Grimm s01e18 Episode Script

Cat and Mouse

The Klaustreich I came in contact with was aggressive.
And A real ass.
I can't write that.
What's the word? Mean? No.
Catty? Big no.
Got it.
Sadistic and treacherous.
(SNIFFING) (GROWLING) IAN: And what time does that leave? WOMAN: (ON PHONE) That's to Portland, bus 414.
Let me get a departure schedule for you.
(CREAKING) (GRUNTING) WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Thank you for calling RAZ bus line.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) careful entering the home of a police captain before introductions are made, you know? So true.
(LAUGHING) I was just, uh, following protocol.
I don't care if you are working for the Verrat.
The next time you let yourself into my home uninvited, I will shoot you.
ln self-defense, of course.
My dear Captain, if you didn't speak German, you'd be dead by now.
But, uh, may I introduce myself? My name is Edgar Waltz.
Who are you hunting? His name is lan Harmon.
What's he done? He's a leader of the Resistance.
One of the few still alive.
But what's he done here, in Portland? I don't know, and I don't care.
Time is of the essence, and I need to find him.
We believe the Resistance has established a presence here to harbor fugitives and make them disappear.
The Verrat's problems with the Resistance are not my problems.
Well, maybe your past is not as far away as you think.
The Verrat does not make decisions for me.
The High Command will not be happy about that.
I'm not concerned.
lt would be better for you to be concerned about me and what will happen should you refuse to help.
I hope your Latin is as good as your German.
(SPEAKING IN LATIN) Auf Wiedersehen, Captain.
(REPEATING LATIN) "If you seek peace, prepare for war.
" JULIETTE: Thanks for picking him up.
I don't get my car back until tomorrow.
Coffee? Bacon? I usually take cream with my coffee, but I'll try bacon.
I heard about you and Adalind.
We were together for about half a cup of coffee.
I don't know what happened, where it came from, but I'm glad it's over.
Well, between you and me, she was definitely not good enough for you.
If she wasn't a lawyer, I'd think she roofied me.
What? I woke up.
She was gone.
And these two other people were in the room with me.
It's more than I want to get into.
Hank, it's more than I want you to.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! He is mine.
He's all yours.
I'll see you tonight? Mmm-hmm.
We've got a shooting at the bus depot.
Bodies? Just blood.
Watch your butts out there.
NICK: We will.
(SCREAMS) (BOTH GRUNTING) Rosalie! lan? Oh, my God.
What happened to you? I was shot.
I have to get you to a hospital.
No, no, no, no.
You can't.
If they find out where I am, I'm as good as dead.
Where's Freddy? Freddy was killed.
ln a robbery a few weeks ago.
Freddy was supposed to have some papers for me.
That's why I'm here.
Papers for what? A new identity.
Who's trying to kill you? It's better if you don't know and it's better if I leave.
(GROANS) You're not going anywhere.
Not like this.
I'll help you up.
I'll get you something for the pain.
I'm going to get some help.
Apparently, the gunman crossed the street here.
Fired three times.
Hence, broken car window, the defacing of our friendly visitor greeting Best guess is bloodstain belongs to bullet number three.
HANK: So, somebody got hit.
But no body.
Not yet.
The search is ongoing.
No blood trail to follow, so we cordoned off five blocks.
Any description of the shooter or the vic? We've got a witness at the bus station awaiting your arrival.
Maybe surveillance tape.
And, uh, can I get that, please? Yes, sir.
Nine millimeter.
NICK: Yep.
Let's check the witness.
BUS DRIVER: I didn't see the shooter.
But I saw the guy that was on my bus.
He left this hat on the seat.
I tried to catch up with him, but he was moving way too fast.
Then, I saw that car window shatter.
I didn't know what the hell was going on.
Figured it was some kind of gang thing.
What can you tell us about him? His name.
This is the ticket he used to board the bus.
Paid in cash.
Lester Cullum.
Had one of those old leather rucksacks.
You don't see too many of those anymore.
And British, I think.
He had an accent.
Anyway, uh, name Lester Cullum sounds kind of British.
What's wrong? I smell blood.
I know.
Come with me.
Please tell me this isn't another zaubertrank.
No, this one's a bullet.
Well, look at that.
lan? This is my friend, Monroe.
Monroe, this is lan.
ls he a doctor? No.
But he's going to help me get the bullet out.
Why aren't we taking him to a hospital? We can't.
We have to do this now.
I'm sorry.
I don't entirely understand the situation here.
lan is an old friend.
He's on the run.
Someone tried to kill him.
Well, what did he do? Have you heard of the Lauffer? The Lauffer? You mean, the Resistance? Yeah, sure.
But that's not here.
That's old country stuff.
Well, it's here now.
That's lan Harmon.
Have you heard of him? (WHISPERING) Really? The journalist? Yeah, well, he does that, too.
He's one of the leaders of the Resistance.
So, are we talking about the Verrat? Because those guys are serious.
I think so.
Look, I cleaned the wound.
I can see the bullet.
It's not that far in.
And we're going to get it out how? This is my father's.
I used to watch him do this kind of thing.
I just don't want to do it alone.
What do you want me to do? Wash your hands.
Sterilize these.
WU: Uh, upper right.
We should see him.
Well, that's got to be him.
Average height.
Average build.
WU: That will narrow it down.
Any luck with the ID? I'm having a little trouble connecting Lester Cullum to anybody.
lt could be an alias.
What about the bullet? We thought it was a regular nine millimeter.
It's not.
According to ballistics, the makeup of the brass identifies the company as Deutsche Waffen Munitions, who manufactured the bullets for their Luger semi-automatic pistols.
What is this, 1944? Actually, it was introduced in 1902.
I think that eliminates a gang shooting.
More like a hit gone wrong.
Guys, we've got a shooter on the loose.
WU: And nothing from the hospitals.
Nobody showing up with bullet wounds in the last 12 hours.
You know, we should check with the St.
Louis PD, where Lester Cullum boarded the bus.
See if we can get any hits on there.
Now, if we've got a shooter still out there and the guy he's after is still alive, he's going to try again.
MAN 1: What the hell are you doing that for? MAN 2: Bring it! Right here! Right here! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Hey.
Knock it off.
I said knock it off! Idiots! Hey, sorry about that, buddy.
I've got one on the house for you.
Oh, thank you.
Won't break me.
Thank you.
That is very kind.
Look, I'm in kind of a jam.
I was wondering if you knew of any place where they make some kind of papers.
I'm a little out of date.
You know what I mean? What kind of papers are you looking for? You know, something that will get me out of here.
Passport stuff.
Um Ah.
This guy's good.
He's just downtown.
I see.
Are you sure he's the best? 'Cause I can't afford to get caught again.
Anybody in town like us needs a job like that, he's the one.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Oh! Better not leave this.
How is it they allow a Lausenschlange to serve food? What? (GROWLING) Hundjager.
What do you want? A dead man.
MONROE: How do you know he's telling the truth about who he is, who he's running from, any of it? ROSALIE: He was a friend of Freddy's.
Look, don't get me wrong, I liked Freddy, but he was involved with some seriously shady people.
Freddy made some mistakes.
Just like we all do.
But I knew him, too.
Well enough to trust him? I was with him for a year and a half.
We're talking more than just Yes.
lt was a long time ago.
Can I ask what happened? He left.
I wasn't happy about it.
But, that is all in the past.
If someone is really trying to kill this guy, we should call Nick.
I mean, I don't know what he'll say about being introduced to a Grimm, but right now, this guy doesn't have a lot to say about anything.
(MOANING) Rosalie.
(COUGHING) I'm here.
(GASPS) (PURRS) The same casing as the bus station.
Single bullet to the head.
No muss, no fuss.
Killer came in here with a plan.
Which looks like, "Get the money and get out.
" HANK: He might have tried to fight back.
Got a passport here.
lan Harmon.
WU: Kind of looks like the guy the bus driver ID'ed.
Wasn't he the victim? NICK: Victims need money, too.
(MAN ON RADIO) Hey, Sarge? Yeah? We've got a possible witness out front.
Okay, hold him.
Got a possible witness outside.
Who wants him? I got it.
Hi, I'm Detective Burkhardt.
Oh, hi.
Hi, Detective.
Uh, I was across the street, and I saw this man come running out.
I didn't think anything of it at first, and then, the police cars came here and they told me the bartender was shot.
Do you think you could identify the man you saw? If I saw him again, maybe.
But it's a Did you Did you arrest anybody? Not yet, no.
ls this the man you saw? Just take it easy.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to help.
I just want to know if this is the man you saw.
That's him.
That's him.
All right.
I'm going to need your name and number, just in case we need confirmation on the ID.
Yes, of course.
Uh, Max Kurtz.
K- U-R Drink this.
Look, I hope you warned your friend that it could be very dangerous for either of you to be wherever I am.
Hey, if you want to meet someone who's dangerous to be around you should meet my friend, Nick.
He's a He's a friend who He can, well, uh He's a Grimm.
Well, okay, so much for the hemming and hawing.
Are you serious? Actually, yes, very.
But, look, he's not what you've ever heard about.
He's right.
Nick is not what you'd expect.
He caught the men responsible for killing Freddy.
And he helped me when I first got here and had to deal with his murder and the shop and everything.
And he got Monroe to help me when it was dangerous for me.
Monroe has been helping me ever since.
And how much did you have to pay this Grimm to go after the men who killed Freddy? I didn't have to pay him anything.
Um, that's the other shoe.
He's a cop.
I know.
My first encounter with him wasn't exactly friendly.
But, let me tell you, Nick is the real deal.
And if you need help in this town, he is the man.
Or, the Grimm.
I know it's a lot to fathom, but he's friends with a Blutbad.
And a Fuchsbau.
Listen, dude, he has saved my ass.
And I've saved his.
Believe it or not, he's just trying to do the right thing.
Do you know about the Resistance? Yeah.
Do you know who the Verrat sends after anyone associated with it? No.
(SIGHING) That is so not good.
Rosalie, do you trust this man? I do.
Well, then, by all means, put my life in his hands.
Possible motive for killing the bartender was the money in the register.
But our suspect was supposed to be wounded when he got off the bus.
Could explain his desperation.
Any identification on the man who shot Harmon? Nothing.
He wasn't on the bus, didn't show up on surveillance cameras, the bar didn't have any security except the alarm, and lt was off.
All right, let's pull out all the stops.
Find the one we know, Harmon? Hopefully, he'll lead us to whoever shot him.
Yes, sir.
And check with Scotland Yard.
See if they have any record on Harmon.
Might help us identify who this other man is.
Yeah, Burkhardt.
MONROE: Can you get down to the spice shop ASAP? Why? What's going on? It's kind of complicated.
There's a man here, he's like, a civil rights activist slash, I don't know, freedom fighter.
With a bullet wound.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Wie geht's, Captain.
How is your day? Where are you? I'm enjoying your city.
It's really quite nice.
lt reminds me a little of, uh, Firenze.
So, have you made any progress on that terrible murder at the bar? You know, you laid out the evidence a little too obviously for my taste.
Well, if you'd helped me when I asked, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
You needed a reason to find lan, and now, you have it.
I'm glad you're taking it seriously now.
You never know when a desperate man like that will strike again.
Oh, by the way, I liked your Detective Burkhardt.
There's more to him than meets the eye.
What do you want? I want to know why you didn't tell me that you had a Grimm working for you.
He could be very useful to me.
Why don't you make that happen? Well, he doesn't know about me.
Then, you are playing a very dangerous game, my dear Captain.
(LINE DISCONNECTS) Reginald's Camera.
Beautiful, aren't they? Oh, yes.
Yes, I mean, the Leica ll, I mean, belongs in a museum.
And the Voigtlander, it's very nice.
Very nice.
I would say you must be from Germany.
Yes, yes.
I think my accent gets thicker when I look at German cameras.
Well, feel free to look around.
I like to think of this shop as my own private museum.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Yes, yes.
Look at that.
These pictures, did you take them? Yes.
That's my daughter, Julia.
Yes? And her kids.
Emily, Tommy, and Joey.
Tommy, Joey.
Look at the quality of the light.
And the detail.
You know, all this digital nonsense has no sense of depth.
Do you collect? Not cameras.
Let me show you my favorite.
This is a 1926 Luger P08 It's been in my family for generations.
lt works perfectly.
Uh, I can't say I'm a big fan of guns.
I can imagine.
Especially when you have something to hide.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Let me tell you.
You might shoot photographs of your family.
Well, I will just shoot them.
Unless you decide that they are worth more than lying to me.
Yes? Good.
We understand each other.
Huh, Reginald? What do you want? Oh, yes.
Let me show you.
Have you seen this man? Come on.
Good, you made it.
Rosalie called me this morning, early.
She said she had some kind of breaking and entering problem.
You said bullet wound.
I know.
Hang on.
I'm getting to that.
Don't move.
Whoa! Nick.
Nick, wait.
This man's wanted for murder.
Well, I guess he's just trying to do the right thing.
I found his passport next to the bartender that he shot.
lan lost his bag when he was shot.
That's how the guy who shot him, got his passport.
That's what he told you? When was this bartender shot? Four hours ago.
Then, it can't be him, Nick.
We've been with him for longer than that.
Ian's been here since I opened the shop this morning.
Clearly, he wants you to find me because he can't.
That's why he shot this bartender.
If you arrest me right now, then he'll know exactly where I am.
Did you check him for weapons? He doesn't have any.
He came here because my brother was supposed to help him.
Well, Nick Burkhardt, meet lan Harmon.
lan, Nick.
The man who's trying to kill you, what's his name? Edgar Waltz.
He's an enforcer for the Verrat.
Verrat? I thought they only operated in Europe.
Their influence is spreading.
They occupy positions of power everywhere.
Politics, industry, organized crime, anything that is corruptible is susceptible to their influence.
Even law enforcement.
Nick, these guys make the Spanish Inquisition look like SPCA.
And Ian's resistance group, the Lauffer, is the only thing that stands in their way.
This world is on the brink of war.
The turmoil in the Middle East, the crises in Europe, the Arab Spring all of it is tied together.
Agents of the Verrat, working for the Seven Houses, have infiltrated the highest levels of all governments.
Seven Houses? The seven Royal Families.
This is not a new struggle.
It's been going on for centuries.
With this struggle, the Royal Families recognize opportunities to gain more control.
People driven by fear, choose stability over freedom when their neighbors start to die.
ROSALIE: My parents were part of the Resistance.
And my grandparents.
My brother.
I never wanted to be involved.
lt always seemed so far away.
Your people changed the balance of power when they decided to work for the Royal Families.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Evidently, you don't even know how valuable you are to the Royals.
Look, I don't mean to be insensitive, but right now, I'm trying to find a murderer.
And not get a Wesen history lesson.
ROSALIE: Nick, lan needs your help.
We have to get him out of here before Waltz finds him.
The only reason he's not dead is because the bullet went through his pack first.
But he lost his papers and without them, he can't leave.
Oh, you're talking about getting false documents to get him out of the country? I'm sorry.
This just keeps getting better and better.
Rosalie's brother was the last stop for Wesen trying to get out of the country.
He was going to help me.
All right, look, if all of this is true, then the most important thing for me to do is to find Edgar Waltz.
I can't promise anything else, yet.
Okay, yeah.
Fair enough.
Does Waltz know about Freddy? No.
Well, if he did, I would be dead by now.
And so would they.
Okay, stay here for now.
Do you know where you can get him new papers? I think so.
We were looking through the shop and found a bunch of fake passports of my brother's.
I know the man who did them.
His name is Reginald Don't tell me anymore.
Okay? Okay.
I'll call you when I get something.
Thanks, Nick.
May I help you? My brother sent me.
Who? Freddy.
I know you helped him.
And now, I need your help.
What do you want? A passport.
Do you know who this is? I can't.
He's been shot.
He came to Freddy for help.
I'm helping him now.
I don't know where else to go.
I'm going to need some time.
EDUARDO GRIMM: After being told of their arrest, I was able to get close enough with my camera for the first time, to the place where they took the men.
The Verrat enforcers executed farmers associated with the Spanish Republic.
These enforcers infiltrated the highest ranks of the Monarchists and Franco's army.
They exacted Verrat law across the land with impunity.
Accused of stealing, these innocent Wesen were executed without trial.
Their true crime was marrying outside their own breed.
The Verrat enforcers were identified as Hundjager, from a race so tenacious and vicious that it is said they are birthed by consuming their own mothers from inside the womb.
Eduardo Grimm.
Hello, Detective.
Let me introduce myself.
I am Edgar Waltz.
Apparently, you and I have something in common.
We're both looking for lan Harmon.
Where are you? Do you know the terms of a Freidenreden? Yeah.
So, let's just say, um, Union Station? 10:00.
And how will I know you? Oh, I don't think that will be a problem, Detective.
Are you always this animated? Well, you made me miss my yoga.
So, um You care about Rosalie.
I do.
I care about all my friends.
Even the ones you don't like.
I don't dislike him.
He's just a Grimm.
Well, we're all equals.
Isn't that what you're fighting for? (CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah.
What? Hang on.
Hang on.
You ever heard of a Freidenreden? Who is that? It's Nick.
Put him on speaker.
Yeah, you're on speaker with, uh, me and lan.
Who asked you about a Freidenreden? Waltz called me.
Does he know you found me? No, I don't think so.
He wants me to meet him at 10:00 p.
He asked me if I knew what a Freidenreden was.
I said I did, but I don't.
lAN: It's a truce.
A white flag.
Meaning you both come unarmed and you both leave of your own accord.
Dude, you can't seriously be thinking of meeting this guy unarmed.
He will honor it.
They have a great belief in the sanctity of rules.
Nick, one more thing, once the truce is over, the minute you walk away, anything goes.
So, watch your back.
Waltz is getting closer.
This place isn't safe anymore.
Detective Burkhardt.
I admire punctuality.
Hands out of your pockets, please.
Why, you too.
So, I guess you really did witness the murder of the bartender.
Yes, I really did.
Just so you know, once this little truce of yours is over, I'm arresting your ass for murder.
If you try to arrest me, you'd better be armed.
Which means you violated the rules.
I don't give a damn about your rules.
I brought mine, too.
Rules are meant to be broken.
Aren't they, Detective? But before you get all bold and brash, take a look around and count the number of innocent victims that will die if you attempt to arrest me.
So, let's not waste time.
I want lan Harmon.
You can find him.
So you can murder him.
You're a Grimm.
I'm a Hundjager.
We're not friends, but we've always been, how shall I put it, allies of convenience.
Not around here, we haven't.
If you don't help me find my prey within 24 hours, you will be finding dead bodies all over the city.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Would you excuse me for a moment? Thank you.
Yeah? There's a woman here.
She's asking for a passport, like you said.
Keep the package until I get there.
Oh, and if you attempt to follow me, I will shoot the first person I see.
The killer called you? Yes.
Wu is running the number right now.
He said his name is Edgar Waltz? He admitted to killing the bartender.
I thought we were looking for lan Harmon.
We were.
This is the guy that shot lan Harmon.
So, why did he call you? Well, he wants us to turn Harmon over in the next 24 hours.
Or he's going to kill more innocent people.
Do we know where Harmon is? Not yet.
We're not going to be held hostage by some kind of lunatic.
Do we know anything about him? Not much.
But I believe him.
We ran his name, but came up with nothing.
Got the ID back on that phone.
Bad news is it's a burner.
Purchased and activated yesterday.
Any good news? Yes, sir.
The phone was at this address downtown when we triangulated it three minutes ago.
Place called Reginald's Cameras.
Miss? Your passport.
Thank you so much.
What do I owe you? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
For what? Uh, your brother.
He was a good friend.
Thank you.
Well done.
You promise you won't hurt my family.
Of course not.
You kept your end of the bargain.
I would never dream of touching your family.
(SIRENS WAILING) HANK: That must be the burner phone.
He's playing us.
Uh, are you open? I'm sorry.
We're closed.
Why don't you come back tomorrow? We open at nine.
Oh, please.
Just a minute? I was told I could get some help here.
Give me a minute.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Where is he? Oh, it's a good likeness, don't you think? Look, I'd prefer not to hurt you.
So go ahead.
Call him.
Let's see whose life is more important to him.
Go on.
Did you make it back from the He's here, get lan to safety.
Are you done? Have you said all you wanted to? May I? Thank you.
lan? I swear, If you touch a hair on her head I don't know who you are, but let me keep it simple for you.
If you do not deliver lan Harmon to me in 15 minutes, I will kill your girlfriend.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah, Burkhardt.
We have a problem.
We're going back to the shop.
Waltz has Rosalie.
He wants to make a trade.
No, he's not going to trade.
He's going to kill you all.
Well, if you've got a better plan, I'm all ears.
Just, um, give me five minutes.
Maybe I can come up with one.
We don't have five minutes, Nick.
Don't do anything until I get there.
I'll wait as long as I can.
But if push comes to shove, I'm shoving.
You may think I'm a monster, but what I am is necessary.
No society can survive without order.
Free thought is not free.
There's no such thing as revolution.
The oppressed always become the oppressors.
And the cycle repeats itself over and over.
The only way to win is to stay out of the cycle.
You don't understand a word that I've been saying.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't listening.
No, no.
You're staying here.
No, no, no.
This is my fight.
Nobody is going to fight it for me.
The second he sees you, you're dead.
He doesn't know who I am.
That doesn't mean he's not going to kill you.
Yeah, I get that.
But we're not doing anything until we find out about Rosalie.
If she isn't already dead.
Don't let your emotions get the better of you.
He will use that to his advantage.
That's why he took her.
NICK: I have a plan.
MONROE: You do? For real? NICK: Yeah.
I'm going in.
You're staying out.
lAN: No, no, no.
You don't understand Waltz.
I understand him better than you think I do.
He won't be expecting me, and he doesn't know my connection to any of you.
So, what does that get us? Time.
(HUMMING) Well, it seems like your Fuchsbau hero is a coward.
How did you know? You want lan? I've got him.
What? Shut up.
Get on the floor.
Get on the floor.
If you've got him, where is he? Whoa! Who are you? MONROE: I'm the guy you called.
I've got lan.
Who's he? What the hell is going on here? You're going to believe a Fuchsbau? What are you trying to say, buddy? Well, I'm saying you're a liar.
All Fuchsbaus are liars.
Who did you call? I didn't call a Fuchsbau.
It's true.
I'm not a Fuchsbau.
(WALTZ YELLS) (MONROE GROWLING) Are you okay? Are you okay? It's over.
No, it's not.
Put the gun down.
I can't.
He's right.
Even if he's dead, they'll send others after me.
NICK: lan, don't! (WALTZ GROANS) But at least now, your friends will be safe.
Sometimes, it's hard to know what the right thing is.
Yeah, sometimes, it's not.
Nick, please.
If the Verrat knows where lan is You've got other things to worry about.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
Nick, come on.
You can't do this.
He killed Waltz to protect us.
Listen to me, there's only one thing that you need to do.
What? Get rid of Waltz's body.
Come on.
Get out.
What are you doing? I'm saving my friends.
If you go to trial, they'll be dead.
Don't come back.
How do you know this is Waltz? Passport.
Found it in his pocket.
And the Luger, we believe it's the gun used to shoot the bartender and the camera store owner.
What about lan Harmon? You think he did this? If someone was trying to kill me, I'd be trying to kill them.
If we ever catch up with this guy, maybe we'll find out.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Someone else may catch up with him first.
This world is on the brink of war.