Grimm s03e01 Episode Script

The Ungrateful Dead

Previously on Grimm.
Now the negotiations for the baby can begin.
I want what was taken from me by the Grimm.
I want my powers back.
Ugh That is fantastic! *** many crime way situation.
*** several violent assaults and a lot of property damage.
From the calls, they sound drug-fueled.
The tox report shows various drugs like tetrodotoxin, scopolamine, and a powerful hallucinogen called datura.
It causes Lazarus syndrome.
Makes somebody look dead, they come back to life.
Let the games begin.
I don't see Nick! He's not coming! Nick! Nick! Juliette, you got to get in the truck.
Come on.
Aw, man, Nick better hurry up! Voila.
We can't stay here.
No, we can't leave! Nick is coming! - He won't be able to get to us.
- She's right! We got to get out of here before they get in.
Well, what are we gonna do just run 'em over? Well, one hopes they'll move because we are.
I think you're gonna have to just I know.
I know.
Bonsoir, mon ami.
Aah! - How we doing? - Pretty good Except for the one on the hood.
And a couple on top.
Okay, buckle up.
Container! Container! I know.
I know! Hold on! I think it worked.
Not for long.
They're still coming! Oh, man.
Time to pick up Mr.
He's got a plane to catch.
Good night, sweet Grimm.
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
Oh, my God, they're everywhere! Is everybody all right? Yeah.
I'm okay.
Oh, we're stuck! We can't stay here.
We're gonna have to go up.
Higher ground let's go! - We can't let them get up here.
- We're gonna need some help.
That is precious cargo.
Be careful.
We'll have him in the air soon.
Oh, man.
So how's it feel to be on two legs again? Damn good.
Anything going on? No.
Pretty quiet since we got all those crazies from downtown locked up.
Where'd you put 'em? Had to move 'em to the jail infirmary.
They're under heavy sedation.
A little too much fun and games for us to handle here.
- Where's the Captain? - Uh, don't know.
He left a couple hours ago.
Well, I guess I'll get a little work done.
Do it while you can.
I'm just glad things have finally calmed down.
Hank, it's Juliette! We need help! I'm with Monroe and Rosalee.
You got to hurry! - Where are you? - I'm at the container yard.
Remember the the guy that you took to Rosalee's shop? He's okay, but there's a hell of a lot of them attacking us.
- Where's Nick? - I don't know.
He's somewhere.
We lost him.
I don't know how much longer we're gonna be able to hold Ew! Ugh! Ju.
Wu! Get as many unis as you can to the container yard on lombard street.
We got more of those whack jobs to deal with.
Okay, all unis available, let's go! Vick, DeAngelo, come with me.
Get Franco.
Little help here! This is not getting better.
- You okay? - Yes.
Monroe! They keep coming! Holy crap, there's a lot of them.
Whatever kind of drug this is, I hope I never see it again.
Bust open one of these containers.
Round them up, get them inside.
There's an antidote we'll get it down here as soon as we can.
Hank! Are you guys okay? Nick's somewhere in the yard, Hank.
We have to find him.
All right, stay up there until we get control! Hank, where are you? Captain, is Nick with you? - No, my brother has him.
- Your brother? No time to explain.
Where are you? With Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette at the container yard! Yeah, so am I.
Northwest corner.
You? Right in the middle! I'm on my way.
- Quick, get in the car.
- Come on! No, we're not leaving without Nick.
I followed my brother to one of the containers, where I found Nick's cell one.
My brother's gonna try to get him out of the country.
- What? - Let's go.
We got to get to the airport.
Come on! I saw them carry the box and load it in a van.
What kind of box was it? It, uh, looked like a coffin.
My guess is they put Nick in this death state just like the others.
Oh, my God.
With the right paperwork, which they have, they could transport him out of the country legally, no questions asked.
So this means the Baron is working for your brother? Yeah.
All this madness was just a sideshow to distract us from what they were really after.
You know, I'm I'm not sure Nick will react the same way that the others have.
Because he's a Grimm.
They're not exactly normal.
Just a few more minutes, my young Grimm, and for all intents and purposes, you will be dead and on your way to your new home.
Or should I say "castle"? Load our guest up.
I've got airport police.
This is Detective Griffin, Portland police.
We're in pursuit of suspects driving a black van headed for a private jet on your field.
Approach with caution.
Do we have enough antidote left for Nick? I hope so.
We need the van detained and the plane prevented from taking off.
Sir, we need you to come back down the steps.
This plane has been grounded until further notice.
There must be some mistake.
We have nothing to hide.
Let me see some identification.
But of course.
Stand away from the officer.
What happened? Come on, talk to me.
Too late for that.
Where's the plane? No, no, no, no! You have to do something.
You stop that plane.
There's nothing we can do.
In a matter of minutes, that plane will be over international waters, where we can't touch them.
Can't they scramble jets or something? They won't do that unless there's a terrorist threat.
Well, where are they taking him? Somewhere where my brother can control him my guess is Austria.
Your family's responsible for this.
I swear to God, you better get him back.
I'll do everything in my power to keep Nick away from my family.
But I can't stop that plane.
- Griffin.
- Hey.
Yeah, I think we got most of them Handled.
Uh, yeah.
We got most of them in one of the containers, but, uh, what the hell are we supposed to do now? Lock the door and stand guard.
I'll send somebody down.
That stuff you made works, right? Yeah.
You're gonna have to make a whole lot more of it.
What about Nick? Look, they had to file a flight plan.
I could check with the faa.
Once we know where they're going, maybe we can intercept.
I I'm sorry, but what about them? It's too early to treat them.
We're gonna have to take them with us.
I'm going to have to throw the carpet away.
You just can't get hexenbiest blood out of anything.
- What's that for? - You.
It looks to me like you already cut out her heart.
Oh, that's just the beginning of the contaminatio ritualis.
Don't you know what's next? No.
In order to regain your hexenbiest powers, you must know what she has seen, feel what she has touched, and walk a mile in her, well, feet.
- What? - Not literally.
But you still have to cut off her hands, feet, and pluck out her eyes.
We'll get on with it as soon as you're done.
Aah! What's going on here? Aah! Bones always dull the blade.
But you've done well Very well.
Now what? A little walk in the woods.
Can I clean up first? You might want to wait.
Bring the keilhacke.
That is where you must start.
To do what? To see if you will be accepted.
Now you must dig.
How many tests do you have? It's not us who are testing you.
You're going to kill us all! Obey me, for I am your master! Obey me, for I am your master! I can't control it! We're going down! Oh, God! Oh, God! How much of this stuff that they expect us to make? As much as we can.
Yeah, but we can't deliver it one shot at a time.
There's not enough time.
Some of them will die before they can be treated.
We need a better way to do this.
I say if they're taking Nick to Austria, then we should go there too.
- What? Are you serious? - Hell, yeah, I'm serious.
I mean, whatever they're gonna do to Nick, they're gonna do it soon, and I don't entirely trust Captain Renard.
If you recall, he's got a little of that royal blood coursing through his veins too.
Ow! Damn it! - Just calm down, okay? - I'm sorry.
It's just, I can't believe they took Nick not to mention, they left us with a hell of a lot of mess to deal with.
I'm with you.
Let's go get him.
This is the royal family you're talking about.
I know who we're dealing with.
They have money, protection.
We wouldn't stand a chance.
It still doesn't mean we just let 'em get away with it.
I mean, if Nick doesn't do what they want, they're gonna kill him.
They're never just gonna let him go.
So the sooner we get there, the better.
You know, there's a whole lot of people Nick has helped too.
What are we gonna do, raise an army? No, just a few people who are willing to put their lives on the line for something that really matters.
So you guys just, you know, keep fixing this stuff.
I'm gonna make a few phone calls.
That's it.
What? Remember what I told you about the different ways this treatment can be given? Yeah.
Orally, "ointmentally" Or by shot.
What about an inhalant? Oh, you mean we get 'em to smoke it? No, breathe it.
That could be done.
How? With the Williamson ether synthesis.
It turns a liquid into a gas.
Basically, it's an organic reaction which forms an ether from an organohalide and alcohol.
We got the alcohol.
So we just need to get them to inhale the antidote, like like nitrous oxide.
We need to contain the gas in glass bottles.
Yeah, or jars or anything we can break to release the gas.
Oh, so basically, we just create, like, a molotov cocktail, except it doesn't explode We hope.
Can you talk? Yes, but I was not able to find out why your brother went to Portland.
Don't bother.
I know why.
He took the Grimm.
- What? How? - It doesn't matter.
Eric's forced our hand.
So it's time my dear brother was dealt with.
How do you mean? - Give it to Meisner.
- Are you serious? He took the Grimm.
You realize the ramifications this will have? Well, Eric should've thought of that before he did what he did now deal with it.
What about me? Stay close to the family and, uh Don't forget to look shocked.
According to the flight plan, the plane is making a direct flight to vienna, due to arrive noon our time tomorrow.
They made attempts to contact the plane, but nobody's answering.
Is my brother on board? Not according to the flight manifest.
There's a pilot, a co-pilot, and one passenger listed as Baron Samedi.
According to the customs paperwork, they're carrying back the body of Thomas Schirach.
How'd you know? That's the identity they're using to transport Nick's body.
So how do we stop that plane from going to Europe? We can't.
I'm gonna take care of it once it gets there.
- You? - Yeah.
This is between my brother and me.
No, this is not just between you and your brother.
This is my partner we're talking about.
Now, something happens to Nick my brother will be dealt with.
Well, somebody's got to get Nick.
Incoming! Shut it! Latch it.
Latch it! God, I hope that's the last one.
It better be.
They're down there.
Juliette, what are you guys doing back here? Hank sent us back.
We got the treatment.
It's worked before.
We already tried it out.
Uh, I don't think they're in the mood for any treatment.
If we don't do something fast, they'll kill each other.
That'd be all right with me.
Sorry, but that's the mood I'm in.
Look, we don't have to treat them one at a time, okay? It's a gas we just have to break these inside the container.
- You want us to open the doors? - Yeah.
But I mean, we should probably make some noise or something down at the other end, you know, just to distract them.
Can I borrow that? Give it to him.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey! Come and get us! We're down here! Whoa.
That might've worked a little too well.
Anytime, guys! - Let's do it.
- Now! How will we know if it worked? I don't know.
I think it's kind of like popcorn, you know? When it stops making noise, it's done.
Or they're dead.
What? When? No, can't be done at the airport.
It has to happen when he's in his car.
And avoid collateral, if you can.
- Nick's plane went down.
- What? They think it crashed near Mount Cedara.
I still don't hear anything.
I think they're Shh! Listen.
- Where am I? - I heard that.
Someone just said, "where am I?" They wouldn't ask that, right? I mean, I don't think they really care or know where they are.
I think we should open the doors now.
All right, get ready.
I'm gonna open it.
Just, uh, stay back till we know what we're dealing with, yeah? But if one of 'em bites me again Ready? You're okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Let's help these guys out.
- Hello? - Monroe, it's Hank.
It's Hank.
What's happening? - I've got some bad news.
- What kind of bad news? Put it on speaker.
You know, maybe I should hear this first.
Monroe, I want to hear this.
Hank, you're on speaker, so we can all hear.
We received a report that the plane Nick was on went down.
Now, we don't know anything more than that.
We're headed out there now.
- Where? - Juliette Hank, I'm coming.
Just Just tell me where.
- Any survivors? - Two.
The pilot and copilot are still alive.
We have one dead.
We didn't move him.
I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
Where's the body? About 15 yards back with the other piece of the plane.
You know who this is? An associate of my brother's.
This must be how they were going to get Nick out of the country.
Yeah, except he's not here.
Hey, look.
Those marks were made from the inside.
Yeah, if he can do that to the coffin He might've walked away from this.
He's infected and on the move.
I wouldn't want to get in his way.
All right, check with dispatch, make sure they contact us if there's any 911 calls in the area.
I don't know what he's had too much of, but he's had way too much of it.
Um, you're in my way.
I said, "you're in my" This is 911.
What is your emergency? Son of a bitch! No one's allowed into the area.
- No, you don't understand! - We know someone on the plane.
I'm sorry.
No unauthorized personnel.
No, it's all right.
They're with me.
- Where's Nick? - He's not here.
We think he may have survived the crash.
Look, he might be infected.
He may not be himself.
So you need to prepare yourselves.
You said if he got infected, a Grimm might react differently.
I'd say he reacted a lot differently.
A fight broke out at a bar about 2 miles from here.
Apparently, a lot of people are getting hurt.
I say we start there.
Come on.
Oh, man.
Please, take whatever you want.
Please, just don't hurt me.
Aah! Don't go in there! He's crazy! He's got a gun! There's people hurt.
Oh, you're a cop.
Good! Go kill that son of bitch! - Just stay here.
- I should go with you.
It may not be Nick.
No, no, trust me.
That's Nick.
He was living with me for, you know, a while, so I know what he smells like.
There's something different about it now.
- What? - I can't explain it.
It's it's just different.
If it's Nick, I can help.
All right, let's just figure out what we're dealing with, okay? I'm telling you, he's not the same be careful.
It's gonna be all right.
Just stay down.
Help's on the way.
Back here.
Can you follow him? - I can try.
- Good.
We've got to stop him because it's only gonna get worse.
- That's deep enough.
- Thank God.
I wouldn't.
Put them in.
Put the box in the earth.
It must be buried with your hands.
Of course it must.
Now what? Stand up.
If you have been accepted, we will soon see.
- Nothing's happening.
- Shh.
Oh, that's creepy.
You have been accepted.
Now You have to gather the dead flowers.
Really? Are you all right? Did you call 911? We searched the bar.
Subject has fled the scene.
We need to cordon off the area.
We need some ambulances.
Yes, sir.
Where is he? He's gone.
We need to find him before he kills somebody, because there's no coming back from that.
Lost him.
Found him.
This way.
Ah, long night, huh? - I know.
- I'm tired.
We're going to get you into bed really, really soon.
I want you to read me a story.
Come on, up the stairs.
I gotcha.
We're home.