Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

La Inauguración

Is something wrong?
You tell us.
I don't know, maybe, 'My boyfriend's gay?'
No way! He's not gay.
Well, that's what Gossip Girl says.
GG's wrong, clearly. Vivi, c'mon!
You really think your brother's gay? He's the manliest guy around!
Seriously, bitch? He's as manly as I am poor, as in not at all.
Vivi, I'm sorry, but he's the gayest guy that ever breathed.
Don't worry, homosexuality is very normal nowadays. It's even fashionable.
How embarrasing to have to fake date Jenny Parra just to stay in the closet, don't you think, girls?
Well, I wasn't going to tell you so you wouldn't think I was a slut
Seriously? (Is that true?!)
It knew it! I told you.
Jenny Parra, tell me everything.
Hey, Dan?
What's up, Dad?
You sure you saw your sister go into class? You're 100% positive?
Can you tone down your paranoia, please?
In this life, once you lose trust, there's no going back. Sorry.
Yeah, but she's in class. I doubt she's gonna rob a bank or something.
Marcelo, maybe he's right.
Maybe we're overreacting a little bit.
How do you know it's an overreaction if you haven't been around, Mom?
Hey, why'd you talk to your mom like that?
I'm still resentful.
Look at her. She said she wouldn't get back with my dad, but her actions say the opposite.
But whether they reunite or not isn't your problem. It's theirs.
I sure missed you, Miss Lecture.
Oh, you missed me? (Of course!)
Sorry, one sec.
Hello? Hey, beautiful!
Now what?
Can I help you with something?
I hope so.
Look, I'm a dumbass. I lost my hotel reservation, and now my car's broken down.
We can call you a tow truck.
I need a room.
We can't. We haven't opened to the public yet.
All I need is a place to spend the night. You can charge me double, if you like.
That's not the point. We have an important event coming up, and there's no one to attend to you.
We don't have any employees available.
Please, I just want to sleep. I assure you, you won't even know I'm here.
C'mon, man. I'm exhausted.
I guess it'd be terrible karma to turn away my first client. Let's go.
[If his Argentinian accent didn't give him away, Alicia's terrified face does.]
This way.
Ridiculous. What's the world coming to?
Can you believe they forgave that thief?!
Get over it? Get over it?!
Someone asked me to bring you this.
It's like you're in middle school.
What's with this cheap threat? I know what happened, too.
Why don't people get that blackmail is an art?
You and Nico are old news.
Oh, God. Kill me, please!
That little twat is pretending to be Snow White when we all know what she really is.
I'm not sure. Besides, Gossip Girl's wrong sometimes.
GG, maybe. But when have I ever been wrong?
You didn't.
You were the one who sent the photo?
Stop being dramatic! What was I supposed to? Ignore the evidence?
Seriously, she's Daniel's sister. Don't mess with her, please.
I swear I won't.
Starting tomorrow, ok?
So it'll be room 209.
My salvation! Thank you so much.
Mr. Marcelo?
Oh, yes. I'll be right with you in just a minute.
As you can see, the staff is very busy today, so you'll have to look after yourself today.
No worries, I'll manage.
Alright, thanks. (That way?)
Alicia, can you take him to his room, please?
Yes, of course. This way.
I thought I'd made it clear. I'm here for you.
I'm not leaving. So go and leave me alone.
No, Alicia. I was serious before. I'm not returning to Buenos Aires without you.
I thought Quantum Physics was the devil's work, or are you joining a satanic cult?
Thanks a lot, Rastafari. Not like I was trying to be inconspicuous or anything.
What are you even doing?
You do agree that playing in the waves with your little surf board is not the same as washing, right?
Are you allergic to soap or something?
Please stop. I can't sleep at night, remembering all these insults.
So sensitive.
What's that jerk Paolo doing here?
Still playing at dating your sister. Really, Parra, I'm disappointed in you.
She's dating a gay guy, and you're not doing anything!
Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!
Too late, Parra.
I'm in a rush!
Merci, mon cher.
But my tastes have changed, Max.
[She didn't take the gift, but she did take the chauffeur. #Accurate]
Looks like no one's here.
For the love of God!
Granny! What're you doing here?
I was going to join your mother for tea.
Why don't you ask your boyfriend to go back home?
I was just leaving. If you'll excuse me, ma'am.
Granny, sorry. I didn't think anyone was --
No, no. It's alright. Sit down.
Honey, I was young once, too.
Of course, my father would never have left me alone with a boy.
So tell me
Are you serious about this boy?
Well, yes. I'm really falling for him.
Boys like Daniel? Once they get what they want, they disappear.
If you don't believe me, ask your mother. That's what happened with Marcelo.
Daniel's father.
But Daniel's not like that.
I just ask that you take things slow, until you're sure he feels the same way you do.
If he truly loves you, he'll wait.
[I momentarily forget she wasn't driving and grew very concerned.]
Park here, Pablito.
Don't move, breathe or do anything until I get back, okay?
Is Barbie willing to sacrifice a loved one just to get back at Jenny Parra?
I believe it was Shakespeare who said, "Beware the stake you turn against your enemy, lest you singe yourself."
I know you're in there. Open up.
I just want to talk to you, son.
Open the door, please.
Aren't you going to let me in?
In a way, this apartment's mine.
Of course, Carlos. Come in.
Tell me, Nico. Have you ever heard of the Australian mouse?
No? It's a little mouse whose primary need, aside from nutricion, is to mate.
Just think. It mates so often that, one day, the exhaustion ends up killing him.
That's Lucila for you.
I know perfectly well that, if it were up to her, she'd bang all of Acapulco.
But I never imagined that some kid I've known since he was five would be on that list.
Nico, I'm about to do you the biggest favor.
The kind that comes around once in a lifetime.
I'm going to act like nothing's happened. It'll be our little secret.
But if I hear that you've seen, spoken to or even thought about her
The shame and embarrassment you cause your grandfather will be the least of your concerns.
By the way, I advise you to find somewhere else to live, because this place has been rented out.
It's me. Can you get me into a poker game today?
Dear, please tell the chef that I like his first arrangement better, alright?
Thank you.
What do you need?
Food. I'm starving.
Why can't you understand I want to save my marriage?
What a stupid thing to say. Marcelo's a nice guy, but you're in love with me.
As I am with you.
He's my family.
And I'm the love of your life.
Or did you have a change of heart after crossing the Patagonia?
Thanks for the food, ma'am.
Do you have no shame? What's wrong with you?
Daniel, it's more complicated than it looks. He and I -
You can't do this to my father!
Daniel, please wait.
Daniel, wait!
Now what? What's gotten into you two?
Mom. You tell him, or I will.
Marcelo, please.
You have to understand.
Understand what?
That you brought your lover here so we could What, exactly?
Live together? Have a threesome? What the hell were you thinking?
I didn't know he was going to come looking for me!
I knew. That there was someone in Argentina. Of course I knew.
What I didn't know is that you'd have the balls to bring him here. To your kids!
Why'd you come back to Acapulco, then?
I came to repair my family.
Marcelo, I didn't know he would come. You have to belive me!
It's better if you leave. I never want to see you again.
And if he shows up here again, I swear to you
Sof's out. Didn't she tell you?
But you're actually the one I want to talk to.
Let me guess. Jenny Parra?
Jenny Parra, you and her boyfriend.
Eric, I saw you with Paolo!
You saw me with Paolo?
Are you going to tell Gossip Girl?
No. The last thing I want to do is hurt you.
So Why'd you come?
To tell you that I'm here for you.
And that Paolo doesn't deserve you. He should be thankful he has someone like you in his life.
And not hide you.
That's much more difficult than you think.
I'm hiding, too.
At least you're not going around telling everyone about your fictional girlfriend?
No! I won't tell anyone.
My mom's going to die when she finds out. First suicidal, now gay.
Eric, you don't know that. She might surprise you.
[People saying poker things I don't understand.]
Fold. (Fold, fold.)
Two pair.
Looks like you lost it all again, kid.
You'll get it back next round.
With what, Poncho?
Next time, bring friends who are loaded. Who plays poker with 2,500 pesos?
How about a loan?
Do I look like a bank or something?
No, you know what? I better not.
Look, I swear this guy's good for it.
How much you want?
I don't know, five?
Don't waste my time.
How much we talking 'bout, then?
At least fifty.
Alright, let's do it!
(Fifty.) Are you crazy, Poncho? That's too much money!
It's your turn to win. Whatever happens, I'll have your back.
What'll it be?
This is gonna get good!
Everything okay?
Hurry up. (Daniel!)
Daniel, what's your problem?
How dumb are you? What part of 'you boyfriend's gay' didn't you get?
First of all, don't talk to me that way. I have a dad, and one's enough.
Second of all, quit tripping. My boyfriend's not gay!
Third Clearly, you're - you're jealous!
Jealous? (Yes, jealous.)
Of whom? Paolo?
No. Of me.
Because, unlike you, I fit in this world.
Look at you. You date the queen of Acapulco, and you're still invisible!
How sad.
Oh, yeah, the saddest.
Guess who?
See if you can control your boyfriend.
You'll have to excuse her. Her brain cells are suffocating from all the perfume.
Changing the subject, though. Are you with anyone, babe?
Me? Well, I have a boyfriend somewhere. He's kinda cute.
Seriously? (Yeah.)
Calm down, there are parents here.
[Mistakes Nico knew he was making]
I call.
I fold.
[Nico has 1 pair, evil dude has 2.]
It'd be a shame for you to leave without playing again.
You owe us fifty.
Either way, I can't pay it all right now.
That's exactly what I didn't want to hear.
Here's what we're gonna do.
The rich boy stays here while you go for the money.
Where's it at? Let him tell you.
You need to listen to me. You may not have money, but your grandad and Lucila do.
So how do I explain this? Call them, or it'll go poorly.
Are you with me or with them?
It's no use getting mad. You wanted to play poker, and you did.
You have my grandfather's watch! It's worth -
And it's nice! But we want cash.
I like you, so call.
I need help.
You need money.
Oh, poor Nico. No luck and no friends is no way to play at cards. Next time, you better fold.
Damn! I didn't know you were the jealous type.
It's not jealousy! I just hate that asshole. It's not my fault my sister has such bad taste.
Let's move on to more interesting topics. Cool?
Okay, like what?
Like, for example, the fact that we're at a hotel.
I'm not ready.
Don't worry, I'm patient. Whatever time you need, okay?
Really, I'll wait as long as necessary. I want you to be comfortable.
Hello. Good evening.
No, we're honored. The hotel turned out beautifully. Congratulations, Alicia.
Yes, your boutique hotel is very picturesque.
Thank you. Ceci, it's a pleasure to have you, as well.
How gracious. I see your tastes haven't changed.
This celebration is so very you.
Make yourselves at home and enjoy. We'll catch you later for a drink.
Thank you.
How's it going? The hotel looks great, doesn't it?
Yes, it's lovely.
Well, we'll see what the guests say.
Look, Mom. There's Eric.
I thought he wasn't coming?
Looks like a catfight's about to break out. Everyone, make your bets.
Princess, what part of 'you're not invited' did you fail to understand?
Don't worry, I'm leaving. Cheap champagne gives me hives.
You don't know this, Jenny, because we're not friends -
You wish. The point is I have a new hobby.
Photography. And you don't know how good I am.
I know I should say that, but oh well.
I have a photo that reminds me of you, and I wanted to give it to you as a peace offering.
Can I see it?
Of course you wanna see it, since you already know your brother's gay.
False? No, dear, you're wrong. I don't make accusations without proof.
What proof are you talking about?
The photo that clearly shows you're gay. And that I am, too.
What are you doing here, f? Jenny, tell them to get him out.
(Get out!) What's going on?
One word: Twitter. Check out GG's account.
[Um They are not even kissing in this picture?]
[It's still just a picture of two dudes talking]
[Is it a gif? Does it move when we're not looking?]
[The tweet 'reveals' that Jenny knew he was gay. Still no proof.]
Jenny, please tell me that what I just read on that phone isn't true.
That's amazing. I never thought you could disappoint me this much.
Go to your room and pack.
I promise I can explain -
I don't want hear it. Acapulco's over with.
I'll go find Liliana. It's time to return home.
I'll look for my brother.
It's incredible! (Everything's going well?)
Yeah, there are tons of people.
You look really handsome. (You think so?)
Of course. You just needed a little product in your hair.
I'm still nervous. (And you're still hot.)
Congrats. If you wanted to make me the laughingstock of Acapulco, you did it!
Now everyone knows Paolo and Eric are together!
And now I have to -
Hey, what happened?
I can't believe he told you first.
Evidently he trusts me more than you.
That's not fair.
What's going on? Why didn't you tell me? Don't you trust me?
No, it's not that. I think I just didn't want you to lose the image you already had of me.
Or for you to look at me differently.
Don't be stupid. You're my brother, and I love you. That'll never change.
Are you really weirded out by the news?
Strangely enough, no. Now I know why your taste is better than mine.
Not in men, clearly. Look at Paolo.
Let's not even talk about that one. Forget about him.
No, please.
A casting call! My mom's closing a deal for a gentlemen's clothing line.
It'll be a huge success! Just visualize it.
I think that, before getting a new boyfriend, I should talk to my mom.
Was she really upset?
She ran out. But you know how she is, so just give her time.
Sorry I was late.
Don't worry about it.
Are you guys okay?
Can I get you anything? Something to drink?
For me, something really strong, please.
Relax, bro. The hard part's over.
Thanks, Daniel.
What was that?
What happened?
Unbelievable. My God, Ceci, what happened?
What's wrong? (My hip!)
Someone call an ambulance!
Marcelo, how could you forget to close off the dangerous area?!
I don't know how she got here. I closed this part off myself!
The ambulance is on its way, don't worry, Cecilia.
Marcelo, it was imprudent of you to open without completing the construction.
They could shut you down.
Oh, the pain!
I think they forgot about you, rich boy.
This is ridiculous, Nico. Neither Lucila nor your grandfather came? Does no one care about you?
I hope they care about you, Ponchito. Maybe they'll bring you flowers.
Excuse me, what?
Sit down.
But I followed our agreement!
I brought you the bait, didn't I?
Dumb kid. It's like my daughter Cassandra says
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Catch a tiger by its toe.
First the homeless one, then the idiot.
I hate to interrupt your game, but
I'd drop that if I were you.
You don't know who I've got on the phone.
Another dumbass trying to bluff.
Actually, no. When your dad's basically the God of Acapulco, you have no reason to bluff.
Don't worry, I'll pay what's owed.
Just give them watch, that should cover it.
No, no. I'm keeping the watch.
Hey, yuppie. That watch is mine.
I doubt anyone wants to deal with the hassle of buying a stolen watch.
And how's that?
Even the dumbest jeweler would recognize it.
The sum won't be a problem.
Enjoy it, because I don't want to see you within 500 feet of Nico.
And that goes for the loser by his side, too.
Let's go.
Wait Nico!
I'll leave you that toy to play with.
How are you?
I'm afraid it was both opening and closing night.
You'll see, everything will turn out fine.
Marcelo, can we talk?
Maybe we should talk later. I still have to go to the hospital to try and fix this.
Deep down, we both know.
Know what?
You deserve to be happy.
And I do, too.
I don't think you'll ever look at me the way you do her.
Doctor. How is my mother?
Don't worry, she's fine. Nothing serious.
Oh, that's great news!
Sorry, It's just I was scared. First the cancer, now this? It was too much.
I didn't know you had cancer.
No, not me. My mom, Ceci.
She has cancer?
Yes, Doctor. Who else?
She comes here to get treatment from Dr. Keslar.
That's impossible. I did a complete check-up on her a month ago, and there was nothing.
Well, there must be some mistake.
Liliana, I'm head of medicine at this hospital. There's no Dr. Keslar on our staff.
I think you should talk to your mom.
She's in Room 302. I'll be here if you need anything.
Thank you.
What happened? What'd the doctor say?
How's Grandma?
Fine. She's fine.
Why don't you both go home, and I'll see you in a bit? It's better if we let her rest.
Okay. But will you be alright?
Yes. Emiliano should be downstairs, doing the paperwork. Have him take you home.
(I love you.) You and I need to talk, ok?
If you need anything, let me know.
My child, I'm so glad you came. The pain in my hip is unbearable.
Mom, what I'm here to tell you might come as a surprise.
No, no. I don't have the time to hear anything, and I'm not in the mood.
No, listen. Listen, it'll shock you as much as it did me.
I just found out that Dr. Keslar doesn't exist!
What do you mean?!
Just wait! Here's the best part: I met Dr. Rubina outside. He told me that in the last check-up he did
He didn't find a single cancerous cell in your body, Mother!
(That doctor's a quack!) So surprising, isn't it?
He's an idiot! Let me explain. I feel very sick.
No, Mom, no explanations.
How many lies you've used to manipulate me.
I don't ever want to see you again.
Nor do I want you near my children.
Is that clear?
Honey Liliana!
I'm sorry, Marcelo, for ruining your night.
No, don't say that.
Alicia must hate me, and with good reason.
Nothing that a few glasses of wine and a nine hour flight can't fix.
What? Where'd she go?
Back to Argentina. She left me and took Jenny with her.
And how are you doing?
Not so great. But not because of them.
Truth is, Jenny needed to get away from here.
She needs some time away from all this.
And I want Alicia to be happy, too, so
So what is it? What's the problem?
What's the problem? The same problem that's been eating at me for twenty years.
The one thing I haven't been able to stop myself from doing.
Loving you.
I can't stop loving you, Liliana. I can't.
I don't know if I can
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