Grimm s02e20 Episode Script

Kiss of the Muse

*** Ooh, ow! It's nothing.
It's just a cat scratch.
I've had a million of 'em.
I'm not going to the doctor for a cat scratch.
I'm not going to the doctor for a cat scratch.
Your life could be in danger.
Nick, that's ridiculous.
You don't understand what she is.
What is she? She's an attractive, successful woman.
You saved her life once.
What do you suddenly have against her now? And what aren't you telling me? Did you have some sort of a relationship with her? - No.
- Then what is it? She's a witch, okay? You don't know what's going on here.
You're going to the doctor.
You went shopping already? You bet.
Shemanski park outdoor market.
The true epicure always does his shopping while the farmers set up.
Hey, what are you doing for dinner? That depends on work.
Why? Well, I scored these primo veggie steaks.
If I know when you're coming, I'll defrost an extra.
- Veggie steaks? - They're excellent.
You know, a little ponzu? Cruelty-free.
How can I say "no" to that? - All right.
- Hank, you back? Yeah.
I'm leaving now.
I'll meet you at Fuller's coffee shop.
Hey, I cannot wait for those veggie steaks.
So what happened to you? Ziplining in kauai.
Landed a little too enthusiastically and tore my achilles.
Man what'd the doctor say? Actually, he was very adamant.
"Let your partner do all the work.
" As if I don't already.
So you were zip-lining alone? Well, not exactly.
You remember Nadine? Ex-wife Nadine? Yeah.
I took her.
It was kind of an experiment.
You know, we still have a lot in common.
I didn't see that one coming.
Yeah, I know.
Neither did I.
Um, so what'd I miss? The usual.
The devil.
A couple of space aliens.
I don't think that was a backfire.
You go.
I'll call it in.
Police! Let me through! Move! - You love me.
- Let go, Anton! Khloe, we have to get out of here now.
Now! Come on, baby.
Anton, please.
You're mine, Khloe.
No! Anton, let go of me! Let her go! Get out! Khloe! This is Burkhardt, I'm in foot pursuit of an armed suspect at Nolen's books on northwest first and Davis.
Uhh! Heard the suspect took a div-yeah.
The river.
- Alive or dead? - I don't know.
But if he came up, it was not where I could see it.
Well, you have that look.
- He's wesen.
- So he could've stayed under.
Divers are searching now.
So this is the Vic? Evan Childs? Yeah, he was the writer.
It was his book signing.
What about the girl? I think she knew the shooter.
She does.
According to her, and by "her" I mean.
Khloe Sedgwick, age 30, girlfriend of the Vic.
She said the shooter's name is Anton Cole.
We're running down his place of residence.
She say how she knew him? Well, he's an ex-boyfriend.
So we're talking crime of passion.
- That'd be my guess.
- All right.
Let's talk to her.
Follow me.
How long have you known Anton Cole? Uh, a little over two years.
We we broke up about six months ago.
That's when you started seeing Mr.
Childs? Yeah, I guess.
Were you seeing both at the same time? No, I don't do that.
Anton, he just he wouldn't let go.
He kept calling and wanting to get back together.
And then, Evan started getting pretty upset.
And then Anton started showing up at my house saying that Evan wasn't good enough for me, but that he was.
And did you report any of this to the police? You don't understand.
Why don't you tell us? This is gonna sound pretty terrible, but guys fall for me pretty easily.
And when they do, they just they don't stop, and it can get really oppressive.
I-I don't mean to sound conceited.
It's just the way that it is.
If it hadn't have been for you He would've killed me.
Thank you.
Uh You're gonna be okay.
But you haven't found him yet.
Well, not yet, but we'll put an officer in front of your house until we do.
If he contacts you, call me.
Are you going to wash that hand? What are you talking about? Give me a break.
Hey, got a 20 on Anton's place of residence, a loft in the southeast.
He was such a gentle soul and so talented.
He broke up with his girlfriend, and it kinda tore him up.
And, well, he kept to himself after that.
And when he would come over, what would you talk about? Mostly about his art and Khloe, his girlfriend.
He said she was his inspiration.
I thought that was very romantic.
But personally, I think he gave her way too much credit.
But I guess that's love, right? Well, thank you for your help.
We'll take a look around now.
Well, call me if you need me.
I'll be downstairs.
Search team just reported in.
Anton's body has not been found.
Doesn't mean he's not way downriver.
But It's the "but" that scares me.
Clear! Clear! In my humble opinion, it seems this guy was sort of obsessed and maybe a little out of his mind with Ms.
You think? Interestingly, his style seems to range from impressionistic to "WTF.
" Better take a look at this.
A pre-illustrated crime of passion.
I guess that proves premeditation.
- Juliette.
- Nick! I'm glad I got you.
Yeah, I'm in the middle of an investigation.
I'm sorry.
This'll really just take a second.
Look, I-I know this might seem a little bit out of nowhere, but could you come over for dinner tonight? Yeah, sure.
Is there a problem? No, not not at all.
I just thought it would be nice if we could talk.
What time? - Around 8:00? - All right.
I'll see you then.
I will see you then.
You doing something with Juliette? Yeah, I guess we're having dinner.
What, things are getting better? If they are, nobody told me.
- Yeah? - Let's go.
I got a date with physical therapy.
I'll check with you after.
Is that Anton? Yeah.
I didn't get a very good look at him, but this is pretty much what I saw before he ran.
Yeah, wish we could put that on an apb.
I'm not sure that would help.
Say hi to Juliette.
Hope dinner goes well.
Yeah, me too.
Hey, Detective.
- Any problems? - No.
She's inside.
Nobody in, nobody out.
- Who is it? - It's Detective Burkhardt.
It's okay.
You can open the door.
Sorry to bother you.
Just needed to do a little follow-up.
Come on in.
Let me just go put some clothes on.
- Good evening.
- Hey, Monroe, it's Juliette.
Juliette! How are ya? Pretty good.
Just making a little dinner.
Yeah, me too.
Listen, the reason I'm calling is I wanted to talk to you before Nick got here.
Nick's coming over to your place? - Yeah, I'm making his dinner.
- Hold on.
You're making dinner for you and Nick? Yeah.
I, you know, I wanted to talk to him about some of the things that have been happening lately.
And I thought dinner would be well, that's not important.
But before he gets here, I I just wanted to know if he has said anything to you about our relationship or Yours and mine? No, me and Nick.
I'm just a I'm a little nervous.
I wish I knew how he felt.
Well, he's been waiting for something like this for kind of a long time.
So I guess you're just gonna have to, you know, get into it and see where it goes.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right.
Thank you that's exactly what I needed to hear.
Thanks, Monroe.
Good luck.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
What was it you wanted to talk to me about? We haven't found Anton yet.
Then he's still alive.
We have to proceed as if he is.
You didn't have to come all the way here to tell me that you could've just called.
That's not why I'm here.
You ever seen this? Uh, no.
That's Anton's work.
I know that.
It seems as though Anton has been planning this for a long time.
We found this in his loft.
When was the last time you were there? Couple of months ago.
You were the subject of a number of his paintings.
Do you model for him? Yes.
But I've done that for others.
That's how I get all this artwork.
I never could've afforded it otherwise.
So you have a thing for artists? I have a thing for people who see the world differently.
I inspire them.
Yeah? How? It's kind of hard to explain.
Well, why don't you try? Okay.
That's how it starts, but it's never how it ends.
It's just Something that happens.
It's not something that can be controlled.
It's not something that should be controlled.
I never force myself on them.
They want me, Aney need me.
That doesn't always end well.
Mm, a lot of the great artists died young and violently, half-mad.
But I doubt that any of them would trade their fame for banality and a longer life.
So how do you choose them? I guess it's a talent, a drive, passion, like what I sense in you.
I'm not an artist.
Maybe you just don't know it yet.
There's something that's just deeply powerful about you.
I don't know what it is, but I'm drawn to it.
Does that scare you? - Should it? - Only you can answer that.
What scares you? What might happen if you stay.
I shouldn't have done that.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- I know what you are.
Look, it was a mistake, okay? You need to go.
Khloe, I'm here to help you.
You don't have to be afraid of me.
So you're having dinner with Juliette? - Monroe? - Yep.
With two defrosted primo veggie steaks.
Ring a dinner bell? Oh, my God.
I'm supposed to be at Juliette's.
She called.
That's when I began to suspect you might not be showing up, unless you're planning on having two dinners tonight.
I'm in the middle of an investigation right now.
I'll call you back.
All right.
I have to go.
Lock the door behind me.
Sorry, I'm late.
I was getting a little worried, I thought maybe you changed your mind.
No, just got held up on a case.
That's okay.
Um, I'm just glad you're here.
Come in.
The place looks great.
I didn't change anything.
Um, look, dinner's a little cold, so why don't I warm it up? So What did you want to talk to me about? Oh.
Right to the point.
Um, I guess no reason not to.
If it hadn't been for you Well, things are starting to get clearer for me.
"Clearer" might not be the best word for it, whatever it is.
You know, I know that I've been treating you unfairly these last few weeks, and I just want to say I'm sorry.
Nick? I guess it's a talent, a drive, a passion.
Like what I sense in you Nick? Yeah? I'm trying to apologize.
For what? For how things have been going between us, and How I've been treating you.
I thought I was losing my mind.
You know, for all intents and purposes, I was losing my mind.
But maybe that's what it took, because my memories of you are coming back.
- Maybe not neatly - Nick.
Or logically, but I do want you to know that I'm starting to remember you and things that we did together and things I felt.
Look, I-I know it's a lot of after everything we've been through Really a lot for me.
Don't you want to say anything? Nick.
Did you hear what I just said? I'm sorry.
What? Look, I-I'm feeling a little off tonight.
I, uh, think work might be starting to get to me a little.
Okay, m-maybe this just wasn't a good time.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Let's talk soon.
Nick? You home already? - Yeah.
- Oh, man.
I hope you didn't come for a second dinner.
You know, I was just joking about that.
And I, um I kinda ate both veggie steaks.
So how'd it go? I mean, she made it sound like this is gonna be sort of an important dinner.
- We didn't eat.
- Ooh.
You went over to her house for dinner, and you didn't eat.
You must've had a lot to talk about.
Not really.
Well, let me just say, "huh.
" It was supposed to be the big moment, you know? She's remembering you.
She invites you over to talk.
Wha What do you want? It's not about me wanting anything.
I'm just trying to be, you know, supportive.
Why? I mean, does my personal life interest you that much? Excuse me? Look We didn't eat, and we didn't talk.
What more do you need to know? I don't need to know anything except why are you acting like this? Look, I don't understand this.
I don't need to be grilled when I get home.
You know, I do enough of that at work.
Grilled? Is that what you think I'm doing? Let me just say a couple of hours ago, I was indeed doing some grilling or broiling actually for a dinner you committed to.
Oh, my God, do you want me to pay you for the veggie steaks? No, I don't want you to that is so beside the point.
For months, you have been dying for Juliette to remember you.
And now, she finally does, and you don't even I mean, forgive me if I'm a little flummoxed.
What, you're you're done talking now? You're just you know, you're gonna go to bed, or Oh, you're leaving.
That's interesting.
Where are you going? You might wanna start looking into getting your own life.
I think you need to start looking into getting your own house.
Hello? Just be honest with me.
Does Nick hate me? I, um, don't know, actually.
I mean, he just got here, and then he left.
And he wasn't in a very good mood.
What happened when he came over to your place? I made us dinner.
And then, I started talking.
And then, everything just sort of fell apart.
And then he just left.
Maybe something's going on at work.
I don't know.
Let me call Hank.
I'll call you back.
- Griffin.
- Hey, Hank, it's Monroe.
Is something going on with Nick at work? Why? You know he was supposed to have dinner at Juliette's? - Didn't he? - No.
And then he comes over here, and I, like, asked him how it went.
And he tells me to get a life, and then he leaves.
That doesn't sound like him.
I mean, he hasn't said anything to me.
I mean, maybe he's got something going on we don't know about.
Let me see what I can find out.
Yeah? Hey, I just got back to the precinct.
Where are you? Down at the bent brick.
Just what the doctor didn't order.
I'm on my way.
Save me a beer.
You saw one of those? When? - A few hours ago.
- Something I should know about? I don't know what she is.
- Anybody I know? - It's the witness.
Wait, Khloe Sedgwick? You went back and saw her again? That is awesome.
Who is that? Is that, like, a little elf? Are you a comic book artist? Are you famous? Are you someone that I should know? I bet you are.
Dude, my girlfriend freaks out about Sci-Fi stuff.
She loves it.
Let me see it hey! Leave it alone, man.
I-it's fine.
I'm not gonna hurt it.
I'm just gonna show it to her.
She's right over here.
It's not even gonna get damaged.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
Let's not make a mistake here.
Now, just calm down.
II am calmed down.
That guy just punched me for no reason.
Hey, Nick, why don't you just head outta here, go on home? I got this.
Okay, what, you're just gonna let him go? You let him just walk out? You're just you're a cop.
You're supposed to arrest people.
And you've had a little bit more than you can handle.
Unless you wanna spend a night in a drunk tank, I suggest you sit down and shut up.
- I've never seen one.
- Me neither.
Nick really hit somebody in a bar over this? I didn't believe it, either.
I mean, the guy was drunk.
And Nick told him to back off, but still, it was a little over the top.
That's the way he was here over the top.
So if neither of you know what this is, how do we find out what we're dealing with? What? So this is aunt Marie's trailer.
This is it.
Wow, this is some really rare stuff.
Yeah, there's some pretty rare stuff in here, but we need to begin with these.
This is where the books come from.
Among other things.
Yeah, it's a veritable museum of wesen-ology, chronicling the grimms proud tradition of hunting and beheading people like us.
Nice to know.
So we're looking for Somebody who looks like this.
Oh, my God.
This is awful.
What? That's what she is.
Right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's right here.
It's all in German, of course.
Listen to this.
This was written in 1888.
"I was called in by an artist acquaintance of mine "whose name is Gauguin.
"The night before, he had been accosted "with a razor blade by another artist friend of his "by the name of Van Gogh.
"Gauguin is worried that his friend is under "the pernicious influence of a prostitute.
"He assigned me the task of discovering "what kind of witch this Rachel was.
"I was loathe to discover "that this trollop was no hexenbiest "but a Musai.
"And although she may have been "Van Gogh's greatest inspiration for some time, her influence was starting to take its toll" "Causing him to cut off his own ear.
"I returned the favor, "and instead of taking off her clothes, of course, I took off her head.
" Van Gogh, huh? I mean, I'm just reading what's here.
But Um "The kiss of the Musai is as euphoric and addictive "as any narcotic known to man.
"And once begun, the relationship Always ends in madness, destruction, and death.
" Hold on, hold on.
It may not be that bad after all, yeah.
"None of this will happen as long as she hasn't kissed him.
" What? I saw her kiss his hand.
And, man, who knows what happened when he went over there tonight.
By the way, anybody know where Nick is? You're in the same clothes as last night, you make it home? That's not my home.
- You make it to bed? - Last night's a bit of a blur.
You all right? I would be if you stopped interrogating me.
Fair enough.
Look, Nick, I've been doing a little research on that drawing you made of Khloe.
I think I found out what she is.
- Yeah, what? - A Musai.
So what, you think you're a Grimm now? I've, uh, got something to show you.
Happened last night.
Yeah? This is from 9:30 P.
last night.
By the time the officers responded to the alarm, he was long gone, but it's our shooter, Anton Cole.
- So he's alive? - No doubt about it.
Why break into a paint store? Oh, I think it has something to do with Khloe Sedgwick.
- Why? - Oh, just a hunch.
You know what those are.
Police report from three years ago.
Composer by the name of Max fisher was committed to an asylum after a mental breakdown.
That was after he attacked a sculptor by throwing acid on his face.
Guess who he was seeing at the time? Khloe Sedgwick.
And according to this, she was also dating the sculptor.
Suicide from five years ago.
Novelist named Ellis Harlan hung himself after his girlfriend left him.
- And the girlfriend was - Khloe Sedgwick.
She must be quite a woman.
Hey, just got a vandalism call from downtown.
Think I know what our shooter did with all that paint.
You might want to join us for this one, sir.
The Musai's lips secrete a kind of psychotropic substance for which there's no medicinntidote.
What? There's gotta be something, right? Oh, wait, wait.
So what? It's the proverbial kiss of death? Obsessive desire can be confused with love.
Whatever this is, it ain't love.
No, but it probably feels like it.
I think the only way to break an obsession like this is with the real thing.
- Juliette.
- Oh, hey.
I was hoping I would find you here.
Hey, what's wrong? I need to go back to the trailer.
Really? The trailer again? After what happened the last time, you sure that's such a good idea? Good or not, I-I need to go.
Um Um, we're sort of busy right now, but I could No.
- No? - I just need the key, Monroe.
I need to go alone.
Whatever happened the night that Nick brought me there is clearly really important.
And in order for me to understand what's going on right now, I have to try to reconnect with what happened then.
She's right.
You should let her.
Uh, well, I think I should let her too.
Wish me luck, or Whatever.
Our killer might be a psychopath and all that, and I'm not saying I'm a fan or anything, but you gotta give him some credit.
Anton's got an eye.
No one saw him do this? - Not at 2:00 in the morning.
- Well, even if they did, street art is not exactly unheard of in Portland.
Where'd he go? Nick! Hey, I can't run him down.
Okay, I'm on it.
We need to talk.
Nick drew it.
Okay, I remember you told me about something you could do, some kind of ability that you had.
Come on, memory.
I know it had something to do with these books, these From the Weird, weird drawings.
What did you tell me? What did you say to me? Come on, Nick.
Please help me.
I'm trying.
I am I'm really trying here.
You see these books? You see these books? You see these books? They're filled with drawings made by my ancestors and others who had the same ability problem, whatever you wanna call it.
And the drawings are of wesen, which is how they like to refer to themselves.
And that's what I can see, what the grimms can see.
They're like species that exist within us.
Well, some of us.
Anyway, there are Blutbaden And Bauerschwein Fuchsbaus and Eisbibers, and they're all in these books.
Juliette, really, I am not making this up.
Really, I am not making this up.
Detective Griffin.
Hank? It's Rosalee and Monroe.
- Is Nick with you? - No.
I was hoping he was with you.
No, he's not at the precinct.
Hank, listen, we found out more about the Musai.
There's no way we can break the connection between her and Nick if it's already been established, at least not with anything I can do.
And Nick is in the wind.
No, he's gonna be going wherever she is.
And it'll only get worse if they're together.
So what do we do when we find them? Keep him away from her until we can figure out what to do.
- Captain.
- Yeah, you find him? No.
It's Monroe.
He thinks Nick will be going to her.
All right, call the officer protecting her house.
I'm going over there.
I'll call you back.
Are you okay? I don't know.
I feel Different.
The things that I saw and the things that I remembered So you remembered what happened the night he took you there? I think so.
I didn't believe him.
I mean, he told me everything, but I didn't believe him.
And what about now? You believe Nick, don't you? And so do you.
We do.
Yeah, 'cause I just I thought he was crazy.
Some things aren't as crazy as they seem when you kind of get to know them.
I need to see him.
I need to tell him that I believe him.
What where is he? Uh Officer gates.
This is Detective Griffin.
I'm expecting Detective Burkhardt to show up there.
Let me know as soon as he does.
He just walked past me heading for the subject's house.
Captain's on his way.
Do not let Detective Burkhardt leave.
Yes, sir.
I need you.
You're a Grimm.
It doesn't matter.
You You have to prove it.
Anton's here.
Where? Where? She's mine! Uhh! Uhh! Agh.
I can't Not as long as he's alive.
Uhh! Let's go.
Khloe - Sir, he's handcuffed.
- Nick! - She's mine! - Come on, that's enough! We got him.
You can't have her.
You'll never have her! Never! That's enough! You think you can have her? No one can! So, long story short, it would seem that the reason Nick hasn't been himself with you or me or or any of us is because Well, because he's sort of been Under the influence of another woman.
But it's it's not necssarily his fault.
She's, well - She's - Wesen? What? That's what Nick was trying to tell me last year.
And we think he could be in a lot of trouble right now.
Is this anything like what happened to me? It is Except the antidote's not on the shelf.
Where is it? It's you.
- We know what you are.
- Really? And what would that be? Musai.
Well, if you know that, then you know that it's out of my control.
I don't ask for the attention that men give me.
You don't try very hard to refuse it.
Well, why would I? Without me, they would be nothing.
Without you, they'd be alive.
Whatever you've done to my Detective, it's gonna stop.
Well, I can't help it.
I was born this way.
You see, the real problem with your Detective is that he's a Grimm.
And it's all happening much faster because of who he is.
Nick has more power than I've ever experienced, and I'm good for him.
You're gonna stop this right now.
I've never known how to stop it.
Sir, you wanted to know when the suspect had been booked? He's in his cell.
I can't Not as long as he's alive.
You have to prove it.
Anton's here.
She didn't give us many options.
- Yeah, yeah, one thing's for sure: We can't let her anywhere near him.
Oh, what do we do? Lock him up? If we have to.
Where is he now? Hey, look at this.
Anybody know where Nick is? There's something that's just deeply powerful about you.
It's not something that can be controlled.
- Don't! Nick - I can't.
Nick, I can't protect you from this.
Nick, stop.
Please listen.
Not as long as he's alive.
- Juliette is here.
- Does that scare you? Look at me.
I have a thing for people who see the world differently.
Think about what you're doing.
Mm, a lot of the great artists died young and violently, half-mad.
But I doubt that any of them would trade their fame for banality and a longer life.
Please just look at me.
I never force myself on them.
I inspire them.
Nick, look at me! - Uhh! - Open your eyes.
You have to see me, Nick.
Open your eyes.
What are you doing here? I'm here for you, just like you were there for me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Really? Well, this is your lucky day.
I'm gonna let you walk.
And when you do, you're gonna leave Portland and never come back.
Because if you do, there's a part of me that doesn't wear a badge.
And there's no telling what he'll do.