Grimm s02e19 Episode Script


Previously on Grimm.
They call themselves ***.
Believe me, they're out there.
- *** - *** Do they all know you're one of these Grimms? I think they can sense it and recognize them.
From the beginning, they've conspired by ***.
Nick took something away from me, so I took something away from him.
She's in a coma.
They've taken from him.
- I love you so much.
- Who are you? Doesn't it seem strange that the only thing Juliette doesn't remember is you? Maybe that was Adalind's plan all along.
But they *** what matters most.
Never lose this.
Guard it with your life.
The captain is the one who woke Juliette up.
He saved your life.
What do you want from me? If you and I can overcome our differences, we will make history.
- You trust him? - I don't know.
Juliette remembered seeing you in the trailer.
You think my memory is coming back? What did you take from Constantinople in the 13th century that was so damn important? What the hell did you bury? Damn.
What the hell? Are you kidding me? Aah! John? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Bottom line, my dad was very old-school, okay? I mean, very old-school.
Your dad still hunts? No.
Well, let me put it this way.
I don't ask and he knows better than to talk to me about it.
But they're not getting any meals on wheels, I'll tell you that much.
What about your mom? Well, again, I don't know for sure, but she doesn't let him go anywhere by himself.
Especially at night, because he's not also great about finding his way home.
Do they still live in the same house you grew up in? They do.
Half moon lake, New Hampshire.
Same town, same street.
Same three-bedroom with a large, kind of den house that backs up against the state forest, you know? For easy access.
But the problem is, really, they just they miss me and they want to come out and spend a couple of weeks.
What's wrong with that, huh? Nothing.
It's just, they never stay in a hotel.
They always stay here and right now it's kind of awkward, because oh, right.
Nick and your parents under the same roof.
Yeah, that would be a problem.
Yeah, I mean, bottom line, I don't want Nick to kill my parents.
Not that they wouldn't give him plenty of reason.
I bet Nick would understand, right? Just move out while they're here? He could stay with Hank or even me.
Yeah, maybe.
It's just that the way things are going right now, I'm not sure Nick could do without my help for that long.
Has he said anything about Juliette? No, not much, but it doesn't look to me like they're gonna be getting together anytime soon.
Well, hey, you never know.
Relationships are unpredictable.
Monroe, you up? Hey, Monroe! You home? I need your help! Oh, there you are.
Hi, Rosalee.
Um, this is me intruding, isn't it? I'm going to my room now.
Nick, wait, if you need Monroe's no, no, no.
This can wait.
- Oh.
- See what I mean? I think you're right.
It's probably not the best idea to have your parents come out right now.
Why don't we try this again tomorrow night? At my place.
I'll be there.
So Problem? Sorry, Monroe.
But it looks like things are going really well with you two.
I mean, they're actually going amazing.
So one little interruption at just the right moment, not gonna be the end of the world.
What do you got? - My aunt gave me this.
- What is that? Supposedly it's one of the keys that locked away something very important.
Oh, man.
This is really old.
You ink the sides of it And it makes the piece of a map.
My mom told me there are six more of those and that hey! Monroe, where are you going? I think I know this, Nick.
I think I know this.
- The key? Seriously? - No, the map.
But the key is very old.
I'd say made sometime during the middle ages.
You know, a lot of them were first designed in monasteries.
It's called a ward-lock, and I'm not talking about a male witch.
It's a they use a set of obstructions called wards.
But I'm really more interested in the map right now.
This is an ancient map of Schwaben, which is Swabia, which is in Bavaria.
You see the similarities between this map and yours? How do you know all this stuff? Well, my great-great-great- grandfather on my mother's side was a cartographer in Colmar, which is in Alsace Lorraine, which is basically right across from the black forest.
Anyway, I inherited a ton of his stuff that wasn't burned during the Franco-prussian war when Germany annexed Colmar.
My guess, this map of yours was drawn in the Behaim style, which could put it squarely in the Schwarzwald.
Sorry, the black forest.
See? The way the hills and the waterways are drawn I mean, this is before they could be all that accurate.
So you're telling me from this little piece of map, you think it's somewhere in Germany? Oh, yeah.
I'd bet my great-great-great- grandfather on it.
What's the map for, anyway? Supposedly crusaders in the 13th century sacked Constantinople, and they found something that they considered too powerful to return to the royal families who helped finance their crusade.
And there were seven of them and they were all Grimms.
They must have sacked something pretty significant.
Any idea what? Nobody seems to know.
But a lot of people want to find out and they're willing to kill for it.
So who has the other six keys? I don't know for sure.
But there's someone who might.
I took you, Nick.
I took you to that party at David and Roni's, but what were we doing before we kissed? - Juliette.
- Hey.
- You don't look very happy.
- Really? Does it show? Yeah, a little.
Is it Nick trouble? No, not even.
It's ridiculous.
I'm being ridiculous.
Everything is so good, I'm we're going great.
We're just so perfect for each other but nobody has said how they feel yet.
Ohh, you mean in terms of the word "love.
" I did not say that.
I'm l'm gonna get a refill.
Be right back.
Hi, Nick.
Hi, Roni.
- Hey.
- Your friends are really nice.
Good, I'm glad you're having a good time.
I am With you.
Oh, I get it.
I just ruined the moment.
No, you didn't.
I'm trying to tell you that I love you.
Well, that's good because I love you too.
Hey, guys.
Thank God you're back.
Give it to me.
- Baby.
- Mm! Baby, slow down.
You're gonna choke.
Oh, no, you hurt yourself.
I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
How are you feeling? Better.
The baby's kicking.
You want to feel? That's nice.
You gotta get some rest.
We have to move in the morning again.
Oh, God.
I can't do this much longer.
I thought we were safe here.
I did too.
I'm sorry.
We have an update on the attack at Hadley ranch, bell crossing road.
Confirmation of one person killed, livestock mutilated.
Medical staging.
Rancher claims attack was from an alien, and not the illegal kind.
Proceed with caution, potential mental health issues.
Damn it.
We've got a problem.
What? The car won't start.
It's either the battery or the starter, I'm not sure.
- Well, what are we gonna do? - You're gonna stay here, keep off your feet.
I'm going to get us another car.
I don't want you to leave me.
Baby, I don't want to go either, but we don't have a choice.
I love you.
We're gonna make it.
- Am I late for something? - In a way.
I take it this is not about a case? We're talking about a key.
I suppose now is as good a time as any.
I know there's seven keys.
I know they lead to something that was buried in the 13th century.
Do you know what it is? What I know is this.
The royal families have four of the seven keys.
You hold one.
That means there are still two that are unaccounted for.
Now when the maps of all seven keys are put together, the location of what it is they buried will be known.
Those seven crusaders who took it upon themselves to deceive the royal families, they were your ancestors.
However, one of the seven would betray the other six.
He did so, mind you, only after severe torture.
So your ancestors tortured one of mine to get his key.
How'd they get the other three? Well, let me just say there was a lot of bloodshed.
Even by our standards.
Still, it took 600 years to get three more keys.
So what's worth all that? Well, that all depends on which legend you believe.
In one, it's the secret of alchemy.
In another, everlasting life.
A third has it associated with the prophet Mohammed's sword, which apparently holds a great deal of power.
And lastly, the nails that secured Christ to the cross, and possibly some of those pieces of the cross itself.
They are said to hold immense power too.
Do we believe this? Seven crusaders felt it was worth their lives not to have what they found fall into the wrong hands.
I guess they found something that convinced them.
So the question for us would be, can we afford not to believe them? Maybe not.
But what are we gonna do about it? Well, for now, make sure to keep my family's hands off your key.
So I guess you and your family aren't all that close.
My family, as you call them, would have been happier had I never been born.
Let me just say that if I stay out of their way, they leave me be.
Not that they haven't tried to kill me on occasion.
Do you plan to stay out of their way? Well, part of that depends on you.
How? Do you trust me? Probably about as much as you trust me.
Yeah? Sorry to interrupt, but we have a weird one.
A little out of our jurisdiction, but county's requesting assistance.
What is it? Cattle mutilations, possible homicide.
And here's the fun part.
The perp, according to the rancher? He's an alien life form.
The truth is out there East of Portland.
Ready when you are.
This is where it happened.
When I saw John, I knew it was bad.
I just hoped to hell he wasn't gonna die.
I tried to put him on the atv with me and - I'm Doug Parcell.
- Detective Burkhardt.
- Sergeant wu.
- Hi.
That's our county vet, Kevin Levalle.
I got out here to the ranch a little after midnight.
Paramedics couldn't do anything about John.
There's blood on the atv.
Seems to me he must have been hit pretty hard, got pushed back into his own fencepost, pierced his back.
He killed six of my cows and he killed John.
Now, I swear to God, I don't know what the hell it was.
I never saw anything like it before, but it was some kind of alien being.
He was glowing.
And then I saw him run off that way.
Same thing he told me last night.
I'm wondering if it's a guy in some kind of mylar coat.
I'm telling you, he was glowing.
I know how that sounds, but there's no other way to describe it.
He do this to all your animals? Yeah.
Cut them open.
But he didn't do it for the meat.
He's right, there was no butchering.
It must have been some kind of cult ritual thing.
What I saw wasn't from this earth.
What's he run into if he runs that direction? My fence line is about - Mind if we borrow your truck? - No, no.
Go ahead.
Well, I think we know where he got out.
Not very gracefully.
That had to hurt.
Looks sort of like lizard skin.
That'd be a damn big lizard.
Well, I appreciate everything you fellas are doing.
We'll call you as soon as we learn anything.
I just hope you find whatever it was that did this.
This is the Hadley ranch.
This is where it happened, right? Are you Hadley? No.
So you must be looking into the alien attack.
Uh, sir, this is a police investigation.
Oh, I know, I know.
I'm not trying to get in the way.
I'm just trying to help out here.
For instance, did you know that these attacks have been happening all across the country? Well, here, let me give you my card.
George Lazure, alien hunter.
Or if you prefer, ufologist.
Listen, guys, did anyone get pictures? 'Cause I can pay big for an alien photo.
Black and white, color, doesn't matter, but digital's best.
I'm willing to split with you guys.
- No photos, sorry.
- Oh, damn.
Hey, look, you can level with me.
We're all on the same team, really, protecting the people.
Was the victim probed? Nobody was probed Yet.
No, I gotta know if she'll stick around When the time comes.
Oh! To put my truck down then further up the road we'll park our home You got your ***, and ***, and your reptilians, from Andromeda.
That one.
That's what I saw.
What have you done? I didn't want her to be able to identify me.
She's all right, she's just passed out.
She might have had a heart attack.
Well, we needed a car.
And I didn't know how else to get one.
Come on, let's go.
You're just gonna leave her here? She's gonna be fine.
Look, we need to think about you and the baby now.
We're not gonna make it.
Hey, hey Yes, we are.
Okay, you gotta be strong for the baby.
- It's definitely skin.
- Human skin.
Well, not precisely.
You know, I don't know if I would have even seen this if we hadn't had a power outage.
Turn off the lights and I'll show you what I mean.
Pretty, huh? What is it? Luciferase.
Please tell me that has nothing to do with the devil.
It's the enzyme responsible for bio-luminescence.
Like fireflies.
Also found in many fish and marine invertebrates.
It wasn't glowing when we found it.
The enzyme usually activates when the animal is agitated.
The old fight or flight response.
So is it animal or is it human? I don't know.
It's human skin with an animal skin response.
Just got a call from the county sheriff.
Apparently we have another witness.
This one's claiming alien abduction.
So are we talking spaceship? No.
Ah! Aah! I'm sorry, honey, we gotta stay on the back roads.
You all right? No! You have to pull over.
We gotta make more Miles, we haven't gone that far.
I need you to stop, something is wrong.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
What can I do? I need to rest.
I need to rest for a while.
Babe, you said something was wrong.
If I don't rest, I'm gonna have this baby right here and now.
There's an old cabin over there.
I've got an idea.
Doesn't look like there's anybody home.
I'm gonna check it out.
That's it, hold on.
Hold on, hold on.
I don't think anybody's been here for a long time.
We'll rest here for a while.
I'm gonna go hide the car.
Vincent I'm getting hungry again.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
I know.
Uh, I'll see what I can find.
But first, I'm gonna start a fire and get this place warmed up.
Hey, um, Nick's not here, right? I don't see his car.
Uh, no, he's at work as far as I know.
Did you try calling him? No, I don't want to talk to him, I want to talk to you.
You don't want to go back to the trailer, do you? No, I want to talk about this.
Hey! That's a very nice photo.
Right? I think.
This was taken four years ago and I remember everything about it.
Well that's her.
Meet Maureen Rodriguez.
And she does have a red '78 bronco registered in her name.
We're looking for it.
Where'd they find her? About two Miles from where that ranch hand was killed and the cattle were mutilated.
She was walking down the middle of the road, trying to flag down cars.
So something did happen to her.
County sheriff checked out her story, found the old barn she said she was taken to.
Station wagon parked outside, hood up, broken down, no plates.
Which probably means that's our spaceship.
We're trying to I.
the owner based on the VIN.
Do me a favor, look into these cattle mutilations.
Where they started, what direction they're going.
Gotta get ahead of this one.
I remembered everything about that night.
Where we went, what we did when we were there, that kiss.
So that's a good thing.
Monroe, I remembered how much I loved him.
I could feel it.
Then that's a really good thing, right? Or no? Why not? I mean, isn't that what you wanted? I treated him so badly, I'm scared that what I've done would just make it impossible for him to ever love me again.
Look, I'm not an expert in these things, although when it comes to you and Nick, I'm certainly privy to more than most But I just have to tell you, from what I've seen over the past several weeks, nothing suggests that his core feelings for you have faded to any great degree.
I'm not so sure.
Well, there's only one way to know.
Juliette, you have to tell him.
I want to but I'm scared.
Come on, after all you've been through? Monroe, that's just it.
I'm not the same person that I once was and maybe that is not such a good thing.
Oh, I kind of think it is.
Please just don't repeat any of this to Nick.
I'll talk to him when I'm ready.
All right.
I'll do anything I can to help.
There's one thing that might help.
Name it.
Tell me what a Grimm is.
Aa Grimm? A Grimm is someone who can see into the heart of darkness.
Someone who sees things other people don't understand.
- I can see things that - That what? That most people can't.
He said something like that the night in the trailer.
The night that he brought me over to your house.
Yeah, I know.
So what exactly are you trying to tell me? I'm trying to tell you he's different.
Hey, I got the stats on the cattle mutilations you asked for.
And? I highlighted the reported ufo attacks.
Seems to have started two weeks ago in Lincoln, Nebraska, then moving northwest from there ever since.
You can see the frequency of attacks, which total 27, increases as they travel.
What is it about cows and aliens? I got nothing.
- What? - Have you found them? No.
I'm close.
She's ready to give birth soon.
And when she does, I'll be there.
I've got four parties bidding now.
A set of three would be worth a fortune.
Yeah, I'm working on it.
Don't call me again.
I'll call you when it's done.
Went by your desk with the lab report, but you're not there.
What do you got? Something which finally sheds some real light on the mystery of the cattle mutilations across this country.
- While we're young, wu.
- Ovaries.
Excuse me? That's what was taken from the cows.
Their ovaries.
Now you know.
Yes, I do.
What? I don't believe this.
They were supposed to be extinct.
At least that's what I was told.
Well, that wouldn't exactly be in a natural history book.
No, these things have a very unnatural history.
They were supposedly hunted to extinction.
Like the buffalo, their skins were considered very valuable because of their luminescent quality.
They were hoarded by collectors.
Did you actually see one? No.
But I've got two people who say that they've seen aliens.
And I've got a piece of glowing skin that can't be categorized as animal or human.
When I was a kid, we used to think they were these beautiful, magical creatures that would glow in the dark.
It was supposed to be really good luck to see one, you know, like the leprechaun legend.
It wasn't so lucky for the ranch hand.
Or the mutilated cows.
- There were mutilated cows? - Yeah.
Six of them.
More on other ranches.
Give me just wait, one second.
Was anything cut out of them? Their ovaries.
There's more than one and she's pregnant.
What? There's no way she's doing the hunting on her own.
That's who the ovaries are for.
Here, here, look.
Gluhenvolk are an ancient wesen species with roots that go back to Africa.
The gestating female consumes cow ovaries during pregnancy.
I know it sounds hinky, but let's just say it's their pickles and ice cream.
So he is mutilating cows to get their ovaries to feed to the mother of his soon-to-be-born child.
The closer the attack on cows are, the closer she is to popping out a baby Gluhenvolk.
There were 27 attacks since they left Nebraska.
go into labor any minute.
Rosalee? Oh, hey, Nick.
Ah, I see you two have a book open there, which more likely than not portends some sort of catastrophic disaster, which in turn, can only mean my date with Rosalee has been put on hold.
Monroe, there is a Gluhenvolk mutilating cattle for ovaries because he has a pregnant woman about to give birth any minute.
Seriously? A Gluhenvolk? Yes.
I thought they were extinct.
So they're moving along back roads and the last cattle attack was right here.
The car was abandoned here and the woman was abducted somewhere along here.
If she's as pregnant as I think she is, she can't get very far not on those roads.
My guess, I'd say they're somewhere in here.
Right? One road in, one road out.
And she's going to need more ovaries.
I'm living in an alternate universe.
No, you just have a better understanding of the one we're in.
Well, I'd better get out there.
Nick, we want to go with you.
This could be the last of a species, man.
We need to help them if we can.
- He may have killed a guy.
- But the baby is innocent.
I know that truck.
This guy's been following our Gluhenvolk.
Why? He's a ufologist.
He may have found them and I gotta find out.
Whoa, whoa, hold on.
He might be asleep in there, man.
Don't you need a warrant for that? You're right.
You open it.
Oh, okay.
Hello? This is a fleshing knife.
Um, I don't think this guy's a ufologist.
Sauver sa peau.
"Save your skin"? Must mean literally.
If you shot a wesen with this stuff in that bullet the bullet would kill him, okay? But the sauver sa peau would keep him in full woge, even after death.
- Forever? - No.
This is just temporary.
You probably have no more than six or eight hours before you would change back.
So he has to harvest and tan the hides very quickly.
He does it right here in his trailer.
This is so wrong.
But you would have a perfectly morphed specimen to sell.
We'd better find those Gluhenvolk before he does.
How? They're driving a stolen bronco, we didn't pass one on the road, and there was no place to turn off.
They've got to be ahead of us somewhere.
I'm taking these.
What are you doing? Why are you stopping? Nick, do you see something? I think I see a building.
Somebody turned off here.
The gate's down.
Somebody's got a fire going.
You smell that? There's only one set of tracks.
Somebody went in and didn't come out.
Let's check it.
Vincent? Damn it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, get away from me.
Please, just take it easy, okay? We're not gonna hurt you.
We're here to help.
Where's Vincent? What have you done with him? We need you to tell us where he is.
Don't hurt me.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't hurt my baby.
It's true.
Oh, you're beautiful.
Stay away from me! Stay awa aah! I think she's going into labor.
Whoa, Nick, I think you put her over the top.
We're gonna need a bunch of stuff we don't have.
Oh, the baby's coming.
The baby's coming.
We're not gonna hurt you at all, we're here to help you.
You need to roll onto your back.
Oh, my God, her water just broke.
- How much time do we have? - Like, none.
- Uh - Uh I've got a first aid kit in my car.
Keep breathing.
Hold her head.
We're gonna have to spread your legs, okay? Here, now just take hold of my hand.
We'll get through this.
Ow! I need alcohol wipes for my hands.
- Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- Monroe! She's, like, breaking my hand.
- I can't do this.
- You're doing just fine.
- I can't do this.
- You're doing just great.
You're doing great, keep breathing.
What's your name? Jocelyn oh! Okay, jocelyn, my name's Rosalee.
This is Monroe and that's Nick.
- Nice to meet you.
- The baby's crowning.
Nick, I'm gonna need you to put counter-pressure with your hands on the small of her back.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right, jocelyn, we're gonna push.
We're gonna push, okay? All right, keep pushing.
Here we go.
There you go.
Push, jocelyn, there you go.
Jocelyn? What are you doing? What's going on? The baby's coming.
We're, uh, helping, so just join in anytime.
- Vincent! Vincent! - Yeah, I'm here, I'm here.
Keep pushing.
Keep pushing.
All right, it's coming.
Here it comes.
It's coming.
I've got the baby.
There you go.
Oh, you did it.
Monroe, will you grab the blanket? - Blanket.
- Right there.
Oh, here, here, here.
It's beautiful.
We have a daughter.
Yes, we do.
One big, happy family.
All I want is what I came for.
You don't have to get hurt unless you want to.
Don't be stupid.
What about me? What am I worth? Ooh, more than a Blutbad.
What about a Grimm? How much are you worth? - We did it.
- It's okay.
- What do we do with them? - What do we do with him? We gotta get them out of here.
Just get as far away from here as you can.
Thanks for everything you guys did for us.
Where you headed? There's a few of us left In Alaska.
Good luck.
And no more cows, guys.
Thanks again.
You think they found that guy? Should be there soon.
Hopefully before the drugs wear off.
Cover right.
Hands up! Get your hands up now! What the hell is that? We got it, we got the alien.
All right, everybody step back.
Move back.
Be prepared for anything here now.