Grimm s02e04 Episode Script


Sayin' "come on, Brittany" "you got to come on up" "you got to ho-o-old on" hey, you got Uhh! Hey.
Hey, you all right? - Yeah.
- Oh, my hell, you don't you don't look too good.
You you don't look good.
You need why don't why don't I call you an ambulance, all right? You look like you need some help.
I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna call that ambulance, all right? Don't.
You don't understand.
You you don't understand! No! No! Getget Now, how many of these "what do you call them" are there? Wesen.
They call themselves Wesen.
I don't know how many there are.
And I've seen maybe two dozen and I've read about a whole lot more.
What do you mean you've read about them? - You can buy a book about this? - No.
Look, when my aunt Marie came to town, she brought just a bunch of stuff with her, and I sort of inherited it.
My ancestors have apparently been handing this stuff down for centuries.
And now, you see them all the time? Only when they're upset, pissed off, you know, emotional in some way.
And do they all know you're one of these grimms? No.
I think they can sense it when I recognize them, but I don't know for sure.
My ancestors never wrote that down.
They were too busy chopping off heads.
Now, am I gonna be seeing them all the time, now too? I don't think so, but you never know.
You just have to be ready.
If you didn't have a Grimm for a partner, I doubt you would have seen anything.
But, believe me, they're out there.
- Duty calls.
- Constantly.
Why can't I remember you? Why can I remember everything but you? - Monroe? - Hey, Monroe.
It's Juliette.
- Juliette! Hey! - Hey! - Is everything okay? - Yeah! I'm I'm okay.
I am.
I just can I ask you a question? Yeah.
Sure, anything.
- Me and Nick how were we? - What do you mean? You know he lived here, right? So I mean, how were we together, as a couple? Happy.
You were happy.
Then why can't I remember anything? You know, you got this cat scratch, and - yeah, I know about the cat scratch.
The doctors can't find anything related to a cat scratch.
Well, Look, I don't what does Nick say? You know, it's okay.
Thanks for trying.
I am just I'm just grasping it.
But thank you.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, Ryan Gilko.
He works for parks and rec.
He has no priors.
That's spelled g-I-l-k-o.
- Okay, got it.
- Let's check him out hey! Got a call about an assault? And this looks like a traffic accident? Little bit of both.
That's the driver of the truck who was rear-ended.
Got out to talk to the driver behind him, said he looked pretty sick.
Offered to call for help.
Driver just attacked him.
That's accord to Gilko.
That's his name, Ryan Gilko.
Works for parks and rec.
No priors.
- Who drove the battering ram? - Registered to a Carl Stanton, Washington address.
Did not come back stolen.
We got a little road rage here.
- Seems like.
- So where is our Mr.
Stanton? Gilko said he saw him head towards that building.
And the way he described him, I don't think he's gonna get very far.
I've heard of road rage, but office rage? - Anybody in the building? - Not supposed to be.
They don't open till 9:00.
Stanton, it's the Portland police! Don't make this worse than it is.
Come out now! Uhhl don't think this guy's a giver-upper.
- Maybe we should call S.
- All right, you make the call.
We got this.
Let's do it.
Put your hands where we can see them! Don't even think about it.
He's thinking about it.
Drop it! Argh! Uhh! Stanton, stop! Do not move! Stop! Was he one of those things you can see? Afraid so.
But there's something else going on here.
- Is that his normal face? - Yeah.
But I think there was something wrong with him.
Yeah, no kidding.
Did he do that change thing? Right before he charged at us.
- What'd you see? - It's called a reinigen.
What's a reinigen look like? Kind of like a rat.
I hate rats.
Check out his arm.
Looks like he's been stabbed by needles.
He, uh he looked really sick when I went to see if he was okay.
I tried to talk to him, ask him if he needed any help, and he just came at me.
- And what did you do? - Well, I ran to the other side of my truck to get away from him.
I called 911.
So there was nothing prior to the collision no incident that might have prompted all this? No, nothing, I swear.
It just came out of nowhere.
When he came at you, did you notice anything weird about him? What do you mean? Well, uh, just different.
You mean beside the screaming and the sweating and the rash? So you work at parks and recreation? an accident or a ticket.
Well, we have your contact information, so you're free to go.
Oh, what about the, uh the police report? I'm gonna need that for the insurance.
You can get it from this officer.
All right, great.
How do you do this? How do you know who's who and what's what? Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.
That's no help.
Excuse me.
The Detective said I could get a copy of the accident report? Yeah, just finishing up.
You, uh You are awesomely pretty.
Forget the report.
Let's say you and I get a drink, go back to my place.
Sir, you are out of line.
Keep your distance.
All right.
I'm just saying You don't know what you're missing.
Tox screening on Carl Stanton's body showed no drugs in his system except for ibuprofen a lot of it.
Any history of substance abuse? Not that we've been able to find out.
He had a Washington license and plates, so we're still trying to contact next of kin.
We know why he was here in Portland? - Not yet.
- There was a bag of over-the-counter pain medication in Stanton's car, and he seemed to have injuries unrelated to the accident.
Or the shooting.
I got to tell ya, captain this guy just didn't stop.
He came at us like some Wild animal.
Got a hit on Stanton.
He's married.
Relocated last month to Portland from Seattle no priors, no outstanding.
He was working for a software company up in Seattle.
Still don't have their local address working on it.
All right, well, get the reports done, and, uh, get some sleep.
I'll write this one up.
You go home.
You don't have to twist my arm.
Why is it being sent? For the key.
I will not let that happen.
You must be very careful.
If they know you've been warned, it will jeopardize us and everything we're working for.
I have to go.
Monroe? Nick? Where are you? Open the door.
Guess we're on the same wavelength.
- Well, do you want to? - No, you go first.
I mean, you came all this way.
It's Hank.
He's getting worse? No.
I told him Everything.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me? He knows I'm a Grimm, and he knows about Wesen.
And he believes you? Man, he was losing it! I don't think he had a choice anymore.
Did you tell him about me? No, I didn't want to tell him about you until I saw how he was gonna react.
You ever think about how I might react? Well, maybe we should just have a little coming-out party, tell all your friends! Aw, man.
I'm sorry.
Actually, you know This could be good I think.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you.
So what did you want to tell me? - Juliette called me.
- About what? What do you think, man? About you.
She's trying really hard to remember, and she she asked me how you two got along.
And I said, "you were happy.
" And I'm not sure that helped, 'cause she kind of hung up right after asking me.
And now I'm not sure I should've told you that.
- It's okay.
- She's trying, man.
I just I don't know.
I thought you should know.
- Yeah, anytime.
- Well, anyway I got to go.
- See ya.
- See ya.
Oh, my God.
Hank knows.
I don't know what kind of games you two are playing here.
I got three kids at home.
I don't need this.
I never did anything bad.
He's got no reason to come after me.
Please, make sure he knows that.
Juliette? I'm in the kitchen! - Hi.
- Hi.
Having a little cayenne kombucha? I guess you know a lot of my favorite things, huh? Yeah.
You want some? It's actually not my favorite.
What is? I'm more a coffee guy.
Hey How was your day? You know, just taking a stroll down lost memory Lane.
Did you talk to the doctors today? No, I got kind of busy at work.
Look, Nick, I want you to know that I feel awful.
I feel like I did something horrible, but I have I have no way to apologize for it because I don't know what happened, and I definitely don't know how to fix it.
Look, Juliette, I feel bad not being able to do anything To help you.
I made some pasta.
There's some in the fridge if you want it.
- You wanted to see me, sir? - Yeah, come in.
Close the door.
We got a warning that a male fugitive is coming to Portland via jfk from Rome.
This is a list of all the arriving flights.
I want you to get the names of anyone who matches that itinerary.
He's probably traveling under a false name.
You might need to contact homeland security for this one.
Let me know what you find.
Will do.
No! What the? Oh, no.
What have you done? Come in, come in, come in.
What's going on? - The cat got out.
- How? Okay.
That warrants a "how the hell did it do this?" I don't know.
Where was it? And it's out on the street now? I didn't have a lot of choice.
Well, I'm glad you're okay.
Me too.
Should we go look? No.
There's cleaning up to do there.
Hey, I'll make you a deal.
I'll help you clean up if you take a break and well, I was up in my attic, and I-I found my great-grandmother's old picnic basket? It's like a beauty from the early '20s, I think? And I just thought, "well" - are you asking me out on a picnic? Uh, that depends on what you say.
And if you were to say yes, then then, yes.
But if you were to say no, then, you know, I just wanted to tell you about my great-grandmother's picnic basket I found in the attic.
I haven't been on a picnic in a long time.
I'm kind of leaning towards that being a yes.
All right.
We all felt so bad about what happened here at your house you share with your not-wife.
Oh, and here she is.
The wife made you a quilt.
I got the details you wanted on those passengers, captain.
- What'd you find? - Ah, three arrivals traveled here from Rome, connecting through jfk.
Two are accounted for priests coming back from a Vatican shindig.
- Got a third? - In the wind.
Now, nobody using that ticketed name rented a car or checked into a hotel.
But get this a cab and its driver went missing, off the grid, within 30 minutes of mystery man's plane touching down.
We've got an A.
out on the cab and driver.
Stay on it.
Let me know if anything else turns up.
Absolutely, sir.
Okay, hold on.
Autopsy's done.
wants to do a little show-and-tell.
- Give me 10.
- We'll be there in 20 minutes.
- Morning.
- Hey, captain.
Nick, I meant to ask how's Juliette doing? Well, she seems to be doing a lot better.
She still has some issues with her memory when it comes to me.
I'm sure it's just temporary.
Anything I can do, just let me know.
Thank you.
Also, got a heads-up from NYPD.
We got a fugitive in the city.
We're still in the process of trying to get airport surveillance, but I want you guys to keep a lookout Caucasian male, no more detail than that.
But we do have a missing cab and driver that did a pickup at the airport.
I want you to be careful.
We think this guy's got an issue with cops.
Caucasian male that really narrows it down.
This is such a great idea.
If you take the blanket Ah, thank you.
I'll do the heavy lifting.
We don't get out enough.
We get stuck inside too much.
There was a time I used to love to run through the woods.
Oh, man, me too, usually chasing someone thing.
What do you think? It has picnic written all over it.
Allow me.
It's kind of like hemorrhagic fever you know, kind of like the ebola virus.
You're kidding, right? No, I'm not kidding, but it's not ebola.
- Then it's not contagious? - Probably not.
Since you were exposed last night and you look reasonably healthy, my guess is you don't have anything to worry about.
- That's reassuring.
- Yeah, sort of.
Well, just to be sure, I'm gonna take blood samples from both of you.
So roll up your sleeves and follow me.
Now, maybe this is all 'cause he's a, um what did you call it? - It's a reinigen.
Yeah, maybe it's 'cause he's a reinigen.
I don't know.
But whatever he's got, I think that explains why he attacked Gilko.
We need to get a background on Stanton who he was, what he did, where he's been.
My wife will be thrilled to hear it.
You can't imagine the kind of language that went on at my house while she was making that thing.
Or maybe you can.
Ah, I thought I'd married a longshoreman there for a while.
That's cute.
So Bud, the reason that I wanted to talk to you is that I have been having some really weird issues with my memory lately.
I was in the hospital recently You were? Oh, my God, that's terrible, unless, of course, they were saving your life, in which case, thank God.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, no, I'm totally okay.
I just I just wanted to know what you remember about me and Nick.
You and Nick? You guys are the perfect couple.
- Really? - Well, yeah, of course.
I mean, you're so much in love.
I still can't believe why you guys aren't married yet, even though that's none of my business.
Has something happened to Nick? - No, no, no, Nick's fine.
- Oh, thank God.
You scared me.
I mean, that Nick is one of a kind.
What he's done for us is far beyond anything we ever expected from someone like him, let me just say.
What do you mean? Well, you know, him being a Grimm.
- A what? - A Grimm.
What's a Grimm? You don't know what a Grimm is.
Uh Uh, uh, uh Well, a Grimm is kind of a term for a, uh A-a good cop, a guy, a person who helps people in need you know, the needy.
Uh, helpless people.
Oh, gosh, look at the time.
I really got to get back to work.
Thanks so much for the tea.
I'm so glad you love the quilt.
Oh, what about the pies? Uh, do you love the pies? My wife will kill me if I don't ask about the pies.
Yeah, no, the pies the pies were so good.
Oh, I'm glad to hear that.
Thanks very much for the tea.
I I guess I already said that, but I mean it.
- Good.
- I-I can I can let myself out.
Glad you guys are back.
Just got a local address and phone number for Carl Stanton in the northwest whitehall drive, number 204.
Tried reaching Mrs.
Stanton by phone, but no one's answering.
The machine had a woman's voice, so my assumption is she moved with him to Portland.
Could be his mistress.
- You would go there.
- Or his mother.
Too late.
You went to the gutter first.
Anyway, left a message for her so far, no response.
Take a run out there, see if you can find out who this voice belongs to.
Give us a call if you find her.
If she's there, you want me to bring her in? - No, we'll come out.
- Thanks.
I hate delivering bad news.
Look, I'm gonna go check out some books.
- What books? - Stuff my ancestors wrote.
Maybe they have something about this disease.
I'll stick to the modern world, thank you.
See what I can find out about Stanton's history.
Fluvus pestilentia.
I got a hit on Phyllis Stanton, wife of Carl? She's a field researcher for animal control, specializing in domesticates.
Her primary focus is Pigs.
Did you know this? Mrs.
Stanton? Sergeant wu, Portland police.
Stanton! This is sergeant wu.
I'm coming into your house now.
Oh, man.
Stanton? Portland police I'm in your house now.
If you can hear me, answer me.
I'm in your kitchen, moving to your living room.
Stanton? I need code three cover, now! Mrs.
Stanton, please put the knife and the screwdriver down.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Stay where you are.
- Aah! - Don't move! So was it all about the picnic basket? - What? - The idea for the picnic.
Sort of.
I-I was actually looking for this old camera I inherited from my great-grandfather.
He had a camera shop in Berlin.
Anyway, I saw this old rocking chair that used to belong to my grandmother on my mother's side, which reminded me of my grandmother, who used to take us for picnics when I was a kid.
And then I remembered the picnic basket, and I sort of forgot about the camera and started looking for the basket.
I get sidetracked sometimes.
Works for me.
If it works for you, it works for me, man.
I'm not so sure about the, um the beet sausage, though.
Was it too spicy? I'm sorry.
I was experimenting.
No, it just takes some getting used to.
Kind of like me.
You're not so hard to get used to.
You know, I've I've rushed things in the past.
Me too.
And that's about as much as I'm gonna ever discuss past relationships.
Excellent plan.
Hey, hey, buddy, you don't look so good.
You okay? I'm gonna take that as a as a no.
Run! Oh, man! Okay.
I'll start the car.
- Okay.
- All right, stay with me.
We're gonna be okay.
Watch out.
Lock your door! Do you see him? No.
Yes! Oh, God, there he is - oh, man, whatever that dude's got, he is not well - Oh, my God.
- In any way, shape, or form.
That's it, that's all I know.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You don't look so good.
I'm not.
I knocked.
There was no answer.
Door was unlocked.
I walked in.
I called her name like a half-dozen times.
Then she just pfft she came at me, you know? I had no choice.
Something's wrong with her.
Got something, sick, like Stanton was, her husband.
Okay, slow down.
We'll get it all.
Now, where is she? In the house, where she fell.
I'll show you.
Come on.
- We'll take it from here.
- Yeah, yeah.
Good idea.
If this happened to her - what about the guy Stanton attacked? Gilko.
Is he one? I don't know, but we've got to find out.
Works park and rec.
All right, thank you.
I got Gilko's supervisor.
They haven't seen him, but he works maintenance and is scheduled for pier park today.
Any mobile unite, we have an assault in progress reported at South entrance to pier park.
It's white male, wearing a parks and recreation uniform.
That's our guy, which means he is one, right? Yeah.
But what kind, I don't know.
Unit 24, 10-51, we got it.
Copy, 24.
Well, that was, uh, more exciting than any picnic I've ever been in.
It's it's not your fault.
And the part before was really nice.
You know, when we were, um when we were lounging and and eating, and and you were looking at me.
Kind of like the way you're looking at me now.
Yeah, I remember that part.
That was the good part.
You were looking like you were, um Going to, um Eh, yeah.
Um, we sort of, you know, talked about not rushing things, and - did we? I'm not sure I remember that part.
I'll say.
Maybe you should get that.
- Uh, do I have to? 'Cause - It could be important.
Mmm, I'm sure it's nothing.
I'm sure it's just Nick.
Then it's probably life or death.
Hey, Nick.
I'm kind of busy.
You ever hear fluvus pestilentia? Uh, yeah.
It's it's, um it's the yellow plague.
It's old world.
It's really nasty.
It's bad for Wesen, it used to, like, wipe out whole villages.
Okay? Is that all? No.
And I think we've got an outbreak right here in Portland.
And I tried calling Rosalee - oh, she's actually right here, in the shop.
Well, ask her if there's a treatment.
Hey, is there a treatment ffluvus pestilentia - uh-huh.
- Uh Can she make it? - Can you make it? - Uh-huh.
- She said she - I heard.
Look, man, I think we're gonna need some of that - oh, okay, but, dude, you gotta be really careful with this stuff, because, uh, the symptoms will fool you.
At first, they don't seem to be sick.
It's like but the libido kicks in, big time, you know? It's like supposedly makes you kind of love-drunk, you know? Like, anything goes, you know, inhibition to the wind, and the next thing you know, you're in bed, sick to death, and they're, like, burning your body outside the oh, God.
You got a thing - Nick.
Think I hear something.
There! - Mmm! Rosalee! - What, now you don't like me? What's wrong? No, no, you didn't do anything wrong! It's just you could be infected.
- With love! No! Withfluvus pestilentia.
- With love.
- No, Rosalee, I need you to focus.
I'm focused.
Listen to me! Okay? The guy in the park may have had it, and I think he scratched you.
Oh, man.
Listen, you said, just now, there was a treatment, okay? There's a treatment? How do we make it? I don't feel so good.
Rosalee, stay with me.
I can't make the treatment without you.
Um, um, it's it's, uh it's it's in one of these books.
Monroe, I think you're right.
I think I'm sick.
Uhh, pick it up! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
That's okay.
No, this is it.
No, this is it.
You got it? I have all the ingredients in the shop, but but you're going to have to to do - whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stay here.
Okay? Don't move.
I'm gonna make this stuff.
You're gonna be all right.
Monroe? No.
You need to tie me down.
I got all the stuff, all the ingredients.
I'm mixing it now, okay? So it shouldn't be too long.
Okay? I just need to add Root of roburea.
Aah! Rosalee? - Uhh! - Hey, hey, hey! That's the guy we saw in the park! He came right at me, Nick! Listen, Rosalee's got it too.
I think he must've scratched her, or something.
- Rosalee's sick? - Rosalee's one? Yeah, she's a she's a fuchsbau.
Then Monroe's one? Yeah.
Uh, blutbad here.
Can we get into this later? I mean, welcome aboard, Hank.
You know, I'm glad we don't have to beat around the bush anymore.
It's just Rosalee's in the other room, okay? And I'm just about to mix this stuff.
Okay, how much longer till you're gonna be ready? Hey, hey, hey.
We're gonna we have to treat this guy.
Rosalee? Oh, man.
She's gone.
All right, you stay here.
Treat him, and I'll find Rosalee.
Look, hurry! Hurry! I can't keep this guy down.
Okay, okay, just got to get a couple of sips of this stuff in him.
Hey! Aw, man! I don't have that much of this stuff, okay? I got to save some for Rosalee.
Handcuff him.
- Okay.
- All right.
I got him.
Here we go.
Okay, there we go.
Rosalee! Hey, Rosalee! Look, it's Nick.
You're sick, I know.
But I need to take you back.
Monroe needs to get you this, uh Hey.
Rosalee? II think that should do it.
Oh, my God, Nick, you didn't have to kill her! No, she's unconscious.
Get the stuff! Oh, my God.
I got it, Rosalee.
I'm I'm coming.
Let me do it.
It's a that's a good idea, thank you.
Hurry up! - Uh - Hol hold her mouth open.
This stuff really works.
He's looking a lot better.
You know, as long as we're, um letting the blutbad out of the bag, so to speak, I-I was the one who hit you in the park that day.
- What? - You know The "hunt for bigfoot" day? It's true.
It was him.
I didn't mean to.
It's just Larry was a really good friend of mine - Monroe? More later.
You saved me.
Well, it wasn't just me.
Nick's here.
And, um, so's Hank.
- Whoa.
- Mmm.
How you feeling? Better.
Um Did we, um, kiss? Sort of like there was no tomorrow.
I thought it was a dream.
Actually, I think it was just thefluvus pestilentia.
I don't know about that.