Grimm s02e06 Episode Script

Over My Dead Body

Yeah? Hello, my sweet.
Who is this? Don't tell me you've forgotten the sound of my voice.
I could never forget anything about you.
I thought maybe you were still upset about Vienna.
How could anyone be upset about Vienna? I'd like to make it up to you.
Well, I'd like you to make it up to me too.
Well, it just so happens I'm on my way back from Tokyo.
Thought I'd stop by.
I'm staying at the deluxe.
Something smells good.
I hope so.
What's in the bag? It's a burger and fries.
Well, get rid of it.
Oh, no.
I don't want to intrude.
You can't intrude if you're invited.
I made one of your favorites.
Chicken cilantro tagine you remembered.
Actually, I didn't.
But "Nick loves" was written on the recipe in my handwriting, so I thought it would be a good call.
You know, I may never remember who you were, but I'd like to get to know who you are.
So I figured this would be a good place to start.
What can I do to help? Mmm.
Hey, how about we get out of here? How about you buy me another drink? This truck ain't got enough gas it ain't got enough gas to get me fast far away from you I paid my dues in other towns here I just blow a fuse You're a pretty good dancer.
You know, I'm celebrating tonight.
Oh, yeah? What are you celebrating? Got a big job.
You're the way I want to celebrate.
You got a tight, little ass Just the way I like it.
You expect a lot for three beers.
And the chicken fingers.
All right, look, before you get the wrong idea, I got to go.
Maybe it's you who gave me the wrong idea.
This is my gig.
I got to take this.
Thanks for the beer And the chicken fingers.
You owe me.
Just cool it, all right? Let's not take this anyplace you'll regret.
You just keep digging this hole deeper.
I like that.
That's better.
Well, if you like that, you're going to love this.
We, it sort of makes us even.
Not with us, it doesn't.
Can I just say that you look beautiful? Well, you look beautiful too.
I love your home.
Oh, thank you.
You have quite a collection of clocks Of course.
Which one is your favorite? Oh, well, that's like asking, which one's your favorite child, you know? But it's this one Right here.
Straight out of the black forest.
This particular clock was carved in freiburg in 1862 by my great-great-great might be off a great Grandfather.
And here's the most unique thing about it.
Okay, first, it's a key-wound shelf cuckoo.
With an eight-day run on a single wind.
It's got the hand-carved cuckoo with the moving wings and everything.
But get this.
Hear that? It's a baritone.
It's not a tweety.
That is amazing.
So what was Tokyo about? Family business.
As in, none of mine.
We have no secrets.
Well, maybe a few.
Let's just say a certain foreign minister had to be convinced that putting my family first was in his own best interest.
I've never agreed with how your family treated you.
I suspect you have your own vision of the future.
I've often wondered if I have any part in it.
So do I.
You ever coming back? To Vienna? - To your rightful place.
- Yes.
But only on my terms.
How about your brother's terms? Eric? We always find a way to work things out.
I heard you killed your cousin.
I certainly hope nothing like that ever happens to me.
Get in.
You've put me in a dilemma.
You killed someone who's supposedo do aob for me.
He was trying to rape me.
Well, you handled it rather well.
Makes me wonder if you've done it before.
Am I wasting your time here? 'Cause I could just leave.
Neat party trick.
Your body temp is elevated, and your pulse is a little quicker than it should be, for someone acting so cool.
We have three options.
You die here.
You do the job my guy was going to do.
Or we call 911 and report a murder.
But I'm willing to cut you a break.
You do the same job, I'll pay you the same money.
How much? And what is it exactly I'm delivering? When do you want it done? You got 24 hours.
Expect this to ring tomorrow evening.
We'll tell you when and where to deliver.
Now, you seem smart, so I shouldn't have toell you.
If you run, I'll find you.
How did we meet? I was still in uniform.
And you were a witness to a hit-and-run accident.
Oh, my God.
I remember that.
Oh, that was so awful.
And the guy kept going.
And I got the license.
I remember talking to a police officer who I thought was very Good-looking.
Was that you? I can only hope.
And then what happened? Then we started talking.
And, uh We sort of never stopped.
I found this at a garage sale.
I don't think they had any idea who he was, and he's one of my absolute favorites.
Who? Oh, you've probably never heard of him.
- His name is - Hugues Nuages.
You know him? The virtuoso Austrian Zitherist.
Yes! Wow! I'm like did you know that he did all of his solos with six fingers because he was born with two index fingers on his right hand? And he only had one leg because of a sledding accident in Salzburg when he was just seven years old.
You're I'm I'm oh, hell, I we need to talk.
And she needs to go.
Angelina, what are you I said we need to talk Now.
I don't really know what's going on here.
Maybe it's just better if I go.
No, no.
You're not going anywhere.
Oh, yes, she is.
Look, I really don't want to get in the middle of anything.
You're not.
Fuchsbau? I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I thought you were dead.
What do you think you're doing here? I'm here to kill you.
*** Who could want me dead? A Konigschlange.
I don't even know a Konigschlange, for good reason.
Who is this guy? Why does he want me dead? I don't know.
But he's going to pay me $25,000 to do it.
Well, I hope you turned him down.
If I would've turned him down, he would've just gotten somebody else to do it.
I figured you'd want to know.
Well, I want more than want to know.
Like, if you don't mind my asking, how did you get this job in the first place? You know what? It's a long story.
But look, if I don't do it, they kill me.
"They"? Yeah, there was, like, this little guy with a gun to my head part of the reason why I couldn't say no.
Angelina, did anyone tell you why they want me dead? All I know is that I got So I thought I'd come over and help you pack.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm going to find out who this guy is.
How? Monroe, I don't have a name.
I don't have a number.
Look, they're going to contact me tomorrow night.
So you don't have time to start digging around into your past.
You need to leave.
- No, I'm calling Nick.
- Hey.
You are not calling the Grimm.
He's a cop, Angelina.
He does this all the time.
He also wants to put me in prison for a couple of bauerschwein deaths, in case you forgot.
This is different it has nothing to do with you, okay? This is me.
- Well, good luck, then.
- No, no.
You can't leave.
You're the one who saw them.
You got to tell Nick what they look like.
I'm not telling him anything.
Then why did you even come here if you're not going to help? Why don't you just do the job, take the money? Maybe I will.
- When did you ask me? - About five months ago.
Why did I say no? You d.
It's a little weird for you to tell me how I felt.
You felt I was keeping things from you.
Were you? Yeah, it's just Monroe.
I can call him back.
No, you should get that.
It could be important.
Well We're kind of important.
I'm not going anywhere.
All right.
I'll be quick.
I need you to come over.
Well, I'm kind of in the middle of something right now, so can I come over later? There might not be a later.
Somebody's trying to kill me.
What? Nick, I need your help on this one, man.
I'll be right over.
Is he okay? Uh, doesn't sound too good Juliette This was, uh Great.
How do you know someone wants you dead? Well, Nick, this is where it gets a little awkward.
Well, did you get a death threat, a-a phone call, a letter, what? Not exactly.
It was more personal than that.
Did someone threaten you face-to-face? Actually, sort of.
Look, Nick, the person who was hired to kill me and I think you'd agree, Nick, this shows real character.
This person actually told me they were being offered $25,000 oh, for God's sake, Monroe, just tell him.
You? Oh, you remembered.
I'm touched.
Put your hands behind your back.
You're under arrest.
Angelina, come on, stop, stop.
I told you this was a bad idea.
Nick, she came here, okay? She didn't have to do that.
She told me about some guy who wants me dead, okay? I didn't know who else to turn to.
She didn't want me to call you.
But I said no, you'd help, you'd overlook this little Thing in her past.
- You mean murder.
- Yeah, well, you know We don't have to get into the details right now.
But the thing is, there's like 23 hours here before she's supposed to kill me.
So, if neither of you can see fit to put aside your personal differences, I guess I'll just wait till the next hired murderer shows up at my door.
Maybe I'll be ready, maybe I won't.
Okay? Okay, so we got, like, a truce here or something.
Who wants him dead? A Konigschlange.
What's his name? If I knew his name, I would've told Monroe, so he wouldn't have to call you.
It's rosalee.
You guys going to be okay here for, like, a second? - Yeah.
- Hey, there.
Hang on a second When did this guy hire you? Tonight.
How did he find you? Well, I killed the guy that he hired to kill Monroe, and then he gave the job to me.
You killed someone else tonight? Yeah, he was trying to rape me.
So, yeah, he didn't leave me with much of a choice.
So that's three people you've killed.
That you know of.
- Hey, rosalee.
- Monroe.
I want to apologize for leaving so abruptly.
You don't have to apologize for anything.
I know it's none of my business, so you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to.
No, no.
I want to tell you.
It's just it's a little awkward right now.
Nick's here.
Nick's there? Yeah, it's a totally discombobulated situation.
Well, I just called to say good-bye.
What? No.
Monroe, my mother called.
My aunt Lois is in the hospital.
She's had a stroke.
It's it's not looking good.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Is there anything I can do? Yes.
I have to leave town right away.
So could you do me a favor and watch the shop for a couple days? Of course.
I'd I'd be glad to.
Did you know she killed another guy tonight? - Can I call you back? - Sure.
Yeah, she killed a guy who was hired to kill me.
That's how she got the job, kind of by default.
They gave her a phone.
Give him the phone.
They're going to contact me tomorrow night and tell me where to deliver Monroe's body.
It's a prepaid.
I can't trace it.
So you understand why I called you? She doesn't know who it is.
I don't know who it is.
I mean, I don't even know who I pissed off.
Yeah, well, you must have pissed off somebody at some point.
Look, right now I have to get you someplace safe for the next 24 hours.
And I'm going to need you to show me where you met these guys.
How do I know that you're not going to arrest me as soon as we walk out the door? I'm not interested in you right now.
I'm interested in helping Monroe.
It's the end up bar.
It's about two hours north of here.
All right.
This is great I mean, sort of.
You two setting your differences aside for me I'm actually kind of touched.
Don't be.
It's not over yet.
- I really appreciate you doing this Hank.
- Me too.
Anything else you want me to be doing? Right now, no.
I've got one lead I have to run down.
And I'll call you as soon as I find anything.
So you all right? Yeah.
You know, pretty good Considering someone wants to kill me.
And no idea who or why? Nothing that springs to mind.
I mean, there was a time it was a long time ago - you want a drink? - God, yes.
You know, Monroe's convinced that you can figure out who this guy is, but I'm not so convinced.
Do you have any idea why they'd want to kill Monroe? They wouldn't say.
But if they're willing to pay me there's got to be a long list of people lining up for it after me.
There is no "after you.
" No, we take care of this now.
This is great.
This is this is really it's, like, smooth and peat-y.
Can I ask you something? Uh, sure.
I'm still trying to understand how this whole thing works.
It can be kind of confusing for the layperson.
I know.
When you do that change thing, does woge.
Does it hurt? A little bit.
You get used to it.
If you were to do it right now, could I see you? Yes and no.
What does that mean? Well There's sort of two versions.
One is you're all emotional or stressed out, and the other is, like, you're just Really pissed off.
In other words, if I don't want you to see me, you can't.
But if I do, believe me, you will.
But Nick can see you even if you don't want to be seen.
That's what makes him different.
That's why he's kind of dangerous for us.
- Hmm.
- You know what? I'm going to try to explain this using a visual aid.
You look the same.
Now, this time, I want you to remember It's just me.
Okay? I want you to see me.
Whoa! It's okay.
It's just me, right? That was amazing.
Well Can you do it again? Stay here.
Nick Burkhardt, Portland p.
What brings you up here? I got some intel on this murder.
Might be related to a case I'm working on.
You I.
The Vic? He had no I.
On him.
And his face was pretty chewed up.
Took the body in, could have an I.
In a couple hours off his prints.
Looks as if a few people beat the hell out of him with an ax or a pipe.
Motive appears to be robbery, since he had nllet on him.
I don't think so.
It was self-defense.
There was only one assailant.
And he probably attacked her from behind.
"Her"? Who are you? His partner.
Now, if you'll, uh if you'll look at these footprints right here, that's the bigger print, that's the smaller one.
Now, if you'll notice the bigger one is behind the smaller print, and they're both facing in the same direction.
It was quick.
It was brutal.
And he probably got what he deserved.
Now, if that's what actually happened, she probably took advantage of the situation.
You know, she took the cash out of his wallet and tossed it.
Now, let's see, if she was right-handed, she bent down over here, she'd probably throw it as far away from the bar as she could So we couldn't find it.
Come on, boys.
I think I got something.
You got one hell of a partner here.
I know this piece of dirt.
Buxton Jacobs, he's been in and out rape, assault, you name it.
Can't say I'm sorry to see he got what he deserved.
Must've been one kick-ass woman to take him on.
I think we're done here.
Easy on the eyes too.
You're one lucky cop.
That's me.
Pretty cute.
I thought you were interested in the truth.
He had it all wrong.
Somebody had to set him straight.
What'd you pick up? The dirtbag's cell phone.
The last call he got was from the guy who hired him.
I didn't even think about it until we got here.
You know how to work that thing? It's a lot easier to solve a crime if you're the one who did it.
Yeah, this is Detective Burkhardt.
I need to get an I.
Off of a Washington state phone number.
Is he the Konigschlange? No, that's the little guy that put the gun to my head.
All right, this is how it's going to work, then.
You're going to go in alone.
If he knows the cops are on to him, we're not going to find out anything.
But I want to hear the conversation.
Can I go now? How are you going to handle this? I'm going to use my charms.
What the hell are you doing here? You're setting me up.
Why? I'm not setting you up.
I could kill you right now and walk away from this.
Look, the 25 grand is good.
This is legit.
You think he would have given you ten grand if this was a setup? Why does he want him dead? If you want me to kill him, I want to know why.
Otherwise, this could all come down on me.
So is it personal, or is it business? It's none of yours, in either case.
All right.
Take it easy.
I'll tell you what I know, but you keep it to yourself.
Okay, so why? He's friends with a Grimm.
What Grimm? All I know is there's one in Portland.
And he's friends with this guy we're going to hit.
So your boss wants to send a message? He doesn't care.
He's been hired.
By who? I don't know that stuff.
But someone decided to kill this guy to set an example working with a Grimm is not good for you.
So how'd it go last night? No action here.
Learned a lot, though.
- So did you find out anything? - I did.
But I've got to talk to Hank first.
What's going on? You remember Angelina Lasser? That arson case we had.
You don't forget one like that.
Yeah, trust me, not even if you want to.
She was the one hired to kill Monroe.
That's how we found out.
She warned him.
What? She's in my car, Hank.
I've been working with her, trying to figure out who's behind this.
- She's wanted for murder.
- I know.
And I think we're going to have to overlook that until this is over.
You kidding me? Look, Hank, I know.
But she could have run.
She didn't have to tell me anything.
As a matter of fact, she could have killed me and taken the 25 grand.
She's just trying to - this is really pushing it.
- I know.
If you're not okay with this, I can work it on my own.
Bring her in.
So I guess you're up to speed on how the world really works.
Getting there.
You tell him? Tell me what? The hit isn't about you.
It's about me.
What? Looks like somebody is not very happy with you being friends with a Grimm.
What, those same guys who had me beat up before? I don't think so, not for $25,000.
This is a bigger deal.
Well, who, then? The guy who hired me is working for somebody else.
- Well, who the hell is that? - We don't know.
Could be a royal.
Look, I heard there might be one in Portland.
A royal in Portland? Really? This is getting kind of personal, don't you think? Somebody wants to send a message to all of us.
She's one too? Oh, yeah.
All right, look, the bottom line is, we're running out of time.
They're going to contact me tonight.
And if I don't deliver Monroe's body, they're coming after both of us.
And we're not going to find out who's behind this.
All right, so how do we deliver a dead Monroe without killing him? Dead faint.
What the hell is that? Monroe? Hey, rosalee.
So, uh, we have a problem.
I'm in the spice shop with Nick and Hank and me.
We need your help, honey.
We wouldn't be here if we didn't.
You want to let me handle this? Handle what? I need your help with a dead faint.
For who? You were meeting with the dragon's tongue.
I was just thinking about you.
What were you thinking? I was wondering what time I'd see you tonight.
How about you come to my room in a couple of hours? Can't wait.
No, no, and no.
We can't do this.
- Rosalee, we have to.
- It's too dangerous.
He's a Konigschlange.
He'll know if I'm faking it.
Rosalee, how does it work? Oh.
You ever hear of the poison in a blowfish? It's called tetrodotoxin.
It's a sodium channel blocker.
And it paralyzes the muscles, slowing down bodily functions.
Add green kohler vat, and for all intents and purposes, you're dead.
Okay, so it's like suspended animation.
Unless you don't wake up then it's permanent.
Well, it's going to be permanent anyway, if they get to him.
I don't want to live my life looking over my shoulder, you know? And I'm not interested in leaving Portland.
I got a lot of good things going on here.
There are some problems, you know.
One, you wake up too soon, in which case, I don't know, they kill you.
The other is, you don't wake up at all.
I guess in that case, I get the money.
- And which would you prefer? - What do you think? Was the dead faint your idea? Actually, it was mine.
Okay, what are the chances of him not waking up? I don't know.
I don't know.
I've only seen it done once.
- And what happened that time? - I never found out.
It was something my dad did, and he never talked about it.
Well, I'm willing to take the risk.
Monroe Please, I I can't.
I can't.
I can't do this.
Listen, if we don't catch this guy, all of Nick's friends are going to be at risk, okay? And that includes you.
I am not going to let that happen.
- It's him.
- Rosalee, hold on a second.
Take it.
Hold it so I can hear it.
Is it done? Yeah, I've been sitting on the body for over an hour.
Can we get this done? I'd like to get paid.
Drive to lake forest, South entrance, three Miles in.
Repeat it.
Lake forest, South entrance, three Miles in.
Rosalee, we don't have much time here.
- Where is she? - She just left the hotel.
Her plane's still on the tarmac.
She just filed a flight plan.
You have to drink it all Then lie down.
Well Here's looking at you, kids.
What does that mean? "Hopefully not for the last time.
" If he doesn't wake up in two hours, you have to respirate him.
If his face goes white or his hands start to curl, he's running out of time.
I got it.
Monroe Don't worry.
I'll be fine.
I'm here.
You see anybody? Uh Just trees.
And how's Monroe? I don't know.
He looks dead to me.
Oh, okay, I got lights coming at me.
Yeah, it's them.
He's driving up.
I'm getting off.
Hank, whatever goes down out here tonight yeah, I know off the books.
Show me.
He's dead.
Can I get paid now? When the body's delivered.
The body is right here.
When the body's delivered to who's paying for it.
I'm just here to make sure he's dead.
How long I got to hang around for that, huh? Yeah, I'm here.
I checked him.
He's dead.
They're right there.
We've got another car coming in.
What do you keep looking at him for? He's dead.
So You're the Blutbad that did this.
No compunction killing your own kind I admire that.
Pay her.
- What the hell is she doing? - That's disgusting.
Monroe Come on! He's alive! Police! Drop your weapon! Police! Angelina.
Monroe You're alive.
Oh, God.
Who hired you? - Was he a - Yeah.
That woman got away.
Be careful.
No, no, no.
Don't call anyone.
Let me deal with this our way.
I should have known.
You going to kill me? That depends.
On what? On so many things.
Now, tell me everything.
Rosalee Hey, it's Nick.
Monroe's fine.
Thanks, Nick.
Now I can sleep.
- Have a safe trip.
- Okay.