Grimm s02e18 Episode Script


This is sort of unusual, what I'm seeing.
I am southwest of the Coalman glacier at about to be a fumarole.
The ground is unusually warm.
Some of the volcanic rock is warm to the touch.
Some of the rocks appear to be aphanitic, some have vesicular texture.
Where I was expecting to find andesite and dacite, I'm finding what appears to be ignimbrite, but I'm just so excited to find this fumarole, which I didn't know existed.
You can't take it! What are you doing? Give that back! It doesn't belong to you! Aah! Aah! Give it back! Aah! Aah! You haven't shown respect! Thom, this is Jill.
I'm up on Mt.
I just got back to my truck and some guy attacked me.
No, no, I'm okay.
I pepper sprayed him, but he's still back there.
I'm coming in.
What? Stop it.
- Get out.
- You're no longer welcomed in this precinct.
Really? Not for three weeks.
What are you still doing here? I'm just finishing up.
- No, you're not.
- You're on vacation.
Come on, get the hell out of here.
- I just - Nope, go.
- I heard he's going to Hawaii.
- I heard it's majorca.
Who cares? He hasn't taken a vacation in four years And boy, do I need it.
You just be careful and don't get hurt while I'm gone.
Watch his back.
- Watch yours! - Bye, Hank! - Aloha! - Have a great time, man.
- See you later, buddy.
- Have fun.
- And back to work.
- Ah.
No, no, please.
Not again.
Juliette? I'm making some eggs, you want some? I think we have a problem Good eggs, too.
The way you like them, and bacon.
That was the best chicken tagine I have ever watched you make.
With the ice.
There isn't any.
No, no, no, you relax.
If you really want the car, we should just get it.
We should do breakfast in bed.
Stop! Stop! Everybody, stop! Get out of here! Raccoons, again! We're looking for pine meadows drive.
The house has a name owl's nest.
Get out! Get out! Oh, God.
Really? Mm.
What is it? Fraulein Schade, it's me.
It's late.
What do you want? - Get dressed.
- Wh why? We have a meeting, with the gebirgeleutewortfuhrerin.
And who the hell is that? The queen of the schwarzwald romas.
And it was not easy to arrange.
Well, I'm not going.
You do not want to offend them.
I feel like crap.
If you want to learn the true value of motherhood, it's time to find out how much your little kinder is worth.
Wear something warm.
- Please, no, just get out.
- Juliette.
- Please, just go away.
- Juliette, just take it easy.
I just found out about the accident, and I got here as soon as I could.
Nick? Yeah.
I, um I guess you knocked yourself out.
Nobody else was hurt.
You're everywhere.
What? You were in my kitchen.
You were in my bedroom.
You're in my car.
Okay, Juliette, it it's gonna be okay.
I talked to the doctor.
You had a small concussion, but you're gonna be all right.
You need to leave me alone.
Yeah, Juliette, that is what I've been doing.
I don't know what you and your friends did to me, but I am losing it.
You have to understand that I can't see you anymore.
Okay, okay.
I, uh I just wanted to see how you were doing.
Hmm, felt like a 4.
3, 4.
Aah, come on! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Shoot! You got it! You got it! Shoot! Shoot! No, no, no, pass it! - Take the shot! - No, no, pass it, pass it! Aah! Ugh! Now let's have a look at some first half highlights.
- He should have passed it.
- He should have made the shot.
Right, Nick? What? - See, he agrees? - No, he doesn't.
He's not even watching the game.
- I'm watching the game.
- Really? Who's playing? - Timbers.
- And? I have no idea.
At least Juliette wasn't hurt in the accident.
I mean, in a way you got hurt worse than she did.
The way she treated you like some kind of pariah.
Hey, hey, I thought we were supposed to be cheering him up? I know, but come on, he has to face that what? What do I have to face? Nothing.
You're you're not ready to.
Look, sorry guys.
I-I don't mean to be like this.
No, it's okay.
It's fine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, we've all been there.
Well, maybe not exactly having been forgotten like you've been forgotten.
Look, we've certainly all been dumped on, for whatever reason.
We don't have to watch the rest of the game if you don't want to.
What? What? What? We go to a bar.
He might even meet someone new.
They'll have the game on there.
You know what, guys? I think I'm just gonna call it a night.
Okay, well, see you in the morning.
All right.
So, we completely tanked that one.
He's hurting.
There's not much you can do about that.
Just kind of surprised that a Grimm can hurt like that.
But, you know, Nick he's a sensitive Grimm.
Yeah, Burkhardt.
Yeah, just text me the address.
I'm on my way.
- You got something? - Dead body! That'll take your mind off her.
It takes my mind off off her.
What have we got? Well, the first part's normal.
Victim is Jill Pembrey, a geologist at eon industries.
Was supposed to pick up Roni Sanchez, a co-worker, for dinner.
When she didn't show, Sanchez tried to call, then came over, called 911.
And what's the not normal part? Everything else.
Looks like burn marks.
Was there a fire? If there was, nothing burned.
Except her.
See that? Looks like hand prints burned into her arms and neck.
That's some hot hands.
Let's see what the M.
has to say.
Any sign of forced entry? Don't know if it was forced, but we've got the same burn marks on the back door.
Looks like melted plastic.
It was hot in here.
Got a camera over here.
It says, "property of eon.
" Let's see what's on it.
Last thing shot was some video from earlier today.
Where I was expecting to see andesite and dacite, I'm finding what appears to be ignimbrite, but I'm just so excited to find this fumarole, which I didn't know existed.
Nothing after that.
One question what's a fumarole? - - - Ahem.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What is your name? Adalind Schade.
Your family has deep roots here, Adalind Schade.
I am Stefania Vaduva Popescu, and our roots run even deeper.
I'm honored to meet you.
Let us talk.
Welcome to my home! These are my sons Dragomir, Lucian.
Nice to meet you.
They don't speak English very well.
To establish the true value of a child, one must establish the bloodline.
- We understand.
- Mm.
I can tell you that.
You can say anything.
But there is only one way to be sure.
And what is that? Blood of the child.
What are you doing? No! Stop! Standard procedure.
Which, unfortunately, you have to be awake for.
No, no, no! It's just so shocking.
Jill was one of our best.
It doesn't make any sense, her dying like that.
Where was she working yesterday? Here.
Up on Mt.
Hood, taking samples.
You know, I don't know if this has anything to do with what happened up there, but She called in yesterday afternoon, said somebody attacker her on the Mountain.
She pepper sprayed him.
Did she report it to the police? She called us, and then we called the state park police.
We were waiting for a follow-up, and Now this.
We'll check with them.
Did she give you any description? No, not really.
Just some kind of crazy eco-freak.
What was she collecting on Mt.
Hood? Oh, she was taking rock samples and measuring mineral and chemical content.
We're looking at geothermal possibilities in the area.
She found a fumarole down lower than expected.
She was pretty excited.
- Can you tell us where she was? - How about I show you? Jill was single.
Had a boyfriend, they broke up a year ago.
His name was Doug Harrigon.
He took it pretty hard 'cause she broke up with him, but I don't think he'd do this to her.
She have any other relationships? Not romantic.
Tell you the truth, the love of her life was what she did.
- Huh.
- Well, this is the area where she said he attacked her.
Where was she taking samples? The fumarole is about Let's go.
Have you had any other problems with people or groups who don't want your company here? Well, the usual letters, a few protesters.
But we run a clean company.
We've gotten every permit, been to every public hearing.
Oh, this is interesting.
How so? Well, a vent in this area indicates the volcano could become more active.
This fumarole is showing the magma's heat is increasing.
This is too much steam.
What? Not sure.
This is what she would have been collecting.
Oh, what the hell? Stay back.
We'll take a look.
Looks like somebody had a bad hair day.
Never had anything like this happen before.
Until yesterday.
I got cell service.
I'm calling it in.
Yeah, this is sergeant wu.
I'm up on Mt.
What road is this? Forest service road 218.
Forest service road 218.
Don't move! Oh, great.
What the hell are you? Wu! I got him! Unh! Aah, you're taking what isn't yours! You've not shown respect, and now you're gonna die! You can't stop it! You're all gonna die! Aah! You've not shown respect! Good news.
She didn't lie.
Now we don't have to kill her.
The blood is royal.
I told you that before.
Yes, but the word of a hexenbiest even a former one is cheap.
Blood is strong.
Now the negotiations for the baby can begin.
No! What kind of a mother are you? The kind that wants the most for my baby.
I'm prepared to offer you It should be delivered of sound mind and body within 24 hours of the birth.
Those are my terms.
We can get more than that on the open market in Budapest.
If you can make it to Budapest.
You don't understand.
I'm not interested in money.
What are you interested in? I want what was taken from me by the Grimm.
I want my powers back.
What you want may not be possible.
Well, then I guess there's no reason to go to term.
She does not know what she is saying.
Take the money! Those are my terms.
Markus Hemmings.
Arrested numerous times near Mt.
Baker, Mt.
Rainier, Mt.
Helens, Mt.
Lassen, Mt.
Shasta, for assault and property damage.
He used to be an archaeologist.
Did some teaching, worked for the state.
Went off the grid about 15 years ago, when his illegal escapades began.
Well, it sounds like pretty standard eco-warrior stuff.
Why are you bringing it to me? I think he's the one who attacked Jill Pembrey yesterday before she was murdered in her home.
You have any physical evidence tying him to the murder scene? Not yet.
But 15 years ago his wife, also an archaeologist, went missing.
Found her dead under mysterious circumstances.
Tried to charge him but they couldn't prove it.
The M.
's description of her body matches that of Jill Pembrey.
Anyone ever do a psych evaluation? He's been treated for depression, but he's more lucid now he's back on his meds.
But He's wesen.
Who isn't these days? Did you get a good look at him? Yeah, but I've never seen anything like him.
Maybe I should help you with this one.
You okay with that? All right.
Let's get him in the room.
Okay, I am, um I am ready when you are.
And bring some more mustard.
I can't find my blue shirt.
You look great in that dress.
Yeah, it's a good deal.
I can do this.
Focus on one moment, one memory, and just try to be there with it.
You have to step into your past in order to reconnect with it.
It's not enough to just remember it, you have to become a part of it.
Juliette! Could you get the door, please? I remember this.
What did I say? What was I saying? Juliette, door! Baby, you're gonna hurt yourself.
Baby, you're gonna hurt yourself.
That's part of the plan.
Then you'll have to take care of me.
I think these are the encyclopedias.
Well, a couple of more loads should do it.
I'm gonna start unpacking then.
What? You're still okay with us moving in together, right? Are you? I don't know.
Oh, yeah? You, um you starting to have second thoughts? No.
Just one thought.
Markus Hemmings.
We know who you are, we know where you've been.
We know you attacked Jill Pembrey up on the Mountain yesterday.
We know she pepper sprayed you.
Now, you didn't like that, did you? So you followed her home and you killed her.
I didn't kill anybody.
I was trying to warn her.
- About what? - About what would happen if she took what wasn't hers.
So what did she take? His property.
And who are you talking about? I tried to warn her like I tried to warn you.
She wouldn't listen.
No one ever does.
When the earth cries, that's when he wakes.
You think of yourself as some sort of eco-warrior, is that it? Someone takes something from the earth, you think it's your responsibility to avenge it.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Why don't you help us with that, Markus? You know I know what you are.
Doesn't matter.
You don't know what he is.
Why don't you tell us? He's not like anything you've ever seen.
He's not like you, or me.
You think I want to live like this? I do not want to be on that Mountain! But I've seen what happens when Volcanalis rises! I've seen the destruction! He wants his revenge, and he won't stop! Why don't you tell us about your wife? What happened to her? I couldn't save her either.
So, do we know who this Volcanalis character is? Well, from what I can remember, Volcanalis is a priest of vulcan, the Roman God of fire.
Well, according to the M.
, Jill Pembrey seems to have cooked from the inside out.
Like a microwave? Don't know.
But her organs were well done.
And there's no evidence suggesting that Markus was at Jill Pembrey's house, or that he knew her before.
What if there was someone else? What, like a Roman God? I highly doubt we could pin a murder on him.
So We doing this one off the books? Yeah, might have to.
You good with that? Let's just say I've learned how to be flexible.
As have I.
Okay, not the big one.
So I ran all the data on attacks on or around volcanoes.
Strangely enough, there are several linked to people taking rocks which, according to some, are sacred.
Helens in Washington, Mt.
Shasta in California, Kamoamoa in Hawaii, Iliamna in Alaska, Hoodoo in Canada, Mt.
Bandai in Japan, El Chichon in Mexico, llaima in Chile.
I didn't know there were that many volcanoes.
That's just in what's affectionately known as "the ring of fire," basically a circle around the pacific.
According to these legends, if you purloin sacred stones there is hell to pay.
Like pele in Hawaii.
Not very nice once she's riled up.
Not that I believe in such things.
However, last time I was in Hawaii, I made sure not to take any rocks.
Thom took some rocks from the mountain.
After what happened to Jill, we better give her boss a heads up.
Angie? Where'd they Go? Aah! Police! Put him down! Police! Put him down! Don't move! Stay back! Stay back! Aah! I can't breathe.
I'm going after him! Yeah.
Ha! Where should we put this? In the trash.
This is my Elvis lamp.
I got it in Mexico.
I see that, and that doesn't make it any more valuable.
I had to drink a lot of mescal and eat a worm for this thing.
Nick You just have to ask yourself one question who do you love more? I'm gonna go get you a beer to celebrate your breakup.
Please do.
We need to put more than just beer in that fridge.
I could really use a double americano right about now You know? I mean, if we're gonna be spending this much time here, you should really invest in a decent sound system and an espresso machine.
I got something.
" This is what Markus looked like.
Now we know where "bullheaded" came from.
Listen to this.
"Known for stubbornness and courage "in the face of adversity.
"Many have been found in the front lines, "first to volunteer, willing to face down any enemy, with nerves of steel under fire.
" Hold on.
I think I've got something on Volcanalis.
Right? I mean, what the hell is that? That's what we saw tonight.
I'll tell you what, dude this looks a little bit like what, in my book, is known as El diablo.
What do they write about him? I don't know.
It's all in Latin.
Well, we know someone who speaks Latin.
"Having encountered the molten beast twice before, "I enlisted the help of the high priest "before I had the courage to return up the Mountain.
"Many of the dwellers in Pompeii had removed rocks.
"When we discovered the bodies "of these villagers burnt and blistered, "the priest uttered one word before he ran for his life "Volcanalis.
"Too frightened to face it on my own, "I retreated just in time "as vesuvius sought revenge, "erupting and burying Pompeii.
"I returned to Rome where I was to learn that Volcanalis "had often been mistaken for that ancient serpent, Satana.
"But unlike Satana, Volcanalis "lived within the mountains of fire, "frequently appearing prior to violent eruptions as I had so recently learned.
" That is quite the history lesson.
Do you have a lot of these books, by the way? A few.
If he did that to Pompeii, you think he had anything to do with, like, Mt.
Helens? Well, if he did, I'd hate to think what he'd do to Portland.
Assuming what we saw tonight is what's in the book, any suggestions? I don't think we'll be able to fight fire with fire on this one.
Well, Markus knows more about him than anybody.
Well, it's worth a try.
You in? To save Portland? Hell, yeah.
That's him.
Where did you get this? That is not important.
What is important is we need to find a way to stop him.
- He can't be stopped.
- Well, we have to try.
Now we're going back up that Mountain.
- You won't find him.
- We're hoping he finds us after we pick up a few more of his rocks.
Are you crazy? You saw what happened! We want you to go back up there with us.
Don't you understand? This is a force of nature.
Might as well try and stop a hurricane.
- Where does he come from? - I don't know.
Somewhere inside the Mountain.
Trust me, I tried.
I could never find out.
How does he find the ones who steal from him? He knows somehow.
He he's connected to the earth in a way I-I still don't understand.
Come on, you've been living in the mountains for years.
You must have learned something.
Yeah! I learned that I could stay there till hell freezes over, wouldn't make a difference.
Markus, now he killed your wife.
Don't you want to do something about that? Of course I do.
I would give my life to do something about it.
I am not afraid of dying.
I know you're not, Markus.
So what's it gonna take? What do you mean? To make hell freeze over.
- Take the rocks from closest ***.
- How many? A lot.
We really want to get this guy's attention.
Maybe we should have brought, like, a priest or a rabbi or something, you know? Just to be on the safe side.
- There is no safe side.
- Yeah, especially not here.
Let's go! You took the words right out of my mouth.
Okay, so what do we do with the rocks? Put 'em in the middle of the room.
He'll go for them first.
What'll he go for second? Us.
Okay, so, the rocks are in the middle, and, uh, don't you think you should be stepping a little further away from them? I stand next to them.
What, do you mean like bait? Yeah.
Which way will he come from? No telling.
Hope you're right about hell freezing over.
Hopefully 346 degrees below zero is enough.
I wonder how long before he'll I mean, maybe he won't even is it getting hot in here? What the hell? I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean to say "hell.
" I just Oh, God! Unh! Get a grip.
Get a grip.
I stole your rocks, you bastard! Come get me.
Come on! You killed my wife, now try me! Now! Do it now! Think we should read him his rights? Yeah Last rites.
I needed that.
- It's like black glass.
- Like obsidian.
So that's where that comes from.
Keeping Portland weird.
I kept trying to find the perfect moment, but It never came.
And I think the thing is, we have to make this our perfect moment.
Juliette Will you be my wife?