Grimm s02e22 Episode Script

Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Previously on Grimm.
I have some important family business to discuss.
It's time we bury old hatchets and come to an understanding of the future.
Monroe told me what you saw at the spice shop.
That was eye-opening.
Just found a death certificate for Richard Mulpus.
What, so Mulpus died twice? *** Welcome back, mon chere.
And I finally found the courage to confront him, "I found that I was dealing with a Cracher-Mortel.
" He was referred to as "the Baron.
" So the Cracher-Mortel makes zombies.
Think twice before you betray me, Fraulein Schade.
- You saw her? - Yes, and she threatened me.
But we want you and your baby alive.
So very good to see you, your highness.
You are enjoying your work here.
How much more time do you need? It will all be ready by tomorrow night.
How many have you collected so far? - More than enough.
- Ah.
Can I ask you a favor? But of course.
I would love to see you do what you do.
Would you show me? Why not? Lucas, dear boy! Just Lucas.
How long have you been with me? Seven years, sir.
Oof, long enough, don't you think? Sir? That is fantastic! - It is, isn't it? - Is he in a lot of pain? Excruciating.
Let the games begin.
Are you hungry? Yeah, I could eat.
I could too.
What'd you bring? I'm just kidding.
I made a bolognese.
Actually, you know, I'm really not all that hungry.
Me neither.
I think I'm just too nervous.
Yeah, me too.
So, where do I start? Well, I now know why you couldn't tell me everything.
I wanted to tell you.
I just didn't know how.
I-I was afraid for you to see a world that I didn't fully understand.
And now I'm afraid to push you into something that you're not really prepared for.
Well, it's not as if you were prepared for it.
And, at least I know I'm okay.
I haven't lost my mind.
And, I know that the world is a lot more complex than I could ever imagine, but but what? But I still love you If that even matters now.
I never stopped loving you.
When you were in the coma, in the hospital and about to die, and I knew it was my fault, how could I know what to do, Juliette? Nick, you need to stop talking.
Allez! Allez, mes amis! Bon voyage! Bon voyage! That was delicious.
You're not just saying that? No, if I didn't like it I wouldn't have had two pieces.
But see, that's the problem.
By eating two pieces, I thought you were trying to convince me that you loved it but you really didn't, so you thought you had to eat two pieces to prove to me that you loved it when you when you just you didn't.
That make any sense? In a sort of circuitous and very charming way, yes.
Well, Nick's not home, so Things are, we can assume, going well with Juliette.
Yeah, it's great.
It's going great.
And, you know, if Nick doesn't come home tonight maybe we should clean up.
Yeah, well, just I'll get your plate.
Let me do that tomorrow morning.
Oh, you are so hot.
Is this a good time to send you something? Yeah.
I found three files in your brother's desk.
Three different names, none of which I recognize.
Two of the files have death certificates, medical records, body transport permits, and passports, but without photographs.
You now have the only copy.
I'm deleting them.
If I find anything more, I will let you know.
Thomas Schirach.
Now, what are you doing for my brother? Now boarding, Portland area transit.
Please enter.
Is there anything else that I can do for you? Uh,nein.
Guten nacht.
Oh, my God! I just wanted to say and don't take this the wrong way What? Last night was the best night of my life.
Really? I don't suppose you could get the day off? I could If people stopped killing each other.
Well, what are you doing for dinner? No plans.
Yeah you do.
You're coming over.
We need to talk.
Something's come up, and I don't want to get into it on the phone.
I'm coming in.
You sure you're okay with this? I am if you are.
Let's just take it one wesen at a time.
Is this a "shut the door" kind of conversation? My brother is here in Portland.
Is he some sort of "your highness"? He's a prince, and he wields a lot of power in the family.
And what's he doing here? Well, he says he's here to discuss family matters, but I never believe a word he says.
You should know that his mother tried to murder mine, and me.
That would make for an awkward Christmas.
I wouldn't know.
I was never included.
So your brother is the one who wants the key.
All the royal families want the key.
My brother is just more determined.
He knows how much power it would give him if he had it.
Any of these men might be working with my brother.
I don't know much more about them except for their names.
Now this one This is the one I'm most worried about.
Thomas Schirach.
His file is empty.
Death certificates, body transport permits.
Are we talking forged documents? Probably.
Are these guys already dead? I don't know.
Oh, this is him.
- You want me to leave? - No.
I want you to listen.
Let me first say, good morning.
I'm having a hearty Northwestern breakfast, and I feel robust already.
Well, good for you.
I was hoping we could dine together tonight.
There are some pressing family issues you'll be interested in.
- Where? - My suite, at the Gregory.
Shall we say, 8:00? - All right.
Can't wait to see you, brother.
Me either Brother.
We're not exactly close.
Yeah? Good morning.
Well, not really.
We've got sort of a mini crime wave situation.
We've had a slew and by that, I mean a crapload of 911 calls, reporting several violent assaults and a lot of property damage downtown.
From the calls, they sound drug-fueled, similar to what Franco and I ran into in that rental house.
Lilly O'Hara is still missing.
If it keeps up, we're gonna run out of uniforms.
- Let us know when he can talk.
- Yes, sir.
According to witnesses, a man and a woman entered the shop and went crazy.
The woman apparently threw the victim through the window.
We think they're still inside.
Nobody's seen them come out.
- Any weapons involved? - No.
Just good old brute force.
You want to wait till we check it out? No.
Let's see what we got.
Sure did a number on this place.
Sounds like somebody is upstairs.
Sounds like a No.
I'm not sure what that sounds like.
Aah! Oh! Aah! Aah! She bit me! Easy! We need help! Get over here! Hey! Rudy, grab her! Get her! How the hell did she get down there? She went through the window and onto a car.
She bit me.
I don't know what she's on, but she's on a lot of it.
Stay down! Aah! Unh! Nick! Hey, hey, take it easy.
It's me.
What the hell is going on? Who jumped out the window? - That was lilly O'Hara.
- And who is this guy? I don't know yet, but we've got to see if we can stop this.
I want to get him to the spice shop.
Now how are we gonna do that? Pull my car around to the side.
All right.
All right.
Can we do this? Hell if I know.
He looks dead.
Yeah, I know he looks dead, and he probably was for a little while, but he's not now.
So far we've seen three just like him.
- Three? - That we know of.
Two were pronounced dead, then get up and caused a lot of trouble, so we brought this one here.
And we went through the books and found something that we think might explain it.
You mean the guy with the top hat.
Yeah, the Cracher-Mortel.
There was also a reference to a voodoo priest known as Baron Samedi, among other names.
We were hoping you might have some information about what he's done here.
I think I might.
I've got several books on wesen dammerzustand wesen trances.
There's a pretty big pharmacology associated with this.
So you're telling me this guy is gonna wake up? - Yeah.
- And not in a very good mood.
All right.
There are several categories of trance-like states bhakti, maenads, rapture, bacchae, euphoria Okay, here's the one we want.
"Caused by several different types of wesen, "including Cracher-Mortel, "who can induce paralysis, cataplexy, hypnagogic hallucination, and the temporary illusion of death.
" Good lord.
Is there any treatment? Seems to be.
But there are four stages they go through.
First is paralysis, second is a drugged-like state in which they can move.
It progresses to the third stage, which to all appearances is death, and then comes the last stage oh.
This looks to be super fun.
Increasingly violent behavior which, basically, leads to murder and mayhem.
So, we treat them in the first phase.
No, we can't.
As a matter of fact, the treatment would kill them in the first three stages.
It's only effective in the final stage.
- So, what is the treatment? - We have to stimulate the central nervous system, and we can do that orally, or with ointments, or ah the most efficacious way, subcutaneous.
So we give them a shot? Three simultaneous shots, actually With a piqure-gigantesque.
It is not a pleasant experience.
- Oh, man.
- How long does it take? The effectiveness of the treatment is pretty fast, but it does take a while to prepare the doses.
Fortunately, though, I think I think we've got everything we'll need.
Okay, well, we need to get back to the precinct.
You two okay if we leave him here with you? Just as long as you keep him handcuffed.
Here are the keys, just in case.
Okay, let's get started.
You know, the morning started off so well.
Okay, I got something.
Al Shaner, the guy we took to the spice shop.
He's a tow truck driver Thanks.
Reported missing yesterday by the shop owner.
Yeah, and he's not the only one.
We've got 18 missing persons reports in the last 24 hours.
Including a bus.
Everybody on board is missing.
Could one guy be doing all this? One.
All right.
We gotta get it into him before he Oh, you're up.
Uh, probably wondering where you are.
Uh, we're your friends, and we just want to help you.
We want to make you better.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Okay.
Okay, get the shot.
What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? I'm, uh, I'm gonna hold him, and you're gonna shoot him.
Aah! Cool down! - Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Just cool down.
I don't want to have to hurt you, but if you hurt me Ow, all right.
That's enough! Oh! Okay, lift up his shirt, lift up his shirt! Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick! Okay? Al is a stand up guy, all right? He's worked for me for ten years.
He wouldn't just disappear like this.
When did the call come in? - Dispatch got the call about 2:30 yesterday afternoon.
Al was already on the road at that point.
Guy had a weird accent.
Here's the call.
- A&b towing.
- I need some help.
My car is troubled.
It seems to have died.
- I need your name, sir.
- Baron Samedi.
And your location? Sheridan road, just past the St.
John's bridge.
I need the license plate and description of your car.
A buick centurion, blue like the sky, I will be waiting.
That's all there is.
Hello? We have found a way to deal with Frau Pech.
I can't wait to hear how.
- Any luck? - Think so.
The missing buick centurion is not registered to a Baron anything.
The one we're looking for is registered to a Richard Mulpus.
Richard Mulpus the guy who died twice? Same guy.
Address puts him at the Crescent hotel.
Looks like the Baron got him too.
Found your buick centurion abandoned, off North Lombard Street.
- Down by the shipping yards.
- Across from it.
- How's the leg? - About as bad as my arm.
- What's wrong with your arm? - That's where I got a tetanus shot for the young lady who sunk her teeth into me.
- Hmm.
- I assume you guys want to see the car before we impound it.
Yeah, let's go.
I need to check you for weapons.
What you need and what you're gonna get are two separate things.
I don't search you, you don't go in.
Send him my regrets.
He's only doing his job.
It's all right.
Let him keep his gun, his knives, whatever little weapons he wants.
What a shame my own brother doesn't feel safe with me.
Come on, bro.
How long has it been since we've been breathing the same air? Well, let me see I believe I was 13 when my mother pulled me out of French literature class in Geneva and whisked us out of the country to keep us from being murdered By your mother.
That was an exciting day, wasn't it? Well, not so much for me.
It's true that mom was never very fond of your hexenbiest whore of a mother who stole our father's heart.
Her words, not mine.
That's all a lot of blood under the bridge.
You and I need to establish a proper working relationship.
You have proven yourself very talented, in many ways.
Wouldn't you rather be welcomed back into the family than cast further adrift? Why are you here? Oh, please, sit down.
If you're worried about the squab killing you, I'll gladly trade plates.
Why don't we just get down to business? How very American.
I don't have the key, if that's what you came for.
No, but we both know who does.
Tell me, what's it like working so closely with a Grimm? Different from what I imagined.
I understand he's not exactly traditional.
- Well, neither am I.
- From what I've heard, he's proven tremendously effective.
Taking out two reapers and sending their heads back made a hell of an impression.
He also took out a Mauvais Dentes and a Nuckelavee.
Both gifts from the family, I assume? Yes, he's proven rather more worthy than we anticipated.
Which brings us back to the key.
Adalind says you need yet more time to get it.
And how is Adalind? Lovely as ever.
I don't think she really misses you.
Well You don't know her like I do.
A shame about her losing her powers like that.
I believe she carries a grudge.
- Well, she's lucky to be alive.
- Aren't we all? Look, Sean, it's been agreed for the good of the family to give you a bit more time with this key business.
And if I don't get the key, then you tell the Grimm all about me, is that how it works? We want you back in the family, Sean.
Historic things are happening, and there's an important place for you.
Really, for a bastard? Nowadays that doesn't matter.
Some even consider it a badge of honor.
What about you? What I'm trying to say is, dear brother, it's time to come home.
I'll think about it.
Keys are in it.
Looks pretty clean inside.
What, so he brings the car here, dumps it, and walks away? Maybe he had somebody pick him up.
- But why here? - Eh, got me.
Let's pop the trunk.
Looks like somebody is planning a party.
Not a party I'd want to be invited to.
Yeah, but no top hat.
Check for prints and take it in.
Yeah, will do.
What? I don't know.
I just get the feeling this guy is playing us.
I mean, the recorded phone call, the stuff in the trunk.
I saw him at the hospital and the first crime scene? And why kidnap a tow truck driver and dump his car here? I don't know, maybe I'm just over-thinking it.
No, no, no, maybe not.
This thing is getting out of hand, and it's not making a lot of sense.
Yeah, we'd better get back to the precinct.
I can't, I'm finally getting this damn cast taken off.
I gotta be there in an hour.
You just go have your dinner with Juliette.
I'll check back with you later.
He's awake.
Get ready.
Who who are you? Where am I? Wh what's going on here? Why can't I move my arms? I think it worked.
You know you don't have to knock.
Eh, I thought I should.
How was your day? Long.
Just long? That's it? No, actually it was a a little strange.
You want to tell me about it? Okay.
Let's give it a try.
All right, so there's a wesen called a Cracher-Mortel, and apparently he can spit something in your face that can paralyze you to the point where you appear dead, but you're not.
And when you wake up a little bit later, you are a little crazed and very violent.
You want to destroy everything that you can see.
Apparently this has something to do with a voodoo ritual so, just a normal day at the office? Yeah.
Look, I'm I'm sorry if I don't blame you if you don't want to hear this ever again.
No, stop.
I asked you how you ***, and I meant it.
I guess I'm not used to this.
I also meant it when I said you didn't have to knock.
This is your house too, and I was thinking that if you want to You should move back in.
- Have you been drinking? - No! Answer it.
I'm not going anywhere.
- Monroe.
- He's awake.
Thank you.
The last thing I remember, I was on a call and Yeah, it looks like the stuff we gave him worked.
But he doesn't remember anything.
Like, how he got here, or anything that happened to him.
You really need to get down here.
I'm on my way.
I'm going too.
Uh, look, Juliette, I'm on a case.
Is it wesen? Yeah.
I'm not staying home alone anymore.
I have a lot to learn.
Please don't lock me out again.
Good of you to come so late.
If it means getting rid of Frau Pech, I can stand to lose a little sleep.
Please, sit down.
You must be hungry.
I always was when I was pregnant.
Seven boys, you know? Bring her something to eat! And tea.
Frau Pech scares me.
Can you really get rid of her? I've known Frau Pech a long time.
She's not stupid.
She will anticipate our moves.
If she suspects we're working against her, she will kill us before we know it.
It is imperative that we succeed.
We need her heart.
Why? Because we cannot restore your powers without the heart of a hexenbiest.
And it must be cut out of her while it's still beating.
So, how are we going to do that? I will tell Frau Pech that I have found a wealthy buyer for your child, and I plan to betray you, but I will need her help to do so.
She will come here, and I will explain how it will be done.
Do you think she'll believe you? If she thinks she's tricking us, she will.
So, how do you plan to kill her? While I am telling her how she could convince you she has found a way to restore your powers, one of my sons will slip up behind her and wrap a cord around her neck.
Do you really think that will work? We'll find out.
Miguel, don't kill her! Her heart must still be beating.
Yanko, bring me the knife! The heart must be pulled out through her stomach.
Ding dong, the witch is dead.
And another one is coming back.
Nick, I'm glad you made it.
Ow! You brought Juliette.
She's got a lot of catching up to do.
Well, you picked a hell of a night.
- Where is he? - Right this way.
He's right here.
- Juliette.
- Learning curve.
Works for me.
This is Detective Burkhardt.
He's the one that brought you in.
Hey, Al.
I need you to tell me anything you can remember about your last call.
Um, do you remember if he was wearing a hat? He sure was.
I mean, I remember that most.
It was a top hat, like Lincoln wore, and Well, that and a lot of pain.
It felt like my head was being crushed.
And, um, what about the car? It was a '73 buick centurion.
Supposedly it didn't start.
When I tried, it did.
I just don't remember much other than, like, a big black room? II think he took me there.
All right.
Was there anyone else there? There were others.
I mean, a lot.
I thought I had died and gone to hell.
Do you remember where this was? Sorry, I don't.
There was, like, moaning and yelling.
Could have been, like, the sound of a loud horn? A horn like in a train or a ship? It could have been a truck.
I mean, I don't know.
All right, anything else? Green.
There was a lot of green Before everything went black.
What kind of wesen are you? What? Um, he's not a wesen.
What is he? Just a regular guy.
Hey, Al.
How about some more tea, hmm? Thank you.
That car we found was left across from the container yards, and some of those containers were green, and I'll bet you it would be pretty damn dark in there if you got shut in one.
Should probably check it out.
What do you want us to do with Al? Because he's starting to ask a lot of questions we don't have a lot of answers for.
I'll send an officer to pick him up.
He said there were others.
- A lot of them.
- Do you want us to treat them? You know, 'cause if you do, we're gonna need a lot more antidote.
Start making it.
I want to help.
Well, she's a vet, and we're gonna be giving a lot of injections.
I guess she's sort of familiar with what we do here.
But, why is this guy doing this here in Portland? I know.
I mean, we have, like, voodoo donuts, but that's kind of the extent of it.
I was reading in the books, and there is reference to one of these guys starting a revolution.
- A revolution in Portland? - It might not be connected.
But, the Captain's brother is in town.
A member of the royal family came here? That sounds kind of revolutionary to me.
And the Captain said he was gonna make a play for the key.
That means you.
What is that? I'll tell you later.
I need you to hide this.
So, I guess we should start making some more antidote.
Does anybody know how much more we're gonna need? As much as you can.
Let the party commence.
C'est bon.
Where do we start? We start with green containers.
We only have one piqure-gigantesque.
Let's hope we find them one at a time.
Let's go.
C'est bon! Yeah, this one is locked.
Anyone in there? That doesn't sound like it's coming from inside.
It isn't.
Not coming one at a time! All right.
Shoot him up.
Hurry up! This one is waking up! Bonsoir.
Uh, I don't think we made enough antidote.
Oh, man! We're not gonna be able to take them.
You might have to shoot a few! I can't! They're innocent victims.
They won't be innocent for long.
You get the feeling we just walked into a trap? I got a feeling we've gotta get out of here! Like, now! Hey! Over here! Where's Nick? Juliette, don't worry about Nick, okay? He's a Grimm.
He can take care of himself.
Come on.
Voila! Voila.
Bonsoir, mon ami.
Unh! Aah! Monroe, I don't see Nick! He's not coming! Nick! Nick! Juliette, you've got to get in the truck.
Come on.
Nick better hurry.
Oh, we've got trouble.
Start the car.
Time to pick up Mr.
He's got a plane to catch.
Good night, sweet Grimm.
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.