Grimm s01e19 Episode Script

Leave It to Beavers

(GROWLING) (SNARLING) I told you to meet me, not eat me.
Hey, man.
We're not playing paintball out here, okay? You want to practice your Grimm skills? You've got to be ready for anything.
Now, could you get off me, please? I'm finding this a little, you know, awkward.
Come on.
And I told you to use wolfsbane, dude.
I could smell you a mile off.
I used wolfsbane.
(SNIFFS) Use more.
Oh, my God.
NICK: Monroe, easy.
Come on.
A Doppelarmbrust.
Somebody's getting serious.
My ancestors used all of this stuff.
You know, I figured it's about time for me to learn it.
You have a gun.
I can't shoot everybody.
Plus, I used pepper spray on this kid the other day.
Turns out he was a Skalengeck.
Had no effect.
He probably enjoyed it.
Yeah, this definitely would have done the trick.
But how are you going to explain all this stuff to Hank? I don't know.
Check it out.
The first bolt is meant to slow the attacker down.
You fill it with hellebore extract.
(SNIFFS) Yeah.
According to the book, that's supposed to act like a tranquilizer gun.
And if that doesn't work, you always have the second bolt.
Filled with hemlock.
(SNIFFS) (EXHALES) You know these were designed specifically to stop Blutbaden? NICK: Hmm.
I suppose I should take that as sort of a backhanded compliment, huh? Let's give it a try.
MONROE: Slowly squeeze I know how to shoot.
Not bad.
Anyone for some kanabo? (EXHALES) Dude.
Out of the park.
You're running a little late, Robert.
Uh, yeah.
Sorry, Sal.
Got the money? Look.
Sal, I've thought a lot about our conversation.
And I've made a decision.
I'm not going to pay.
You think you're being brave, but you're not, Robert.
You're being stupid and reckless.
Now, I understand you have to protect your interests.
The thing is, I have to protect mine.
I'm going to the district attorney.
And there's nothing you can do to stop me.
You seem like a man who likes to bury himself in his work.
Let's see if I can't help you do that.
Yeah, I checked the rebar.
I'm just wrapping up.
Hey, will you save me a couple of slices and a And a few cold ones? I don't know.
Like, 10 minutes.
Hey, I'll Look, I'll be there.
Okay, I'll be there.
All right, bye.
OPERATOR: 911, what's your emergency? (STAMMERS) Yeah.
You've got You've got to come quick.
The construction site off of 99 E.
Under the Gladstone Bridge.
Oh, my God, he killed him.
OPERATOR: What's your name, please? He killed him.
Oh, my God.
My name? My name is, uh Uh, my name is (WHIMPERING) (PANTING) (TIRES SCREECHING) ANNOUNCER ON TV: There are bound to be slips and rips when wet boots dance on slippery logs.
But the work goes on and on, and the logs roll on and on (GLASS SHATTERS) (ARNOLD SCREAMING) Arnold! What are you doing here? I saw something terrible.
We didn't get a name from the 911 call, but whoever it was, saw the whole thing go down.
Did we ID our vic? According to the wallet, Robert Grosszahn.
Not that the picture helps much.
Whoa! Now, that's some old-school mob stuff.
Yeah, this is Detective Burkhardt.
We're gonna need an ID on the 911 caller.
Yeah, the witness at the Gladstone Bridge construction site.
Thank you.
Robert Grosszahn as in Grosszahn Constructions? They're a pretty big operation.
I'm guessing that's his truck.
Let's take a look.
Let's check his calendar.
He may have had a late appointment.
Thank you.
Dispatch just ID'ed our witness.
Arnold Rosarot.
Well, let's check it out.
lt doesn't look like he's home.
(KNOCKING) Unlocked.
Missing witness to a murder? Exigent circumstances to any judge I know.
HANK: Hello? Man loved himself some whirligigs.
Nice work.
Yeah, nice.
But weird.
None of us have ever seen a Grimm before.
Where's the beer? You.
Oh, my God.
JULIETTE: Who's Eisbiber? That's a possible witness.
You know what I would like to do? I think so.
I should probably shower first.
I'm a little bit cement-y.
I would like to invite your friend, Monroe, over for dinner.
Uh Yeah, that's a good idea.
But you know We're not He's not really a He did save my life.
I think it would be a nice gesture.
Come on.
What does he like to eat? I don't know.
Honey, Monroe's really not a dinner kind of guy.
He's a loner.
I think he'll be uncomfortable.
Well, why don't you just ask him? And if he says no, I'll think of something else.
A picnic, maybe.
(SOFTLY) Please.
It's worth a try.
I guess.
(EXHALES) MONROE: So, what would you have us do? I don't know.
Just Just say you're sick.
That works for one night.
Then what? Besides, that would be totally rude of me.
I think it's a very nice offer.
Think about this for one second.
What would we possibly talk about? "Oh, gee, guys, how did you two meet?" "Well, honey, it all started when I found out Monroe was a Blutbad, "and that was right after I found out I was a Grimm.
"And by the way, did I tell you "that I can see things other people can't?" Okay.
So, technically, we would have to bend the truth about some things.
Some things? Monroe, name one aspect of our relationship that we wouldn't have to lie about.
You're right.
All the time we've spent together.
All the sneaking around.
God, suddenly, it just seems so wrong.
She's a really good cook, isn't she? Yeah, she's fantastic.
Monroe, please stop thinking about food for a second.
Okay, look.
The only way we do anything like this, is if we agree on a story.
We keep it simple, and then, we stick to it.
Simple story, stick to it.
So, how did we meet? Well, in my experience, the best lies are sort of the truth.
NICK: Was he having any problems with the business? No.
I mean, it was a stressful job.
And he was doing battle with the Planning Commission.
I worked with him for almost 10 years.
He was like a father to me.
To everyone here, really.
Well, what kind of battle was he doing with the Planning Commission? Inspections, permits, code compliance.
lt never ends.
There was something scheduled in his cell phone calendar for 9:30? Well, I didn't know anything about it, and I schedule all his meetings.
The initials "S.
" were next to the time.
Does that mean anything to you? No.
Who was he having trouble with at the Planning Commission? That would be Mr.
I'm Detective Burkhardt.
I'm Detective Griffin.
SAL: Sit.
Sit down.
I was really sorry to hear about what happened to Robert.
How can I help? We just have a couple of questions.
Of course.
How well did you know Robert Grosszahn? Oh, we've done a few projects over the years.
But I've never gone to his house for dinner, if that's what you're talking about.
And where were you last night at 9:30? Um The Trip Trap Club down on Chauncey.
Me and the guys, we have a poker night there every Wednesday.
You have someone who can vouch for you on that? Only six or so.
I hope you don't need any more than that.
(CHUCKLING) You don't think I had anything to do with this.
Oh, we need to check out everybody who had contact with Robert recently.
We understand there was some contention between you two about the bridge project.
NICK: We found Robert's cell phone at the construction site.
ln it, there was an appointment at 9:30, with someone with the initials "S.
" You know, we did talk about setting something up for 9:30, this morning.
But he never got back to me.
Maybe he put it in his phone wrong.
Sorry to intrude.
We've got Johnson Construction down here, asking about the permits for the highway.
Tell them I'll be there in a few.
All right.
Wait a minute.
Tell these detectives where I was last night.
He was with a bunch of us down at the club.
Taking all our money.
You need to know how much? That's okay.
We're done for now.
Thank you for your time.
Wait a second.
(PHONE BEEPING) Get in here.
We have a problem.
What problem? Cops bought it.
One of them is a Grimm.
I was surprised, but so glad you called.
Would you like some carrot cake? My wife, Phoebe, left me two of them.
She's at her mother's in Terre Haute with the kids.
She misses her mother.
I don't, but, hey, that's nothing you need to worry about.
I just need some help.
Whatever you need.
I'm there.
I'm trying to track down a witness.
(LAUGHS) Not what I expected.
To Robert Grosszahn's murder? And I was thinking it might be someone you know.
A Arnold Rosarot? Arnold? You You Arnold saw Robert's murder? Well, he's the one who called 911.
But I have not been able to track him down, and I was hoping you might be able to tell me where he is.
I wish I could help you, but I haven't seen Arnold in weeks.
Well, one more thing.
Do you have any idea what this is? Ugh! (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) You think that's who murdered Robert.
Well, that's what I'm trying to find out.
Well, Arnold was working on a bridge for Robert.
And the Hasslichen, they have a real thing for bridges.
They They think they own them.
No one touches them without those guys getting a cut.
So, you're talking extortion.
Well Tradition.
It's just that it's always been this way.
No one likes it.
You see, most of the construction firms in town are Eisbiber, which means you've got to pay the troll.
So to speak.
Listen to me.
I need to find Arnold if I'm ever going to bring this guy down.
Okay, if Arnold's hiding, I might know where.
If I'm right, I'll come to your house and carve a small series of numbers on the porch steps.
The odd numbers will mean that you Or just call me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hah! That would work, too.
I'll call you.
Huh? All right.
Thanks, Bud.
Sure thing.
(CHUCKLES) Looks good.
Welcome to our home.
Oh, it's great to be here.
Oh, you didn't have to do all this.
Yes, I did.
Hi, Nick.
Hi, Monroe.
How's it going? Good.
How's it going with you? Good.
Ah! Let me get your coat.
Oh, sorry.
I hope you like vegan salmon.
Ah! I love vegan salmon.
Well, come on in.
I'm going to go put these in water.
lt was a vintage Lusina, Valjoux movement, triple chronograph, original complications.
Which means month and date.
So, I open the back of this grand old watch, and the killer had put glue in it to stop the movement.
At the exact time and date that he was sentenced to prison for life.
That's crazy.
So, you've helped Nick a few times? Yeah.
You know, whenever I can.
So, how did you guys meet? Well.
We met when that little girl was kidnapped.
Oh, I remember that.
That was awful.
You helped with that case, too? Sure did.
Well, what did you do? Were there clocks involved? Mmm-mmm.
No, in that case, it had nothing to do with clocks.
lt had to do with boots.
JULIETTE: Boots? Yes, a particular kind of boot.
See, there was a print in the park across the street from where Monroe lives.
And believe it or not, I saw those very same boots on my local postman.
Who happened to be the guy that we were after.
Well, that was kind of lucky.
Well, a little luck, a little skill.
You develop a nose for these things.
That's amazing.
Based on a pair of boots, you could find out where the guy lived.
And his cabin is way out there.
I don't think Nick could have found it without me.
You went there with Nick? I thought you went there with Hank.
I did.
And with you, too? Yes.
I mean, yes, in a sense that I knew that the cabin was owned by the postman who wore the boots.
Because, uh Because I told him where it was.
You told him where the cabin was.
I thought he told you where the cabin was.
Who? Monroe.
I did.
JULIETTE: You told him about the cabin.
No, I told him about the boots.
Because, uh NICK: The boots led us to the cabin.
Which means, in other words, without the boots, there would be no cabin.
MONROE: This is so delicious, I can't even explain it.
ls it, by any chance, honey-pepper cedar plank vegan salmon? Because mark my words, I am not leaving your house without this recipe.
Can I have it now, actually? Just to be safe? We need to talk.
What's wrong? You're hiding Arnold.
What? No.
What are you talking about? Nick told me Arnold saw what happened to Robert Grosszahn.
And if Arnold is hiding, this is the first place he'd go.
But I would Don't but me, John.
I checked your side yard.
You pulled a tarp over the basement doors and pushed those potted ferns around to block sight lines from the street.
Well, I had to do something.
If the Hasslich find him I need to talk to Arnold.
Where is he? What are you doing? Giving tours? No one is supposed to know I'm here.
Take it easy.
It's only Bud.
Oh, jeez.
Arnold, I know you're scared.
But this isn't going to work.
It's working so far.
You can't stay down here the rest of your life.
If I come out now, I won't have a life to have the rest of.
You saw what happened to Robert.
You saw who did it.
Believe me, I wish I hadn't.
You're the only witness.
You know who killed Robert.
I think you should consider coming forward.
Come forward and get killed? Come forward and have a Hasslich do to me what he did to Robert? Or worse? There's something worse than being buried alive in cement? We're talking about Hasslichen.
BUD: Look.
lt doesn't have to be that way.
We're not on our own here.
We have someone on our side.
Nick said that he would.
Nick? Who is Nick? Nick Burkhardt.
Detective Nick Burkhardt.
The Grimm.
You're on a first name basis with the Grimm? Are you out of your mind? He's not the enemy, Arnold.
The Hasslichen are the enemy.
No, I'm staying right here.
I'm not going anywhere, and no one can make me leave.
Uh Well, technically, I could.
This is my house.
You would do that? BUD: That's not the point.
Nick wants to help.
But he can't help us if we don't help him.
Do you realize what this could mean for us? Having a Grimm on our side? lt could change everything.
If I tell the police who killed Robert, it won't matter if the Hasslichen can't find me.
They'll just kill one of you.
Or two of you.
Or three of you.
Their point still gets made.
Don't rock the boat.
Arnold's right.
This is something that affects us all.
We need to take this to the lodge.
Lodge? No.
No, then everyone will know.
Oblinger has a point.
We'll do this the way we always do it.
Fair and democratic.
Everyone gets heard.
Then, we'll put it to a vote.
We all have a stake in this.
What do you say? I don't know.
I just want it to all go away.
Sometimes, it doesn't go away unless you make it go away.
Hmm? This situation can turn into a big problem.
For all of us.
All right.
All right.
Let's not panic.
You didn't have a Grimm in your office, questioning you about a murder.
He saw me.
He knows.
Then we could leave town.
Wait for all this to blow over.
Are you kidding? Might as well send them a signed confession.
Well, I was actually just talking about me and Herman.
I mean, you could call us when the coast is clear.
Well, let me clear a little coast for you right now.
We're going to kill him.
It's the only way.
Kill a Grimm? I mean, is that even possible? The Grimm needs to be dealt with.
But how? Same way Grimms have always been dealt with.
You You're talking about going nuclear.
I'm talking about protecting ourselves.
Protecting what we've built.
This is crazy.
A Reaper.
Where would we even find one? My great uncle, Mamoose, was one.
They made him a Reaper after he cut the head off a Grimm in Copenhagen.
Sal, are you sure this is the thing to do? Give me another choice.
So, what did you think? Well, Monroe is definitely one of the stranger people I have ever met.
But he did save my life, and I think I love him.
(CHUCKLES) Well, should I be jealous? Maybe.
(PHONE RINGING) Ooh! Burkhardt.
Hey, Nick.
Sorry to call so late.
And I hope I'm not interrupting anything with you and your lady friend, Juliette.
Whom I adore, by the way.
Bud, what is it? Can you be at the old power plant at the Bull Run Dam, tomorrow night at 9:00? We're calling an emergency lodge meeting.
And Arnold will be there.
And so will I.
Bud, thank you so much.
You're welcome, Nick.
Er Mr (STAMMERING) Detective Burkhardt.
Nick is fine.
You've got to be ready.
You just never know, I know.
You face death every day.
I don't.
So, where is this meeting? It's in the lodge.
We've got to take the stairs.
Look, I'm going to take you in, make an introduction, and then, you'll, you know, make it clear that there's a threat to our society.
And that the only way to deal with it is to take responsibility for our own Look, I don't want to tell you what to say.
Even though, I guess I already have.
SLIVITCH: You called for us.
And we are here.
Already? We need to meet.
Don't keep us waiting.
Just tell me where.
JERRY: Eisbibers and Hasslichen have lived by certain customs for centuries.
I can't say that I like it.
Nor can I say that it's fair.
But what I can say, is that as long as each of us lives by those customs, no one gets hurt.
(ALL MURMURING) Quiet! With all due respect, we're getting hurt all the time.
We're living in constant fear.
And that's no way to live.
We've got to stand up to these monsters.
(ALL TALKING INDISTINCTLY) Order! The assembly has been advised of tonight's question.
Will Eisenbud Wurstner please come forward and introduce our guest? Mr.
Speaker, thank you for allowing me to request this meeting.
If it pleases the lodge, I would like to introduce Detective Nicholas Burkhardt of the Portland Police Department.
And, I'm proud to say, my friend.
(SCATTERED MURMUR) NICK: One of you has witnessed a murder.
And without that testimony, that murderer might very well walk free.
Look, I understand your fear.
I really do.
But I want you to know that things can change.
I'm a Grimm.
And I'm also a cop.
And I can help you.
But only if you help yourselves first.
So, please, let Arnold Rosarot know that if he comes forward, then together, we can put an end to this Hasslich threat.
When someone defies the Hasslichen, they send us a message.
I don't want my husband or my children to end up being that message.
MONIQUE: I say we send a message back to the Hasslichen.
We've got a Grimm.
You mess with us, you lose your head.
(ALL MURMURING) PARLIAMENTARY OFFICER: Call to order! (POUNDING GAVEL) Order! We will put the question to a vote.
All those in favor of the witness coming forward.
Those opposed.
I move to request that the Grimm does not cut off our heads for opposing him on this question.
We are We are what we are.
(ALL MURMURING) Nick, I'm sorry.
You did your best.
I really thought we had a chance to change things.
It's just that bravery isn't in our nature.
Yeah, I don't know about that, Bud.
Even after you knew what I was, you still came to my house.
Fixed my door, brought me pie and a quilt.
And that took guts.
I figured, if you could do it, so could they.
(SIGHING) Thanks for trying.
Anybody here? I'm here.
There you are.
I'm Salvadore Butrell.
(GROANING) We failed.
We had our chance, and we blew it.
Well, he must understand the position Arnold is in.
It's not just Arnold.
It's all of us.
At that meeting, I saw us through Nick's eyes.
I saw us for what we really are.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Grimm never speaks to us again.
I can't believe I just said that.
BUD: Yeah, well, I never thought I'd say this, but for the first time in my life, I'm ashamed to be an Eisbiber.
(COUGHING) (SPITS) We have questions.
Yeah, sure.
I'm the one that called you guys.
I'm the one whose great uncle used to be a Reaper.
(COUGHING) RENARD: Not one bit of physical evidence to tie Sal to the murder.
And he's got a solid alibi.
Three guys can vouch that he was playing poker with them that night.
RENARD: What about the witness? Still in the wind.
Checked his home, his work.
Put an A.
out on his car.
Coming up empty.
Do we know if he's still alive? HANK: Haven't found a body.
My guess is he's too terrified to come forward.
Yeah, he's not too terrified to call 911.
But when push comes to shove, he won't come forward.
What kind of person is this? We have nothing unless we find this guy and convince him to do his civic duty.
Put some more people on this.
Otherwise, we're gonna lose this case.
All right, we'll rattle a few cages.
I'll be right there.
What's going on? We've done a lot of talking.
A lot of talking.
I mean, we could tell you how much talking we've done.
I'm Arnold Rosarot.
And, um I I think I'm ready to help.
(CHUCKLES) (GROANING) (SPITS) We hear the Grimm has friends here.
He's not my friend.
So you say.
I'm telling you the truth.
Why else would I call you? That's what we are going to find out.
(GROANS) What the hell is the matter with you guys? Deliver us the Grimm or die.
He's a detective.
For the Portland PD.
His name is Burkhardt.
Do you suggest we simply walk into the police station, ask for Detective Burkhardt, and cut off his head? I don't know.
You guys are the experts.
(PHONE RINGING) If he's not your friend, why is he calling you? SAL: Hello.
Salvadore Butrell.
This is Detective Nick Burkhardt.
What can I do for you? We have a few more questions for you.
We're gonna need you to come downtown.
(KNIFE CLICKS) What if I don't want to go downtown to answer any more questions? I'll be forced to send officers to make sure you do.
Look, let's just cut to the chase.
I know what you are.
You know what I am.
Let's just have a face to face.
Off the record, so to speak.
I'll make it worth your while in more ways than one.
I'll be at my club in 10 minutes.
Well, we better hurry, guys.
lt would be a shame if he got there and we weren't there to greet him.
(BANGING ON DOOR) Portland PD! Open up! Detectives.
What a surprise.
NICK: What happened to you? Family reunion.
Salvadore Butrell, you're under arrest for the murder of Robert Grosszahn.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
(SIREN WAILING) NICK: Do you see the man who killed Robert Grosszahn? Third man from the right.
Just take your time.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
That's him.
HANK: Let the record show the witness has identified Salvadore Butrell.
Did I do all right? You did great.
We got Sal Butrell locked up and waiting for arraignment.
I know this wasn't easy.
I'm proud of you.
Look, Arnold, you might wanna lay low for a little while, just to be on the safe side.
How about the lodge? You'd be safe there, huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sure, yeah.
The lodge is good.
I I like the lodge.
I'll drive you there myself, just to be sure you get there okay.
I think we're being followed.
I've been watching the same headlights for the last 10 minutes.
We better call Nick.
Get inside.
Stay there.
Shouldn't we stay here and help? I'm not afraid.
I'm staying if you guys do.
BUD: Come on.
What up? I'm at the Bull Run Dam.
Can you come out here? (SIGHING) Why, do you need some help? Sort of.
Monroe? Bring a shovel.
MONROE: Nick? ln here.
MONROE: Oh, my God.
You took out two Reapers.
Vernichter der Grimms.
Reapers of the Grimms.
They're just going to keep coming for me until I'm dead, aren't they? Uh, yeah.
I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
I think I need to send them a message.
I think you do, too.
And you know what? When it comes to sending these guys messages, two heads are better than one.
(SLICING) Surprised to see me? No.
I met your friends.
What happened? Oh, you know how it is.
They got angry.
Kind of lost their heads.
What's wrong? There's just so many.
What are you talking about? JULIETTE: They've been dropping them off all day.
What did you do? Just my job.