Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

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Ciao, Rome! Au revoir, Paris! Though I love vacationing in Europe, I must accept the strange longing I feel for my beautiful city.
The past year leaves us with some glorious memories: love triangles, exiled kleptos, public outings, and a considerable number of blue bloods with broken hearts.
I wonder if the coming year will be able to compete with the departing one?
I hope it's at least as entertaining.
You realize that no matter how many times you wrap it, it's still clearly a surfboard, right?
Seriously? This is not okay.
Hey, what are you up to?
Just laughing at your friend's handiwork.
What's this?
A surfboard.
Wasn't Christmas last week?
Yes, but we didn't get a change to exchange gifts.
And how smart is it to give a surfboard to your disastrous-at-surfing girlfriend?
Don't exaggerate, Vane.
It's really not a good idea, Danny. I bet you she doesn't even like it.
What she's really not going to like is the wrapping. Dan, I swear, you were born with ten thumbs.
Keep it comin', Marcelo. Keep it comin'.
I'll answer.
Vane, can you hand me those sheets over there?
Take them.
Are you mad about something?
That means yes. What's on your mind?
You have to ask? Danny, I thought you how to surf when we were kids.
And I also bought you your first surfboard.
You don't get it.
Seriously, I give up, Dad. Who was it?
Your mom. I need to send her some stuff she left behind.
And Jenny?
She didn't want to talk to me. She's probably still mad.
She's the one that messed up. She can throw a fit, but I hope she realizes it.
Mom, have you seen my charger?
No, but mine's in the drawer there. Use that one.
Mom, what're you doing? We just got back.
I'm going to [the valley]. 18 hours of flight have really done me in, and I need some rest.
But isn't tonight Emiliano Zaga's party? You know, your boyfriend?
It's Marcelo.
Aren't you going to answer?
No, I don't see why I would.
Mom. Why is Daniel's dad calling you?
You're not taking this trip alone, are you?
Mom, please tell me you're not thinking of leaving Emiliano for Marcelo.
Don't start.
Please don't do it, Mom.
I don't get you. You've spent months criticizing my relationship with Emiliano.
I thought you'd be happy.
But of all the men in Mexico, you have to be with Marcelo?
But Daniel's my boyfriend, Mom!
And I know I'm too young to say it'll last forever, but it feels like it will.
I know. But
But what?
Tell me Marcelo means that much to you.
Tell me he's the most important thing in your life, because that's what Daniel is to me.
I have to go, I'm running late.
I'll be at Emiliano's party tonight. I hope to see you there.
I need everything ready for when my dad gets here.
Yes, Barbarita. I've already informed the staff.
Perfect. And tell Pablito to have tulips brought in. I want the whole house to smell like flowers.
And tell them to make clam chowder! Nothing with chocolate; it gives my dad migraines.
When he sees how we pamper him here, he'll wanna leave his snake of a boyfriend.
He'll stay with us instead!
Move, Dora! (Yes, excuse me.)
Did you miss me?
No, not really.
What'd you expect? My other girlfriends kept me entertained.
Oh, really? Glad you told me. Now I can keep your Christmas present.
Now that you mention it, the one I got for you is pretty awesome.
Alright, joker.
What do you want to drink?
One of those.
Waiter! Another one, please.
So what's your dad doing tonight? Is he going to Emiliano's thing?
No, never. He wants to take a trip, but I don't know where or with whom.
Wow, great family communication. He's going on a trip and you don't know where to?
You know my dad. He says if you plan things out too much, they'll fall apart.
He'll probably decide at the airport.
Why so many questions about my dad, though?
No, I just felt bad that he might be spending New Year's alone.
You know, without Jenny around?
Anyway, change of subject - oh, thanks!
I have no idea what I'm going to get you.
You're too difficult!
What? Me, difficult?
Yes! If you were anyone else, I'd buy you a watch or a bag.
Don't buy me that stuff expecting me to use it.
Alright. Then give me a hint.
No. No, I will not. Because if I were asking you this question? You'd get all up in arms.
I would not.
I wouldn't! Now, please tell me. Just this once?
No. Not gonna happen.
How about you tell me how Austria was?
Hey! Did you snowboard or just ski, you snob?
I just skied. You're looking down on me now, aren't you? Poor guy, you couldn't go to the Vail.
Don't remind me. I was robbed of the snow!
I was stuck on the beach for Christmas.
As usual. But at least I didn't lose the ticket!
What's up? Where are you going?
I just remember I have to do something. See you later!
The Vail!
What should we drink?
Water. Honestly, I don't think my liver can take anything else.
Are you serious? It's bad luck not to toast after a trip.
Says who?
Says Max Zaga's handbook.
Come in!
I'm in the mood for something Japanese.
Don't front. You and I both know you're still -
Grandfather? What're you doing here?
Is everything alright?
No, come with me.
Well, I have things to do. Makes yourselves at home.
What happened?
Look, Nico.
Your father
He's disappeared.
You put on a little weight. Looks good on you.
Guess you didn't leave your fridge lonely this holiday.
They should do a study on creatures who are gluttons for punishment.
You'd be the first test subject.
What are you doing here, Max?
I think you know the answer to that. But if you insist
I missed you.
Don't be ridiculous.
So you're saying you didn't want to see me?
Are you on LSD or something?
Can you stop acting like I don't matter to you?
Alright, Max. Let me help you out, since I see that your brain can't process this information.
I don't want you. I don't miss you. The only thing I feel when I think of you is nauseous.
You think of me?
Don't get it twisted, Maximiliano. I don't have space in my thoughts for someone as mediocre and fake as you.
Do yourself a favor and leave.
Oh, sorry if I don't see you out, but I have things to take care of that DO matter.
Is my dad here yet, Dora?
Yes, Barbarita, but
Where's the best daughter in the world?
You don't know how much I missed you! We've got some great things to show -
I miss you, too, honey.
Aren't you going to greet Claudio?
I just got out of the pool, and I don't want to get you wet.
No worries, it's fine.
It's ready. He'll have penguins and polars bears for Christmas.
It's incredible! Thanks, you're a genius.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, you don't think it's too cheesy, do you?
No, but to be honest, any kind of affection makes me nauseous right now.
Aww, why? Because of Paolo?
Yeah, I still can't believe I was into someone who was so the way he is.
Don't worry, we all go through that. But soon you'll meet someone who's worth it.
Sorry. Enough about my pathetic love life, or lack thereof.
What about you? It looks nice, but how are you going to get Daniel here?
I was thinking of doing a scavenger hunt and leaving the first clue at his hotel.
At his hotel?
Baby bro, why is your face saying it's a bad idea? You don't like it?
No, it's just. Just -
It's awesome!
What's going on? Why are we here?
Really? (Take them.)
Mom! What're you doing here?
Did you know about this? (No!)
You know your grandfather.
What do you think?
Have a seat. Please, sit down.
This is amazing. I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
It's my responsibility as head of the family to solve problems.
Thank you.
Why don't you join us? I want to make you he saves you a seat at his buffet.
It's just I'm not sure I want to go into law.
What are you suggesting, Nico?
I'm really interested in architecture.
I thought maybe this summer I could work with Max's dad on his next hotel project?
Nico, this is a family of lawyers. Law and politics are what we eat, drink and breathe.
If you study law, you're guaranteed a prime position right off the bat.
I refuse to let you become some frustrated architect, teaching classes wherever.
You can check anytime before 5pm.
Of course, it's not bother.
Okay, thank you! Have a nice day.
Hey, can you do me a favor?
If you need sex advice, though, I'm not the person to see. But you could get a copy of the kama sutra?
Thanks, but it's not that.
I need someone to give this to Daniel.
Of course.
There you go. Thanks.
Have a nice day!
Hey, Vane!
Hey, how are you?
No. Why?
I think I lost my cellphone.
Well, it was time to upgrade. It's old, ugly
'It's old, ugly'
So, what're you up to today?
For what?
New Year's. Got any plans?
I guess just stay here.
No. No way. You're coming with me to Emiliano Zaga's party.
No, thanks. I don't wanna be a third wheel.
No, don't worry. I'll get you a man there.
Seriously? How sweet, thanks.
For real, though. Wanna come?
I'll come get you before the party.
Pound it.
Dad. I didn't see you there.
What're you doing here all alone, Princess?
This place relaxes me.
You've looked for places like this since you were little.
How was your trip?
Good. Claudio's resting.
He's tired, says my terrible driving stresses him out.
We'll have a great time together, the three of us. You'll see.
The four of us.
You forget my mom lives here, too.
Why didn't you tell me you were bringing Claudio?
I guess I just wanted everything to be a surprise.
Claudio will kill me for telling you, but I can't wait.
Did you get a dog?
No, better than that.
We got an apartment together.
Wait 'till you see the view. All of the Chapultepec forest is visible.
You bought a home with him in the capital?
I can't believe I was so stupid. I thought you'd say in Acapulco with us.
I hate you! I wish you hadn't come!
What's wrong, sweetie?
Can you tell me what you just did to your daughter?
Let me find out.
Is everything alright?
No, it's not.
Claudio, sharing my marriage with you is one thing.
But ruining my daughter's New Year is something else entirely.
This was supposed to be their day.
Leonora, I'm sorry. I didn't realize it's be a problem.
You know how much I love your family.
You and I have been friends for a long time.
Friends? No, Claudio. Friends don't steal friends' husbands.
Leonora, please.
Eric! What's up? Been awhile since I've seen you.
What're you doing around here?
A surfboard?
Yeah. Even with the wrapping, you can tell, huh?
I knew the scavenger hunt was a terrible idea! C'mon, I'll take you.
For your sake, I hope she's still there.
[Why hasn't Eric called her to say they're coming? Did he lose his phone, too?]
What you're asking is impossible.
Of course. Because Claudio's more important to you than I am, right?
No! Claudio's my partner. You're my daughter.
You're the best thing in my life.
Then why can't you come back to Acapulco? You don't have to live here if you don't want.
It's not that easy.
I know it hasn't been easy for you, either.
But your mother and I also have a right to remake our lives.
More importantly, we have an obligation to. For you.
Don't you want us to be happy?
Yes, but I miss you so much.
Me, too, dear. I miss you so much, you have no idea.
Come in, please.
We've had something we wanted to show you since we got here.
We wanted you to see our new home. Look, there's the forest.
Look at that beautiful view.
It's not bad.
Show her.
Is your room.
My room?
Yes. Claudio had it made up for you.
You needn't have bothered. I'm never going to the capital.
But that's exactly it. You could live with us.
You want me to live with you?
Nothing would make us happier. Nothing.
Leave me be, Daniel. (No, wait! What's wrong?)
What do you mean, what's wrong? Nothing! I wanted it to be special, and you didn't show.
I'm sorry, I didn't know!
You didn't know? (No!) We had a date.
Well, maybe if you checked the notes I left you or answered your phone.
I can't find my cell, babe. And what notes? What're talking about?
Don't play dumb, Daniel. I left it at the hotel with Vanessa.
Oh It's just that I didn't stop by the hotel.
Please don't be upset. Okay? Come here.
You drive me bonkers. I thought you stood me up.
I'd never do that. Ever! And look, I brought your present.
That's my present? (Yes.)
Wow, it's awesome!
And it's custom made to fit your measurements, so you'll be a pro.
Thank you.
It's amazing. Now let's go get your present.
Give it here. (I'll help.)
No, I'll take it. (No, really.) It's mine!
I thought I'd been clear. You're not welcome here, Mom.
I know. But I wanted to make sure you didn't lose your daughter the way I lost mine.
Don't worry about the letter. She didn't see it.
You read it?!
Of course you read it.
I don't know. Being happy?
For the love of God, you're not a child anymore. The love you want is an illusion.
You need to get over it.
This feels like deja vu. Same conversation, 20 years later.
I've already sacrificed everything for you once. Why are you so unjust?
No, Liliana. You're the unjust one, with your impossible desires.
When was the last time you saw him, Mom?
At your grandfather's, before the holidays.
What did he say to you?
I didn't want to talk to him. I just saw him through the window.
I was angry.
Did Grandad talk to him?
You know him. He never liked your father before, and now? Even less.
Do you think he's okay?
I don't know.
Your grandfather and I agreed not to talk about it.
You look so handsome. Let's go.
Officially the best present I've ever gotten in my life.
And that includes the complete Star Wars collection I got. As a joke.
I love you.
You don't know how much.
What's wrong?
Tell me what it is.
You're going to say it's really cheesy.
I won't. Tell me.
That's the first time I've made love.
That's the first time someone's told me.
It's ridiculous to me that you still can't tie your own bowtie after all these years.
I'll learn by this time next year, I promise.
Claudio, enough. Even models have to watch their angles.
You look beautiful, child.
You like my dress, Dad?
A lot. Of course, the designer's always been talented.
In this case, Claudio and I designed it together.
Doubt the talent, then.
Now what? A family photo, right?
What a gorgeous family.
Now one with you.
With me?
You're part of the family, It's a family photo, right?
Dora, take the photo, please.
Look here, please. On the count of three.
Thanks, babe. (No problem.) Sure you don't wanna come in?
I'd love to, but I want to see my mom before the party. See you soon?
I'll take a quick shower and then get you, alright?
How do I look?
Is something wrong?
You know, Vanessa. I thought you and I have moved forward. That we were really friends.
And we are.
Yeah? (Yeah.)
I don't think so. Friends don't go behind other friends' backs, which is what you did today.
Wait, I don't get it.
What's up, are you having emotional problems?
No one brought you anything for me today?
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to regret having you here with us.
Maybe it's time you found another place to stay.
Danny, I'm sorry.
Really, I didn't think it was important.
I've tried, I swear! I'll keep trying, if you want.
But I also don't think it's fair for you to cast aside an old friend for some chick you just met.
And that includes you.
If you'll excuse me, I have to change. I'm running late.
Happy new year.
[Polite farewells as burns! Daniel gets it done.]
Cheers! (Cheers.)
So, do you agree to live with us in Mexico City when you go to college?
I don't know, that depends. Can Atticus and Lady D come?
Of course! I've already found the perfect stable for them.
But that's a little ways off, Dad.
Great party, isn't it?
It is. Especially since my dad made it.
What a surprise! So glad you could come.
I couldn't miss the chance to spend new year's eve with my daughter.
Wonderful party, as usual.
Thanks. Tell me something, have you tired of the capital yet?
I miss Acapulco, but Mexico City Well, I do miss my tan, that's for sure.
You're inside too much.
I'm always impressed by high society celebrations. I've seriously never imagined myself here.
Babe, are you okay? What's up?
Just looking for my mom. Do you see her?
Let's go get a drink to relax.
Why're you looking for your mom? Is something wrong?
No. Everything's perfect.
Good evening, Mr. Fuenmayor. Claudio.
May I dance with your daughter?
Sure. In fact, we were about to go greet some friends.
Shall I take your bag, dear?
Since when do you say no to a good jazz?
[Babies, babies, BAAAAABIIIIIEEEES!]
He got me a surfboard.
You surf now?
If 'surf' is the word for standing on a board for 20 seconds, yes.
Oh, honey, it was 10.
To me, it felt like a whole minute. Don't be rude.
[Nico really hates watching them kiss. PDA shy or unrequited love?]
Do you know what you're gonna wish for next year?
No. You?
Yeah. In fact, part of it already came true.
I'm dancing with her right now.
Don't you get tired of trying, Max?
Nothing's ever going happen between us. Okay?
Maybe not this year. But I'm betting my hopes on the next one.
In your dreams, Max.
You think this is all a game, don't you?
I care about you.
Let me prove it.
You know what my new year's wish is?
That you disappear from my life and leave me alone.
Good evening. Name?
What's my dad doing here?
Good evening.
Firstly, I'd like to thank my friends and Acapulco's most valued residents for being present.
This night has always been important to the Zagas.
And having the privilege of sharing it with you makes it even more special.
However, tonight I don't plan on bidding this year farewell as the entrepeneur you all know.
Will you do me the honor of being my wife?
A simple 'yes' would make me the happiest man in the world.
Yes! Nothing would make me happier, either, Emiliano.
[Guess who's back? Back again? Jenny's back, tell a friend.]
Hey, Dad.
You really don't think we can be together this year?
Because I do.
Though I'm sad to see the old year go, I'm sure the new one will be much better.
May all your dreams come true this year, and may you have much to tweet. Congratulations. GOSSIP GIRL.
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