Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e17 Episode Script

Una nueva enemiga

When temperatures rise to extemes, the mind can suffer hallucinations, as well as nervous and respiratory abnormalities.
Therefore, your body does whatever it takes to return to its natural state. Whatever it takes.
What a nice surprise! You, here.
Did someone order room service this morning?
Like my maid says, "You're the meat in every dish."
You're looking sharp.
Come in, though, dear. Come on in. Right here.
Good morning, lazybones!
Breakfast has arrived.
But later, the temperature lowers, and reality's just as tough as it was before.
[Everyone can just TELL he had a threesome.]
So you're sure your mom won't have a problem with it?
I know she's in the capital, but I'd be a little embarrassed if she found out I was staying with you.
Thanks, Nico. I swear, it's only until things calm down at home.
Just getting some things, then I'll head over.
What exactly are you doing?
I just came for my things, Dad.
Are you crazy? You're sixteen years old. Where are you gonna go?
Well There are a lot of people who DO support me, so I'm sure I'll come up with something.
All I know is I have no reason to stay here, surrounded by people who don't understand me or support my decisions.
Jenny, don't do this to me.
Honey, I've tried to give you everything you wanted.
All I asked in return was that you do well in school, which you haven't.
That's the only reason I got upset. It's not because I don't understand you.
Doesn't matter, Dad. I don't want to be here anymore.
No. Sweetheart, don't go.
What's up? What's going on?
If you love me, then you'll let me do what I need to do. I'll stay and work.
It's precisely because I love you that I won't let you do that!
Okay, so there's nothing for me here.
And where are you supposed to be going?
That's just what I needed. What's wrong with your sister?
You know what, Dad? Let's just calm down. She won't even last a day out there.
Hello, Leonora.
Good morning, Jenny. What brings you here?
I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I'd love to work for you, but I guess I'll still too young.
I could kill them right now.
Want me to help you with something, Leonora?
I have a buyer meeting in 5 minutes. Isabel's had an accident and will be late. My designs have disappeared.
So, Jenny. You'd be doing me a big favor if you stopped wasting my time.
[Sorry, you left home to work at the job that fired you?]
Here's where your designs are kept, and
[Does Leonora not have other people who work for her? A 16 year old is really her best employee?]
Do you need help with anything else?
What are you doing here?
I came so you'd indulge me.
Don't come any closer. You smell like raw fish; it's disgusting.
That's how you greet me? Not even a kiss?
How can you be so cynical, Max? How dare you even show up here after what you did?
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's pathetic that you're faking Alzheimer's. I saw you kissing that slut, Francesca, yesterday.
I didn't do anything.
Besides, it's not my fault I'm irresistible.
We could, if you were civilized. But you lost the privilege of talking to me, making you a loser.
And guess what, Max? I don't talk to losers.
[Circular arguments are the best.]
If you're not using it, I'd like to take my dress.
Yes, of course. Take it, Jenny.
Hello, dear!
Fabrizio! What a pleasure. Come in.
Good morning. (Good morning.)
It's an honor being in Leonora Fuenmayor's studio.
The honor's mine, really.
Can I offer you anything? A coffee?
Yes, please.
Jenny, can you please bring him a coffee?
(Yes.) And Jean Paul?
Jean Paul? Paris, Paris, Paris.
Come, then. Let's talk business.
Imagine the fusion of our brands and your warehouse.
Of course I'm imagining it. You, me and Jean Paul running the business together.
As you can see, the girls are very feminine. Fresh colors, given the season.
Wait, wait, wait! This This is exactly what we're looking for.
See? Something light, elegant yet restrained, conceptual.
Well, I also have some other options you might really like, Fabrizio. Look.
No, but this is the good one. It'll be our litmus test.
Tell me, can you get me another in this style within, say, five days?
Five days?
Don't you think that's a little rushed?
It's just that we have a final meeting with Maximo in exactly five days and won't get another chance.
Alright, then. I'll try to have it ready.
Perfect, dear! I won't waste any more of your time. I know you're always busy.
You never waste my time, Fabrizio, this is your home too. I'll see you next week, then!
Certainly. Thank you, dear! Bye!
He loved the dress! Did you see that, Leonora? He absolutely loved it!
He liked it.
Now you just need to make enough time to prepare the next design within five days.
Yes! Don't worry, I'll do whatever it takes. Work at night if I have to. I swear I'll get it done.
I hope you realize the risk I'm taking in allowing a minor to colaborate with me.
Come with me to buy the earrings. We can meet up with Danny after, if you want.
Good morning. (Good morning.)
Great party, huh?
I thought the stories I heard about you were exaggerated, but now I think they weren't wild enough.
You know what, Vanessa? I'm not in the mood for your nonsense, so please be quiet.
Honey, you better concentrate on your work. You don't wanna get fired. Bring me another, k?
When you're swimming with piranhas, make sure to be the hungriest of them all.
Because, with all those teeth, the fiercest wins.
Can you turn around, please?
Alright, now turn back.
Was it really necessary for me to come in this early?
Well, yes. I needed you here early because I've got to finish it and make sure it's perfect.
Just sucks. Is it that important or what?
It's my big chance. Tell me that's not important.
Looking closely, I see it doesn't have Leonora's antiquated touch.
Are you saying you made it?
Well, I based the design on some of her sketches and used old material of hersSo
I get it. It's yours.
I guess you could say that.
It's yours.
I suggest you fight for the credit. I mean, you don't want Leonora stealing it.
You know how it is in this industry.
[More of the same, I think you get it. SOMEONE'S OBSESSED WITH SOMEONE ELSE.]
[I wonder if Max's 8 letters in this version will be 'lo siento'?]
Good morning.
How lovely! You're always so thoughtful.
They're beautiful.
I'm glad you like them.
It's been awhile since I've gotten flowers like this.
Look! Crawling on the floor, just like the one who gave them to me.
Leave me alone, Max.
Newsflash: Max Zaga getting a taste of his own medicine.
What's up?
(Come here.) Why all the mystery?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. You crossed the line with your partying.
I'm sorry.
You don't know how awful I feel.
I'm really worried about you. You're going back to how you were before.
No! No, I swear I've changed.
I don't know what to do about Francesca. She won't leave me alone.
I suggest you keep her away.
She's been looking for me all day, and I haven't answered.
You might be dead meat, then.
She's in your room, waiting for you.
Maybe you can take this opportunity to talk to her.
Yeah. I promise I will.
Wish me luck. (Good luck.)
Hey, beautiful. Glad you're here. I missed you.
Francesca, don't exaggerate.
I was calling you all day. You never answered.
Yeah, I forgot my cellphone.
Wanna come with me to do some shopping?
Right now? Man, I'm a little tired.
If you want, we can nap for a bit and then go.
Don't take this personally, Fran, but I'm not really comfortable with what happened.
My life is different now. I'm not the same girl I was.
Of course you're the same! Sof, people don't change. It's in your blood.
No. I've changed a lot.
Now I have Daniel, and I'm worried what we did messed things up.
Are you saying Daniel's more important than I am?
It's different.
Whoah, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down! Not after everything you've done.
You took off and left me alone.
I'm not letting that happen again.
Francesca, you're scaring me.
Don't go looking for trouble with me, because you'll get it.
Think you'll finish?
Yes, of course, Leonora.
Doesn't seem like it. You're working too slowly.
Well, you can trust me.
I don't trust anyone.
That's gonna have to change, because I'm about to surprise you.
Is that so? Just don't make me look bad.
I'm off. See you tomorrow.
What's up?
Katia, what're you doing here?
Do you never stop working, or what?
I have to finish this for Leonora.
You know they exploit children in China, right?
Hey now. I agreed to do this, no one forced me.
Fine, forget it. How about we go to a party? Relax, get your mind off things. Then tomorrow you come in refreshed.
You know what? Yes. I'll bite.
[What a terrible plan, Jenny. YOU MOVED OUT FOR THIS????]
[Roomies! Who will discuss making out again, yes?]
If you try to disguise your bad deeds as good ones, at least you'll be well-dressed when get caught.
What are you doing?
That's it, keep going.
What's wrong with you? Why are you hanging out with these two?
Hey, let's get something to drink.
Katia, this is Nico.
We're going out for beers. Want some? (No.)
You're like a grandpa.
We were just taking some photos.
And I'm sure you'll be cool with the photos ending up online.
That's not gonna happen. They're my friends.
You can't trust them, Jenny.
Enough. Tone down the attidude and get over here. I missed you.
Jenny, we can't be doing this.
What's the problem? We're both adults.
That's the point, Jenny! No, we're not.
You're two years older than me. Two. You realize that, right?
Do you not like me?
It's not that.
Then is it because I've never done it before?
Well, yeah. (It is?!)
No! (Then what?)
Then nothing! This is how it is for now.
Let me make things clear. I see you as a sister, Jenny.
So nothing's going to happen between us, okay?
Well, guess what? Daniel and I never kissed!
You know what I mean.
See? You're a child, Jenny.
[cough Harry probably saw Ginny as a little sister, too. Book 6, just sayin'.]
May I come in?
Hey, what's up? Go right ahead.
(How are you?) Fine, and you? (Fine.)
Want some cake? (No, thanks. I'm good.)
How's everything?
Fine. Can't complain.
My grandfather's been helping out, and everything looks like it's gonna work out.
The truth is, I came about your sister.
She's staying at my place.
That's not funny!
Calm down. I said I'm giving her a place to stay, not that we're living together.
You know she's underage, right? If you touch her, I'll put you in jail.
I've got nothing going on with your sister.
Don't worry about me. Worry about the group of hipsters she's hanging out with.
What about them?
I don't trust them. She won't listen to me, but maybe you can talk to her.
Who are they?
Some model named Katia who works for Eleanor, and her gang of alternative kids who
Well, I don't think they have good intentions.
Thank you.
Hey, Barbie.
The belle of the ball's come to visit. What an honor.
Please don't be sarcastic.
What brings you here?
I wanted to talk.
C'mon, don't make fun.
You don't know how bad it's been. Francesca's totally crazy.
Tell me something I don't know.
[Biffles! Aww, my babies. Look at those problem-solving skills!]
So what happened?
How are you?
Good! What're you doing here? It's been so long, I missed you!
You missed me? I could tell by all those times you reached out, Jenny Fernanda.
Well, it's just that Dad doesn't wanna see me. If it were up to me, I'd go every day.
You couldn't even make a phone call?! I have to find out about your life through Nico.
He tells me where you are, what you're doing Just terrible.
Enough, don't lecture me. I'm glad you came, thank you.
I thought you couldn't work here?
There you go again. Why don't you ask me how I am, what I'm up to?
Because I already know. I investigate.
And I hear you're behaving badly, hanging around a group of weird hispters.
I'm worried.
He has no idea what he's talking about.
Why don't you come home?
Dad doesn't want me there. He doesn't get my dreams, and I can't go back until he respects me.
Plus, a European store liked my designs, and they're gonna buy them!
(Seriously?) Yeah! Why don't you stay to watch me work, and I'll introduce you to Leonora?
How's it coming along?
Good. Leonora, this is my brother, Daniel.
Hello, how are you? It's a pleasure.
Hey, Ms. Fuenmayor. Sorry to be rude, but may I speak with you for a few moments?
Of course. Come and sit. (Thanks.)
I'm going for some food. Anyone want anything?
You'll see I'm not lying. You'll see!
Excuse me.
I don't think you get that you're supposed to respect the guests.
Then give me your hotel number, because this is a guests-only area.
Excuse me!
I've come to ask you to fire Jenny.
I'm sorry?
Yeah, run her off. She left home and isn't going to school. If you fire her, she'll go back to her studies.
I don't have a reason to fire her, and I don't think either of us can really decide for her.
Why don't you let her make her own choices? Jenny, come here, please.
Yes, what it is?
I don't know. Your brother wants me to fire you. Do you want to leave here?
No, of course not, Leonora. How dare you?
Well, I don't think there's anything else to talk about. If you'll excuse me.
(Go.) I'm sorry. I didn't (Get out!)
I'm not trying to hurt you. (Leave, Dan.)
What's wrong, Jenny? Is it finished?
Yes. Almost.
Remember you said you'd have it ready this morning.
Yes, I'm on it. I was up all night working, and this is the final touch.
There we go. Done.
Perfect. You can go home and rest, Jenny.
What? I'm not invited to the meeting?
It's not necessary. I'm just turning in the dress, and we can fix the details later.
Well, yeah, but I just stayed up all night. I may as well stay a little longer.
Go rest, Jenny. Look at your face, you're obviously very tired.
[Plenty of Italian greetings]
How are you? (Fine, thanks.) You're right on time, because I just finished it.
What do you think?
Wow. Wow, it's perfect.
I worked hard to have it done. It was quite the effort.
But I did my part. Now it's time for you to do yours.
Don't even worry about it. I'm confident it'll be a huge success!
I hope to hear good news.
And you'll have it soon. No worries.
Pack it up. Bye, dear!
Pack up the dresses, please.
Thanks for giving me my due, Leonora.
Nothing's due you yet. Don't take it personally, but if the designer's unknown, they won't use it.
Business is being done thanks to my prestige and fame. And, well, you're still a nobody.
You've gotta work your way up.
Fame is a bitter road full of trials that build character.
Do you think Paris Hilton learned to smile without crying over a new dress?
When will the salad be ready?
I need them, like, now. Please.
You might be pretty and what-have-you, but you need to work on your attitude with guests.
You have to stay in the kitchens as punishment.
My attitude?
And as they're the boss's friends, I don't want any trouble.
Wait a second. I didn't do anything! This is unfair.
I don't know what happened, but I'm not risking my job for your sake.
I'd rather you as a busgirl than me fired.
I hope you're enjoying your new job.
Maybe now that you've been knocked down a peg, you'll stop butting in where you don't belong.
You wouldn't want me to knock you six feet underground.
[Most terrifying Georgina of all time. W T F did Vanessa even do?]
(What's up?) Hey. Want a sandwich?
No, thanks. I had dinner already.
Mom called today, asking for Jenny.
Honestly, I didn't know what to tell her.
If you don't want to become an orphan, don't even think about telling her Jenny left home.
I don't want to say anything yet. Still hoping it'll be resolved soon.
By the way, I saw her earlier, and -
Don't tell me! I don't want to know anything, please.
You don't know how this brings me down. It's too much. It's
I haven't slept for days. I don't know what to do, how to handle it. It's awful.
I only ask that you watch her, take care of her. Don't take your eyes off her for any reason, okay?
I hope she'll reconsider, realize life isn't that simple, and come back on her own.
There's just some things -
I don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm sorry, but I can't.
[Pretty much the worst parenting by a Rufus yet. Yes/yes?]
Come in!
Do you have something against me?
Say it to my face, but please don't send your friends to threaten me.
What are you talking about?
You don't know what I'm talking about?
You have a right to treat me like this? You're wrong.
I don't care what you do with your life.
Vanessa, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Your friend won't leave me alone. And now, thanks to your complaints, they sent me to the kitchen.
Well, I didn't complain, and I've got nothing against you. So if you wouldn't mind leaving?
Please. Because I've got a lot to do.
Business with the Europeans is going very well.
They're asking for two more designs.
That's incredible, Leonora!
Calm down. You're still a nobody.
Doesn't hurt to dream, though.
Sure, Jennifer. But don't bite off more than you can chew.
I was standing where you were once. It took a lot of time to get me to where I am now.
I encourage you to be patient.
I don't know how you stand her. She treats you like a servant.
I would've sent her straight to hell by now.
Vanessa, can you please put everything I've left out on that table back in the freezer?
Just that? (Yes, just that.)
And please pay attention to phones. You're responsible for answering it and supervising the storeroom.
Tonight's meals are all prepared. You just need to heat them up.
Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.
I'm off. I start early tomorrow, so I'll probably see you here.
Probably. (Get some rest.)
Good night! (You rest, too.)
[On the bright side Daniel finally called!]
Hey, crazy!
What's wrong, honey? Why haven't you changed?
Why would I?
What do you mean? For the party, I told you.
No. No, what party? I'm not up for it. I feel terrible.
Seriously, no. Don't you get that I'm depressed? I don't wanna go. I don't wanna see anyone.
I've been hiding from Daniel this whole time. I'm too embarrassed to even look at him, so no.
I don't want to run into Vanessa, either.
Don't worry about Daniel, because he won't be there.
And Vanessa? Trust me, she won't be bothering you anymore.
No. Really, I don't want to go. Please don't insist.
I'll go see who it is.
Thank you so much, you needn't have troubled yourself.
It was all a misunderstanding.
I don't think so. She'll be fired tomorrow.
She was supposed to be working this evening, but she's disappeared and I don't know where she might be.
Well, thank you for the gift. Have a good night.
Finally! You answered.
I've been calling you over and over again. What's up?
I know, I'm sorry. I'll explain later. Right now, it's super important that you come to B Pichilingue.
I have a bad feeling. I don't know why, but I think something happened to Vanessa.
What? Vanessa? I'm leaving now, I'll be right over.
[How could the staff not have heard her?]
[How did you escape Francesca? I'd have loved to see that.]
Daniel, I think these are her things.
Yeah. Her purse, her cellphone
How strange.
She can't have left the hotel.
Daniel, hurry! She's here!
We need an ambulance for B Pichilingue. We're in the kitchens.
A heartbeat can save a life, but can it revive an old love? XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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