave it - that simple.
Sit down. Give him five!
Alright, let's deal.
I fold.
Me, too. (Me, too.)
Well, sirs, it was a pleasure. I've got a full house.
Hey, Nico. Come here.
Come on.
We can still get it back. Just go to your friends, get some cash.
You'll see! We'll get it back.
I need that money, Poncho.
If my grandfather finds out, we're all in trouble. You and your friends, too.
Pretty boy, it'll be fine. Trust me.
Let's go.
Good evening.
Come in. Daniel's actually not here right now.
No, I was looking for Jenny. Is she here?
You look lovely.
Thank you.
Aren't you going to introduce us?
Dad, that's not a thing anymore.
See? It's still a thing. Nice to meet you, Paolo.
Alright? Can we go now?
You can go.
I love your purse.
Ready? (Yes.)
See you, Mr. Parra. We'll be back by midnight.
Have you ever heard that being in love feels like being on cloud nine?
Well, Jenny's finally in the clouds for sure.
[Cannot tell if happy or mad face?]
Hey, guys! What's up, everyone?
[More small talk]
Great rock show, huh?
It was awesome.
Sorry, sorry. I want to present your #1 fan.
My girlfriend, Jenny.
Hey, beautiful.
How are you? (Good.)
Did you have a good time?
It was awesome. (Tell them!)
I'm a little embarrased, but can you sign my shirt?
No problem.
Why don't you come on tour with us? Without your boyfriend, I mean.
What? (Joking!) Would you go?
Of course I would. (Hey!)
No, you don't deserve it!
Why not?
(Hi!) Hey, what's up?
How'd it go?
Super! They even signed my shirt.
That's awesome. (It looks great!)
I know. It was really intense and I'm super tired, so I'm going to bed.
See ya later. Bye!
I love seeing your sister so happy.
Me, too. It was about time.
Wait a sec.
What're you doing?
Sof? I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm in some trouble. I need help.
Why, what happened?
Nothing. Just Because of my dad's problem, I pawned some stuff.
Including my grandfather's watch, which I have to get back.
This is really embarrassing, but I need like $10,000.
Or, you know, whatever you have.
Wow, that's a big sum. I'll have to ask my mom to get it from the bank.
No, don't worry. I'd rather not involve your mom or anyone else.
Let me try one last thing, and then I'll check back with you.
Ok, but I'll get it for you if you need it.
No, it's fine. But thanks, anyway.
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
Hi. It's Nico de la Vega.
Good. How are you?
Hey, do you mind if I come over?
They say that in the world of the elite, even hitting rock bottom can bring pleasure.
Careful, Nico.
Hello, Nico.
Glad you came.
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