Grimm s02e21 Episode Script

The Waking Dead

Previously on Grimm.
So I guess you and your family are not that close.
My family would have been happier had I never been born.
So where is my brother expanding his influence to now? I do not know.
See what you can find out.
It's been a long time since I've seen my brother.
I'm looking forward to wrapping my arms around him.
I'm pregnant.
Do you have any idea how much that child would be worth? I'm not interested in money.
I want my powers back.
So what happened to you? Ziplining in kauai.
Tore my achilles.
This was taken four years ago.
And I remembered how much I loved him, I could feel it.
I'm here for you, just like you were there for me.
Thank you.
I have to say, something about you really captured my attention tonight.
Well, I hope I'm living up to your expectations.
You are.
My only regret is I didn't get to sleep with you when you still had your powers.
Can't help but wonder what that might have been like.
Well, perhaps one day you'll find out.
But until then, I still have some powers you haven't seen.
Not now.
I'm sorry, my love.
I have to take this.
You keep those powers on hold, though.
Well, there can be no interference once it's started.
When the time is right, I will make the proposal myself.
Well, I hope he doesn't, but if the answer's negative, we still have options.
I'm just glad the families have agreed to this.
Father, please.
You slept with a hexenbiest, too.
Look where that got us.
You all right? Yeah, I think so.
How about you? Well, it was quite a night.
Yeah, I've had a few of those.
Nick, I want you to know that I'm remembering a lot.
About you, and about us.
- Juliette - Give me a second.
I just want to say I'm really, really sorry for the way that I treated you.
Well, I understand.
I know you do.
But I also know how hard it must have been to hear the things that I was saying to you when I didn't remember you.
You don't have to apologize.
Yeah, I do.
Look, I don't want to make another mistake by moving too fast.
I think that's probably smart.
But I also hope that you would want to try again, because I really feel like we have a chance, even after everything that's happened.
I think so too.
That's sort of how I remember it.
I never forgot.
Hey, how about we try that dinner again? Maybe tomorrow night.
I'm in.
That's definitely how I remember it.
Think we got a domestic gone beaucoup bad.
Aah! Police.
We're coming in.
We got a body.
I can't find a pulse.
Wer ist da? Stefania.
What have you found out? There's a way for you to regain your powers in exchange for a healthy child once you give birth.
What do I have to do? It's difficult and uncomfortable.
What isn't that's worth having? There will be plenty of time for details later, but before we can proceed, you will need to sign the contract.
What language is this? Vlax romani.
I'm a lawyer.
How am I supposed to understand what I'm signing? You're not supposed to understand with your head.
It will all become clear once you sign.
I'm not signing until I understand the terms of the contract.
Wha ow! What are you that stings.
Needless to say, the contract is binding.
You should have no more pain.
We'll be in touch.
Be good to our child.
So the guy *** in the kitchen, and she was already dead.
Not a mark on her that I can see.
We know cause of death? Not yet.
I think we're going to have to wait for the autopsy on that one.
So we got a guy who tears apart a house, he breaks everything he can get his hands on, attacks you when he gets in here, and the woman doesn't have a mark on her.
Anybody care to comment? Oh, yeah.
We thought it was a little weird, too.
Especially after you take a look at this guy.
Looks like we got an under the influence.
That's our guess.
Hell if we know where that green crap came from.
But at least we know what killed him.
Let's just get his prints and figure out who we're dealing with.
We got a hit on the woman.
Lilly O'Hara.
Long history of solicitation and drugs.
Last known residence here in Portland.
Last arrest, seven weeks ago, charges were dropped.
Any connection to the house she was in? Not that I can see here.
What about the guy? Eh, not much.
Name's Richard Mulpus.
Minor arrest record.
Last conviction, four years ago, for check kiting.
Served six months.
Nothing much since.
Address, Crescent hotel.
Any connection with O'Hara? Not unless he hired her for the night.
We won't know that until the lab sees her.
Yeah, but why take her to a house and then break in and trash the place? Any violent history from Mulpus? Yeah, none here.
Um, wait a minute.
Something screwy here.
What? Just found a death certificate for Richard Mulpus.
Filed already? We haven't even talked to the M.
No, this one's dated three days ago.
What? It's got to be a different guy.
The fingerprints from both guys match Mulpus.
What, so Mulpus died twice? Yeah, according to this.
Neat trick.
It's gotta be a clerical error.
Let's take a look.
Frau Pech.
Think twice before you betray me, fraulein shade.
Once a hexenbiest's powers have been taken by a Grimm, they are not so easily restored.
You would do better to concentrate on taking care of yourself.
If it becomes known that you are carrying royal blood, you may be worth more dead than alive.
And do not make the mistake of thinking you can trust Stefania.
You need someone like me, who understands someone like you.
*** Ja? Yeah, it's gotta be *** I mean, it happens.
Somebody was probably trying to do too many things at once.
Well, according to the certificate, he was pronounced dead at St.
Joseph's hospital by a Dr.
Feldman at 2:45 in the afternoon three days ago.
Well, I guarantee you, he's dead now.
What about the green stuff that was coming out of his nose? Not your typical mucus.
Color and consistency abnormal.
We gathered that.
Yeah, well, we're running tox tests now to see what he was on.
We've ruled out the usual suspects coke, meth, heroin, alcohol.
My guess is, guys, you're working on a mistaken identity.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Juliette, what are you doing here? Is everything okay? I have another favor to ask of you.
Come on in.
So, um, remember the night that Nick brought me over here the night I went into a coma.
You remember that pretty well, right? Yeah.
Pretty pretty well.
He brought me over here so you could show me something.
What was it? What did Nick want me to show you? That's what I mean.
'Cause I can pretty much remember everything else, and I remember I passed out here before you could show me.
So I want you to show me now, and I'm not going to leave till you do.
Oh, boy.
Damn it.
Is someone here? I got bad news.
Your fridge fan's dead.
Gonna need a new, uh Juliette.
What a surprise.
How's your refrigerator? It's fine.
Oh, what what are you doing here? She came for, uh a clock, a watch? What? What? A woge.
A a a what? You you're not serious.
Yeah, I am.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Do you do you know what you're saying? I mean, she's with, you know, and he's he's been very clear about You know, and we just can't you know.
I don't think we have a choice anymore.
I mean, she knows just about everything except that.
She does? You do? When did this happen? My memory has come back, bud.
And don't forget, you told me Nick was a Grimm.
You remember that? I-I-I never meant to say that.
That was a mistake I took it back.
Remember that? What's a woge? Uh, it's it's nothing, really, trust me.
It's just an expression for, uh, uh, nothing.
It's not an expression for nothing, Juliette.
It's a No, no, no, no.
You can't, please.
You don't know what effect it will have.
You could damage her for life.
- Bud.
- Uh, help yes, what? Uh, hello.
Whatever you're scared of, I'm not.
You know what? Se maybe it's time she did.
Uh bud, no more arguments.
I'm doing this.
Okay, but please, do it in a place where she can get proper medical treatment.
What? Which, hopefully, you won't need.
Uh, look, all I'm saying is that you should do this in the spice shop with Rosalee.
You're right.
And you're coming with us.
- Uh, I am? - Yep.
Uh, well, I-I-I guess I am.
- Grab your coat.
- Uh, okay.
Uh oh, God, God, God.
I pronounced him dead.
According to the certificate, anyway.
Cause of death was listed as unknown.
By the time I saw him, he was already passed.
Now, to be honest, I couldn't really tell you if that's him or not.
The amount of people I see in the E.
On a daily basis, I don't really remember faces.
Well, what did you do with the body? We send it to the morgue and notify next of kin.
Where is he now? According to our records, still in the morgue.
Thank you.
So if we've got a positive I.
That our dead guy, shot to death, who lived in the hotel who was taken by the paramedics here three days ago who the hell's in the morgue? Evil twin.
What'd you see? A guy in a top hat.
What guy in a top hat? I could've sworn I saw the same guy standing outside the crime scene this morning.
Same guy or same hat? I don't know.
Monroe, bud and Juliette.
Everything all right? Uh, not exactly.
And by that, you mean Remember the night that Nick brought Juliette over to my house to the night that Monroe was supposed to show me something that was going to make me believe everything Nick had told me.
You know where this is going, Rosalee? - I have a feeling.
- Good.
'Cause maybe you could talk them out of it.
Rosalee, don't you think it's too late for that? I don't.
I mean, after all she's been through and seen, I just I don't want to lie to her.
I think you're right.
I don't either.
Oh, my God.
This is really going to happen.
Uh, she should be sitting, maybe with a blanket.
I just want you to show me what you were supposed to show me.
Here goes.
No, no, no.
Mm No.
You you should not go first.
I think it should be me.
But not without a little prep.
Prep? So Have you ever heard of a Fuchsbau? Row "G," number three.
Should be right about wait a minute.
This is Winston.
This is Talamantes.
This should be Mulpus.
Now where the heck did he go? Well, could he have been moved? They don't move till I get paperwork on them, and I don't have any paperwork on him.
So what happened, he just got up and walked out? I don't think so.
- Okay, at 2:32 P.
, case number 221-222, postmortem exam, full autopsy on the body of a well-developed, well-hydrated Caucasian female, identified as Lillian O'Hara, measuring 68 inches in length.
Making first incision at the I just want you to know that whatever you see I'm still me.
It's still her.
You know about the wesen.
Monroe's told you about the woge, and that's what I'm going to do now.
Remember, it's still Rosalee.
Juliette, bottom line, this is what Nick felt was his last hope to convince you.
Just do it.
All right.
This is a Fuchsbau.
Oh, my God.
Juliette! I knew this was going to happen I knew it.
Should I go after her? Maybe we should just call Nick.
We gotta do something.
We just can't let her walk out.
We gotta do something.
Oh, boy.
I'm not sure what I just saw, but that's what Nick wanted me to see.
You're a Fuchsbau, and that means you're a wesen.
That's right.
And what you just did right there is called a woge.
Uh, so we're done.
And you're a Fuchsbau, too? Uh, not exactly.
You're something else? Uh, you could say that.
What are you? I'm a Blutbad.
- That's German.
- Yeah.
What does it mean? It means what I am.
I want to see.
Will you show me? - I-I'm thinking - Bud.
Bud should probably go first.
What what what what me? Uh, hey, I-I didn't know I was going to have to woge.
I'm not prepared to woge.
I just can't woge at the drop of a hat.
A man has to be in a certain state of mind before he can do such a thing.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Did I full woge? This is embarrassing.
This has never happened before.
Are you okay? Mmhmm.
What are you? Me? I'm a I'm a uh, uh, brain freeze.
That's me.
It wasn't it wasn't that bad, right? Why did you want them to go first? Because I take a little getting used to.
But please Just trust me.
I do.
Juliette, it's just me.
See? It's just me.
All right.
So you're an eisbiber, a Fuchsbau, and a Blutbad.
And what about Nick? Is he wesen? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He's like you.
Except, of course, he's a Grimm.
And that means he knows what you are.
- Yeah.
- Right.
He does.
Like we know he's a Grimm, and you're not.
Um anybody got a drink? That is an excellent idea.
- Oh, my God, yes.
- Yes, excellent idea.
Adalind? Frau Pech knows you were here.
- You saw her? - Yes, and she threatened me.
I don't like being threatened.
- Are you alone? - Yes, in my hotel room.
What, exactly, did she say? She said I might be worth more dead than alive.
To the wrong buyer, yes.
But we want you and your baby alive.
She also said not to trust you.
That's good advice, but trusting a hexenbiest is far worse.
Hexenbiests are dangerous, unpredictable, and vindictive, as you well know.
What are you going to do about it? I'm going to talk to her.
I've known her for many years.
I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.
You get a good night's sleep now and don't worry about her.
Hey, there you are.
I've been looking for you guys.
Did you get the M.
call? No.
What? Well, it seems that the dead woman we found in the rental house this morning is not so dead.
How not so dead? Not so dead in the sense that when the M.
started the autopsy, she woke up.
Where is she? The M.
? No, the dead woman who isn't dead.
Oh, she's in the I.
at St.
I was thinking maybe we should go over there and okay, not needed.
Why are we here? It has been a long time.
Not long enough.
It will be worth your while when you hear what I have to say.
I want you to get me a private audience with prince Eric.
I don't see that happening.
I think he would be interested to know that someone outside the family is carrying royal blood.
How do you know? What do you suppose a royal offspring would be worth to the family in, say, about seven months' time? I have no idea.
I suggest you find out, because royal blood on the open market is worth quite a price.
I personally would not want to see that happen.
You know the kind of havoc it would unleash in the wrong hands.
Welcome back, mon chere.
She's supposed to be here.
She was admitted an hour and a half ago, right to the I.
She wasn't ambulatory.
She hasn't been discharged.
I don't know where she is.
Is it possible that somebody picked her up? No.
I was just in here 15 minutes ago.
She's not supposed to be moved.
This is the I.
Let's look at the surveillance.
Thank you.
That's her, our dead victim.
- And that's him.
- Same guy as before? Yeah.
We're going to need a copy of all your surveillance footage.
Yeah, Burkhardt.
Preliminary tox report on Richard Mulpus just came in.
You interested? Well, should I be? Oh, yeah.
Tox report.
Lab found a complex interaction of various drugs, including tetrodotoxin, scopolamine, and a powerful hallucinogen called datura, which, according to this, can cause a Lazarus syndrome where the victim appears dead, only to awaken some time later.
That would explain him being declared dead the first time, same as her.
It says, when ingested in large doses, the victim can exhibit erratic and explosive behavior.
All right, put an A.
out on Lilly O'Hara.
Isn't she in the hospital? Not anymore.
This is getting too weird, even for Portland.
We gotta find the guy with the top hat.
Got your call.
Sorry, it's been a little crazy out there today, but I got here as soon as I could.
I don't know what happened.
She just Died.
I can't seem to bring her back to life.
Nice hat, bro.
So are you sure you didn't run out of gas? No, she has a full tank.
I bet it is something simple.
All right.
Keys in it? Yes, sir.
Mon dieu, how did you do that? Well, I just turned the key, pal.
Well, let's go for a ride.
What the hell? "I had followed the vodou priest "to bois caiman, alligator woods, "near cap-francais.
"Hired by the crown, "I was to determine if the priest was wesen.
"The priest's name, Dutty Boukman, "translated as 'the book man, ' "given to him because he had taught slaves to read.
"As Boukman presided over the vodou ceremony, "one of the slave women started dancing, "a knife in her hand.
"I found her movements exotic and alluring, "until she slit the throat of a black pig "and gave the blood to those around her, who all swore to rise and to fight and to kill.
" Do you have an extra ketchup? Here's the last one.
We should just keep a bottle in here.
Then I'd need a refrigerator.
Where am I going to put that? Yeah.
"He was referred to as the baron, "with several names attached to him.
"Samedi, Cimetiere, LA Croix, and Kriminel.
"He is the head of the Guede family of Loa, "one of the vodou deities, "who accepts those who have died "into the realm of the dead.
"Later, I was to witness him "wake a man who appeared to be lifeless "and who was about to be buried.
"When I finally found the courage to confront him, "I found that I was dealing with a cracher-mortel, whose spit can induce a deathlike trance.
" "But I was forced to retreat, unable to dispatch the baron.
" So the cracher-mortel makes zombies? Seems like it.
- Busy? - Trailer.
Isn't that apropos? Hey, uh, do you have time to stop by the spice shop? We have something sort of important to go over with you.
- I'm with Hank.
- All the better.
All right, we'll be there as soon as we're done here.
We'll see you then.
Bonjour, mon frere.
- Eric.
- How nice to hear your voice.
And yours.
I was hoping we could carve out a little family time while I'm here.
Here? Yes, I just arrived in your wild west.
And what brings you all this way? You do, my dear brother.
You do.
I have some important family business to discuss.
It's time we bury old hatchets and come to an understanding of the future.
That sounds like a good idea.
Would you like me to make a reservation anywhere? Oh, how about I, uh, call you tomorrow, and we finalize all that? I look forward to it.
Me too.
Rest, my children.
For soon, our mardi gras will commence.
Your time is coming.
We think we're dealing with a cracher-mortel who has the ability to induce a vodou-like trance.
More of your books? Yeah.
You're getting pretty comfortable with all this.
I wouldn't call it comfortable.
We're trying to get an I.
on him, but so far, no go.
Now why would he pick up two apparent strangers, drug them, and then put them in an unoccupied house? There's something we're not seeing.
If the same thing happens to her that happened to Mulpus, is she going to start losing it? Probably.
That's when we'll find her.
All right.
Keep me posted.
All right.
What do you mean, she knows? It It wasn't my idea.
We did what you wanted me to do when you brought Juliette over to my house that night.
So you all woged.
Yes, we did.
I went first.
And then I guess it was me, but not on purpose.
And then I did.
Well? How did she take it? Uh, not so good.
She, uh, she walked out.
She walked Out? Did someone get her? Is she okay? Nick, she came back.
You're sure she's all right? She came back because she wanted to.
I think she was about as ready as a person could be.
She took it better than Hank did when I woged for him the first time.
Let me just say, I didn't take it well the first, second, or third time.
The first time is always rough.
I remember the first time that my dad got really angry at me, and I was just this little eisbiber, and nobody's interested.
Nick, not everyone is able to make the transition from kehrseite to kehrseite-schlich-kennen.
Most people can't even say it.
I'm sure you're going to talk about this at your dinner tonight, but she didn't come here because she was scared.
She came here because she wanted to know.
Funny thing was, she thought you were wesen.
As if you could be.
Well, at least I won't have to lie anymore.
You can't change who you are, Nick.
And we don't want you to.
You've finally reached that point of no return, man.
She's either going to accept you for who you are and for who we are.
Or she won't be able to.
At least you'll know the truth, one way or the other.
I guess this is the moment I've been waiting for.
We all have.
Stop obsessing.
It is just dinner.
With Nick.
Oh, God.
I got you flowers, because I'm really nervous.
Me too.
They're really pretty.
Hey, I just want to say, Monroe told me what you saw at the spice shop.
Yeah, that was Eye-opening.
You're okay? Well, um, why don't I go put these in water before they woge? Ah.
Portland You are no vienna.
We are home to Beethoven, brahms, haydn, Mozart, schubert, and Strauss.
And you are home to Nike.
Yes, you're no vienna.
But then, what is? How did they come up with the name, do you suppose? They have a port.
They have land.
Really put a lot of thought into that one.
So very good to see you, your highness.
And you too, baron.
You too.