Grimm s01e06 Episode Script

The Three Bad Wolves

Ah! MAN: Here we go.
Lock it in.
When it gets hard, push harder.
Let the weight do what it does.
(EXHALES) Bummer.
Not my Iron Butterfly.
Lasser, you said you walked outside just before it exploded? Well, yeah, Detective.
If I would have been in there, I wouldn't be out here.
(GROANS) Xena Warrior Princess, Issue 17.
This was a classic.
We have a lot of people out here investigating the explosion.
If you were involved in any kind of bomb-making, now is the time to let me know.
Before anybody gets hurt.
Bomb-making? Me? I wouldn't know how to do any of that.
Everything I love was in there.
My entire life.
My brother's baseball cards! Now, if my brother knew about this, he would crap a car.
Shouldn't he be happy you're alive? How is he going to hear? NICK: Hey, you're going to need a place to stay tonight.
Why don't you give your brother a call? Your cell phone is not that good, Detective.
He didn't make it out.
Didn't make it out of what? His double wide.
The same thing happened to him last month, with him in it.
He's so dead.
Yeah, just, boom, man.
Just blown up.
It's like a crater.
The old dome is toast.
But I I got nowhere else to go.
So, how about it, man? Just till I get back on my feet? Please? Just for old time's sake? I've got to go.
They're all up in my grill.
So, let's try to figure out who might want to harm you.
Listen, bro.
I'm a pretty happy guy.
That's the reason the name Hap works so well for me.
I love everybody, and everybody loves me.
Even the guys I owe money to.
Follow me.
I'm into him for about three grand.
It's a bar thing.
A bar tab? No, Jimmy Damon was for a bar that I opened.
He was one of my backers.
lt was a really, really great idea.
You actually had your own bar right there at your own table.
We lost our shirts.
Uh, then there's Sammy Runyon.
I owe him, like, a couple grand.
Strip mall creperie.
You know, those really thin French pancakes? Now, pancakes are the new cupcakes.
Or, at least, they should have been.
ln fact, maybe I could interest you guys in a really unique investment opportunity.
Was your brother on the hook with any of these guys, too? No, man.
Rolf was what you would consider a really solid citizen.
(SIGHS) Any of these guys ever threaten you? Well, yeah.
All the time.
But it's just talk, right? NICK: Well, loan sharks break bones.
They don't usually blow people up.
lt makes it harder to get paid back.
Well, according to the record, your brother's death was never investigated as a homicide.
But due to the similarity of the circumstances, can you think of anyone that might want to harm you and your brother? No.
(STUTTERS) We didn't hang around the same kind of people.
OFFICER: Excuse me.
This guy says he's here to pick up your vic? (HAP LAUGHS EXCITEDLY) My main man, Monroe.
I knew he wouldn't bail on me.
Buddy! Hey Don't we know that guy? All right.
Oh, God! It's good to see you, man.
You, too.
Yeah, that's the guy I thought was involved in the kidnapping.
He's the clock guy.
That's his friend? HAP: Thank you.
I guess so.
(HAP LAUGHS) Hey, you want me to take this? No.
No, Hank.
I got this one.
I'm going to go find the arson investigator and tell him we're coming down.
HAP: Look at you, man.
It's so great to see you.
You look awesome.
You know this guy? Yeah, it's my main man, Monroe.
I told you he would come, didn't I? Hap and I went through a treatment program together many years ago.
You have to, you know, honor the bond.
Can I take him out of here? HAP: Yeah, are we done? Can I go? Yeah, you can go, but you might want to lay low for a couple of days until we figure out what we've got going on here.
You think someone's trying to hurt him? We don't know.
Can you keep an eye on him for a couple of days? Whoa! You guys know each other? We've met.
Oh, yeah? Where did you meet? Like, at a party or something? Oh, wait.
You didn't get arrested for doing some of the stuff you used to do, did you? All right.
Let's go.
Come on.
Time to go.
So, you believe both explosions were accidental? Yeah, that's how it appears to me.
The inlet valve on the propane stove from the geodesic dome was corroded.
Not exactly unheard of in this wet climate.
So, we had a propane leak.
The guy's breaker box was out of code.
He turned on one appliance too many.
There was a spark.
That was the point of ignition.
Now, in the older brother's double wide, we had a nicked propane line.
lt was right next to a frayed extension cord.
Plus, there was severe rodent infestation.
Now, these rats, what they like to do is sharpen their teeth on power cords.
Same principle, right? We've got gas plus spark.
Same result.
Now, is it possible that someone corroded the valve or frayed the cord? I get it.
They're brothers.
It's a very weird coincidence.
I tried to find a connection between the gas companies.
There wasn't any.
The service companies were different as well.
Anything is possible.
I've got nothing here to indicate foul play.
I did have the CSU team pull some prints off the valves and the tanks.
Nothing was a hit on the database.
And you guys know how this works.
I can't base my conclusions on the fact that both victims were related.
Now, it says here you were contacted by an insurance adjuster.
Whenever there's a loss of life, we try to work the case off our desk quickly to aid the beneficiary.
You know who the beneficiary was from the first brother's death? I'm not given that information unless it's a criminal case, but typically, it's next of kin.
I wonder how many are in that family.
Maybe we should talk to Hap.
All right, you do that, and I'll contact the insurance company.
Well, I'm here if you guys need anything else.
And keep me in the loop.
I'd love to know if we've got a bad guy here.
You can wash up in there.
My aim is to keep the toilet clean.
Your aim will help.
I shower at 7: 15 every morning after Pilates.
Please don't run the water at that time.
I like full pressure.
Got you.
Here's something to wear.
What else? You went to Brown? Grad school.
You never told me that, Professor.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, how about some underwears? (SIGHS) Oh.
No, no, no.
Don't touch my clocks.
Okay? The sofa pulls out to a bed.
I like to finish breakfast by 8:30 in the morning.
The kitchen is in here.
Intruder alert.
This is the kitchen.
Hey, you don't happen to have any schnapps, do you? And what about dinner, huh? You want to get take-out? more than 20 minutes, it's free! Pork and schnapps? Really? No.
Peppermint schnapps.
Then, pork.
(SIGHS) Oh, dude.
Look, bro, I realize this is a little inconvenient for you.
It's a little inconvenient for me, too.
So, if you want me to leave just say, "Hap, dude, you're a good old friend.
"We shared some times.
"But this is my space.
"And you're not welcome in it.
" (SIGHS) It's cool.
I'll go.
Hap? You can stay.
(LAUGHS) But no hugs.
All right.
Wild times! I'm done with the wild times.
I can see that.
(CHUCKLES) Look, bro, I cheated death last night.
If that's not a wake-up call, I don't know what is.
But I'm going to clean up my act.
This time, for reals.
Starting tonight, with you.
Yeah? Yeah.
All right.
Now, how about that pork? (GROWLING) (GRUNTING) (PANTING) A Grimm.
This is going to be even more fun than I thought.
No, no, no, no, no! Don't hurt him! No, no, no, no, no.
Get down, man.
Get down! Don't shoot her.
She's my sister, Angelina.
(SNARLS) He's killed more of our ancestors than I can count.
How can you know him? How can you even talk to him? Well, it's complicated.
What are you talking about? He's a Grimm.
What? No.
He's a cop.
Monroe, tell her she's wrong.
She's not.
He's a cop and a Grimm? ls that legal? Does somebody want to explain to me why I'm not arresting her for assaulting a police officer? I was protecting my brother.
Yeah, and your boyfriend.
Long time ago.
You know what? This is insane.
Three Blutbaden in a room with one Grimm.
And we're all having a little chat.
We should be having dinner.
He's not that kind.
(SCOFFS) There is only one kind.
Just like there's one kind of Blutbad? Well, kumbaya.
Let's all hold hands.
I'd heard that you'd gone straight.
I just didn't believe it.
I'm here to protect your brother, and I need to ask him some questions.
So, why don't you just shut up? (GROWLING) Hold on! Hold on! Chill! Chill! Let's not let this get out of hand again.
I just had the carpet cleaned.
You're really a Grimm.
I'm, like, living like a piece of history right here, bro.
(CHUCKLES UNCOMFORTABLY) Your brother, Rolf, had a life insurance policy.
Who was the beneficiary? Don't answer him.
I want to.
He's trying to help me.
I got the money when Rolf died.
Ugh, I need a drink.
And if you die, who gets the money? Me.
So, what? So, where were you the night your brother died? MONROE: Angelina! HAP: Whoa.
This is not getting any better.
The night Rolf died, I was in New Orleans visiting an old friend.
Does your old friend have a name? Adam Halpin.
HAP: Angelina.
He's a butcher in the French Quarter.
His number is in the book.
I'm going to get that drink now.
I'm on it.
I'm going to top this off.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, come on.
You cannot trust her.
Well, uh, obviously, it depends on the circumstances.
But the point here is, she would never hurt her family.
Do not let Hap leave this house.
I won't.
He'll be safe here.
I promise.
Oh, man.
Yeah, I want you to run a plate for me.
Thanks for being there for him.
So, how is Adam? (CHUCKLES) Oh, Adam.
Uh, he's a lot of things.
But he's not you.
(CHUCKLES) Tell me that you don't miss it.
I don't miss being out of control.
I'm in control.
I could have killed that Grimm, but I didn't.
He could have killed you, too.
Which would have made you sadder? Why are you here? I'm here to protect my brother.
But now, there are other reasons.
Ah! Come on.
(SIGHS) (COUGHS) It's good to see you live a little.
Do you remember the time in the Cascades? We didn't go inside for a month.
Admit it.
You have never felt so free.
The call of the wild isn't always such a good thing.
Oh, what, you have regrets? Let's just say I'm glad we didn't get caught.
That would have just added to the fun.
All this restriction is, like, its own compulsion.
You know that? What do you say? You up for a little nostalgia? (BREATHING HARD) What are you doing? Where are you going? Come on.
It's a beautiful night for a run in the woods.
If you can still run.
(SNORING) (GRUNTING) (BOTH PANTING) (GROANS) (CELL PHONE RINGING) What have you got? WU: Ran your motorcycle plate.
Registered to an Angelina Lasser.
Couple of speeding tickets.
No priors.
Anything else? No.
Thanks a lot.
I've got your ribs here.
(CHUCKLES) My main man, Monroe.
Doing me a solid.
Coming! Man, I can't tell you how glad I am to see you.
Vic took one to the head, three more to the chest.
Not exactly a small target.
No shell casings left behind.
No neighbors reported any gunshots.
I'd say it's a professional hit.
Which, for Portland, frankly, is kind of bad-ass.
Except, of course, for the death part.
I thought he was supposed to be safe here.
Well, so did I.
But her bike is here.
So is his car.
Didn't find any other bodies yet, but, it's still early.
ANGELINA: Hap? No, that's my brother.
That is my brother.
Let them through.
No! What happened? He was shot.
Where were you? We were just across the street in the park.
ANGELINA: No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
HANK: Do you see what I see? The blood on her clothes.
HANK: Do you have any other brothers and sisters? My parents are dead.
Rolf and Hap were my only family.
Any idea who might have it in for them? No.
Anybody threaten you? Not anyone that I'm worried about.
And I guess you wouldn't want to spend a little time in protective custody.
Yeah, right.
Me and a couple of cops, holed up in a hotel room.
Sounds like some good times to me.
You know, you said you went to the park.
ls that how you got the dirt on your clothes? This? Oh, this isn't dirt.
This is blood.
But you already know that, don't you, Detective? (LAUGHS) Go ahead.
Test it.
Let me know what you get.
NICK: Why did you leave him alone in that house? Did she talk you into that? No.
She didn't talk me into anything.
Look, Monroe, I am your best friend right now.
Look, if you don't talk to me It's my fault, okay? I left him alone.
lt doesn't matter why.
lt matters if she convinced you to leave and she has someone else working with her.
She wouldn't do that.
How do you know? Because he's her brother.
We don't kill our own.
You don't know her like I do, Nick.
Yeah, well, maybe that's your problem.
Maybe you're a little too close.
Hap was my friend! I would never have left him alone if I thought (SIGHS) I honestly thought he'd be safe.
WU: Nick.
Stay here.
We ran blood tests on her clothes.
And what have you got? Believe it or not, Bugs Bunny.
They apparently had something to do with the death of a rabbit.
Oh, man.
A rabbit? I, uh Yeah, I lapsed.
Maybe she is not the right girl for you.
I went over to her house last night.
Does she know that? No.
But there was somebody there.
I didn't get a good look at him, and I interrupted whatever he was up to.
And he took off in a hurry.
You think he was there looking for her? Just watch yourself.
NICK: What have you got? Angelina's water glass.
There were some unknown prints on the propane valves at both her brothers' houses.
I'm going to have the lab print this and see if we get a match.
I don't know if she had anything to do with killing her brothers, but she's hiding something.
My brothers are dead, and they want to hang it on me.
I hate cops.
And you, how could you even be friends with one? Who said we were friends? I hardly know the guy.
Yeah, well, don't expect them to bust their ass on who killed Hap.
You do realize you could be next.
lt will be the last thing he ever tries.
You don't even know who you're looking for.
Why do you got to act like such a hard-ass? You liked my hard-ass pretty good last night.
Yeah, I did.
And now, Hap is dead.
He didn't hurt anybody.
Okay? He didn't deserve to die like that.
Angelina, listen to me.
It's not safe right now.
Maybe you shouldn't go home for a while.
Why? Nick told me someone was in your house last night.
That Grimm was in my house last night? You're missing the point.
I'll see you sometime.
(SIGHS) NEIGHBOR: I was so worried.
JULIETTE: He's become very handsome.
You're so brave.
So, try to keep this on Buddy for a couple of days.
Try to keep it clean.
Don't let him run around in the mud.
He's a guy, so I know that's not going to be easy.
(CHUCKLES) You are good to go.
Oh, Buddy.
Good boy.
A minor neighborhood emergency.
Yeah, I can tell.
Here you go.
Come on, Buddy.
Keep me posted.
Thank you, Juliette.
So, how did Buddy get himself in trouble? He went after Eloise, that huge, yellow cat a couple of doors down.
How did Eloise come out of it? On top.
Apparently, Buddy bit off more than he could chew.
The cat beat up the dog? Don't piss off a woman with claws.
I'll try and remember that.
How are you doing? That looks better.
You know, I'm just happy I have a doctor in the house.
Oh, that's sweet.
Wait until you get my bill.
HANK: Got the report back on Angelina's prints.
No match at either brother's house, but we got a match on a bloody partial from a double murder two years ago in Eugene.
The vics were brothers.
Lived next door to each other.
Brothers? Murdered on the same night.
Case is still open.
No suspects.
Until now.
Don't know what those boys ever did to her, but it gives a new meaning to "You fight like a girl.
" Now, check this out.
The vics were George and Stanley Orson.
Same name as our arson investigator.
Could be a coincidence, but I found this.
I think we have a family feud going on here.
Well, if it is, then we've got an arson investigator investigating himself, which is why he found no evidence at either crime scene.
We better bring the captain in on this one.
You want to bring in Lieutenant Orson for questioning? Yes.
His brothers were killed two years ago, and we believe Angelina Lasser was responsible.
We think he figured out she was responsible for killing his brothers, and killed hers for payback.
Oh, you think or you know? He's an arson investigator.
He knows better than anyone else how to make an explosion look like an accident.
We have an APB out on Angelina.
How do you want us to deal with Orson? Carefully.
He's got a clean record.
I'm not going to protect a dirty cop.
You make sure you're right.
Yes, sir.
HANK: All right.
(MOTORBIKE APPROACHING) I know who killed Hap and Rolf.
lt was a cop.
A Bauerschwein.
What? I picked up his stench at the precinct, and then again at my place last night.
A pig? Uh-huh.
Killed one of us? Are you sure? Oh, I'm sure.
Who is it? I don't know, but when I find out, he's going to pay.
Angelina Stay out of this.
I owe it to Hap.
And so do you.
Hap's dead.
There's nothing we can do for him now.
We should have been here for him last night.
I was hoping that you were going to tear out a little piggy throat with me.
I guess I'm still a little naive.
You know what I hate the most? That I still love you.
MONROE: Angelina just came by.
She says she knows who killed her brothers.
(EXHALES) Says it was a Bauerschwein.
A what? A pig.
And I don't mean a cop, but I do mean a cop.
Does she know who? No.
Do you? Look, I can't tell you that.
(SCOFFS) Well, you better protect his ass because she's out for blood.
NICK: Lieutenant.
Mind if I have a word? Sure.
I just wanted to let you know that we are sending your case files on the Lasser arson to a Seattle lab to get a second opinion.
On what? Your belief that both cases are accidental and unrelated.
Why would you do that? It's just too much of a coincidence.
Two brothers.
Both had gas leaks a month apart.
Doesn't that strike you as a little strange? I didn't screw it up.
An investigator tells the story he wants told.
I tell the truth.
Yeah? And how about your two brothers? You want to tell me the truth about them? (GRUNTS) Bauerschwein, right? I don't have a problem with you, Detective.
Our families have never been enemies.
You should know that.
Let's not change it now.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Monroe, it's Nick.
Open up.
Maybe I should just get you your own key.
Where is Angelina? I don't know.
She is a murderer.
She killed the brothers of a cop.
And he killed hers.
I'm up to speed.
Just tell me where she is.
I'm going to tell you what I told her.
I'm staying out of it.
This Blutbaden-Bauerschwein feud goes back centuries.
We get blamed for every Bauerschwein death.
Even the suicides.
And by the way, she is never going to let you or anyone else arrest her.
Right now, I'm just trying to keep them from killing each other.
Or somebody else.
Good luck with that.
That's your job.
You're still in love with her, aren't you? (SIGHS) No.
I'm not.
There was a time when I thought maybe, until I started waking up, pulling a rabbit fur out of my teeth.
I don't miss those days.
There's no good ending to this, Nick.
I mean, I don't want her to die, but I don't want you to try to arrest her, either.
(SIGHS) Frankly, I'd rather she just get away so nobody else gets hurt.
Come on, you know that's not going to happen.
Let me tell you something.
I want this guy dead, too.
You understand? And it has taken all my self-control not to help her.
So, you can either stick around and have a glass of wine or you can leave.
OFFICER: Excuse me.
What are you doing? Just looking around.
You got a reason to be here? I'm just looking for Officer Orson.
He's not here.
Who are you? I'm a friend.
You wouldn't happen to have his home address, would you? We don't give out that kind of information.
You shouldn't be in here.
What's your name? That's really not important.
Yeah, it is.
(OFFICERS MURMURING) HANK: Where? Did they get her? You mean, she's still in the building? Yeah, yeah.
On our way.
A woman was in Orson's office looking for him.
She attacked an officer.
That had to be Angelina.
She's got some balls coming in here.
How in the hell did she know it was Orson? I don't know.
But we better find him before she does.
Unless he's looking for her.
(COCKING GUN) Don't give me an excuse to use this.
You really need an excuse? This isn't between you and me.
Then, what's with the shotgun? I didn't want to end up on the dinner table with an apple stuffed in my mouth.
(SIGHS) Mind if I put my groceries down? Slowly.
I know what you're thinking, Blutbad.
"Can I get to him before he pulls the trigger?" I know you're fast, but this thing is filled with double-ought buck.
You'll be pulling your teeth off the back wall before you sink them into my neck.
Do you really have to go there? Now, I know you're not going to tell me where she is, so I'm not going to bother asking.
But I'm going to tell you something.
This ends with me and her.
You killed my friend.
I'm supposed to be okay with that? Your friend was part of an old world order.
Hap wasn't like that.
Neither were my brothers.
And she killed them.
So, I killed hers.
We're not the same Bauerschwein we used to be.
You just give her the message.
We're even.
I can tell her, but she ain't going to listen.
She's old-fashioned that way.
Change is never easy.
But you can't say I didn't try.
Hold up.
I just got a call from the officer checking on Angelina's house.
What, you get her? No, but somebody torched her house.
Any bodies? We don't know.
Fire department is still mopping up.
We can't get in yet.
You take Angelina's.
I'll take Orson's.
Lieutenant Orson? It's Detective Burkhardt.
Orson, it's Nick.
I'm coming in.
Relax, relax.
It's just me.
(EXHALES) What the hell are you doing? Mud bath.
Yeah, I got that.
It's a Bauerschwein thing.
lt soothes the skin, it helps me think.
So, what are you thinking? You know what I was thinking? When you stopped me in the stairwell and you figured out what I really was, I was a little freaked out at first.
And then, I realized maybe you being a Grimm, maybe that's not such a bad thing.
We're kind of on the same side.
I don't think so.
Angelina Lasser is a monster.
You go after monsters, so do I.
You killed two people! Blutbaden are not people.
Rolf was an animal, just like his sister.
And Hap? (STUTTERS) Do you know why she killed my brothers? That doesn't matter.
For fun.
For sport.
lt was just something to do on a Saturday night.
It's over.
Put on some clothes.
My brothers worked their entire lives to put a crummy roof over their heads.
And then This is the first time one of us has gone after one of them.
The huff and puff days are over.
Now, Burkhardt, whatever else we are, we are both cops.
And we ought to be working together.
I'm not working with you.
I am putting you under arrest.
This is not about the law, do you understand? This is never going to be about the law.
How are you going to teach a wild animal (SNIFFING) What are you doing? She's here.
(SCREAMING) (SNORTING) (GRUNTING) NICK: Get off him! (SQUEALING) (GRUNTING) Get off him! You were good to Hap.
So, I'm going to give you a free pass.
(SQUEALING) (SCREAMING) Now, you're going to pay.
(GUNSHOT) (GROANS) No! (SIREN WAILING) (SIGHS) Sometimes, being a cop gets in the way of what you have to do.
He's in custody, and she's been shot.
Where is she? We're still looking for her.
(SCOFFS) You'll never find her.
But you might.
Don't push it.