Grantchester (2014) s09e04 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 4

You're under arrest.
But it's my house.
You're the new vicar.
Reverend Alphy Kottaram.
Such a drag, Mum.
Your children are a lost cause.
Get out!
You coming? To the morgue?
I like finding people answers.
Helping them find peace.
Not too different, what we do.
"When Jesus therefore
had received the vinegar,
"he said,
"'It is finished, '
and he bowed his head
and gave up the ghost."
John 19:30.
Any ideas?
Not a clue.
It's the second quote
I've had through the door.
So odd.
Perhaps it's just a
member of the congregation
being welcoming.
I've got a quote for you. Mmm?
"A well-tied tie
is the first serious
step in life."
And by "tie," I actually
mean dog collar.
Elvis? Oscar.
Wilde. Mm-hmm.
Am I gonna be all right
at this thing tonight?
Absolutely not.
Lord and Lady Marwood
are gonna eat you alive.
But if you could
secure the funds needed
for the church beforehand,
that would be most favorable.
Well, I'll try my best.
You'll have to do a
jolly lot more than try.
You don't want to be responsible
for the demise of a church
that's stood for
centuries, do you?
Well it wouldn't be
ideal, no, but
Rising damp, black mold.
Wicked for the chest.
In fact, never mind the church.
If you don't get this sorted,
you'll end up killing
half the parish.
Let's hope not.
Supper's ready.
LEONARD You'll do just fine.
The Marwoods have a history
of donating to the church.
Once in 1956, then
again in 1959.
They've a slight history
of donating to the church.
Snooty, superior, overbearing.
I see.
What's this?
Something to keep your
strength up you'll need it.
Oh, well, I'm actually
going for dinner, so
I came home and
just found her here.
She likes to be helpful.
I don't need help.
If all else fails, I've
made plenty of lardy cake.
For now? No.
For raising funds
for the church.
You do know the builders'
quote is for £2,000.
What the Dickens?
You never told me that part.
Okay, it's gonna be all right.
I'll just go there, give them
some of the old Kottaram charm,
throw in a bit of Jesus, a bit
of community spirit, and
Who knows?
Might even be back
in time for a pint
before closing, hmm?
That's the ticket.
Just be yourself.
And whatever you do, don't
sit next to the sister.
Why won't you tell me
where you're going?
I'm going to the roller rink.
See you later.
When will you be back?
Does it matter?
Uh, hello, Dad, hello, Geordie.
How was work, fighting the
mean streets of Cambridge?
What about your dinner?
Give it to Dad.
He looks like he's
had a hard day.
Thank you.
Oi, wait.
You can't speak to me
like this, Esme Keating.
And you can't keep me under
lock and key, Cathy Keating!
By any chance, is it
Spam fritters for tea?
Is that where your head is at?
In your stomach?
Cathy, there is no point
in getting all worked up.
This'll blow over soon enough.
Is not what you
wanted me to say.
What do you want me to say?
Tell me, and I'll say that.
I want you to sit your
daughter down and tell her,
once and for all, that this
behavior is not acceptable.
I've got a bluebird ♪
Outside of my window ♪
Just like that bluebird ♪
I'm ready to fly ♪
I've got a whole world ♪
Outside my door ♪
I'm gonna go places ♪
Like never before ♪
I've got a big dream ♪
To get to the big time ♪
I'll make a big noise ♪
Do wonderful things ♪
I've got a bluebird ♪
Outside my window ♪
Oh, good.
Thank you.
Just like that bluebird ♪
I've got wings ♪
Reverend Kottaram?
What gave it away?
Lady Marwood.
What gave it away?
Thank you so much
for inviting me.
Thank you for coming.
How are you finding the parish?
Is that code for
too many old biddies
preoccupied with
bake sales and bingo?
Well, don't knock
it till you try it.
I love a game of bingo.
I'll have to take
your word for it.
Or you'll have to take me
show me what it's all about.
Leah is wanting us
to take our seats.
This is the new vicar,
Reverend Kottaram
this is my husband.
Alphy, please.
Lord Marwood.
Pleasure to meet you.
It's a shame about
Reverend Davenport.
He was very well thought of.
I'm sure everyone will come
to think well of you.
Although I haven't actually
been to church in a while.
Well, we'll swing
by after bingo.
You can give your winnings
to the collection plate.
Mmm. Can I?
As it happens, I
am looking to raise
some much-needed
funds for the church.
One doesn't talk
of these things.
At least, not before dinner.
I'm sorry, I
Did I offend him?
Luckily, it's not him you
need to concern yourself with.
It's me.
Well, how about after pudding?
Can we talk about
church repairs then?
Yes, Lady Marwood?
I want to sit next to him.
Not yet.
Champagne, white wine, red
wine, water goblet, port.
I'm gonna be on the floor.
Like the rest of
them, then. Leah!
You told me you
were ready for us!
I'm sorry, sir. Oh,
just sit me down.
Of course, Lord Marwood.
What do you mean that isn't
my seat anymore?
Forget it.
I'm just going to sit
here and be done with it.
I'm a designer of dresses.
Hi, I'm
How funny.
This piece was actually inspired
by the Kenyan Masai tribe.
Stitched it myself.
I've got almost 27
pairs of scissors.
I do so love a shoulder.
Such a beautiful part of the
body, criminally overlooked.
You decided to sit
next to my sister.
Uh, not exactly.
Tell us,
what was it that made you
want to become a vicar?
Was it the orphans?
The orphans.
That get me every time.
I just want to rescue them all.
Do you know, I've just had
the most marvelous idea.
I could make clothes
for your orphans.
Not even orphans
are desperate enough
for your ghastly
excuses for clothes.
I don't actually know
that many orphans,
and, well, the ones I do,
I'm pretty sure they're
all fully clothed.
Anyway, back to my
original question.
Where are you from?
Uh, Romford born and bred.
You know what I mean.
My mother and father came to
England just before the war.
And to answer your question
directly, Lady Marwood,
it was either the
Church or accountancy.
And let's just say I
connected more with Jesus
than I did tax returns.
Why was that?
Because he was an outsider,
who wanted to bring
people together in peace.
Because that's what Christianity
and the Church are known for.
It's what I want my
church to be known for.
Vibrant, fun, and full
of all walks of life.
What does God say about that?
Well, the last time
we spoke, He said,
"Just make sure there's
enough Battenberg cake."
The greatest tool
available to an evangelist.
To Alphy's church.
Alphy's church.
Oh, Lady Marwood.
Lady Marwood, I just
I'm going to fund the repairs
for your church, Alphy.
Oh, well, that's
amazing, thank you.
Uh, how do we?
Don't worry about the details.
It's time for games.
Are we all ready
for hide-and-seek?
I'm coming to find you.
two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine
Uh, oh, here we
go. Ten, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 16
Oh. Go away!
ALPHY Sorry, sorry.
22, 23,
25, 26
What are you doing?
Uh, sorry, just got a bit lost.
or not, here I come!
Shh. Oh, Geoffrey.
I'm coming to get you!
Multiple stab wounds to the
chest, and is it just me?
Are these lacerations
an unusual shape?
Never seen ones like
that before. Hm.
Get plenty of close-ups
back at the station.
The lord and lady identified
him as their gardener.
Dennis Lacey.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
You must have seen a few
dead bodies in your time.
Not a young man with
multiple stab wounds, though.
Fair enough.
What's that?
"The price is £1,000."
"To ensure your
deepest, darkest,
and dirtiest secret
stays that way."
A grand blimey.
To Dennis, or from him?
This is probably nothing,
but I saw Lord Marwood
by the servants' quarters
earlier this evening.
He was a bit odd. Really?
And here's me thinking
you weren't interested
in all of this.
I'm no detective.
I don't need a detective.
A vicar will do.
When did you last see
Dennis, Lady Marwood?
A few days ago,
wasn't it, darling?
I think so I
can't remember.
Wasn't it when you sacked him?
You sacked him?
I didn't sack him.
He left of his own accord.
Well, he'd only been in
the job for three weeks.
What were the circumstances
that led to his leaving?
He got a better offer.
He wanted more money out of me.
I declined, and he left.
Did you see him go?
What were you doing
by the servants' quarters
earlier this evening?
Playing hide-and-seek.
He can vouch for me.
He was there, hiding, too.
We found a letter
on Dennis's person.
We believe
he was blackmailing someone.
Not me.
Cheeky swine had the
audacity to ask me outright.
Was he blackmailing
you, darling?
I barely knew him.
Beatrice? Sorry?
Never mind.
The juju is going to be abysmal.
Frank Sinatra is
going to hate this.
He was our cat.
He still lives on
in spirit form.
Stalks the upper west wing,
lets out the occasional
Anyway, I do hope you'll
turn your attention
to the real culprits.
It's rather horrendous to think
such an abominable crime
has happened in our home.
Should I sleep with a
pistol under my pillow?
I wouldn't recommend it.
You don't want two
murder investigations
going on under your
roof now, do you?
Will that be all?
isn't it? Yes.
And when did you
last see Dennis?
Never once interacted
with each other.
He was a gardener.
She's a, um, chambermaid.
Lady's maid. Same difference.
You never spoke to Dennis?
That's right.
Is it just me, or are they
Weirder than the Creature
from the Black Lagoon?
Well What gave it away?
The hide-and-seek or
the sister's meowing?
Quite enough.
Not today.
That's enough. Ridiculous!
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Lord Marwood.
He would hardly let anyone
speak, especially not Leah.
The servants always know what's
really going on in these places.
Mmm. Pain in the neck.
We need to speak to her.
Geordie? Mm?
Lady Marwood promised
me some money, you know?
For the church?
Sorry, you won't be seeing that.
Why not?
You little working-class
traitor, you.
Sorry? Getting money
off the likes of them?
And you've got a Triumph
who even are you?
Hey, I worked hard for that car.
You'll never get that
cash off the Marwoods.
We'll see.
Nothing nothing comes
for free in this world.
How about I bet you a
ride in the Triumph?
You're on.
It's dirty money,
I'm telling you.
Money used for a good
deed is a good thing.
The Bible says, "Wisdom is
with those who seek counsel."
In my group, we take God's words
and challenge
ourselves in new ways.
To share and to grow.
To find the wisdom
within our own hearts.
Thank you, Sam.
This is a circle for sharing.
For unburdening oneself.
Our God is all-forgiving.
But the first step, really,
is to forgive yourself. Yes.
What about you?
What are you holding on to?
Come, take a seat.
Uh, I'm rather busy.
There's nothing to
be worried about.
I'm not.
Come, take a seat.
Thank you.
Now, is there anything,
anything at all, that
you'd like to share?
Not really.
Perhaps we should move on.
What is it, Daniel?
What are you holding on to?
Sean, what about you?
I, um
No, it's okay, go on.
I have family that, for many
reasons, I can't be with.
No, you have nothing
to be sorry for.
Isn't that right? Mm-hmm.
That took something.
It's okay.
You're not in any
trouble, we just,
just wanted to have a chat.
How long have you
worked for the Marwoods?
Oh, since I was 16.
But Lady Marwood and
I grew up together.
My mother worked for her mother.
Lord Marwood seems to think
you didn't really know Dennis.
Would you say that's true?
I knew him a little.
He made me laugh once or twice.
What about?
The uppers.
Upper classes.
Dennis knew what they were like.
And what are they like?
We want to help you.
Lord Marwood,
he has a bit of a
temper, doesn't he?
Did he ever
shout at Dennis?
What about the day
Dennis was due to leave?
Did Lord Marwood
shout at him then?
He screamed in his face.
For what reason?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Why did you scream
in Dennis's face
the day he left, mm?
Was Dennis blackmailing you?
Good God, no.
You are vastly
overestimating this man.
Maybe you underestimated him.
And maybe
that's why you lost your temper.
What did he do?
He touched my wife,
was over-familiar.
All right?
I didn't like it,
neither did she.
I had to put a stop to it, so
I shouted at him and sent him
on his way. How come you
didn't say this before?
Because I'm a gentleman,
and it is a gentleman's duty
to save his wife's blushes.
Did you do more
than shout at him?
Why on Earth am I
answering to you?
It's one thing to be
questioned by an inspector.
Another matter entirely to be
questioned by someone like you.
Don't you dare.
It's okay.
He means a working-class
vicar, don't you?
Yes, yes, that's
exactly what I mean.
Such a shame.
What is?
Well, I invite you into my
home, my wife offers you money
for your poor little church,
and this is how you repay me?
I think we're done here.
Yes, he was terribly
and my husband terribly
brutish about it.
I mean, you've only
seen the half of him.
What's the other half?
He's a complete
and utter bastard.
But if you're taking that
to be the mark of a killer,
then I'm afraid you're
sorely mistaken.
Because he's weak.
I mean, yes, he can
scream and shout,
but couldn't stab
another man's flesh
over and over.
How did you feel about Dennis's
That doesn't matter.
It does.
My husband resolved
the situation,
and that's the end of it.
You left it entirely to him?
Your husband is a brute
and a bastard, you say?
Yet, you stay with him.
He has the title,
I have the money.
Gentlemen, I don't
expect you to understand,
but put it this way.
Lord and Lady
Marwood the package
is far more powerful
together than apart.
Speaking of money,
when this has all blown over and
I've moved some assets around,
I'll get you your check, Alphy.
You are not going out
dressed like that.
Why not?
CATHY Because I said so!
What are you gonna do about it?
I will lock you in your
room, if I have to.
I'd like to see you try.
Don't push me.
I'm not a baby anymore.
It's every man for himself.
What does that even mean?
It means, I never
Come on, then.
Thank you, Mrs. Chapman.
If I'd known you
were joining us,
Geordie Keating,
I'd have made deviled
kidneys for you, too.
Like hell she would have.
Mmm, those are good.
Wouldn't you rather
be at home than here?
World War III's kicking
off between Cathy and Esme.
Solving a gruesome murder
is, honestly, preferable.
Is everything all right? Hm?
Ah, something and nothing.
Roses for the kitchen.
"Deepest, darkest,
dirtiest secret."
Or someone else's?
The Marwoods can't
be blackmailing him.
They're millionaires.
This person wants money.
Dennis had nothing.
Except maybe some information.
Now you're talking.
Does that have to
be quite so loud?
Mrs. C, may I
borrow them, please?
The sister.
Christ on a bike.
I, um
I've been thinking about Sam.
The things he said
the things I said.
There's a word he used.
I can't get it out of my mind.
What's that?
I see.
I've never really talked about
the past, and when I have,
no one's ever used that
word in connection.
Well, you are courageous.
Without question, you are.
I wonder if I should
talk to him more.
If you think it would help me.
I didn't know you needed
help. Neither did I.
Being with him, his gentleness,
kindness, I suppose,
it just felt that, um
I don't know.
Well, you should find out.
I think it's a wonderful idea.
Can you confirm that
these belong to you?
They're covered in blood.
Are they your scissors?
Yes, they are, but
that's not my blood.
We have reason to believe
it might be Dennis's.
Oh, no.
Well, how on Earth did
it get onto my scissors?
That was my next question.
Perhaps somebody stole them.
Or borrowed them.
Or you're hiding
them for someone.
I'm not quite sure
you're getting this.
We're the ones that
ask the questions.
We think Lord Marwood
was the last person
to see Dennis alive.
And when he did, he
was screaming at him.
Oh, yes, but that was just
a silly misunderstanding.
You see, Dennis
seemed to believe
that Lord Marwood and I were
having an affair.
And were you?
Just a little one.
Please don't tell my sister.
I have some photos.
Ah, yes, here we go.
There seems to be one missing.
Oh, yes, that's probably the
one naughty Dennis stole.
And the reason he was able
to blackmail Lord Marwood.
Oh, no, no, I didn't mean that.
I meant
I'm not sure what I meant.
But it definitely wasn't that.
So how long you been having an
affair with your wife's sister?
Whatever she's told you, she's
clearly mentally unstable.
It wasn't an affair.
She's a very lonely woman
and I occasionally
provide my services.
Mm, so you're an
altruistic adulterer.
It's not adultery. Hm.
What is it, then?
My wife
tends not to be terribly
interested in me,
and, quite frankly, a man
needs what a man needs.
Look, I fail to see what any
of this has to do with Dennis.
Well, Dennis found
out about this affair.
He blackmailed you.
And because you've got
no access to any money,
you killed him.
For fear of your
wife finding out.
It's quite the theory.
You stabbed him with
Beatrice's scissors.
Then you put them back
in order to frame her.
No. Well, what, then?
Dennis caught
Beatrice and I, yes.
He wrote me the
most awful letter.
He wanted a thousand pounds.
I scrabbled together
what little I could
and hoped to send
him on his way.
What were you really doing on
the night of hide-and-seek?
Checking to see he'd gone.
To my surprise, the money I'd
given him was still there,
but there was no sign of Dennis.
So you took the money back?
Of course.
If he'd upped and
left and forgotten it,
that was his problem, not mine.
Where did you think he'd gone?
I didn't think.
I was just grateful that he had.
You, you've nothing to connect
me to those scissors, do you?
I didn't kill him.
I couldn't.
Even if I wanted to.
Never once managed
it during the war.
Not once did I look
in another man's eyes
and watch the life
leak out of him.
I suppose that
makes me a coward.
They let you go.
For now.
What's the matter?
It's just, I, um, I wonder
if this might be something
I need to do on my own with Sam.
You don't mind, do you?
You understand? Of course.
Of course.
Daniel. Sam.
How are you?
Good to see you.
How have you been?
Not bad, yeah.
I'm not a baby anymore!
I'll ask you again,
pull it down!
No! Well, I'll do it!
Get off me leave me alone!
If you don't want me to do
it, then you do it yourself!
Fine, there. Are you happy now?
I look like a flaming nun!
Don't you swear at me.
I'm not swearing at you,
I'm swearing in general.
Esme, enough. Oh, here he is.
Finally decided to be
a father, have you?!
Cathy Don't worry, Geordie.
It's all blown over,
just like you said.
Maybe I should have a
word with Esme on her own.
Oh, no chance.
Anything you say to her
you can say in front of me.
Why do you have to
control everything?!
I'm trying to look after you.
I don't need looking
after, you silly woman!
You show some respect
for your mother.
You need to have a
long, hard think, Esme.
Oh, I have been.
I'm moving out.
Over my dead body.
What's the problem?
We're not getting on,
the commute to work is a drag,
and I've already been offered
a place to live, so,
everyone's a winner.
How dare you?!
Calm down. Don't even think
about telling me to calm down!
Why are you being so dramatic?
Mae moved out a year ago.
I don't give a
monkey's about Mae.
I care about you.
I care about my daughter
you are not going!
I am!
I said no!
Dad, what is wrong with her?
Why is she being so crazy?!
I hate you!
I hate you.
You really want to go? Fine.
Pack your bags and get out!
Cathy, she's going.
Sorry, love.
You will come back and
visit us, won't you?
Mae hasn't got an
electric wringer,
so I'll be back as soon as
I run out of clean clothes.
I love you so much.
Did she mean it?
Course not.
Come on, Alphy, chop, chop!
Kippers for breakfast!
Mrs. Chapman
You know, I'm
I'm very grateful,
and you're very
sweet, and
Well, yeah, I think so.
Look, I, I know you had a
very special relationship
with my predecessors,
but I'm afraid I just
don't need a housekeeper.
I'm sorry. With respect,
I don't think your predecessors
would describe me
as a housekeeper.
Forgive me, but
how might they?
A friend listening ear.
Someone who cherishes you
and you cherish in return.
Mainly, someone with a hot meal
at the end of a rotten day.
This was a gift from Sidney.
I mean, the original
was from someone else,
but it was stolen and
Sidney replaced it.
It wasn't simply service, Alphy.
It was love.
Yeah, it's a, it's
a beautiful locket.
It is, isn't it?
Not worth a thing, but
to me, it's the world.
White wine, red wine,
water goblet,
and port.
Lady Marwood and I
grew up together.
My mother worked for her mother.
You're a genius!
Geordie? Mm?
I think we've been looking in
completely the wrong place.
What every inspector
loves to hear.
Lord Marwood said Lady Marwood
wasn't interested in him,
in that way. He did.
Why wasn't she
interested in him?
Was there someone else?
Dennis. Yeah, maybe.
But also Leah.
What? You see, Leah,
she wears this gold bracelet.
But how could she have
afforded it? She couldn't.
So how did she get it?
Someone must have
gifted it to her.
What if that someone
was Lady Marwood?
Gift for loyal service?
No, no, no, no.
This is something
more than that.
This means something to her.
Geordie, I think it
might be a love token.
From Lady Marwood?
So, Leah and her are
I think they were, then I
think something changed.
Dennis. Exactly.
We need to speak to Leah.
Can you tell us
about your bracelet?
What about it?
Where did you get it?
It was a gift.
Lady Marwood.
Does she do that
for all her staff?
Just you?
Has she forgiven her husband
and sister for their affair?
Why so quickly?
So easily?
Is there someone else she
gets her comfort from?
This bracelet,
it's a symbol of your love,
isn't it?
A token from Lady Marwood.
The person she gets
her comfort from,
it's you.
Not anymore.
This doesn't mean a damn thing.
But it did.
It did mean something once.
I've loved her
since we were children
I know every inch of her.
She married Marwood, of
course she had to.
Nothing changed between us.
Who did change
things between you?
What happened with Dennis, Leah?
At first, I thought
he was violating her.
I told myself over and over,
but in the end, I could see.
She let him.
But she was blind.
He didn't love her like I did.
He didn't know her
like I did, he didn't
deserve her like I did.
I had to do something.
Anything to bring
her back to me.
Did you hurt Dennis, Leah?
He hurt me!
Did you kill Dennis Lacey?
Have you ever loved
anyone like that?
silly girl.
It's just so unnecessary.
I don't think she
saw it like that.
This thing about the
bracelet she clung to,
it's utterly
worthless, you know.
Anyway, I've got
your check, actually.
Will £3,000 do?
Yes, that all right?
For now.
Though who knows?
If you were to pop
along to a few more
dinner and games nights,
there might be a little
something more in it for you.
For both of us.
I beg your pardon?
I said no.
You okay?
Who would have thought it, eh?
The servant.
Me, actually I did.
All right, all right,
don't get too cocky,
Mr. "I'm no detective."
Lady Marwood.
She offered me 3,000
for the church.
Did she now?
I said no.
Good on ya.
If it had been
4,000, though, hm.
Cheeky little
I don't think I really
know what to say.
Well, you can say anything.
Anything you wish.
I don't know how to
I don't know.
It's okay.
You know, everything's
gonna be fine.
We don't have to
speak, just be here.
You know, together.
Thank you.
May I show you something?
Of course.
Don't think I've ever
shown anyone this before.
My mother and father.
They look happy.
I hurt them.
But you love them still?
Then that is what you
hold on to, Daniel.
Nothing else.
I, uh, got you this.
For your moldy church.
Thanks. Welcome.
Everything all
right? Grand, yeah.
How's things at home?
Beer? Thought you'd never ask.
So, you're gonna
help me, are you?
Nice try.
Come on.
Little bit of elbow grease,
we'll get it done in no time.
Do you know what? I'll give
you a Ride in the Triumph?
You already owe me one of them.
Uh, no, I don't. Mm-hmm.
Oh, you get the money off
Lady Marwood, did you?
I made a moral
decision to decline.
Uh-huh, that vicar-speak
for, "I lost the bet"?
My gal is red-hot ♪
My gal is red-hot ♪
Christ on a bike!
Well, she ain't got no money ♪
But man, she's
really got a lot ♪
There is something afoot.
What the bishop says is
none of your business.
Good morning, Mr. Harrison.
There's a body at Harrison's.
One of those girls
knows something.
She never should
have taken that job.
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