Grimm s02e05 Episode Script

The Good Shepherd

Previously on Grimm.
Julia! You're awake.
Who are you? You remember Nick.
Yeah, I'm trying.
Why is it being sent? For the key.
Juliet called and she asked me to come over.
She said she was having a remembering problem.
I didn't know she'd been in the hospital.
She started asking questions about you.
Now I was under the assumption that she knew about you know, you.
So I kind of may have said something about you being a a Grimm.
- What did she say? - She asked what a Grimm was.
So right away, I knew she didn't know.
But I knew I had to say something, so I said it was kind of an expression for a good cop who helps people which, in your case, is what you really do.
I really feel bad about this, I feel responsible for whatever I should be responsible for.
Bud don't worry.
It's okay, man.
I was hoping you'd feel that way.
Oh, by the way, beers are on me.
If she calls again, maybe try to be Unavailable.
I think unavailable would be the best thing for me to be.
For you and her.
Something wrong? Hey, Bud, I gotta go.
I appreciate everything.
Sure, sure! I mean, what are friends for, huh? Going home, Norm.
Have a good weekend.
You too, Paula.
See you Sunday.
You bet.
Paula? Okay, whatever it is I'm not interested.
Oh, my God.
Help! Somebody help me! Help me! Somebody help me! No! Ahh! Juliette? Juliette? - Hello? - Hey.
Uh, it's me.
Just got home, was wondering where you were.
I'm having drinks with Briana and Ricki.
You remember them? Of course.
Say hi.
I will.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
Just getting home.
Sorry, um, should I have left a note or something? Is that what I usually do? Don't worry about it.
Have fun.
I'll see you when I see you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Nick says hi.
You didn't tell him you were having drinks with us? I didn't even think about it.
You really can't remember him.
I can't.
It's just so hard to believe.
I mean, he asked you to marry him.
- He did? - Yeah.
But you turned him down.
Why? I don't know.
Last thing you wanna do is put any pressure on her.
That'll just push her away.
Not that I'm an expert.
Well, I guess I am an expert.
But we were so close.
All the little things you share with somebody if they don't remember any of that, what do you have left? Just a lot of photos you don't know what to do with.
There's a Reverend Lance B.
Calvin here, wants to report a theft from his church.
They take enough for grand theft? According to him some pretty big bucks were involved.
All right, bring him in.
Reverend Calvin, meet Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin.
They're all yours.
I'm sorry to come here and report what I believe to be a very serious crime.
Just tell us what happened.
Well, I'm not sure exactly.
The bank called this morning Cedar Hills Savings and Loan.
They said that they were concerned because they had some checks that they needed to process, but there was no money in the account.
There should've been over $357,000 in this account.
Any idea where the money went? The bank said that it was transferred out Friday night, wired to that numbered account in Curaçao.
I suggested that someone must've hacked into the account.
But they said that whoever made the transfer made it from a computer that was recognized by the bank's online system.
Do you know whose computer this was? A laptop owned by Norman Brewster, a member of our church.
Norman is an accountant.
He generously does our books for free.
I drove by his house right after I got off the phone with the bank, but he wasn't there.
I called his place of employment and they said he hadn't shown up this morning.
I thought it best to report it immediately.
We're gonna need Brewster's home address, phone numbers, and place of employment.
Of course.
It's all right here as are my numbers and address at the church.
Anything else you can tell us about Brewster? - Is he married? - No.
And no girlfriend that I know of.
- Any obvious money problems? - Not that he shared with me.
Look, we'll call you as soon as we find out anything.
Thank you.
I pray to God that I'm wrong about Norman, and that this is all a mistake.
I'll talk to the bank, make sure it wasn't a mistake.
I'll look into Brewster.
My guess is he's already getting a tan in Curaçao.
What the hell? Sounds like there's something in there that doesn't belong.
Do we have any recourse to recover the money? Can we find out who the account holder is? How long would that take? Okay, thanks.
Basically, if that money's in Curaçao, it's going to stay in Curaçao.
It's going to take at least 60 to 90 days to make any kind of legal inquiry.
And by then, it could've been transferred somewhere else.
So basically, you got nothing.
What do you got? Nothing in the records.
Brewster is clean.
If this wanted to abscond he picked the right way to do it.
Hey, we found Brewster's car at the train station.
It was unlocked.
We popped the trunk, nothing inside except a pay stub from McFadden's mulch.
Do you want me to get security tape from the train station? - Yeah, and process the car.
- Yep.
On it.
They found Brewster's car at the train station.
No sign of his laptop.
I wonder if he transferred any money from his day job.
If you're gonna go big, you might as well take it all.
And when was the last time you talked to him? Friday night.
I left a little bit after 9:00 and he was still here wrapping things up.
I tried to call him this morning when he didn't show up.
When was the last time you checked your bank account? I was at the bank this morning.
I have a payroll to get out today.
You notice any discrepancies withdrawals, unusual transfers? No, no, no.
Nothing like that.
How long has Brewster worked for you? Uh, about seven years.
And we have never had a problem.
I just can't imagine he would be involved in something like this.
Did he ever travel to Curaçao or talk to you about it? No, he was pretty much a stay-at-home kinda guy.
Lived a quiet life as far as I know.
He was very involved in our church.
He did the books for free.
Sorry to bother you, but we got a real problem.
You know the wood hog that shut down this morning? - Yeah.
- We just found out why.
If it wasn't for the metal hip, it would've gone right through.
We would never have known.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Norman had his hip replaced four years ago.
Brewster's medical records indicate he had a right hip replaced.
Looks like somebody wanted him to take the blame for stealing the church money.
Somebody who had access to Brewster's laptop.
Or killed him to get access.
You looking into Reverend Calvin? Calvin knew how much money was in the account.
Except he reported the crime.
He reported the theft, not the murder.
Could be he didn't know about the murder.
- Well, he knew about the money.
- But he's here.
He's not in Curaçao.
Maybe because he doesn't know we found the body.
Check this out.
Five years ago, Frank Arnestos, an accountant who served as treasurer of Grace Harvest church in little rock disappeared with church funds.
What's the connection? Reverend Lance Calvin was the minister of Grace Harvest church.
Coincidence? Doubtful.
What else you got? Two months after the money goes missing, the church goes bankrupt.
Arnestos, the accountant, gets blamed.
And Reverend Calvin packs up, moves to Portland, takes over another struggling church.
The money from the little rock church was transferred to an account in Barbados.
It was never recovered.
Scapegoat parishioner embezzles church funds and disappears.
Any evidence that Calvin's sitting on a pile of money? Not that we can find yet.
Guy drives a Fiesta, lives in the rectory.
And reported the crime.
Maybe to take suspicion off himself.
One thing he didn't expect, that the body would be found.
It'd be interesting to see how Calvin reacts to this news.
Rattle his cage.
Might force him to make a move he's not ready to make.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Can I help you? Detectives Griffin and Burkhardt.
We're looking for Reverend Calvin.
I'm Megan Marston, his assistant.
You must be here because of Norman.
It's so terrible.
Just awful what he's putting everybody through.
We need to speak to the Reverend.
Yes, of course.
He's in the sanctuary telling our board the bad news.
I'll take you to him.
I'm just as shocked by this betrayal as you all are.
But this is not the time for vitriol and vindictiveness.
We must look into our hearts and pray for Norman's soul so that he may find the righteous path back to us.
But how could one of our own do this to us? Especially Norman.
Didn't anyone see this coming? - I didn't see this either.
- None of us did.
- You see something? - Yeah.
- What? - Brothers and sisters I'm not sure.
This is a dark day for us.
I know that.
But are we just gonna sit here and feel sorry for ourselves? - Well, are we? - No! Then with faith as our armor, we will march forward.
For every dollar squandered, we will raise two.
I don't care if it takes 1,000 bake sales, pancake breakfasts, car washes, we must not just sustain this blessed parish, we must make it better.
Bigger! Stronger! Reverend, the police are here to talk to you.
I have to interrupt our meeting.
These Detectives are the ones handling our case.
Come forward, gentlemen.
We're hoping that you have some good news for us.
Well, we are making progress on the case.
Did you get our money back? No.
But this is no longer a missing person's case.
- You've caught Norman? - Where was he? In a wood grinder.
This is now a homicide.
We can speak privately in here.
It's interesting finding a Blutbad leading a flock of Seelenguter Detective.
It's not something you see every day.
Nor is a Grimm.
I must confess you're a first for me.
When I realized, well, I was sure the apocalypse had arrived.
And you, Detective, you seem to know - what we're talking about.
- I'm in the loop.
Then you, more than all of us, understand the meaning of faith.
So how is it they're okay with you? Do you believe that we're condemned to follow in the paths of our forefathers? They say "sins of the father.
" They also speak of forgiveness, redemption, rebirth.
I am not proud of my past sins, but I am not hiding from them either.
Past sins? You mean the fact that this happened before in Arkansas? An unfortunate coincidence.
And my parishioners are well aware of my personal journey of enlightenment and reformation.
With all due respect, Reverend your position strikes me as a little counter-intuitive.
The same can be said of you, Detective.
And yet here we are, Grimm and Blutbad and Kehrseite, engaged in civil discourse.
I have learned to accept all of God's creatures.
If you cut off my head, I forgive you.
But perhaps you've transcended your violent history just as I have.
Where were you between the hours of 5:00 and 10:00 P.
on Friday? Oh, now enlightenment comes.
I'm a suspect.
Well, good.
Let the truth be told.
I was right here preparing a sermon.
Can anyone vouch for that? Megan! The Detectives would like to know where I was Friday night.
You were here working on Sunday's service just like every Friday night.
If it helps, I was here as well, doing the activities calendar.
Took me forever.
What time did you leave? Mm, it was after midnight.
I know that.
I was beat.
Anything else? That's all we needed.
If I can be of any help at all, this could be the beginning of a beatific relationship.
- What do you think? - Talks a good game.
You believe the whole redemption thing? I don't know.
But there's a Blutbad who did.
So what'd you guys wanna talk about? What's the matter, I got something in my teeth? He doing it? No.
Well, don't we have lots to talk about.
Or if there's more than one, Seelenguter.
- Oh, there was more than one.
- A whole church full.
That would make sense.
They like to stay close to one another, you know? Some people are born leaders and then there's Seelenguter.
They're not really the violent type, it's just I don't know.
Any group with a herd mentality kinda wigs me out, you know? You're doing it again, Hank.
With the Oh.
Is there a chance that a Blutbad would be leading a church full of Seelenguter? Are you serious? A Blutbad? Ha, that's like a recipe for lunch! Unless of course he's reformed, like me.
Well, that's what he claims.
But I was thinking maybe it takes one to know one.
What, are we talking like an undercover kinda gig? Yeah, but off the record since we can't explain any of this.
Yeah, I suppose I could go mano a mano with him.
What's he done? Well, we think he framed the church accountant for clearing out the church's coffers and took the money for himself.
Then dumped the accountant's body into a wood grinder to cover his tracks.
Really? Um By the way, what's a Kehrseite? It's like a, um, normal person, you know? Not like you or me.
Like Hank.
Although Hank now knows.
So technically, he's a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen.
Different In Spain, there is a monument commemorating Christopher Columbus.
At the base of it, the Spanish national motto was inscribed.
Ne plus ultra.
"No more beyond.
" A lion's paw is reaching out and destroying the word "no," leaving behind the words "More beyond.
" Columbus proved there really is more beyond, just as we know the same is true for our departed brother Norman.
There is more beyond.
I have no doubt that he is already on his way Calm down! Calm down, folks! No harm will come to you.
Not under this roof.
You have entered and peace-loving space, my son.
What exactly are you looking for? Salvation.
Oh, yeah, sure he is.
Now, now.
We are accepting of all.
What is your name, son? Um, Monroe.
And I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to cause a ruckus.
It's just, uh I didn't really have anywhere else to turn.
Guys like me were kinda shunned in most religious organizations.
I thought this place might be a little different.
I mean, you know what it's like, the urges.
I've done things I'm ashamed of.
Are you in trouble with the law? I'm in trouble with a lot of laws.
You've tasted the blood of the Menschenjagd.
You haven't? There was a time when I delved into the darkness of the flesh-hunt.
But I sought forgiveness.
And I cast off the bloody chains of our past.
I sense in you the great struggle.
You stand upon the edge of a terrible abyss.
But it was your courage that brought you to this house.
You sought the light and it has found you.
And just in time too, 'cause, um I don't have any place to go.
You're here.
That's all that matters.
We have a small room with a bed.
It's not much, but it's your if you want it.
Really? I mean, if it's not too much trouble.
You're no trouble.
You're a blessing.
Follow me.
- Yeah? - Pouvez-vous parler maintenant? Yes.
I found the identity of the Nuckelavee.
I have sent a file.
I hope it is not too late.
Well Looks like we got a bogus social security number - for Reverend Calvin.
- Really? The life of Reverend Lance B.
Calvin only goes back seven years.
Doesn't seem to exist before that.
Gonna have to get his prints.
- Monroe.
- I'm in.
I can't talk very loud, but he's got me in a room, and I'm I think I'm gonna stay the night.
- Are you learning anything? - I don't know, man.
I mean, Calvin seems like the real deal.
I mean, I'm more of a Robert Bly beat the drum kind of guy than the fire and brimstone type.
But he's pretty damn convincing.
Calvin is a con man.
And a good con man can con anyone.
Yeah, well, he is definitely working his charms on his assistant Megan.
I think they have something romantic going on and I gotta tell you that's totally weird.
A Blutbad with a Seelengut.
I mean, Darwin would have a field day with this relationship.
And I'm not saying I'm prejudiced.
It's just like it's a little bit like the wolf getting into a sheep's clothing if you know what I mean.
You think Megan knows what's going on? Your guess is as good as mine.
But it's pretty clear that whatever this guy is selling she and the rest of the congregation are buying it in retail.
Okay, maybe it's time you got out of there.
I'll check in with you tomorrow.
Okay, look, if anything starts going badly Don't worry, I won't overstay my welcome.
Got the JPEG from the Arkansas paper.
Groundbreaking for the new church.
It's Reverend Calvin with a shovel.
Yeah, but anybody else look familiar? Megan.
- Calvin's previous church.
- Yeah.
Calvin's assistant Megan Marston was at both churches when the money went missing.
But she had a different last name in Little Rock.
She's listed as Mrs.
Frank Arnestos.
The same name as the first missing accountant? Appears to be.
Arnestos' body was never found.
No, and the money he supposedly took from the church has never been recovered.
Maybe Megan killed her first husband, - ran off with Calvin.
- It's possible.
Could be the same thing's happening here, only this time we found the body.
You know, she could be the innocent victim here.
She may not know what's going on.
Might've thought her husband took the money, ran out on her.
If she's more than Calvin's assistant, she should have a pretty good idea of what he's been doing.
Bring her in.
See what you get.
Have I done something wrong? We were just hoping you could clear up a couple of things.
Could I get you anything? Coffee, water? You've been working with Reverend Calvin for a number of years.
Three years.
How did you get to be his assistant? When I first joined the congregation, Reverend Calvin asked if anyone had secretarial experience.
And I did, so I volunteered part-time.
As the church grew, it became full-time.
Do you, uh, recognize anyone in this photograph? Well, yes, of course.
That's the Little Rock church we belonged to.
I wasn't his assistant then.
Your name was Arnestos.
Frank was my husband.
You wanna tell us about it? Well, I guess you know that he left me and stole the church's money.
But I blame myself.
I was having an affair with Lance, the Reverend, and Frank found out about it.
And I just think he was trying to get even with both of us.
Did you find Frank? Did he call you? No, we haven't found Frank.
Do you know where he is? Me? Why would he call me after running away with $400,000? Did you find the money? Oh, that was terrible.
It's just like now the entire church was devastated.
Do you think I had something to do with that? Please! Please don't hurt me! Megan, he's not going to hurt you.
He's not that kind of Grimm.
He's a cop.
Just like me.
We just wanna know who killed Brewster.
Do you think that I could or would kill one of my own? Where have you been? Police brought me in for questioning.
What did they wanna know? They wanted to know about you and us.
Don't worry.
I didn't say a thing.
But I want us to leave Portland before it's too late.
We can't leave now.
Please, Lance.
This was always about us being together, getting enough money to run away where no one can find us, just be together.
We will.
But we can't leave now.
We must see this through a little longer.
I don't think I can.
Listen to me.
I've saved a lot of souls in this world.
But there's one that has been brought to us that we cannot forget, for it is he who will save us.
I asked him where he was last Friday night.
He said he sought shelter under a bridge.
I asked him if he saw anyone there.
He said no.
I don't understand.
Sometime tomorrow, this man will come into my office, and he will threaten me.
And I will be forced to kill him in self-defense.
And when the police find Norman's laptop with his belongings, there will be no more questions about who killed Mr.
I understand why you felt like you had no choice but to kill Frank.
And then Norman.
But we can make another choice now.
We can leave during tomorrow's fundraiser, you will take Norman's laptop and put it with Monroe's belongings.
And then we can leave? Spend the rest of our lives basking in the sun and the sand and our love.
Who are you? Who the hell are you? You must've gotten in late last night.
- Yeah, tough case.
- Yeah? - Want some? - No, thank you.
I gotta get going.
So so this is kinda weird the way that we're doing this.
I mean, should I have told you I was going out with my friends the other night? No.
No, you have your life.
Hey, I know that you're trying to not push me, and you're trying to just give me whatever time it takes to remember, but it's not easy.
No, it's not.
I want you to know that I'm trying.
Everybody that I talk to says how amazing that we were together, and then every time I hear that, I kinda get angry at myself because I know this is all my fault.
It's not your fault.
Would you be happier if I moved out? No.
Would you be happy if I moved out? Honestly I don't know.
I don't Nick, I know what I'm supposed to be feeling, but I don't know if I quite feel it yet, and but no, I don't really think either of us should be going anywhere right now.
No I don't either.
Um, I'm probably gonna be home for dinner tonight in case you're around.
Boy, I gotta hand it to you folks.
You sure are making me hungry.
Wha referring to the baked goods.
I'd like to thank you, Mr.
Monroe, for helping out.
You're a real addition to our flock.
It's not mine.
What do I care? Name it whatever you want.
Harmony? What's wrong? - I don't know what to do.
- Shh, it's okay, sweetheart.
- No, it's not.
- What happened? Um He knows.
Patrick knows.
He knows what? I asked him what he wanted to name the baby, and he said "I don't care.
Um, it's not mine, so name it whatever you want.
" - It's not his baby? - No.
It's okay.
You can tell me.
It's, um it's Reverend Calvin's.
Sir this just came in from Interpol.
Preliminary I.
matches a body we found floating in the river this morning.
Identified in Spanish police records as someone named Hargrund.
You know the cause of death? Looked like someone beat him with a hammer.
That's too bad.
Don't do that! Let's face it.
We could have fundraisers every day of the week and twice on Sundays for the next 100 years.
We'd never earn enough to replace what we've lost.
We need to trust Reverend Calvin.
He helped us raise the money in the first place.
Without his guidance, we never would have raised anything.
We've been deceived.
What are you talking about? We all trusted him Reverend Calvin because he made us feel good.
But we were fools.
What are you saying? He's the one who killed Norman and stole the church's money.
What did you expect from a Blutbad? They're all sinners at heart.
How many for her? 11? Yeah, got it.
And when was the last one? April 10th.
Can you email me both records? All right.
I appreciate it, thanks.
Please make my day.
That was customs.
They ran the good Reverend Calvin and came up with 15 trips to Curaçao four in the last year alone, not to mention several to Barbados before that.
Then I had 'em run Megan just for laughs.
Am I laughing? Barbados and Curaçao.
I am not laughing.
You have no idea what a blessing it is that you arrived at our church when you did.
A blessing for me too.
That's for sure.
You're appearance here has made me realize that the thing I've always wanted is finally within my grasp.
What's that? Freedom.
Well glad I could help.
As a small measure of my gratitude, I have a gift for you.
Um, a knife? Letter opener.
Of course.
A genuine pewter zinn gesch.
Not some eBay knock-off.
That's been in my family for generations.
Reverend, this is really very generous, but I don't really get that many letters, you know, given my circumstances.
So I mean, it's really very beautiful, - but I can't.
- You already have.
I just needed your fingerprints.
What the hell's going on here? This brute came in here to attack me with a knife.
What okay, okay.
First of all, it's a letter opener, not a knife, and he just gave it to me as a present.
Lies! Megan was right.
It's Norman's laptop.
He killed Norman! Impossible.
I told Harmony to name the baby Calvin if it's a boy or a girl.
I am so sick of you mindless, glassy-eyed, kowtowing stooges! Can't one of you ever think for yourselves? The meek shall not inherit the earth! It's time you all learned that lesson.
Oh, you will pay for that.
Help! Help! Help me! Ah! Help! Ah! - His partner's getting away! - What? Partner? No.
No, not partner.
I I'm actually I'm working with the cops.
No, seriously.
I'm I'm undercover.
Get him! Don't let him get away! This is not a good idea.
Oh, man.
Ohh, okay, look! Look! I know you're recent experiences with Blutbaden haven't been exactly whatever uplifting, okay? - But I was not - Liar! You're a Blutbad! You're all sinners at heart! Now wait a minute! Just let me finish, okay? Seriously, I am not one to judge.
But what about the idea of, you know, he who casts the first stone.
Get him! Police! Move back! You okay? Freakin' herd mentality, man.
Where's Calvin? Ask them.
telling the same story.
When they confronted Reverend Calvin about killing Brewster, he attacked them.
One man attacked 25 people.
He attacked one, they all came to his aid.
- All of them? - 25 God-fearing people, all admitting responsibility.
How do you want us to handle it? Turn it over to the D.
What about the woman Megan? Well, she's the one who told them about the Reverend.
- She one of the 25? - No.
After Calvin went down, nobody saw what happened to her.
We know where she is? We have a pretty good idea.
Who said the meek don't inherit the earth? I remember a Reverend Calvin saying that once.
I wonder what Reverend Calvin is saying now.
Oh, I just felt the baby kick.
I think she's gonna like it here.
Your Margarita, Ms.
Gracias, Miguel.
And the virgin piña colada.
For my amiga.
- Gracias.
- Here's to us, Harmony.