Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

Pasarela de envidias

Hey, Daniel, don't wait for me after school, okay? I have a tutoring session.
Tutoring? Seriously?
Yeah, I have to get my grades up. You know how it is.
No, that's fine. I'm not judging.
Well, maybe a little. You're more of a nerd than ever.
You know that if I a fail another class, Dad'll kill me!
I like this new attitude, I have to admit.
Oh, really? Thanks, bro. (You're welcome.) How sweet.
See how well you know me?
What's up, Paco? Coffee, please.
So what's with that 'work for Leonora' thing?
Dad told me what happened. Money's tight, but I don't see a reason for you to start working and neglecting school.
I wouldn't do it for the money, Daniel. It's got nothing to do with that.
No? I'm only saying it because I don't want you to get worn out.
Daniel, look at me. Look! I've really changed.
If I want to work for Leonora, it's because I'm passionate about design, not money.
Besides, what would she actually pay me? Minimum wage, $26 a day?
Look who's well-informed.
What's up? Can I get a water, please, Paco?
Hey, you. You disappeared on me, huh?
Didn't you know? Now you can find her in book clubs, libraries
Oh, shut up. Of course not.
You going to Physics?
Yeah, but I have to get something from my car first. See you in a bit.
Alright. See ya. Paco, on my tab?
Wait up. Where're you off to?
Is it out on the street?
Don't ask, Nico.
Where are you going? Do you need a ride?
No. No, thank you.
If you're going who-knows-where, at least let me take you.
(What?) I'm so late. Take me to Leonora Fuenmayor's studio.
Because I'm working for her.
Yes, but no more questions, okay?
I don't mean to be rude, but no one knows about this. If I tell you, it has to be our secret.
Yeah, sure. I won't say anything. But at least explain a little.
I will on the way, but we have to go now. Right now!
But when did you start working there?
She's so intense. If I'm late, she'll fire me. I'm working my ass off, but I'm learning so much!
It's something that's all mine, I'm so happy! (So that's why you're never here?)
Don't worry, darling. Everything will turn out fine, as always.
Once upon a time, there was a week dedicated to fashion.
Where every princess dreamed of attending the event and scoring front row seats.
What a lucky girl! She's more powerful than the president.
Of course, Mom. Who wouldn't want to make a good impression on you?
You'd be surprised, sweetie. Not everyone cares so much.
And why are you here?
The invitations?
Of course. Your invitations.
Second row, so your friends will worship you.
Okay. So I'll introduce you to the new girl who hasn't met you yet.
I don't want your access limited at the last second, and for you to cause a scene.
Don't worry, I'll throw her out first.
Don't even think about it, sweetie. That girl's a gem.
Can you go see what happened to my coffee, please?
What's Nico's car doing here?
Hello, Leonora.
Jennifer, good morning. Come on in, sit down.
Hey, Barbie.
Oh, you know each other? Are you friends? Now nice.
Not exactly.
Should I continue with the portfolio?
Yes, yes. You've got to be my eyes. And please make sure all the famous faces are seated at the front.
I can help, Mom. I know perfectly well who to convince and who to ignore.
Am I hearing this right? You want to help?
Oh, wow. Is the sky falling? But, really, I think it's a great idea.
You know, I never thought this day would come.
Me, either.
But I'm so excited to start coming every day and, of course, taking on new responsibilities.
Such as this portfolio.
Alright. Work as a team, but make sure everything turns out well.
Yes, Leonora. Don't worry.
We won't take up any more of your time, Mom.
Listen up, Jenny, you bitch.
But tell that woman that she will never - not even by dating my ex or hanging out with my mom - be a Fuenmayor.
Is that clear, stalker?
You being Leonora's daughter doesn't give you any right to mess with my work. Okay?
Unlike you, I do care about this place and want to learn.
So I don't have time for your pranks. Is that clear?
Do you remember that bag that I Yes, exactly. What are you gonna wear?
Oh, I know! It's amazing, I saw it in a magazine.
Just one second, I'm talking to Fran.
Oh, yeah? Can you tell her to give me back my girlfriend, please?
Did you hear that? I know. No, I'm not telling him that! You're crazy, we'll talk later.
So what's up?
Nothing, we're just making plans for Leonora's fashion show. It's tonight.
And you do remember that you have a boyfriend, too?
I know, I'm sorry! I haven't been paying attention to you lately.
At least you're aware of your mistake and plan to make it up to me.
Why don't you join us, in fact? What do you think?
C'mon! Then we'll do whatever you want.
A fashion show, really?
But it's not like in the movies. I don't take it seriously. It's just to have some drinks, hang out
I don't know. (C'mon!)
(I don't know.) Don't be a grouch! Come here.
[How does she just pop in and out of school with no one caring????]
I hope all of you can make it.
Platinum tickets for the fashion show!
Oh, and it's second row! Wow, Barbie.
I don't believe it! (Let me see!)
Wow, so jealous. (She looks so pretty!)
Hey, girls.
You look great here!
How was Kim? She probably loves you.
How funny, I didn't see those.
Your dress looks incredible.
Where are you going?
Just leaving you to your fans.
[Nice people saying nice hellos.]
Hey, have you seen Vanessa?
No, Danny. No one's seen her since yesterday. I was about to tell your dad, because her room's empty, too.
Her room's empty? You've gotta be joking.
(I don't understand.) By the way, this was left for you.
What is this?
Who sent this?
A chauffeur brought it in.
Never go to high school, Dora. The girls are vulgar and ungrateful.
Barbarita, should I make you tea, or something more relaxing?
Dora, they don't get that without me, they'd be nothing. Think about it.
You're right, of course.
You're not thinking, Dora. Think about it!
If I didn't give them those tickets, they'd be out by the tents with common folk.
You know what? I am going to shut them out.
No! Barbarita, don't.
Let them learn their lesson and suffer their punishment.
Well, Barbarita, your mom knows why she does what she does.
Jenny Perra! [Parra with an e means bitch! Get it?]
Jenny Bitch?
I'm sick of that girl not getting it.
Careful, Jenny. A black eye's never in style.
Come on, sweetie, help us. More hands on deck, please.
Thank you.
And why did you invite Francesca? She's not even classy! Uninvite her.
Jennifer showed me their photos in Hollywood Foreign, and I agree.
Sweetie, you don't need to worry about things like that.
Jenny, please tell Dora to make me a coffee.
In front of Jenny Parra? Mom, please. That girl's nothing but a social climber.
She's only with you because she's obsessed with me.
I met her in very different circumstances, sweetie. She loves design.
She loves design? Have you not seen the way she dresses?
Of course I've seen it. I love her style, and you have to admit she's got talent.
And what will you do with her talent if she doesn't even finish high school?
Did you know she's exempt from her classes?
And she just told me she's getting a private tutor next semester.
And how will she pay for it? For the love of God, Mom, no!
I'm having a panic attack.
I don't think so. You haven't had one since you were 8, so don't try to manipulate me.
You have two options: learn to work as a team, or go as a regular guest. Decide now.
What can I say, Vanessa?
I don't have much experience, but I worked with the best. I can ask him for a letter of recommendation?
No, there's no need. It's an honor for us to work with a girl of your caliber.
Of course. And you can count on room and board. We'd rather have access to you 24/7.
Thanks so much, Leonardo.
No thanks needed. How about a hug?
Here in B Pinchilingue, we're a close-knit team.
You're so sweet. Welcome.
Good morning! How may I help you?
I'm looking for Mr. Parra.
Of course. I'll let him know.
What's your name?
[This kind of makes the last scene a waste, no?]
Excuse me.
Mr. Parra. Good morning.
What brings you all the way out here?
I heard Jenny was sick, so I wanted to bring her this.
Thanks for the thought, but you must've heard misinformation about Jenny. She's not sick.
But let's say she were sick. I still find it odd that you personally came to bring all this.
How strange. I spoke to the principal, and she said Jenny's had pneumonia since Monday.
In fact, her mom called in for her.
Or maybe you just want to get her in trouble?
Really, I'm here to tell you Jenny's been skipping school for the last week because she's working for my mother.
That can't be true.
Those are all great movies. You should watch them as a family.
I don't believe this.
What do you want?
I wanna know what's wrong.
Isn't it obvious? As usual, you've stolen all the attention from the girls at school.
Whose attention?
Plus, you're breaking our tradition of watching fashion shows together to go with your new it-girl friend.
Your mom's the one who asked me to sit with her.
So? I'm your friend, not her.
Would you rather I didn't go, then?
That's a good idea.
You know what? I am going to the show, and I'm going to have a great time in the first row.
Jenny! (Dad!)
We're leaving this instant. (No!)
I'm serious, you're leaving now. (Dad, what are you saying? I can't!)
I have to turn this dress into Leonora now. She's on her way.
Well, she'll have to figure it out for herself. Let's go.
Dad, you don't understand! I promised. I have to finish it. I can't just leave!
And I promised your mother that your brother and you would be at the best school!
Jenny, are you aware of how hard I work to give you the best?
And for you to just waste it? What do you want, to give me a heart attack? Send me to the psych ward?
Dad, just relax. I'll explain everything so you understand -
You don't have to explain anything, because I won't believe you. You lie to me all the time!
I'm caught up on my schoolwork, okay?
Jenny, listen.
You listen! It's my turn to prove I'm good at something. It's my dream, please!
I hope your design talents help you while on your knees, begging the principal not to expel you.
You're coming with me now.
They say it takes a second to fall in or out of fashion. Don't believe me? Ask overalls or the wet look.
Open up, please!
Blondie, I'll be right back.
I think it's around here.
Yes. Here.
So, love, what did you want to tell me?
Lots of things, but I didn't want to do it in front of Francesca.
Why, what happened?
I received a collage of you. Pictures from when you were little, it was really weird. Creeped me out.
Did you know this? You have a stalker.
No, I had no idea. Maybe it's someone from school wanting to play a joke on us?
Could be. Or else it's the person who sent you those gifts before.
I doubt it. Besides, the only person who has pictures of me as a kid is
Hey. Sorry, but unless you're the Duchess of Albany, those seats aren't yours.
Okay. So what do we do?
Don't know. I suggest you leave before security escorts you out. So sorry for making you come out here.
Is everything alright?
Jenny! What're you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Yeah, I have the same question.
It's a long story.
Yeah? Well, why don't you explain it. Did you sneak out again?
Hey, don't nag her! She's working.
And missing school, too.
Why don't you both sit down? Would you like something to drink before the show starts?
They don't want anything to drink. They - like you - have no reason to be here, okay?
That was before, Jenny Parra.
[Max shows up! Literally halfway through the episode!]
Hey! Congratulations on your designs in advance. I know they'll be amazing.
Thanks so much, doll. Tell me after which one you want to try on.
Daniel Parra. Nice to meet you. (Likewise.)
No, Mother. I just let Jenny know those seats are reserved for the Duchesses of Albany and Genevia.
What are you talking about, sweetie? They're not coming.
No worries.
I have too much on my mind right now to worry about your vulgar tantrums.
Grow up, sweetie. If you're not going to help, then quit hindering.
Jenny, please take me to the gala agent.
Yes, Leonora. It's this way.
She's an idiot.
Where are you going?
To ruin that bitch.
Forget about those girls, you waste too much energy on them.
Why don't you leave your 'work', and we'll go have dinner at Zibu?
C'mon, you're too beautiful to be working.
Leave the work to the working class.
No, Max. I don't want to go to Zibu.
I need to defend myself from those who hurt me. If I don't have my own back, no one else will.
You don't need to defend yourself from anyone.
They'll be more upset if we leave and you have a great time.
Wait a sec.
Yeah, so sorry, but we won't be using your models anymore.
There was a problem with production, and we won't be needing them anymore.
I'll go tell them myself personally, but I wanted to let you know.
Sorry? You're cutting out.
Alright. You got them. Happy?
Zibu? Or we could take my chopper to the capital and check out that new joint, Santa Fe.
Max, I'm not going anywhere. This is just getting started, and you and I have our whole lives to talk.
Then what? I just keep to myself?
Yes, exactly. Because you're in a serious relationship now, and you need to act like an adult.
And the models?
What models?
What do you mean? The models about to walk the runway wearing your mom's designs. Sound familiar?
Those models!
They went home. Looks like someone canceled last minute, and they just left. Like that!
Well, you know, models aren't known for their intelligence.
We're up next, Jenny. The models are ready, right?
They left.
What do you mean, they left? Where?
Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!
We need to fix this. Now!
I can't believe this is happening to me.
Relax, Leonora. It'll all be fine. Just imagine the Globe headline!
'Super Socialites Save The Night.' This'll be front page news, trust me.
At least being thin is in.
They're all so thin.
Sweetie, you know what to do with this?
Of course I do, Mom.
Why don't you have Jenny help you coordinate the dresses?
Babe, what're you doing? Why haven't you changed?
Fran, I don't know if I can do it.
This is the worst thing that could happen to Barbie.
What are you talking about? You're modeling her mom's dresses!
Yeah, exactly. She should be the one modeling them.
You spend your whole life worrying how Barbie's feeling, whether she'll like something or not
Yeah, but we've been friends forever. She's always been there to support me.
She's like a sister to me.
But at what cost? You're always lessening yourself so she doesn't feel threatened.
And I'm sorry, Sof. But
You look beautiful today.
Today, you shine more than anyone.
Really, though. The last thing I want to do is hurt her.
Babe, you're a queen! And if Little Miss is really your friend, she'll applaud you out there on the runway.
You think so?
Of course, dummy. C'mon, give me a hug.
Hurry up, girls! We're starting.
Can you bring me my dress, please?
Of course! (Thanks.)
See? You look great. You're the prettiest one -
Francesca, go on out!
Alright, I'm going, I'm going.
Here, Sof. It'll look divine on you.
Really? You don't mind?
No. Run!
Jenny, there's a crazy man outside saying he's your dad and that he's coming to get you.
I don't think so, because my dad's out of town. So no.
No, Jenny says her dad's out of town. There must be some mistake.
Mistake? No. A mistake's what you're making if you don't let me through.
I need to speak to my daughter. What can I give you? My walllet, cellphone, what?
I'm very sorry, sir.
[Oh, my God. Francesca's dress is the worst thing I've ever seen.]
Modeling. (What?!)
But this is her dress!
What? You mean the dress she's modeling of Leonora Fuenmayor's runway wasn't designed by Leonora?
That's not my dress.
It's mine.
Why are you doing this to me?
Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.
I don't mess with you. I've spent a month avoiding you and your friends, and you're still trying to ruin my life.
I don't get it.
This opportunity was so important to me. I've always dreamed of working with someone like your mother.
So I just don't understand what this is. Why you'd do this.
Is it jealousy? You think she's gonna like me more than you?
It's not jealousy.
Then what is it?
Of course. Why didn't I think of that before?
Because you never think! Because, like the rest of the world, you were too busy worshipping her.
Thank you! Someone who sees the truth around here.
You did this.
Leonora, I'm sorry. It was an accident.
We'll see what the universities you apply to have to say when I expose you for what you are, Jennifer.
An opportunist, a traitor. A future in fashion will be closed to you forever.
Leonora! The critics are in love with your last dress. They say it was the perfect thing to close the night out.
What, my dress?!
Yes Your dress.
I made that dress with materials from your shop, and it's based on some old designs. Why don't you take the credit?
It's yours.
No. I'm Leonora Fuenmayor. I don't need to steal credit from some scholarship student.
Mom, just take it. They loved it! And like she said, it's almost yours. There.
The critics are obsessed, Leonora. I wouldn't tell you otherwise. Listen to them! They're thrilled.
They love you! Listen to that applause. You do hear that, right?
Leonora, please.
This isn't over yet.
You already figured out the dress.
No, I didn't figure it out. Isabel said it was an accident, but with you involved? Yeah, I'm so sure.
Alright, I'm sorry. I crossed the line. But I felt so awful knowing you traded me for Francesca.
I didn't trade you for Francesca!
But now that you mention it, it's not a bad idea. Francesca's a thousand times the friend you are.
Excuse me?
I'm sick of it, what do you mean me to say?
Sick of slouching when you don't wear heels, eating more so you don't get a complex, not flirting when we go out so you're not a third wheel.
I can't deal with your insecurities. It's not my fault you don't love yourself.
Yeah, whatever. I'm really tired of limiting my status to keep you from feeling bad.
Do you hear what you're saying?
Yeah, I hear it. And it's true.
From now on, I'm not going to stop being myself just to make you feel better.
Everything okay?
Yeah. Let's go.
So you finally show up.
Dad. You can't make me stop working for Leonora, okay?
Wanna bet?
It's funny, because you followed your dream of being a musician and didn't let anyone stop you.
Have you thought that maybe I'm just a little more
Talented than me?
Well, yeah.
I hope that's true, honey. Because that's what I want for you: success in whichever career you choose.
But it has to be a career. After high school.
Okay. Thanks for your sage advice, Dad. I get your attempts to control me.
But I'm not going back to school, okay? Especially not after tonight.
While you live under my roof, you follow my rules. And that's final.
Why don't you look back on your own past? Don't you see you're making me do exactly what you did?
What do you mean?
Forget it.
Don't wait up for me, Dad.
How does that saying go? Fashions fade, but style is eternal.
Good luck with your rebel phase, Jenny. Let's hope your decisions don't leave a mark on Daddy's heart.
[Walking is hard. I feel you.]
Let me see your cellphone.
I'm gonna play you a song.
You're drunk, Francesca. So far gone.
You finish it. (No!) Finish it!
Do it! A toast to your girlfriend.
Yeah? But we just did in the van.
Surfer! Don't be a snob.
C'mon. Quit your whining.
Hey, no secret conversations!
I'm just saying it because you're a little different. I don't want you to be upset about it.
Please? I just wanna have a good time tonight.
Here's your ice. Excuse me.
Hey. (Yeah?)
Do you want a drink?
No, thanks.
Do you know who I am?
I can guess.
Just have a drink with me.
Excuse me.
[God, does everyone need to be punched in the face today?]
Another! Let's toast - this one's mine - to our debut.
As Leonora Fuenmayor's models.
No, no, no. This shot even made me wanna dance reggaeton!
Help me. I wanna get out, it's too cold.
C'mon, guys. I'm here, too!
Think you can lower your trashy music?
Good evening, Ms. Fuenmayor. (Good evening.)
You're looking for Mr. Zaga, right?
He just went down to the pool area to join some friends.
Ok, thanks. (You're welcome, Miss.)
Looks like you've had too much.
Not at all.
Too bad. You know how much I love excess.
What are you doing, whore?
Hey, Max.
[I wanna be faithful but I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar]
[My hands, my hands, my ha- oh, hands]
Hey! Should we continue this in my room?
[Oh, thank God. This episode needed some sanity in it.]
[? What is it with everyone tonight?]
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