Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Feliz cumpleaños

They say there's a thin line between love and hate.
It's not the first time a diva has won the throne and forgotten who gave her the power.
Look at you! You look good.
Thanks. I'm just excited this hairstyle lasted.
Or maybe because you have a new boyfriend?
I know GG's been talking alot about me lately, and
And you're thrilled about it, don't pretend.
Is that bad?
But you've got to be careful, Jenny.
You got popular overnight, and these people are the jealous types.
Let me try to explain: you can't have any illusions about this.
Being the talk of the town isn't as great as it sounds. The fall hurts, Jenny.
But who says I'm going to fall?
How awful. That dinner's gonna make me vomit.
Don't say stuff like that. It'll be over soon.
I just don't know what to expect from the new and improved Bitch Jenny.
Her head's gotten so big, I think even Vivi's little brother will be beneath her.
Were you invited to his homecoming patry?
Of course not. They're a bunch of ingrates.
They forget I'm the one who took them in when they were nobodies.
She looks so great! [Perfect, flawless, etc!]
What's this?
The bracelet you let me borrow.
I didn't even remember, since I have three just like it.
Of course, there's gotta be trust between sister-in-laws.
Be quiet and tell me the plan for today.
Something relaxed, right? Let's go to Maria Maria?
Hey, Jenny, why don't I text you so you don't forget your wallet?
You, to make life easier, just glue a credit card to your hand.
You know, that's not a bad idea. Watch and learn, ladies.
Yes! Yeah, she'd love to go!
You sure, Barbie? If magazines have taught us anything, is that things go out of style quickly.
Look, Florencia, I don't want to be rude.
But you're offering much less than the guitar's worth.
2,000 then.
Dollars, right? No? It's autographed by Marcelo Parra!
I'll show you the photographs so you see it's the same guitar.
See? Same guitar!
Look at it, please.
I'm not even sure he wants to sell it.
Flor, I owe a lot of money.
And you need something like this for your collection. Please!
I hope this weighs on your conscience. You just robbed a child.
See you soon!
Do you need anything else?
A mineral water, please.
Did I just hear that right?
Maximiliano is never satisfied.
I'm a Zaga.
This is for you.
(What's that?) For me?
Thank you! (Excuse me.)
I don't know what this could be. Did you send it?
He's not a fan of the little things.
You wish [you were as thoughtful as him].
Sof, I don't know what that's about.
Max! Could you grow up?
What did you do now, Maximiliano?
Only you would send something like this.
Well, what is it?
His way of bugging me.
I don't like saying this, but you're either drunk or crazy.
Maybe both.
Maximiliano, apologize. Then excuse yourself from the table.
I apologize. For what, I don't know.
Enjoy your breakfast.
Ms. Fuenmayor, is it alright if we switch you to another table?
It's very full today, and your party's late.
I'm fine here, thanks.
You can take my order now.
Of course, Ms. Fuenmayor. I'll send the waiter.
Of course Barbie ordered despite being alone.
Revenge is a dish eaten cold.
Can't you just imagine her there, all alone?
I know! Every time someone comes by, she's like, 'Is that them?' 'No, it's not.'
This is what I'm gonna wear.
Just so you know what the dress code is for my brother's party.
Aww, it's so pretty!
And you, Jenny? What will you wear?
I'm between a turquoise Valentino and a gold Lugano that's to die for.
Quit making that stupid face.
If you don't know what a Lugano is, I'll explain later.
No, I think I've heard of him. My mom has something of his, I'm sure.
Well, she should. He's a top Argentinian designer.
So important he only designs for the Kardashians and stuff.
Hey, Paolo. (How are you?)
Ladies. Jenny.
Hey. How are you?
Not as good as you. But getting there.
See ya later, ok?
I'm going to the bathroom. Be right back.
Uh huh. Sure you are.
I'm watching you girls.
So it's going to be you, Rodrigo and Are you lost?
No, but I haven't been to your house enough to know where the bathroom is.
You're right. Guys, this is Jenny.
Jenny, this is Ismael and Chava.
Hey, boys. Nice to meet you.
So what's up? You going out?
No, I think we're staying here. Why don't you join us?
No, thanks. We'll let you gossip while we talk about
The pregame party.
(Yeah, the pregame.) Pregame party
Eric. What's up?
What's up with you? You haven't answered all day.
You can stop suffering, I answered. What happened?
And your man? How's it going with him?
Fine, except you haven't liked any of our facebook photos.
I can't! With that guy? I thought you'd go out once and be done.
Just once? You're so bitter!
I'm with him right now, so I should probably go.
We'll talk later. Bye!
Mr. Parra?
Yes, hello. Good evening.
Hey, sorry. For a second, I thought you might be the electrician.
No, it's me. How can I help you?
Jenny's best friend.
Her best friend? How great!
Yes! So I wanted to offer my services in planning her birthday.
Sorry to butt in, but Jenny said she wished she was doing something special.
Really? She didn't say anything to me.
Since you had so much work and lots of bills, she didn't wanna make a stink.
So I thought we could throw here a surprise party, here in your home!
What do you think about doing a taquiza, or whatever you guys eat?
Not to brag, but my pozole is a speciality. It's delicious.
Wow, sounds great. But it has to be a surprise.
You only turn 16 once.
Even better. You can count on me.
Okay, thanks! Excuse me.
You're the one I should thank!
Hey, Dad. What happened?
Nothing. It's just been awhile since I saw you.
Well, that's because I'm studying at Vivi's house, Dad.
Okay, that's fine.
I was just calling to say that I feel
With all my hotel problems and your homework, school and such
We haven't spent a lot of time together and, well, your birthday's coming up.
I thought we'd chat about what to do for it.
Yeah, I've just been out of it with school and everything.
I'd rather we just split a cake between the four of us.
That's fine. You don't wanna go out to dinner or anything?
No, Dad, it's cool. I have to go, so I'll see you soon, okay?
Take care, honey. I love you. Bye.
[Jenny, you're not even pretending you're not gonna steal stuff]
Can we talk? (Sure!)
What's up?
Well, that's what I want to know.
What's up with you? You don't even notice me anymore.
I know, I'm sorry.
I've been dividing my time between finals, social life and my new boyfriend.
It's not that easy to do.
He's the smartest, hottest guy I know.
The best part is I think he really likes me.
He'd be stupid not to.
Really. But this all happened pretty fast, don't you think?
How well do you know him?
Are you jealous?
You like me! That's it!
No way.
Yes way!
You're wrong.
Don't feel bad, I take it as a compliment.
But I'm not complimenting you.
It's not that I didn't expect this, but my heart belongs to Paolo, okay?
I love you, friend.
I'll check, but I don't think so.
Hey. What's up?
My mom's going mad with drama. Someone stole her Carolina Herrera.
For real?
It's awful. It was made especially for her.
No, I would die.
Could she have lent it to someone or something?
She never lends it out. Someone went into her closet and stole it.
Well, it's nothing. They can make her another one, right?
It's worth $15,000.
What? That much?!
Do you know who it was? A maid or someone?
We don't know, but my mom's acting like she's on CSI.
She's getting a private investigator and everything.
It's a mess, but it'll pass.
Where should we eat?
[Why do you keep selling to the woman who obviously rips you off?]
Excuse me for just one second, Miss.
Here's your money. I can't sell you the dress.
What are you talking about? That dress is mine.
It's not yours! I brought it, and I need it back right now.
Once I pay you, it's mine, sorry. I gave you 1000 pesos!
Sorry, I'm selling it at 20,000.
Florencia, please! You haven't even put the ticket on yet.
Honey, it's not my fault you didn't know what the dress was worth.
Don't answer.
Just wait. (Don't answer!)
But I don't know who it might be.
C'mon, just two minutes.
Two minutes, that's it.
Nico! Nico, thank God.
Jenny, what's wrong? Is everything okay?
Yes, I just need to borrow 20,000 pesos.
I know it sounds crazy, but I swear I'll pay you back. It's life or death!
Damn. I'm sorry, Jenny, but I don't have enough right now.
What do you need it for?
Everything alright?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Because, if I recall, I gave you enough money to last all week.
Do you need more?
No, of course not. Not at all.
And your apartment's already paid for.
Because I just want you to be happy, you know.
You're wonderful. I don't know how to thank you for everything you've done.
You don't? Well, I think I have an idea
Or two
Or three
[Aww, at least she left the money there.]
They say the price of fame isn't even as expensive as what Jenny's trying to steal.
Happy birthday, my love! No matter how busy we are, you're always our first priority.
Why don't you change the music? I don't really feel like dancing.
Thank you everyone for coming. It's so great, Mom and Dad!
I'm gonna go change, but party on! I'll be right back.
I'll see you again in just a second.
I don't think she looked surprised.
I think I'm too well-dressed for this.
What's she doing here?
Want some pozole, girls?
I think it might have some strange animals in it.
Jenny's dad made it, but it's self-serve. They clearly don't have a wait staff.
I'd rather die.
You don't want any? I'll take it. It's really good.
(Everything okay?) Get out!
I'm trying to change. Please leave the room.
What's wrong, why are you crying?
Get out! We'll talk later. (Is this about the party?)
What's wrong?
Jennifer, what is that dress you're wearing?
Oh, sorry. I thought this was the bathroom.
The bathroom's out in the living room.
The living room? Isn't that where the kitchen is?
Mom, tell her where the bathroom is.
My mom's dress!
[I hear a bloop and I expect a text. Where is text?]
This? No way. I bought it on the island, remember I told you?
I don't remember, and I doubt it was the Carolina Herrera specifically designed for my mother
And that just disappeared from her closet!
Maybe they just look similar?
When did you take it?
Are you implying that my daughter stole this dress?
I'm leaving. Don't want to intrude.
If you'll excuse me. The pozole was great.
I'll go with you. There's nothing for me here.
Girls, please.
You better forget about coming to my brother's party.
How embarassing! (What a traitor.)
Jenny, what happened?
Clearly, you didn't just ruin my birthday, but also my life. Thanks!
Are you blind? Can't you see she was just mocking me?
She said you were ashamed of where you came from, where you live.
And she wanted to show you that you're friends didn't care about that.
You know what the problem is? You have no idea how hard it is to live here.
If you think the heat's the most hellish thing here, I invite you to visit my school.
I sold my sewing machine, and my good jewelry.
And, just so you know, I didn't get very much for your guitar.
My guitar? But why?
Because what you give me's not enough! Grandma's checks aren't enough. Nothing's -
What do you mean? You have more than enough.
Yeah, sure. It's easy for you - pay half the tuition, pack a brown bag lunch and send me into battle.
But it's not as simple as you make it out to be.
Just a moment, young lady.
You're not going to make me feel bad for not having a private jet or a yacht.
You think I'm not ashamed of where I live?
Or that it's cool for me to eat my lunch in the bathroom
Just so I can pretend I'm not hungry when my friends and I go out to eat?
What are you saying?
Yes, Dad. It's humiliating!
Jennifer, you're not thinking.
Maybe the heat fried my brain cells, Mom, I don't know.
I don't think so, actually.
You like walking from Las Brisas in 35 degree weather, because you don't have a car or chauffeur?
For starters, those girls can't your friends.
And if you think you have to steal to fit in?
Then I have to completely question the education we've given you.
Don't worry, Dad. At this rate, they're not my friends anymore.
If it wasn't your darling brother, who was it?
Don't call him my darling brother! He's not family.
Well, let's just be thankful he'll be your brother and not me.
That's true. How awful would that be? I mean, can you imagine?
I know.
Baby, why can't I have you all to myself?
What are you talking about, silly?
If I'm your boyfriend, Max wants to be your brother.
If Max is your brother, Nico wants to be your best friend. I could go on.
What? No, we never hang out.
Well, you're about to.
What's up? (Hey!)
Sorry, Sof. Have you spoken to your sister lately?
I don't know No. Why?
She called me a little while ago, sounding really strange. She wanted to borrow 20,000 pesos.
Yeah, she hung up before I could find out why. But I thought you should know.
Thanks, Nico. I'll call her.
She's not answering. How do I know where to find her?
Go home first, then try Vivi's.
See? That's why I love you and wanna marry you.
Be right back.
You want me to go with you?
No, don't worry. You stay here with Nico.
I'll come back for you. (Okay.)
Just don't show him your new toys.
What happened?
Can you please explain why you asked Nico for 20,000 pesos?
I can't believe he told you.
We're worried about you. You're becoming a superficial person.
He said that?
Why are you crying?
I messed things up.
I borrowed Vivi's mom's dress to try and pawn it.
No way! You're crazy.
Alright, don't yell at her.
Please don't. I was going to return it tomorrow, but Dad threw an awful party with posole.
Okay, sorry. Continue.
So Vivi caught me with the dress.
Can you imagine my friends' faces when they got to the party and saw me in that dress?
I can never look them in the eyes again.
Calm down. Alright, what can we do?
I want to leave Acapulco.
That's what you wanna do for your birthday?
That's not necessary, Jen.
It is necessary.
What, you wanna get on a plane?
No, too much work.
It doesn't matter! Everything's ruined.
How about I take you out, buy you an ice cream, and we talk about it?
I think that's a great idea. Let's go!
No. I'm probably grounded, they won't let me go.
See? Just another day at the Parra residence.
I think it's important that Jenny return the dress today.
Dad (C'mon, Dad.) Please no.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm not asking, I'm saying she has to do it.
Dad, seriously. Please don't do this to me.
You're not in a position to tell me what to do.
I'll take you myself.
Please, please don't do this!
Jenny, you stole a dress!
Someone's gotta get on their knees and beg your forgiveness.
I'll take her.
No, I am. Let's go.
Dad, I insist. It's better for her to look ashamed than obligated.
Sorry to butt in, Marcelo, but I agree with Danny.
Fine, go. But do it now.
You heard him, let's go.
I can't return that dress myself, Daniel.
I already got Dad off your back. What more do you want?
Can't she wait in the car?
Yeah, or I'll hide out here.
They were awful to her. No need to humiliate her further.
Ok, fine. But Dad better not see you.
And another thing: promise you'll never do this again.
I promise.
You better, Jenny.
So where's the corpse?
Upstairs. Thanks.
Hey, asshole!
I'll talk to her, I promise.
You have a lot to explain to my sister. Come with me.
(Okay, look.) Shut up! Let's go.
Calm down.
You terrified me! I thought you were Dad.
What're you doing here?
I like your decorations.
Don't beat around the bush, and don't play dumb.
What's going on?
Paolo's gay.
Talk. Now!
I like men.
Why are you saying that?
Because it's true, Jenny.
Daniel, get out of my room and let me talk to my boyfriend.
Wasn't it obvious?
Is this real, or just because your sister made you?
On the one hand, yeah, my sister said you were a social climber.
Which doesn't surprise me at all.
On the other, Jenny, seriously?
You were so dazzled by my money, you didn't even notice?
You used me as a beard? You're such an asshole!
And I plan to keep being one.
Did you really think a guy like me would be interested in Jenny Parra?
This is just what I needed.
But see? This is win-win. I can give you status.
And what do I do? Hide your secret? Is that how sad your life is?
Don't change the subject.
You know what? I don't want anything to do with you.
So please get out now.
You sure? Because as far as I know, my mom's pretty angry.
And Gossip Girl's out to get you.
Get me? My drama'll be history when I tell yours.
Sit down, Jenny Parra.
Keep my secret, and I'll fix your dress problem.
It's as easy as me saying I gave it to you at tomorrow's party.
How'll you get away with that?
Think about it. I'm the brother everyone wants to date.
You're the brother no one's gonna care about when they learn you're gay!
But they wouldn't find out. They'd due of jealousy seeing you still dating me.
What're you doing?
This dress is lovely.
And, whaddaya know, it matches perfectly with one of my ties.
Are you gonna wear it tomorrow?
Looks like money buys happiness no matter where you are.
Check it out. I didn't think I'd be able to buy it back.
As if it wasn't expensive enough the first time.
What're we gonna do with that girl?
I don't know.
I feel guilty, really.
Don't think that. This is about more than the separation.
You think?
She was born a rebel.
A rebel and a forgerer.
Look at that. (What?) That!
No! She autographed it?
I don't find it funny.
Do you know what it means to play a guitar autographed by YOU?
That's ridiculous.
It's the perfect thing to throw your fans.
Just thinking about it gives me tachycardia. Feel my heart.
Oh, honey, it's fine. That child, though
I hate the decorations.
Girls, look at who just showed their face.
Pathetic. This must be a joke.
How dare she come after what happened with the dress?
I don't know. Such a trashy move.
Grab your things before she steals them.
Hey, everyone! Thank you for joining me today.
I'm thrilled to be back in Acapulco.
But I'm even more thrilled to introduce you to my gorgeous girlfriend, Jenny Parra.
Eat what you want, drink what you want. It's your party!
How cynical. I can't handle it.
Ladies. You already know my girlfriend.
You mean the thief? They installed security cameras throughout the house, so you know.
Sis, you should ask first. Jenny never stole that dress.
I gave it to her without telling her it was Mom's.
She was sweet enough not to assign blame without discussing it with me first.
Okay, so you gave her a used dress.
I wanted her to try it on. I know she doens't like light colors, so I ordered a green one.
Anyone wanna get a drink with me?
I don't buy it.
No? Just wait. I want you to see the surprise I have for Jenny.
It's almost like when Nico serenaded -
I love you! (And I love you.)
[It's the theme song about how the price you pay to get in is glory or disgrace!]
[BEST THEME SONG, except no Kristen Bell.]
[Better to be invisible, like American Dan, so you can also be GG.]
[Sorry I'm not translating the song, but I'll put a link up to the lyrics.]
Greetings from the tackiest party ever.
That bad, huh?
And, trust me, none of the guests are worth anything.
Why are you talking so quietly?
Because it turns out Jenny and Paolo are the golden couple.
But I don't believe it, so I'm looking through Paolo's room for dirty laundry to air.
You're deranged. But Daniel's coming, so call me when you get out.
[Okay, that was way too easy.]
And the best tweet goes to Barbie Fuenmayor. Nothing like hot gossip. Or closeted gossip, anyway.
Let me get you something to drink.
I loved it! (Thank you.)
Can I get a photo with you?
Come with me.
I can't believe how great your performance was! And I love the song.
Thanks, Jenny.
I have to tell you, I'm such a big fan. Meeting you's been a dream of mine forever.
How sweet! Not to change the subject, but have been with Paolo long?
No, not long. But he's super sweet and thoughtful.
He did all this just so I could meet you.
Jenny, I've known Paolo for years. Just be careful, okay?
Why do you say that?
Forget it. Let's just get the camera and take that photo.
I have it here somewhere
Here we go.
There! I'll put it on Twitter.
Just one second.
Let's go back to the party. Find Paolo, and you can tell me everything.
When are you leaving? (Tomorrow, I think.)
Yeah? Because I love fashion design, and it would be incredible to dress an artist, you know?
I'd love to see your work.
Danny's here! I'll see you soon, sweetie.
Say hi to him for me, okay?
Tell him I'm going to spend more time with you starting tomorrow.
(Okay?) Tell him that!
They say that it takes two to keep a secret.
But it only takes me to reveal one.
And, trust me, I'll figure this one out, too. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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