Grimm s03e02 Episode Script


Previously on Grimm The Cracher-Mortel makes zombies.
I was not able to find out why your brother went to Portland.
I know why.
He took the Grimm.
Eric's forced our hand.
It's time my dear brother was dealt with.
Someone outside the family is carrying royal blood.
What Ow! What are you Ah You have to gather the dead flowers.
- Where's Nick? - He not here.
We think he may have survived the crash.
He might be infected.
He may not be himself.
So you need to prepare yourselves.
- Can you follow him? - I can try.
*** You lose him? Sorta, kinda.
This is not as easy as it looks, you know? There's a lot more out here than just Nick.
And I'm not getting on my hands and knees, 'cause I can't move that fast.
Not to mention the grass stains.
I got him.
- Yeah? - You find him? - Not yet, but we're on him.
- Where are you? About a mile east of the bar.
Nick's moving fast.
All right, we're headed in your direction.
Did they find him? Not yet.
But they're getting close.
- Captain Renard.
- Yeah? I checked for surveillance, but the system appears to be down.
- So you got nothing? - Doesn't look like it.
All right.
Well, I'm headed back to my precinct.
You find anything, you call me.
I'm tired.
Can you get them to bed? I want you to read me a story.
- Okay.
- Come on.
You know what? I left the food in the car.
Oh, let's just get them to bed, okay? All right.
What's he doing, John? John, get the door.
- Okay.
- Hurry.
- Mom, he's coming fast.
- John, get the door! - John, open the door! - Mommy, what's happening? - Get them inside, John! - Get them in the house! Mommy! Call 911! Call 911! Get the kids upstairs first.
Hurry! Get them to our room! I have the gun in there! Get in the bedroom.
I have the gun in there.
Let's go! Help me get the bookcase in front of the door.
Who is he? What's he doing here? I don't know.
Take the kids into the closet and shut the door! - What are you gonna do? - I'm gonna get the gun.
Shh, go in there.
- Shh, just be quiet.
- Dad! Come on! Come on! Mom! Dad! Daddy! - Mommy! - Shh! Shh! You have to be really quiet, okay? - Shh.
- Mommy, I'm scared.
Sorry, man.
I lost him again.
- Aah! - Mom! I think we found him.
Aah! Mom! Mom! Now, look, don't do something that you're gonna - We gotta stop him! - That's what I'm trying to do! Mom! Dad! Daddy! We gotta get him outta here.
Whoa! That's right! I threw it.
Come and get me! You go out the back.
I'll lead him out the front.
Plan's not working.
- Captain.
- Have you got him? Sort of.
I'm at 642 Birmingham road.
Hurry! - Now what? - Uh what are we gonna do? What, are you gonna shoot him? Well, unless we can find a way to trap him, I'm gonna wound him.
We don't have much time.
What about the hay loft? I don't know.
I mean, maybe we could Whoa! Hey, Nick! Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Do you know who I am? Nick, it's us, man! Don't do it.
Don't do it, Nick! He's doing it.
Oh, my God.
Do you think we killed him? We didn't.
Let's close him in.
- Where's Nick? - Inside.
We have him trapped.
- Probably not for long.
- Is he hurt? If he is, I don't think he knows it.
Juliette, you have to understand, Nick is more animal than man right now.
Where is he? Sir, we have the situation under control.
You're cops? How did you get here so fast? I just called 911.
We've been following the suspect.
I need you to put the gun down and go back in the house.
He tried to kill me and my family.
- Is anyone hurt? - No.
But they're scared to death.
This guy's insane.
Who is he? His name is, uh Thomas Schirach.
Sir, give me the gun and go back in the house.
I'm not giving you my gun.
I'll go back inside, but my wife and kids are in there.
And if this maniac gets out on the loose again, I All right, we're gonna go in.
Stay back And just make sure that thing is ready.
Come on.
- Let's take him.
- Uh Not like this.
I tried.
You okay? I wish I could do that.
Oh! Nick! Nick! Nick, don't do it.
I swear to God.
Don't make me shoot you, please! I swear to God.
- Nick! - Nick, behind you! Ah! Easy! Nick, please.
You okay? No, that hurt.
But I gotta feel better than you guys.
Is it working? I think so.
We should give him another shot just in case.
We gave him everything we had.
We just have to get him back to the shop.
Well, let's get him back there fast let's go! Let's hurry.
Don't wanna explain - what we're doing here.
- Me either.
- He's still shaking.
- I hope we're not too late.
- His pulse is really slow.
- He's really cold to the touch.
Guys, his pulse is slowing down, - and it's getting weaker.
- Are we losing him? Maybe we should try to keep him warm.
We should put a coat on him.
Nick, can you hear me? Nick Before it's too late.
Your brother is responsible for this, right? - Yeah.
- And they didn't find - his body on the plane? - No.
Well, I don't know how you guys handle family issues, but I hope you're not gonna let him get away with this.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I can't breathe.
You must become accustomed to the smell of death.
What do you want me to do with these? Place the flowers in her.
Then sew her shut.
The flowers must become part of her before they can be effective.
The longer you wait, the more you risk wasting the opportunity.
This death does not last forever.
I hope the second dose does it.
There's nothing more we can do.
I'm not even sure this is going to work, but I just don't know what else Damn it.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying not to.
Me too.
I gotta get back to the precinct, deal with what's happened.
I'm staying.
Probably best that you do.
If his brother was my brother Well I probably shouldn't go there.
Oh, yeah, you should go there.
I'd go there with you.
Whoa! Something's happening.
That's a good thing, right? I think so.
Let me get some warm water.
Oh! Whoo! Oh, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! Don't don't do that.
Let's not revert.
No, no, no! Uh, maybe we should - I wasn't gonna ask, but - You know what, just do it.
'Cause I think getting hit once was enough.
Got him.
That's enough.
Cut the thread with your teeth and tie it off.
Do it! It's working faster than I thought.
I think she likes you.
Just after 8:00 P.
this evening in Vienna, Austria, Eric Renard, crown prince of the Kronenberg family, was killed when his car exploded en route from the Vienna international airport.
No one has yet claimed responsibility for this tragic event.
All of Vienna is in mourning.
All of Portland isn't.
I mean, if the royals are going to this extent to try to get a Grimm - This might hurt.
- A lot! Ow! Not kidding.
That cut's a little deep.
I didn't know that until now.
All right, wait Okay, let me have it.
That's what I'm thinking.
If they're willing to do what they did, there's got to be some serious stuff in the works.
Nick, can you hear me? Hey, he's waking up.
Nick! Can you hear us? What's going on? What are you doing? Um Checking your pulse.
Why? That's got kind of a Long answer attached to it.
What's going on? Why am I handcuffed? We, um We didn't want you to fall over.
O Kay.
That is a bad headache.
How'd I get here? We Brought you.
I'm really sore.
Kind of everywhere.
But you look a lot better.
A lot better.
Were you all in an accident? Of a sort.
You don't remember anything? You got your cast off.
Yeah, I did.
You remember that.
I remember you saying you were going to.
What's the last thing you remember? Uh, I'm not really sure.
We were at the shipping yard.
Yeah, I remember that.
We were trying to stop what was happening And you had the medicine.
But we got separated, and I was chasing somebody.
- Baron - Samedi.
The guy with the hat.
The hat dude.
You got it.
I was chasing him.
And then we fell.
And I found a passport with my photo.
But somebody else's name Thomas something.
And that's pretty much it.
I must've gotten hit.
And I guess you guys found me and brought me here, right? Or maybe not.
Am I leaving something out? - Sorry.
- No, no, no, no.
You go.
I think Juliette should go.
O Kay.
I blew it, didn't I? I screwed it up and they got away? No, Nick, there's much more to it than that.
So just tell me.
He got you.
Like he got the others.
See? *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** You got a call from St.
One of the guys that was involved in that bar fight last night just died.
So I'm afraid we've got ourselves a murder.
Crime report lists a Thomas Schirach as being identified as the probable.
That would make sense.
He, uh He was identified as a possible source of the outbreak.
Uh, we're doing a background now.
Put out an apb, but We don't have much more than a description based on witness reports.
Checked to see if there was surveillance at the bar, but it looks like somebody destroyed the system And took the file.
- Who's on it? - Holtby and Bauer.
I'll check with them later.
Yes, sir.
At least nobody got really hurt.
I mean, really hurt Badly.
You scared a few people.
Oh, yeah, you definitely did that.
Well, it's not like you knew what you were doing, Nick.
You don't even remember.
Being under the influence isn't a very good defense.
Under the influence of what you were under the influence of - that's different.
- How are we gonna explain it? You don't have to.
We sort of had it explained to us in a very physical way, which I don't think you really wanna share with anybody else.
I'm really sorry.
Nick, you didn't know.
Look, I think that after everything you've gone through tonight you need a lotta sleep.
So You should come home with me now and get it.
Yeah, you really need some downtime.
I think we all could use a little downtime.
Thank God it's over.
I'm just glad I didn't kill anybody.
I'm gonna go make you some tea.
Why don't you go upstairs and get in bed? Well, I'd rather not do that alone.
You know, I am glad that you're feeling better, but no.
You're gonna go upstairs and go to sleep, and I'm going to pace at the end of the bed until you do.
You know, I think you're right.
Hell of a night, huh? Glad to see we all survived.
Hey, where's Nick? I didn't see him all night.
Oh, he was there.
He got the worst of some of it.
He's taking some r&r.
Amazing there was only one fatality.
What? Guy in a bar fight.
Who's working it? Holtby and Bauer.
Hey, what do you Okay, then.
Guess I'm done here.
Somebody died in the bar fight Nick was in? I don't know the details or what the cause of death was.
Well, I have a pretty good idea what the cause of death was.
How we gonna deal with this? Very carefully.
Uniform saw me at the bar, along with Rosalee and Juliette.
I'll be questioned and so will they.
What are you gonna tell them? Whatever we tell them, it has to be the same story.
Now right now, they think they're looking for Thomas Schirach, and we need to make sure that they keep thinking that way.
'Cause that is the only way we can protect Nick.
Everything okay? - How's Nick? - He's asleep.
Everything seems to be normal.
Well, we've got a complication.
Can you meet us at the spice shop? Yeah, should I wake him up? No, let him sleep.
But it wasn't his fault! I mean, you saw him.
He was trying to kill us.
I mean, not us personally Generally speaking.
Not a great defense.
You know what you're asking us to do? Nothing I haven't already done.
Hey! Hey.
What's the problem? One of the men that Nick fought at the bar has died.
Oh, no.
- He wasn't himself.
- It doesn't matter.
You can't defend what you can't explain.
So Nick is a murderer.
- Technically.
- But So far, no one knows Nick was in the bar.
The man responsible for the death has been identified as Thomas Schirach.
Which works for me, because I don't think we can blame Nick for what happened he was poisoned.
He would've died.
As long as they're looking for Thomas Schirach, Nick is in the clear.
Ironically, the false identity my brother created to get Nick out of the country is working in our favor.
What if they see Nick in the surveillance recordings? So far, none has been found.
Two Detectives have been assigned to the case.
From the police reports, they're gonna know that there were two women with me that night, and they're gonna wanna talk to all of us.
I know what we should tell them.
And it is definitely not the truth.
Hank, are you good with this? I'm not good with Nick going to prison for something he didn't even know he was doing.
You heard him.
He doesn't remember anything.
Okay, okay.
So we are all going to lie to protect Nick.
What happens if he finds out? Hopefully he throws us a little party.
He's not going to find out.
At least, not for a little while.
Now look, we all have to agree on three things.
We were chasing down infected suspects, one of them was identified as Thomas Schirach, and you two were there because you had a treatment that was effective.
See? Not so bad.
Some of it's true.
Now we have to decide on the details.
Because that is how you get caught.
What time was that? Uh-huh.
Anybody else with him? Hey.
Heard you guys got the bar fight kill.
Hell of a case.
All the witnesses say this Thomas Schirach guy was a freaking monster.
Big, bad.
There was nothing they could do to stop him.
After the bar fight, apparently he accosted some family in their house.
Really? Thanks.
Guess what I found out.
That family that was attacked in that house Mr.
Avery claims some guys showed up before the unis got there.
Said they were cops.
Told them to go back inside.
He says Schirach got away because when the unis got there, they were all gone.
They have surveillance at the bar? There was at the time.
It was trashed in the fight.
All the files were missing.
Maybe he was smart enough to take it.
He didn't take anything else.
He was just looking for trouble.
Well, if there's anything I can help you with, - let me know.
- You can stay here and fill out - all these reports for us.
- Bye.
Yeah? Just talked to Holtby - and Bauer.
- Mmhmm.
Surveillance system at the bar got trashed.
That so? That was convenient.
What do you think happened? I think somebody took the flash drive, trashed the office to make it looked like it happened in the fight.
- That's lucky for us.
- Yeah.
As long as it doesn't turn up.
- Got a minute? - Yeah.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
Just a couple questions.
Report says you were at the bar last night.
That's right.
There were two women with you.
The report doesn't give their names.
We need to follow up.
I'll write them down for you.
Nick? Hey, what's wrong? You feel cold.
Hey, wake up! Nick! Nick! Nick! Nick! Nick! What time is it? What is your emergency? Who are you calling? What's wrong? What is your emergency? Nothing.
I made a mistake, I'm sorry.
Wha how do you feel? Like I don't know.
Except my face hurts a little bit.
You need to see a doctor.
Why? What are you doing that for? I feel fine.
You didn't look fine.
Well, how did I look? You looked dead.
And you were really cold to the touch, and I couldn't find your pulse, and it's still really slow.
Are you sure you feel okay? Well, I did until you told me I was dead.
I'm serious.
You're seeing a doctor.
Does a vet count? Nick.
I'm just Trying to get my heart rate up.
You really scared me.
I'm sorry, but I really do feel okay.
I think you need to just lie back down and we'll take this a little bit more slowly.
I can do that.
I'm really okay.
It's time.
For what? To reap what you have sewn.
- You'll want to fill that up.
- With what? It's really very good for the skin And for your child.
Mmm Looks like our voodoo hordes used up all our acorus calamus and the erythroxylum novogranatense.
I'll order some more just in case.
Do you know how old that stuff was anyway? I think my dad ordered it.
Good thing it didn't go bad, 'cause, you know One zombie romp every generation or so was plenty.
Can I help you? - Rosalee Calvert? - Yes.
I'm Detective Bauer.
This is Detective Holtby.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about what happened the other night at the bar.
We understand you were there.
Yes, I was.
Please come in.
You were there with police Captain Sean Renard.
What is it that you do, Ms.
Calvert? I'm an apothecary.
We offer herbal and organic treatments and remedies for a variety of health issues.
That's why I was with the Captain.
We were attempting to treat an apparent outbreak of a highly infectious neurotoxin that causes Lazarus syndrome.
I was familiar with the treatment, as was this woman who was with me.
That would be Juliette Silverton? Yes.
Have you ever heard of a Thomas Schirach? Yes, I was told he's the possible source of the outbreak and the man responsible for the fight that happened at the bar.
Could you describe him? No, I'm sorry.
I never saw him.
Two Detectives were just here at the shop.
They left about 15 minutes ago.
I waited to make sure they weren't coming back.
How did it go? I stuck to the story.
- They believe you? - I think so.
Got it! Um, I can't really talk right now.
Nick's awake.
What are you guys doing here? Uh, we're looking for Juliette Silverton.
Oh, it's your girlfriend.
We didn't, uh, put two and two together.
Is Juliette home? Is there a problem? Not for her.
The Captain gave us her name.
As a possible witness to a bar fight.
You wanna talk to her about a bar fight? Yeah, well, one of the guys in the fight died.
It's just a couple of questions.
It won't take very long.
When did he die? In the hospital, after the fight.
I guess he was beat up pretty bad.
Anyway, now it's murder and we got it.
But it's better than those crazies you were dealing with.
Well, come on in.
I will answer whatever questions you guys have.
You were there with police Captain Sean Renard? Yes.
You ever hear of a Thomas Schirach? Yeah, I believe he was the one they said was responsible for the bar fight.
And what were you doing there? We were Attempting to help the situation with the outbreak.
The woman I was with, Rosalee Calvert, and I, were familiar with the treatment for this rare neurotoxin.
It's highly infectious and causes Lazarus syndrome.
You ever get a look at the suspect? No.
No, he was gone by the time we got there.
Nick, you okay? Yeah.
Just broke a coffee cup.
We're done here.
Be careful with that coffee, Burkhardt.
It might be loaded.
Wouldn't want you to get burned.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thank you.
Someone died in that bar fight? Why didn't you tell me? You didn't know what you were doing.
- You weren't yourself.
- That doesn't matter.
If I killed somebody, I have to turn myself in.
We all agreed on a story.
- Who agreed? - Me, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, your Captain.
So you're all lying? To protect you.
You can't do that.
I killed someone.
Nick, if you turn yourself in, we're all in trouble.
Nick! - You can't do this.
- Get out of my way, Hank.
I'm already in the way, and so are the rest of us.
We made a decision.
You were not in good shape.
You had no idea what you were doing.
I've heard it all, Hank.
You tried to kill me, Nick.
You tried to kill Monroe and the Captain.
And you would have had we not worked together to take you down.
And ask Juliette how it felt to get hit by you.
Now, you wanna turn yourself in, go ahead.
But you're going to do it alone.
- Yeah? - Sean? Ca va? - Mother.
- How are you? I'm sorry, I didn't recognize the number.
You are not supposed to.
I heard what happened to your half-brother in Vienna.
And well deserved.
Thank you.
Let's talk soon.
I hear you wanna do the right thing.
You're gonna try to talk me out of it.
Let me show you something.
Recognize yourself? Pay close attention to the guy with the knife.
His name was Mitchell Zinc.
He died in the hospital at 5:40 in the morning.
And if you hadn't done what you did, you probably be dead.
This is one of those times, Nick, where you walk in two worlds.
You know why you did it.
You just can't explain it, at least not in a court of law.
Sometimes justice isn't obvious.
You have to understand something, Nick.
My brother did this to you.
It was all part of a plan to destroy a Grimm, or at least to get one to work for him.
And if you turn yourself in You will give them exactly what they want.
How's it going? Okay.