Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e15 Episode Script

Amistades perdidas

What do you think?
It's incredible. Look at this dress!
See? And to think I had to beg you to come along.
To be my friend.
Hey now, we never stopped being friends.
So jealous.
Eric! So nice to see you here. How are you?
Good. Let me introduce to my friend, Jenny Parra.
Haven't we seen each other before?
Yes. It's just always such a pleasure to see you. Leonora Fuenmayor!
Your designs are amazing, and this collection is especially good. Congratulations!
Thank you. It was certainly a challenge.
Yeah, I can imagine. Silk's so expensive now, and not as fine as before.
What did you say your name was?
Jenny Parra.
Yes! Yes, she's a designer.
That's my goal.
Oh? (Yes.) What are you interested in?
Well, right now, for example
Right now I'm working on this.
Not bad at all.
I love it, to be honest.
I'd just add some feathers on the side. Do you have more to show me?
Yes! I have several designs, like -
Perfect. I don't have time now, but you can come back, right?
I can't, but I'm sure Jenny'll be back, yeah?
Of course. Whenever you like, Leonora.
Very well.
Say hi to your mom for me. (I'll tell her.) If you'll excuse me, Jenny.
Mom, are you okay?
Ignore me, love. I'm an idiot.
You're not dumb at all, okay? That's just what you were taught to believe.
He wasn't a bad man.
He was stubborn, manipulative, a drug addict
Don't talk about your father that way.
You still love him? After all he's done to you, Mom?
After he disappears on his family?
How can I not love him? Our lives have been joined since high school.
Sure, he's been advantage of you ever since. You were the governor's daughter.
Don't say that.
Then, what? Want me to look for him?
No. Though I miss him, I want him to know we can live without him.
As your grandfather said, he's only ever hurt us and stained the family honor.
I think he's right.
[OMG, she looks like a serial killer.]
Aren't you gonna say anything?
I thought I saw you yesterday. So it was you?
Of course it was me! But I thought I'd wait.
I knew you'd come here at some point today.
Yeah, I had to.
I'm so sorry.
I know, I know.
You don't know how awful it is. It's been a year, but I still feel the same pain.
That's how these things go.
Sorry I haven't contacted you, but I didn't wanna dredge up bad memories for you.
I've missed you so much.
Me, too.
I'm sure today's a tough one, though. You probably wanna spend it with your family.
No! On the contrary.
So what are you doing right now?
Now? Nothing. Nico called to see if I'd join him on the yacht. You want a ride home?
Nico and you? Really?
No, no way. I have a boyfriend.
Then can I come?
Yes! Of course you can.
Get me out of here, please!
Congrats on your new apartment, by the way.
Thanks. It's at your disposal. And good job, [Dan]!
No, seriously, thank you. This is awesome.
Whenever you want. My grandpa never uses it.
Really? I'm holding you to that, then.
Definitely. Maybe I'll learn some moves from you.
Aww, how sweet.
No, 'sweet' is you two.
Look at that! Maximiliano Zaga blushing. Never seen that before.
Not at all.
A little bit.
Max has no reason to blush. Right, Nico?
Nah, of course not.
I love you both a lot. After everything that's gone down with my dad, I've learned to leave pettiness behind.
I wish you both the best. In your relationship, as lovers, as whatever.
Thanks, bro.
Who's that there?
That bitch.
How's everyone? Welcome to Tiki Hut!
Francesca? Good to see you.
Francesca Ruiz-Hinojosa. What's up?
What's up? It's been so long since I've seen you. Looking good as always, Nico.
Thanks. So how've you been?
Fine, can't complain. These mojitos are delicious.
Oh, yeah. Delicious.
Don't they have martinis?
I saw you waterskiing out there. You're a pro!
It wasn't that good. Where are we, babe?
My love, let me introduce you to Francesca. Or Panchita.
Don't call me Panchita, please.
Nice to officially meet you, Francesca.
Hello. Nice to meet you, babe's girlfriend.
You know we only have 10 minutes to become friends.
Okay, so let's start now.
Babs, you've changed a lot.
For the better, of course. I have to warn you, Max and I are together.
You know, to avoid any awkward situations or unnecessary comments.
They're going on 24 hours.
Babs, you're hilarious.
What? No, I know what you're gonna say.
Should I be worried about you?
Not at all, you can relax.
I was just at her brother's grave, and -
What do you mean, why? He died a year ago today.
Don't be rude! Besides, Ricky was super sweet to you.
Ricky, maybe. But his alcoholic sister isn't.
She doesn't party much anymore.
I don't get why you're hanging out with her again.
She's my friend, just like you are. And today's tough for her, so please be nice.
C'mon, don't be secretive.
And cheers! (Cheers!)
I don't drink.
Too bad, they're really good.
Hey, how about we go shopping in the capital like the olden days?
I'll have to miss out. I have more important things to do.
Let's go, then.
Wow, this is really cool. Nico, do you have one of these?
I love this. It has much more movement.
Though the color's a little 2012, don't you think?
Yeah, I know. I didn't have anything more 'in' to make it with myself, though.
I have some cream and white-colored gauzes that are to die for.
They're expensive since I just had them imported from India, but employees get a 30% discount.
I don't know, maybe it you worked here, you'd get it for a good price.
Are you Are you offering me a job, Leonora?
Yes. And you could even help me on the Always fashion show. What do you think?
You fit the profile perfectly. Young, pretty, fashionable, confident.
Why don't you check this out? Get inspired.
The theme is elegenance. Women's liberation and confidence, got it?
Then surprise me.
I can't believe it! This is the best day of my life, thank you.
Jenny, how old are you?
How old? Then why do you dress like that, child? I thought you were older, nevermind.
I can't hire you.
But, Leonora, my age isn't a hindrance. I can give the brand a youthful touch
Sorry, no. Please leave the studio. Come back when you've earned a degree.
Whoever said money can't buy happiness probably didn't have access to their parents' credit cards.
I love shopping in Mexico City.
Do you see this?
I'm in love.
As good as your surfer? (Almost!)
It's amazing! (We just got it in.)
She'll take it! (I'll wrap it for you.)
And we're showing it off today, alright?
Obviously. But, hey, are we going to Baby or what?
Yes, please! I haven't gone since the last time I went with you.
Why not?
Because once you go with the queen of the place?
Alright, be quiet.
You can't go back with some nobody.
What do you think?
The thing is, Daniel isn't much for partying.
Ugh, don't tell me he's that lame.
Hey! No, he's great. But, whatever, it'll be fine. I want you guys to get to know each other.
I'll take this, too, please.
We can change plans if we have to, I've got no problem with that.
Why don't we go to the York? I hear it's a lot of fun there.
Yeah, that's a good idea! That way it'll be a little more low-key.
And then she didn't wanna hire me!
Of course not, honey.
Dad, I promise you she was seriously after me. Leonora was drooling over my designs.
I wish you could've seen her!
You should be proud. When you turn 21, you can show her your portfolio, and she'll pay attention.
If I weren't her number one fan, I'd tell her to go to Afghanistan and die in combat!
Jenny, don't talk that way. You don't wish death on anyone.
I know, Dad! It's a joke. I'm just ugh!
I'll show you, so you can see.
What're you looking for?
My portfolio, Dad!
I think I left it in Leonora's office.
You're a lost cause, honey. You'd lose your head if it wasn't attached.
Why don't you go with Juancho? It's on his way, he'll give you a ride.
Juancho? Seriously? He always smells like paint, don't you agree?
Like paint? No, like work.
Like paint, but whatever. See you soon.
This smells great. Marcelo, no one in the world prepares fish like you do.
I came to give you an explanation.
I don't think that's necessary.
I'm going to marry him, Marcelo.
Given how important you are to me, I felt you deserved an explanation.
Which you didn't give me when you got back with Alicia.
You're the one that kissed me! Out of nowhere!
You say you're not interested in being with Alicia, but you still go back to her!
Of course. Now I'm the bad guy, huh?
You always do this, even though I've never set out to hurt you.
That's exactly your problem! You never set out to do anything.
And your problem is that you're so rigid.
Aren't you tired of always maintaining your perfect image, of never enjoying your life?
I think we're both adults here. We need to plan out our actions and, yes, even our feelings.
Well, you don't need to worry about me anymore.
Your new plan - the one that doesn't include me - will give you plenty of security.
With all your private yachts and free hotels.
[Sorry, quick question. He's not back with Alicia in present time, right? Because NO.]
A little harder, don't be scared.
What, still tense over Nico?
No, not at all. He took it really well, huh?
Yeah. I guess he's got enough problems with his embezzling dad to worry about us.
I liked that guy, too. Wonder where he is?
He probably has a secret girlfriend in the capital that he's visiting.
What a lucky guy.
It's a joke!
I love being here with you, you know.
It's ridiculously sexy.
You look beautiful when you're angry.
I just hate that bitch!
I'm two seconds away from telling these ladies to leave us alone.
What're you talking about?
One two
Miss? Is my room ready?
I'm making an effort here.
Well, don't, Danny. I'm the one who spent New Year's alone.
We have to talk about it. We live together; I doubt we can keep avoiding each other.
I'm not asking you to be her best friend, but you could at least not hate her.
Hate is a strong word.
And what might I hate?
My presence?
Oh, look. They're here for you.
Who's that?
She's Daniel's best friend. And ex-girlfriend.
Shut up!
That girl even had the balls to cheat on him.
And how are you with her?
I try to keep the peace. But yesterday she almost ruined my surprise for Daniel, so I got pissed.
You're way too nice.
What would you do?
Watch and learn.
No, Francesca! What are you doing?
Hey, Romeo!
What's up? (What's up?)
Why don't you ask your friend to join?
I'm Francesca.
I'm Vanessa.
Nice to meet you!
C'mon! Let's go, then.
No, I'm not invited. But thanks.
I'm asking you to come with us.
I'm fine here. (Come on! Don't be a grinch.)
Yeah, no problem. Sure.
See? Now I'm not a third wheel.
Buckle your seatbelts, because a night spent together is sure to be a bumpy road ahead.
Sorry, Leonora. Jenny Parra's here. She said she left some designs?
If you find them, give them to her.
It was just one, I think.
My designs, woman!
What are you doing? It's silk! Go get help, paper towels, something. Run!
I can't believe this. I could die! What am I going to do?
Let me help, Leonora.
You get out of my sight. You've ruined my meeting with the buyers.
You realize how serious it'll be if I don't have materials to present them? You get that, right?
(I'm so sorry.) Get out of my office!
They're not that wet, Leonora.
This is trash. I can't show them this.
Here, this one's yours. It didn't get wet.
I can draw really fast. If you like, I can take some of these and copy them. What do you say?
How long would it take?
How long do we have?
Two hours.
More than enough time.
Use this.
And welcome to the team, Jenny.
Thank you.
Anyone want to split a quiche lorraine?
Or a confit de canard?
If it costs like it sounds, it must be expensive.
Honey, I'm paying!
In fact, let's let Vanessa indulge in a [dish i can't even spell].
I'd rather not eat than have pay de poro.
I can't read anything on this menu.
You act as if you don't know French! This place is paradise.
For a price.
I'm just not in a position to waste money.
Yeah, sorry for being stingy, but same.
Don't apologize.
No, don't worry, baby. We just wanted a few drinks. This place is kinda lame, anyway.
Yeah, plus it's robbing you blind.
But I'll cover you guys.
No! That's okay, really. Why don't we go somewhere for people younger than 60?
Daniel's right. Let's go somewhere more casual and less boring.
I dare you to make a plan without the sole purpose of spending your parents' money.
Francesca makes her own money.
Oh, really? What do you do?
She works as a model sometimes.
I have a plan, and it doesn't cost any money.
Let's go!
I like this look.
You look more I don't know.
(More?) Imposing.
That's not what I was going for, but thanks.
I thought of you while at Costa Del Sur.
[I'm actually dying right now, you guys.]
A hat.
Yeah, I hope you like it.
I don't believe it.
Do you know how long I've dreamed of a moment like this?
Like, a month ago, I would've died, Nico. Died.
But I don't wanna have anything to do with that world anymore, so
Wait, don't lump me in with that world.
I realized in Argentina that I've never suffered as much as when I was trying to be part of the elite.
So I don't want that.
I'm proud of you for that. I'm trying to do the same.
Look, Jenny. I've always been a fan of your simplicity, but moreso of your conversation.
Not every girl can hold a conversation about their psychological influences.
I don't know, maybe We have more in common than we did before.
Well, I don't think so. I don't know.
Who knows. Thank you! It's amazing.
How does it look? (Good.)
Oh, Panchita. You and your crazy ideas.
Hey. What are you guys doing here?
I heard this is the best party around.
You're crazy. My grandparents are renewing their vows. What if there are too many guests?
Don't worry, it'll be like we're not here. We won't ruin their event.
I have to go sing. Behave yourselves.
Good luck, beautiful!
[In all seriousness, I love when they do music videos during the episode.]
So when are you taking me back to your room?
Stop. That's the only place you want to go!
It's just every time I see penguins, I think of you.
I'm obsessed. She sings like an angel.
I don't think I can handle this.
What, did you wanna go to Disco Beach? Guess you're queen of the waves, huh?
You know, I've never been.
Like my maid says, 'there you go.'
Relax, Vanessa!
I get where she's coming from. I feel bad for crashing.
Don't joke, Danny. They always need more people.
Would you rather the food go to waste than share the joy these two have in what's left of their life?
(Exactly!) That's a good point.
C'mon, let's dance. (What?)
Right now? (Yeah, of course.) Are you crazy, babe?
So explain this to me. You're Daniel's ex-girlfriend, but you refuse to let him go?
I'm Daniel's ex, and I work for his dad.
How convenient.
This is the worst. Why are all you rich girls like this?
Do your schools teach you all to be venomous?
But my question is: why do this to yourself?
You don't hide it well. I could tell you still loved him at first glance.
And is this your way of making me stop?
You've accepted it! So cynical.
Okay, I don't know what I'm doing here.
You're here because the Good Lord put me in your path to tell you the following.
What are you going to do? Attack me with your heel?
Vanessa! What's wrong with you?!
Oh, no! My BCBG!
And to think, you could have fed several families with that.
Not even.
Why'd you do that, Vanessa?
Because I'm evil, Daniel. Like in the movies.
Her purse.
What's going on, Vanessa? We invited you in good faith.
Of course. That's why as soon as you got up, your little friend decided to threaten me.
You're such a liar! I didn't say anything.
Are you serious?
Whatever, let's not get upset. It's time for a toast.
[Cheers again. We love toasts, people.]
Off I go!
To school? This early?
I congratulate you, my child, for putting pettiness aside and rejoining your classmates.
I figured I couldn't avoid them forever.
With luck, you'll hang out with someone new.
I highly doubt it. Not at this rate, anyway.
There has to be at least one normal person you haven't met yet.
That's the point. I'd have to meet them first. I haven't met anyone like that yet.
Where's Daniel?
I don't know. Haven't seen him.
It's early. Very early.
Or maybe it's very late.
Are you saying Daniel didn't come home?
Well, I'll see you.
I've told you several times not to put the napkin you clean with on the serving plate.
Sorry, I forgot.
And that glass is really dirty around the edges.
You need to pay attention to the details.
Are you mad at me for what I said about Daniel?
No. I'm telling you this because two guests returned their meals due to poor presentation.
Yeah, sorry.
Thank you.
[I finally feel bad for Vanessa! Yay, but also aww.]
Sof, turn that off!
It's my mom.
What time is it?
So late. But I'm not answering. She wants to have breakfast with the Zagas.
I'm really hungry.
I need to go. It's late, I'm thirsty and I can't feel my head.
Man, we really had a lot to drink, huh?
But don't go. Stay for breakfast, okay?
What, you want this girl to kill us?
Alright, I know we went a little overboard. But some magical pills could help?
No, Fran!
You're such a baby. They're legal, don't worry.
Who's showering first? (Too tired.)
We could all shower together.
Ugh, ignore her, baby.
[They are apparently still gonna do it?]
[Also, is Jenny going to school alone, or doing it 5 hours before everyone else?]
Fran, it's so nice to see you. (How are you?)
(Baby!) How are you, Fran?
Not as good as you.
We agreed to meet an hour ago, remember?
We were starving, Sof.
How cute. Now that he's out of the closet, he even chastises you.
Subject change, please.
Just saying, he's not much of a little brother anymore.
Can we add a place for Daniel? He's on his way.
Wow, this just keeps getting better.
If you'll excuse me, I need to go. Enjoy your meal.
I'll go with you, Emiliano. (Thanks.)
Yes, but where are the rest of the models? Only one's at the fitting so far.
Take care of it, please.
Jenny, you're here.
(Yes.) Great.
In uniform?
I forgot that classes don't start for two weeks.
(And why not?) I'm exempt from a lot of them.
Really? Congratulations.
The timing couldn't be better. Fashion week's coming, and you'll be very useful.
I'm 100% at your disposal.
Why don't you get settled and look over these dresses? Make sure they're completely finished.
Buttons, zippers, stiching Everything.
Thank you.
Girls, how are those dresses coming along?
[We interrupt this inaudible discussion to bring you a visible POC in the background! If only he had lines.]
You're serious about me because you've walked me to my yacht?
No, also because I'm wishing you a good day, giving you a goodbye kiss
Give it, then.
Perhaps we can go to mass later, give our thanks for this engagement.
(Sure thing.) And we'll have to have the wedding sooner, because of work.
How much sooner?
I'm thinking in two months, so I feel more comfortable going to Japan.
You're going to Japan?
Yes, and then Russia. There are some investors very interested in my new venture.
Plus, I have to take advantage of marrying the most important event planner in Mexico.
I know, Emiliano. But that's exactly why I'd like more time to plan a spectacular wedding.
I'm anxious to start our life together.
How naive to think I can outnegociate you, the greatest businessman in the world?
You can always try.
Let's go, Captain!
Do you remember the worst coffee we ever had?
How do you remember everything? Crazy.
Good morning, everyone.
What terrible taste. You're wearing the same clothes as yesterday!
He spent the night with us. We had a great time, didn't we?
Oh, no. I forgot my phone upstairs.
You can borrow mine.
No, too advanced for me.
Use this one.
Thanks, Dan! (You're welcome. As long as you need it.)
And you two? What'd you do yesterday?
We had a splendid time.
Despite the sadness, it's nice to remember that every failure's another chance to start over.
But this time, let's hope you're smarter about it.
Don't forget to pack your venom. A necessity to survive around here.
Thanks, Dan. (Not a problem.)
It's getting late, I gotta go. Thanks for everything.
But you didn't eat anything.
No, but I promised my dad I'd help him out at the hotel.
I'll see you later? (Yes.)
Say hi to your sister for me. She's disappeared on me again.
I'll let her know.
How awkward.
Watch it!
It was an accident!
I know. I'm looking for Jenny Parra.
She doesn't go anymore.
To class?
No, to school! The teachers say she moved to Argentina with her mom.
But rumor has it she's got a terrible disease that only cadavers and prositutes get.
I don't remember what it's called, but it ends in -itis.
But I just saw her.
I'd get myself checked out if I were you, because it's contagious.
No need, Jenny's perfect. But thanks.
[OMG, she's literally tweeting Nico that he's interested in Jenny. HE WAS JUST HERE!]
Nico de la Vega's in danger of falling victim to fashion.
Look at the time!
Everything alright?
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