Grimm s02e17 Episode Script

One Angry Fuchsbau

What the hell is the matter with you? Aah! Don't you dare run away from me.
Please, don't hurt me! I told you to wear the black dress.
It's at the cleaners! Besides, you like this dress.
You always said how good I looked in it.
You look better in black.
I'll put on something else.
That's your whole problem.
When I tell you to do something, you should just do it! Aah! Don't hit me! Don't hurt me! Oh, my God.
What is your emergency? Yes.
We need an ambulance.
- Morning.
- Hey.
So I I've been thinking about what we talked about last night.
- Juliette? - Yeah.
And I think that you should take her to the trailer.
Don't you think you should be the one who no, you're on better terms with her right now.
Well, maybe, but isn't this more of a you-and-her thing than a me-and-her thing? If going to the trailer helps bring back her memories, then there's a chance that she's gonna remember everything.
And it could go as badly as it did the first time.
But if you take her to the trailer oh, I get it.
So if I'm crazy, no big deal.
Hey, well, we can't both be crazy.
Why not? I mean, given what we're talking about, from her point of view.
It's worth a try.
What if she does remember everything? I mean, everything.
How am I supposed to finagle that? Just do whatever you have to do.
I know this is asking a lot, but, Monroe, please, for me.
Thank you.
And the people will prove beyond any doubt that on the night of October 16th, the defendant Donald Nidaria did willfully and with malice aforethought, murder Katherine, his wife of only six months.
We will now hear opening statements from the defense.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, six months ago, my client Donald Nidaria suffered an unimaginable tragedy.
His beloved wife Katherine, despite all his heroic efforts to provide her the psychiatric care she so badly needed, succumbed to the demons of her darker nature demons that had been with her for so many years, driving her to commit suicide at their home by leaping to her death from their bedroom balcony.
To add insult to this terrible injury, my client was arrested and wrongfully charged with murder.
Murder, ladies and gentlemen, of the woman he loved more than life itself.
- Hello? - Hey, Juliette.
It's me, Monroe.
I've been doing some thinking about the trailer, and I think maybe I should take you, I mean, if you still wanna go and if you're not busy.
I mean, you know, you could be busy.
Juliette? No, I-I I still wanna go.
When? I'm sort of ready right now.
- Okay.
- I mean, right now, as in I'm standing on your front porch.
Look, if this is gonna help bring your memories back oh, okay.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I just didn't think you'd do it.
Really? Because I we're going before anybody changes their mind.
I totally remember being here.
It was raining.
Do you remember Nick being with you? No, I just remember being really upset.
You sure you wanna do this? Yes.
Any bells ringing? Not yet.
Well, take your time.
Don't force it.
Did you know aunt Marie? I met her once in the hospital.
That would've been after she was attacked.
So you remember that? Yeah, I heard the gunshots, and I ran outside, and I saw her saw her lying in the street.
What? That's where I've been seeing him.
Oh, my God.
I remember him.
He was sitting at this desk.
- You remember Nick? - Yes, he he was looking for something, but these are aunt Marie's books.
What was she doing? Why would she even have all this stuff? That's a really good question, and, um, it deserves a really good answer.
I guess you could say aunt Marie was a bit of a collector.
These drawings are so weird.
Do you know what they are? Uh, well, it appears she was into some sort of, uh, folkish-lore.
You mean like fairy tales? Yeah, sure.
You could you could go there.
What's in there? Probably just more of the same.
Not really.
Look at all the weapons.
She really was a hell of a collector, huh? Why put all of this stuff in a trailer and haul it around with you? And why didn't Nick just get rid of it all? It's probably just, like, a family heirloom sort of thing, passed down over generations.
Well, I think this was a terrific success.
You remember Nick being here.
And I think this might be the beginning of the road to recovery.
Wwhoa, whoa, whoa.
You wanna leave? Yeah.
What, you don't? There is so much more to this.
Now you don't wanna go reading too much into what might not be here.
What about all these weird little bottles? What's in them? What "siegbarste gift.
" What's that? It's probably just some perfume.
I mean, it says "gift," so don't Oh! Oh, my God.
That's no gift.
Yeah, you might wanna put that one back.
You see these books? They're filled with drawings made by my ancestors and others who had - Juliette? - The same ability.
And the drawings are of wesen.
First, you have to dip it in this stuff right here siegbarste gift.
"Gift" means "poison" in German they were running an illegal fighting ring - Are you okay? - Time of the gladiators.
Fighting with these.
Ancient weapons.
This When they go through something called the woge Is a morning star.
There's a rifle in here that shoots special bullets Juliette, what's wrong? Juliette? What happened? - I don't know.
- Are you okay? II think so.
I'm a little afraid to ask, but what exactly did you see in there? I saw Nick maybe I should say I saw nicks.
I saw him Everywhere.
What do you mean? More than one? Yes, and then they were they were all talking at the same time.
And I didn't understand what any of them were saying.
We might not be doing this right.
I mean, memories can be kinda tricky.
Mine sure as hell are.
I think I just want to go home.
Rosalee? Back here.
I tried to get us a table at G.
's, but they won't take a reservation unless you're a party of, like, 19, so I don't really feel like going out tonight.
What's the matter? You sick? I'm something.
Doesn't feel like you have a fever.
How was jury duty? Did you even go? Oh, I went.
About halfway through, I started feeling not so good.
Maybe you should call in sick.
I mean, they have alternates.
Mm, I'll see how I feel tomorrow.
I think I'm just I'm just mad at myself.
Why, what'd you do? I started out feeling one way about the case, and then I went completely in the other direction.
Sounds like someone's a hell of a lawyer.
I guess.
But when I was there, I thought I was getting sick.
Once I left, I started feeling better, and now, I just have a headache.
Why don't you go home and go to bed? I'll close up.
I'd appreciate that.
Mm, thank you.
You're the best.
Hey, how about I drive you to court tomorrow? I'd like that.
Wow! Smells good.
I didn't know you could cook.
Oh, I, uh I can't, this is take-out.
Weren't you supposed to be on a date with Rosalee? Yeah, she didn't feel so good, so what are you reading? Believe it or not, I think I just got an email from my mom.
Seriously? What does it say? "Sorry to be off the radar for so long.
"I miss you.
All is well.
"I plan to spend the money wisely.
Love, mom.
" That's code, right? She's talking about the coins.
Well, that's a good thing, I guess.
Which reminds me, um I took Juliette to the trailer.
And? She actually remembered seeing you in the trailer.
She remembered me? Just in the trailer.
Well, that's a start, right? Oh, it's definitely a start, except she saw a whole lot of you, like all over the place, all talking at the same time.
What? Her memory is definitely trying to come back.
But I think the best thing for us to do right now is just stay out of the way.
No, I need to talk to her.
You've been talking to her all day in her head, man.
I think she's kinda Nick'd out.
I think it might actually be dangerous for her if we try to push it.
Juliette, I can't tell you how it all fits together.
It was destined to happen.
There's a rifle in here.
Juliette! Now, Vera, please tell the court exactly what you heard.
I heard Mrs.
Nidaria yelling for him not to hurt her.
What did you do then? I rushed to the bedroom.
And what did you see? I saw Mr.
Nidaria grab Mrs.
Nidaria And throw her right off the balcony.
It was horrible.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Good morning, Ms.
Can you tell the court how long you've been employed as Mr.
Nidaria's housekeeper? Just over two years.
You say you saw my client grab his wife, is that correct? Yes.
My client's sworn testimony states that his wife was was hysterical.
And despite his best efforts, she through herself Off the bedroom balcony.
Now, I ask you to go back to that moment one more time.
You heard shouting.
You ran into the room.
- Stay back! - Please come back inside.
Katherine, no! Please, God, no.
And what did you see? II think I was only trying to help her.
He was trying to help her.
Your honor, the defense is leading the witness.
Your honor, I'm simply trying to confirm what the witness actually saw on the evening of this tragic accident.
Your honor, the defense isn't confirming anything.
He's suggesting testimony to the witness.
Counsel will please approach the bench.
I'm going to let the answer stand in the interest of finding out what happened that night.
But Be more careful in how you phrase your questions when we proceed.
Of course, your honor.
Thank you.
We will take an hour lunch break and resume at 1:00.
All rise.
His name is Henri Leseuer, a businessman from marseilles Working in textiles, with ties to Al-Qaeda in Morocco.
- What's he doing here? - According to the report, he was here to deliver an explosive device to someone in the pacific northwest.
That sounds a little vague.
Well, that's because none of it's true.
His real name is Aguistin Katt, born in Malta in 1973.
He joined the French foreign legion when he was just 17 years old, rose quickly through the ranks, and then abruptly disappeared for eight years only to resurface with a new identity working for the Verrat.
What's the Verrat? The Verrat was created by the royal families in 1945 as a protective squadron, comprised of wesen, mostly hundjagers, who served on both sides during world war ii.
Was that bomb meant for you? For me or the man I was meeting with.
Probably both.
All right, how do you want us to deal with this investigation? We don't.
We let the lie be the truth, at least for the time being.
Why are you telling us all this? Well, because if they're willing to go to these lengths, we all need to be on guard.
Good to know.
Be careful.
- You believe him? - Yeah.
You trust him? I don't know.
Yeah? - Hey, are you busy? - Why? I think you need to get down to the courthouse on sixth.
And what's the problem? Oh, nothing much, just some rampant witness and jury tampering.
Thanks for getting down here so fast.
It is going off the rails in there.
You heard of Barry Kellogg, the lawyer? He's pretty famous, handling the Nidaria case.
Oh, he's handling it, all right.
He's running the courtroom like a nightclub hypnotist.
You said something about jury tampering.
You got proof? Well He dropped a toad In the men's room.
Excuse me? I think he's a ziegevolk.
I mean, why else would he have a toad in the bathroom? What the hell is he talking about? A ziegevolk eats toads, which gives them a kind of psycho-hallucinogenic influence over people.
Remember that guy who caged women in his basement? - He was one? - Yeah.
Except this guy's not just picking up women.
He's picking up an entire jury.
So why are you here? Because Rosalee is on the jury.
I'm just saying.
Take a look at this deal, and you tell me I'm crazy.
Now, according to your earlier testimony, you arrived at the Nidaria residence at around 8:15 P.
Can you please describe the defendant when you entered the house? Yes.
I found him in his living room, pacing.
Wu's on this case? Yeah, he was first at the scene.
Wu's done this a million times.
No lawyer's gonna trick him.
Did he say anything? No.
Nidaria, I need to ask you a few questions.
He refused to say anything.
Except that he'd already called his lawyer.
Did the defendant express any remorse about what happened to his wife? No.
No, not to me.
Thank you, officer.
Your witness.
Let me just say, sergeant, that we appreciate the hard work of the police department.
We understand the pressure you're under every time you face a crime scene.
It's not easy facing death on a regular basis.
You testified that my client failed to express remorse Which sounds to me like the description a police officer would've had, one who experiences death on a daily basis.
I want you to go back to that night one more time.
My client was devastated by her death.
My client was, in fact, in tears when you saw him.
Leading the witness.
Then I'll let you tell it in your own words.
What did you see, sergeant? Mr.
Nidaria, I need to ask you a few questions.
I tried to stop her.
God, this can't be happening.
Uh, well When I first saw the defendant, he was, uh take your time, sergeant.
This is very important.
Uh Yeah, I think he was Crying.
Would you say he was distraught? Yes.
Thank you, sergeant.
What the hell? No further questions, your honor.
I'm telling you.
It's the toad.
Okay guys What's going on? So Barry Kellogg is a ziegevolk? That's how he wins.
I still can't believe he got wu to reverse his testimony.
He's using some kind of rare type toad to really supercharge the ziegevolk pheromones.
He's been drugging us.
He's got the whole courtroom bamboozled.
It's so obvious.
I can't believe I didn't see it from the beginning.
Now that we know what we're dealing with, isn't there some sort of Immunity nasal spray you can make to keep Kellogg from influencing you? Maybe.
Just getting it into Rosalee isn't gonna do any good.
We'd need the whole jury to vote guilty.
Could you prove some sort of malpractice? How? Eating frogs isn't illegal.
And forget trying to prove they have magical powers to influence a jury.
And besides, this guy puts killers back on the streets.
Tanking one case isn't enough.
We need to figure out a way to stop him for good.
We don't have much time.
Closing arguments are tomorrow.
Here's something about pheromone production using salamanders.
Gotta be toads.
This one has a lengthy treatise on ziegevolk anatomy, but The author seems mostly interested in rehashing the old "three versus four stomachs" debate.
- That's a debate? - Oh, yeah.
Wait, there's something here in the ziegevolk's brain.
The geruck gland, which is below the hypothalamus, is unique to the ziegevolk and is devoted solely to regulating the release of pheromones through the sweat glands.
That's how they utilize their pheromones so effectively.
- What does it say about toads? - Nothing here.
But it's pretty obvious that when they eat certain amphibians, it super-stimulates this gland and sends the production and strength of the pheromone into overdrive, so so this is our target.
And how do we get to it? We make a solution that neutralizes that gland, which will stop him from producing pheromones no matter how many toads he eats.
Sort of a pheromone vasectomy, which will negate everything he's told the jury.
- Well, let's do it.
- Okay.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
There's one unfortunate ingredient we need.
Should've seen that coming.
- What is it? - Barry Kellogg's sweat.
How the hell do we get that? First, we find him.
And then we make him sweat.
I'm not sure I should really leave with you.
It's up to you.
I hardly know you.
But you feel safe and secure with me, and you wanna come back to my room.
You know what, I think I do.
I've never done this before.
I won't hold that against you.
What was that? Aah! Police! You okay, miss? Something just jumped out at us.
I don't know what it was.
Some kind of maniac.
I'll call it in.
- All right, what's your name? - Olivia Sutton.
Why don't you get back in the bar, Ms.
Sutton, get off the street? Help! Hey! Help! Help! Help! Help! - What's wrong? - Blutbad! Get in the truck! Go, go! Come on, come on! How'd it go? Oh, he's sweating.
But I think I pulled a groin muscle.
He just came outta nowhere! Yeah, yeah, I can see that.
Here, you built up quite a sweat.
Oh, thank you, my friend.
You quite literally saved my life.
Ah, it's it's really nothing.
That's what wesen are for.
Helping each other, you know, get away from other wesen.
Let me buy you a drink, it's the least I can do.
I gotta get home.
The wife and all, you know.
Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
- Really.
Oh, uh, my, uh my handkerchief? Yeah.
This thing's a mess.
Let me buy you a dozen more.
No, no, I need that one! I mean, uh, my wife gave it to me as a birthday present last Christmas.
My birthday's on Christmas.
Like Jesus.
I got it! I got it.
He wanted to take it back.
But I got it.
Okay, hurry.
Let's put it in the pot.
This needs to steep for a few hours.
So we leach out all his sweat.
Then, we add the reduction to the rest of the potion.
Then comes the hard part.
Hard part? Didn't we just do the hard part? All this does is help us make the antidote.
Which we have to get into Kellogg's toad before he eats it.
That way, it'll go straight to his geruck gland.
Uh, okay.
I guess that makes sense.
But how do we get it into his toad? - Mr.
- Yes? I'm Detective Burkhardt.
This is Detective Griffin.
May we come in? - What's this all about? - We're just following up on the 911 call made by Olivia Sutton.
She said she was with you when you were attacked last night.
- It'll just take a few minutes.
- All right, but make it quick.
I'm due in court in 45 minutes.
We have just enough for one dose.
Make sure you inject all of it into the toad.
- Okay.
- Maybe I should do it? No, no.
You can't.
You have to be in court.
Besides, if he sees you, he'll recognize you.
I got it.
I'm good.
Could you describe the man who attacked you? Well, it wasn't exactly an attack.
I may have overreacted.
I'm just relieved the young lady was not injured.
Uh, the woman said you ran away and he ran after you.
Of course.
I was trying to lead him away from her.
So you ran away in concern for her safety.
Wouldn't you? Now, she said to you he looked strange, like there was something wrong with his face.
Eh, he was wearing a hoodie.
I didn't get a good look.
- What color hoodie? - I'm not sure.
Look, I really have to just a few more questions.
Two toads? Two toads One dose.
Seriously? Now, Mr.
Kellogg, how did you get away from the attacker? I saw a workman loading his truck.
If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have gotten away.
Did he see the man who was chasing you? - Yes.
- Do you know his name? No.
Where did he drive you? Back here to the hotel.
What does it matter where he drove me? Don't move.
We're trying to identify the man who can identify the man who chased you.
- You said he saw him.
- He did.
Oh, no.
Would you recognize him if you saw him again? The man who was chasing me? No, the man who drove you here.
I don't know, maybe.
I don't know who he is.
- The man who was chasing you.
- No, the other man! Look, I'm a defense attorney.
I happen to be involved in a very important case right now.
Gentlemen, I have to go.
- No, sir, no! Nope.
- Mr.
There's a very dangerous man out there.
You're touching me.
We need to do everything in our power to get him off the streets.
Now, we've heard other complaints in the same area.
Attacks just like the one you've described.
How would you feel if the same man attacked someone else? All I know is you're not gonna catch him in my hotel room.
Now, I am due in court, and I am leaving Unless you would like to explain to the judge why I'm not there for closing arguments.
I think we're good here.
Thank you for your time, sir.
There you are! We got a problem.
- What? - He had two toads.
- Two toads? - I don't know which one he's gonna choose.
What did you do? The only thing I could do.
I picked one.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have a saying back where I'm from.
"Never judge a heifer by its hide.
" I'm reminded of these words as I stand here asking you to judge my client as you would a heifer.
Not by its hide, but by its character.
Don loved Katherine more than life itself.
They lived together in wedded bliss for more than five months.
He would've done anything for her.
Anything but kill her.
You heard testimony from his maid, chauffeur, cook, even the police.
And they all tell the same story.
The story of a quiet, upstanding, law-abiding citizen caught in the clutches of a uncaring judicial system intent upon prosecuting an innocent man.
My friends, the fate of this man is in your hands.
It's up to you to see that justice is done.
Thank you.
Eric, welcome back.
You look fabulous.
So do you.
Which brings us to the key.
I don't have it.
Well, that's disappointing.
I assume you told my brother what would happen if you didn't produce it.
I told him you would tell the Grimm everything if he didn't.
I wonder what game he's playing.
He said he couldn't get the key.
At least, not in the short amount of time that you gave him.
I don't believe time was the issue.
It's the motivation.
I can't say I completely understand what motivates your brother.
He's more complicated than most men.
A little bit of hexenbiest goes a long way.
I suppose it's about time the Grimm knew the truth about my brother and me.
Do you want me to tell him? Mm, no.
It's been a long time since I've seen my brother.
I'm looking forward to wrapping my arms around him.
What? What's different about you? Nothing.
Why? I don't know.
You have this Glow.
That's 'cause I'm with you.
- How long you think this will take? - It's hard to say.
Well, if you had to say, how long would it take? If they're guilty, it could take forever.
If they're innocent, it's usually faster.
They've reached a verdict.
Jury's coming back in.
Aw, God.
I picked the wrong toad.
That was fast.
Always is.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict? We have, your honor.
May I see the verdict? Will the defendant please rise? Madame Foreman, will you please read the verdict? In the case of the people of Oregon versus Donald Nidaria on the charge of murder in the first degree, we find the defendant Donald Nidaria guilty.
Yes! What the hell happened? Quiet! Quiet in the court, please.
Oh! Oh! - Come here.
- I wanna thank all of you.
If it wasn't for what you did, I'd be part of setting a killer free.
And we saved some lives.
Nidaria's in jail.
And Kellogg will never be able to step in front of a jury again without antagonizing them.
I still can't believe I actually stole a guy's sweat.
I got it.
I'm sorry, um, we're actually closed right now.
I just I forgot to turn the I need help.
I was told this is the place I should come.
You know, if you come another time, maybe tomorrow, I I need help now! See what I'm getting at? I do.
Something's happened to me.
I've lost my Abilities.
- Monroe, everything okay? - I got this! You should You! You were on the jury.
You did something to me.
- I'm sure you're mistaken.
- You poisoned me.
You did this.
You ruined me! I'll kill you! No! Monroe! You! You're the one who chased me.
He attacked Rosalee.
So you basically just saved this guy's life.
Oh, my God.
Monroe, thank you.
You! You're the cop.
And you! Hey, what's going on? Oh, boy.
How you doing? All of you! You you all did this to me.
Gonna be tough to prove in court.
You're under arrest for assault.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
I wanna talk to my lawyer.
I wouldn't bother.
Lawyers aren't worth a damn in here.
He said he knew someone from Rhinebeck.
I don't think I would have survived.
Hey, I'm out of shaving cream.
Did you remember to bring any home on the way? Never mind.
I'll just use yours.
Almost there.
So I wrote you a song.
And it is very bad.
But I'm gonna play it anyway.
That was Hank.
Might wanna sit down for this.
Double homicide on southeast hawthorne.
Have you seen my green sweater? It's gonna be a very late night.
Don't wait up.
Yeah, the one with the buttons.
Hey, I'm out of shaving cream.
No, I hate the red one.
Never mind, I'll just use yours.
I wrote you a song.
That was Hank.
I love you.
Double homicide on southeast hawthorne.
And Not just because I wanna sleep with you.
Hey, hey! I'm k I'm kidding, okay? Hey, I'm out of shaving cream.