Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e18 Episode Script

Borrando el pasado

What happened?
How is she?
It's bad.
What'd the doctor say?
We have to wait to see how she reacts to the treatment.
She'll be fine.
How do you feel?
I don't know, strange. I've never felt this way before.
I imagine her lying there and remember panicking. I really thought she was dead.
I just keep thinking what could've happened if you hadn't called. How'd you even know?
I don't know. I just did.
Well, you saved her life. One minute later, and we'd be on the other side.
Don't say that.
Thank you for being here with me for this.
You have nothing to thank me for.
I'll always thank you. But, really, it's time for you to rest.
Alright. I'll come back later.
We'll talk in a bit.
When did you get back?
Awhile ago. I brought you a present. Did you see?
Thank you.
Everything okay?
Yeah, but I had such a bad night.
Vanessa, Daniel's friend, had an accident. We spent the whole night at the hospital.
What happened to her?
She got locked in a freezer and almost died.
What?! She almost died?
She was freezing in there for hours.
You don't look too good, you know.
I know.
I don't think you'll rest for long. You have a visitor.
No, sorry. This is no time for visitors.
Well, I'm gonna have to cancel on her. I'm sure she'll get that I'm tired.
No, I don't think that's right.
Mom, don't worry. She'll understand.
Wow, you finally showed up.
Where were you?
Where was I? I spent all night at the hospital with Daniel.
Why, what happened to Danielito?
Don't play dumb! I know what you tried to do to Vanessa. And you know what?
I don't want you hurting anyone else, so I have to ask you to leave my home.
Sof, sit down.
What'd you say to yourself? That easy, just 'I'm getting rid of her?'
No, it's not that easy.
I'm capable of that and much more.
Francesca, please leave.
Have you already forgotten what you did to my brother, Ricky?
So don't pretend you're so pure.
Because I have more than enough proof.
Jennifer, come here.
Sit down. I want to talk to you.
You see what time it is?
Sorry. I was running late, Leonora.
You've been running late too often, don't you think?
Yes, but I've done everything you asked, haven't I?
That's true. But good work isn't composed of just deadlines. It also requires responsibility.
I am responsible, Leonora.
Of course you're not, Jennifer. If you were, you wouldn't get here so late.
I've stayed up working for you several nights now.
To succeed in life, you have to be very disciplined.
That means getting to work on time, doing your best on projects, and especially having a good attitude.
And it seems to me, Jenny, that you're a long way away from even understanding what I mean.
That's why I'm sending you back home today.
Leonora, I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again, but please don't fire me.
I'm not playing around, Jenny. I'm warning you, you don't have many chances left.
(You don't have to -) I have nothing else to say to you, so please. I actually have things to do.
Hey, Sof. What're you doing here?
Barbie, I'm desperate. I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry to show up like this, but I didn't know where else to go.
It's not a problem. What's wrong?
Francesca tried to kill Vanessa yesterday.
She locked her in a freezer.
In a freezer?
Daniel and I found her.
That girl's sick.
What can we do?
No, no! We can't go to the police, no.
Yes, but we can't go to the police. No one can know, because
We have to find another way.
No, Barbie. I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone.
I'm not just anyone, so tell me.
I really can't tell you.
I can't. If I tell you, you'll be part of it. I don't want you involved.
You're my sister. You're part of my family. You know nothing you say can make me let go, okay?
What's going on?
Sof, what is it?
I killed someone.
Francesca has proof that I killed Ricky.
The truth can be harmful or encouraging, but telling it doesn't always set you free.
Sometimes it can also send you to jail forever.
[They both showed up! Together! Only ten minutes in! Joy to the world.]
What's up? (Do you know?)
What're you doing here?
Could it be one of her twisted fantasies, do you think? I hope you came prepared.
Alright, no jokes.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Thank goodness you both came.
Is everything okay?
I knew you couldn't live without me.
Stop talking nonsense, Max.
If it weren't for this, you'd never step foot in my house again.
I love you, too.
First, you both have to swear that nothing you learn today will be revealed to anyone else. Okay?
Don't be melodramatic.
This is serious, Max.
I swear it.
I swear it.
She's in huge trouble because of that psycho, Francesca.
Tell me something I don't know.
I'm not joking, Max!
Alright. Surprise me.
She says she has proof.
I need you to help me think of a way to save her.
I have staff who can investigate.
We shouldn't involve anyone else.
I agree with Nico.
Then what do we do?
Does anyone know where she lives?
No, I don't.
Alright, Max. You stake out B Pichilingue, and I'll find out what that bitch is scheming.
This message was left for you.
Thank you.
If anyone looks for me, can you say I'm not here?
Of course, Miss.
Thank you.
What's up? Did you go to work?
Yeah, I did. But I got sent home for coming late.
Like elementary school, huh?
Yeah, I know.
But how was the party last night?
Nico, please don't start. I'm in no mood for a lecture after what Leonora just did to me.
It's not a lecture. It's common sense, Jenny.
If you party, you stay up all night. If you stay up, you don't get up.
If you don't get up, you're late.
And if you're late, then you deal with the consequences. It's that simple.
You know what? I'm sick of everyone.
All anyone does is yell at me.
No one focuses on the good. But everyone sees the bad, sure.
You know what pisses me off the most? I thought things would be different with you.
But no. You're just as negative as everyone else.
What's up, Dad?
How's she doing?
She's stable, but under observation.
You're the one who looks like death.
(I know.) Why don't you go rest for awhile?
I'd say no, but I really am tired.
Have you eaten?
No, I'm starving.
Go home, eat, sleep. I'll stay with her. Tomorrow you'll be back and refreshed.
Is anything wrong?
Not that I know of. But that's why I wanna talk to her.
How about tonight you just go home and rest? Tomorrow you can see her, then come here.
Alright. Thanks, Dad.
[Vufus is still on the table, y'all!]
No. C'mon, I don't want to.
No, quit it.
You oaf! You spilled it all.
Ricky, seriously! Stop.
(Just a kiss.) No kiss!
No, seriously! I don't want to kiss you. Just have a drink.
He who seeks the truth risks finding it. And once you look it in the eye, you'll never be the same again.
(I think he's sleeping.) You stay there, lightweight.
I've got things to do.
But if you invite a friend to eat, you need to stay.
You forgot to tell her I was eating with you guys.
Come, sit.
Did you get my gift? I hope you liked it.
It's just a preview.
What gift?
You'll love it.
You're not going to answer that?
No, I'll call him back later.
[Backup's arrived!]
Good afternoon. (Hello, Max!)
I'd miss you, too, but since you're always here
Always so polite.
As you can see. May I stay to eat?
Of course, you're just in time. Shall we?
Follow me, please.
Nico, are you showering?
Yeah, do you need anything?
No. I just wanted to say bye.
I'm leaving.
Have a good day! I'll see you later.
Nico, I'm moving out.
Seriously? Did you fix things with your dad?
No. But I honestly I'd rather just leave.
But why?
Because of your patronizing attitude!
I left my home because of it, but it's the same here.
Seriously, Jenny. I was just telling you what I thought. Where are you gonna go?
A friend's house.
Which friend?
Just a friend! I don't have to explain anything to you.
That's exactly what a spoiled brat would say.
See? I can't talk to you, Nico. Have a nice life.
[I would leave faster if I just stole from someone]
And what did you say?
She needs to get a life!
Just one second, I'll call you right back.
I'll have to call you later.
Poncho Diaz-Navarro.
Let me tell you, you look gorgeous.
Do you wake up like this every morning? Don't other women get jealous?
You've said this to me before.
(Oh, really?) I thought you'd left Acapulco.
I just got back from Monaco.
How nice. And what brings you back here?
Business. And I love zipping around. Why are you all alone?
Are you waiting for someone?
No, I came alone. But I'm leaving now.
Me, too! I have breakfast with my parents, but keep in touch. We should see each other.
I'm not the one who keeps leaving, remember?
Well, I'd love to take you out to dinner. How about tomorrow?
Call me, and I'll confirm.
Nice to see you. (Same.)
[Someone should tell her about the time with the theft and the guns]
Look, ma'am. Can you at least let me see her brother?
No, sir. I can't allow anyone up without authorization.
Seriously? Then give me a pen, so I can leave a message.
I can do that.
See, you lied!
Daniel, what're you doing here?
I've been looking for you everywhere. I call, you don't answer.
Are you still upset about the Francesca thing or what?
No, no. That's in the past. Sorry, I've had a million things going on and haven't had any time.
I have to go, but I'll call you later to talk.
Just tell me upfront, and we'll leave it at that. But please say something!
Please. Not now.
To what do I owe the honor of your visit?
Status update.
What happened?
We found out where Francesca's staying. We're heading over there this afternoon. Can you join?
Yes, I can. But why'd you come all the way here to tell me that?
You could've just called.
The phones might be compromised.
Why don't you just admit you were dying to see me?
Let me just warn you, Max. You're not getting anything from me. Not even friendship.
It's sad that you still think I feel something for you.
Will you excuse me?
Hey. How are you?
Good, thanks.
Tomorrow? Yes, I'd love to.
How about we go to dinner and then a movie?
See you tomorrow.
Where were we?
Friends, like always.
Good to hear, Max. Because I'm going out with someone else.
Oh, really? And who is that brave man?
He's brave and also gorgeous, for your information.
I think you know him? Poncho Diaz-Navarro.
Yeah, so gorgeous. He's that poser, right?
Are you gonna be financing or what?
Are you jealous or what?
No, actually. Not at all. It's not jealousy.
But, seriously. Be careful around that guy.
Don't worry, Max. I can take care of myself.
I hope so.
[That was a weirdly sweet scene. Am I right, you guys?]
[Yes, much better than Nico's place. Where he was all shirtless and stuff. Worst.]
(If you'll excuse me.) Thank you.
How are you? How do you feel?
I'm really thirsty.
Can I get a little water, please?
Drink it slowly, okay?
You didn't sleep?
I think I've sleep too much these last few days.
You look much better.
If I look how I feel, then it must be awful.
You look beautiful, like always.
Think you can tone down the cheesiness a little?
You're back already, see?
It was a close one, though.
You don't have to tell me. When I picked you up, I thought you'd left me for good.
I never wouldn't forgiven you for that.
How are you?
How much time do you have?
Jenny, what's up? What're you doing?
Nothing. I'm so bored.
Why don't we go party?
I'd love to, but I'm more worried about finding a place to live, Katia.
Why? You're not living with Nico anymore?
No, we had some problems, and I moved out today.
So I'm staying at a hotel right now, but I need to figure out what I'm gonna do.
I don't have much money left.
Don't worry about that. I'ma tell you two things, okay?
First, no problem! You can live with me. My roommate's leaving, and there's a room free.
Seriously? That's so cool of you, Katia. You don't know how relieved I am.
The second is that, if you don't have enough money? It's because that exploitative witch
I don't know why you're with her, by the way - hasn't given you any!
Why don't you come with me, and we'll make a lot of money together?
I'll keep that in mind. I can't see you tonight, but I will tomorrow, okay?
Thanks so much! See ya.
[Good job being sneaky, you two.]
Did you seriously just get here?
I've been waiting for hours!
Whatever. Who told you she lived here?
No one did. I followed her here.
You're delusional if you think I'm going in there.
If a rat attacks me, I'll kill you both.
Don't they have enough money to hire someone to clean the basement?
Help me.
Each of us will search a different room. If you see something strange, scream.
Do you have brain damage? I'm not going anywhere alone.
Are you already complaining?
When we invade someone's privacy, we're anxious to discover any clue to who they really are.
This feels like Capote's "In Cold Blood."
Did you know he fell in love with the murderer?
Anything could be a clue to their life, even if it's already been abandoned.
I didn't find any What's your problem?
You scared me!
(What'd you find?) There's nothing here.
A psychopath knows how to hide secrets.
I don't know how you could've imagined she lived here.
I didn't imagine it. I followed her, and she led me here.
We researched it, and this is the only property her parents kept after leaving Acapulco.
Hey, did you check that room?
No, but I don't wanna get dirty. Can we go?
We'll just look into then, and then we'll leave. (Yeah, let's go.)
Damn that crazy bitch!
She's crazy! And to think I sat next to her in school.
They say one's private life is filled with obsession and insanity. You might regret getting to know someone that deeply.
Maybe that's why trust is so repellant.
I found something!
What is it?
A camera.
Give me that, you pig.
What's on it?
How sick. I can't believe Francesca's held that over me all this time.
After seeing her room? I'd believe anything.
Yeah, right? Super creepy. Like a serial killer.
The good thing is that now we know you had nothing to do with Ricky's death.
Yeah, but I don't get it. What'd I do to her? Why did she treat me this way?
Because Francesca's crazy! She's sick in the head. What she needs is help, and urgently.
Thanks so much for your help. I don't know what I would've done without you.
What you need now is rest. Try to sleep, and we'll see you tomorrow, okay?
Alright. See you tomorrow.
Get some rest.
Thanks again!
If you need anything, call me. Alright?
I love you. (I love you, too.)
Yeah? I think I did.
Aren't you going to school?
No. I don't have classes today.
You're not lying to me, are you?
No, I swear!
Don't even think it.
Really? (Yes.)
Alright. I have to go, I'm running late.
Have a nice day!
Hello, good morning.
Yes, I'll be right over.
Good morning.
Well, at least the little miss got here early today.
Yes, Leonora. I came early to say I won't stand for this treatment, so I'm quitting.
That's fine. Now you've saved me the trouble of firing you.
Anything else?
No. I'll just be taking my things. And my designs.
Take what you like, but don't leave a mess.
Sof! What're you doing here?
Hey. I just came to give you a nice surprise.
What are you doing here?
That's the same thing we asked ourselves!
Yes, dear. What are you doing here, Francesca?
I came to visit some friends.
Look, Francesca. I know it's been hard, moving on from your brother's death.
But we've gone over this. It wasn't your fault or anyone else's but his own.
His drug addiction killed him.
Yes, my love. Don't torture yourself. Just see your treatment through to the end. You'll feel better.
By the way, I amost forgot. Here you go.
The movie was so good, you'll probably wanna rewatch on the way to Canada with your parents.
We're going to Canada?
We discussed your latest exploits with Dr. Amezcuas, and he has some alternatives for you.
For now, you'll have to be under more supervision.
The other night, at your house?
It wasn't really a threesome.
You fell asleep, but Danny and I had a great time.
It was amazing.
Truth is a path full of questions. And if you're not quick enough, a lie might answer them. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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