Grimm s01e07 Episode Script

Let Your Hair Down

It's up this way.
How much further? That means we've gone 9.
When do you want to stop for food? I don't want to stop until we're naked in that lake.
You'd better have a fire going for me before I step foot in that lake.
Oh, I'll have a fire going all righty.
(GUN COCKING) Get down on the ground.
Get down on the ground! No, no! Dustin! Oh, my God! Please, please, please! Please don't shoot! LAUREN: (SOBBING) We were just hiking to Shannon Lake.
DELMAR: Never heard of it.
DUSTIN: People know that we're out here, man.
That's too bad for them if they come looking for you.
What are you going to do? Once I figure out if you're cops or not, then I'll decide.
We're not cops! We own a doggie wash! (CRYING) Will you let us go? I got $3 million growing up here.
No, no, no! Please don't! Please don't! Nothing personal.
Please don't! Please don't! Please don't! (TWIGS SNAPPING) DUSTIN: Please help me! Please, please, please.
Get the rope.
Okay, okay.
(LOUD ROAR) (BOTH PANTING) Go! Go! (COPS TALKING INDISTINCTLY) Ooh! That is one broken neck.
From those abrasions, they probably used a pretty hefty rope.
Well, what do you know? It's Delmar Blake.
We've been looking for him for three years.
What'd he do? Just about everything.
We knew he was moving drugs, we just didn't realize he was growing them.
Obviously not his.
Think he's got a girlfriend around here? Maybe.
Got anything for us? Well, it's kind of weird.
There's not a bit of food left, no sleeping bag, no blankets.
You got millions of dollars worth of marijuana plants out there and not one of them was taken.
You're saying somebody killed him for his supplies? That's what it looks like.
Somebody got their priorities screwed up.
Maybe we're talking Bigfoot? I don't think Bigfoot would fit into the sleeping bag.
I'm going to go talk to the DEA guys.
All right.
Yeah, it used to be nice and pristine up here, before the damned drug dealers moved in.
We've had a lot of campsites raided.
Food, clothing, you name it.
So, you ever see anything like this before? Someone kills the grower, but leaves all of the plants? No.
Look, all I know is someone made our life a little easier, all right? One less scumbag in the world.
Now, we're going to move the body if you're done with it.
I'm going to take another look.
I got this.
(SNIFFS) (RUSTLING) (SNARLS) He was going to kill us, and then he heard something and he just walked off.
And we heard a gunshot, and then it sounded like somebody was being choked.
You see anybody else? No.
You hear anything else? LAUREN: Yes.
Something came into the camp and started knocking stuff over.
We don't know what it was.
We just saw shadows.
And heard something, like a growl.
lt took us forever to get free, and then we just ran.
You never saw his body? LAUREN: No.
But whatever it was, it saved our lives.
HANK: The FBI confirmed the identity of Delmar Blake.
Lab confirmed the hair we found on his neck and on the tree were not Blake's.
ls it one of the hikers? We don't know.
We're testing DNA.
We've got samples of hair off both the hikers.
You're sure they had nothing to do with it? NICK: We ran a background check, no priors.
They run a doggie wash in Beaverton.
Nothing to indicate that they'd have anything to do with Blake or drugs.
So, what is it, another drug dealer getting rid of the competition? They would have taken his plants.
Yeah, who kills a pot grower in the middle of the woods for a sleeping bag and some food? Somebody hungry and cold.
You just wait right there.
So, I got a couple of knuckle draggers here, demanding to see their brother's body.
That upstanding citizen Delmar Blake apparently has family.
Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin.
How can we help you guys? Are you the ones who found our brother? We're the ones investigating the death of Delmar Blake.
You two have IDs? Why? What'd we do? Before we divulge any information, we have to know who we're talking to.
How'd he die? Gun? Knife? Beaten to death? We're still trying to determine that.
What? You can't tell by looking at him? MICAH: We want to see the body.
Well, it's at the morgue.
Doesn't change what I said.
Then you'll have to meet us there.
Well, let's get it done.
There's a chick magnet if I ever saw one.
Why'd you cut him open? NICK: To determine the cause of death.
It's a homicide investigation.
He was strangled.
Even I can see that.
Did you know your brother was involved with illegal cultivation of a controlled substance? I don't care what he was doing.
I want to know who killed him.
And maybe do something about it? (SCOFFS) A lot more than you're going to do.
You should let us do our jobs before you become our jobs.
Don't you feel that cold air in here? It's bad for the body when it gets too hot.
He's just talking.
Now we're leaving.
What do you see in those two? Priors.
Let's see if you pinned the tail on those donkeys.
Assault, disturbing the peace, tax fraud and dealing in stolen goods, but no drug charges.
So maybe they weren't involved with their brother.
Any outstanding warrants? Disappointingly, no.
I guess they just haven't been caught lately.
Hold onto your Whatever you hold on to.
You're not going to believe this.
We just got the lab report back on the brunette hair you found at the scene.
Mmm-hmm? Holly Clark? You sure? We got a preliminary match.
They're running the tests again to make sure.
One of the more depressing cases I ever worked.
A little girl playing in her mother's backyard just vanished.
A massive search, turned up nothing.
Seven years old.
She's been missing for nine years.
She was adopted and her birth mother was a drug addict.
No one was ever charged.
She'd be 15, This girl's out in the woods living with a drug dealer all these years? We better lock down her identity before we start banging drums on this.
How much you got on this case? Boxes and boxes of files.
You want them brought up? Yes, I want to see everything.
Better make some room.
(SIGHS) Looks like it's going to be a dine-at-desk night.
I'll see if I can find out if Blake is any way connected to the girl or her family, and where he was the night she was abducted.
Um, is this important? Because I'm right in the middle of Yeah, it is.
No, no, no, but you see, the thing is I (CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING) NICK: Whoa.
I mean, you really like Christmas.
MONROE: Look, it's a long tradition in my family, and, well, while you're here, you might as well help.
Here, hang on to that.
And don't mess with that.
That is an antique.
Wait till you see these babies run.
Look, I need to show you something.
Yeah, yeah.
Just a sec.
Here, hand me the caboose, and step back from the tracks.
(SIGHS) (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) What do you think? I think you have too much time on your hands, Monroe.
Juliette and I don't even have a light up yet.
You should see me in my Santa suit.
Yeah, a Blutbad as Santa.
Hey, I'm pretty good, but it's true.
I'm no Gefrehren gebber.
Wait a minute.
You're telling me that Santa Claus is Well, think about it.
I mean, who else could live up there? Huh.
(LAUGHS) You want an eggnog? I make it from scratch.
No, no.
I want you to tell me if she could be a Blutbad.
I can't tell what she is from a photo.
Well, if she is something like you, could she survive by herself in the woods for nine years? Well, if she wasn't, definitely not.
What is she, lost or something? Well, there's a possibility she was abducted nine years ago at the age of seven.
And you think she's been living in the woods for nine years? Yeah, we have evidence it was her.
Well, I mean, if she was only seven years old, you know, society hasn't had that much influence on her, so she'd still be a wild child.
Her instincts would be working full time, so, you know, she'd have a decent chance.
Not sure I'd want to run into her now, though.
All right, she was adopted at a very young age.
I don't know if her adoptive parents were Blutbaden.
Could that be a problem? Yeah.
I mean, she'd have no one who understood what she was going through.
Did you know you were Blutbad when you were born? (SIGHS) Let me put it this way.
The first time you feel the surge, and you fang out, it is pretty weird.
I bit through my lip.
I ripped my pants.
lt scared the crap out of me.
So, are you telling me there's a possibility that she does not know who she is? I mean, if she didn't have parents that understood? Definitely.
I mean, that could be why she never came out of the woods.
I'm going back out there, and I want you to come with me.
How did I know you were going to say that? Monroe, if she is something like you, I cannot risk someone else's life taking them out there.
Apparently you're willing to risk mine.
You're like her.
You could understand her Look, even if she accepts me, I haven't been living in the woods for nine years.
I'd be no match for something like that.
I think she might be wounded.
That doesn't make it better.
Well, I'm going back out there.
Not at night.
Tomorrow morning? We'd better be prepared.
You're full of it.
I'm telling you.
No way.
I saw it with my own two eyes.
Here in Portland? They don't really exist.
I was in his house.
You were in a Grimm's house? Yes.
If that's true, how come he didn't kill you? 'Cause I got the hell out of there, that's why.
Okay, so where does he live, Mr.
"I Saw A Grimm And Lived To Tell About lt"? Fifty bucks says you're full of tree sap.
Hey, buddy.
Got the time? (GROANS) Oh, man! Oh, man! That's him! That's him! Get down! Get down! Oh! Get lower! (CAR STARTING) Go! (TIRES SQUEALING) Can you imagine losing your child like that? No, I can't.
Kind of hard to believe a little girl could survive out there all these years.
Guess so.
I studied feral child syndrome in one of my psychology classes.
Most are cases of child abuse.
The whole "raised by wolves" thing was never really proven.
Well, that's why we're being extra cautious about this.
Have you told the parents yet? Not yet.
This is one of those times I do not envy your job.
You realize you're going to be opening up old wounds.
I know.
I lived through it.
That's why we have to be 110% sure.
And we need to keep a low profile.
I can't sit on this forever, you know? I give you 24 hours to find out something definitive.
How do you want to do this? We're going to split up.
I'm going to see if I can track down the adoptive parents and see if anybody, maybe a family member, could have taken Holly into those woods.
And you? I'm going back out to the crime scene, see if I can find any other evidence of Holly.
You taking anyone with you? Not if we want to keep this low profile.
What about other drug dealers in the area? Well, if there were, DEA sent them all running when they mopped up the area.
They found the guy they were looking for.
The rest is up to us.
Okay, you take whatever you need.
Any hard evidence comes back to me first.
Yes, sir.
This is where I found his body.
Weird vibes out here.
Now, his gun was pointing this way, but I found some buckshot right here.
And some strands of hair.
Where'd you see her? Well, I saw something over this way and I followed it.
lt was in here that I saw it.
Would you stop saying "it.
" All I know is that it was a Blutbad and it had long hair.
You got something? Just give me a second, okay? What is it? Burdock root! I haven't seen this stuff since I was a kid in Scouts.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's a It's a painkiller.
It's like aspirin.
You chew on the root.
It's also a fine diuretic But I digress.
We should gear up.
This is going to take a while.
What are you actually smelling? Hell if I know.
I just get the scent, you know? It's not a moose, it's not a bear, it's not a deer.
We have our own unique bouquet.
Here we go.
A knochen hof.
Let me guess.
Bone yard? Literally speaking, yes.
But there's a spiritual meaning.
We've taken a life to sustain life, and the sacrifice has to be honored, you know, before digestion begins.
We're in the right place.
You don't smell that? She marked territory here.
You mean we're on her property? (RUSTLING) There! (BOTH GROWLING) (SNARLING) Holy crap.
That was Holy crap! NICK: Don't lose her! (PANTING) Where'd she go? We lost her.
We haven't lost her.
She thinks she's lost us.
Ah, I can still smell her.
I just don't know where it's coming from.
I think I know where she is.
That's a hell of a hunting blind.
I think I should probably go first.
Yeah, you got this one.
(DOORBELL RINGING) Yes? I'm Hank Griffin, Portland PD.
Are you Mrs.
Clark? Yes.
Did you find her body? No, ma'am.
I don't want to alarm you, but we're looking into some new aspects of Holly's disappearance.
Why would you do that? We're trying to establish any connection we can with Tillamook Forest.
Did you or, uh, any of your family ever spend any time up there? Yeah.
We camped out there a couple of times, but that's about it.
My husband wasn't really the outdoors type.
We just did it because Holly seemed to enjoy it.
We We had to borrow equipment from a neighbor.
I don't even remember where we camped out, actually.
Why, did you find something up there? We're just trying to expand the territory to see if we can link her disappearance to a suspect.
You have a suspect? No, ma'am.
As soon as I have something concrete to tell you, I will.
But I don't want to get your hopes up.
You think your husband can remember where you camped? I'm sorry, but he passed away five years ago.
Thank you very much for your time.
If you can think of anything else that might help us, please call me.
You said you borrowed some camping equipment from a neighbor.
Would they know where you camped? I mean, he might Mr.
Addison knew a lot about that kind of stuff, but he moved away a long time ago.
Do you remember his first name? Yeah.
Do you know where he moved? No, I'm afraid I don't.
You know, I was one of the officers assigned to help find her.
I've never forgotten.
Thank you.
(DIALING) It's Hank.
You know those files I had you pull? I'm looking for a Jimmy or James Addison.
He was a neighbor to the Clarks.
I want to see if you can find him so I can talk to him.
She's passed out.
I'm going in.
(CREAKS) (WHISPERING) If she goes for my throat, shoot her.
She's going to need some first aid.
(SNARLING) It's okay.
It's okay.
(HUSHING) It's okay.
It's going to be okay.
(WHISPERING) She's got a really high fever.
HANK: Wow, you're starting to look like a detective.
Starting to feel like one.
(LAUGHS) I found your Jimmy Addison, but I also found this.
All the neighbors were interviewed the day Holly Clark disappeared.
He had the best alibi.
Where was he? ln the hospital.
Apparently he was bit by a wild dog while hiking in the woods.
Had a pretty big bite taken out of him.
Shattered his tibia and took out a hunk of muscle.
They ever find the dog? Nope.
Anybody with him? Not according to his statement.
Did he say where he was hiking? Yup, up near Mount Hood.
This doesn't make any sense.
He was treated at Community Hospital in Beaverton.
If you're hiking near Mount Hood, there are closer hospitals than Beaverton.
He would have had to drive 100 miles to get to that hospital.
Would you drive that far with your leg like that? What, are you kidding? I'd be screaming my head off.
I have a very low tolerance for pain.
So he was never considered a suspect.
How did we miss this? Well, if he was in the hospital the day of her disappearance, that's a pretty damned good alibi.
You got a last known address? Ready when you are.
She definitely took some buckshot.
Don't make any sudden moves.
Holly? Holly Clark? We're here to help you.
Do you understand me? I am a police officer.
(SNARLING) Okay, this is going well.
I think we're experiencing a bit of a language barrier.
Well, she trusts you.
Yeah, well.
Let me try a more direct approach here.
You are Holly Clark.
You're hurt.
He's putting medicine in your wounds.
Holly Clark.
(EXCLAIMS SOFTLY) (LAUGHS) I told you everything I told the police.
I didn't kill your brother.
There was someone else out there.
That's just what I would have told the cops if I'd killed somebody.
For God's sakes, do you really think that I could have killed your brother? Well, what do we do with him now? Keep him here till we find out if he's lying, we go back out there and find whoever did it.
I think we should kill him now.
Can't kill him till we find out if he's lying.
If he is, he'll wish we would have killed him, instead of what we're going to do to him when we get back.
You have a little time to mull that over now.
(DOG BARKING) Well, there's no green thumb here.
ADDISON: Just a sec.
Who is it? Detective Griffin and Officer Wu.
What do you want? Are you James Addison? Yes.
What's this about? Mind if we come in? Uh, I was, uh This will only take a minute.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Come on in.
Can I ask what this is about? We've re-opened the Holly Clark case.
I believe you were a neighbor of hers when she disappeared? That was so terrible.
She was such a sweet little girl.
You lent the Clark family some camping equipment.
Do you remember where they went camping? Uh, not really.
I guess I suggested a few places.
I don't really remember.
That was a long time ago.
You were injured the same day she was taken.
That's right.
I was in the hospital.
They talked to me there.
That should have been in your reports.
Yeah, we're trying to establish if there was any unusual activity in the neighborhood that day.
We're going back through all our old interviews to see if anybody remembers seeing anything.
Well, I was gone all day, hiking up in Mount Hood, back when I used to be able to.
Yeah, I like that area.
I go hiking there a lot.
Whereabouts were you? I was on my way back from Shining Lake.
You were by yourself, right? Yeah, I always hiked alone.
I liked the solitude.
But just not on that day.
What do you mean? Well, you were bitten by a wild dog.
That's what the report said.
If you know all this, why these questions? Just one more.
Why did you drive all the way from Mount Hood to Beaverton to get treated? That's 100 miles away.
You could have been treated much closer.
My doctor works out of Beaverton.
Your doctor's name is? Look, I'm on disability because of that day, and I really don't appreciate your tone.
They've never found any wild dogs up there.
Well, maybe it was a coyote.
I don't know.
I was being attacked.
I didn't stop to consult my animal guide.
Look, I don't know what you're trying to do here, but I've done nothing wrong.
Then you wouldn't mind coming downtown to make a formal statement.
(EXHALING) Look, I don't know how much buckshot she has in her, but I can't get it all out.
All I can do is bandage her up for now.
Her fever is worse.
Use some ibuprofen.
That's better than nothing, I guess.
Burdock root would be better.
(CELL PHONE BEEPING) What are you doing? We need some help up here.
You're not going to get any service out here.
Yeah, I know.
I thought I'd try.
One of us needs to go back.
You stay here.
Wait, wait, wait.
I don't think it's such a great idea to take this girl back into civilization right now.
We've got to consider the ramifications.
Well, we can't leave her in the woods.
I mean, what are you going to do, live with her up here until she's ready to come home? I don't think she knows what she even is right now.
She could hurt somebody.
Well, she could hurt somebody up here too.
Monroe, she already has.
He was trying to kill her, man! Right now she is the one who's hurt and I cannot leave her up here.
(SIGHS) This is one of those rock and a hard place type things, isn't it? I'll be back as soon as I can.
Oh, you're burning up, kid.
I'm going to get you some burdock root.
I'll be right back, okay? (GROANS) I'm going to take that as a yes.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm coming right back.
Where are you? I found her.
I found Holly Clark.
She's alive.
Oh, my God.
He found Holly Clark alive.
Yeah, but she's hurt bad.
I'm going to need some help out here.
And I've got another problem, too.
The Blake brothers are out here.
I'm going to go on foot to find them.
Oh, one more thing.
Check a name for me.
I found it on a camp stove where I found her.
What's the name? The name's Addison.
He found a name on some camping equipment where Holly was found.
The name's Addison.
Oh, my God! Keep her away from me.
She bit me.
She tried to kill me! Help! (GRUNTS) (FOLIAGE RUSTLING) He died here.
He might not be alone.
We want to get them all.
Okay, this is burdock root.
You chew on it, like this.
No, no, no.
I know it tastes like an old tennis shoe.
I mean, not that I've eaten all that many of them, but, it's good for you, okay? Just nibble on it.
Good, there you go.
It'll help your fever.
Holly? (STUTTERS) Yes? I think everything's going to be all right.
You up there! Come down here now! No, no, no.
Shh! Maybe you can't hear us! Whoa! Take it easy! Okay! I'm coming down! (WHISPERING) You stay here.
I'm coming down! Shh.
We saw you digging in the woods.
Right near where our brother was killed.
How long you been living out here? Guys, we've got a misunderstanding here, okay? I was on a hike, and I came across this old place What were you digging for? Well, and thank you for asking.
It's called burdock root.
It's a medicinal root, and it's good for all kinds of Why'd you kill our brother? Remember what I was just saying about being on a hike? I could kill you right now, and it might be a mistake, but I don't think I'd lose any sleep over it.
(HEAVY THUDDING) There's somebody else up there.
Who is it? There's nobody else up there.
I'm the only person here.
When I find somebody up there, you blow his head off.
It's empty.
Wait a minute.
Delmar's sleeping bag and his coat are up here.
(HATCH DOOR CLOSING) I'm going to cut your throat! NICK: Nobody move! Hey! This is the man who killed our brother! He had nothing to do with it.
He's my friend.
He came here with me.
Put your weapons on the ground now.
You shoot me, he shoots your friend.
Stay where you are.
(RUSTLING) What was that? I don't know.
Where? (YELLS) (SHUDDERING) (DOORBELL RINGING) I have good news.
We found Holly alive.
(GASPS) What? Holly.
Remember, you're not alone.
Holly! Oh, my It's okay, Holly.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come here, baby.
It's okay.
(SOBBING) RENARD: Two days ago, we made a remarkable discovery.
ln the forest just outside the city, we found Holly Clark, missing for nine years, but alive.
She's been reunited with her mother, and we have a suspect in custody.
She's pointing to Number Three.